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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 37  Al Jazeera  March 6, 2019 7:33am-8:01am +03

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as a commentator and columnist. he says europe is helping keep the pressure on her case . when you look at the european countries bringing this issue to to forefront of the un human rights council it essentially underscores stat for europe human rights remains a top priority and concerns over what happened to jamal khashoggi has now become a lightning rod if you will for detainees across prisons in saudi arabia and elsewhere in the broader middle east so this is only going to continue to pressure of the saudi government to take the steps that they have promised that they would take to hold those responsible for his murder to account democrats and republicans remain united on the need for de administration to not only pressure saudi arabia and its and its crown prince to hold those responsible for murder to account but
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also to share with the congress the details leading up to the murder and to see whether or not u.s. intelligence organizations had advanced intelligence about what was about to happen to him so this is a story that the debt plays out both in europe now and at the u.n. and here in the united states and i think that the president trump amid all the chaos that his administration is is facing continue will have to continue to to navigate through this very difficult environment hundreds of faisel fighters defending their last pocket of territory of surrender to us by forces in eastern syria more than six thousand people have left the village of those in the past twenty four hours mainly kurdish syrian democratic forces are trying to push myself out it's feared hundreds of civilians could still be in the area near the iraqi border. protests are growing in algeria but its army chief vows he won't let
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the country go back to what he calls years of pain students have led the latest demonstrations urging eighteen year old president think out to stand out from next month's elections and a hayward reports. they've know no other leader than the one the country for twenty years. but there appears to be a groundswell against algeria as abdelaziz bouteflika in the capital algiers the message from thousands of demonstrating students was clear they want him to leave office now. we are against beautifully karna gets a regime we are fed up twenty years are enough we want change. they've been in power for twenty years we've overlooked the situation for too long to process it's time now for people to wake up and not just citizens. some students were forced to
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cover their faces suffering from the effects of take ass this outpouring of anger began when algeria is ailing leader announced he would run for with term as president the cry for politically could to step aside has been growing louder every day spreading beyond the boundaries about is. the military which helped lead and shape the country during and after the bloody civil war in the one nine hundred ninety s. wields power here and its military chief says it wants to guarantee algeria security. that. some parties which feel annoyed to see a secure and stable do not like it do you want to take back to say years of pain during which people suffered all kinds of suffering and paid a heavy price the great people who lived through such difficult times were never
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give. the bounty of security. president putin suffered a stroke six years ago and has rarely been seen in public since that he's offered to shorten any new term in power but many here believe that doesn't go far enough. several days of protests against his room have led to more than two hundred people being injured you know. can say constitute the rights to free expression is part of the algerian constitution we expect that those rights be respected where there is peaceful demonstrations under the rule of law. the military has warned that some people want to take algeria backwards protesters say they are looking ahead to trying to secure a better future and after twenty years it is time for a change and he would al-jazeera. so had on al-jazeera the latest on the rescue efforts in afghanistan's jungle hard problems where flash floods have destroyed homes and us placed families and it's getting more clear mercury are the steps
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being taken in south korea to curb an upsurge in air pollution. hello there we've been watching the showers trundle their way across the mediterranean towards us you can see there on the satellite picture these speckled areas of cloud stretching from egypt all the way up into syria and turkey but all of that is breaking up so this should be dry a brighter weather force as we head into wednesday instead on wednesday there's more wet weather making its way into the northern parts of turkey and that will stretch southwards also affecting us in georgia and turning very wintery as it hits the high ground as well further east will be seeing a few bits and pieces of cloud or maybe one or two showers here but nothing too significant i mean for the south and here in doha the winds will be coming in from
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the east on wednesday that will bring a fair amount of cloud is at the outside risk of a shower but then on thursday they'll swing round again and then we working down from the north so it will feel a lot fresher and those winds will be pretty strong as well so a quarter blustery day here in doha on thursday even further towards the south and we've been watching a rather animated area of cloud to the spin in the mozambique channel that's working its way towards the west you can see the dark blue colors here indicating that we're expecting some pretty heavy rain as we head through wednesday and thursday says in very wet weather is expected here away from that there's generally lots of dry weather to be found for jo'burg which should be up at twenty eight of the cape town not quite so well will be at twenty one. sponsor. online. for them. to join us on all of us have been. talking about.
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you have seen what it can do to people using multiple drugs including and some people. everyone has a voice. or twitter and you could be on the street and join the conversation. hello again the top stories on. the venezuelan president. the opposition. and his supporters of the stabilizing the country calling for. coincide with an opposition march. with
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a u.n. investigation into. his push for a new sanctions on those behind the saudi journalists. go back to what he calls. he was talking more protests urging. for next month's elections. aid has been rushed to afghanistan's kandahar province some of the worst flooding in years residents are salvaging what they were ten days of heavy rain at least twenty people have died while another thirty were killed by flash floods in other parts of. charlotte reports from kandahar. restoration runs deep and searches quickly through this crowns much like the floods swept through here last week. and they want to. distribution point they say they. need help. last year houses your basic. supplies or services they had and
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so they all were going well they are in need of assistance. but this is a list only those who have been verified as a named and don't pose a security threat coming into the sixty year old abdul k u s one. the world food program gives him fortified wheat pulses so much oil he receives change some blankets it is meant to last him his wife and nine children for two months until they can get back on their feet. he has come here to pick up the supplies with his neighbor we followed them home. and this is what is left of this after a creek near here on friday night. this was your home can you show me what rooms it was is a bedroom was this a living. whether in about one room is here and one here there were three rooms and
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one toilet here and then all gone now we were over here sheltering in my shop and i was hearing things falling down and then my home collapsed all my friends were flooded washed away from the press some filmed this video as light broke the next morning was the first time they'd seen the extent of the damage that i'm not upset this is from god and i have to accept that if i find the money i will rebuild the house but if not then we will live in the tent. kandahar got half of its annual rainfall in just thirty hours from friday into saturday resulting in a lot of water overflowing from creeks like this one and surging into residential areas and damaging or destroying homes like these ones made out of mobs and clay in total across kandahar province fifteen hundred homes were either damaged or destroyed. kandahar's police chief says the number of displaced families could be as high as five thousand his offices responded across the province over the weekend
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. we were able to reach all parts of the province and evacuate people out of the water and transport them to government buildings or mosques we saved a lot of people's lives especially on friday night. the military assisted also the afghan air force he lifted twelve hundred people trapped by the rising waters of the army risking those stuck in here the snow at high altitudes it was risky because this syria is a taliban stronghold every risk you in far flung districts could lead to a five times. first we block the area and want team secured it another team started helping the affected people we all knew our duty of who would secure and who needed to help the locals in the rescue operation. wasn't risk use that he must risk you himself now at sixty he must start again. his children playing livia's to his burden what was the floor of the hard shell of dallas al-jazeera
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kandahar. south korea's president has ordered his government to take extraordinary measures to combat air pollution seven major cities including the capital seoul have recorded high concentrations of fine dust particles that can cause a host of illness says i number of cities and provinces have imposed emergency measures for a sixth straight day but pride has more from salt. the people of seoul and other cities throughout south korea have been breathing this now for the best part of a week and in the past few days the government has been holding emergency meetings trying to figure out ways of dealing with it they've put in place a number of special measures such as controlling traffic on the roads putting controls on construction sites power stations and giving instructions to things like elementary schools not to have outdoor activities but there's very little the government can do here about the prevailing winds and it's cold
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a lot of this pollution has come from neighboring china in fact president moon j.n. of south korea this wednesday morning giving an instruction that south korea should be working more with china on what is seen here as a shared problem it's thought a lot of this pollution comes from deserts in china with the fine dust being sucked up into the atmosphere mixing with pollution from factories and power stations and then being pushed by the prevailing winds just far enough to cover the korean peninsula but not strong enough to take it any further so sophisticated cities like seoul having to wait for a change in the wind direction before it can get a breath of fresh air pakistan has detained dozens of people as part of a crackdown on armed groups they include people india suspects of being behind an attack that killed more than forty soldiers in the disputed kashmir region last
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month a group called jaish e mohammad said it was responsible and the brother if its leader was one of those detained the bombing triggered the most serious standoff between india and pakistan in years. there's been an increase in knife attacks on young people in the u.k. the murder of two teenagers over the weekend has ignited a public debate over the issue need barker reports from london. this is the brazen face of british knife crime mask gang members descended on a college demand just certain threatened students a seventeen year old was wounded six people were arrested since the start of the year ten teens have been fatally stabbed twenty seven have been killed in the past twelve months seventeen year old jodie chesney was murdered last week she had never been involved in crime she was with a group of friends in this park when her killer approached he stabbed her in the back and left he didn't say
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a word. knife crime is no longer confined to criminal gangs in deprived areas it's everywhere jodie chesney charlotte huggins siminoff the names of some of those killed were read out in parliament this week and this opposition labor m.p. stella creasy wants armed service from the government this is an emergency that requires an emergency response here. in recent years police are experienced deep funding cuts leading to the lowest police numbers since the one nine hundred eighty s. the british prime minister denies the resource problem is to blame there's no direct correlation between certain crimes and peace numbers what matters is how we ensure that the police are responding to these criminal acts when they take place that people are brought to justice but what also matters is as a government that we knock at the issues that underpin that underlie this use of knives but britain's most senior police officer disagrees that in the last few
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years police officers numbers have gone down a lot of there's been a lot of cuts in other public services i agree that there is some link between violent crime on the streets obviously and the police and police numbers of course there is and i think.

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