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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 64  Al Jazeera  March 6, 2019 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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for a peaceful democratic transition in venezuela. the white house has rejected a request by democratic party leaders for documents related to the security clearance of the president's son in law jared kushner donald trump's counsel has called the house democrats request unprecedented and ensure siv there were questions raised about how krisna senior advisor was granted the high level clearance she had her tansey has more from washington d.c. following the reports in the new york times and washington post that john kelly the then chief of staff of the white house felt ordered to give jared cushnie that security clearance despite the reservations of security officials the house oversight committee aust for more information from the white house notably what reservations did security officials have a cushion and why did donald trump have to lie or felt he had to lie about his role in giving gerard kirshner that security clearance if john kelly is to be believed but we have the response from the white house and that is look we'll give you
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general information a general briefing about how security clearances are given out but we're not going to get any information on individual cases because that would violate the privacy of those individuals the house committee now saying they will think about what the next step will be it's not clear yet whether subpoenas will be following which might then really lead to court action which might mean that this is all just caught up for months and months and months and bureaucracy but certainly this debate is beginning now in august. still to come in this half hour. algeria's chief sends out a message as protests against the president showed few signs of ending and fighting for their teenage son who they say has been tortured and jailed on false accusations of joining eisold in iraq.
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hello again to welcome back to international weather forecasts we have been talking about the wildfires here across the northwestern part of spain now on monday we're dealing with about ninety nine wildfires today it's down to about forty five they have been getting better control in the good news is as we go towards the end of the day we do expect to see some more rain coming into play across much of that area take a look the forecast here is that frontal boundary right there so today rainy conditions as well as windy conditions across much of that area but it's really only going to last one day by the time we get towards thursday we're going to sing some dry conditions there much of the rain is going to get it heading up here towards much of the area up to the north we're going to be seen some windy conditions across much of the u.k. also into the northern part of europe as well snow across parts of the elves but out here towards the east it is going to be quite nice with key of about ten degrees for you here across the northwestern part of africa though we are going to be seeing rain across morocco that's all dealing with that same from the boundary
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that's going to be making its way towards the east we're going to see some clouds across parts of algiers twenty six degrees here on wednesday but by the time that front goes through we do expect those temperatures to come down just a little bit down to eighteen tunis is going to be a cloudy day at twenty four degrees you know here towards the east we could be seeing cairo with attempt a few about twenty three degrees. the winds are sponsored by countdown and. went on line. with the difference here for them not to do that they're only he joining us on saturday all of us have been colonized in some form or some fashion this is the diana we are talking about trying to make you have seen what it can do to somebody people are using multiple drugs including the funnel and some people are seeking it out everyone has a voice and that's here it was here twitter and you could be on the story and join the global conversation on mt is iraq.
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hello again i'm just a reminder of the news this hour north korea is reportedly restoring facilities and long range rocket launch sites that it dismantled last year the reports in south korean media followed the failed summit last week between donald trump and kim jong un. at least sixteen people have been killed in a suicide attack on construction workers in eastern afghanistan as happens near the airport in jalalabad the four attackers were also killed. and venezuelan president nicolas maduro is calling for what he calls anti imperialist demonstrations on saturday to challenge a monster led by his opponents. well germany is expected to decide in the
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coming hours if italy extend a ban on alms exports to saudi arabia chancellor angela merkel is under pressure from powerful european allies france and the u.k. to lift the ban imposed after the matter of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi paul brennan has the story. there had already been enormous international concern over the tens of thousands of civilian deaths caused by saudi led coalition air strikes in yemen since twenty fifteen. and when saudi agents murdered the journalist in istanbul last october germany finally cried halt temporarily freezing existing arms deals and banning any new weapons contracts with the kingdom yet it offers act of defiance and it's often said that it is a dilemma between morals and rail politic i think that's wrong the german government has had political principle since the year two thousand which say that we do not exporting countries in gauged in war zones. germany was not alone in its
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concerns last september spain counsel the sale of four hundred laser guided bombs to saudi arabia but unlike germany spain reinstated its deal a week later fearing the saudis my council a two billion dollars order for spanish build corvettes. germany's and has even bigger implications. the typhoon eurofighter the saudi air force has more than fifty already and uses them in yemen the cockpit from fuselage spine fin and part of the refuse a large a made by b.a. systems in the u.k. the right wing and left leading wing edge made by spain allana and italy make the left wing and part of the refusal but the central fuselage is manufactured by germany and germany's export ban means britain can't deliver on a thirteen billion dollars deal to sell the next forty eight typhoon aircraft to saudi arabia. airbus's chief executive vented his frustration at the recent munich
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security conference that we're just going over to after you come to the conclusion to the germans are of the opinion the only day responsible sex will policies and others don't. analysts warn that the dispute is damaging strategic alliances all the claims of defense cooperation in europe. is it's fairly brenda descended by the idea that there is no real cooperation on and on and on the level of defense but. the recently told is that germany imposed a moratorium not because of yemen but because of the night of jamal khashoggi and saudi arabia's ongoing failure to adequately explain the full circumstances of the killing in the absence of a full explanation riyadh has so far given no reason at all to reverse its original decision. al jazeera an intelligence officer from saudi arabia has tried to hold an anti cattle lecture in switzerland. said for speakers at the event in
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geneva but cattery is deprived of their citizenship when journalists aust how they were allowed to travel without passports it emerged they were in fact saudis saudi arabia the united arab emirates bahrain and egypt have imposed a blockade on cattle since twenty seventeen flights have been canceled from kenya's main airport following a strike by aviation workers riot police have been deployed to disperse protesters outside nairobi ports the strike follows a labor dispute between a workers union and kenya airways. algeria's army chief has promised to do whatever is necessary to stop the country sliding back into what he called the painful years of the civil war protests against the president have been building since late last month demanding he were vast his decision to stand for reelection and the hayward reports. they've known no other leader in the one
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country for twenty years. but there appears to be a groundswell against algeria as abdelaziz bouteflika in the capital algiers the message from thousands of demonstrating students was clear they want him to leave office now. we are against beautifully karna gets a regime we are fed up twenty years are enough we want change. they've been in power for twenty years we've overlooked the situation for too long too process it's time now for people to wake up and not just citizens. some students were forced to cover their faces suffering from the effects of take ass this outpouring of anger began when algeria's ailing leader announced he would run for with term as president the cry for politically could to step aside has been growing louder every day spreading beyond the boundaries about is. the military which helped
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lead and shape the country during and after the bloody civil war in the one nine hundred ninety s. wields power here and its military chief says it wants to guarantee algeria security. that. some parties which feel annoyed to see a secure and stable do not like it do you want to take back to the years of pain during which people suffered all kinds of suffering and paid a heavy price the great people who lived through such difficult times. were never given the bounty of security. president do to flee because suffered a stroke six years ago and has rarely been seen in public since he's offered to shorten any new term in power but many here believe that doesn't go far enough. several days of protests against his rule of law to more than two hundred people being injured you. can say constitute the rights to free expression is part of the
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algerian constitution we expect that those rights be respected where there is peaceful demonstrations under the rule of law. the military has warned that some people want to take algeria backwards protesters say they are looking ahead to trying to secure a better future and after twenty years it is time for change and he would algis there are. hundreds more fighters defending their last pockets of territory have surrendered to u.s. backed forces and eastern syria more than six thousand people have left the villages but who is in the past twenty four hours mainly because syrian democratic forces are trying to push out while now evidence is emerging from iraq that juveniles are being tortured into confessing to crimes including been being involved with i thought the tasha going to end in northern iraq spoke exclusively with the family of one teenager. passing through the checkpoint was supposed to
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bring the seventeen year old we're calling them closer to a future with hope instead his family says kurdish security forces in northern iraq snatched any chance of that he was arrested eight months ago as the family was trying to cross into erbil to escape a tribal feud back home in mosul should you and your security forces blindfolded handcuffed and hit him when they slapped him he had to say he joined i saw for three days the interrogator said it's not enough if you don't confess to more we'll hand you over to other security forces my son was very young at the time and afraid . azzam is now serving a sentence for joining i saw here at the reformatory for females and juveniles his family says they managed to keep him out of reach of the armed group during its control of mosul and he's an innocent boy tortured into making
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a false confession since twenty sixteen human rights watch says forty one juveniles have reported being tied in stress positions given electric shocks and being beaten by kurdish security forces with electric cables plastic pipes and rods in order to extract confessions and the alleged torture continued here at this facility designed to rehabilitate juveniles. and we have tolerance of those fighters who have confessed or their eyes so members on pietist i don't believe there's any need any sort of touch to take with couple of children and make sure they have to be confessed on the torture so this is very much your object according to human rights watch several juvenile inmates say some of the guards beat them for misbehaving subjected them to death threats and verbal abuse and kept them in their cells for long periods of time these are victims and as victims they should be given every
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opportunity to reintegrate rehabilitate and rejoin society although we were given access to interview inmates there was no way to protect their identities from the staff. we work in a transparent way and don't intend to keep a lid on bad things if these things took place in our facility we would be preventing media and local and international organizations from visiting. as that is supposed to be released soon but his family worries if he returns to mosul which is under the jurisdiction of the federal government in baghdad he'll get arrested again this time by iraqi forces well law harvey that of general harvey genius of the this isn't justice my son is stigmatized for the rest of his life and he'll carry the fear of being arrested at any time as with many victims alleging torture the teenager may also face
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a life long struggle with the psychological trauma natasha going to aim al-jazeera erbium. police are trying to find out who mailed explosive devices to two airports and a major train station in the u.k. they were discovered at london's heathrow and city airports and waterloo railway station the devices didn't hurt anyone for one caused a small fire and a heathrow office building. and also in the u.k. a sad and the number of knife attacks among teenagers has triggered an intense debate the home secretary is expected to meet police chiefs place they're looking for answers and as news barco reports from london they're likely to demand more money to put thousands of officers back onto the streets this is the brazen face of british knife crime boss gang members descended on a college day a month just seven threatened students a seventeen year old was wounded six people were arrested since the start of the year ten teens have been fatally stabbed twenty seven have been killed in the past
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twelve months seventeen year old jodie chesney was murdered last week she had never been involved in crime she was with a group of friends in this park when her killer approached he stabbed her in the back and left he didn't say a word knife crime is no longer confined to criminal gangs in deprived areas it's everywhere. judy chesney charlotte huggins chu just siminoff the names of some of those killed were read out in parliament this week and this opposition labor m.p. stella creasy wants from the government this is an emergency that requires an emergency response yeah. every seven years police are experienced deep funding cuts leading to the lowest police numbers since the one nine hundred eighty s. .


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