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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 6, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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and i was hearing things falling down and then my home collapsed all my things were flooded washed away from the press some filmed this video is light broke the next morning was the first time they'd seen the extent of the damage that i'm not upset this is from god and i have to accept that if i find the money i will rebuild the house but if not then we will live in the town to. kandahar got half of its annual rainfall in just thirty hours from friday into saturday was olding a lot of water overflowing from creeks like this one and surging into residential areas and damaging or destroying homes like these ones made out of mobs and clay in total across kandahar province fifteen hundred homes were either damaged or destroyed kandahar's police chief says the number of displaced families could be as high as five thousand its officers responded across the province over the weekend dear with. we were able to reach all parts of the province and evacuate people out
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of the water and transport them to government buildings or mosques we saved a lot of people's lives especially on friday night. the military assisted also the afghan air force he lifted twelve hundred people trapped by the rising waters of the army risking those stuck in here the snow at high altitudes it was risky because this syria is a taliban stronghold every risk you in far flung districts could lead to a five fight. first we block the area and want him secured it another team started helping the affected people we all knew our duty of who would secure and who needed to help the locals in the rescue operation. what was the.
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goalless there will be back before.
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let's get you a list for his list thank you laura one of the world's most prestigious horse racing tracks has been closed indefinitely because of an unusually high number of horse deaths california sent a need to park is set to host the breeders cup later this year but twenty one horses have been injured and euthanized at the track in the last two months experts
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are investigating if the track surface is to blame summer claiming the region's unusually wet and cold winter weather has damaged the track and all rights activists have been protesting at santa anita before the decision was made to postpone the racing that followed the death of a horse called let's light the way which was put down on tuesday after breaking a bone in its foot while training to football and there was a huge shock in the champions league as holders of real madrid were dumped out by dutch side i.x. madrid were going for a fourth straight title and were two one up from the first leg but they were thrashed four one in spain their biggest ever margin of defeat in a home european tie and it's i.x. who go through to the quarter finals is particularly embarrassing for ariel's captain sergio ramos who watched from the stands after deliberately getting booked in the first leg because he didn't want to miss more important games. when i. was devastated devastated because we're not used to not fighting for
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a title at this stage of the season we shouted because we're out of a competition where we've been kings for a very long time the team is broken because we got nothing to fight for for i.x. it's the first time they've won a champions league knockout game since one thousand nine hundred eighty seven the wage budget for their first second and youth team is the same as what real madrid's gareth bale makes on his salary i think. this is an historic victory for i.x. almost no one believed in this not even the experts but four thousand fans did and also the team did they proved safe from the very beginning it felt good everything clicked into place tuesday's other match saw tottenham seal a four no aggregate win over bruce here dortmund it finished one nil on the night thanks to harry kane who becomes top numbs all time leading scorer in europe with twenty four goals i tell you yes it's one of the this strike in the war and
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of course. the mentality and the main issue needs to be fantastic but of course i want to come to the human for the one and two to meet who because he's he's one hundred. eight for the massive achievement to two more games on wednesday with looking to hold on to their one goal advantage against porto but the big one is between p.s.g. and manchester united united are looking to overturn a two goal deficit from the first game the premier league team lost two nil at old trafford and face a challenge to make it into the quarter finals against the french league champions but their caretaker manager insists united can do it especially if they score first . never mission impossible force more difficult for. as i said here really we've got to get the first goal then anything can happen. yes
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it's a technical and tactical game but it's also a mental game suddenly. goltz always change games and if we get the first one. we'll be believing even more so and might they might start doubting themselves so what is important we get the first one. england's woman team dominated japan to win the twenty one thousand she believes cup in florida if finished three male in the final two seats and a fourth scored the first goal for england. i can carney then headed to make it to. i and beth meet completed the victory with the third all before half time it's the first time that england have won the she believes cup it may be a friendly tournaments but no doubt a great confidence boost head of the world cup coming up this summer and. there's also some good news for england's cricketers they won the first t twenty
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international against the west indies thanks to an impressive batting performance by jonny bairstow david stokes has the action in. the west indies batted first instant lucia no surprise to see chris gayle play the boundary. but he only did it twice and was out for fifteen i that was one highlight to bow to trish jordan but so was this. i don't drop by the victim this time. nicolas piron stood out with a half century but he was eventually clean bowled by tom curran he took four wickets overall to help limit the west indies to one sixty england chose to rest for the batsman and look vulnerable when alex hales went early on i felt and cultural surely taking the prize for the best celebration i thankfully for england though their other right to judge the best i produced a career best t twenty school. two sixes and knowing fullest helped him to sixty
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eight or forty believes. he was eventually caught out trying to clear the ropes one too many times but the damage was done i generally hit thirty runs to keep england on track and it was curran who sealed the victory by four wickets i. it down to three series what do you think two is that some kicks in friday they could start out easy for. new zealand rugby captain karen reed is to retire from the international game after this year's world cup in japan the thirty three year old already has one hundred eighteen caps for the all blacks and has won two world cups in two thousand and eleven and two thousand and fifteen he says he's made the decision so he can focus on the domestic super rugby season with the crusaders and prepare properly for the world cup read a set to leave crusaders next year to join japanese club side toyota verb blitz. and v.a.b. houston rockets were too hot to handle leaving the toronto raptors playing catch up
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james harden was the clear standout player of the night racking up thirteen points in the first quarter and nineteen and the second despite trailing fifty five thirty seven at the half the rocket stormed back to take the when by outscoring the raptors one zero seven ninety five that doesn't lead to their journey and today. we have some fun pictures for you that have emerged from a weekend game and guatemala we have a call now was up against a goalie and a penalty shoot out in a minute he made it but he kept on running all the way to the store boy it wasn't enough to add the point for his team he wanted to change the score for a clinic finding a ladder with his ear to the one and call that a day even though he was given a yellow card for his enthusiasm his team won because of the skill. and practice your back is very much there and that me from me and the news team to stay with us they had to start back in just a moment with more days to use for. over
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one hundred and sixty years ago a musician started a valiant in an oddity should treat in cairo. the brass band was so popular it gave birth to an entire musical genre. a century and a halt later the sound still resonates with many egyptians today house of the people's music on al-jazeera. examining the
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headlines setting the discussions a warning from the air boss over the risks of a no deal brags sharing personal stories with a global audience you have your own intelligence network on the ground to tell you where to go and we'll explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire resilient people are truly afraid the world is watching on al-jazeera. a face can tell a story without uttering a single. unknowing. guidance. a simple touch inform us. the young conventionality of life witnessed through the lens of the human eye. is what inspires us. witness documentaries on al-jazeera new yorkers are very receptive to it because it is such
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an international city they are very interested in that global perspective that al jazeera provides. their reports north korea is rebuilding a rocket launch size after last week's failed summits between donald trump and kim jong un. hello i'm the star of the attain this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. satellite pictures indicate a religious school run by a pakistan based group is intact days after india said it had launched airstrikes honest. algeria's army chief warns against a return of the civil war of the one thousand nine hundred as pro. yes to seek the president's exit. fighting for their teenage son who they say has been tortured
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and jailed on false accusations of joining i sell iraq. north korea is reportedly restoring facilities as a long range rocket launch site one that it had agreed to dismantle as part of disarmament steps last year the reports in south korean media follow last week's failed summit between donald trump and kim jong un and vietnam a web site specializing in north korea studies called thirty eight north says it has satellite imagery showing efforts to rebuild some structures at the launch site al-jazeera briars has more from seoul. these reports stem from a briefing that's being given by south korea's national intelligence service to lawmakers in seoul which seem to indicate through satellite imagery that work has
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been done on restoring some of the buildings at the tongue chung re testing site this is a site that has been used for the launch of satellites but has also been used for the testing of engines for ballistic missiles that has been speculation of the work may have resumed just as the hanoi summit was failing to reach an agreement but there is a lot of speculation that this work may well have been before the hanoi summit and it does not necessarily indicate that it's any restarting imminently of north korea's weapons program and as observers here have also pointed out that since the successful summit of last june in singapore between trump and kim u.s. satellites have discovered that a number of sites around north korea work on other missile development it has to be remembered that all of north korea's nuclear and missile programs are supported by
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a very large industrial complex that will carry on working will carry on producing ficelle material and so on until it's told to stop and as observers here will point out there have been no agreements reached anything specific to tell north korea to stop any of its programs just as north korea would argue there's been nothing in agreement to end the sanctions against it what people here are looking at optimistically is still the verbal pledge from kim jong un of north korea not to restart any missile testing or nuclear testing and to this point he has been good to his word. robert kelly is a professor of international relations at present national university and he says north korea's rebuilding action is a signal for the united states after their failed summit the north koreans haven't actually used it for a long range test missiles they've used it in the past for satellite launches which a lot of people say sort of double as missile tests but they haven't actually sort
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of formally used for missile tests and it's not in the sara lee clear that the rebuild is actually leading up to that my own sense is that this is sort of peek at the way donald trump treated them in north korea are in vietnam there was a sense that that was leading to something we know that there was some surprise on the north korean side that it sort of fell apart and this is i think the north koreans were punching back and the good news is that the moratorium on testing which the president has said is the minimum benchmark for continuing this process that does mean that over time the weapons will encounter obsolescence right i mean if the moratorium last five to ten years or something that's a genuine problem so the fact that it's in place and we can kept the north koreans where they are is good news but again because it's really only about fifteen months it's not such great news and in the meantime yes they can continue to produce and what they've already tested and already learned is that the moratorium means they can't go further. pakistan has arrested senior members of jaish e mohammad as part of a crackdown on groups mohammed came to responsibility for
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a suicide attack on indian forces in february that sparked the most tense standoff between india and pakistan and yes kamal hyder has more from the whole some of the based. it was brimming with a. government clamping down on many groups where general already being brought. by the united. stated although to. have been. run across the country the government. regulation. and.
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dozens of others have already been made. to get into britain. and i did nation. with the rules and regulations the buggers on a military g very. reaction. all the indian press. and the military is ready for any eventuality but the government. through the national action plan. or deadlier.


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