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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 38  Al Jazeera  March 6, 2019 10:32pm-11:01pm +03

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in your introductory speech when you have between twenty five and thirty young girls who are being trafficked into mali and witnesses and then if you crunched the number over three hundred sixty factories it gives you a sense of the magnitude of the problem and government is working hard working flat out to assist this goes on i give you. an idea of what was done last year about three hundred twenty four girls who were reported in algeria a year earlier. tonight were able to send back about one hundred and seventy this year so far why doesn't the third month. two hundred girls were still counting right away this just in the tip of the iceberg you know basically what we seem. the lack of cooperation on the side of course of course is the problem of none which and the very issue of judicial system in both countries are very very different how
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are you dealing with these what are the challenges we're facing in getting these girls home. the municipal growth molly did not expressly outlaw prostitution so they created within the free zone as a whole the girls who want to go. voluntarily. offering to go we can't force them to go so that is one problem of course you also cannot ask the secretary authorities to begin to expel this girls because if you do that that is almost like not dropped in escort policy in which case they are going to just dismiss all the girls but also those who are also. some legitimate business in the u.s. was very careful because it's a binary situation we have between or find us and those who are living here locally however what we are doing is that with the presence of the of the not.
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an opportunity for them to pick up on a more you mostly with the government of money and see how we can stem this tide now there is this this talk about the security forces being part of the problem how we how is it hampering operations to sort of. get this goes out because some of them that we've met are actually scared of traffickers but also the security forces unfortunately the secretary forces some of them have been sucked into this vortex. because they have been suborned by the traffickers let's have an idea if you i wouldn't know what the average salary east and somebody of thousand or one million say if i just turning a blind eye and i think that's enough incentive for you not to impose the. and that's the problem we're facing now basically what is a very huge problem to deal with and the resources involved in moving to twenty thousand nigerian stranded here in mali is enormous according to officials and
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we're only talking about one side of the story on the mali inside now you move to the neighboring countries of guinea and iris you can only imagine how many of these girls have been. seem to be a huge issue indeed just thanks very much for joining us there from. now south korea's president has ordered his government to take extraordinary measures to combat a pollution seven major cities including seoul have accorded high concentrations of fine dust particles that can cause many illnesses measures include shutting down public parking lots and limiting the number of cars allowed on the roads or mcbride has more from song. the people of seoul and other cities throughout south korea have been breathing this now for the best part of a week and in the past few days the government has been holding emergency meetings trying to figure out ways of dealing with it they've put in place
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a number of special measures such as controlling traffic on the roads putting controls on construction sites power stations giving instructions to things like elementary schools not to have outdoor activities but there's very little the government can do here about the prevailing winds and it's got a lot of this pollution has come from neighboring china in fact president moon j.n. of south korea this wednesday morning giving an instruction that south korea should be working more with china what is seen here as a shared problem it's not a lot of this pollution comes from deserts in china with the fine dust being sucked up into the atmosphere mixing with pollution from factories and power stations and then being pushed by the. winds just far enough to cover the korean peninsula but not strong enough to take it any further so sophisticated cities like seoul having to wait for a change in the wind direction before it can get
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a breath of fresh air. and intelligence officer from saudi arabia has tried to hold an anti cattle lecture in switzerland. hamis said for speakers at the event in geneva where catteries deprived of their citizenship and journalist asked how they were allowed to travel without their passports it emerged they were in fact saudis last year as our blog allegedly paid people to attend an anti cattle conference in munich saudi arabia the united arab emirates bahrain and egypt have imposed a blockade on cata since twenty seventy. on top of the. football.
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ok all the sports laura thank you one of the world's top horseracing tracks has been closed indefinitely because of an unusually high number of horse deaths twenty one horses have been injured in euthanized at california santa anita park in the last two months the track is due to host the breeders cup in november experts investigating if the tracks are to blame some saying the region's unusually wet and cold winter has damaged the track animal rights activists have been protesting in santa anita following the latest death on choose day. well there's a huge shock in the champions league hold israel madrid would dumped out by dutch side i aks madrid were going for a fourth straight title and were to want to up from the first leg but they were
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thrashed four one in spain their biggest ever margin of defeat in a home european tie in it i aks who go through to the quarter finals it's particular thing for ales captain said joe ramos who watched from the stands often deliberately getting booked in the first leg because he didn't want to miss more important games. which devastated devastated because we're not used to not fighting for a title at this stage of the season we're shattered because we're out of our competition where we've been kings for a very long time the team is broken because we got nothing to fight for or for i.x. it's the first time they've won a champions league knockout game since one thousand nine hundred seven the wage budget for their first second and youth team is the same as what real madrid's gareth bale gets paid on his own i think. this is an historic victory for i.x. almost no one believed in this not even the experts but four thousand fans did and also the team did they proved so from the very beginning it felt good everything
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clicked into place. she says of the match so tottenham sail a four nil aggregate win over dorman to finish one no on the night thanks to hurricane he becomes tottenham's all time leading scorer in europe with twenty four goals i tell you is one of the this strike in the war and of course. the mentality and the major news is fantastic and of course i want to leave hewn for them. to meet because he is he is one hundred cliched for the massive achievement to. but the victory was soured by news that pitino has been banned from the sidelines for two games by the english f.a. ban and a thirteen thousand dollars fine were handed down after he accepted an improper conduct charge following his heated confrontation with the referee mike dean last month but it will be forced to watch the games against southampton liverpool from
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the stands two more games on wednesday with roma looking to hold on to their one goal advantage against porto but the big one is between p.s.g. and manchester united united looking to overturn a two goal deficit from the first game the premier league team lost two nil at old trafford and face a challenge to make it into the quarter finals against the french league champions but their k. taken manager insists united can do it especially if they score first never mission impossible force more difficult but said here really we've got to get the first goal then anything can happen. yes it's a technical and tactical game but it's also a mental game certainly. goals always change games and if we get the first one. we'll be believing even more so and might they might start doubting themselves so it is important that we get the first one. england's women's team
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have won the two thousand and nine hundred she believes cup in florida they beat japan three now in the final they ceased on a full score the first goal for england. kaun conny then headed into double their advantage midway through the first top. and best made complete of a victory with a third all before half time is the first time that england have won the friendly tournament giving them a big conference face ahead of the women's world cup in funds to this year. good news for england's cricketers today they won the first t twenty international against the west indies by four wickets thanks to an impressive batting performance by johnny best david stokes has the action. the west indies batted first instant lucia no surprise to see chris gayle play the boundary i but he only did it twice and was out for fifteen. that was one highlight for both a christian but so was this. i brought the victim this
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time. nicholas poor and stood out with a half century but he was eventually clean bowled by tom curran he took four wickets overall to help limit the west indies to one sixty england chose to rest for their bad batsman and look vulnerable when alex hales went early on i shouted totally surely taking the prize for best celebration i thankfully for england though their other right to judge the best i produced a career best t twenty school. two sixes and knowing full this helped him to sixty eight of forty believes. he was eventually caught out trying to clear the ropes one too many times but the damage was done i joe denly hit thirty runs to keep england on track and it was cohen who sealed a victory by four wickets england now lead to three series one nil to isn't seen king. it's friday they did start out as they were. new zealand rugby captain kieren
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reed is to retire from the international game after this year's world cup in japan the thirty three year old has announced he has signed a one year contract with japanese club side to you to have a blitz read already has one hundred eighteen test caps for the all blacks and is looking to guide his side to a third consecutive world cup tie. in the n.b.a. the rockets were too hot to handle leaving the toronto raptors playing catch up james harden was the clear standout player of the night racking up thirteen points in the first quarter and nineteen in the second despite trailing fifty five to thirty seven at the half the rocket stormed back to take the one hundred seven to ninety five win and some fun pictures of emerge for a weekend football game in guatemala newest i couldna had a penalty attempt ninetieth minute eighty five minutes after beating the goalie continue in form play a run to the scoreboard behind the goal and climbed up to it he then flipped the
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card in a celebration that he said after the game he had planned during the warm up but the referee wasn't as much of a fan showing him a yellow card for his match winning it. all right that is all useful for now we'll have more later. that's it for this news hour we're back in just a moment with another of news for you. a face can tell a story without uttering a single word. and now england. can guide us. a simple touch inform us. the un convention manity of life witness through the lens of the human nine. is what inspires us. witness
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documentaries on al-jazeera and monday pointed world on. us and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the war. in germany's capital there's a barber like no other what it is they haven't gone i remarked or struck cross what you have. but as his city changes he's moving with the time. and going on the roads. the stories you don't often hear told by the people who live there. the master barber of berlin this is europe on
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al-jazeera. there is growth in a very short time to be a trusted news source wherever you are in the world he really want to know what's going on there and to find out very quickly we know look at the news some nations prison. we are probably international everybody will learn something watching our coverage be sure and that we can be the best international news and mistrust and source of stories that people actually can't find elsewhere and that's going to continue. and kim jong un's a nuclear summit ended with no agreement reports of north korea rebuilding a rocket launch sites.
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from doha also coming up. i'll meet to voice my concern at the apparently i beach area rest on the tension and the alleged ill treatment torture of several women human rights defenders saudi arabia saudi arabia comes under attack again for its human rights record and this time from the un and the us. satellite pictures indicate a religious school run by pakistan based on group is in tax days off to india. against it. and venezuela's president says he'll crush what he calls the minority trying to force him out. north korea is said to be restoring facilities a long range rocket launch site which it began to dismantle last year and a board and south korean media follow the failed summit last week between donald
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trump and kim jong. reports. these satellite images appear to show north korea's rocket launch site the web site thirty eight north which specializes in studying the reclusive state says they show efforts to rebuild between february sixteenth and march second thanks and those dates put it right around last week's summit in vietnam that's where u.s. president donald trump walked away saying he couldn't meet kim jong un's demands to lift sanctions analysts say this could be punching back the north koreans haven't actually used it for a long range test missiles they've used it in past for satellite launches which a lot of people say sort of double as missile tests but they haven't actually sort of formally used for missile tests and it's not necessarily clear that the rebuild is actually leading up to that my own sense is that this is sort of peek at the way donald trump treated them in north korea are in vietnam this into the strategic and
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international studies says the images show rapid rebuilding at a site partly dismantled last year when p.r. nyang entered talks with the u.s. and south korea university ready to god it's not immediately clear though how the satellite images could have fixed the fragile nuclear diplomacy. that japan has its eyes fixed on north korea's nuclear missile development i have been gathering and analyzing information i will refrain from commenting in detail due to the nature of the matter. how much you know you change under the current situation we hope that all related parties can take the right approach to resolving the korean peninsula issue through political dialogue and by meeting each other halfway trumps national security advisor john bolton has already warned north korea it must be willing to completely give up its nuclear weapons program or it could face even
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tougher sanctions elixir brian al-jazeera. the united nations human rights council says states must make a clear stand against human rights violations in saudi arabia the council referenced saudi arabian government's crackdown on peaceful activists including women's rights activists today are all me to voice my concern at the apparently arbitrary arrests and the tension and the alleged ill treatment of torture of several women human rights offender is saudi arabia the persecution of peaceful activists will clearly contradict this piece of the country's proclaimed new reforms so we urge that these women be released the us democratic senator chris murphy is accusing the drug administration of protecting saudi arabia by not complying with human rights law he tweeted congress needs to take the reins of american foreign policy before it's too late we need to reset the relationship with saudi arabia we have to stop trump from pulling us out of nato in must end the war
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in yemen time is running short let's go live to our white house correspondent kimberly hulk it so. senator chris murphy has also been speaking on t.v. this morning in there in the u.s. what's he been saying. yeah he's not a stranger to morning television here in the united states and he is adding his voice to that of a number of senior senators who have been speaking in recent days following a briefing on monday that simply in short outrage the senators who were present it was a briefing where they were expecting an update for half from the administration with more insights into the killing of the washington post columnist but instead they got very little information they were extremely frustrated that the senators knew more than those who were being providing the briefing from the treasury department as well as the state department and this is led to a series of frustrations that have been played out on the media here in the united states that they are taking away from this the administration simply doesn't intend
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to comply with the global magnitsky act that triggered many months ago requirement under u.s. law for the administration to point to who specifically ordered the killing the senator say it's simply not enough that the there have been seventeen saudi individuals sanctioned because the highest levels who may have ordered this killing have not been held responsible so senator simply pointing out that in the last week we saw the president's son in law jared cushion are going to be specifically with the crown prince not bringing this issue up the takeaway is that so far the administration believes it can get a free pass and so the senators have collectively decided to take matters in their own hands they're currently weighing their options there could be a number of avenues they pursue it could amount to sort of punishments with regard to saudi arms sales or even having the president's nominees not confirmed in the
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u.s. senate and it's not even just the case it is angering u.s. senators what are we hearing about a saudi activist who's virginia resident. right on the heels of that sound that we were hearing just a moment ago from the united nations there is grave concern in the u.s. congress particularly from some virginia lawmakers who have not only a social media but it is speaking publicly about their concerns about a female activist named as these al youssef now according to amnesty international press release an investigation done by that organization she has been electrocuted while imprisoned beaten tortured she's been held there some three hundred days and she's one of many female activists that are being targeted as this there's sort of ongoing concerns about the crackdown on political dissidents amnesty international says simply peaceful protesters so they are akhil weighing their concerns they've sent a letter to pump a zero saying that the administration needs to do something about this continue to
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shine a spotlight about the grave concerns about the u.s. relationship with saudi arabia in light of these cases of political activists being tortured potentially killed because of their speaking out and joining us there from washington thanks very much kimberly for weapons and bombs created by the u.k. and u.s. are responsible for the deaths of nearly one thousand civilian casualties in yemen that's according to a joint report by a yemen and u.s. human rights group finding show that between twenty fifteen and twenty eighteen twenty seven astronauts were launched on yemen by the gulf alliance of waterspouts fresh calls for both countries to hold on sales u.k. and u.s. provided military assistance to saudi arabia and the u.a.e. both use the weapons during the four year conflict with yemen. we were germany is extended arms sales a ban on saudi arabia despite pressure from european partners such as britain and
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france the german foreign minister said the ban will continue until the end of the month to evaluate saudi arabia's military involvement in yemen restrictions were imposed after the murder of saudi jealous jamal khashoggi who brennan has the story . there had already been enormous international concern over the tens of thousands of civilian deaths caused by saudi led coalition air strikes in yemen since twenty fifteen. and when saudi agents murdered the journalist in istanbul last october germany finally cried halt temporarily freezing existing arms deals and banning any new weapons contracts with the kingdom yet it offers act of defiance and it's often said that it is a dilemma between morals and rail politic i think that's wrong the german government has had political principle since the year two thousand which say that we do not exporting countries in gauged in war zones. germany was not alone in its
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concerns last september spain cancel the sale of four hundred laser guided bombs to saudi arabia but unlike germany spain reinstated its deal a week later fearing the saudis my counselor two billion dollar order for spanish built corvettes. germany's embargo has even bigger implications. the typhoon eurofighter the saudi air force has more than fifty already and uses them in yemen the cockpit from fuselage spine fin and part of the refuse a large a made by b.a. systems in the u.k. the right wing and left leading wing edge made by spain allana and italy make the left wing and part of the refusal but the central fuselage is manufactured by germany and germany's export ban means britain can't deliver on a thirteen billion dollars deal to sell the next forty eight typhoon aircraft to saudi arabia. airbus's chief executive vented his frustration at the recent munich
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security conference going on just you know but after that you come to the conclusion to the germans are of the opinion the only day of responsible arms export policies and others don't. analysts warn that the dispute is damaging strategic alliances all the claim of defense cooperation in europe. is it's fairly brenda descended by the idea that there is no real cooperation on and on and on the level of defense but. the recently told is that germany imposed a moratorium not because of yemen but because of the night of jamal khashoggi and saudi arabia's ongoing failure to adequately explain the circumstances of the killing in the absence of a full explanation riyadh has so far given palin no reason to talk to reverse its original decision. al jazeera. a religious school run by the armed group josh a mohammed in northeastern pakistan appears to be intact they is off to india said
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it destroyed the compound an air raid that's going satellite pictures from a private u.s. company reviewed by reuters news agency indian government said it that strikes hit all intended targets and killed a large number of fighters has maintained the bombs hit a forested area and did not cause any casualties. is a former indian army colonel an economist on city chick affairs defense and diplomacy he says the strikes may have achieved their purpose even if they didn't hit that target. there is there are really two dimensions to what we are talking about here one was india's demonstration of intent to abandon strategic restraint and strike back whenever there's a terrorist attack on on its soil on and on the security forces where a large number of people have been killed now that aspect which was the demonstration of intent that has been demonstrated whether or not the targets were
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hit or whether the bombs missed by on hundred meters two hundred or two hundred fifty the second thing other than intent to skip ability can you actually see.


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