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in the u.k. the right wing and left leading wing edge of made by spain allana and its only make the left wing and part of the refuse a large but the central fuselage is manufactured by germany and germany's export ban means britain can't live on a thirteen billion dollar deal to sell the next forty eight typhoon aircraft to saudi arabia airbus is chief executive vented his frustration at the recent munich security conference that we're just going over to after we come to the conclusion to the germans are of the opinion the only day of responsible arms export policies and others don't analysts warn that the dispute is damaging strategic alliances all the claim of defense cooperation in europe. is it is it's fairly run the disowned by the idea that there is no real cooperation on and on and on the level of defense but. the recently told though is that germany imposed a moratorium not because of yemen but because of the murder of jamal khashoggi and
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saudi arabia's ongoing failure to adequately explain the full circumstances of the killing in the absence of a full explanation riyadh has so far given beilin no reason at all to reverse its original decision paul brennan al-jazeera. now criticism of saudi arabia's human rights record is also coming from the un speaking to reporters on wednesday the un's human rights chief called on the kingdom to release female activists who've allegedly been tortured in detention to they are all me to voice my concern at the apparently arbitrary arrests and the tension and the alleged ill treatment or torture of several women you are a defender is so the arabia the persecution of peaceful activists will clearly contradict this piece of the country's proclaim new reforms so we urge that these women be released. well criticism is also coming in from the u.s. where democratic senator chris murphy is accusing the trumpet ministration of
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protecting saudi arabia by not complying with human rights law he tweeted congress needs to take the reins of american foreign policy before it's too late we need to reset relationship with the saudi arabia we have to stop trump from pulling us out of nato and we must end the war and yemen time is running short let's go now to our correspondent kimberly how could she is joining us live from washington d.c. senator murphy also talking on t.v. this morning kimberly and you know adding his voice to a number of others who aren't happy following that white house briefing on kushal g.'s murder. yeah that's correct on monday there was a briefing by trumpet ministration officials from the state department as well as the treasury department but the take away from those senators including chris murphy tim kaine bob menendez is that in fact they knew more about the case involving the killing of one hundred shows than those doing the briefing the
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frustration for these senators is that in their eyes the trumpet ministration has essentially flat out of the law the global magnitsky act that was triggered more than one hundred twenty days ago the administration did not come up with a report to congress pointing the finger at who is to blame certainly the senators have concluded is the saudi crown prince that ordered the killing that's a conclusion following a cia briefing by g. and a houseful so they are frustrated that the administration sent only a letter to congress saying that they would continue to work with congress as they continue to investigate the point of the administration has long been look we've put in place seventeen sanctions against saudi nationals the senators point out it's not the highest levels of the saudi government and that's why they're pushing to do more saying in their words they're going to take matters into their own hands a couple of options that are open they could try to stall some of the trumpet ministrations. for murphy they could try to stall some of those nominations in the u.s. senate they also could take action with regard to arms sales to saudi arabia committee
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thank you very much for that finale that's committee health with the nations on the story live in the u.s. capital thank you now a religious school in northeastern pakistan run by armed group jaish e mohammad the p.s. to be intact days off to india said it destroyed the compound in an eight. now that's according to satellite pictures from a private u.s. company reviewed by the russia's news agency the indian government said it's strikes hit or and tend to toggle and killed a large number of five s. . tang the bombs hit a forested area and didn't cause any casualties. and has been following the story for us from new delhi the indian government throughout this entire affair has been fairly tight lipped but they've always maintained that yes these airstrikes did occur and they did hit their targets but the details have been going a little back and forth earlier ahmed shah the president of the governing b.g.p.
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party had claimed that at least two hundred fifty members of jaish e mohammed were killed in the air strike one of his junior members later walked that back saying that was on the shah's own personal belief not that of the party or the government in his defense minister declined to give exact numbers when the opposition asked her and india's air chief marshal stayed out of politics completely saying the air force was not interested in casualties only in hitting its targets which he said they did now late on tuesday india's interior minister rajnath singh said that the country might not know for a while how many members were actually killed but he did cite india's surveillance system that did detect three hundred mobile phones active in the area before the airstrike now he used that to lash out at the opposition saying does the opposition think that trees are using the mobile phones obviously people must have been there but that's not what's happened this whole incident has taken a very big political tune the government is accusing the opposition of politicizing
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the entire thing and the opposition is accusing the government of the exact same and with elections set to happen here in about a month's time this entire thing will remain political at least until some more hard evidence is shown or brought forward. well let's get more on this now we're joined by happy mon jacob professor of diplomacy at meadow university and author of line on fire a book on the india pakistan conflict and he's joining us from the indian capital new delhi mr jacob always a pleasure to talk to you on al-jazeera let's start with a satellite satellite images for a cause beyond fez the saying you know until more hard evidence emerges about what happened do they satellite images completely contradict the indian government's claim that they destroyed and for structure and killed many fight is well i think so i think the government of india out of a state that many of its claims. that it was the air strike at what was asked
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franks at cheve although i must personally say that i am not really set a price to by the by the by the reports that are coming in from around the war that we don't read that in particular evidence that might be magically the fact of the matter is that this news has been coming in for some time i don't want to put the lead is it is very difficult to believe that you have you have carried out such people in strikes it gave specific locations within the army that pakistan so from day one there were doubts that raised about it and now i think it's getting clear that the government has been overstated this this this this access you say the doubts were raised from day won by those doubts and these you know reports in the international media voices news agency the satellite company are they making any difference to the indian people who are very much you know supported the prime minister and the b j p and any action that they take against pakistan right now.
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well i think i think that all get out christine has to be asked to by journalists analysts and it was the same political bodies about the story of major claims to bite be made by the poppy a get up you got going to delhi and he had to i think the government isa now sending a very good friend that idea about that these even though you may not necessarily believe in the exact numbers of those killed the fact of the matter is that this is a symbolic strike and rather than anything else i doubt if you know all this discharge that it's all about the government to carry out a strike against them as having if they do it in their words i think that is that line that they would probably take so even if they got to the opposition and the end of this which by going to that standard that i ask that you have those facts the government has a different line to take in any case but you know as we all know the end to an election is coming up very soon and the story has distracted from the issues facing the country the building opposition to the ruling be j.p.
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if they were hoping that the attack that they response would work and they think that it could it backfire if it tends out you say on the stating if it tends out that they lied about hitting targets and killing fight is. well i don't see anything good it is going to really by quiet for that matter they did that are they going it to elections because the wives of the educated sections of the society and the people who walk instead of or decide to send a very plain clothes back to make question some of those things that the general public is probably not going to get into some of these factors factor based need to get these asset rich they are going to look at the big picture and the big picture really is that the beauty of the real sense is that we have beat it back it's down to be vented to mainland pakistan that is a story that they're going to send and i don't think this will get it this will have much of any impact negative impact as it to be had or did not did not i think that they're going to sense yes you're doing it with a sort of court damage the credibility all of these just there's it's all about i
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don't think that that damage will be creative five reaching and at that that city as i said let's take a thank you as always for your time and your analysis on this we do appreciate it that's happy man jacob live in new delhi. well this is as much a war of narratives and perceptions as it is fighting and we have an excellent trade on al-jazeera dot com andy a pox on tensions who won the war of perceptions you'll find that in the india or pakistan pages on the website which are both trending now long passenger lines bought flights are taking off on the jomo kenyatta international airport in nairobi a strike has left hundreds of passengers stranded it's all of a labor dispute about contracts and job security between of weapons union and kenya airways riot police were called in to disperse the striking workers kenya's transport minister said they had no reason to complain a go on strike. do not interfere with us it's
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a cue to things that is especially when you have no basis for complaints when your job is no no but his view to be sorry. nobody has given you a threat that your job you'll be at risk and yet you're going to train you'll be given assurances that the numbers are going up in terms of employment and you still go on strike that is good money is it is called support touch it is called economic sabotage it is something which cannot be tolerated it is criminal activity let's go now to our correspondent catherine soy she is monitoring the situation for us live in nairobi so what is the situation at the airport now catherine. still bad we've been at the airport for most of the day and we've seen government officials there really trying to instill confidence and show that. is resuming but then operations are paralyzed for we were told that several
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a few flights can use flights could be taking off at some point we didn't see any movement on that front but we did see some people being checked in a very very slow process kenya air force personnel have been deployed to the airport to try and help particularly on the security side of things screening people and things like that. several flights canceled when we were out there passing just taken to various different hotels but many many other people's elizabeth really stranded many of those who talk to say they've been there since they have been there since very early in the morning just waiting for information about their flights. this morning. we're exhausted as we speak. or understand it's difficult for
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the people who are trying to manage it and it's so difficult for the people here. my flight goes out today if it's not going to i hope that they'll tell us so that we can we can make claims. according to delays. due to two pm. so a difficult situation for the passengers catherine but what about the workers while they saw against this merger between kenya airways and the airport authority. we did speak to several of them and they said that they are concerned that this deal is really so shrouded in secrecy this thing that no one has been giving them information on how all this is going to happen what is going to happen particularly
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to their jobs they're afraid that they might lose their job this is the tried to get information about how exactly this merger is going to play out but no one has been giving them this information they say that they gave seven days ago still hoping that they're going to get some information but nothing so they're saying that they will not rest until they get the answers that they need but just let me just put this to context because they're also saying that it's strange to them and they're wondering how a private loss making entity that's a kenya airways this taking over management services from kenya airports authority a government parra startle like i said just give you a background to this kenya airways the national airline elizabeth has been making losses for quite a while and security aviation experts that i've been talking to us saying that this taking over of management of that airport basically is giving that airline a lifeline because we're talking about a revenue of about one hundred twelve million dollars
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a year with government officials come out and say look this is a win win situation we cannot let our national airline go down but then there's also politics around this in. some people in this is being investigated by a parliamentary committee some people saying that powerful individuals with a huge stake in cape kenya airways want to control the airports using this airline. catherine thank you very much for that for now that is catherine sawyer with the very latest live in nairobi thank you and as the story develops we're seeing a lot of reaction on social media stars we're keeping an eye on what people are saying online. yeah it's a lot of activity from within kenya and the conversation was saying online folks is the one statement and that was made a few weeks prior to the protest by the kenyan aviation was union it's calling for the removal of the seat of kenya airways saying he's being paid more than any other
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c.e.o. in the country and they've also listed the salaries of others who work a managed national airline and in fact the union says that many of the top executives at kenya airways ex-pats from european countries. you can't allow a company like kenya airways is collapsing to take over kenya airport authority can airports authority makes about one hundred million dollars a year in kenya airways loses almost seventy million dollars per year but how can a company who loses that amount oversee another company that is making one hundred million annually is not possible and that's the reason why we are opposed to it and there are a few individuals especially in the government wants to take over the airports and we can't let that happen. and according to local media the leader of the aviation was union most of the male has been actually arrested the nairobi meanwhile kenya's transport secretary james macharia tweeted in support of effort workers who are not protesting and he refers to the protests as
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a disruption caused he said by rogue elements butts in response to that people have been dismissing his comments and this person for example accuses him of being what they call a facilitator of theft and many other people are joining that conversation lines personal so says this madness of paying for and as she says triple what by local council pause and must stop so very strong comments from that and many others have also shown their support for the striking workers. authorities were referring to people who are fighting for their rights as criminals i'd like to tell them that most of the striking workers are residents of mbak s.c. so i'm speaking on behalf of those residents this time for participative management it is time for participative leadership these workers have no clarity on the future their stake in any purpose changes whether there is a merger or not that's something that is not clear. and hundreds of passengers are
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stranded as flights continue to be disrupted because of the strike at kenya's main airport in fact no passenger plane has landed at the airport since about three am local time and among those travelers was the u.k. diplomat chris trucks whose tweets of the number of passengers being left stranded at the airport is growing every minute he said and it's unclear whether any of their flights are going to depart and you can see there he's taken a picture from the airport itself well if you all watching us from kenya we want to hear your thoughts on this because there's clearly a lot of activity online there so get those tweets going in the hash tag that you need to use and you can tweet me is a.j. news good saw thank you very much now do get in touch with us we want to hear from you on these stories send us your comments to any of our online platforms on twitter the hash tag of use quite a handle as a.j. english we're also on facebook dot com slash al-jazeera and on what's happened or telegram at mine seven for five or one trip and one for this is the news bulletin
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if you're watching on facebook you're about to find out why u.s. congresswoman was recently been at the center of islamophobia tax on social media that's from our friends at a.j. plus also the u.s. has been holding talks with the taliban here in qatar for more than a week so one of the sticking points will have the latest from the big. welcome back to the national weather forecast what we do have one powerful sun that's making its way right now across the southeastern part of australia now with that front we are seeing some cooler temperatures behind the front but with that front here in sydney we do expect to see some windy conditions as well as some blowing dust so that's going to drop the visibility across much of that area so what we're going to see through the rest today is that front going to be pushing up to the north brisbane. we are also going to be seeing some showers here on thursday
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but better conditions down towards city with can cool temperatures if you there we are going to see one for about three they'll make its way towards tasmania and that is also going to bring some rain for hobart over the next few days we do expect to see tempers across that region probably into the high teens as we go towards friday well across the new zealand area we are going to see in that same front about it coming across the tasman sea bring some rain across parts of christ church double for the front hits is going to be about twenty six degrees then as we go towards friday difference going to go through and we are going to be seeing those temperatures dropping about ten degrees across that area but you're going to be seeing the rain by the time we get towards the weekend with a temperature few of about twenty degrees up towards fiji though it is going to be a partly cloudy day for you it's a marine in the forecast twenty nine degrees there and over towards new mo we do expect to see attempt a few about twenty eight degrees. jewing sierra leone civil war nigerian forces were deployed to protect civilians instead
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some turned on the population in plain sight of a journalist's camera but this is a name to be. in disagreement peacekeeping force to launch the product complete a chain his own using his harrowing images international lawyers seek justice for those slaughtered by their guardians peace killers on al-jazeera. when the news breaks and the story below six million children in and outside syria have been affected by war when people need to be heard. and the story needs to be told people are telling us that there's no medicine they're not up their engine al jazeera has teens on the ground u.s. air power alone is not enough to bring in more rewarding documentaries and live news on air and online.
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you know what the news grid live on air and streaming online and this is what's trending online at al-jazeera dot com number one is the sasha live images which contradict the indian government's claim that they destroyed an armed groups infrastructure and killed fighters in. turkey and iran to target kurdish rebels
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together and we also have a report on bruno's all of a rift between the saudi king and crown prince muhammad and so mom that and much more on our web site al jazeera dot com. now at least sixteen people have been killed in a suicide attack on construction workers and easton of guns thong that happens near the airport in jalalabad the four attackers were also killed no one has claimed responsibility. meanwhile talks between the u.s. and the taliban are ongoing the negotiations between both sides hope to end of honest on seventeen year wall stephanie deca is live for us and the hall where the talks are taking place the issues that they're trying to resolve stiff terrorism troop withdrawal interim afghan dialogs cease fire i mean no easy feat. yes it's incredibly difficult and this is why it's not the first time they've met
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with there been multiple talks the last one here in doha last around a week where now on day eight here on this round of talks over a span of two weeks they had a jew day break last week to consult very difficult issues we do understand that some progress is being made but the two main issues they're discussing at the moment is that u.s. troop withdrawal and also how to ensure that afghanistan isn't used by so-called terrorist organizations moving forward now the delegations are very tight lipped we've been trying to speak to both the americans and the taleban saying very little about how things are going on we also know there's been seemingly mediation by the foreign minister of pakistan was also met with the taliban with the americans the talks still going on in the hotel behind us but between the americans and the taliban but i think the indication is that we're not going to see a final conclusion in the near future in the sense that this could perhaps be a stage in the round of talks that are happening but i don't think we're going to
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be expecting in the next couple of days a final end solution to what is an incredibly complicated war a country that's been at war for forty years and this is also something that the american envoy said in january he said you know it's not going to be easy and it's not going to be quick and meanwhile as you mentioned stephanie the attacks continue in the country on wednesday a massive attack on a joint u.s. afghan base and helmand last week you know underscoring the importance of a deal. absolutely people in afghanistan will tell you that they want security they want peace and i pushed the spokesperson for the taliban on this point last week saying why are you even discussing a ceasefire while you made it very clear that a ceasefire was off the table i also can you get your men because of course these are the political wing of the taliban that is sitting down the taliban has a huge amount of fighters of hardened men in the mountains to have done nothing but this can you get them to lay down their weapons and he said well there's no laying
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down of weapons down the line when there is a national unity government we will form a national army now there's a lot of skepticism in afghanistan about how and what shape the taliban is going to come back so i think again we're going to have to take these things step by step and whether anything is achieved at the diplomatic table how that is then going to translate on the ground is going to make a difference is going to ensure safety for civilians is the most important thing we're going to have to wait and see stephanie thank you very much for that that is stephanie decker with the latest that we do know live in the thank you. now rescue workers in pakistan are searching for two climbers who went missing on the world's ninth highest mountain tom ballard from the u.k. dannielle in are they from italy last made contact on february twenty fourth sorry this story is being followed closely online what are you hearing well there has been a little bit of confusion certainly in the last couple of hours as to whether the search has been called off or whether it's still on but hope for climbers to be
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found is actually fading and that's because manda mountain is nicknamed killer mountain and it's no easy feat it's about eight thousand meters above sea level it's the world's ninth highest peak in the himalayas and one of those missing climbers is tom bollox who said to have been obsessed actually with reaching its peak hard hard to tempt and he's already tried to do this four times and this was his fifth so his experience is as especially as especially piqued interest because this is his mother in the movie or allison hargreaves and she was actually the first woman to scale mount everest alone she later dar died while descending the second highest mountain in the world called k two which is also in the himalayas in the same area that the two climbers are missing but veteran climber simon morrow called the route that tom and danielle his italian were trying to climb in the himalayas as suicidal knots because avalanches and tumbling chunks of ice as big as cars are quite common especially in winter where the weather is extremely harsh
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unpredictable even with temperatures dropping to minus fifty degrees celsius and sandy allen is a mountain guide who is also a fellow climber and friend of allison hargreaves. we got stuck in a snow cave at the bait seven thousand meters six thousand eight hundred and we were there for three or four days and then after the storm went to reprove and i was in and i you know we were root together timing up. through plains apart you know with coils around our net i read bodies and you know she turned round exit you know we stopped and looked at each other and went to conditions aren't really good are the let's get out of here so she was really sensible from that point of view and i have no reason to suspect that john would be otherwise well this was actually a picture tweeted by some of the rescue team showing the camps that they had reach if you have a look in read those four different camps they made it's a couple of before it's an aerial view it doesn't look that high but it actually is
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and they attempting it attempting to scale this is tough especially an area called memory region reality on the ground though is that it's actually much harsher than it appears in this picture and tensions between pakistan and india plus poor weather conditions had initially delayed the rescue attempts then the rescue team turned to drugs on wednesday but an aerial search produced nothing and one of the people that has been tweeting about this is the italian ambassador together with. the. ballard or is it only there were two pakistani climbers who at a certain point turn back we go they thought it was too well to be yours one of two to be fair had also heard his leg so there was an additional there's more reason to do so but the other one effectively they both turned back. boston has been tweeting updates in fact he sent this out earlier this morning saying the highly experienced punishing local mts nehring team had turned to
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a foot search and is actually one of at last resorts now another thing that's been happening is that friends of the climbers of been raising more than one hundred fifty five thousand dollars they've done that through go fund me page in the last four days to be able to continue those search efforts and way yet to see what actually happens next whether families will continue or requests for that search but we'll keep you posted on any of the updates of this story thank you very much for that the second look now at some of the other stories making news around the world the u.s. says it's considering more sanctions against crisis hit venezuela national security adviser john bolton says washington wants to deny nicholas mother would owe any money needed to stay in power and u.s. representative for venezuela elliott abrams is washington wants a peaceful democratic transition which contradicts president donald trump's repeated threats that all options including military intervention are on the table we have lots of steps that we can take that will affect for example the
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economy. the financial system that will affect members of the regime. steps along the lines that we have taken in the past but tougher nobody's talking about american military steps except the regime and the russians actually. i've made it clear repeatedly our policy is as i just stated diplomatic political economic financial pressure. moving toward a peaceful democratic transition in venezuela. well years of economic hardship have taken a shocking toll on venezuela's most vulnerable mental health facilities throughout the country a collapsing leaving psychiatric patients without doctors food or medicine lucien human reports from petty beca in touch it is state and some of us may find some of the images in this report disturbing. half hidden at the end of this
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road is what was one of the news whalers most respected psychiatrically have been the taishan centers that now the only person left there is a fanatical i've seen yes the watchman for the last fifteen years evil get us to have a why did they close the institute i ask. because there was no medicine or food there used to be three hundred patients but in may the last fifty were transferred dr phillips the last call worked at the institute until the last day and he tells a disturbing story documented with shocking images. it began five or six years ago the state national government started cutting the budget half of the three hundred patients were released to their families the rest had nowhere to go they began dying from starvation eventually we had one hundred ten and insufficient funds for food or medicine between forty five and fifty five
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more patients died of starvation especially in the last two men are. these patients who once weighed one hundred ten kilos and ended up weighing forty left with just skin and bones. dr of alaska says there was nothing they could do but transfer the remaining fifty patients to another institution in northern minnesota he's been told only nine survived. the psychiatric wing of sangli still has general hospital the only place now left in patchy the state for mental patients is another testimony to the crisis in venezuela as health services. were going to make not only doctors and nurses but also means that i learned that because our salaries aren't enough to survive. the wing was designed for sixty patients but with the acute shortage of personnel it could only accept eight and only those whose families can supply their food and medication the facilities are in
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a dilapidated state. including the isolation cells the patients who become violent many no longer have locks for the love whatever that may be a lot of patients havok skate through to see with. all over venezuela mental health institutions are struggling to provide sufficient nourishment and essential medication to ease patients suffering. the government blames u.s. economic sanctions but dr lascaux argues the decline began long before they were imposed. i never thought i'd see this in my life in a rich country like ours i personally wrote forty five death certificates for patients who never should have died. and as venezuela's political and economic crisis worsens it's almost certain they will not be the last to see in human pity because venezuela. now nigeria is for prayer and to bring home an estimated twenty thousand girls trapped in mali the victims of the sex trade are kept and
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appalling conditions officials say collusion between law enforcement agents and traffickers is hampering the rescue efforts of the rest reports from oil and west of mali. here in cocoa the vigilante is law. despite the presence of mali in soldiers the armed men arrived in huge dumbass. they made it clear the nigerians trying to rescue their citizens trapped in the sex trade on to welcome here eventually the delegation had to leave activists have been walking with the girls say they face such threats every time they are working in a situation where a little miniseries in a crime is very very difficult because it's. benefiting every week from them on the outskirts of town the team is able to meet some of the goals although one of them agreed to go back. the rest are too afraid
12:36 am
of the traffickers and too ashamed to face their peers and relations we can't force them to go back doors who are ready willing to go back to major remembers the we're working with them closely we're working with i.o.m. closely they're going to come together and take the gals back. while some of the girls have paid off the traffickers many are still trapped teenage girls are less likely to be left off even after paying an agreed of two thousand dollars thousands of the victims here in mali are kept in makeshift structures like best place to be forced to sleep with as many as ten men in a day some of them as young as fourteen were practically yanked off the streets of nigeria in their school uniforms those who got away i don't be ready you know for those lucky enough to escape at this safe house in the capital bamako a group of thirty women and goes wait for their reply creation who would use
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filters through that some of them will be leaving in a matter of hours there was jubilation. but eighteen year old faith isn't among the ones leaving she's eight months pregnant and she has a lot of regrets she's left home without telling anyone she's now drawn between her newly found freedom and how she will be received on arrival in nigeria. even. more than. this sixteen year old and thousands of others like her came to mali through but new republic traffic a promise to a new life with a well paid job. the players who fight. i said if i won but they said i'll give them. a show it's nothing that's
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a simpleton it was. also gosh what's in the board sam charge from. the goals of the mining areas another brothels of mali say they were registered by law enforcement on arrival they also appear weekly do store for jews was only problem with prostitution is when it involves bias at least under-age badly and as an argument delegation found out reply treating an estimated twenty thousand trafficked minus and young adults is complex and the girls and young women trapped in the sex trade here may have a long wait before they are reunited with their families. now if you're watching on facebook. let's take a look at the weather. find
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out what people are talking about in sports today yell as well lots online
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a lot of people online are talking about real madrid and potentially resigning josie marino as their manager this follows them being dumped out of the champions league on tuesday night by the dutch underdogs i.x. former real madrid president ron calderon said there's a ninety percent possibility of having come back now it's taken over the headlines around the world trying to bring this up for you but it doesn't seem to be working right now but that's ok a talking about possible return it's not just online newspapers and tabloids are all over the story to these kiosks are in madrid with many fans calling for change at the club radio was asked about the madrid speculation when he appeared as a guest on qatar's b.n. sports last week if i seem to use the right the right the right structure the right to be shown no problem at all i think is is really. a reason of pride when a club where you worked before want you to come back the only moment where i had
12:42 am
this feeling was we chelsea lot with real madrid a reminder of what happened on tuesday against i.x. madrid going for a fourth straight title were two one up from the first leg but they were thrashed four one in spain therefore st defeat at the bernabeu their biggest ever margin of defeat in a home european tie not surprising that many are now predicting the end for a current coach. who took over in november he was defiant in defeat. i don't know if you i did not accept to come here in such a difficult time for the club just to give up the joy that i think about and what i can do on the season goes on there's a league yes there's a huge gap in our league but we need to get on with it with professionalism roma dritte always come back. a greater than all of us going to play is coaches. always come back and always stronger we have two more champions league games on
12:43 am
wednesday including the club that sacked marino in december manchester united they're looking to overturn a two goal deficit from the first game against paris they were well beaten an hour away from home against the french league champions never mission impossible force more difficult for. us i said here really we've got to get the first goal then anything can happen. yes it's a technical and tactical game but it's also a mental game certainly. goals always change games and if we get the first one. we'll be believing even more so and might they might start doubting themselves so it is important that we get the first one new zealand rugby captain kieren reid is to retire from the international game after this year's world cup in japan the thirty three year old has announced he's signed
12:44 am
a one year contract with japanese club side toyota verbal it's read already has one hundred eighteen test caps for the all blacks who are aiming to win their third straight world cup now reid and anyone else travelling to the world cup later this year can expect a warm welcome especially in this small japanese town. you'll know that's not true are you. good oh yeah you know look up really go because i was going to be. there saying welcome to focus today it's a small town with a tiny population of eighty five thousand but these are some of the many families that will be opening up their homes to foreign visitors during the world cup as part of the city's home safe program to give you some idea there are only five hotels with fewer than a thousand beds available in the city. or the rugby world cup will give local people a world wide view of the local people can experience different cultures which will raise their awareness towards new cultures such experiences can lead the local people to create more opportunity to interact with the foreign residents living in
12:45 am
us so it will become a chance for japanese residents and foreign residents to cooperate and build a better community and we'll finish with some good news for you you may remember this horrific crash in formula three last year. that was eighteen year old german driver sofia floor smashing into a barrier travelling at two hundred sixty seven kilometers an hour during a race and macau china an accident in which she broke her spine but following surgery and rehab this was her on wednesday back behind the wheel for testing and italy hundred five days after the crash and she said she is happy to be back after the crash i never really thought about continuing so i was always saying yes i'm going to continue and i'm going to train hard and hope to be back as soon as
12:46 am
possible so yeah this was one with you ation much just was looking forward so much to to be able to drive again as soon as possible. we'd love to know what you think about these stories you can trick me out but for now back to leah thank you very much for that and that does it for this newsgroup day remember to keep in touch with us on social media all the ways to connect all right there we will see you back here in studio fourteen at fifteen hundred g.m.t. on thursday. the most memorable moments with al-jazeera was when i was on air as hosni mubarak fell with the crowds in tahrir square to all three.
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if something happens anywhere in the world al-jazeera is in place we're able to cover news like no other news organizations. were able to do it properly. that is our strength. on the line. to the answer for them not only if you join us on c.n.n. all of us have been colonized in some form or some fashion this is a dialogue we are talking about a legal front and you have seen what it can do to somebody people are using multiple drugs including the funnel and some people are seeking it out everyone has a voice send us your thoughts your twitter and you could be on the story and join the global conversation on mt is iraq. this is a boon for point people right now and technology there is so much going to help
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people it's from thanks for calling i read this is there and what are you looking for today we get to the client with their day to day tasks and give them more and definitive and this was our go to little tip that sure is a tomato exploration process. we have outside knowledge available to us techno on all dizzy. satellite images seem to show that north korea is rebuilding a long range rocket launch sites following last week's fails nuclear summit with the united states.
12:49 am
hollowed out i'm from steeple and you're watching al-jazeera life from london also coming up germany extends its ban on selling weapons to saudi arabia despite pressure from european allies to end it. as nigeria prepares to bring home twenty thousand sex trafficking victims from mali we'll find out why some on willing or able to return. the european commission declares the migration crisis. but says structural problems within europe still remain. north korea appears to have begun work to restore a space rocket launch sites just days off the talks between kim jong un and donald trump and it in failure satellite images reveal that buildings at the site in the north west of the country have been rebuilt the pledge to dismantle the site had
12:50 am
been seen as a confidence building measure between pyongyang and washington next year prime points. these satellite images appear to show north korea's rocket launch site the web site thirty eight north which specializes in studying the reclusive state says they show efforts to rebuild between february sixteenth and march second thanks and those dates put it right around last week's summit in vietnam that's where u.s. president donald trump walked away saying he couldn't meet kim jong un's demands to lift sanctions analysts say this could be punching back the north koreans haven't actually used it for a long range test missiles they've used it in past for satellite launches which a lot of people say sort of double as missile tests but they haven't actually sort of formally used for missile tests and it's not necessarily clear that the rebuild is actually leading up to that my own sense is that this is sort of peek at the way
12:51 am
donald trump treated them in north korea are in vietnam this into the strategic and international studies says the images show rapid rebuilding at a site partly dismantled last year when p.r. nyang entered talks with the u.s. and south korea every year if you're ready to meet you guys it's not immediately clear though how the satellite images could have fixed the fragile nuclear diplomacy. that japan has its eyes fixed on north korea's nuclear missile development have been gathering and analyzing information i will refrain from commenting in detail due to the nature of the matter. how much you know would you change under the current situation we hope that all related parties can take the right approach to resolving the korean peninsula issue through political dialogue and by meeting each other halfway trumps national security advisor john bolton has already warned north korea it must be willing to completely give up its
12:52 am
nuclear weapons program or it could face even tougher sanctions elixir brian al-jazeera. the un has warned that north korea is facing severe food shortages after suffering its worst harvest in more than a decade u.n. figures show production of staple crops like soybeans and potatoes a down by more than a third last month north korea's government warned it's facing a shortfall of one point four million tons of food this year the country has long struggle to feed itself nearly half the population is in need of humanitarian assistance to. british and american made bombs have killed or injured nearly one thousand civilians in yemen according to a report by a yemeni monitoring group and a us human rights organization the report by more tarna the us based university network the human rights investigators twenty seven astronauts launched on yemen by
12:53 am
the saudi level lines between a full twenty fifteen and april twenty eighteen report has led to a new calls for london and washington to stop selling weapons to saudi arabia and the u.a.e. . well germany has extended its arms sales on saudi arabia despite pressure from european partners such as britain and france the german foreign minister said the band will continue until the end of the month to evaluate saudi arabia's military involvement in yemen the restrictions were imposed after the murder of a saudi journalist tomasz algy has the story. the there had already been enormous international concern over the tens of thousands of civilian deaths caused by saudi led coalition air strikes in yemen since twenty fifteen. and when saudi agents murdered the journalist in istanbul last october germany finally cried halt temporarily freezing existing arms deals and banning any new weapons contracts with
12:54 am
the kingdom yet it often zakk of responses and it's often said that it is a dilemma between morals and rail politic i think that's wrong the german government has had political principles since the year two thousand which say that we do not exporting countries in gauged in war zones. germany was not alone in its concerns last september spain counsel the sale of four hundred laser guided bombs to saudi arabia but unlike germany spain reinstated its deal a week later fearing the saudis my counsel a two billion dollar order for spanish built corvettes. germany's embargo has even bigger implications. the typhoon eurofighter the saudi air force has more than fifty already and uses them in yemen the cockpit from fuselage spine fin and part of the refuse a large a made by b.a. systems in the u.k. the right wing and left leading wing edge made by spain allana and its only make
12:55 am
the left wing and part of the refusal but the central fuselage is manufactured by germany and germany's export ban means britain can't deliver on a thirteen billion dollars deal to sell the next forty eight typhoon aircraft to saudi arabia. airbus's chief executive vented his frustration at the recent munich security conference limitless guns and you know but after you come to the conclusion to the germans are of the opinion the only day of responsible arms export policies and others don't analysts warn that the dispute is damaging strategic alliances all the claim of defense cooperation in europe. is it is it's fairly run the descended by the idea that there is no real cooperation on and on and on the level of defense but. i at the root of it although is that germany imposed a moratorium not because of yemen but because of the night of jamal khashoggi and saudi arabia's ongoing failure to adequately explain the full circumstances of the
12:56 am
killing in the absence of a full explanation riyadh has so far given perlin no reason at all to reverse its original decision paul brennan al-jazeera. now a vancouver court is due to set an extradition hearing date for hawaii executive mangling joe on wednesday she was arrested in december of vancouver airport at the request of the us which believe she worked to avoid u.s. sanctions on iran allegations but she and the company deny let's go to toronto and speaks out there is daniel lak so i don't know what is expected to happen late saturday. well felicity as you said the technical purpose for today's hearing is to set an extradition hearing date so this is the beginning of the process canada just gave it the go ahead friday march first the last possible day it could do so but very very very big legal issues lie ahead they these were signaled on monday when joe's legal team which is basically
12:57 am
a who's who of canada's top defense lawyer talent signaled that they were going to sue the canadian police in the canadian border authorities for the way they arrested her back in december on the u.s. request they say her constitutional rights were violated i think we can expect to see in today's hearing a great deal of argument about that and about the evidence that lies ahead this is the beginning of quite a long and complicated process but the reality daniel is isn't it that canada itself is caught in the big middle of a much bigger why the argument than simply the fate of one executive. absolutely i think it doesn't take a cynic to see this is related to a two issues that the united states is very strong on one of them is the u.s. china trade file they're having high level talks that go right up to president xi and president trump president trump wants concessions on trade out of the chinese and he keeps indicating that he's prepared to put this extradition request aside
12:58 am
should he get some of those concessions that does put canada in a difficult spot because it says it's simply following the rule of law and its extradition treaty with the u.s. and the other thing is huawei itself the u.s. is concerned that whole always technology can be used by the chinese government to keep tabs on people who use it in the west or way denies this vehemently but canada is caught in the middle on this nonetheless this is a court case it gets into the court and it proceeds as it proceeds and as i said before it is going to go on for quite some time and possibly be fiendishly complicated daniel in toronto thanking. a religious school run by mohammed in northeastern pakistan appears to be intact days after india said it destroyed the compounds in an error rate that's according to satellite pictures from private u.s. company reviewed by the reuters news agency the indian government said its airstrikes hit all intended targets and kills a large number of fighters august arms maintain the bombs has
12:59 am
a forested area and did not cause any casualties nigeria is preparing to bring home an estimated twenty thousand girls trapped in mali all victims of the sex trade they're being kept in appalling conditions and officials say collusion between law enforcement agents on the traffickers is hampering rescue efforts our committees are reports from in western mali. here in cocoa the visual entity is law. despite the presence of mali and soldiers the armed men arrived in huge numbers. they made it clear the nigerians trying to rescue their citizens trapped in the sex trade on to welcome here eventually the delegation had to leave activists have been walking with the girls say they face such threats every time you guys are working in a situation where a miniseries. in a crime is very very difficult to eradicate it. i have to rescue these guys they
1:00 am
are benefiting every week from them on the outskirts of town the team is able to meet some of the course although one of them agreed to go back all the rest are too afraid of the traffickers and too ashamed to face their peers and relations we can't force them to go back but those who are ready willing to go back will the major members the we're working with them closely we're working with i.o.m. closely going to come together and to. while some of the girls are paid off the traffickers many are still trapped teenage girls are less likely to be left off even after being in the greed of two thousand dollars thousands of the victims here in mali are kept in makeshift structures like this they should be forced to sleep with as many as ten men in a day some of them as young as fourteen while practically young off the street.


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