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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 7, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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retyping there you go again since i work in a situation where a lot of beneficiaries in the crime is very very difficult to eradicate it the people who think that you have to rescue these guys they are benefiting every week from them on the outskirts of town the team is able to meet some of the course although one of them agreed to go back all the rest are too afraid of the traffickers and too ashamed to face their peers and relations we can't force them to go back those who are ready willing to go back to major remembers the we're working with them closely we're working with i.o.m. closely you're going to come together and. while some of the girls are paid over the traffickers many are still trapped teenage girls are less likely to be left off even after peeing in the greek of two thousand dollars thousands of the victims here in mali are kept in makeshift structures like they should be forced to sleep
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with as many as ten men in a day some of them as young as fourteen were practically yanked off the streets of nigeria in their school uniforms those who got away i don't the ready for those lucky enough to escape at this safe house in the capital bamako a group of thirty women and goes wait for their reply to. use filters through that some of them will be leaving in a matter of hours there was jubilation. but eighteen year old faith isn't among the ones leaving she's eight months pregnant and she has a lot of regrets she's left home without telling anyone she's now drawn between her newly found freedom and how she will be received on arrival in nigeria. i believe they will quadrillion i remember that from my. uncle. this sixteen year old teenager and thousands of others like her came to bali
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through been a republic a traffic a promise to a new life with a well paid job the place who finally i just said if i'm out on bond with that i'll give them a. lesson not a minute and. i shall watch nothing that's a simpleton it was. also gosh what's in the board sam chart from. the goals of the mining areas another brothels of mali say they were registered by law enforcement on arrival they also appear weekly do store forty's was only problem with prostitution is when it involves minus at least under-age balance as an argument delegation found out replied treating an estimated twenty thousand trafficked minus and young adults is complex and the girls and young women trapped in the sex trade here may have a long wait before they are reunited with their families i made it reese al-jazeera
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. western mali. we have more ahead on the news hour including. canada and china. venezuela german ambassador days after he. and remember this crash. back on the track. u.n. human rights chief has called on saudi arabia to release female activists allegedly tortured and detention rights groups have named ten saudi women held for their campaigning and fear that they could face harsh sentences.
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apparently. the tension and. torture of several women human rights defenders saudi arabia the persecution of peaceful activists will clearly contradict this piece of the country's new reforms so we urge that these women be released. democratic senator chris murphy is accusing the trump of ministration of protecting saudi arabia by not complying with human rights law he tweeted to take the reins of american foreign policy before it's too late we need to reset the relationship with saudi arabia we have to stop. pulling us out of nato we must end the war and yemen time is running short let's go to our correspondent patty culhane she's joining us live from washington d.c. senator murphy also talking on t.v. this morning patty you know adding his voice to the number of senators who weren't happy following the white house briefing on. what else has been has he been saying . well what we've seen is a senate panel
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a senate committee taking up the confirmation process of john abizaid if that name sounds familiar he's the former four star general who once ran central command he's been nominated to be the u.s. ambassador to saudi arabia so they had him before their committee to trust ask him questions go through the process and it was clear a bipartisan list of u.s. senators are very much on happy with saudi arabia and the trump administration for not responding to their requests for information about the killing as you mentioned of jamal khashoggi they had a whole list of issues and they pursued many of them specifically targeted mohamed bin psalm on the crown prince of saudi arabia one exchange saw the florida senator marco rubio basically call him a gangster and say that he is increasingly he's gone full gangster was the exact quote and said he is increasingly willing to test any limits of what they can get away with so you saw this condemnation across the board from the senators as for the possible future ambassador mr abizaid he basically agree repeated the trump
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administration lines that they need to have a good relationship with saudi arabia that it's bigger than just the crown prince he disagrees with the moves by anyone in congress to potentially end cooperation in the war in yemen saying that they need to fight right and if they're going to fight right we need to help them and he really pushed back on any moves from congress to do anything to rein in saudi arabia but he did say that there has to be accountability and accountability for the killing of shoji he didn't exactly say what that would be. thank you very much for that for now that's. what the latest live in washington d.c. thank you. germany has extended and sales ban on saudi arabia despite pressure from european partners like russia and from the german foreign minister who come also the band will continue until the end of the month to evaluate salvia arabia's military involvement in yemen the restrictions were imposed after the murder of jamal khashoggi paul brennan has the story. there had already been enormous
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international concern over the tens of thousands of civilian deaths caused by saudi led coalition air strikes in yemen since twenty fifteen. and when saudi agents murdered the journalist in istanbul last october germany finally cried halt temporarily freezing existing arms deals and banning any new weapons contracts with the kingdom yet it offers actors in foreign affairs and it's often said that it is a dilemma between morals and rail politic i think that's wrong the german government has had political principle since the year two thousand which say that we do not exporting countries in gauged in war zones. germany was not alone in its concerns last september spain counsel the sale of four hundred laser guided bombs to saudi arabia but unlike germany spain reinstated its deal a week later fearing the saudis my counsel a two billion dollars order for spanish built corvettes. germany's embargo has even
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bigger implications. the typhoon eurofighter the saudi air force has more than fifty already and uses them in yemen the cockpit from fuselage spine fin and part of the refuse a large a made by b.a. systems in the u.k. the right wing and left leading wing edge made by spain allana in its early make the left wing and part of the refusal but the central fuselage is manufactured by germany and germany's export ban means britain can't deliver on a thirteen billion dollars deal to sell the next forty eight typhoon aircraft to saudi arabia. abba says chief executive vented his frustration at the recent munich security conference that was going all but off did you come to the conclusion to the germans are of the opinion that only they responsible arms export policies and others don't analysts warn that the dispute is damaging strategic alliances all the claim of defense cooperation in europe. is it is it's fairly run the descended by
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the idea that there is no real cooperation on and on and on the level of defense but. the recently told though is that germany imposed a moratorium not because of yemen but because of the nod of jamal khashoggi and saudi arabia's ongoing failure to adequately explain the full circumstances of the killing in the absence of a full explanation riyadh how so far given beilin no reason at all to reverse its original decision paul brennan al-jazeera. now while ways chief financial officer meg one shell has just appeared in court for the first time since her arrest last year and canada the u.s. wants her extradited as a kiss is the chinese tech company and two other steps that are in of stealing trade secrets and helping banks evade sanctions on iran let's get more on this our correspondent daniel lak as life for us and toronto is what is expected to happen
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today daniel. well this bit it's largely a procedural hearing today as you say this is a first court appearance this year and you know the point of it is basically to set a date for a formal extradition proceeding so his mum is in courts with her legal team she has a veritable who's who of canadian defense lawyers representing her and one of the first things that was said in court was that both the government lawyers who will argue in favor of the extradition request and the defenders will probably agree to a date in early may me eight to actually have formal proceedings but the defense lawyers are also indicating they plan a series of other challenges they've already announced a lawsuit against the canadian police and the border authorities for the way she was arrested alleging that her constitutional rights were violated during that arrest and lots of other information including you're looking at president trump and his comments about the case so this is actually going to be a very complicated case that could go on for quite some time and it has already
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celebrations between canada and china canada is also of course in the middle of a much bigger argument here. oh absolutely i mean this this is a case that comes as the united states and china argue over the terms of trade between them sanctions and and all sorts of terror of so president trump has indicated that he may actually look at lifting this extradition order if he gets what he wants out of china highly politicizes things and no doubt we'll hear from the defense lawyers on that also the fact that while. way is seen in the west by many governments including the u.s. as a company that's too close to the chinese government in the chinese communist party that uses its technology allegedly to help spy on users in other countries hallway denies this vehemently so even though this is about alleged violation of sanctions on iran it's about far more and for canada being stuck in this spot has been really
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damaging their losing agricultural trade to china and they've got two of their citizens in custody in china accused of stealing state secrets now those are that's been denied by lawyers for the two but at the same time canada feels rather powerless because it has to listen to extradition requests from its largest trading partner the united states daniel thank you very much for that and now that standing on that the latest live in toronto thank you. and still ahead on the news out why the european commission has declared the migration crisis is. and it's getting medicare the steps being taken in south korea to covent encrease an air condition. and sport claims formula one is that no one cuban rights abuses and behind weak sounds from the stance race.
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get a welcome back to international weather forecast so we do have one powerful front that's making its way right now across the southeastern part of australia now with that front we are seeing some cooler temperatures behind the front but with that front here in sydney we do expect to see some windy conditions as well as some blowing dust so that's going to drop the visibility across much of that area so what we're going to see through the rest of day is that front going to be pushing up to the north and for brisbane you're also going to be seeing some showers here on thursday but better conditions down towards city with can cool temperatures a few there we are going to see one funnel boundary though making its way towards tasmania and that is also going to bring some rain for hobart over the next few days. we do expect to see tempers across that region probably into the high teens as we go towards friday well across the new zealand area we are going to seeing that same front about it coming across the tasman sea bring some rain across parts of christ church double for the front hits is going to be about twenty six degrees then as we go towards friday difference going to go through and we are going to be seeing those temperatures dropping about ten degrees across that area but auckland
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you're going to be seeing the rain by the time we get towards the weekend with a temperature few of about twenty degrees up towards fiji though it is going to be a partly cloudy day for you it's a main in the forecast twenty nine degrees there and over towards new mo we do expect to see attempt a few about twenty eight degrees. the ultranationalist marks connected with one of the world's worst humanitarian crisis . as illegal migrants joining with the military to impose a deadly political agenda. what has happened to the engine that's one of the biggest stains on the country as a. religion this is the politics me and mine an unholy alliance coming soon on al jazeera. in slave abuse. the plight of too many. after a lifetime of service
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a remarkable young woman breaks free. to lead the abolitionist movement of electrifying force. driven by her favorite recollections of subjugation. my memories is my power a witness documentary on a. good to have you with us on the al-jazeera news hour and these are our top stories north korea is reportedly restoring facilities that a long range rocket launch site that it dismantled last year the reports in south korean media follow the failed summit last week between donald trump and kim jong
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un. thousands of passengers are stranded at kenya's main airport as a workers' strike has grounded flights riot police were deployed to try and end the industrial action some flights have resumed of the dispute between aviation workers union and kenya airways continues. and un human rights chief michelle bachelet has called on saudi arabia to release the female activists allegedly tortured in detention rights groups have named ten saudi women held for the campaigning and fear that they could face harsh sentences. now germany's ambassador to venezuela has been expelled after welcoming the opposition leader in caracas on monday daniel crean a received on why though at the airport on his return from a latin american nation tour the ambassador has been accused of meddling in venezuela's internal affairs and has been given forty eight hours to leave the country germany says it's consulting its allies on how to respond the u.s.
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has revoked seventy seven visas from venezuelan government officials and says it's considering further sanctions. now the united nations says that the u.s. sanctions aren't helping the u.n. human rights chief says they worsening venezuela's crippling economic and political crisis michelle bachelet also criticized what she called president violations of civil and political rights and her annual report to the human rights council in geneva well let's get more on all of this now we're joined by correspondent manuel rapido he's live for us in cook with or near colombia's border with venezuela despite what the u.n. is saying about sanctions we've got the u.s. national security adviser john bolton and he's talking of more sanctions now this time against foreign the financial institutions involved with little. that's right the international pressure against the government of nicholas mood it
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does seem to be increasing does seem to be strengthening we heard we saw those statements from u.s. national security advisor john bolton threatening any financial institution foreign financial institutions from doing any sort of dealings that might benefit the most brutal government in any way there was also a statement made recently by u.s. vice president mike pence announcing that the united states would be revoking seventy seven visas of. government officials that was a statement by mike pence in the united states but this is all part of this larger pressure and momentum against the government of one guy though from the united states and from and from the international community and it's also part of the united states reaffirmation of their support for opposition leader in his campaign for a transitional government in venezuela we've been waiting for any sort of statement or any sort of response from president nicolas maduro in venezuela but his twitter feed has been mostly directed toward paying on to former venezuelan president hugo
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chavez on tuesday was the sixth anniversary of charges his death and again the venezuela continues to face further isolation from the international community just to once again hammer home that point of the sort of from germany being given forty eight hours to leave the country this is part of that that larger international crisis playing out and that ambassador from germany manuel who is actually one of a number of ambassadors who went to the airport to welcome opposition into one though he is back in the country we saw him meeting with state work yesterday tuesday. has agenda today. that's right those wasted no time since returning from that tour of several south american countries over the weekend he met with public sector workers and union leaders earlier this week. there's a lot more on his agenda is part of the strategy by the national opposition on
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wednesday one by do called on the mill on the venezuelan military to stop preventing venezuela vulnerable and children from accessing schools in colombia which is actually the reason that we're here we're outside one school where ninety five percent of the students that attend the school are from venezuela and with the border officially closed diplomatic ties between colombia and venezuela have been severed so with the official border crossing closed students there and their parents are having to find alternative routes knowing the risks that there are paramilitary troops guarding the border knowing that there are risks of simply crossing that river they still say that they have to bring their children to school and the border crossing itself the fact that it's closed is problematic because commerce is that a standstill between the city of venezuela and also because there are still six hundred plus tons of international aid that continues to sit in warehouses unable to be moved across the border into venezuela elizabeth. manon thank you very much
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for that for now that's what or the nation just live in copa thank you. now hears of economic hardship have taken a shocking toll on venezuela's most vulnerable mental health facilities throughout the country a collapsing they've been patients without doctors food or medicine reports from touching a state and some viewers may find disturbing. has hidden that the end of this road is what was one of the news whalers most respected psychiatric rehabilitation centers that now the only person left there is a fanatical our senior the watchman for the last fifteen years even gave us a level why did they close the institute i ask. because there was no medicine or food there used to be three hundred patients but in may the last fifty were transferred dr phil explain last call worked at the institute until the last day
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and he tells a disturbing story documented was shocking images. it began five or six years ago the state national government started cutting the budget half of the three hundred patients were released to their families the rest had nowhere to go they began dying from starvation eventually we had one hundred ten and insufficient funds for food or medicine between forty five and fifty five more patients died of starvation especially in the last two men are. these photos showing patients who once weighed one hundred ten kilos and ended up weighing forty left with just skin and bones. dr of alaska says there was nothing they could do but transfer the remaining fifty patients to another institution in northern minnesota he's been told only nine survived. the psychiatric wing of sangli still has general hospital the only place now left in patchy the state for mental
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patients is another testimony to the crisis and that israel is health services. going to make not only doctors. nurses also means death because our salaries aren't enough to survive. the wind was designed for sixty patients but with the acute shortage of personnel it could only accept eight and only those whose families can supply their food and medication the facilities are in a dilapidated state including the isolation cells the patients who become violent many no longer have locks for. a lot of patients havok skate through to sea with. all over venezuela mental health institutions are struggling to provide sufficient nourishment and essential medication to ease patients suffering the government blames u.s. economic sanctions but dr glasgow argues the decline began long before they were imposed. i never thought i'd see this in my life in
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a rich country like ours personally wrote forty five death certificates for patients who never should have died. and as venezuela's political and economic crisis worsens it's almost certain they will not be the last to see in human. venezuela. about two thousand and fifteen the height of europe's refugee crisis where every month tens of thousands of people under took a desperate journey and arrived on europe's shores now the number of new arrivals down nearly ninety percent the european commission has declared the migration crisis over john hall has more. well this notion that the migration crisis in europe is over the european commission pointing to a ten fold decrease in the numbers of migrants refugees and asylum seekers trying to get into europe is something that i think would be disputed in the vast unsanitary in secure asylum camps in libya african migrants trying to get to europe
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and of course among the thousands festering in awful conditions inside europe in camps in the greek islands most of those refugees from syria there the crisis is very much not over it in any case why now why use this language when i think it's a pushback against what the commission describes as fake news misinformation myths and untruths about migration put about from within its own ranks you hear this debate very much alive in countries like italy where migration is used to fuel support for parties on the far right one of which is actually in government you hear it in countries like britain but no one has made as much running with it as victor or banned in hungary who's used it as an election platform he won an election another one last year of the back of the migration sentiment and rhetoric railing against the european union on everything to do with border security and calm compulsory relocation quotas and just a few days ago using the photograph the picture of john told you look at the
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commission president alongside all bands but why are george soros to depict. and constantly warns against a deliberate effort to flood europe with hundreds of thousands more refugees were on him that was a step too far for the european commission and this is the fighting back essentially against one of its own talks between the us and the taleban have entered their eight day end though ha they're trying to find an end to the found seventeen year war one of the second point is the future of u.s. troops in the country stephanie decker has the latest from doha where the talks are taking place. complicated issues on the table it's now day eight of talks that have spanned over two weeks they took a two day break to consult we know that the main issues being discussed at the moment is that u.s. troop withdrawal from what we understand the timing of that is providing a sticking point and also how to ensure that afghanistan isn't used by groups like isis. for future attacks now both sides being very tightlipped we've tried to talk
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to them to americans to the taleban but i think the sense that we're getting is that a final solution a final agreement let's say doesn't seem to be imminent of course things like a cease fire not really on the table also the afghan government isn't present here the taliban refusing to talk to them because they deem the government a puppet of the united states in their words of course the afghan government very much wants to be involved in the future of their country so these are all issues that need to be dealt with afghan civilians will tell you the main thing they want is security they're hopeful this is a senior level important but there is skepticism about how the taliban what form they go into returns or what have to wait and see how things unfold here but certainly very complicated difficult and mine you should detail going in them in those talks to see how things are going to evolve. and a supreme court has reserved its decision on whether to hear a case involving the science claimed by both hindus and muslims ok states back to
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the destruction of the bob the mosque in the north. korea jinnah riot one thousand nine hundred ninety two it's been a source of great tension between the two religious communities. it's been more than twenty six years since the barbary mosque was destroyed by a group of about two hundred thousand altar nationalist hindus who claim the site is the birthplace of the hindu day the lord rom in the sixteenth century mosque was built on top of it now since the mosque destruction the whole case has been kept in limbo there have been talks between hindu and muslim groups even a government commission but not much has changed then in twenty ten a local high court ruled that the site should be divided among three parties one hindu one sunni muslim and another hindu group who represents the day of the lord rom but the party has rejected that an appeal here to the supreme court now the supreme court has been pushing earlier for mediation between the parties but some of them have been rejecting it saying they want the court to decide the case but on wednesday the court reserved its decision again putting the case in limbo because
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you may be a segregationist mediation is not what we wanted we tried that in the past at the higher court but with no result whatsoever we want the wisdom of the court to decide justice delayed is justice denied so we can say that we are not really short of mediation we're going to join mediation because the court has considered it to appropriate to send it for mediation we have still always been open for dialogue between these parties at any point in time as well as religious this case has political implications ultra nationalists hindus want the government to issue an ordinance that's a temporary cabinet order which would allow construction of a temple on the site but the government is resisting that pressure they want the court here to make the final call issues such as the barbary mosque are politically polarizing here in india many analysts say the governing b j p got a big political push in the ninety's following the mosque demolition with elections here in india set to begin in about a month the politics of this case will be front and center once again. to south
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africa now where two white men have been sentenced to twenty three and eighteen year from prison for killing a black teenager that cotton stealing sunflowers from a farm the case has led to increased racial tension as farmer the men of reports from the northwest province peter daughter of art and philip scotto were last year found guilty of killing a fifteen year old black boy whom they'd caught stealing sunflowers on a farm where they worked they've now been sentenced to one of our two eighteen years and souter to twenty three years in prison the sentence comes two years after markham almost who was killed on the outskirts of the small town of collini markham or less parents a sock in agnes say their son's death was senseless and racially motivated. if my son was a weight they would have not killed him for being on the farm in taken floors they would have disciplined him or they killed my son because he's like following my
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kamala's death people here rioted some looted shops and burned down houses including property owned by the farmers the community was torn apart along racial lines this is where martin more low was found after he was caught on the farm he had suffered a broken neck but there are two versions to the story one is that michael miller was killed by the two white men who would courting stealing sunflowers but they claim the boy died when he jumped off the back of a van as they drove him to the police station the families of these men say the trial wasn't fear and important evidence was ignored they save my kamala's death was an accident and from from our side. we are sort of at something like this happen but it's easy with this and discipline on the on that side of the children but the people in the township must teach the children do not take something that
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does not belong to you. good of art and scooter plan to appeal the conviction and sentence in recent weeks the only witness said he lied to the court when he testified that he saw the two men throw the boy from the back of the van but he later said he'd been intimidated bribed and made to read a statement to clear the farmers in twenty seventeen two white men employed by longo were found guilty of attempted murder after they filmed themselves forcing a black man into a coffin they said had trespassed and stolen copper cables they threatened to burn him alive that court's judgment highlighted the extent of racial divisions in post apartheid south africa yet in collini the life sentence given to two out of art and scooter has brought some consolation to a community who promised protests if the sentence was lenient but closure appears to be a long way off for the sleepy conservative town what is certain is that the death of a fifteen year old black boy has further entrenched racial divisions here from al-jazeera
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callignee northwest province of africa less than four boss car lost gone has been released after more than three months in jail or left the tokyo detention center wearing a mask and cap after post and almost nine million dollars in bail he was arrested in november accused of falsifying financial documents which he denies the judge ordered gone to remain in japan and that has residents be placed under video surveillance south korea's president has ordered his government to take extraordinary measures to combat effort ocean seven major cities including sall have recorded high concentrations of fine dust particles that can cause many illnesses measures include shutting down public parking lots and limiting the number of cars allowed on the roads robert fried has more from seoul. the people of seoul and other cities throughout south korea have been breathing this now for the best part of a week and in the past few days.


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