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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 7, 2019 5:00am-6:01am +03

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misdemeanor somebody i wouldn't need to go under the name of that i really needed somebody i wanted there would be a jewish school i didn't doubt pick up a number of different things by my live in who didn't have much time with them in the school did it bring it. to me i never. even looked but what it was supposed to be. when the detroit. one. of my books that way. either way there was. a long list of the worst on what they've got but the most of this. it isn't angeles i'm not going about it but it is true that some. sense of history but. this will go through anything to do but it's possible. that eventually. some person. in the family i've been living in the last few months i'm not what i want from you know or be able to be that would be for the likes of. i say no.
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what it is of value but even though you think i'm going to use it love it hate me just because i thought that no one can without the you that was i'm going to believe because of really the most of us and it's i was not the same it's obvious of but i go in the subway for you that are only magical that i want to get out of all of those i got there and when they gave us and over again in it was a book with the letters the president would be looking down as and i'd like. to mention my clan. name her name then you meet a man and. the same name. when i was coming back. i was not allowed to scream. if you said
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the most important when i think it is you kiss and then i do it every team my in me is going to be studied in our i have no contingent is and i have not my will is out and i am not here. because when i studied it and i make good to see and good to see him. about. on duty and it's because i don't need but is. this is me but i did go unfilled but when i'm get it you kiss them i mean not only if you know or they don't make an despoil you see in i i see this is proof and i do continue there in my. mind good to see this will be good not.
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i'm not. here to. back up. a view because you asked me this is a. must it. was going to marry was. what. i need.
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to meet. him about wasn't. just assumed. and then. just go and bust me with a life is the only thing i knew his life had a biggish no. meaning succumbed because i've only just enough. and since. i don't feel. it's fun that i'm sleeping here first. and i think he won't
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feel. problem is that you didn't you got me on my. phone. will get you. must say good morning i know what i'm going to get done i don't think it do to say. oh you might like to say oh goody that's what i meant this loss of almost any other place in the clouds . because it is just good to me i want to assume that because and somebody just give me i want to do what i did i want to be my future has to sue . the government. and fight.
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for you. now and i have a. few. good. ones. mistook my as i was the governor says i have friends i mean my mate. that is when the living. room. is those young guys for a day this is the man's in them. so. that. he was in the mound and i'm still.
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on the map i got summing up and he and the medical badly this was not the same made about him again and i made a bad mom i'm living my life in the must see my family and community but what this they got the kids on the side of what one would want it would be nice you can swing it seemed like imagine going to me when you can have some need to know why get they get the kids and dad get it and while i'm not saying. and if they get good either the hands again and listen if they get good i did ones and then when he was a good thing he was willing to do this on the way to santa wayne's who can be like
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you've been buying that in me and what is so is was in the next thing added by they sat at the back of ass who want to give what i go to that need. to get like i'm not sure i've got to you that. you can go to the break you don't know what i'm going to find i'm going to take her to the candidates have not. had. a really good week. no not can't tell you know the stats. i want to get some i know how crap but i love to well get up lasik that doesn't lead to empty song had a lot of mid-sentence and the answer to that why not act. like yesterday comes out kyla if you never got any. man might know how my brothers i feel of the way so mike your voice is like my love. like to a rap makin
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a bit like a busy day don't wanna i don't i got by is us live by that incident that a holy i'm going to put its own printing have cause i'm sure you know my eyes you can kind of way but then you be have these have a place on me b. has her in him and what have you how did you say ma'am to conduct a sort of my view well but i mostly played when you had. to but i played into the buddha but i could do that but that's from. the last place i'm positive in some of that it too can go arsehole. body can mean you were never what you like you are. you don't mind how we base it in some. way we are. almost nobody likes a home. that i am the last time i went out there lived up to young. didn't kill.
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you or. your. my deal with you could do come in you know and there. must be that you go by these two lines i'm alive paving the way the school like a lot of new posts but in the middle game a minute. when he feels ok name in a few in my day bag which he made i might say much as he does not like him but i warn this guy you'll find it a fun to keep to come here to. see
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a guy who mito they suck deal. this is a new that's what it is and give it as it. was. buttoned up as some and i mean at it what is it what we can do. i need. to make this medicine are seen as happy you got it but i don't get it because good to. do so and what it is i'm about to add is that when it was. just.
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somebody. from. the field. for. some time usenet list. and guns i was busy wouldn't. make them. i do but. i think that in the bank you could. do something very wrong with this. and i think. that some of the gas money at least i got some african a player but he did a couple of other work we need saturday i have to work this guy like you said wally baby baby to me a bag that's a hundred years but i have some men. who would do this you kill my mammy if i had
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one of them maybe it was like i am going on reading and than a buzzard with sam i think i. sound like quite good at that if you so much. that much any saturday december. that if. you act with god when that thing she sees her. do with you that i'm going to get a new enemy to do and i mean also those are live images that i could mumble. i couldn't believe it when he was with a new neighbors but in the rest of us that this girl eighteen did a good deal would have led to. a small little den because that at least they're going to do it would be good as anyone in your kids or any of this other lover giving it a bubble but it is the last summer blockbuster told him that idea doesn't need. so that knew that i was on the move aside leon but it's my class that is not. there at the army bang but they hear the bang as eleven families and you and i want to go see them and so to that if you say i me one name and legacy and getting them of the
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ballet she should have you back or you. might become one way that i mean you get on but there was only as i got it done but about the money gabe i know when you hit me we should have you had with both example. and i. sat. down. there was the touch.
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you get on with your mind you must have a new cd i mean i got the words and limited and here's my december dos with when i want to do that when i was three. and decided let my digital get it or i did. and. got a little exactly what i might have. kinda mugs and put a book. by law needs to look good sound like you hate to leave was at i'm at three in the moment and i need to get it that's who. oh. oh. oh. i was saying.
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can i walk in his and they say they've had a while and they hand me the lever comes out when his in america the hamburger given but when it's her they get mad in the same kinda here that's a bit of a. god of us actually does some somewhat equal game would our way arm is always on with the government out of government gonna suck it was we know there's no money much will it keep the money she turned you got some sort of john gotti got him out when you stretch your time in getting. your work are coming once you've got why you got to be able to go cause you got the. scum of the like the busiest the busiest got. the ultranationalist marks connected with one of the world's worst humanitarian
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crisis we doe as illegally maigret joining with the military to impose a deadly political agenda we have two photos of our nation what has happened to their attention that's one of the biggest stains on the country as a. religion this is the politics me and mine an unholy alliance coming soon on al-jazeera. jewing sierra leone civil war nigerian forces were deployed to protect civilians instead some turned on the population in plain sight of a journalist camera this is a name to the way the supreme peacekeeping force believes the problem complete eighteen his own using his harrowing images international lawyers seek justice for those slaughtered by their guardians peace kilis on out is iraq.
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a nation where corruption is endemic embroiled in a battle to hold the power to account. how does this radical transformation occur. i mean. i mean if you want to be shedding light on the romanians pressing for change and there unconventional methods to eliminate corruption remain people on al-jazeera. hello martin taylor none of the top stories on ours are north korea appears to have begun work to restore a space rocket launch site satellite images reveal buildings that they toned shangri site to the north west of the country have been restored this comes just days after nuclear talks between the north korean leader kim jong un and us
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president donald trump in vietnam and in failure meanwhile the un has warned north korea is facing severe food shortages after its west harvest and more than a decade you're in figures show production of staple crops like soybeans and potatoes and down by more the third last month north korea's government warned its facing shortfall of one point four million tons of food this year. british and american made bombs have killed or injured nearly one thousand civilians in yemen that's according to a report by yemeni monitoring group and a us human rights organization a report by much anna and the u.s. based university network for human rights investigated twenty seven asteroids launched on yemen by the saudi led alliance between april twenty fifteen and april twenty eighth. germany has extended its arms sales ban on saudi arabia despite
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pressure from european partners such as britain and france the german foreign minister said the ban will continue until the end of the month to evaluate saudi arabia's military involvement in yemen the restrictions were imposed after the murder of saudi journalist jamal ji the united states will revoke the visa seventy seven people associated with the venezuelan president nicolas maduro adding to a list of forty nine others whose visas were revoked on friday germany's ambassador to venezuela has also been expelled are welcome in the opposition leader why go in care caracas on monday and was among a group of diplomats who helped going to return to venezuela following a latin american nations tour the ambassador has been given forty eight hours to leave the country the european commission has declared the migration crisis over at the height of europe's refugee crisis in twenty fifteen tens of thousands of people arrived on europe's shores every month that number is now down nearly ninety
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percent france timmons the european commission's first vice president as well the crisis may be over structural problems still remain when this continues next hour the news hour for you after that i often are. macho on al-jazeera. maggi house on debates discusses i'm dissects the big issues of our times and had tads five years after the revolution focuses in ukraine will have a chance to offer a verdict on what's come since. in a powerful new film residents of occupied east jerusalem share that thoughts on its cost present and future. leaders will gather for the thirtieth arab league summit in china ziad join us for coverage and we examine the development of an unusual alliance between radical buddhist monks and the military in me and ma ma ch on i'll just sierra.
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to. do. nothing and lose the lead the movement that needed the peace and is the didn't go so still in the best of an evil that i can but move to call it and move on to live the aftermath of what any gunboats the. community might not that's that new you mean a d.c. but a but i didn't in fighting about them by didn't you but that if i lived but he
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wasn't my idea one by missing out might cost a less than it was he to save them for a man who's been three months at the bank in. you. know what you. mean. by that is they stop going to suck at it when you have a good at most importantly run. thank you. thank.
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you. that even a gamble and you know you have to have. it expecting every year you could say one day of school or nothing you said you were a genius to do and if you want to go you satisfied now not what do you think you can read these kids charming is not a bank. because the president needs to just. get out who had a wife who was good enough. to disagree. with you a little. bit if you go. somewhere you're going to get to those that. do come in but that you.
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live and let. live. i mean. really you know this and the first thing that. you. have to say because you said that's not a good man you're going to get that if you use the term i mean i think you guys have a. right. to. play .
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to move from one to war with. the way it was if it. was on anything other than. the movie that religious leaders or military wouldn't say it. is a thing i would do it wasn't but i always tell me that you know if i didn't do well you guys have just been
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a good friend here now is that by the time you switch cards and two in connecticut are. in the but not push it up like a man to the political battle with anybody when you're. being run by sack commander nothing shall be assigned on account of on us and you just as our national center yes and that's something i'm going to try to go to by the end doesn't help now from eight to five not washable now families. one hundred seventy five of the most of them stipends out in the attic i've played in months and years to come up with out there was anything was wrong with the company now come to a stop i guess i think without a. little second half not always but sometime it just didn't feel happening but often times but it was something i think i would have been giving up on even if what i did was i am with you by the stuff the t.v. sets up the bus i did the right and left. are you out of it that was out of action
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i then when you an example. bob you got enough problems of mind what he's going to do i think we need a high robert. capital of us yes. i mean i'm saying i'm going to see what actually i'm going i'm going to actually i'm powerful as he says i'm not soliciting to do this because i was. like you. might want he got you that i think i'm going to back you and. i think you know. x. . x. x. . x. . can you buy it.
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and. after. very quickly you can put them into a list of. those people do i mean so to some of the. people who know. why. i'm the minute. the good guy was the only guy that.
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would like it when i could write it out. and find out what i did by far one united i want. to undermine any credible one here not that i am i me somebody. muslim out of money box on my nickel that might be buying plus what they want him and i might you know michael i've got people that are yes i do my people i mean mom i'm muslim i think i've got my son and i. were. in.
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the. the in. the in. it is me that since it is a percentage of the cuts that i must tell you and good morning everybody oakley here it is me wouldn't it be presenting the good stuff if i had. they set up slave networks and with impunity. debased human beings and in fact some of the speakers here today and some of the ones that will be at the oslo freedom
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form are three former slaves there are now abolitionists would mean i shall agree it was five years old when she was taken from her family and home and sold into slavery for eleven years she was exploited abused and forced to work without any compensation now freed she travels across nepal to other girls. now must be in our new planet good morning is not must be and late now must be everybody. my niece is not good enough i hold my life interfered us good translated to use my voice and i will lead to is big name palin ways this is. everybody. and if she could say freedom basically i look at the camera such as. it let's see what words i. saw.
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thanks . when my grandad sent me away to walk in kathmandu wiseass different hours far from bus drives from my peers. i have to far from every house one of these two men my house going to happy. if i didn't then when i was school and the ten went back force i couldn't digest this roars. you're one of hundred twenty persons taking part in this project and obviously your
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story is very unique and strong so no one else from nepal is taking part in this project so give we're very happy that you did you want to do this for us. and the people to see that they use in lesson one day i love dalai lama and that they're still a laugh. is doesn't enter into this project. in a good companion. projects name is so we had a drink on me hannity says is that your dreams and your thoughts and your legacy evidence can i have a dream. of course. you haven't had to ask you. i haven't seen don't don't don't turn out ok you did in august. so what's your dream. i'm a possible. break in and i was so out of
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a health. and sleep schedule nobody had to take disk and a minute to do is making. it more yes exactly. to. come. back to steve kroft yeah how. something works to not set that said no more. the serious matter you are having me. so.
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yes. i think it is a property. law. that absolutely love. this movie is that i'm going to see this young guy then. that. got me that part and i was so not the guy. to do it i was like i was your average that i never got over to me i will get out. made or get out the mark on my one last.
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year. that they want. you know we're going to go. home. back in the next.
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the t.v. was suddenly. running for senate. he was losing my right to. a living so. that.
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the to shut up shut. up. shut up shut.
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were. were.
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you. easy secret is i leave it open to basic you just talk to me about that it's not teams like that leak. but come again as standouts hold it up
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the hands and. feet. for.
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me it would sound like he class at the here and middle would that no one person ever asked them why and my answer to lead me sittin no but when there i said and they said my way and they said it did from what the about here i am not to much. say not good new coke out of been doing a good i was summa africa's i would ask him cuz who he's asked for my middle man was i'd like you to any good in my sake them after no money you could ask me.
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tim isn't. good unless this. group get it. compact with me might be what i'm going to exam goodness. uncertain who can't get it i need a saint in disobedience and now i think that he could have done so i did nothing dear miss hardly knew what a man and middle kingdom is indeed it is again my only school day any day bad and ugly bad but good's it was just it did start i have to go some better get married good bye you can mimic me i gave up on. the cheap bunny who could just as it was them but of them us one by me i mean i'd not give has
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a good. think you said when you disconnect me this is the greatest sadness and asked and that he asked and. own.
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i there on wednesday we had snow in tasmania that was just four days after the state had its hottest march day on records so route change in the weather for us it's all thanks to a little weather system that's down in the southeast that's been working its way eastwards gave us some severe thunderstorms as it made its way across sydney there but all of that is now at him and distant memory it should be for quite a force as we head through the day on thursday a top temperature in sydney of around twenty two degrees climbing there as we head into friday towards the west there is more cloud over parts of western australia just the chance of the odd shower there in perth and some heavier rain along that
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southern coastline over towards new zealand and here we've had an area of high pressure in charge for the past few days and it's being glorious things are changing now that we've got this area of cloud of rain that's working its way towards us and it's likely to bring some very very heavy downpours over parts of the south island on thursday that could be well over one hundred millimeters of rain from the system and then that will gradually work its way across the north island as we head through friday but it will be slightly easing as it makes its way north woods as we head up towards japan as a good deal of cloud with us at the moment at a few outbreaks of rain some of those a fairly heavy we're seeing all of that they move away so by the time we get to friday it should be quite a fuss twelve in tokyo. explores
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prominent figures of the twentieth century and how influenced the course of history was the cuban revolution coming this way castro is a feudal east the not a communist i'm just trying to do is country that international revolution became a point when the relationship came to an end the icons of revolution who changed the course of latin american politics. and fidel castro face to face. this is zero. zero this is the al jazeera news hour live from london coming up satellite images
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seem to show that north korea is rebuilding a long range rocket launch site president trump said he'd be very disappointed if it were true. and israel expels the german ambassador just days after he welcomed opposition leader. at caracas airport. as nigeria prepares to bring home twenty thousand sex trafficking victims from mali find out why some are unwilling or unable to return. in doha with the u.s. forces man just to overcome a two goal champions league deficit against p.s.g. well a double from remote only be enough to see the red devils and far to the quarterfinals . u.s. president don't trump has responded to reports that north korea has begun work to restore a space rocket launch site just days after talks with kim jong un ended in failure
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he said he would be very disappointed if they were true satellite images appear to reveal that buildings aside in the north west of the country have been rebuilt it's a very early report we're the ones that put it out but i would be very very disappointed in chairman kim and i don't think i will be but we'll see what happens we'll take a look it will ultimately get solved. the pledge to dismantle the site had been seen as a confidence building measure between pyongyang and washington and its you brought on reports. these satellite images appear to show north korea's rocket launch site the web site thirty eight north which specializes in studying the reclusive state says they show efforts to rebuild between february sixteenth and march second. and those dates put it right around last week's summit in vietnam that's where u.s. president donald trump walked away saying he couldn't meet kim jong un's demands to
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lift sanctions analysts say this could be punching back the north koreans haven't actually used it for a long range test missiles they've used it in the past for satellite launches which a lot of people say serve double as missile tests but they haven't actually sort of formally used for missile tests and it's not necessarily clear that the rebuild is actually leading up to that my own sense is that this is sort of peek at the way donald trump treated them in north korea are in vietnam this into. and international studies says the images show rapid rebuilding at a site partly dismantled last year when people into talks with the u.s. and south korea here if you really need your eyes it's not immediately clear though how the satellite images could have fixed the fragile nuclear diplomacy. that japan has its eyes fixed on north korea's nuclear missile development i have
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been gathering and analyzing information i will refrain from commenting in detail due to the nature of the matter. how much you know we do. under the current situation we hope that all related parties can take the right approach to resolving the korean peninsula issue through political dialogue and by meeting each other halfway trump's national security advisor john bolton has already warned north korea it must be willing to completely give up its nuclear weapons program or it could face even tougher sanctions elixir brian al-jazeera. i'm joined now from austin by the north korea analyst roger baker he's the vice president of strategic analysis at strat for a geopolitical intelligence found i was very much for being with us so how do you interpret this decision by north korea to rebuild that side. well i think we have to try to pick apart when and how the rebuild started that there's a very high probability that this rebuild was starting before the summit happened
5:53 am
and before the summit fell apart and then it could be in fact related to trying to make the sites look good for an anticipated media show to destroy amounts of the site just as much as this could be a reflection that they're trying to rebuild the shutters or shore showcase their capability to to utilize it for missile launches and in fact how close they are linked to all these satellite type places with the ability to launch missiles. well the reality is that this site is primarily around their satellite launch facility yes some of the technology that you use for that could be going into learning and capabilities for long range missiles but a lot of their actual military missile program has moved to road mobile missiles those are much more defensible in the sense that they can hide that they can be popped out neutralized rapidly nazim this type of facility that we're looking at here is one that takes a while for the missile to be set up on it for it to be launched and therefore it's actually highly vulnerable as
5:54 am
a site for weapon systems although it can be used again for satellite launching or for being able to test staging rockets things of that sort and in the context of that the talks that broke down between can go in and try i mean trump has said that if this is true he's going to be very disappointed but beyond that how do you see this affecting the relationship between the two. well i think this is one small point in the overall relationship between the two certainly the north koreans came to the summit with an expectation of a higher level of reduction of sanctions and maybe some other games and they were going to offer a couple of less important facilities to make shows of destruction young beyond potentially this missile site so in that sense i'm not sure that this fundamentally alters it it does give some space for those who argue say want to show that the north koreans are disingenuous to be able to raise that up and play that issue similar we saw the reports that north korea was conducting hacking is during the
5:55 am
time of the summit as well in the end it's a better of is the united states willing to work with north korea to manage the nuclear issue with a recognition that there is really no denuclearization of any time soon and how much to the north koreans really want to break out of the economic isolation that they're in what do you make of the reaction after the summit from john bolton for example saying that the sanctions want to should be ramped up rather than down i mean it expecting that the relationship to deteriorate further now would you would you think this is just a bump on the road. i think we're in a bit of a holding pattern i don't think we're ready to see a significant decrease in the relationship the u.s. president left the summit making some fairly positive comments at least ones that could be interpreted that way the north koreans did not have a long meeting with the chinese after the summit they went straight home they even left somewhat positive comments in the sense that this is a this is a delay i think we're still waiting for the north koreans to finish figuring out
5:56 am
what happened you know they didn't send kim all the way to vietnam just to sign no deal and that's something that they're working out internally right now but from our perspective the north koreans are looking to try to change somewhat the dynamic of their economic interaction and that means that it's less likely that they're going to go rapidly back into testing missiles or nuclear devices roger baker thank you very much indeed for joining us several jamaican from stratfor thank you meanwhile the u.n. has warned that north korea is facing severe food shortages office suffering as west harvest in more than a decade u.n. figures show production of staple crops like soy beans and potatoes down by more than a third last month north korea's government warned it's facing a shortfall of one point four million tons of food this year and the country's long struggle to feed itself and in a huff the population is in need of humanitarian assistance. the u.s.
5:57 am
trade deficit has hit a record ten year high reaching almost nine hundred billion dollars this despite promises on the campaign trail by u.s. president donald trump to revive american manufacturing and reduce u.s. dependence on imported goods are white house correspondent can really help it has. the report by the u.s. commerce department stands in stark contrast to what president donald trump said just days ago i mean you saw a trade deficits were down last month there was trying to find out why well we're taking a lot of tariff money and it's going right to the bottom line and it has reduced the trade deficit so in reality new data shows the trade gap between the united states and china in particular has widened last year by forty three billion to four hundred and nineteen billion it's a result of an increase in exports from china to the united states well exports of u.s. goods dropped and the u.s. trade gap overall well it's swelled to
5:58 am
a ten year six hundred twenty one billion dollar high their numbers not seen since the global financial crisis of two thousand and eight that means quite simply that the united states imports far more goods and services worldwide that it sells this despite promises made by the u.s. president on the campaign trail in two thousand and sixteen that his policies would put america first in the global marketplace the u.s. is currently embroiled in a tit for tat trade war with china posing tariffs on more than two hundred fifty billion of chinese goods china hit back with tariffs on one hundred ten billion of u.s. products as the two sides continue to negotiate trump has delayed his threat to impose tariffs on two hundred billion more of chinese imports in the u.s. and in september the white house released this video arguing the tariffs have already. had
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a positive impact we're changing things and we're changing them fast but the commerce department numbers suggest a very different trade reality one the u.s. president seems unwilling to acknowledge kimberley health al-jazeera washington germany's ambassador to venezuela has been expelled for welcoming the opposition into one in caracas on monday. was among a group of diplomats who helped to return to venezuela on monday following a latin american nations talk him master has been accused of meddling in venezuela's internal affairs and has been given forty eight hours to leave the country germany says it's consulting its allies on how to respond the u.s. has also warned it's considering further sanctions on venezuela as president nicolas maduro continues to cling to power despite weeks of protests within the country and the latest move it move to the visas of seventy seven people associated with the venezuelan president when you're up i know it's in colombia's border with
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venezuela the u.s. national security adviser john bolton is that warning foreign financial institutions of sanctions if they help majoris government in any way how is this being received. this is being seen as as a continuation of that pressure from the united states against a government of. national security advisor john bolton in part of that statement where he was announcing the potential sanctions on any financial institution that would be aiding the nicholas to the government of nicholas berg who had said that the united states would not allow the the mode of government to steal the wealth of the venezuelan people and adding to that was the u.s. by vice president mike pence saying that the united states would be revoking seventy seven visas of members of nicolas modus government so not only is this being seen as a continuation of that pressure from the united states is being seen as reaffirmation of the united states' support for opposition leader one go.


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