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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 7, 2019 6:00am-6:34am +03

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colombia's border with venezuela the u.s. national security adviser john bolton is set warning foreign financial institutions of sanctions if they helped lead to his government in any way how is this being received. this is being seen as as a continuation of that pressure from the united states against the government of. national security advisor john bolton in part of that statement where he was announcing the potential sanctions on any financial institution that would be aiding the nicholas to the government of nicholas berg had said that the united states would not allow the mud the mother the government to steal the wealth of the venezuelan people and adding to that was the u.s. by vice president mike pence saying that the united states would be revoking seventy seven visas of members of nicolas modus government so not only is this being seen as a continuation of that pressure from the united states is being seen as reaffirmation of the united states' support for opposition leader one by bill and
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why does campaign for a transitional government in venezuela we've been watching for any sort of statement any sort of word from president nicolas maduro in response to these statements that we're hearing from the united states and for the calls for more protests from mr why though but until now the stream of tweets that we've seen from mr mother would have been more geared toward carnival in venezuela given that monday and tuesday were holidays in the country and also paying homage to the former leader of venezuela hugo chavez given that tuesday was the sixth anniversary of his death but as you mentioned already the latest that we did hear from the mother to government was that he was giving forty eight hours to the ambassador of germany to leave the country and one going to have a say because what else is on the agenda for the opposition and beyond the call from what i'm a stray sions. want to do is wasted no time since returning. a
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tour of several south american countries over the weekend as you mentioned he met with these public sector workers he met with union leaders there's that's part of the strategy by the opposition in the days ahead leading up to protests that he's called for on march ninth but today he was also calling on the venezuelan military to not to to stop preventing children in venezuela from accessing formal education and accessing school on the colombian side of the venezuela colombia border earlier today we went to a school that has a ninety five percent venezuelan student population and every faculty member had reported a decline in attendance at this school part of that has to do with the fact that the border official border between colombia and venezuela is close diplomatic ties between the two countries is severed but parents and students are still finding alternative ways to get a way to get around that and people are just saying that there is there is nothing that they won't do to prove to make sure that their kids can access school but this
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is one of the many things that go i do is calling for and part of the strategy of the national opposition by going up and thank you very much indeed. for years of economic hardship have taken a shocking toll on venezuela is most vulnerable mental health facilities throughout the country a collapsing even psychiatric patients without doctors food or medicine is she in human reports and you may find some images disturbing. half hidden at the end of this road is what was one of the news whalers most respected psychiatric rehabilitation centers that now the only person left there is but not of the are seeing in the watchman for the last fifteen years evil girls have and why did they close the institute i ask. because there was no medicine or food there used to be three hundred patients but in may the last fifty were transferred dr phillips the last call worked at the institute until the last day and he tells
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a disturbing story documented was shocking images. it began five or six years ago the state national government started cutting the budget half of the three hundred patients were released to their families the rest had nowhere to go they began dying from starvation eventually we had one hundred ten and insufficient funds for food or medicine between forty five and fifty five more patients died of starvation especially in the last ten years. these photos show you patients who once weighed one hundred ten kilos and ended up weighing forty left with just skin and bones. dr of alaska says there was nothing they could do but transfer the remaining fifty patients to another institution in northern minnesota he's been told only nine survived. the psychiatric wing of sangli still has general hospital the only place now left in patchy the state for
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mental patients is another testimony to the crisis and venezuela's health services . mission to make not only doctors and nurses but also means that because our salaries aren't enough to survive. the wind was designed for sixty patients but with the acute shortage of personnel it could only accept eight and only those whose families can supply their food and medication the facilities are in a dilapidated state in. lutie the isolation cells the patients who become violent many no longer have locks for the over the. lot of patients havok skate through the sea with. all over venezuela mental health institutions are struggling to provide sufficient nourishment and essential medication to ease patients suffering. the government blames u.s. economic sanctions but dr lascaux argues the decline began long before they were imposed as a kid. i never thought i'd see this in my life in
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a rich country like ours personally wrote forty five death certificates for patients who never should have died. and as venezuela's political and economic crisis worsens it's almost certain they will not be the last to see in human i just see that in israel. coming up on out is there in this news hour strikes at one of kenya's main airports of grounded flights disrupting hundreds of journeys. police chiefs in the u.k. ask for more money and powers to deal with a nationwide problem of knife crime. and sport one of the top racing tracks in the world shuts down indefinite day after twenty one bosses die in the last two months joe will have already tells. british an american made bombs have killed or injured nearly a thousand civilians in yemen according to a report by
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a yemeni monitoring group and a us human rights organization the report by what the u.s. based university network for human rights investigated twenty seven s trikes launched on yemen by the saudi that alliance between april twenty fifteen and april twenty eighth reporters led to renewed calls for london and washington to stop selling weapons to saudi arabia and the u.a.e. . germany has extended its arms sales ban on saudi arabia despite pressure from european partners such as britain and france the german foreign minister so the ban will continue until the end of the month to evaluate saudi arabia's military involvement in yemen the restrictions were imposed after the murder of saudi journalist. paul brennan has the story. huh there had already been enormous international concern over the tens of thousands of civilian deaths caused by saudi led coalition air strikes in yemen since twenty fifteen. and when saudi agents murdered the journalist in istanbul last october germany finally cried halt
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temporarily freezing existing arms deals and banning any new weapons contracts with the kingdom yet it often zakhar refine its issue it's often said that it is a dilemma between morals and rail politic i think that's wrong the german government has had political principle since the year two thousand which say that we do not exporting countries in gauged in war zones. germany was not alone in its concerns last september spain cancel the sale of four hundred laser guided bombs to saudi arabia but unlike germany spain reinstated its deal a week later fearing the saudis might counsel a two billion dollar order for spanish build corvet's. germany's embargo has even bigger implications. the typhoon eurofighter the saudi air force has more than fifty already and uses them in yemen the cockpit from fuselage spine fin and part
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of the refuse a large a made by b.a. systems in the u.k. the right wing and left leading wing edge made by spain allana and italy make the left wing and part of the refusal but the central fuselage is manufactured by germany and germany's export ban means britain can't deliver on a thirteen billion dollars deal to sell the next forty eight typhoon aircraft to saudi arabia airbus is chief executive vented his frustration at the recent munich security conference when those guns and did you come to the conclusion to the germans are of the opinion the only day of responsible arms export policies and others don't. analysts warn that the dispute is damaging strategic alliances all the claim of defense cooperation in europe. is is it's fairly brenda descended by the idea that there is no real cooperation on and on and on the level of defense but. the recently told is that germany imposed
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a moratorium not because of yemen but because of the night of jamal khashoggi and saudi arabia's ongoing failure to adequately explain the full circumstances of the killing in the absence of a full explanation riyadh how so far given perlin no reason at all to reverse its original decision paul brennan al-jazeera. meanwhile the u.s. president's nominee for the role of ambassador to saudi arabia has defended the u.s. saudi relationship but said there are still challenges retired army general john abizaid made the comments during his confirmation hearing when lawmakers condemned the kingdom's role in the war in yemen and the measure of janice jamal khashoggi the u.s. has not had an ambassador in saudi arabia since trump became president in january tenth was twenty seventeen this is not to say that i am unaware of the challenges facing the u.s. saudi partnership today war in yemen the senseless killing of jamal khashoggi
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wrists and the gulf alliance alleged abuses of innocent people to include an american citizen and female activists all present immediate challenges and he seventeen people have been killed in a suicide attack on construction workers in eastern afghanistan four attackers raided the base of a construction company near jalalabad effort igniting a five hour gun battle the attackers were also killed no group has claimed responsibility but both the taliban and i so are active in the area. strikes at one of kenya's main airports have grounded flights disrupting hundreds of journeys riot police were deployed to disperse protesting workers outside nairobi kenya to airport the country's aviation workers union is locked in a dispute with kenya airways over contracts and job security at france or imports. it's made morning at one of africa's busiest airports one in one thousand what is
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a job working at international airport are on strike impacting operations they're protesting against a plan b. to the national airline kenya airways and kenya airports authority a state agency which manages the airport they say the deal is shrouded in secrecy they're afraid they might lose their jobs and want clarity police used tear gas to disperse them and arrested some of their leaders. and then came to this hotel to regroup and strategize they told us they will not retreat until they get the answers. the employer action. there's. hundreds of passengers are stranded kenya air force personnel have been deployed to help with security issues the airport handles roughly two hundred flights a day and thousands of people transit through. several flights have been canceled
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passengers have been taken to different hotels but many are still waiting for any word about their flights some of being told to go and check in but it's likely going to be a very long wait for them as well many are frustrated not sure when they'll get to their destinations we're exhausted as. it is not. so much really due to the two pm so. you know it's really delays up of all three. and so long as the river ticket that i get through the. kenya airways has been losing money for years and aviation analysts say taking over an airport that brings in our revenue of more than one hundred million dollars a year will keep the airline afloat some people believe politics is at play with accusations powerful individuals with a huge stake in ken. a always wanted to control the airport a parliamentary committee is investigating this the minister in charge of transport
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says a process does have no valid reason to stay away from walk you do not interfere with such a cutie as that is especially when you have no basis for complains when your job is nor nobody has to be your salary nobody has given you a for it that your job you'll be at risk in the years you want to train the government is under pressure to resolve the crisis a long strike and uncertainty means millions of dollars in losses the wakas sit there ready to talk but long listen to the truth about the controversial marja cathy zoi al-jazeera nairobi. still to come around there this news hour here a plane commission declares the migration crisis is over but says structural problems within europe still remain. two white men is south africa have been sentenced for killing a young black man they caught stealing sunflowers from a farm. and remember this crash.
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the eighteen year old driver who broke her spine in november is back on the track we'll hear from her in sports richard. and i bet the next weather system is piling its way across europe at the moment the morning after another recently in his the like to bring us very windy conditions as a pretty heavy rain as well that system sweeping its way eastwards and as it does so it still trailing plenty of blustery winds behind it plenty of showers as well and as that will gradually edges its way across scandinavia yet more rain is making its way across the island there as we head into friday said generally speaking there many of us across europe i think have pretty messy weather at the moment it's quietest down towards the southeast and here is fairly well but some of us as well be caressed at twenty one of athens and a bit of sunshine twenty degrees for us
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a bit further towards the south a fine weather for many of us in the eastern parts but further west there's a little bit more in the way of cloud in fact quite a lot more cloud and that will be giving us one or two outbreaks of rain the whole thing is working its way eastwards but very very slowly as we head through friday so still we're all the gray for many of us here and under that cloud is not feeling that was some of it. around sixteen degrees a bit of a towards the south and we've got the showers just picking up over the western parts of africa now so we'll see we'll to have the ones here we also see quite a few towards the east as well stretching from uganda towards gabble. jewing sierra leone civil war nigerian forces were deployed to protect civilians instead some turned on the population in plain sight of a journalist camera the police is
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a name to be with the supreme peacekeeping force to look at the problem complete eighteen years on using his harrowing images international lawyers seek justice for those slaughtered by their guardians of peace kilis on out just zero. examining the headlines setting the discussions a warning from air boss over the risks of a no deal breaks in sharing personal stories with a global audience you have your own intelligence network on the ground to tell you where to go and we'll go explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire brazilian people are truly afraid the world is watching on al-jazeera.
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and are going to one of the top stories. satellite images appear to show work has begun to restore a space rocket launch site in north korea u.s. president on trump said he would be very disappointed if the reports were true. the u.s. trade deficit has hit a record ten year high reaching almost nine hundred billion dollars this despite promises by u.s. president all trying to revive american manufacturing and reduce u.s. dependence on imported goods. germany's ambassador to venezuela has been expelled up to he welcomed the opposition leader. in caracas on monday. jarius preparing to bring home an estimated twenty thousand goals trapped in mali all victims of the sex trade they're being kept in appalling conditions and officials say collusion between annoying for spent ages and traffickers is
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hampering the rescue efforts going to dress reports from cook earlier in western money. here in cocoa the visual until he is lord. despite the presence of molly in soldiers the armed men arrived in huge numbers. they made it clear the nigerians trying to rescue their citizens trapped in the sex trade on to welcome here eventually the delegation had to leave activists have been walking with the girls say they face such threats every time they get their guesses are working in a situation where there is a lot of beneficiaries in the crime is very very difficult to eradicate it the people who turned out to help to rescue these guys they are benefiting every week from them on the outskirts of town the team is able to meet some of the goals only one of them agreed to go back all. the rest are too afraid of the traffickers and
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too ashamed to face their peers and relations we can't force them to go back but those who are ready willing to go back the major members the we're working with them closely we're working with i.o.m. closely they're going to come together and take the girls back home while some of the girls are paid of the traffickers many are still trapped teenage girls are less likely to be left off even after being in the greek of two thousand dollars. thousands of the victims here in mali are kept in makeshift structures like best place to be forced to sleep with as many as ten men in a day some of them as young as fourteen while practically yanked off the streets of nigeria in their school uniforms those who got away i don't the very you know for those lucky enough to escape at this safe house in the capital bamako a group of thirty women and goes wait for their reply. when used filtered through that some of them will be leaving in
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a matter of hours there was jubilation. but eighteen year old faith isn't among the ones leaving she's eight months pregnant and she has a lot of regrets she's left home without telling anyone she's now torn between her newly found freedom and how she will be received on arrival in nigeria. even. more than my. uncle. this sixteen year old and thousands of others like her came to bali through been a republic a traffic a promised a new life with a well paid job the place where. i will say if i'm out on bond he said i'll give him. i sure wish nothing that's. also gosh what's in the board sam charge from. the goals of the mining areas
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another brothels of mali say they were registered by law enforcement on arrival they also appear weekly do store thought was only problem with prostitution is when it involves bias at least under-age badly and. as an arduous delegation from the report treating an estimated twenty thousand trafficked minors and young adults is a complex of the girls and young women trapped in the sex trade here they have a long wait before they are reunited with their families are mature greece al-jazeera. western mali. a human trafficking has continued to rise over the past two decades and in twenty eighteen a u.n. report found that armed conflict and displacement was making it easier for traffickers to target their victims the report from traffic is mainly target women who make up almost half the number of victims followed by girls and then men and
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boys why someone is trafficked differs from region to region but sexual exploitation is the most common type of trafficking in twenty sixteen almost sixty percent of trafficking victims have been coerced into sexual slavery women and men also targeted for different reasons more than eighty percent of women who are trafficked a sexually exploited whereas men a usually trafficked so that they can be forced to work make a level math say from the international as asian for migration is a regional specialist on migration protection and assistance for west and central africa he says the nigerian case is a reminder of the scale of the problem and also the importance of ensuring migrants are informed about the risks of a sports haitian. the caribbean came out with a bloody warning number of twenty thousand people being a car entirely and exploited molly just makes us look thinking about so. beyond their accuracy of this number the. objective fact is that from thinking
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is actually a big issue in the region we have to keep in mind that trafficking not only not necessarily i mean the nation the phenomenon we can happen within a given country but mainly an international phenomenon so ready often one of the key element is the dialogue and the cooperation among congress come to shedding maybe a comment that the process or time of the company stuck to each other agree on principle and develop a but action agreement that allows. became to will be identified and. the perpetrators to be pursued actually awareness raising making sure that migrant said a word about the restrictions to regular migration and the risk that it expressed a sion by clicking on that one of the key element i am intervention in the region at important but the message that we provide the senses follow them so
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channel and so content to be credible by those who are out of it by this message you know that we have affected at the same time as the me being by the border who out of knowledge by. the ships by the thought of the potential victims as the boat or what and i don't know what they are. the mining sector is certainly betty sensitive sector themselves exploitation weakness and sit on mining fields we. said i kind of abuse this thought of getting a children's out of getting women out of getting. young mayors because of the way. the key aspect of trafficking that it does not target just met a boy but it's like children and women in the country and them so volume young means so much. much bigger case loads. of them out there that they were
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so good and can be used to. stuff and in the process include being the most loving one which is actually. even. more side of their body so it's something very. worrying. to know that to have a better understanding of humans and their dating research on this specific domain in the region. the idea is to have first a better understanding of the size and volume of this phenomenon than to get better . coordinated response to that original letter to the white man is south africa has been sentenced to twenty three and eighteen years in prison for killing a young black man they caught him feeding some flowers from the farm the cases increased racial tension as having them in a report from the northwest province. peter daughter of art and philip scooter were
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last year found guilty of killing a fifteen year old black boy whom they'd caught stealing sunflowers on a farm where they worked they've now been sentenced to have are to eighteen years and souter to twenty three years in prison. the sentence comes two years after markham almost who was killed on the outskirts of the small town of collini markham or less parents suck in agnes say their son's death was senseless and racially motivated. if my son was a weight they would have killed him for being on the farm and taken floors they would have disciplined him but they killed my son because he's like following my kamala's death people here rioted some looted shops and burned down houses including property owned by the farmers the community was torn apart along racial lines. this is where michael moore lho was found after he was caught on the farm he had suffered a broken neck but there are two versions to the story one is that michael miller
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was killed by the two white men who would courting stealing sunflowers but they claim the boy died when he jumped off the back of a van as they drove into the police station the families of these men say the trial wasn't fair and important evidence was ignored. they saved my kamala's death was an accident and from from outside we we are sort of at something like this happen but it's either you were disarmed discipline on the on that side of the children. but the people in the township must teach the children do not take something that does not belong to you thought of art and screw to plan to appeal the conviction and sentence in recent weeks the only witness said he lied to the court when he testified that he saw the two men throw the boy from the back of the van but he later said he'd been intimidated bribed and made to read a statement to clear the farmers in twenty seventeen two white men in power malanga
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were found guilty of attempted murder after they filmed themselves forcing a black man into a coffin they said had trespassed and stolen copper cables they threatened to burn him alive that court's judgment highlighted the extent of racial divisions in post apartheid south africa here in collini the sentence given to do out of art and scooter has brought some consolation to a community who promised protests if the sentence was lenient but closure appears to be a long way off for the sleepy conservative town what is certain is that the death of a fifteen year old black boy has further entrenched racial divisions here from al-jazeera callignee northwest province of africa at the height of europe's refugee crisis and twenty fifteen tens of thousands of people were arriving on europe's shores every month now with a number of near rivals down nearly ninety percent the european commission as declared the migration crisis over so what's change while not much for those
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seeking refuge as john how explains. this notion that the migration crisis in europe over the european commission pointing to a ten fold decrease in the numbers of migrants refugees and asylum seekers trying to get into europe is something that i think would be disputed in the vast unsanitary in secure asylum camps in libya african migrants trying to get to europe and of course among the thousands festering in awful conditions inside europe in camps in the greek islands most of those refugees from syria there the crisis is very much not over it in any case why now why use this language when i think it's a pushback against what the commission describes as fake news misinformation myths and untruths about migration put about from within its own ranks you hear this debate very much alive in countries like italy where migration is used to fuel support for parties on the far right one of which is actually in government you
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hear it in countries like britain but no one has made as much running with it as victor or banned in hungary who's used it as an election platform he won an election another one last year old off the back of the migration sentiment and rhetoric railing against the european union on everything to do with border security and calm compulsory relocation quotas and just a few days ago using the photograph the picture of john called you look at the commission president alongside all bands but why are george soros to depict. and constantly warns against a deliberate effort to flood europe with hundreds of thousands more refugees were on him that was a step too far for the european commission and this is the fighting back essentially against one of its own the british government has held imagines he talks after a recent upsurge in fatal teenage stabbings police chiefs have asked for more money and powers to deal with a nationwide problem the defense secretary has even suggested putting troops on the
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streets to help if baca has more from london. jody chesney and yusef marquis are the latest ninth and tenth teams to be fatally stabbed this year this is the london parkway jody chesney was murdered stabbed in the back as she played music with friends the victims were both seventeen ten teenagers have been killed in stabbings this year twenty seven in the past twelve months the killings of course outrage and a fierce national debate nine of my friends were shot dead in the last one was shot fifty seven times this is sheldon thomas a former gang member who now advises young people and politicians on violent crime he believes the current debate been heightened because recent victims have been white and middle class why does it take a middle class person to be killed before they use the word crisis when poor whites and blacks are being killed for many years over fifteen twenty years we've had countless of young people stabbed in exactly the same way shot dead and yet that it
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wasn't considered a crisis where. if you just showed and thomas once the author to pay more attention to the impact of social media and the culture that glorifies guns a knife crime this is a drill music police believe it buells rival gang violence this group ten eleven was recently fired for mentioning death or injury in their music money girls will respect that the gang is in very world social media is their broadcast social media is the mom social media is the bag and in their world what you call a surge in knife crime rate justice it's very verge of justice finding a solution to knife crime is now in the hands of the government and police a growing number of young people have lost their lives in a cycle of mindless violence that has shocked us all the responsibility for these crimes lies with the perpetrators of them.


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