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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 7, 2019 7:00am-7:33am +03

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kenya airways and kenya airports authority a state agency which manages the airport they say the deal is shrouded in secrecy they're afraid they might lose their jobs and want clarity police used tear gas to disperse them and arrested some of their leaders. they then came to this hotel to regroup and strategize they told us they will not retreat until they get the answers. to the actual. hundreds of passengers are stranded kenya air force personnel have been deployed to help with security issues the airport handles roughly two hundred flights a day and thousands of people transit through daily several flights have been canceled passengers have been taken to different hotels but many are still waiting for any word about their flights some have been told to go and check in but it's likely going to be
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a very long wait for them as well many are frustrated not sure when they'll get to their destinations. exhausted as. it is now. so not only duty but two pm so. we will be delays. so long as the average ticket that i get from. kenya airways has been losing money for years and aviation analysts say taking over an airport that brings in a revenue of more than one hundred million dollars a year will keep the airline afloat some people believe politics is at play with accusations powerful individuals with a huge stake in kenya airways want to control the airport a parliamentary committee is investigating this the minister in charge of transport says a protest is have no valid reason to stay away from walk you do not interfere with a security is that especially when you have no basis for complaints when your job
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is no nobody has. nobody has given you a threat that your job you'll be at risk and you want to strangers. the government is under pressure to resolve the crisis a long strike and uncertainty means millions of dollars in losses the wakas say they're ready to talk but long listen to the truth about the controversial marja cathy zoi al-jazeera nairobi. still to come on al-jazeera an exclusive report from iraq where there's evidence that juveniles are being tortured into confessing to crimes training be involved with our seoul. south korea's government plans to extraordinary measures to combat air pollution in many of the country's major cities.
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i live there on wednesday we had snow in tasmania that was just four days after the state had its hottest march day on records so route change in the weather for us it's all thanks to a little weather system that's down in the southeast that's been working its way eastwards gave us some severe thunderstorms as it made its way across sydney there but all of that is now at him and distant memory it should be for quite a force as we head through the day on thursday a top temperature in sydney of around twenty two degrees climbing there as we head into friday towards the west there is more cloud over parts of western australia just the chance of the odd shower there in perth and some heavier rain along the southern coastline over towards new zealand and here we've had an area of high pressure in charge for the past few days and it's been glorious things are changing now that we've got this area of cloud of rain that's working its way towards us and it's likely to bring some very very heavy downpours of a part of the south island on thursday that could be well over one hundred millimeters of rain from the system and then that will gradually work its way across the north island as we head through friday but it will be slightly easing as
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it makes its way north woods as we head up towards japan as a good deal of cloud with us at the moment at a few outbreaks of rain some of those a fairly heavy we're seeing all of that they move away so by the time we get to friday it should be quite a fuss twelve in tokyo. jewing sierra leone civil war nigerian forces were deployed to protect civilians instead some turned on the population in plain sight of a journalist's camera the police is a name to be with the secret peacekeeping force to look at the problem complete eighteen years on using his harrowing images international lawyers seek justice for those slaughtered by their guardians of peace killers on out just zero.
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or more of the top stories here on our syria satellite images appear to show work has begun to restore a space rocket launch site in north korea u.s. president donald trump said he would be very disappointed if the reports were true . the u.s. trade deficit has hit a record ten year high in most nine hundred billion dollars this despite promises by president trump to revive american manufacturing and reduce u.s. dependence on imported goods. and the united states will revert them visas of seventy seven people associated with venezuelan president nicolas maduro adding to a list of forty nine others whose visas were a vote on friday. this president trumps controversial border policies were
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in the firing line of the house homeland security committee on wednesday the committee is now controlled by democrats trump's top immigration official about the president's decision to declare a national emergency at the mexican border how does your castro. as yet we are all to the american people your oath to the president of the united states there was little love lost between donald trump's homeland security secretary kiersten nielsen and the house democrats now controlling the committee that oversees her agency let me tell you ma'am secretary either you're lying to this committee or you don't know what's happening at the border nielson defended trumps national emergency declaration to build a border wall citing a surge in unauthorized crossings more than seventy six thousand people mostly families from central america were apprehended at the southern border in february that's the highest monthly figure in more than a decade but these increases will overwhelm the system entirely this is not
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a manufactured crisis this is truly an emergency republican members backed the secretary's testimony blaming the increase crossings on a broken immigration system they say democrats have refused to fix its congress has failed. to solve this problem but the hearing was dominated by critical questioning from democrats many demanding an accounting of the president's zero tolerance policy that resulted in the separation of thousands of children from their parents last year when you saw those pictures of babies in cages what did you do what did you do to just scream bloody murder up the chain to the president says they differ from the cages you put your dogs in when you let them stay outside is that it is a different it yes and what's it it's larger it has facilities
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it provides room to sit to stand to lay down the road in my dog's cage. the family separation policy ended after public outcry though advocates say it's still happening in a smaller number of cases but thousands of children who traveled to the u.s. alone fleeing violence and poverty in their home countries remain detained three have died in government custody since the beginning of the year a number of republicans have sided against the president now tional emergency declaration as well citing concerns that it exceeds the power of his office congress is expected to pass a measure to cancel that declaration but trump says he will veto. castro al-jazeera washington. at the height of europe's refugee crisis in twenty fifteen tens of thousands of people were arriving on your shores every month now with a number of new arrivals down nearly ninety percent the european commission has
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declared the migration crisis over to how has more. this notion that the migration crisis in europe over the european commission pointing to a ten fold decrease in the numbers of migrants refugees and asylum seekers trying to get into europe is something that i think would be disputed in the vast unsanitary in secure asylum camps in libya african migrants trying to get to europe and of course among the thousands festering in awful conditions inside europe in camps in the greek islands most of those refugees from syria there the crisis is very much not over it in any case why now why use this language when i think it's a pushback against what the commission describes as fake news misinformation myths and untruths about migration put about from within its own ranks you hear this debate very much alive in countries like italy where migration is used to fuel support for parties on the far right one of which is actually in government you
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hear it in countries like britain but no one has made as much running with it as victor or banned in hungary who's used it as an election platform he won an election another one last year old off the back of the migration sentiment and rhetoric railing against the european union on everything to do with border security and calm compulsory relocation quotas and just a few days ago using the photograph the picture of john told you look at the commission president alongside all bands but why are george soros to depict. and constantly warns against a deliberate effort to flood europe with hundreds of thousands more refugees were i think that was a step too far for the european commission and this is the fighting back essentially against one of its. a quarter of france will deliver its verdict on thursday in the biggest child sex abuse scandal in france's catholic church or decide whether the archbishop of cardinal. is guilty of failing to report
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a priest to authorities for sexually abusing boys woman twenty years ago and to report. at his trial in january french cardinal philip barbara told a court in leon that he had never covered up the sexual abuse of boys by a catholic priest the cardinals accused of failing to report bernard pray now to authorities over allegations he abused boys from the one nine hundred seventy s. to the one nine hundred ninety s. as a child falls for divorce who's one of the priests victims now he campaigns for justice he said aloud pray not to work with children until his retirement in twenty fifteen and i thought for the. brain that isa six predator against children the abuse was on a massive scale that cardinal barbara rung collette hume continued to work in a position of moral and spiritual authority is unacceptable. the case is shaken
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france's catholic church and inspired a film that won a top prize of the berlin film festival by the grace of god follows the alleged victim's story because katrina interfering in it is to treat an act of somebody like. it was in this parish in lieu of that at least seventy men say the painter abused them as children some reason young a seven years old bernard burnett is now awaiting trial his alleged victims say that many people in the catholic church community knew about the abuse from some of the parishioners here to parents to the highest clerics in france like cardinal law but they say that the urge to protect the church his reputation was stronger than the urge to protect young children. this writer grew up in pain as parish and is investigating his case she says baba has trial reflects the way the catholic church around the world has failed to deal with abuse through like reporting only the problem with the church into recently
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was there was a fear of public scandal cardinals would say it was best to sort out problems internally but that's not right you sort out problems with the justice system and in full transparency the cardinal faces up to three years in prison if found guilty the public prosecutor has recommended no conviction because many of the accusations is so old the statute of limitations has run out false or devil says that whatever the verdict the trial has sent a powerful message to the church hierarchy in france that the culture of silence on child abuse can no longer be tolerated natasha butler al jazeera france. evidence is emerging from iraq that juveniles are being tortured into confessing to crimes they didn't commit including being involved with i so when i'm in northern iraq spoke exclusively to one teenager's family. passing through the checkpoint was supposed to bring the seventeen year old we're calling him closer to
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a future with hope instead his family says kurdish security forces in northern iraq snatched any chance of that he was arrested eight months ago as the family was trying to cross into erbil to escape a tribal feud back home in mosul should you and your security forces blindfolded handcuffed and hit him when they slapped him he had to say he joined eisel for three days the interrogator said it's not enough if you don't confess to more we'll hand you over to other security forces my son was very young at the time and afraid as them is now serving a sentence for joining i sold here at the reformatory for females and juveniles. his family says they managed to keep him out of reach of the armed group during its control of mosul and he's an innocent boy tortured into making a false confession since twenty sixteen human rights watch says forty one juveniles
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have reported being tied in stress positions given electric shocks and being beaten by kurdish security forces with electric cables plastic pipes and rods in order to extract confessions and the alleged torture continued here at this facility designed to rehabilitate juveniles. we have tolerance of those fighters who have confessed already there isolate members on fight us i don't believe there's any need any sort of advantage to take with couple of children and make sure they have to become first on the torture so this is very much your object according to human rights watch several juvenile inmates say some of the guards beat them for misbehaving subjected them to death threats and verbal abuse and kept them in their cells for long periods of time these are victims and as victims they should be given every opportunity to reintegrate rehabilitate and rejoin society although we
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were given access to interview inmates there was no way to protect their identities from the staff. we work in a transparent way and don't intend to keep a lid on bad things if these things took place in our facility we would be preventing media and local and international organizations from visiting. as sent is supposed to be released soon but his family worries if he returns to mosul which is under the jurisdiction of the federal government in baghdad he'll get arrested again this time by iraqi forces well known huffy that a general hostage and half of the this isn't justice my son is stigmatized for the rest of his life and he'll carry the fear of being arrested at any time as with many victims alleging torture the teenager may also face a life long struggle with the psychological trauma natasha going to aim al-jazeera
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erbium. south korea's president when janus ordered his government to take extraordinary measures to combat air pollution seven major cities including so record high concentrations of fine dust particles that can cause illness ride has more from seoul. the people of seoul and other cities throughout south korea have been breathing this now for the best part of a week and in the past few days the government has been holding emergency meetings trying to figure out ways of dealing with it they've put in place a number of special measures such as controlling traffic on the roads putting controls on construction sites power stations and giving instructions to things like elementary schools not to have outdoor activities but there's very little the government can do here about the prevailing winds and it's called a lot of this pollution has come from neighboring china in fact president moon j.n. of south korea this wednesday morning giving an instruction that south korea should
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be working more with china on what is seen here as a shared problem it's not a lot of this pollution comes from deserts in china with the fine dust being sucked up into the atmosphere mixing with pollution from factories and power stations and then being pushed by the prevailing winds just far enough. cover the korean peninsula but not strong enough to take it any further so sophisticated cities like seoul having to wait for a change in the wind direction before it can get a breath of fresh air. on terror none of our top stories on our jazeera yes president donald trump has responded to reports that north korea has begun work to restore a space rocket launch site saying he would be very disappointed if they were true
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satellite images reveal work has been underway on buildings that the tongue shangri site in the north west of the country this comes just days after nuclear talks between the north korean leader kim jong un and us president on trump in vietnam ended in failure i think we have to try to pick apart when and how the rebuild started that there's a very high probability that this rebuild was started before the summit happened and before the summit fell apart and then it could be in fact related to trying to make the sites look good for an anticipated media show to destroy amounts of the site just as much as this could be a reflection that they're trying to rebuild the shiners or shore showcase their capability to utilize it for missile launches the u.s. trade deficit has hit a record ten year high which in most nine hundred billion dollars that means that you know his state is importing far more goods and services worldwide and it sells it contradicts recent comments by the u.s. president donald trump who said the trade gap had narrowed one the twenty six
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thousand election on a pledge to revive american manufacturing and reduce dependence on imported goods. british an american made bombs have killed or injured nearly one thousand civilians in yemen according to a report by a yemeni monitoring group and a us human rights organization report investigated twenty seven astronauts launched on yemen by the sound of that alliance between april twenty fifteen and a full twenty eighteen united states will revoke the visas of seventy seven people associated with the venezuelan president nicolas maduro adding to a list of forty nine others whose visas were revoked on friday meanwhile germany's ambassador to venezuela has been expelled for welcoming the opposition leader in caracas on monday kaino was among a group of diplomats who helped gordo return to venezuela following a latin american nations tour there's the top stories people in power is up next thanks for watching to stay with us. africa's most populous nation the blah just
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economy has a youth unemployment problem in a bid to control the internet of the future some say a kind of digital ion co-incidence folding we bring you the stories to the shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost on outages era. almost two decades ago when sierra leone was in the grip of civil war troops from nigeria were deployed to protect civilians but instead some of the peacekeepers turned on those they were meant to save. atrocities captured on camera by journalists or some more now that harrowing footage is central to an extraordinary legal campaign to get justice for the victims.
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sierra leone west africa. in one thousand nine hundred eight in one thousand nine hundred nine nigerian peacekeepers murdered raped and tortured sierra leonean civilians. and got away with it. all. this footage of the nigerian peacekeepers i got up but it was filmed by a local cameraman sorious samura and broke cost around the world seventeen years
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ago in a documentary called cry freetown. there was a silent majority sophie. the nigerians have been invited to protect civilians by the sierra leonean government which was embroiled in a brutal civil war against rebel positions but instead of being protected as many became butchers. after the end of the conflict in two thousand and two a united nations funded tribunals was established to prosecute serious crimes committed during the civil war. but the nigerian crimes were ignored brushed under the carpet of history. after eighteen years of silence a team of international lawyers is reopening the case.
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file a story of saddam i believe this case representing victims that have suffered so much the case is being conducted by myself dr sharp a lot of getting drugs of malaysia out my brother. from sierra leone where do you take a separate photo to do something for the victims. that came in to protect. thank you. one has seen in the united nations allegations of peacekeeping abuses. underline those little. cases today five of those cases. video evidence. we have. been. given nineteen years no
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international mechanism has even attempted to. today this morning a case it's a request for us to put in place proper investigation and accountability mechanisms we know there's a different government. a different nigeria is in a way. i have every confidence that. may be possible. lummy mansour a he was five years old when the nigerian peacekeepers otherwise known as echo came to his area and you will see that everybody. in for the kids from the community in moore. or my studio. we don't
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leave me one and me to you my sister. will be dealing with my mind. soon one more you will be ninety minutes some. more you see that morning it. may not be. any more me you will see this morning it's in the in. the morning early going to be then we will be on my sisters and. i'm not time of emotions more me mommy daddy and it was your. sister as. soon as she said no they said no to. me mommy you know. you skip and sneak up on mom so we. all need to be
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a commodity and she she gets you in with you on my system. obsoletes no two we still. and it's about single dads i live. among anymore anybody alive what was your mom got. on my sister. only she saw what us against the economy. in december one thousand nine hundred eight as the civil war raged in the provinces there were rumors of an imminent rebel attack on the nation's capital freetown. sorious samura was a local cameraman living in the city for us we were living in the city we were just leaving in punkin in fear of the peacekeepers. the ones who were different in that time. it was on the morning of those six don't general area nine hundred
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ninety nine a friend of mine called on the phone and said the rebels are here i took the camera and from the window i started fim in the red arrows. i just thought what was happening in my country needed to be seen it needed to be framed so i made a decision to step out. those nine ten is what i feel what i saw what i witnessed and korean no body. nobody. sees it in their own people. the peacekeepers fills the block complete ok i think about it it is these is meant to be. the supreme peacekeeping force. here i was now with the camera.
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know people would think you know why are you just on there and feeling. i had no choice not such a mother. and. i just kept that short. people in c.m. . this is seems a good to me the theme. and what's a m f n. one do the people nothing. and the employee does a fee and even puts these lives on. a sell. out as this is. not new to me and i'm not in ca. and if even the. people to me so i thought the thing
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it took this is. an upbeat and begun to miss if. we are foreseeing. straight away there were guys started by the will barrel and with the boys still kicking took him into the wee peril. the boy begging for his back home and within minutes to be thrown here and a big must grieve a lot of family members will never ever. find out that some of their loved ones and it all yeah these intercepts shows he paid a debt price at the hands of peacekeepers. the special court for sierra leone was established in two thousand and two to
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prosecute those most responsible for serious crimes committed during the war. sharma hendra was one of the prosecutors at the court and he is now the driving force behind the renewed effort to seek justice a special court didn't have to stick. nigerian troops we had video evidence. the whole world has seen what has happened. and in probably the easiest cases to the prosecutor and we did it there was just talking peace silence. of victims of economic crimes. eighteen years of combined eighteen years of inaction against these nigerian troops .


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