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tv   The Husband School  Al Jazeera  March 7, 2019 8:32am-9:01am +03

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a trafficker promised to a new life with a well paid job the place where. he found out. that. the goals of the mining areas another brothels of mali say they were registered by law enforcement on arrival they also appear weekly do store for jews whose only problem with prostitution is when it involves bias at least under-age balance as an argument delegation found out report treating an estimated twenty thousand trafficked minus and young adults is complex and the girls and young women trapped in the sex trade here may have a long wait before they are reunited with their families i bet you greece al-jazeera. western mali the u.s.
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president donald trump's controversial border policies were in the firing line for the house democrats on wednesday but they did question trump's top immigration office official about the president's decision to declare in national emergency at the mexican border castro has more. and yet we are all to the american people your oath to the president of the united states there was little love lost between donald trump's homeland security secretary kiersten nielson and the house democrats now controlling the committee that oversees her agency let me tell you ma'am secretary either you're lying to this committee or you don't know what's happening at the border nielson defended trumps national emergency declaration to build a border wall citing a surge in unauthorized crossings more than seventy six thousand people mostly families from central america were apprehended at the southern border in february
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that's the highest monthly figure in more than a decade but these increases will overwhelm the system entirely this is not a manufactured crisis this is truly an emergency republican members backed the secretary's testimony blaming the increase crossings on a broken immigration system they say democrats have refused to fix its congress has failed. to solve this problem but the hearing was dominated by critical questioning from democrats many demanding an accounting of the president's zero tolerance policy that resulted in the separation of thousands of children from their parents last year when you saw those pictures of babies in cages what did you do what did you do to just scream bloody murder up the chain to the president says they differ from the cages you put your dogs in when you let them stay outside is
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that it is a different. yes in what sense it's large and it has facilities it provides room to sit to stand to lay down the road in my dog's cage the family separation policy ended after public outcry the advocates say it's still happening in a smaller number of cases but thousands of children who travel to the u.s. alone violence and poverty in their home countries remain detained three have died in government custody since the beginning of the year and number of republicans have sided against the president now final emergency declaration as well citing concerns that it exceeds the power of his office congress is expected to pass a measure to pencil that declaration but trump says he will veto high veto castro al-jazeera washington. at the height of europe's refugee crisis and twenty fifteen tens of thousands of people were arriving every month now with the number of
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neurons down nearly ninety percent and european commission has declared the migration crisis is over. the top executive of chinese telecoms giant huawei has made a brief appearance in the canadian courts a judge adjourned the case among to may the eighth that's when the court will set a date for an extradition hearing and chief financial officer is wanted in the u.s. after being accused of violating washington sanctions against iran. veterans of war of independence have back student led protests calling for the resignation of president bush to flicka they say demonstrators have legitimate concerns weeks of protests are posing a major challenge to the eighty two year old leader who's standing for reelection next month after twenty years in power but if it goes over to call it early elections if he's returned to office.
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talks about a possible. there
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have been protests outside one of the world's top horseracing tracks an investigation as underway to find out why twenty one horses have died there and just the last two months california santa anita park has been closed indefinitely off to another war service put down on tuesday experts are trying to find out if
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the weather beaten track surface is to blame. earlier we spoke today racing form journalist jane preventing he told al-jazeera the problem may lie with the way the track is being managed. well i've spoken to a number of trainers right now their main thought is just trying to figure out how they're going to keep their horses training for races that they had expected to run and they're obviously concerned over what has gone on but i do know that a number of trainers top traders hall of fame trainers have continued to work their horses over the surface and that to me is indicative of people who don't believe that the root cause of this is solely the surface because i can't imagine that they would be jeopardizing the health of their horses and their top quality forces by consistently working over a track that they thought had extreme underlying issues with it but i think there are other factors that have contributed to the situation here there's pressure that
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has been put on trainers to run more tractors trying to run more races per day than they have in years past and i think the cumulative effect of some of those things have contributed to the situation. and now let's get the rest of the day sports with joe. thanks very much manchester united have pulled off an amazing comeback to advance to the champions league quarter finals to beating paris sunday man on away goals united went into the tie with a two goal deficit but a first half double from remember look who kept their hopes alive united were controversially awarded a penalty in stoppage time after a long video review marcus rash had turned her as he calmly found the back of the net to give his side a three one win on the night. the other game of the night turned into another epic as roma were taken to extra time by porto who also got a penalty thanks to v.a.r. in the dying minutes alex taylor is converted from the spot and porto went to the
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quarterfinals for three on aggregate is the first time they've reached the last state since two thousand and fifteen the formula one season gets underway in a matter of weeks but human rights groups have criticized f one management for looking the other way and abuse is carried out in bahrain the country hosts the season second race human rights watch is concerned about the case of activist yousif he was jailed for three years after criticizing the race on social media in two thousand and seventeen in a letter formula one says that the behind the government assured them her imprisonment had nothing to do with criticizing the grand prix they went on we were assured that anyone who merely criticised continues to criticize formula one and behind is free to do so can say whatever they want and would be left alone to do so for me no one is committed to respecting internationally recognised human rights in its operations globally i am asked sube is middle east research at human rights watch she is highly critical of formula one's response there is but formula one's
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response is a clear indication that they have not to kim's case reset this case very seriously the fact that they are relying on assurances from the government that no punitive measures will be taken against activists and that. conviction and sentence had nothing to do with her peaceful opposition to the formula one race is just false and all the evidence points to the contrary so let's arrest occurred one week after she released a series of posts critical of holding the formula one races and behind him we reviewed we're human rights watch reviewed the evidence that the public prosecution submitted against and found that they relied very very heavily on. her social. e.g. a person opposing the holding of the foreman of one versus and back then as well as calling for marches to release to release that protesters that have been imprisoned due to their parole in
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a course in reform without one races and formula one has also seen the court judgement and that's where they raised their concerns with the back in the government in the first place and so relying on baseless and sure incensed by the for any government that the charges have nothing to do with mr houston's opposition to the gun the resistance is false and they have seen the evidence claiming otherwise for we know once shared publicly call on the bahamian government to drop the charges against mr jack youssef that are related to her exercising her right to free speech and they should also use their never to back in the government to pressure them to conduct an investigation into her allegations of torture and of treatment and who are the officers who subjected her to that their treatment to account was only a couple of months ago that andy murray broke down in taiz in australia fairing a hip injury could end his tennis career with a second operation behind him the three time grand slam champion is tentatively
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targeting the doubles competition at wimbledon this year and he says he's feeling much better about the future and in no pain when i'm walking around and stuff so you know that was the reason for having the the operation the first place so i feel there's still a lot happier and much in myself. on a daily basis yeah it was pretty good take us back to the tape a press conference because you must have been a very low point to speak like that to speak about the end of your career you know but i was struggling you know i was struggling for a long time and you could see that and just the way i was walking around in terms of you know limping it everywhere i was going so it was it was tough and in that basket was so sick kind of spoke from my heart a little bit and kind of opened up and it's been been tough kind of eighteen months so. i feel much better after i've done it. at the operation now and feel good question mine's back to november and you may remember this terrifying crash in formula three.
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that was eighteen year old german drivers to fear floor smashing into a barrier at two hundred sixty seven kilometers an hour during a race in macau china an accident in which she broke her spine but following surgery and rehab this was her on wednesday back behind the wheel for testing in italy anjan five days after the crash she's happy to be back after her crush i never really thought about continuing so i was always saying yes i'm going to continue and i'm going to train hard and i hope to be back as soon as possible so yeah this was one with the ration much just was looking forward so much to to be able to drive again as soon as possible and staying on the theme of crashes there was drama at the winter universe yet in russia a french speed skater took out her south korean rival after getting her arms stuck between the french woman's legs as they fell in the women's five hundred meter
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short track final the race was restarted after judges ruled both skaters could continue for a skater orally noel. the collision and storm to gold you could say she went from down and outs to ice queen and that's all a sport for now more later. and that's it for me to make a pun for this news hour but i'll be back in just a moment to more of the day's stay with us.
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carcinogen. it's the first day of school in bob an elementary school in mosul. has this school as a military base firing rocket propelled grenades and mortars up nearby and out at falsus . most helpful gauteng what it is like to be in school up to three years whole war . six year old does house of survived an ass like that hit his home and almost wiped out his entire family he now lives in the popular destroyed house with his father and grandfather. solace for the purpose his son for the first day in school is hopeful new friends will help is that
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a company. zero explores prominent figures of the twentieth century and how life already has influenced the course of history was the cuban revolution communist away feel castro is a feudal eastern not a communist that custer wanted his country che wanted international revolution became a point when the relationship came to an end the icons of revolution who changed the course of latin american politics. and fidel castro face to face on al-jazeera . expelled first by venezuela's opposition leader the german diplomat at the center of a political rant. i never thought i'd see this in my life in a rich country like ours. another side to venezuela crisis we go inside the ailing
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mental health unit. ellen malcolm i'm devika paul and you're watching all these are live from doha coming up. i would be very very disappointed if. they didn't get the nuclear deal now donald trump's worried about what north korea is doing with the missiles. the threats on their doorstep. confronting a growing humanitarian crisis. german diplomats been given a deadline to get out of venezuela as president nicolas maduro tries to stop his authority amid a deepening crisis that no crime there has been accused of meddling in venezuela's
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internal affairs the german ambassador's. opposition leader in welcoming him back to caracas on monday of the us government has given for i know forty eight hours to leave germany said back saying europe support for. wavering. everyone in venezuela knows who the person i'm grutter is there's only one that's not welcome in the region of the rest of the world in all the countries of visited they recognize the venezuelan fight for democracy as a constitutional element the red carpet rolled out in those countries wasn't for me it was for the sec refers of hundreds of venezuelans it was a recognition from every corner of the continent so i say to the autocrats the only people that are not welcome in venezuela are you. meanwhile the u.s. state department says it's deeply concerned about the reports of an american journalist detained in israel or korea whether it was seized by security forces at
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his apartment in caracas according to a press freedom group his venezuelan colleague was also arrested weddle has reportedly been charged with treachery. and the u.s. has revoked seventy seven visas from venezuelan government officials and says it's considering further sanctions but the u.n. human rights chief says the sanctions are just making the economic and political crisis worse in venezuela in our annual report in geneva michelle bestially also criticized with zero for what she calls violations of civil and political rights when all apollo has more on the situation in venezuela from cook at that's near the colombia venezuela border. u.s. national security adviser john bolton took to twitter on wednesday warning any foreign financial institutions not to do business with the mother or government or they could face sanctions he said in that statement that quote the united states would not allow the mughal government to steal the wealth of the venezuelan people we also heard
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a statement from of vice president mike pence who said that the united states was revoking the visas of seventy seven individuals linked to the mother government all of this is part of that ongoing pressure from the united states and the international community against the government of nikko last minute but apart from that pressure it's also show of reaffirmation support for the opposite for opposition leader. and his campaign for a transitional government in venezuela we've been keeping a close side to see if there's been any statement or or response from the government of nicolas moto but his his twitter feed has been more directed toward paying homage to former venezuelan leader hugo chavez it was the anniversary of the sixth anniversary of chavez's death on tuesday and that is more or less what the what the president of it as well has been talking about now the one who i do know the leader of the opposition as wasted no time in terms of the opposition strategy since returning from a tour of several south american countries over the weekend he met with union leaders he met with a powerful bloc of society which are public workers calling for
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a national strike and calling for more protests on march ninth on saturday but to a but but earlier today one by bill also called on venezuelan military officials to not prevent venezuelan children from accessing schools in neighboring colombia we visited a school where there's a ninety five percent venezuelan student population and every member of the faculty there told us that there's a significant and klein in attendance by venezuelan schoolchildren so the closure of the border of the venezuelan colombia border which is where we are now. is not only affecting children trying to access education it's affecting commerce but it's also affecting the. fate of more than six hundred tons of international aid that continues to sit in warehouses without any sort of idea of when that border may open so that that aid can make it across the border into venezuela. we have another view now of how the economic hardships taking its toll on vulnerable venezuelans
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a latin america editor lucy newman reports on the state of mental health facilities from the town of that's and she had a state and a warning viewers may find some of these images disturbing. half hidden at the end of this road is what was one of the news whalers most respected psychiatrically have been the taishan centers. now the only person left there is but not of the are seeing it as the watchman for the last fifteen years evil get us to have a why did they close the institute i ask. because there was no medicine or food there used to be three hundred patients but in may the last fifty were transferred dr phil expel lascaux worked at the institute until the last day and he tells a disturbing story documented was shocking images. it began five or six years ago the state national government started cutting the
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budget half of the three hundred patients were released to their families the rest had nowhere to go they began dying from starvation eventually we had one hundred and insufficient funds for food or medicine between forty five and fifty five more patients died of starvation especially in the last two men are. these patients who once weighed one hundred ten kilos and ended up weighing forty left with just skin and bones. dr of alaska says there was nothing they could do but transfer the remaining fifty patients to another institution in northern israel he's been told only nine survived. the psychiatric wing of sangli still has general hospital the only place now left in patchy the state for mental patients is another testimony to the crisis in venezuela's health services. going to make not only doctors and nurses but also means death i've learned because our salaries aren't enough to survive. the wind was designed for sixty patients but with the acute shortage of
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personnel it could only accept eight and only those whose families can supply their food and medication the facilities are in a dilapidated state in. looting the isolation cells the patients who become violent many no longer have locks for the whatever that may be a lot of patients have excrete through to see we're. all over venezuela mental health institutions are struggling to provide sufficient nourishment and essential medication to ease patients suffering the government blames u.s. economic sanctions but dr glasgow argues the decline began long before they were imposed. i never thought i'd see this in my life in a rich country like ours personally wrote forty five death certificates for patients who never should have died. and is venezuela's political and economic crisis worsens it's almost certain they will not be the last to see in human
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pity because the nice way like. in other news u.s. president donald trump has responded to reports that north korea has begun work to restore a rocket launch site just days after talks with kim jong il and didn't failure i would be very disappointed if that were happening it's a very early report we're the ones that put it out but i would be very very disappointed in chairman kim and i don't think i will be but we'll see what happens we'll take a look. i had begun to dismantle the facility last year as a confidence building measure following the first summit between trump and kim alexia brian has this report. these satellite images appear to show north korea's rocket launch site the web site thirty eight north which specializes in studying the reclusive state says they show efforts to rebuild between february sixteenth and march second. and those dates put it right around last week's summit in
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vietnam that's where u.s. president donald trump walked away saying he couldn't meet kim jong un's demands to lift sanctions analysts say this could be punching back the north koreans haven't actually used it for a long range test missiles they've used it in past for satellite launches which a lot of people say sort of double as missile tests but they haven't actually sort of formally used for missile tests and it's not necessarily clear that the rebuild is actually leading up to that my own sense is that this is sort of peek at the way donald trump treated them in north korea are in vietnam this into the strategic and international studies says the images show rapid rebuilding at a site partly dismantled last year when p.r. nyang entered talks with the u.s. and south korea every year if you're ready to leave your eyes it's not immediately clear though how the satellite images could have fixed the fragile nuclear
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diplomacy. that japan has its eyes fixed on north korea's nuclear missile development i have been gathering and analyzing information i will refrain from commenting in detail due to the nature of the matter. how much you know you change under the current situation we hope that all related parties can take the right approach to resolving the korean peninsula issue through political dialogue and by meeting each other halfway trump's national security adviser john bolton has already warned north korea it must be willing to completely give up its nuclear weapons program or it could face even tougher sanctions elixir brian al-jazeera. the u.n. says burkina faso is facing a full blown humanitarian crisis almost a million people in need of urgent help attacks on groups and intercommunal violence have forced tens of thousands from their homes in just the past two months nicholas hawke has this report. storming the school in the hands of
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attackers is more than just a training exercise for these soldiers. troops in britain you know so face unprecedented violence led by armed groups in neighboring mali now the attackers threaten areas just hours away from the capital ouagadougou. the troops are already fighting in mali as part of a un peacekeeping mission there already overstretched in the equipped. first mission. because we can contribute to international mission yes but first mission to defend your country but the threat comes from within. was a preacher from the northern region of who joined. an armed group based in mali calling on people back home to rise up against their government well go was killed in an airstrike in two thousand and seventeen attacks targeting both civilians and the state are intensifying tearing communities apart.


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