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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 7, 2019 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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and water simply to survive one expert witness told the committee there can be no humanitarian fix a political solution the humanitarian situation in yemen has sharply declined over the course of the war but any in an emergency humanitarian situation solution without a political settlement will not be enduring the house of representatives has voted to and u.s. funding for the war in yemen moved on trump says he'll veto it one human rights activist says there must be an end to armed seems to the saudi coalition says two thousand and fifteen the u.s. has supported saudi and immodesty attacks in yemen to civilians by sitting millions in bumps and other weapons and providing military and political support trump administration continues to support the saudis insisting it's an important regional partner especially when combating militants in the area but there's a warning continued involvement is creating future problems for the u.s. this is a four year policy the has failed it has incurred significant cost to the united
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states generating greater instability and potential new rounds of terrorism in the arabian peninsula both sides agreed to a cease fire around who did a port in yemen in december after un brokered peace talks while there's optimism that may lead to broader talks there's no sign a political settlement is near and the committee was told us needs to use its influence to get people around the table and divan we are bombs and bullets as a way to end the fighting season alan fischer al-jazeera washington and human rights group says american and british weapons have been used to kill and wound hundreds of civilians in yemen the findings were based on more than two dozen attacks by the saudi and u.a.e. led coalition documented between twenty fifteen and twenty eighteen the report from the yemen based group has prompted calls for both countries to halt arms sales still ahead on al jazeera accused off a cover up a cat. cardinal in france faces
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a verdict in a major abuse scandal and the european commission declares the migration crisis is over but there are still problems. and there we've got a few bits and pieces of cloud across the middle east at the moment with one working its way towards kabul there then another one that's making its way out of saudi and across into parts of iran and then the final one that's here over parts of turkey now this one is the most significant one it's giving us the heaviest outbreaks of rain and it's gradually working its way south was not it does so it is turning wintery over the high ground and will continue to track southward into iran that as we head through the day on friday the other systems will most of the move cleared by friday but we do still have a fair amount of cloud in the eastern part of our map that could just give us the
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old shower of snow or rain a bit further towards the south and here in doha it's going to be pretty blustery ger in the day on thursday a top temperature of twenty five feeling cooler thanks to that wind the winds are going to stick around that when friday should be fall called top temperature for us of around twenty six degrees that i'm to the southern parts of africa and we've got some fairly active rain here thanks to a little low pressure that worked its way into land there it was over the mozambique channel but it worked its way westwards and it's disintegrating now but it's giving plenty of rain in fact some of us in parts of mozambique could see around three hundred millimeters of rain from the system by the time it's finished that could give us a problem with flooding throughout the west it's coming down twenty. the weather sponsored by catherine is. real men killed a mother and son on that way to an appointment sadly the insurgents don't wear uniforms law also is signaling that with the was off the american occupation of
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iraq matthew has on hold eric prince to account trump tower twenty sixteen how come you didn't mention that meeting to congress and i did i don't know if i got the transcript wrong. i don't think you're that sharp but you can tell the difference between a polish guy a french guy all you think you are that charming head to head on a. hello again the top story on al jazeera chinese telecom giant weiwei is suing the us government has accused of hacking its servers and stealing. a security threat. to spy on federal agencies.
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america's trade deficit has reached a record high. trying to reduce the gap between u.s. imports and exports by imposing tariffs on chinese. human rights campaigners say british and american weapons have been used to kill hundreds of civilians and. their findings were based on documented attacks by the. coalition. a german diplomats been given a deadline to get out of venezuela president nicolas maduro. forty amid a deepening crisis daniel criner has been accused of meddling in venezuela's internal affairs the german ambassador stood beside opposition leader. and welcoming him back to caracas on monday government has given criner forty eight hours to leave germany's hit back saying europe support for unwavering. everyone in venezuela knows who the person is there's only one that's not welcome
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in the region of the rest of the world in all the countries a visit to they recognize the venezuelan fight for democracy as a constitutional element to the red carpet rolled out to those countries it wasn't for me it was for the secretary hundreds of venezuela it was a recognition from every corner of the continent i say to the autocrats the only people that are not welcome in venezuela. and the u.s. has revoked seventy seven visas from venezuelan government officials and says it's considering further sanctions but the un's human rights chief says sanctions are just making the economic and political crisis worse in the country and her annual report in geneva they also criticized the doura for what she calls violations of civil and political rights and follow as more from near the colombia venezuela border. u.s. national security adviser john bolton took to twitter on wednesday warning any
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foreign financial institutions not to do business with a mother or government or they could face sanctions he said in that statement that quote the united states would not allow the mughal government to steal the wealth of the venezuelan people we also heard a statement from of vice president mike pence who said that the united states was revoking the visas of seventy seven individuals linked to the mother the government all of this is part of that ongoing pressure from the united states and the international community against the government of nikko last minute a bit apart from that pressure it's also show of reaffirmation support for the opposite for opposition leader. and his campaign for a transitional government in venezuela we've been keeping a close to see if there's been any statement or or response from the government of nicolas model but his his twitter feed has been more directed toward paying homage to former venezuelan leader hugo chavez it was the anniversary of the sixth anniversary of chavez's death on tuesday and that is more or less what the what the
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president of it as well has been talking about now one of the leader of the opposition as wasted no time in terms of the opposition strategy since returning from a tour of several south american countries over the weekend he met with union leaders he met with a powerful bloc of society which are public workers calling for a national strike and calling for more protests on march ninth on saturday but to a but but earlier today one by bill also called on venezuelan military officials to not prevent. venezuelan children from accessing schools in neighboring colombia we visited a school where there's a ninety five percent venezuelan student population and every member of the faculty there told us that there's a significant decline in attendance by venezuelan schoolchildren so the closure of the border of the venezuelan colombia border which is where we are now. is not only affecting children trying to access education it's affecting commerce but it's also affecting the fate of more than six hundred tons of international aid that
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continues to sit in warehouses without any sort of idea of when that border may open so that that aid can make it across the border into venezuela this start of argentina's school year has been postponed by a three day teachers' strike they say wages aren't keeping up with inflation which reached nearly fifty percent last year government is trying to pull the economy out of recession with the widely criticized austerity program. and. it's going to a moment of crisis but it is nothing new for years we've been suffering unjustly wages well below the poverty line teaches is suffering from injustice with being mistreated by the government who does not listen to us does not address our claims israel's prime minister says his naval forces could take action against iran suspected oil smuggling he called on the international community to halt any efforts by iran to evade u.s. sanctions he accuses to her on of shipping fuel and secrets u.s. president donald trump last year pulled out of the iran nuclear deal and reimpose
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some sanctions there's been no immediate response from. and israel's central elections committee has disqualified an alliance of palestinian israeli parties from running in next month's elections it follows a petition filed by the prime minister's party along with two others they accuse the coalition of supporting palestinian resistance backing. polls suggested it would get four seats in israel's parliament the supreme court will have the final say on whether the coalition will be barred from april votes veterans of. the student led protests calling for president. to resign they say demonstrators have legitimate concerns weeks of protests are posing a challenge to leader who's standing for reelection next month after twenty years in power who has offered to call early elections if he's returned to office.
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at the height of europe's refugee crisis and twenty fifteen tens of thousands of people were arriving every month and now with the number of new arrivals down nearly ninety percent the european commission has declared the migration crisis is over but planes for those seeking refuge little has changed. well this notion that the migration crisis in europe over the european commission pointing to a ten fold decrease in the numbers of migrants refugees and asylum seekers trying to get into europe is something that i think would be disputed in the vast unsanitary in secure asylum camps in libya african migrants trying to get to europe and of course among the thousands festering in awful conditions inside europe in camps in the greek islands most of those refugees from syria there the crisis is very much not over it in any case why now why use this language when i think it's
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a pushback against what the commission describes as fake news misinformation myths and untruths about migration put about from within its own ranks you hear this debate very much alive in countries like italy where migration is used to fuel support for parties on the far right one of which is actually in government you hear it in countries like britain but no one has made as much running with it as victor or banned in hungary who's used it as an election platform he won an election another one last year of the back of the migration sentiment and rhetoric railing against the european union on everything to do with border security and calm compulsory relocation quotas and just a few days ago using the photograph the picture of john told you look at the commission president alongside all bands but why are george soros to depict. and constantly warns against a deliberate effort to flood europe with hundreds of thousands more refugees one that was a step too far for the european commission and this is the fighting back essentially
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against one of its own a court will deliver its verdict on thursday in a major child sex abuse scandal and france's catholic church the archbishop of the southern city if any on cardinal finney barbara is accused of covering up for a pedophile priests that's awesome but the reports from the. and his trial in january french cardinal phillip barbara told a court in leon that he had never covered up the sexual abuse of boys by a catholic priest the cardinals accused of failing to report bernard pray now to authorities over allegations he abused boys from the one nine hundred seventy s. to the one nine hundred ninety s. as a child falls for divorce was one of the priests victims now he campaigns for justice he said aloud pray not to work with children until his retirement in twenty fifteen . or against children deb
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use was on a massive scale that cardinal barbara collette hume continued to work in a position of moral and spiritual authority unacceptable. the case is shaken france's catholic church and inspired a film that won a top prize of the berlin film festival by the grace of god follows the alleged victim's story because katrina and her prior. to treat an actor from somebody like . it was in this parish in lieu of that at least seventy men say the painter abused them as children some were easy young a seven years old burn a brain at is now awaiting trial his alleged victims say that many people in the catholic church community knew about the abuse from some of the parishioners here to parents to the highest clerics in france like cardinal law but they say that the urge to protect the churches reputation was stronger than the urge to protect young
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children. this writer grew up in pain as parish and is investigated his case she says baba has trial reflects the way the catholic church around the world has failed to deal with abuse through like reporting on it and a problem with the church into recently was there was a fear of public scandal cardinals would say it was best to sort out problems internally but that's not right you sort out problems with the justice system and in full transparency the cardinal faces up to three years in prison if found guilty the public prosecutor has recommended no conviction because many of the accusations is so old the statute of limitations has run out false one devil says that whatever the verdict the trial has sent a powerful message to the church hierarchy in france that the culture of silence on child abuse can no longer be tolerated natasha butler al jazeera france an investigation is underway to find out why twenty one horses have died in the
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past two months one of the world's top horseracing trucks are brunell's reports from california. california's santa anita racetrack regularly hosts some of the most important dates in the u.s. racing calendar for now though it's closed indefinitely after a spike in the number of horses dying at the course in recent months. since the winter racing season began on december twenty sixth twenty one horses have been put down at california's most famous track after being injured while racing or training the most recent death was on tuesday when a four year old filly was euthanized after breaking a leg the number of deaths is nearly double that in all of twenty eighteen at the track the straw not group which own santa anita says the one point six kilometer race course will undergo extensive testing adding that the safety health and welfare of the horses and jockeys is our top priority in recent days animal rights
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activists have demonstrated outside the track this is animal cruelty they say profits not the horses safety is the racing industry's main concern this is an industry that makes its living on these horses and they need to put the horses first that has to be the priority why have so many horses died at santa anita so far there is no clear conclusion many horse racing industry professionals believe it has to do with the condition of the track after weeks of heavy rain and unseasonably cold temperatures santa anita management is testing the track with ground penetrating radar and has even brought in a machine that mimics the impact of a thoroughbred racing at full gallop animal rights activists suspect without offering definite proof that race horses are given drugs to mask injuries symptoms before being put on the track others say horses are now being bred too much for
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speed rather than stability making them more injury prone at this point everything needs to be looked at we need to be looking that the can do. and of the horses the veterinary records whether or not the horses had injuries before they got on the track that were looked at carefully according to a database maintained by the racing industry more than five thousand six hundred forty horses died on us racetracks between two thousand and nine and two thousand and seventeen robert oulds al-jazeera arcadia california. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera chinese telecom giant why waste so in the u.s. government and has accused washington of hacking its servers and stealing e-mails the u.s. considers why waste products as a security threat and so as beijing can use its equipment to spy on federal agencies the company has denied the allegations the u.s.
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government hides a lawn branded as threat it has hacked into servers and this story and e-mails and assaults code these tragedies the u.s. government has never provided any evidence supposed. that's why we posies a sample a security issue right. a u.s. government is very affluent. company and its. america's trade deficit has reached a record high this is a blow for president donald trump who has been trying to reduce the gap between u.s. imports and exports by imposing tariffs on chinese goods british and american weapons have been used to kill and wound hundreds of civilians in yemen that's according to a report by yemen based human rights group findings were based on more than two
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dozen attacks by the saudi and you want you led coalition which were documented between twenty fifteen and twenty eight in venezuela has expelled the german ambassador for welcoming opposition leader on why go back to iraq us cranor has been accused of meddling in venezuela's internal affairs and has been given forty eight hours to leave the start of argentina's school year has been postponed by a three day teachers' strike they say wages aren't keeping up with inflation which reached nearly fifty percent last year. for a president. to resign they say demonstrators have legitimate concerns weeks of protests are posing a challenge to the eighty two year old leader who's standing for reelection next month after twenty years in power according to. deliver a verdict in the case of a high ranking catholic cleric accused of covering up for a pedophile priests the archbishop of the southern city of cardinal. faces up to
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three years in prison if convicted. those are the headlines on al-jazeera this story is coming up next. personally one of the main beneficiaries is that the case listen if you want to be swedish of it in new york that's not exactly my point we meet with global newsmakers about the stories that matter just zero. i found the ok annual industry and i'm really could be alive today is for tonight more than just a video game we have diving into one of the biggest cultural phenomena in gaming so share your thoughts in our live chat or you can tweet us at a.j. stream al need to be in this to.
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the free to play online video game for tonight is a cultural juggernaut my only is it influencing pop culture but pop culture is influencing fortnight the game both more registered players than the populations of canada and mexico combined it also generates roughly two hundred fifty million dollars in revenue each month for its creator epic games but for many of the two hundred million people who play it fortnight isn't just a game it's a communal gathering place joining us to talk about this from los angeles we have jamie in the war and he's an avid gamer and founder of two five six a company that works with brands to engage with the world of play and interactivity in new york. is a journalist who regularly reports on the gaming well out in charlotte north carolina author psychologist and co-founder of tank gaskill good to have you as we also want to introduce you to one other person you will see throughout the show how
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they do or she is a digital producer here with the stream and an average for gamer to be playing the game during our discussions and you'll be out to follow along and he's fortnight jenny is at the bottom of the screen all the way through so if you get killed early . we will know no question all right but. i have never paid for it so we're going to play with you what do we need let's jump right into it so here we are in the lobby screen as you can see this is where right before you jump into the game ok so real quick i'm going to my locker when you happen to me i'm going to have you choose my outfit all right i'm going to go through this guy yes ok so me and. my bling. bling bling yes i want we want you to fly so now i'm back in the lobby and i'm ready to go fire up and go and i'm going to game can you play until course i can play all right plain talk of
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course so will the loading screen takes a couple seconds and i'll be probably in again probably a minute or two we'll be watching you at the bottom of the screen. so i mean we know that we have a lot of gamers in our community but this is one person who is not as simple or all them so i want to start this conversation with them this is christopher who says i heard a lot about this game for tonight and was curious to see if it was worth all the hype after trying it for a month i decided it wasn't for me love the look but spending twenty plus minutes wandering a giant world without seeing the soul to just get taken out from behind is not my idea of fun so james and i you know the last thing in there i want to give a little teaser for our audience because mohammad before the show described the game as our version of the hunger games you've seen the movies or you read the books describe for us based on this tweet from christopher what it is that you're actually doing in this game yeah congregates it's actually agree. as
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a culture we're familiar with the battle the kind of winner takes all format that exists in a lot of different places so you have things like dodgeball march madness for basketball so i think culture. understand what it means to be the last person standing which is really unique and revolutionary about fortnight is that if throws one hundred people into an environment that they all share and the last person to be standing wins there's a big ring that sits outside the world that kind of pushes people into a more and more compressed space but for you know the fellow who is feeling a little down about being lost by themselves they may want to consider playing with other people you can actually play as duos you can play with a squad so at least if it's if it's not as you getting taken out it's the rest of your crew so it's a really innovative format a really interesting twist on a very popular gaming style front with us i'm proud fortnight. what were you thinking he single for the actual goal was trying to do for you as
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a pro. well i'll tell you the first time i played it is the same experience and i was in there for twenty minutes i did know it was doing even though i'm a dreamer and i just decided to give up and just play on my phone which which is interesting about this game is cross-platform you can do play station x. box you name it but my claim to fame is after playing it for about a month i actually got a solo when i actually won the game on my phone which gives me a lot of street cred with some of the clients that i see but it also in playing this game with my son and getting better at it it was just very bonding experience it was very funny when this broke i started i could hear the theme music it made me feel like coast actually walking into my house going to greenlight you kids playing and it was very familiar i like that i because it's the family area that people online are saying is what draws them to it because it's the thing that they come back to again and again so this is gene park and he says some of the appeal it's
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free which is a big factor it's on every modern platform it being on phones was a big in a bowler and frank you just mentioned how you played on your phone gene on twitter says it enables cross-platform play the way part that way progress is always ensured no matter where you are i shall want to bring you in here with this tweeting is this different than the way other video games are played the fact that you can play it on any platform what made great still. five as who don't know it basically means that no matter what pop from your on whether that's a p.s. for on mobile or a p.c. you can play with other people i would say fortnight is actually a big game that really brought this to the mainstream and sony actually caved into pressure at the end of last year to enable cost from play largely because my parents were like look we want to play with our friends let us play with them on p.s. foreign stuff and as previously mentioned it's free to play so that combined with the fact that it's cross-platform means that the barrier to entry was significantly lowered. i do think you'd want to add to that is when march madness was
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mentioned what what's happening culturally over the last decade or more is at least in the us and probably worldwide if we don't have common experiences when i was going to take myself but when i was growing up i was watching the love boat dukes of hazard and we go to school and we talk about a particular football game because we had a limited choice in terms of what we could entertain ourselves with this is that experience all these kids young adults adults we have the shared experience now so we can go into school or go into the workplace and talk about the time we spent together and this is just one of those rare platforms where you can actually do that to me having seen all the people around the well playing with tom and i have an example from experience and from different parts of the walls. that's a really important point about the game being able to play it be played on multiple devices it's that every country is
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a little bit different and you know access to high speed internet is different in every country access to you know p.c. gaming rig for example which might be on the more expensive to have your multiple on which everybody has games exported it really flatten the experience for everyone around the world it is going to try it out and bought having a piece now on be a part of the conversation if you want to play it with other people right if you look at other forms of viral need. a beauty or a point to read ever it might be a take off don't democrats are having trouble connecting we're here to talk about different kinds of connectivity in different parts the we will. frank what is happening in you will brighten a problem for night one of what happens psychologically as a. well as gaming you have lots of different kinds of players that and i'm going to be judged severely by all your social media and the audience but i
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tend to be a camper which is somebody who hangs out plays back plays cautious and that's actually how i got my solo and as i got in a bush you can actually in the city you know wander around the bush twenty minute ride was that you get in the bush for twenty minutes i mean you won the day well i had to creep along because you have to stay within the eye of the storm and then there was one other guy left and he was shooting bush is the triumph i mean i managed to kill him and it was so it's a very cheap way to win but that's what i love about playing with it especially my son is he's a leader and he tells you where to go where to be and it's a game that can teach leadership ship skills problem solving and it's it's really an impressive platform so when you're talking about the leadership skills i want to go to one hundred now because i'd like to know who it is that you play with. you know that it's a hundred player game in the world gets smaller and smaller who are you playing with right now so right now i mean the solo all alone in this huge humongous world
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and to numberous myself i'm kind of doing with what the guest just did i'm not camping but i did land for i didn't i didn't go find smoke purposely to fight so right here i just finished looting i have four still i've picked up a bunch of men ready for any battle coming my way but usually when i do play i don't like playing alone i have a huge group of friends that i play with we call it we call or we call what's our group game boys and whenever someone wants to get on we dismiss it's a group whose own guys and we jump on the game and we play together and that communal that community feeling is really felt because one of my friends for example of simulator the other lives and some live in the west coast some live in chicago so it's a great place to come together to speak and i play almost i don't want to say a daily basis to seem like such exactly to seem like such a huge third well i'm pretty much put on a daily basis and i talk to these people almost every day so they become close friends and even invited them to my wedding so young you know the outside over here
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is that we're so here's the funny part and i kind of feel but i knew a majority of them in real life so i invited those ones to my wedding but that one there's a bunch of them whatever met one is still good friends with but i kind of felt weird inviting them to my wedding but i kind of i kind of wish i did oh and i just got killed you know i have no idea what it is. so i guess i didn't know i'm going to let regroup there because you talked about friends and that communal feeling we got a video comment from a former member of the stream family former producer and host here latoya peterson she's a gamer she's also on the board of advisors for that society and she talks about that community. peterson from washington d.c. and. cultural phenomenon because it's fun to play. it was a free to play you know huge multiplayer game and one of the key secrets to success
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is that it was fully customizable you could completely fix your character and change your world around you had a mission but you also just hang out with your friends and so that makes for a really compelling experience in those who are compelling multiplayer experience and when more people start play there are a lot of reasons to meet in the world the same way kind of people go to starbucks the third place for tonight has come at their place for gamers and gaming and so it's overleaped other types of games like book my golf. so de mint he mentions it's sort of like the new starbucks it's a place to meet it's a place to hang out when you think about. i mean i think that's true to a certain extent i mean the reality is that there's lots of things to do in fortnight so they've had some virtual concerts they're experimenting with this big concert with marshmallow that millions of people attend did these other types of game modes so there's a minecraft like game mode inside a fortnight to build things i think you know at the end of the day it's one of many places that people will go i think in the same way that starbucks is one of many
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different coffee shops sometimes you want to be kind of big coffee shop experience is that people want to go to like their local kind of like grocery but the overall trend line is true that videogames increasingly are becoming a place where many different types of people spend time together that's one hundred percent accurate to have. my my a my son. is his twitch handle is vader geek as in darth vader and he is trying to be ninja the guy that makes a ton of money playing this and he's very very good at it but i was i mean i tell him i was a little skeptical and this has been become his communities he's adding followers he's interacting with them and it it's almost a game within a game a healthy way of kind of building a following and follow other people and i think it's not only just a starbucks thing but there's there's this tie into popular culture where at least in the states we've got the n.f.l.
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so you could buy skins which is sort of the customized ability of your favorite team and i guess maybe a year or so ago maybe longer when the infinity ward came out you could play as status which was ridiculous how quickly they they blend of those two franchises and how they can kind of tie into current pop culture stuff that's outside of the game is really impressive so frank does that in a sentence does that saying to it will those who are new to that. church which is basically it's not quite social media but it's a way of following other people with similar interests and you can stream your games so i on my phone. how we get work and my phone will go off and it says my son is now streaming video and i can then click on that link and i can watch him play and i can talk to him i can interact with them is another way of being connected in a highly digital world i see you've done something else calls for courts about full
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and i has one of them for night reading is taking over everything. so you can stand on what is. but it's blowing up and has blown up in the past can you put your finger on it for our audience because if you want to mess it seem to have a problem. all seeing a play games i guess since using up balloted what is it still so big. right so i think james and frank actually touched on a few of these things one of it is there is such a huge intersection of popular culture like the marshmallow sponsor and you know drake cleared that it's become so mainstream that there's more to connect with as opposed to this traditional gaming experience where you have to be this really experienced gamer to sort of get anywhere you can be casual drop in and out and still see all these cultural references that you can talk to your friend about i think that's definitely one of the big things and you know latoya and her question earlier she talked about how for and it was so customizable and i think there's
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a really great parallel between not just you know a fortnight and a starbucks but fortnight and social media it's free to play but all these players are five skins you know outfits emote which are like that's what you can do and they're almost like status symbols so it's like a going to instagram and posting your you know coolest you know outfit that's a similar appeal to a fortnight i think it's a way to show like oh you're doing this or their friends are in with the latest skin or the latest weapon just kind of go off to agree with both or against this game really capitalized and learn how to work off the hype so what they do is there are seasons for example in about every two months or so there's a new season with new season comes a new version of the game a new updates and new guns and they really have people on their toes with the new things and every week they bring the drop something new they drop a new game on or they jump like they said in skins so that really also played into the big factor of why for names so there's so much hype around the game and people
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keep coming back to it because they learned how to make sure they're not boring to keep bringing in new things one that i love in the conversation but i don't want you to die so i need to go there because of what we are but i don't want you to die again we've got a comment on you tube right now from me who says i played. both mohamed plenty of times and he's never left a man behind. the forty one year apart from his wedding. here in america so this is a friend though was invited to the with so i want to actually bring up another you to comment we got this is from dalia and she says do you think this online game is toxic to female gamers and streaming and i said because you're covering this what's your take on that question right so gaming has a history of not being very friendly to female gamers you know sometimes they're there marginalized players in the game and there have been history there's been a history of female players being harassed right there was this phenomenon called
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game or gate where female gamers were just being really violently spread and online so far that hasn't materialized so badly in fortnight there have been sort of cases every now and then of young players being you know scanned on maybe there are some unruly behavior i'm worried that maybe further down the lifespan of the scam that might happen but right now fortnight is built you know for young people it's simpler goofy it's it's super fun that i don't think it says prevalent a problem yet but that's completely different i'd say to maybe the gaming industry at large which still has a long way to go in terms of diversity accessibility and being friendly to all genders and gamers. you know i read a little bit first i would see how to dalia she's one of my twitter followers. you know glad she could you know and but. the thing that's fascinating to me and i don't know if this is this could be
1:40 pm
a cultural shift at least in the states around gender because when i would play games in the ninety's you know that it was soul calibur and women were very objectified. and when you play the game you typically like i might go play as a guide for girls play she plays girl but in this game gender seems very nebulous and my son will play as somebody who's clearly a woman or a guy somebody is a guy and that's not really ever discussed they seem more or interested in the style of the character in the skin but it i don't know if this is sort of the shift in gaming. that is are actually really positive. like for me for example i have a bunch of skins because unfortunately i've spent a wants to i won the game but my coolest skins are the female characters in my opinion that's why i usually play with both amy me and you may need to. my bad luck
1:41 pm
which is my bad luck skin but it's ok i'm trying to find our so i mentioned the positives and so then i hate to follow that up but the negative but we got a video comment that's pretty interesting and this is from nate that grayson he's a reporter at the taco in l.a. and he talks about the potential ethical dilemmas that we could run into with court and have a listen well one of his players a place to have fun it's all a game based on passion split sport from a horror right now we're going to put in more wins less military professions based on the bowery games but it remains to be playable some place free version of that was it slightly unnerving but not entirely unsurprising that most popular game among its not ruthlessly competitive hyper taboo society tells players to see everybody else not some sort of broad system as an enemy and a struggle that can have only one. so damon it's based on a fascist blood sport from a horror novel would you or will bond to nathan well i mean i think that's like
1:42 pm
a fair reading and criticism of the game i guess i would argue that you know that's a criticism that can be legit levied against any kind of winner take all environment games are very good at setting up there are lots of games that feature you know you versus everybody else so i mean i think there's a good argument to be made that you know fetishizing just the idea of like winning at all costs is probably not a good thing but again i don't think that this is unique to fortnight i'd mention some other you know other things earlier dodgeball for example has a no winner take all environment king of the hill there are lots of these types of environments and games so i think it's a it's a really interesting read on it but whether or not players are actively making that connection i would argue is probably not the case i said that i would add to that there's i've got a lot of articles on trying to think about video games and violence and the
1:43 pm
research is pretty clear and the reason why i just tried it this way is i have parents of clients that say well i'm not going to let my kid play for tickets. and what i say to them is some of the games that cause kids to be the most aggressive or dangerous are driving games football games hockey because they've done that they've been in a car they've played a game so if it's in their hit kids have never been on a floating bus landing on an island wearing these clothes it's the kids ability to separate themselves star wars doesn't make you violent and i think it's the ability to kind of see this is your team rather than this earlier where you want to rip their brains why should that happen a couple of. surrounding fortnight and then a couple of them where the audience and you can address them. back pack heat doing
1:44 pm
the floss here we go. very nice and have to mention the cult of dance here we go we have the carlton dons as well explain why these two we can't control the scenes in the fortnight well it's right so but kid who is doing the fos dogs on the carlton dance these are accessible in the game as in notes which are basically animations that your that your character can do and of those two people i can't his name is russell horning and alfonso ribeiro is carlton the fresh prince of bel-air as well as the rapper two million they've all sued fortnights developer epic games for basically stealing what they allege a feeling they're dancing with and even more interesting is in the very first of those lawsuits two million said that fortnight is explicitly appropriating the work of people of color a lot of you know eye for an african-american artist so this is start of this whole debate this legal debate about can you copyright
1:45 pm
a document. and then there's another debate which is like how are video games appropriating the culture of people of color so that's been a huge dialogue people like chance the rapper have chimed in like it's really something that i think is present in the mind of people watching and playing for a minute. for me it gives you an example of how big the game is that these conversations that we're having in the real world now being started off by a video game absolutely i'm going to wrap up with. the community to see what she's up to hearing about these two comments here from you tube one person pretty positively says i played many games in my life and work night has to be the most active game i've ever come across constant updates and seasons keeps people bringing people back but someone else wants us to know and he's not alone there is old news apacs is the new top dog you guys are hot behind so that's the next game
1:46 pm
will have to do a show and just own time if you're dead right now right here and you are dead to us thank you so much for joining us thank you to the guests see you next time i'm always online take care of your body. a face can tell a story without uttering a single lie. and now england. can guide us. a simple touch inform us. the un convention manatee of life witnessed through the lens of the human eye. is what inspires us. witness
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documentaries on al-jazeera. from nine hundred forty six to nine hundred fifty eight the united states detonated dozens of atomic bombs in the marshall islands when the us was getting ready to clean up and leave in the one nine hundred seventy s. they picked the pit that had been left by one of the smaller atomic explosions and dumped a lot of this cutrone i'm another radioactive waste into the pit the bottom of the dome permeable soil there was no effort to line it and therefore the seawater is is inside the dome when this dome was built there was no factoring in sea level rises caused by climate change every day when the tide rolls out radioactive isotopes from underneath the die roll out with it. really we're not talking just the marshall islands we're talking the whole suite of.
1:48 pm
germany's capital there's a barber like no other sort of what it is. possible. but as he said he changes he's moving with the time. and going on the roads. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live there. the master barber of berlin this is an al-jazeera. one of the world's tech giants suing the u.s. government.
1:49 pm
you're watching life from a headquarters and. also ahead a war that's caused a humanitarian disaster a new push by u.s. politicians to end the conflict in yemen. i never thought i'd see this in my life in a rich country like ours another side to the venezuela crisis we go inside ailing mental health. they're called against dictatorship and they say their popularity has kept them out of prison in thailand. fellow chinese telecom giant weiwei is taking the u.s. government to courts it's challenging a federal law which restricts u.s. government agencies from using weiwei products the company has also accused washington of hacking its servers and stealing e-mails the u.s.
1:50 pm
considers why waste products a security threats and says beijing can use its equipment to spy on federal agencies. the u.s. government had said. it's right it has had good servers and. e-mails and it. describes these the u.s. government has never provided any evidence supporting accusation that i we posies securities direct. the u.s. government is no effort to smell good company and it probably bought. our correspondent adrian brown has been at that news conference of why ways headquarters in sens and how rare is it adrian for a chinese company to come out and speak so publicly let alone sue the u.s. government. well i can't recall an
1:51 pm
occasion where a large private chinese firm has announced it's going to be suing the u.s. government that is indeed very unusual and the language being used there by the rope tating chairman of war where he was very blunt very direct weiwei clearly want their day in court and they are determined to get their day in court they say that the allegations that have been made against them in congress remain unfounded and they want to have a chance to prove to really clear their name what we're seeing at the moment i think is the beginning of what is going to be a long media and legal offensive we saw very much a very international management lineup today we heard opinions of a u.s. lawyer a british security expert and of course while ways other key chinese executives it was trying to convey i think a really international voice why way of course is not just any chinese company it
1:52 pm
is a company that is the most successful successful tech company of all in this country and what we're talking about what sickie here is five g. technology that is very much the next hour the rado the prize that all tech companies are chasing right now well unusually the executives agreed to take questions from a selected group of media organizations including al jazeera and i put my question to song looping who takes care of wild ways legal affairs this is what he had to say. you say that to our way is not influenced or controlled in any way by the chinese government but if the chinese government were to ask you to pass on a customer's information in the interests of national security would you say no. so. the top officials of the chinese government have made it very clear on multiple
1:53 pm
occasions that chinese companies need to comply with local laws when they are operating globally the chinese government has also made it clear that china has no law requiring enterprises or individuals to install back doors or collect intelligence from another country for the chinese government we have never received a request from any government including the chinese to install back doors or collect intelligence if it's beyond the law who will reject the request so even though there was this attempt as you're saying to internationalize that news conference adrian how is this all being seen in china well you know this is a company which really in a sense chimes with many people's ideas here about pride and patriotism it is a company that really is very important to the chinese people it's a private company and you heard in that comment from song looping there are no connections with the chinese government he says that they don't they haven't had
1:54 pm
any requests from chinese government leaders to pass on information about any of their customers but he did say that the company would comply with the law if they had to pass on information related to terrorism for instance so he was explicit on that i think what happens now is that while we will continue to persist with this media and legal offensive but it's interesting isn't it because you know in the past chinese company executives have been rather like chinese government leaders they didn't speak to the media but the arrest of mungo while weighs chief financial officer in vancouver where she's fighting extradition to the united states has of course changed all of that ok adrian brown with an update from trans am thank you. a u.s. congressional committee has been told the white house needs to do more to end the war in yemen the warning comes from expert testimony gathered by house members of
1:55 pm
the house of representatives it says the fighting could create long term instability and pose a future threat to the united states alan fischer reports from washington from a hearing room in washington to discuss how to bring an end to almost five years of fighting thousands of kilometers away but this is no detached form war u.s. is part of the sodium led coalition confronting the fighters and the subcommittee chairman says requests to satisfy the coalition is doing all it can to reduce civilian deaths have been ignored by the trump white house that the administration brazenly ignored the february night certification deadline the administration continues to refuse to certify ignoring a loss supported by both republicans and democrats the war which escalated dramatically in march twenty fifteen has created the world's worst humanitarian crisis the united nations says twenty four million people need humanitarian assistance fourteen point three million need food and water simply to survive one
1:56 pm
expert witness told the committee there can be no humanitarian fix a political solution the humanitarian situation in yemen has sharply declined over the course of the war but any in an emergency humanitarian situation solution without a political settlement will not be enduring the house of representatives has voted to and u.s. funding for the war in yemen a move donald trump says he'll be too but one human rights activist says there must be an end to arm seems to the saudi coalition. since two thousand and fifteen the u.s. has supported saudi an amount of attacks in yemen use of idiots by sitting millions in bumps and other weapons and providing military and political supports trump administration continues to support the saudis insisting it's an important regional partner especially when combating militants in the area but there's a warning continued involvement is creating future problems for the u.s.
1:57 pm
this is a four year policy that has failed it has incurred significant cost to the united states generating greater instability and potential new rounds of terrorism in the arabian peninsula both sides agreed to a cease fire around who did a port in yemen in december after un brokered peace talks while there is optimism that may lead to broader talks there's no sign a political settlement is near and the committee was told us needs to use its influence to get people around the table and divan we are bombs and bullets as a weed to end the fighting alan fischer al-jazeera washington and the human rights group says american and british weapons have been used to kill and wound hundreds of civilians in yemen the findings were based on more than two dozen attacks by the saudi a new iraq coalition documented between twenty fifteen and twenty eighteen the report from the yemen based group has prompted calls for both countries to halt arm sales a german diplomats been given a deadline to get out of venezuela as president nicolas maduro steps his off
1:58 pm
already amid a deepening political crisis daniel criner has been accused of meddling in venezuela's into another fares the german ambassador stood beside the opposition leader in welcoming him back to caracas on monday by the us government has given criner forty eight hours to leave germany's hit back saying europe support for is unwavering. everyone in venezuela knows who the person are non grata is there's only one that's not welcome in the region and the rest of the world in all the countries are visited they recognize the venezuelan fight for democracy as a constitutional element the red carpet rolled out in those countries wasn't for me it was for the sacrifices of hundreds of venezuelans it was a recognition from every corner of the continent so i say to the autocrats the only people that are not welcome in venezuela are you we have another view of how
1:59 pm
economic hardship is taking its toll on vulnerable venezuelans our latin america editor the c n n when reports on the state of mental health facilities from the town of para become into tierra states just a warning viewers may find some images disturbing. half hidden at the end of this road is what was one of the news whalers most respected psychiatrically have been the taishan centers that now the only person left there is but not of them are seeing it as the watchman for the last fifteen years evil get us to have a why did they close the institute i ask. because there was no medicine or food there used to be three hundred patients but in may the last fifty were transferred dr phillips the last call worked at the institute until the last day and he tells a disturbing story documented was shocking images. it began five or six years ago the state national government started cutting the
2:00 pm
budget half of the three hundred patients were released to their families the rest had nowhere to go they began dying from starvation eventually we had one hundred and insufficient funds for food or medicine between forty five and fifty five more patients died of starvation especially in the last two. these patients who once weighed one hundred ten kilos and ended up weighing forty left with just skin and bones. the doctor of alaska says there was nothing they could do but transfer the remaining fifty patients to another institution in northern minnesota he's been told only nine survived. the psychiatric wing of sangli still has general hospital the only place now left in patchy the state for mental patients is another testimony to the crisis in venezuela as health services. were going to make not only doctors and nurses but also means that because our salaries.


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