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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 7, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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village our livestock everything we own is gone we want justice the most polar herders who criss cross the border between mali and brick enough asta to feed their cattle of supporting armed groups. community members attacked their most neighbors in retaliation burning entire villages including ras man's home. we sense it was coming i had prepared myself to leave because of the feeling of suspicion quickly turned to hate the desire for violence was in the air it is still so intense. this cycle of violence has not only killed hundreds of people according to the un almost a million people are in need of urgent assistance aid agencies warn it is turning into a humanitarian emergency enough azo has seen recent search in armed attacks that cost one hundred thousand people to flee their homes and half of them
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have fled within the last couple of weeks. fear mistrust and attacks closer to its capital are fueling the violence and brick enough. the nation seems on the brink with the expanding conflict in the region now at its doorstep nicholas hawk al-jazeera. still ahead for you we're live in bangkok where thailand's top course is there to along whether to ban an opposition party. and political power plays in venezuela as germany as ambassador is kicked out for welcoming home the president's rival. and i bet the next weather system is piling its way across europe at the moment the morning after another recently and his the latest one bringing us very windy
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conditions as a pretty heavy rain as well that system sweeping its way eastwards and as it does so it's still trailing plenty of blustery winds behind it plenty of showers as well and as that will gradually edges its way across scandinavia yet more rain is making its way across ireland there as we head into friday said generally speaking there many of us across europe i think have pretty messy weather at the moment it's quietest down towards the southeast and here is that he will do some of us as well be caressed up at twenty one of athens and a part of sunshine twenty degrees for us a bit further towards the south a fine weather for many of us in the eastern parts but further west there's a little bit more in the way of cloud in fact quite a lot more cloud and that will be giving us one or two outbreaks of rain the whole thing is working its way eastwards but very very slowly as we head through friday so still we're all the gray for many of us here and under that cloud is not feeling that was some of it be around sixteen degrees a bit further towards the south and we've got the showers just picking up over the western parts of africa now so we'll see we'll to have the ones here we also see
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quite a few towards the east as well stretching from uganda towards gabble. all jaziri explores prominent figures of the twentieth century and how influenced the course of history was the cuban revolution communist the way feudal castro was a feudal east the not a communist the castro into this country changing to international revolution became a point when the relationship came to an end the icons of revolution who changed the course of latin american politics. and. race to fix.
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hello again i'm. reminded of the news this hour huawei is taking the u.s. government to course the chinese tech giant is challenging a federal law banning u.s. government agencies from using its products because of security concerns. the latest figures show donald trump's trade offensive against china and others could be failing the u.s. trade deficit has blown out to its highest level in ten year olds. and politicians in the u.s. house of representatives are again pushing for the white house to end the war in yemen president trump says he'll veto any efforts to stop u.s. assistance for the saudi u.a.e. led military coalition. well thailand's constitutional court is preparing to rule on whether to ban one of the country's main opposition parties the thai rocks a chant party is accused of violating election laws for nominating princess dahl as
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their candidate for prime minister in an upcoming vote the move was criticized by have brother the king who said it was inappropriate for royals to get involved in politics the nomination was ultimately rejected by the electoral commission well al jazeera is when hey joins us now live from bangkok outside the constitutional court when what are we expecting to hear today. well the nine constitutional court judges have been meeting in a room behind me here for the past hour or so going over the last pieces of evidence that they need to formulating a verdict in this case that arose from that decision last month by the thai rak the charge party to nominate princess tube on russia as its prime ministerial candidate for the election on march twenty fourth we're expecting that verdict to be delivered in less than an hour a short time ago we saw all the leaders of the thai rak to chart party filing into the court to wait for that verdict to be delivered i have to say they looked very
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somber indeed not surprising given that a dissolution verdicts by the nine judges would mean of course that they are unable to take part in the election on march twenty fourth but also would mean that the fourteen members of the executive committee of the thai russia china party would be banned from politics for at least ten years so obviously it's a very serious situation we don't know which way this is going to go of course but there is some history here this party is linked to talks in china what the former prime minister who was ousted in a coup in two thousand and six twice before this same court has ruled to dissolve parties backed by him linked to the former prime minister in fact six of the nine judges involved in this case that will be delivered to. the verdict will be delivered in a short time from now were involved in one or both of those cases in two thousand and seven and two thousand and eight so it seems that it would be a surprise if the court didn't dissolve the charred body deserves way ahead
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watching developments for us in bangkok thank you wayne. while staying in thailand which has asia's new hub a big international art fairs away from the gate to galleries censorship laws and five years of on the roll and making it tough for local artists in the lead up to this month's general election and young artists are finding new ways to push the boundaries reports. made headache stencil a street artist who uses spray cans to satirize thailand's ruling army since the twenty fourteen military coup he's led a movement of political artists who are finding ways to avoid the country's strick censorship rules. approach army party of former generals is heavily t two with this month's general election but headache hopes his message will shake up the establishment but i would have in my current government has stayed longer than normal i've seen many military supporters are now unwilling to support them and i
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think this is a turning point if. the public is starting to listen thanks to bands like rap against dictatorship. their anthem condemning corruption politically impunity and the growing social divide went viral with close to sixty million views but. the rap troupe believe their songs popularity is the only reason they gyal. well and then went on political discussion is good and it should be free no one should fear being arrested or getting thrown into jail for talking about politics on. laws which protect the ruling military and mana key from criticism have been used on an unprecedented scale since the army took over shortly after the coup a crisp wanted man kong was imprisoned for two and a half years for performing in a university play that was interpreted as criticizing the world family i'll pray is
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very dangerous far for them because we talk about. something that they don't want people to know about in this climate of crackdowns and censorship on ottis thailand is actually hosted forgot expose in the past year including the bangkok korean ali . but curators say they operate in a climate of fear where soldiers have righted galleries and removed artworks critical of the military government officials argue censorship is needed to maintain peace in a polarized political landscape. type people have a lot of freedom there's barely any problem but whenever you're leaning towards one side slanderous someone and present false information as fact and i think we take it seriously. but local artists say repression will only lead to more rebellion rap and rhymes. al-jazeera bangkok and you can watch the full documentary thailand's
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rebel artists on one zero one east at twenty two thirty g.m.t. on thursday right here on al-jazeera. the u.s. president says he's disappointed about reports that north korea has begun work to restore a rocket launch sites a website called thirty eight north which monitors north korea says satellite imagery shows buildings are going back up at the sites that kim jong un agreed to dismantle last year it follows last week's failed summer's between kim and donald trump in singapore i would be very disappointed if that were happening it's a very early report we're the ones that put it out but i would be very very disappointed in germany and i don't think i will be but we'll see what happens we'll take a look veterans of algeria's war of independence have backed student led protests calling for president abdelaziz bouteflika to resign they say demonstrators understandable weeks of protests posing
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a challenge to the eighty two year old leader who standing for reelection next month after twenty years in power has offered to call early elections if he's returned to office and won't run again. in cameroon leaders of an armed separatist group to appear in court accused of treason the amazonia freedom fighters have attacked villages schools and businesses over the past year their aim is to pressure the government into establishing an english speaking state in what is mostly a french speaking nation victoria gave me reports on the impact this is had this been on a plantation in south west cameroon used to be a thriving business not anymore last august it was attacked by armed men from a group known as the amazonian freedom fighters workers on the phone say they were terrified they worried about more attacks we've hidden their identities they beat me on the head with a machete
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a young man was asked to kill me but he didn't have the courage to do it one of the guys kicked me and they fell to the ground he cut my neck and back i begged him not to kill me after that i lost consciousness. the plantation was so badly damaged that it's been difficult to restart production the park houses burned to the ground were then spread and people were afraid to come to work the package was abandoned the fields were abandoned that's why you see weeds everywhere the separatists who attack the plantation want the government to recognize southwestern cameroon as its own country to be called amazonia they say the english speaking minority faces discrimination in the largely french speaking nation the surge in violence has damaged cameron's economy this plantation is a by the country's biggest private employer it says its profits fell by fifty percent last year putting thousands of jobs at risk in the palm sector all out of
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seven estates only to. freshen up. their british and finally in the bottom a sector this is. fighting has caused thousands of people to cross the border into southern nigeria they're waiting to return but must be wondering whether they'll have jobs to come back to victoria gate to be al jazeera germany's ambassador is being kicked out of venezuela accused by the government of meddling in the country's affairs daniel krajina was among those to welcome opposition leader one back to caracas on monday president nicolas maduro says that was unacceptable and wants krajina gone in forty eight hours germany is among the nations supporting one who is declared himself venezuela's interim president. everyone in venezuela knows who the person is there's only one that's not welcome in the region of the rest of the world in all the countries of visited they recognize the venezuelan fight for
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democracy as a constitutional element the red carpet rolled out in those countries wasn't for me it was for the sec rafah hundreds of venezuela it was a recognition from every corner of the continent so i say to the autocrats the only people that are not welcome in venezuela are you the stars of argentina's school year has been postponed by a three day teachers' strike they say wages on keeping up with inflation which reached nearly fifty percent last year the government is trying to pull the economy out of recession with a widely criticized austerity program. as an education in argentina is going to a moment of crisis but it is nothing new for years we've been suffering on just wages well below the poverty line teachers are suffering from injustice with being mistreated by the government who does not listen to us does not address our claims . scandal hit social media platform facebook has announced new plans to protect
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users privacy. says facebook's focus will change from public to private sharing he also said facebook will not be storing user data in countries with a weak human rights record last year it was revealed that days or for millions of its uses was harvested by a political consultancy. british soldiers might be deployed on the streets to help deal with rising knife crime the government's had emergency talks with police who blamed years of budget cuts for reducing officer numbers we've barker reports from london. jody chesney and yusef marquis are the latest ninth and tenth teams to be fatally stabbed this year this is the london parkway jodi chesney was murdered stabbed in the back a she played music with friends the victims were both seventeen ten teenagers have been killed in stabbings this year twenty seven in the past twelve months the killings of course outrage and a fierce national debate nine of my friends were shot dead in the last one was shot
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fifty seven times this is sheldon thomas a former gang member who now advises young people and politicians on violent crime he believes the current debate been heightened because recent victims have been white and middle class why does it take a middle class person to be killed before they use the word crisis when poor whites and blacks are being killed for many years over fifteen twenty years we've had countless of young people stabbed in exactly the same way shot there and yet that it wasn't considered a crisis when. if you just showed and thomas one c. or thirty's to pay more attention to the impact of social media and a culture that glorifies guns the knife crime this is drill music the police believe it fuels rival gang violence this group ten eleven was recently banned from mentioning death or injury in their music money girls and respect that the gang is what throws in very world social media is their broadcast social media is the mom
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social media is the bag and in their world what you call a surge in knife crime justice it's very verge of justice finding a solution to knife crime is now in the hands of the government and police a growing number of young people have lost their lives in a cycle of mindless violence that has shocked us all the responsibility for these crimes lies with the perpetrators of them but we must do more to ensure that justice is served but the government faces tough questions over funding comes. with the blood to the lowest police numbers in decades public services that were there to support young people have been systematically stripped away you cannot keep communities on the chain by cops and privatisation you have to invest in all of our communities police chiefs want to implement a surge against knife crime review powers to stop and search people they've been
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given to the end of the week to set out exactly how much investment they need there are fewer offices there for this less policing going on and there's more crime so there's some sort of link it's not the only thing that explains what's going on but it is part of the equation poverty drugs gangs abusive homes psychological problems deep cuts in policing not to mention an online culture that seems to glamorize and glorify violence there's no single reason why young people are carrying knives while teens are murdering teens on britain's streets and that suggests there's no single solution. london. hello i'm mr hall with the headlines on al-jazeera is taking the us government to court the chinese tech giant is challenging a federal law banning u.s. government agencies from using its products the u.s.
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considers huawei its products a security threat and says china can use its equipment for spying they u.s. government had to launch branded as threat it has hacked into our service and the story and e-mails and a song called these tragedies the u.s. government has never provided any evidence supporting accusation that i we posies securities. fear the u.s. government is very good to come and. have . the latest u.s. commerce department figures show donald trump's trade offensive against china and others could be failing the u.s. trade deficit has blown out to its highest level in ten years and a u.s.
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congressional committee has been told the white house needs to do more to end the war in yemen the warning comes from members of the house of representatives who say the fighting could create long term instability and pose a future threat to the u.s. a palestinian teenager has been killed by israeli fire along the gaza border overnight and fighter jets later struck several sites belonging to her loss in southern gaza israel's army says it was in response to explosive devices being sent across the border fence almost two hundred palestinians have been killed along the gaza israel barrier since may last year thailand's constitutional court is set to rule on whether to ban one of the country's main opposition parties the thai rocks a charter party is accused of violating election laws for nominating princess doe as their candidate for prime minister the move was criticized by her brother the king who said it was inappropriate for royals to get involved in politics the nomination was ultimately rejected by the electoral commission thailand is set to
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hold its first elections in twenty fourteen on march twenty fourth. well those are the headlines join me for more news here after inside story. talk to. us personally one of the main beneficiaries is that the case listen if you want to meet with the nation of india all that's not exactly my point we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter how does iraq. where of history algeria's army chief evokes the civil war of the mine nine hundred ninety s. the one protesters who've been demanding the president's resignation so how will they respond and who's really in charge in algeria this is inside story.
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hello again i'm james pays the biggest protests in years against algeria is president again ing strength thousands of people have been rallying for nearly two weeks urging abdelaziz bouteflika to pull out of next month's election the eighty two year old has been in power for two decades but is rarely seen in public after suffering a stroke and twenty thirteen beautifully issued a letter saying he won't complete a full term if he's reelected now the army chief is trying to quell the protests by evoking memories of the civil war of the one nine hundred ninety s. two hundred thousand people were killed in the off the math of the one nine hundred ninety two military coup that came join the election will bring in our guest to discuss all this in a moment but first bring us up to speed this report from emma haywood. they've known no other leader in the one country for twenty years.
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but there appears to be a groundswell against algiers abdelaziz bouteflika in the capital algeria's the message from thousands of demonstrating students was clear they want him to leave office now. we are against beautifully karna gets a regime we are fed up twenty years are enough we want change mr millennium and. they've been in power for twenty years we've overlooked the situation for too long to process it's time now for people to wake up and not just citizens. some students were forced to cover their faces suffering from the effects of take ass this outpouring of anger began when algeria's ailing leader announced he would run for with term as president the cry for politically cut to step aside has been growing louder every day spreading beyond the boundaries about ca's. the military
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which helped lead and shape the country during and after the bloody civil war in the one nine hundred ninety s. wields power here and its military chief says it wants to guarantee algeria security lynn real that. some parties which feel annoyed to secure and stable do not like it do you want to take back to say years of pain during which people suffered all kinds of suffering and paid a heavy price the great people who lived through such difficult times were never given the bounty of security president beautifully suffered a stroke six years ago and has rarely been seen in public since then he's offered to shorten any new term in power but many here believe that doesn't go far enough. several days. as a protest against his room have led to more than two hundred people being injured i am it no can say constitute the rights to free expression is part of the algerian
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constitution we expect that those rights be respected where there is peaceful demonstrations under the rule of law. the military has warned that some people want to take algeria backwards protests to say that they are looking ahead to trying to secure a better future and after twenty years it is time to change and he would al-jazeera . well let's bring in our guest to discuss this further in algiers joining us on skype we have. she's a research fellow at the paris based school of advanced studies in the social sciences in oxford in the u.k. we have michael willis he's the author of politics and power in the grab. from independents to the arab spring and here with me in doha use of blondel he's professor of international affairs. university welcome to you all can i start with
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you you're there in algiers i know you're not a reporter you're an analyst but i wouldn't like you perhaps to give us an idea what does it feel like what's the mood there right now well we're doing here has changed a lot i mean three weeks ago people remain kind of this bad there was there was the discourse that actually the country is not going to evolve anymore that there is no live that far of the people here and certainly the discourse that's challenged and there's a lot of hope and people are really optimistic but i don't say that it has not cherished without a new reason an important question is asked is why about why do we have a lot of the most traditions now and makes you promised now well first i did something to denature of the of the regime itself you know for the past two mondays . of this vacuum that has been left bank because we're told as.
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not threatening by the ruling elites and people who are behind that so what happened actually that i'll try and get used to leave without any president to go to soon to leave without any representative institutions parliament parties even though the election process so they finally found that nearly without the presidency and that. they me we gave their country's future you know for a do since the the end the end of this you were there he hasn't insisted to make the audience believe that if they should not trust each other that if they go along with this kiss in which other industries and you see the army name it may happen again but finally days on the student debt they cooled i mean to go back to
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dad to regain trust with each other but they finally did so and that's why you heard during the protests in the us in yeah peaceful demonstrations peaceful demonstrations every time so this is where i am they have yet again trust in each other and trust that they can ask for change peacefully ok you synfuel with me here in doha you also are an expert you're an academic but you're also analogy arion how does this mood feel right now where we are right now are you excited or are you nervous what both actually you have to be excited to see you with your night the demonstrations all over the country for them on the in the east to the sun to the seats the well most of the government. we saw people in all jews to mostly well do the ugly lope but it's the most recent form of geez i think the last one
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goes back to two thousand and one obviously people are visibly united. allowed one particular idea no to the fifth president but for the cause that's how we started and the second thing is now that the people who want to blink when the regime so it's very exciting times for but decided. to be the cautious be thought that these demonstrations may go out of. it becomes violence. so what happened in the ninety's i don't think but it will go into violence because it seems to be that the julians have learned the lessons of the my duties they also learned the lessons from the arab spring countries and like the form of jesus so the world or the buzzword for these demonstrations has always been. peaceful peaceful and when you see the youth after the most lessons cleaning the streets
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they're trying to the little ship in algeria as well as the outside world the old demands legitimate the with a little bit to take our country formally you say that the main demand right now is no twelve fifty of beautifully michael in oxford he basically has been unwell throughout his fourth. very very unwell it seems he's not really seen in public very often who really is running out syria and has been running it recently is. well this is a very good question and i think this is behind a lot of the protests and the unhappiness the since he had his stroke in twenty thirteen he hasn't as you said been in public he's not able to stand or walk and he has a great deal of difficulty speaking any appears in public two or three times a year he didn't even campaign in his last election twenty fourteen and i think part of the problem is with sort of it's
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a repeat of what happened five years ago i think the last of the last time he was elected for his fourth term in twenty fourteen i think he was given a degree of benefit of a doubt thinking well this may be a lost the political leadership need time to find a successor but they've now had five years and it's clear that they haven't been able to come up on a cap a candidate they agree with to replace leka and a lot of people find this extremely frustrating and humiliating but they're now represented by a man who wasn't even able to file his. his papers to be took to be a candidate people particularly unhappy over recent years where. the national celebrations and national days the president was was represented by an enormous framed picture of himself making our jury look like some sort of bizarre cult or north korea and a lot of ordinary algerians found that very humiliating and very frustrating
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perhaps you can give us some more details on this mean people in lots of countries rage about the deep state but it seems out cheerier really is run by the deep state give us some idea who is in this shadow we are all. i was motioning to previously how was. the gym has been called when he's on track by trying to maintain old golf this year all the presidents of the city then president to have who can kind of been in his physical access but i will say that even the army who is also another important part of this decision making group that is leading i'll check out how they also been cowed by its own discourse how that you know for years especially since the end of this you work the army has you speak to this. instantly that they were enough going to be involved in politics anymore
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and finally farcical any chance houseboat to do this course and with. the vice president of defense into yet this and who's the one who resents that the military command within discoursed tracon inc. has not to take the streets because the army want to lay waste to get back to the city where they say well actually i am absolutely disconnected from this discourse why that because while i think they bought the idea that the op may have enough to reintegrate in politics the army is only the heir to prospects of the country under risen from serious and up to. an artist in all potential to she's all of politics and what's going on so we should know now of course we have old ninety's on the on the world clans and so on but if you look very close to what is important that's what makes sense to the altar and
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it's none of this that i see is what next to the gym now you know who is leading all git out of just to get rid of those as he has these things and they have made them clear well not only about after. me but you want to get me down there gene so there's a new chair chair of participation i mean there should that is that is emerging within this is a society within the ranks of these students lawyers. high school. pupils that's the long and the moment i mean all members of our young cancer society and we should be as white should look closely at these new church opposition i mean though she doesn't mention you're talking there quite a bit about the military it's interesting twenty four hours ago was in this chair discussing venezuela are seeing one of the military going to do next it's very much one of the most important questions here as we focus on the army of cheerios let's
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take a closer look it's played a major role in politics since independence from france in one thousand nine hundred sixty two it's one of the most powerful armies in africa with nearly eight hundred thousand personnel in one thousand nine hundred two the military launched a coup just as many believe the islamic salvation front was about to win a second round of the election the first democratic election since independence this marked the start of algeria's so-called black a decade of civil war that killed at least two hundred thousand people and injured many more use if we have the statement from the head of that army. general ahmed good he said out here is army will guarantee security and not america to an era of bloodshed but then he sort of was at a veiled threat he talked about the years of pain what would or wouldn't do they did not. because of all of the last few years they have be dull could move
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to do a lot of the media to the to basically to protect different views of the country and more to get involved in politics so obviously we did do these demonstrations he reminded basically people but when we do the. countries of the arab spring in mind he reminded the julians that these peaceful demonstrations may turn violent i think that the it's not war and then i would read it much as an advice to those obviously the the other meat the sea the seas it's the particular of the country and like you said earlier on it has a big say in how the country is run it all the algerian presidents included with the physical well brought in by the military. as the custodian of the nation obviously it would not allow things to go out of hands but as long as the
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demonstrations are peaceful done i think that the military will step aside it's interesting isn't it michael that so far in these protests yes you've had the riot police out there in tear gas and some some arrests but the military have stayed in their barracks do you think the military will stay united michel. i think so i mean at the moment as you said it's a police state in that there and i think as professor blondell said i think there is a great reluctance to get involved the military are involved in the political leadership bag salar the head of the army is one of the key figures in in the lead in the political leadership. of the army. there were the last time that algeria had so significant social unrest was in october one thousand nine hundred eight and then the army did come onto the streets and kill significant numbers of people but that was extraordinary controversial and damaged the image of the army and i think the
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army would be very very reluctant to go down that path again and i agree that good solid statement the head of the army statement is really to try and diffuse the situation but i think that there is confused and uncertain as the rest of political leadership of litigation algeria tends to like to do things slowly and not it and behind closed doors so this situation is very very awkward for it it doesn't like moving at this pace it doesn't like this happened just discuss these things openly well if i can ask you there in cheers clearly there were protests at the time of the arab spring and yet they didn't go anywhere why was that back then and is it different this time. well you know when the first the most traditional as a city and then what that have started in the julia writes us for a long before the are planned long before two thousand and eleven that has always
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been a tradition of resistance within the ranks of judges even if the object is well where one else past facing in the old usual political life that the whole time to be in existence and those made made by devil full them they always have been highly politicized to. co-create discussion making private jokes about the the leadership of the army and even by. doing last trip in intensity both illegal in the goal and compass in the maghreb mid meaning question still out and have always been highly politicized but the problem is that these demonstrations have all i was mentioning where always asking for the state to come back and they never found it down the sound directed the regime so i believe this is the call them and how by stating my own tradition is the fact that now people are no more interested by the same south or are just based. on the state and how to live next to build
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their own faith this is what has actually defended them and also a feeling that we should renew our reconnect with that struggle i mean there have been a lot of operational answers to the war i'm just and and dependents now check it out and decide that's all going on where also in harrisburg's of this that there were also revolution there was so this is a disc and i'm. among the youngest ones so this seems that no. offense to the offspring at such that is really a sense that this is the long route and history that has been there not to malaysian the struggle within the outlet to the society of picnics already. and that's a lot to me. you say if we've heard all that talk about the history and there has been a violent past in your country the war of independence against france and then the
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very dark days of the one nine hundred ninety s. is it significant given that that so many of these people on the streets are so young perhaps that violent history doesn't worry them so much when i think. when we look at the opposition in algeria something like forty five percent of the population today is below the age of thirty so if somebody was born let's say in ninety in the ninety four he would be twenty five. dispersant has not lived the civil war of the ninety's they were still a child during the arab spring even. but when you talk about two thousand and eleven at least we had the president who could speak to the people. the price of oil was sky high a one hundred forty thousand one hundred forty dollars a barrel so do you the government was able to invest in peace and subsidize.
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increased salaries and so i wouldn't sell for to the national team just made it to . south africa to the world cup deal before so there was some kind of. optimism and so on and so forth but this it's completely different the world the most races but there will in some pockets only but when we see pictures of the president himself in the wheelchair. with the seat belt it's very degrading to other the image of the person himself as well as the country now the people are looking for jobs houses stability and so on and so forth they want to contribute to the future of their country and when we see the demonstrations throughout the country and this is very very important. the birthplace of most of the members of the cabinet to our two countries in two cities in the south so this is for the first united.
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around one particular idea it begun with we don't want a fifth of what for the cup and the time went by we saw the people who want to bring down the regime and obviously with what nobody knows what is up in to the president unconfirmed reports say he is still in switzerland on a life support machine nobody knows if it's true or false so the next few weeks the thing the demands will be even higher than the president on a life support machine and some might say michael use of say that the economy is almost on life support was reminding people watching this should be a rich country it's rich in oil and gas. well yes it is it's a major exporter medically of natural gas and basically the political fortunes of a country are often followed the economic cycles and particularly the the price of of the oil and gas the progressive lendl said and one of the things that basically
4:44 pm
allowed president bush to flicker in the early part of it presently succeed was as president blundell said quite high oil and gas prices but in they rose up until twenty fourteen and then began to see a tumble which began to put huge pressure on the algerian economy doesn't really produce or export much else set every dipping depends on that and even though the country is not yet run out of money it's running through its reserves it's having to cut back on the budget and there isn't really an alternative plan b. for when when the money begins to run out unless the apart from hoping that the ore prices increase again and i think this did actually enforce this amongst the population are beginning to feel some of the austerity measures they're beginning to worry about the future and there didn't seem to be an alternative policy been operated by the regime and i think that it's certainly fed into the protests and
4:45 pm
fed into the unhappiness we clearly have a protest where lots of people know what they're against and it's a very organic protest very young protesters isn't the problem or one of the potential problems if they were to succeed there is no organized political leadership among this protest movement. you know people have been to prevented by the right to speak of baden right to fire a child there's a battle ranks who you are too good to take to streets and now not to worry about these issues that's where we must leave our discussion thank you to our guests for the analysis of this fast moving story to. michael willis and use of blondel every day of the week we focus on one of the world's main issues you can see this program again and our previous programs at al-jazeera dot com the team here would love your thoughts what should we discuss next time we're on facebook facebook dot com slash a.j. inside story we're also on twitter too at a.j.
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inside story of see you here again soon of ifa now. june ling's sierra leone civil war nigerian forces were deployed to protect civilians in state some turned on the population in plain sight to the journalists camera these is a name to be a well trained decent green peacekeeping force to look at the problem complete a change in his own using his harrowing images international lawyers seek justice for those suited by their guardians peace kilis on al-jazeera. monch on al-jazeera. maggi husain debates discusses and dissects the
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big issues of our times and head to heads five years after the revolution is in ukraine will have a chance to offer a verdict on what's come since. in a powerful new film residents of occupied east jerusalem through its own its past present and future. leaders will gather for the thirtieth arab league summit in tunis yet join us for coverage and we examine the development of an unusual alliance between radical buddhist monks and the military in million mom march on i'll just sierra. this is a boon for blind people right now and technology there is so much going to help people it's fragile thanks for calling i read this is there and what are you looking like today we get to assist the client with their day to day tasks and give them more independence and freedom to suppose our coats or that old ship that sure is a tomato exploration process with a laser in
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a way we have outside knowledge available to us techno. it's. every. chinese tech giant huawei series the u.s. government for banning its products. hello understudy attain this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up
4:49 pm
a thai opposition party waits to hear if it'll be banned from the upcoming elections for trying to make the king system its candidates plus. the u.s. has supported attacks in yemen use a video a new push from politicians in washington to end america's involvement in yemen's war. and we look at the cost of cameroon separatist violence as leaders of an on to movement prepared to face course accused of treason a. chinese technology company huawei is taking the u.s. government to court it's challenging a federal law which restricts u.s. government agencies from using while way products it's also accused washington of hacking it and stealing e-mails the u.s. considers huawei is products a security threat and says china can use its equipment to spy on federal agencies.
4:50 pm
they u.s. government had silom branded as threat it had to hack into our servers and the story of our emails and a source code these tragedies the u.s. government has never provided any evidence supporting the accusation that our way of posies security is direct. they u.s. government is very no effort to a company and it probably could have bought while we. brown has this update from. well as up the ties war way has confirmed it's going to be filing a lawsuit against the u.s. government that was confirmed here at the shenzhen headquarters on thursday when they spoke to the international media they invited selected networks here including al-jazeera we heard from six company executives we got legal opinions
4:51 pm
constitutional opinions and of course their views on security and technology the message that while away wanted to convey today i think was this they want to cooperate with the authorities in the united states but they're also for of quite a while way once it's day in court it's determined to get its staying called it wants to clear its name it believes it's been the victim of a prolonged smear came campaign in the united states now in the past chinese business executives were a bit like chinese leaders they rarely spoke to the foreign media but the arrest the detention of mungo waste chief financial officer in canada has changed all of that and what we're seeing now is a legal and media offensive and here in shenzhen that media offensive has now moved into a new gear. well the u.s.
4:52 pm
has been suspicious of chinese tech phones for some time now in twenty twelve the congressional panel want to weigh and its rivals said both posed security threats fast forward to last year and as adrian mentioned while ways chief financial officer was arrested in vancouver in january the u.s. justice department filed charges against while way and making relating to fraud obstruction of justice and attempted theft of trade secrets but president donald trump says he'd consider intervening if it serves national security interests or helps to close a trade deal with china while trump has been fighting a trade offensive against china and others since coming to office promising better deals but the u.s. trade deficit has now grown now to its highest level in ten years here's our white house correspondent kimberly health that. the report by the u.s. commerce department stands in stark contrast to what president donald trump said just days ago that you saw trade deficits were down last month the rule is going to
4:53 pm
for underwater well we'll take you in a lot of tariff money and it's going right to the bottom line and it has reduced the trade deficit so in reality new data shows the trade gap between the united states and china in particular has widened last year by forty three billion to four hundred and nineteen billion it's a result of an increase in exports from china to the united states well exports of u.s. goods dropped. and the u.s. trade gap overall well it's swelled to a ten year six hundred twenty one billion dollar high their numbers not seen since the global financial crisis of two thousand and eight that means quite simply that the united states imports far more goods and services worldwide that it sells this despite promises made by the u.s. president on the campaign trail in two thousand and sixteen that his policies would
4:54 pm
put america first in the global marketplace the u.s. is currently embroiled in a tit for tat trade war with china posing tariffs on more than two hundred fifty billion of chinese goods china hit back with tariffs on a hundred ten billion of us products as the two sides continue to negotiate trump has delayed his threat to impose tariffs on two hundred billion more of chinese imports in the u.s. and in september the white house released this video arguing the tariffs have already had a positive impact we're changing things and we're changing them fast but the commerce department numbers suggest a very different trade reality one the u.s. president seems unwilling to acknowledge kimberly helped at al jazeera washington. thailand's constitutional court says preparing to rule on whether to ban one of the country's main opposition parties the thai rocks a charge party is accused of violating election laws the nomination princess doll
4:55 pm
as their candidate for prime minister in this month's votes the move was criticized by have brother the king who said it was inappropriate for royals to get involved in politics the nomination was ultimately rejected by the electoral commission well al jazeera is when hey joins us live now from bangkok outside the constitutional court when have we had any word yet from the judges. yes well those nine constitutional court judges have been inside the court room behind me going over the last piece of evidence formulating their verdict in just a few moments ago they began their acts by what could be a very long process of reading that verdict out involving the potential dissolution of the time rocks a charge party at the moment one of those nine judges going through a few formalities before the reading all that verdict proper will begin very difficult to say exactly what these nine member panel will come up with as you
4:56 pm
mention the accusation is that this party drags the more mickey in to politics which is something that is not done in thailand the royal family is seen as being above politics so it was a surprise move almost a month ago exactly when the party announced that princess who won right would be its candidates become prime minister on the twenty fourth of march and in just a few hours after that announcement that announcement was made it was shot down really in a statement that was released by the palace saying that it was inappropriate and that it was unconstitutional and there is some history here is well this court has twice before in two thousand and seven and two thousand and eight dissolved parties that are linked to the former prime minister taksin chin of what who was ousted in a coup in two thousand and six. iraq's a charge the party that is being debated today is also backed by tanks and you know what so this would be he's. dissolved by the court if indeed they do find that way
4:57 pm
today. al jazeera is way in hay in bangkok for us watching these developments thank you wayne. israel central elections committee has disqualified an alliance of palestinian israeli parties from running in next month's elections and follows a petition filed by the prime minister's likud party and two others they accuse the run by coalition of supporting violent palestinian resistance and backing hezbollah poll suggested it would win four seats in israel's parliament the supremes court will have the final say while the palestinian teenager has been killed by israeli fire along the gaza border overnight fighter jets later struck several sites belonging to hamas in southern gaza israel's army says it was in response to explosive devices being sent across the border fence a u.s. congressional committee has been told the white house needs to do more to end the war in yemen the warning comes from expert testimony gathered by members of the house of representatives it says the fighting could create long term instability
4:58 pm
and pose a future threat to the united states alan fischer reports from washington. from the hearing room in washington they discussed how to bring an end to almost five years of fighting thousands of kilometers away but this is no detached former war the us is part of the sodium led coalition confronting the fighters and the subcommittee chairman says requests to satisfy the coalition is doing all it can to reduce civilian deaths have been ignored by the trump white house the administration brazenly ignored the february night certification deadline the administration continues to refuse to certify ignoring a loss supported by both republicans and democrats the war which escalated dramatically in march twenty fifteen has created the world's worst humanitarian crisis the united nations says twenty four million people need humanitarian assistance fourteen point three million need food and water simply to survive one
4:59 pm
expert witness told the committee there can be no humanitarian fix a political solution the humanitarian situation in yemen has sharply declined over the course of the war but any in an emergency humanitarian situation solution without a political settlement will not be enduring the house of representatives has voted to end u.s. funding for the war in yemen a move donald trump says he'll veto it one human rights activist says there must be an end to and says to the saudi coalition. since two thousand and fifteen the u.s. has supported saudi and immodesty attacks in yemen to civilians by sitting millions in bumps and other weapons and providing military and political support trump administration continues to support the saudis insisting it's an important regional partner especially when combating militants in the area but there's a warning continued involvement is creating future problems for the u.s. this is a four year policy that has failed it has incurred significant cost to the united
5:00 pm
states generating greater instability and potential new rounds of terrorism in the arabian peninsula both sides agreed to a cease fire around who did a port in yemen in december after un brokered peace talks while there is optimism that may lead to broader talks there's no sign a political settlement is near and the committee was told us needs to use its influence to get people around the table and the van we are bombs and bullets as a way to end the fighting and alan fischer al-jazeera washington in cameroon leaders of an separatist group of jews who are pair and court accused of treason the amazonia freedom fighters have attacked villages schools and businesses over the past chair their aim is to pressure the government into establishing an english speaking state and what's mostly a french speaking nation and the reports on the.


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