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tv   The Master Barber Of Berlin  Al Jazeera  March 7, 2019 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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to its capital are fueling the violence in brooklyn a fast so the nation seems on the brink with the expanding conflict in the region now at its doorstep nicholas hawk al-jazeera a veterans of algeria's war of independence have backed student led protests calling for president to flicker to resign as he demonstrates his concerns are understandable recent protests are posing a challenge to the eighty two year old who's standing for reelection next month after twenty years in power with a figure has offered to call early elections if he's returned to office and won't run again. in iraq reconstruction remains an obstacle to displaced people returning home the government has allocated money and establish commissions for people to file for assistance but it's natascha going in reports from mosul there is little sign that of that reconstruction money abdul salam yeah he says he's dead inside an airstrike killed his son the home he built is uninhabitable and
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he and his family pay three hundred fifty dollars a month to live in the rubble of someone else's partially destroyed home. get a hint of that younger man long before life under eisel emerges when the seventy two year old describes jumping from roof to roof and hammering beams for fifty years in mosul's old city. with these two hands i built so many houses so the happiness of people felt pride now i'm helpless to rebuild i feel a sense of hopelessness inside that i can't contribute to rebuilding my city it's difficult to find a home or building in the western side of mosul not damaged or destroyed during the battle to purge i saw a member of the nineveh provincial council says there are eleven thousand six hundred destroyed homes and forty five surrounding villages are levelled the iraqi
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government estimates it could take one hundred billion dollars to rebuild the country after its battle with ice all since twenty seventeen its allocated money in the federal budget for people who submit claims for compensation however allegations of rampant corruption and too much red tape mean few are getting the money they need to start over yet yeah it is among the more than one million people who filed claims in mosul and across the nineveh province fewer than one percent of the people who filed claims have received assistance members of parliament could not tell us exactly how much money has been earmarked and distributed in claves what is that. people have nothing to rebuild their lives with we are going around in empty circles and no proper solution is given everything is ink on paper. the frustration is as overwhelming as the mountains of debris and choking dust.
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the only thing we need from the government is to hasten the process of compensation and turn their attention to this calamity otherwise the situation will remain bleak for generations. oh yeah and his family complain about the absence of grocery stores the rodents that have found a never ending feast and the stench that comes from decomposing bodies deep under the wreckage especially after it rains but they won't leave the old city they have roots here they say it's one of the few precious things they have left natasha going to name al-jazeera mosul facebook has announced new plans to improve user privacy chief executive mark zuckerberg says the focus will now switch from public to private sharing and facebook won't be storing user data in countries with a weak human rights record facebook's under pressure to reform after it was
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revealed data from millions of users was harvested by a political consultancy. he has.
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well again let's get old school now his leo thank you has a little summer if they still appear to speak out on expanding qatar's world cup to forty eight teams and is now reported to be considering sharing the tournament with oman and kuwait for president gianni inventin no has been pushing this idea for
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months now but the concept of sharing the tournament with qatar's neighbors is complicated by geopolitics qatar is being blockaded by saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahaman and egypt however oman and kuwait have remained neutral which is why we may now be considering them as a potential co-host this is sure to be a hot topic when the fifa council meet in miami next week the video assistant referee took center stage in the champions league especially in paris where manchester united pulled off an incredible comeback against paris sense among united were down two nil from the first leg but won the second match three one scoring a crucial penalty in the ninety fourth minute which sent them through on away goals the penalty was given by v.a.r. for handball and marcus rash word scored it to send them into the quarter finals united are the first team in champions league history to come back from a two nil home deficit it's another win for enter
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a manager ole gunnar sol shire he lost just one game since taking over in december and believes they can win the whole tournament. well you have to refer to as we found ourselves we can go all the way but we could. we just have to wait for the drill and then take the game as it comes p.s.g. star player neymar ripped into the officials on social media after the game the brazilian is injured and watched from the stands he said in the tweet or on instagram rather this is a disgrace they put for people that know nothing about football in charge of looking at the replay for v.a.r. there is no penalty how can it be a handball when it hits his back the p.s.g. manager wasn't happy for me which makes it super hard is like that i had to leave feeling that the shot disco going not on target and to get a reward from shooting from twenty twenty two metres over the bar and you get rewarded with a penalty from eleven meters it's like there's no logic in that the night's other
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match was also an epic and again v.a.r. played a major role roma were taken to extra time by porto who were awarded penalty thanks to v.a.r. in the dying minutes is converted from the spot and porto went into the quarter finals four three on aggregate it's the first time they've reached the last eight since two thousand and fifteen human rights groups accuse formula one on wednesday of ignoring abuses allegedly related to the bahrain grand prix the country will host the second race of the season this month activists not to use if it was jail for three years and twenty seventeen after criticizing the grand prix on social media in a letter f one says the bahamian government assured them her imprisonment had nothing to do with criticizing the sport human rights watch says that's just not good enough. rely on baseless assurances by the bahamian government
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that the charges have nothing to do with who says peaceful opposition to the grand prix races is false and they have seen the evidence claiming otherwise for me no one should publicly call on the bahamian government to drop the charges against me that are related to her exercising her right to free speech and they should also use their leverage with the whole new government to pressure them to conduct an investigation into her allegations of torture and the treatment and hope of the officers who subjected her to that the treatment to account there's an ongoing investigation in california to find out why twenty one horses have died in the last two months at one of the world's top horseracing facilities rob reynolds has more from arcadia. california's santa anita racetrack regularly hosts some of the most important dates in the u.s. racing calendar for now though it's closed indefinitely after a spike in the number of horses dying at the course in recent months. since the
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winter racing season began on december twenty sixth twenty one horses have been put down at california's most famous track after being injured while racing or training the most recent death was on tuesday when a four year old filly was euthanized after breaking a leg the number of deaths is nearly double that in all of twenty eighteen at the track the straw not group which own santa anita says the one point six kilometer race course will undergo extensive testing adding that the safety health and welfare of the horses and jockeys is our top priority and recent days animal rights activists have demonstrated outside the track this is animal cruelty they say profits not the horses safety is the racing industry's main concern this is an industry that makes its living on these horses and they need to put the horses first that has to be the priority why have so many horses died at santa anita so
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far there is no clear conclusion many horse racing industry professionals believe it has to do with the condition of the track after weeks of heavy rain and unseasonably cold temperatures santa anita management is testing the track with ground penetrating radar and has even brought in a machine that mimics the impact of a thoroughbred racing at full gallop animal rights activist suspects without offering definite proof that race horses are given drugs to mask injury symptoms before being put on the track others say horses are now being bred too much for speed rather than stability making them more injury prone at this point everything needs to be looked at we need to be looking that the can do. the horses the veterinary records whether or not the horses had injuries before they got on the track that were looked at carefully according to a database maintained by the racing industry more than five thousand six hundred forty horses died on us racetracks between two thousand and nine and two thousand
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and seventeen robert oulds al-jazeera arcadia california u.s. racing journalist jay president told al jazeera that the way that the track is being managed could also be linked to the horses entries. policy that has worked previously at santa anita which is to have a sensible number of races each day and to not try and exploit a finite pool of horses and make them run try and run more races per day or more start for animal would be a sane rational return to policy here in southern california the management team at santa anita has changed significantly from what it was a couple of years ago there are new people who are overseeing things here they had a different way of approaching the way racing should be conducted here and there have been problems as we've now seen two months in to this season and i think
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a sane rational approach to start would be to take a step back and to not try and be so aggressive in terms of number of races or pressure put upon trainers to run their horses more often. le bron james calls himself king james and for good reason he just pushed michael jordan out of the top four on the all time highest scoring list in the n.b.a. he scored thirty one points in this game against the nuggets even so though the lakers didn't win james who is thirty four is now part of an elite group of basketball all stars to the right for ron brown clearly saw this milestone coming he only needed thirteen points to eclipse jordan's record and took to his shoes to write a letter to the basketball superstar before the game saying thank you m.j. he signed it with a crown for king james wanted to be like m.j. wanted to shoot fadeaway is like m.j. i want to stick my tongue out on dogs like him going to where most niggers like him
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. i want to keep them look up to me that's not what i like m.j. and. that's just it's crazy they're both legends well that's it for me here in sport and back to how it certainly that is it for this news out of you will be here with more news in a couple of minutes they. the wells pollinate says are in decline. in this episode of the price we meet
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entomologists on opposite sides of the planet protecting insects of all sizes crucial to preserving food chains. i've come to the u.k. to see how old industrial sites are being turned into bug reserves in an attempt to reverse this warring tract. fighting insect to get on on al-jazeera. you leave this place children in this refugee camp the latest victims of the unending sectarian violence in central african republic among them are survivors of unspeakable violence ten year old celine book his mother is dead her father is gone killed because they were christian by their own muslim neighbors this is the least you home an overcrowded refugee camp of twenty three thousand people surrounded by armed militia groups celine wants answers she says she wants to be asking the questions and so we traded places inch took the microphone will we find peace how can we make the violence stop when will i be able to return home. africa's most
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populous nation a block just economy as a youth unemployment problem in a bid to control the internet of the future some say a kind of digital i am go through this folder we bring you the stories to the shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost on al-jazeera. out. saudi arabia's human rights record comes under attack by six countries as a u.n. forum.
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hello i know this is al jazeera live from also coming up explosions at a ceremony in afghanistan's capital. chinese tech giant huawei series the u.s. government banning its products. are made. of china technology company. around the world of now beginning a major legal media of. an opposition party is dissolved in thailand just weeks before elections for choosing the king as its candidate for prime minister. thirty six countries including all twenty eight european union member states have signed a statement criticizing saudi arabia's human rights record the document was signed to the un human rights council on thursday and calls on the kingdom to release detained activists as well as to cooperate with the un led investigation into the
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matter of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi well al-jazeera is no day in baba joins us live now from brussels the team countries are backing this rebuke of saudi arabia at the u.n. . that's right the joint statement is due to be read out by in fact iceland's ambassador to the un un human rights council in geneva it's a joint statement and it calls on saudi arabia to release a number of women activists currently in detention for their campaigning and to cooperate fully with this un led international investigation into the murder of jamal khashoggi the journalist saudi journalist who was murdered in the saudi consulate in istanbul last october now this is amazingly the first time that saudi arabia has received a review out the human rights council in geneva since the body was set up in two
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thousand and six so this really is a big move in fact several years ago saudi arabia the saudi ambassador there was appointed to preside over the council which attracted a lot of criticism for for the body it comes after michelle bachelet the u.n. human rights chief made a speech on wednesday there in geneva also wording saudi arabia voicing her concerns rather over those women activists amid reports that the government in saudi arabia is preparing to put them on trial and they deem the e.u. has also made a decision about whether or not to blacklist saudi arabia over money laundering i believe. that's right in the last hour or so officially all twenty eight member states of the european union have said no to a new blacklist which the european commission drew up in february and on that new
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list they added and not just a number of u.s. territories like the u.s. virgin islands and guam but also significantly saudi arabia and now those member states have said that they do not accept that list their reason is that it that they weren't consulted fully and that the reasons given for adding those countries and territories were vague and open to legal action down the line but behind the scenes lots of people are very aware of lobbying both by the saudi government can sell man wrote to e.u. leaders saying the terms such a move could affect the flow of investment between the e.u. and saudi and from washington d.c. the american government making it clear they were worried about such a move to so the e.u. governments making it clear they don't want to see that happen but the commission here in brussels pushing back just half an hour ago or so the commissioner actually fought for in charge of justice and home affairs she said that there have been lots
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of big words from governments after money laundering scandals after terrorist attacks she said that now governments must put their money where their mouth is if you like and she said that it's up to vera now to prove that they mean it she said that this the previous list will continue until a new list can be adopted but she wants one that can be mutually agreed but that also takes tough action and as there is an idiom father there for us live from brussels thank you. at least three people have died and many more have been injured following multiple explosions in the afghan capital kabul or authorities believe the target was a large gathering of shia muslims attending a commemoration ceremony on the tenth anniversary of the leader's death well let's go live now to our correspondent charlotte bettas who is in kabul tell us more about this attack. so the ministry of interior has just told us that this operation
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is ongoing to get inside a building where they believe the attack is where they believe rockets were fired fired from towards the scattering they have arrested one attacker but they have been engaged in special forces for some hours now trying to clear this building of the attack as it all began. local gathering about a thousand people commemorating the death of a famous who. they were a lot of high powered politicians they were talking former president. c.e.o. of. a presidential candidate. acting foreign minister a lot of politicians we found through witnesses they say that a builder of dylan was speaking as he was speaking they started to hear rockets in the distance another politician stood up to speak and his are at least another. speak his name is mark and so i think we need to stop and i think we may be coming
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under attack and at that point. and for about an hour also we heard that there were multiple explosions grenades mortars rockets heavy gunfire an incredibly calm pick a complex attack we're only just starting to get a picture now of casualties the ministry of health telling us they have three people confirmed killed and twenty two wounded but these are just initial numbers presidential candidate himself said that my bodyguards were. hoping to hear more information very shortly with a press conference with the sea your. to find out these are the two politicians who escaped to find out how this did play out and also the security they will how this could happen because many people are saying this is a mess of security leps lot of criticism there was intelligence last night that say that this could be attacked it is. you know high profile politicians it's in the shia area they're often attacked by islamic states there and he was some concern
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that this this gathering may be targeted and it is played out to be correct and shall we do we know if anyone's claimed responsibility for the attack. so look who maybe are saying that islamic state has claimed responsibility for this just in the last fifteen minutes or so we just verifying that no islamic state has attacks that has our community the shia minority group in this exact place she many times dozens of his have been killed in similar kind of situations explosions that type of thing over the last year just yesterday we had to take on this community except in jalalabad about two hours from here and islamic state took responsibility for that . there is charlotte ballasts with that update from kabul thank you charlotte well chinese telecoms giant huawei is taking the united states to court for restricting government agencies from using flyway technology the u.s. considers well as products a security threat and says china can use its equipment for spying adrian brown has
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more from. from beer one way success is clear just part of it sprawling complex in this special economic zone of. while ways name literally means the achievements of china but the trumpet ministration says those achievements more to cheating and stealing than the sort of innovation on display here allegations its top executives deny on thursday they held a news conference inviting selected media organizations including al-jazeera to confirm that while away has filed a lawsuit against the u.s. government over a ban which restricts federal government employees from using its equipment we have there is no us. challenge to all. these men only. but also owes me and us she was
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once more they insisted while ways not in the pocket of china's government and accuse the us of hacking its servers. and. it has cared so this and this story and you know us since while ways top officials were once like china's leaders they rarely spoke to the foreign media but the arrest of the firm's chief financial officer in canada where she's now fighting extradition to the united states has changed all of that and the firm has now begun an extraordinary legal and media offensive. huawei is a success story the chimes with many chinese people's sense of patriotism and pride it's not clear who's behind this music video now circulating on social media praising it smartphones the firm insists it had nothing to do with it. well way is
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fighting another legal battle in canada where its chief financial officer mongering joe appeared before an extradition court on wednesday she's accused of breaking u.s. sanctions and money laundering monks lawyers argue her arrest was politically motivated weiwei is trying to weather the storms on many fronts the copycat european architecture is not a theme park but the firm's new research and development campus the company's critics continue to argue that it's not just the buildings here that have been closed adrian brown al-jazeera. thailand's constitutional court has dissolved a prominent opposition party and bandits leaders from politics for ten years the thai rocks a charge party was found guilty of violating election laws for nomination princess as their candidate for prime minister the king said it was inappropriate for royals
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to get involved in politics thailand is set to hold elections on march twenty fourth when haye has more from bangkok the nine constitutional court judges took less than forty minutes to deliver their verdict that the thai charge party should be dissolved it was a unanimous decision all nine judges voted in favor of that it wasn't unanimous though when it came to the other decision of whether to ban the leaders of this party from politics they voted six to three those in favor of banning the executive committee members all fourteen of them from politics in thailand for the next ten years it's also of course the end of the road for almost three hundred candidates that were to stand for this party in the election on march twenty fourth in both constituency seats and the party list they cannot now take part in this election this is the third time that the constitutional court has moved to dissolve the party.


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