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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 7, 2019 10:00pm-10:33pm +03

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need to argue that it's not just the buildings here that have been closed. or white house correspondent kimberly how it is live in washington d.c. for so kimberly how are they reacting to this move by the chinese to well there's no question that for many many months the u.s. government has been actively working to shun wall way to encourage other governments around the world not to use the company's equipment because of security concerns you have to pull back and think about where we are i mean not only is it actively working on that came the campaign to distance itself and to urge others to do the same with regard to the equipment but also they have indicted ploys for stealing u.s. technology and also sought extradition as we saw there in that report of a top executive over fraud charges now of course this is deeply angered the chinese government it really feels that it's being unfairly targeted by u.s.
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lawmakers for example marco rubio republican tom cotton also republican in the u.s. senate who have been leading this campaign and congress to essentially try and put while way out of business so these are the sort of the fundamental questions of this lawsuit now that need to be considered here in the united states number one does wall way have the fundamental right to do business in the united states with the u.s. government and then are there reasonable grounds on the other point or the other had are there reasonable grounds for the u.s. congress to actively keep while way from doing business with the federal government so there's no question this is going to be long and drawn out in terms of those arguments in the courts and on something else china related to kimberly president trump has been fighting this trade war against china and others since coming to office promising better deals but this month the u.s. trade deficit is blown up to its highest level in ten years. yeah i mean this is
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all interrelated in terms of each country watching access to the other's markets you know while way is fighting to be able to do business in the united states but u.s. companies have long charge that they have been locked out of doing business in china this is one of the things that donald trump promised on the campaign trail he try to rectify in terms of renegotiating trade deals not just with china but you know with other nations as well we've certainly seen him do this with mexico and canada he is of course working on renegotiating trade deals right now with china has promised to improve things for the american worker the problem is the numbers suggest just the opposite. the report by the u.s. commerce department stands in stark contrast to what president donald trump said just days ago that you saw a trade deficit we're down last month there was trying to find out why we're taking a lot of tariff money and it's going right to the bottom line and it has reduced
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the trade deficit so in reality new data shows the trade gap between the united states and china in particular has widened last year by forty three billion to four hundred and nineteen billion it's a result of an increase in exports from china to the united states well exports of u.s. goods dropped. and the u.s. trade gap overall well it's swelled to a ten year six hundred twenty one billion dollar high numbers not seen since the global financial crisis of two thousand and eight that means quite simply that the united states imports far more goods and services worldwide that it sells this despite promises made by the u.s. president on the campaign trail in two thousand and sixteen that his policies would put america first in the global marketplace the u.s. is currently embroiled in a tit for tat trade war with china posing tariffs and within two hundred fifty
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billion of chinese goods china hit back with tariffs on one hundred ten billion of us products as the two sides continue to negotiate trump has delayed his threat to impose tariffs on two hundred billion more of chinese imports in the u.s. and in september the white house released this video arguing the tariffs have already had a positive impact we're changing things and we're changing them. but the commerce department numbers suggest a very different trade reality one the u.s. president seems unwilling to acknowledge. so donald trump promised a win on trade for american businesses american workers but the numbers coming out of the congress department of course tell a different story that there is now a record high trade deficit particularly when it comes to the united states and china now donald trump is again trying to renegotiate those trade deals but the
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problem is solving the problem experts say won't just be a matter of renegotiating deals because cuz the other challenge this u.s. president is up against is technology as he tries to bring back jobs for the american worker particularly in the manufacturing sector there simply isn't a need for the same number of physical workers due to improvements in technology. kimberly thanks kimberly halkett in washington for us and we've got plenty more ahead for you an opposition party dissolved in thailand just weeks before elections for choosing the king as its candidate for prime minister. and crossing borders for an education the lengths venezuelan children are taking to go to school. bus later in spore with joe the video referee technology plays a huge part on a dramatic night of champions league football.
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so all that still ahead but first at least three people have been killed and dozens injured after two explosions at a large gathering in western kabul the blasts happened during a ceremony marking the twenty fourth anniversary of the death of a shia leader various politicians were at the event including presidential candidates for july's election live now to our correspondent charles. in kabul so sharp has anyone claimed responsibility for this. i saw has just claimed responsibility for this attack unfortunately it is not a surprise that it is i saw because they often target the shia minority the his r.'s in this exact area in western kabul that killed dozens of shia in that area last year so they have claimed responsibility special forces are still clearing a building where they believe i still find has to remain where they say rockets were fired from towards the scattering they say that operation is ongoing this over
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again about six hours ago at this gathering more than a thousand people there as you see the senior politicians were talking c.e.o. of former president hamid karzai presidential candidate. the acting foreign minister you know politicians all lined up at the front of this gathering as they were talking at about twelve o'clock local they started to hear rockets in the distance the crowd became concerned they tried to calm the crowd as they were leaving an evacuation the area and then escalated dramatically and from witnesses we've talked to they say that there were multiple explosions there were rockets there were mortars they saw grenades there was heavy gunfire for about an hour as these people tried to escape as far as casualties go or the ministry of health is telling us three did and twenty two wounded alone we do believe that number will be higher the police are telling us they aren't able to give us a final toll of of just how did lead today's attack was until they finish this clearance operation until they get hold of these i saw fighters holed up in this
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building and how could this of happened in the heart of kabul with with an event that was attended by a number of prominent people. and it's if you it's a huge question and there's a lot of of. people very upset that this is happened and frustration that this continues to happen and afghanistan's capital city i mean security is incredibly high this checkpoints all through the city there was intelligence last night saying telling people to keep away from this area because there was a lot of senior politicians and this is the has our community and they are often targeted by isis by islamic state so there was a lot of intelligence and president going to getting a lot of criticism for the fact that this this appears to be a major security lapse one of the politicians who escaped who is a has are a leader represents this community he's a senior politician his name is mohammed harkat he went on national television after he escaped this attack and said this just isn't good enough to take in my
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community and this falls on president danny for not being able to keep this community safe and for lifting i still continue to carry out attacks in the capital . bella's thank you. kabul force. thailand's constitutional court has dissolved a prominent opposition party and banned its leaders from politics for ten years the time roxio charge was found guilty of violating election laws for nominating princess one raht as their candidate for prime minister the king said it was inappropriate for royals to get involved in politics thailand will hold elections on march twenty fourth. well this is the latest chapter in a long running power struggle between the time military and the powerful shinawatra family. roxas chart party is considered loyal to the former prime minister thaksin shinawatra tax and his supporters of one every election since two thousand and one
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even after he was ousted in a military coup in two thousand and six his sister yingluck became prime minister in two thousand and eleven but she too was removed from power in another military takeover in twenty fourteen both live abroad and self-imposed exile after being convicted on a range of charges they say are politically motivated or tie rocks a charge is only one of several political parties links to the shinawatra but its demise could make a difference in key districts in the upcoming election when he has more from bangkok. the nine constitutional court judges took less than forty minutes to deliver that they have verdicts that the thai party should be dissolved it was a unanimous decision all nine judges voted in favor of that it wasn't unanimous though when it came to the other decision of whether to ban the leaders of this party from politics they voted six to three those in favor of banning the executive
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committee members all fourteen of them from politics in thailand for the next ten years it's also of course the end of the road for almost three hundred candidates that would to stand for this party in the election on march twenty fourth in both constituency seats and the party list they cannot now take part in this election this is the third time that the constitutional court has moved to dissolve a party backed by the former thai prime minister taksin chynna what he was removed in a coup in two thousand and six and lives in exile this will be seen by the thai rexx a charge party and its supporters as yet another move against the shin of what clan and its influence over thai politics brains coming california rob is there good news in this there is because a heightened snow and this is snow pack or given the summer water but as you say rain and it's not just kind of foreigners in the whole of the southwest really i mean there's even rain in death valley one of the hottest prices on earth and not
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particularly wet but it was also rain in utah not slow coming in country but canyon country this is not normally a river this is a snow canyon in utah and of course this only happens when you get these segments on the songs but they have been fairly repeatable this is the massacre that is going across most of it tends to forage at first catch the sierra nevada as snow or rain this is sun nor apparently in land from san francisco and there we've seen flooding here before this spunk and last and this is where it seems to be concentrating there of course more to come the huge amount. admittedly but the reason more to come are the full cost for the rest of the day gives you breaks of sherry rain and snow tart this is the part of the us where it's wet and fairly warm this is course not the universal picture you're probably more familiar with pictures of snow because this area midwest great lakes northeastern corner has been deeply cold and the real cold snap the canadian prairies where this cold meets the
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warm these frontal systems that's where you we've had problems before was tornadoes now there is potential of severe thunderstorms in the next day or so as that frontal system does give you snow in the northern edge there in the southern edge so that's a lot of thunder so it doesn't seem a very big risk. thanks rob now germany's ambassador to venezuela has been ordered to leave within forty eight hours daniel korea is accused of meddling in state affairs president nicolas maduro said it was unacceptable for the ambassador to welcome home on monday the opposition leader traveled abroad to rally support for his leadership bid as the politicians battle for power the people that struggle to survive their injuries shortages of food medicine and the world's highest inflation rate and some venezuelan children are going to extraordinary lengths to attend school by crossing the border into neighboring colombia reports
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from kuta. most of the children waiting in this lunch line are from venezuela they travel across the colombian border every day just to attend school but since venezuelan authorities blocked off access through the official border crossing students are having to find other ways to get across thirteen year old cat only natural so says she was scared the first time she had to sneak over the river that divides the two countries but it's the only way she can get to class where right now aware that it was dark we were very skat people were terrified we didn't know what was going to happen is a very difficult situation because you wouldn't expect to have to cross in an eco rate school. it doesn't mean you're at this elementary school in cuckoo duck alone b.-a only a short distance from the venezuelan border ninety five percent of students are from venezuela the school's director had a much better bessie says since the border has been closed attendance has dropped significantly as a single sample inland in this way these children have problems in venezuela
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because there aren't enough schools because teachers don't make enough money and most have quit and left so children migrate to our country especially this school because it's the closest one to the border. and if you get outside the building parents are waiting to drop off more children once their lessons are over many of them will make the journey across the border back into venezuela and leave when we cross back if there is any kind of conflict or gunfire out children's lives or our lives are in a great risk or nearly faculty members at the school say many of the children who arrive for class haven't eaten and it's become part of the institutions mandate to make sure that children are fed before they begin their lessons half of the students in this class did not show up to school today the director of the school says that a humanitarian corridor between been a swell and colombia is desperately needed to guarantee young venezuelan students access to a formal education. an estimated three thousand children are travelling to and from
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venezuela across illicit routes every day humanitarian observers say the conditions these children face on the border is another example of human rights violations by the venezuelan government. disease. all right still ahead on this news cardinal spend in jail for covering up sexual abuse of children in france. reconstructing iraq people return home to rebuild their livelihoods but government funding is drying up. and later in sports basketball bron james just beat michael jordan another n.b.a. record will have to. jewing sierra leone civil war nigerian forces were deployed to protect civilians in state sometimes on the population in plain sight of
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a journalist camera the piece is named to be where the supreme peacekeeping force to launch the product complete eighteen years on using his harrowing images international lawyers seek justice for those slaughtered by their guardians peace killers on out just zero. examining the headlines setting the discussions a warning from air bus over the risks of a no deal breaks in sharing personal stories with a global audience you have your own intelligence network on the ground to tell you where to go and we'll go explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire resilient people are truly afraid the world is watching on al-jazeera.
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and i again you're watching al-jazeera reminder of our top stories this hour thirty six countries including twenty eight european union members have signed a statement criticizing saudi arabia's human rights record it calls on the kingdom to cooperate with the u.n. led investigation into the murder of saudi journalist enough to show. why it's taking the u.s. government to court the chinese tech giant challenging a federal law banning u.s. government agencies from using its products over security concerns. at least three people have been killed and dozens injured after two explosions at a large gathering in western the carpet. last happened at a ceremony marking the twenty fourth anniversary of the death of a shia leader. more than seven thousand people mostly women and children
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have fled eyesores last shrinking pocket of territory in eastern syria during the past few days a some have described scenes of horror and despair in the bombed out village of backhoes where the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces say isis defeat is imminent yes to s.t.'s has been applying a combination of force to put pressure on fighters who refused to surrender followed by pauses to allow the fighters wives and children and other civilians to escape what's left of eyesores land is a fraction of what they had in the early days of twenty fourteen when it captured the city of alaska and declared it the capital of a self-proclaimed caliphates within a year they held most of the parts of aleppo as well as homs and the province of ice all also ruled areas south of the capital damascus of vast stretch of desert and oil fields the things that well and truly turned by twenty seventeen when the
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s.d.f. fighters defeated i saw in iraq and the syrian army with the help from its russian allies regained control of datasource from there i soon lost more and more ground and now all that remains is but who's not far from the iraqi border a syrian refugees in jordan are taking a case against the syrian government to the international criminal court they're accusing president assad's forces of crimes against humanity including torture of rape murder and chemical attacks syria isn't signed up to the i.c.c. it with jordan is a member which may give the court jurisdiction to take the case. in iraq rebuilding remains a daunting obstacle for people returning to what is left of their homes the government set aside money and establish commissions for people to file for assistance but that's not easy as in the tasha her name reports from mosul
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abdul salam yeah he says he's dead inside an airstrike killed his son the home he built is uninhabitable and he and his family pay three hundred fifty dollars a month to live in the rubble of someone else's partially destroyed home. get a hint of that younger man on before life under ice all emerges when the seventy two year old describes jumping from roof to roof and hammering beams for fifty years in mosul's old city. with these two hands i built so many houses so the happiness of people felt pride now i'm helpless to rebuild i feel a sense of hopelessness inside that i can't contribute to rebuilding my city it's difficult to find a home or building in the western side of mosul not damaged or destroyed during the battle to purge i saw a member of the nineveh provincial council says there are eleven thousand six
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hundred destroyed homes and forty five surrounding villages are levelled the iraqi government estimates it could take one hundred billion dollars to rebuild the country after its battle with ice all since twenty seventeen it's allocated money in the federal budget for people who submit claims for compensation however allegations of rampant corruption and too much red tape mean few are getting the money they need to start over yet he is among the more than one million people who filed claims in mosul and across the nineveh province fewer than one percent of the people who filed claims have received assistance members of parliament could not tell us exactly how much money has been earmarked and distributed in claves what if . people have nothing to rebuild their lives with we are going around in empty circles and no proper solution is given everything is ink on paper. the frustration
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is as overwhelming as the mountains of debris and choking dust. the only thing we need from the government is to haste in the process of compensation and turn their attention to this calamity otherwise the situation will remain bleak for generations. oh yeah and his family complain about the absence of grocery stores the rodents that have found a never ending feast and the stench that comes from decomposing bodies deep under the wreckage especially after it rains but they won't leave the old city they have roots here they say it's one of the few precious things they have left natasha going to name l. does era mosel a french catholic cardinal has offered his resignation off to being found guilty of failing to act on allegations of child abuse in his diocese finney and five others
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stood trial accused of doing nothing to protect children from alleged crimes committed by a priest in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's tasha but lay is in legal. well after the verdict was read out the lawyer for victims association here in said outside the courtroom that this was an historic occasion and that's because it involves one of france's top catholic clerics the cardinal. being found guilty by this court of failing to report child sexual abuse he has been handed a six month suspended prison sentence now the cardinal decided not to appear for the verdict he had been here in january during his trial his lawyers say that he will appeal the cardinal has always denied the charges leveled against him and they really center around the case of a priest called bell now who in the seventy's eighty's and ninety's is accused of abusing dozens of young boys in his parish now his alleged victims say that. knew
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what was happening but he failed to act and failed to report this priest to authorities and the victim's off to this verdict came out they looked visibly moved they said that for them this was really a very powerful verdict and it sent a very important message to any other possible victims out there that they should come forward and have the confidence to do so that the institution of the church is no longer as solid as it was once perceived by many. at least one person has been killed and twenty nine injured in a grenade attack on a bus station in indian administered kashmir the device rolled onto a bus and exploded at the main terminus in jam city killing of forty indian troops in a suicide attack last month inflame tensions between india and pakistan which contest. the talk astounds says it is stepping up a crackdown on religious schools and people suspected of promoting violence come
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out high has more from one who. gets on your daughter did have been clamping down on certain religious groups. by the united nations where their tribe. go against them. thing that don't move from david mall because of pakistan's obligation to the financial action dark force. and good credit financing watchdog now done thing that they should have been implemented by a previous government there was a contented and brandy fourteen by all the political stakeholders and budgets gone that day ward climbed down on all the religious groups that are banned by the united nations go bonkers gone living up to god promised but it is also going to be important to reward effect this will have because it also includes groups like that . and if the f.i.f.a. rejects being involved in reliever and rescue effort every time their doctor had an
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august on their government care for it enough to say that it had nothing to do with wardens happening with india their government. the armed forces on standby for any indian new delhi asian redbud has done thing that this particular move to move against the. mall by pakistan's obligation to the financial action dog for the un says bikini a fast so is facing a full. blown humanitarian crisis with almost a million people needing urgent help attacks by armed groups and fighting between different tribes and community groups have forced tens of thousands from their homes in the past two months nicholas hawk reports. storming a school in the hands of attackers is more than just a training exercise for these soldiers. troops and brick you know also face unprecedented violence led by armed groups in neighboring mali now the attackers
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threaten areas just hours away from the capital ouagadougou. the troops are already fighting in mali as part of a un peacekeeping mission there already overstretched in the equipped. first mission is descending because we can contribute to international mission yes but al first mission is to distant country but the threat comes from within. was a preacher from the northern region of the who joined. an armed group based in mali calling on people back home to rise up against their government was killed in an airstrike in two thousand and seventeen attacks targeting both civilians and the state are intensifying tearing communities apart. so want to mind and i'm a duty co no relation to go have lived side by side russ monies from the mostly tribe from the poll community in january most people attacked their poll neighbors with machetes and guns after mostly mayor was
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a gunned down in an attack near by the border. they burnt our village our livestock everything we owned is gone we want justice the most herders who criss cross the border between mali and brick enough asta to feed their cattle of supporting armed groups. community members attacked their mostly neighbors in retaliation burning entire villages including restaurants home. we sense it was coming i had prepared myself to leave because of the feeling of suspicion quickly turned to hate the desire for violence was in the air it is still so intense. this cycle of violence has not only killed hundreds of people according to the un almost a million people are in need of urgent assistance aid agencies warn it is turning into a humanitarian emergency enough pozzo has seen recent search in armed
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attacks that cost one hundred thousand people to flee their homes and half of them have fled within the last couple of weeks. fear mistrust and attacks closer to its capital are fueling the violence in brooklyn a fast so the nation seems on the brink with the expanding conflict in the region now it is doorstep nicholas hawk al jazeera of the medical charity doctors without borders has criticized the humanitarian response to the a bold outbreak in the democratic republic of congo it says not enough been done to gain the trust of local communities leaving aid workers and increasing target of violence its temporarily suspend its operations at the epicenter of the outbreak after two his treatment facilities were burnt down more than five hundred sixty people have died from the disease so far. the existing atmosphere can only be described as
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toxic it shows how the response as fail to listen and act on the needs of those most affected more than forty percent of the death are right now opening taking place in the community. that means that we have not reached them and they are not sought our care of veterans of algeria's war of independence a back student led protests calling for president abdelaziz bouteflika to resign as demonstrations concerns are understandable weeks of protests are posing a challenge to the eighty two year old leader who's standing for reelection next month after twenty years in power diflucan has offered to call early elections if he's returned to office and won't run again. the u.s. president says he's disappointed over reports north korea has begun work to restore a rocket launched like a website called thirty eight north which monitors north korea says satellite
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imagery shows buildings are going back up at the site kim jong un had agreed to dismantle last year that follows last week's failed summit between kim and president trump in vietnam i would be very disappointed if that were happening it's a very early report we're the ones that put it out but i would be very very disappointed in chairman camp and i don't think i will be but we'll see what happens we'll take a look. on thursday the us president's former campaign manager will find out how much more time he's going to spend in prison while manifold was found guilty of financial crimes as part of the special counsel's investigation into possible collusion between the two thousand and sixteen campaign and russia but that's just one of a growing number of investigations into donald trump atic ohio reports letting you know it's a term he seems to use daily which on which i tweet. right but he might need to
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start using the plural witch hunts because u.s. president donald trump has a lot more to worry about than special counsel robert muller's investigation into potential obstruction of justice and collusion with the russian government trump is surrounded by investigations in new york federal prosecutors are already sending troops former lawyer to prison and they're looking into who gave and how one hundred seventy million dollars was spent on the inauguration a former trump advisor went on the president's favorite fox news program to warn him he's in danger this is why i've said all along with the southern district this is much more worrisome than mother because they have no restriction on what they can look at mother has to look at russia and that's it right these guys in the service are can look at anything the washington d.c. attorney general is also investigating the inauguration specifically he is looking into.


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