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the north which monitors north korea says satellite imagery shows buildings are going back up at the site kim jong il had agreed to dismantle last year that follows last week's failed summit between kim and president trump in vietnam i would be very disappointed if that were happening it's a very early report we're the ones that put it out but i would be very very disappointed in chairman camp and i don't think i will be but we'll see what happens we'll take a look. on thursday the us president's former campaign manager will find out how much more time he's going to spend in prison while manifold was found guilty of financial crimes as part of the special counsel's investigation into possible collusion between the two thousand and sixteen campaign and russia but that's just one of a growing number of investigations into donald trump atic ohio reports letting you know it's a term he seems to use daily which on which i tweet and it's a great but he might need to start using the plural witch hunts because u.s.
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president donald trump has a lot more to worry about than special counsel robert muller's investigation into potential obstruction of justice and collusion with the russian government trump is surrounded by investigations in new york federal prosecutors are already sending troops former lawyer to prison and they are looking into who gave and how one hundred seventy million dollars was spent on the inauguration a former trump advisor went on the president's favorite fox news program to warn him he's in danger this is why i've said all along with the southern district this is much more worrisome than mother because they have no restriction on what they can look at mother has to look at russia and that's it right these guys in the service are can look at anything in the washington d.c. attorney general is also investigating the inauguration specifically he is looking into whether trump personally benefited financially by renting out his d.c. hotel for events perhaps unknowingly the president recently praised that attorney
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general and a special thanks to attorney general. car all race you wish car car. great job thank you very much you were very helpful everybody said girl i feel like you're like i know you that's pretty good. is about to learn even more about the president along with the top lawyer in maryland he's also suing trump for possibly violating the clause of the constitution that says a president can't take foreign money in new york the state attorney general is ramping up investigations into trump's businesses and the possibility he's been cheating on his taxes for years and in new jersey that attorney general is investigating if the term country club broke the law by hiring undocumented migrants and then there is congress newly in power in the house of representatives the opposition democratic party says it is investigating all of these things and much more you just have to take
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a look at the president's twitter feed you know he's pretty much fixated on the investigations but with so many looking at all aspects of his administration his campaign his businesses he can tweet but he can't stop them pedicle al-jazeera washington of facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg says he wants to make the platform more privacy focused new strategy will see the company prioritize its encrypt to encrypted messaging services over the traditional social network look about also says facebook won't store user data in countries that have weak human rights records platform has been compared to a giant surveillance network off to millions of users private information was leaked.
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all right time now to support his job as an thank you football's governing body pfieffer is pushing to expand capitals well cup to forty eight teams and is now reported to be considering sharing the tournament with their man and kuwait president johnny has been talking up the idea of a broader tournament for months but the concept of sharing football showpiece with capitals neighbors is complicated by geopolitics and located by saudi arabia the u.a.e. behind and egypt and this is what faith is president jenny jenny in pitino had to say just last week regarding
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a possible expansion. if you for your eyes presidents of the first i'm in a good position to be able to speak about football and not about politics so with perhaps a little naivety i can also talk openly with everyone is open to studying the issue we will see if its neighboring countries will do the same if it's possible we will do it and we will have a fantastic world cup with forty eight teams in concert and in some neighboring countries as well for more on this we're joined by robert harris who is a football journalist for the associated press rob we've said that this is complicated why have q.h. in amman now emerged as potential host to share this world cup with council. world's only fancy of the feet for president now for years been looking at trying to expand the world cup from thirty two to forty eight teams of principle already agreed for the twenty to twenty six tournament in north america the problem is obviously cats are was already logistically stretch but those eight stadiums hosting thirty two teams in twenty eight days in twenty twenty two so the only way
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realistically of expanding and adding another sixteen teams another sixteen games is spreading in the region the problem is given the way the regional diplomatic crisis is at the moment the saudi led boycott of catarrh it's impossible to consider games being in the u.a.e. and saudi arabia so what i understand is now a journey in france he now has been nudging towards the possibility of games in kuwait and a man which of which are neutral in the crisis so jenny you can see i was already going to get his expanded world cup in twenty twenty six but why is he trying to bring that forward now. well you can look at it from a sporting perspective in the fact he wants to give more countries more hope of going to the biggest football tournament on the planet and there's another thing at play as well potentially his own credentials if he can be seen as someone who perhaps brings the region together you know there's a distant possibility of
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a nobel prize potentially that's been always talked about by his predecessor set blatter so if he can see himself as this figure beyond sport which is something he does like to consider him as you see speeches at the g twenty and other political gatherings it would be a considerable achievement if he could spread the world cup in the region to make it a tournament beyond the cats are you know this is being talked about for so many years now and probably something that would have been logical at the time of the vote to actually use multiple countries rather than it just being in cats are given the burden on resources and the number of stadiums need to be built from scratch right and this brings me on to the next point because if catalans world cup is now shared or could be shared with q eight in amman or whoever else what kind of president does that set for future. well the key thing is it's rewriting the rules of the game has been played the fact cattle won the bed but even yesterday the u.a.e. government sport's chief our mathy told me actually qatar deserved to win it was
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a great success comments that were particularly striking given the severance of ties between the u.a.e. and qatar but it would be a number of factors in play here if additional countries are brought into the hosting the particularly given cattles when there was an increased focus on human rights within fee for cats i was required it was lead to raise its standards and when it came to the twenty twenty six vote the potential host had to submit really detailed risk assessments over human rights and it's a point i made to in france in a few months ago which he saw as the fact actually if you do bring new hopes into the plan for twenty twenty two that will be demands for those host to be subject to human rights scrutiny and to check their standards are up to fee for what fee for my argue is the fact if no building work is required to keep the torment that might be a way of circle navigating that but it will add an extra layer of complexity the human rights of any additional countries brought into the hosting yet said that you are
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right paris thank you very much for joining us. the video system referee took center stage in the champions league especially in paris where manchester united pulled off an incredible comeback against man united were down two nil after the first leg but won the second leg three one scoria a crucial penalty in the ninety fourth minute which sent them through on away goals the pills he was given by v.a.r. for handball a marcus rash and scored it to send them into the quarterfinals united the first team in champions league history to come back from a two nil home deficit the night's other match was also an epic and again they are played a major role roma were taken to extra time by porto who would add a penalty by the video systems in the dying minutes alex has converted from the spot and porter went into the quarter finals for three on aggregate it's the first time they've reached the last state since two thousand and fifteen and investigation in california continues to look into why twenty one horses have died
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at one of the world's top horseracing tracks in the last two months rob reynolds reports from arcadia. california's santa anita racetrack regularly hosts some of the most important dates in the u.s. racing calendar for now though it's closed indefinitely after a spike in the number of horses dying at the course in recent months. since the winter racing season began on december twenty sixth twenty one horses have been put down at california's most famous track after being injured while racing or training the most recent death was on tuesday when a four year old filly was euthanized after breaking a leg the number of deaths is nearly double that in all of twenty eighteen at the track the straw not group which own santa anita says the one point six kilometer race course will undergo extensive testing adding that the safety health and welfare of the horses and jockeys is our top priority in recent days animal rights
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activists have demonstrated outside the track this is animal cruelty they say profits not the horses safety is the racing industry's main concern this is an industry that makes its living on these horses and they need to put the horses first that has to be the priority why have so many horses died at santa anita so far there is no clear conclusion many horse racing industry professionals believe it has to do with the condition of the track after weeks of heavy rain and unseasonably cold temperatures santa anita management is testing the track with ground penetrating radar and has even brought in a machine that mimics the impact of a thoroughbred racing at full gallop animal rights activists suspect without offering definite proof that race horses are given drugs to mask injuries symptoms before being put on the track others say horses are now being bred too much for
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speed rather than stability making them more injury prone at this point everything needs to be looked at we need to be looking that the can do. the horses the veterinary records whether or not the horses had injuries before they got on the track that were looked at carefully according to a database maintained by the racing industry more than five thousand six hundred forty horses died on us racetracks between two thousand and nine and two thousand and seventeen robert oulds al-jazeera arcadia california now liberal nickname is king james and that's for good reason he's just pushed michael jordan out of the top four on the all time highest score left in the n.b.a. the browns scored thirty one points for the late his in the game against the markets but it was in another raising effort james who is thirty four is now part of an elite group of basketball all stars. wanted to be like m.j. want to shoot fadeaway is like m.j. i want to stick my tongue out and dance like him and i want to wear my sneakers
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like m.j. . i want to keep them look up to me at some point like m.j. and. that's just it's crazy and that is i guess but for now when i to have him great stuff thanks joe and that i'll do it for this news out stick around though if you can i'll have much more in a couple of minutes stay with us. over a hundred and sixty years ago a musician started a band in an all a t. shirt rate in cairo and the brass band was so popular it gave birth to an entire musical genre. as a sentry and a halt made to the sound still resonates with many egyptians today house about the people's music on al-jazeera. the
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latest news as it breaks hours after the explosions to the point to save the city save the civilians one of the targets. with detailed coverage despite the high cost the right young men are still volunteering to fight this partly out of a sense of coffee juices from around the world it must see it different now that is if you do the fix for three five many many people here in the press to rip up the. i am a fish every week a new cycle going to see in recent breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the welts janel ace that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means at all he joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media focused on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most in better use a free palestine
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a listening post on al-jazeera. al-jazeera . where every year. saudi arabia's human rights record comes under attack by thirty six countries demanded the kingdom cooperate with investigations into the gym out.
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of think of this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up chinese tech giant weiwei sues the us government for banning its products. an opposition party dissolved in thailand just weeks before elections choosing the king sr as its candidate for prime minister. and oman and kuwait are now being talked about as potential co-hosts with qatar as fee for pushes to expand the twenty twenty two world cup. hello thirty six countries including all twenty eight member states of the european union have signed a statement criticizing saudi arabia's human rights record document was signed at the un human rights council on thursday calls on saudi arabia to cooperate with the un led investigation into the murder of saudi journalists. and to release ten
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activists jailed in the kingdom. content in the strongest possible terms the killing of journalist jim acosta. confirm took place in its consulate in istanbul the circumstances of mr carson to stand firm the need to protect journalists and to our own to right to freedom of expression around the world investigations into the killings must be independent of part of those responsible must be hunted to account we call upon saudi arabia to put this point on the formation of a level i took fully cooperate with my own limitations and to the killing including the human rights inquiry by the special rapporteur on the spot to execution. on a day barbour is live for us in brussels so first of all the team on the human rights issue how significant is this document. well it is very significant because this is the first time really that you've seen
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the u.n. human rights council officially. a rebuke to saudi arabia since the body was set up in geneva thirteen years ago it's hard to believe really because there have been a series of reports by the un about the human rights situation in saudi arabia as they have of all the member states of the u.n. but species this is a concerted move now and as you were saying signs by all twenty eight he governments now they have called saudi arabia not just to free those women activists but to cooperate in the investigation into the murder of jamal khashoggi which is being led the un led investigation. and yes. now michelle bachelet the u.n. human rights chief actually gave
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a speech in which she outlined her grave worries about what's happening to those women activists and she mentioned alleged sorry arbitrary arrests and detention so this is all adding to the pressure on the saudi government but it comes at a time when european governments seem to be under pressure to show that they're still getting serious with saudi arabia there was a lot of solidarity and strong words from them after the murder of. last october but in some quarters that's criticism now that they're not doing enough. and on the on the other issue saudi arabia avoided getting placed on the use money laundering and terrorism financing. list what more do we know about that. look this list was drawn up here at the european commission in february
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a new list adding a number of u.s. territories to the list of countries which are seen to be if you like slack in terms of what they're doing to stop money laundering in the financing of terrorism but it also added crucially saudi arabia to the list of countries which already includes places like north korea and iraq and iran now saudi arabia's king solomon rates to e.u. leaders saying that this could actually affect investment flows between the e.u. and saudi arabia the u.s. government voice its displeasure too but in recent weeks it's been clear from e.u. governments that they weren't going to greenlight this new list and now we've heard it in the last couple of hours this official rejection by the e.u. justice and home affairs ministers of this proposed new list that means that the
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old one stays in place until the new one can be agreed to just in the last couple of hours the e.u. commission has said that she wants you governments to show they're serious to back up what she's called big words in the past after a financial scandals and after terrorist attacks in europe she's basically saying bluntly to these governments it's not good enough just saying we will get serious with countries like saudi arabia but under pressure not to take that step of putting them on a blacklist which let's let's not forget doesn't involve sanctions or anything like that it simply means that there's more scrutiny of financial institutions and banks here in the e.u. if they're doing business with those countries so it's not a huge step it's obviously not welcome in riyadh but big the message from the commissioner is that she's going to continue looking for some kind of pragmatic solution which will which will stand the message to those governments can be backed
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by the governments as well. thank you live for us in brussels now a chinese telecom giant huawei is taking the u.s. to court for the ban on government agencies using its technology the u.s. considers war waste products and security threats and says china can use its equipment for spying china correspondent adrian brown reports from shenzhen. from the air while way success is clear just part of it sprawling complex in the special economic zone of shenzhen while ways name literally means the achievements of china but the trumpet ministration says those achievements more to cheating and stealing than the sort of innovation on display here allegations its top executives deny on thursday they held a news conference inviting selected media organizations including al-jazeera to confirm that while away has filed a lawsuit against the u.s.
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government over a ban which restricts federal government employees from using its equipment we have there is no us. challenge to. these men only. but also oh this was me and us she was once more they insisted while ways not in the pocket of china's government and accuse the us of hacking its servers. and. so. it has carried our service and this story and you know us since while ways top officials were once like china's leaders they rarely spoke to the foreign media but the arrest of the firm's chief financial officer in canada where she's now fighting extradition to the united states has changed all of that and the firm has now begun an extraordinary legal and media offensive.
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huawei is a success story that chimes with many chinese people's sense of patriotism and pride it's not clear who's behind this music video now circulating on social media praising it smartphones the firm insists it had nothing to do with it. well way is fighting another legal battle in canada where its chief financial officer mongering joe appeared before an extradition court on wednesday she's accused of breaking u.s. sanctions and money laundering monks' lawyers argue her arrest was politically motivated weiwei is trying to weather storms on many fronts the copycat european architecture is not a theme park but the firm's new research and development campus the company's critics continue to argue that it's not just the buildings here that have been closed adrian brown al-jazeera. at least three people have been killed and dozens injured
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following an attack in western kabul rockets and heavy gun via targeting the shiite gathering in the afghan capital i saw has claimed responsibility various politicians were at the event including presidential candidates for july's upcoming election shall abella says carmel. eisel has claimed responsibility for this attack in western cargo unfortunately it is not a surprise because they have targeted this community the shia minority the czar's they have targeted the many times in this area especially over the last year dozens have been killed in this this gathering today of more than a thousand people was commemorating the death of his our leader who died twenty four years ago there was a large gathering but also a lot of politicians with a senior politicians we're talking former president hamid karzai the c.e.o. of diller a dollar acting foreign minister rabbani the presidential candidate. when as they
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were talking rockets were heard in the distance and these politicians continue to speak tried to come the crowd as these rockets were heard in the distance and then it started to escalate the politicians got out. bodyguards eight of them were injured in this and then there were rockets there were mortars they were in a multiple explosions witnesses telling us this carried on for up to an hour and heavy gunfire as people try to escape this a lot of criticism in the aftermath now bubbling up in the afghan community as to how this continues to happen in the capital city there were intelligence reports the night before talking about how there was this was a high target situation with these politicians and also the his r.'s who had been targeted so much people want to stay away from the area and yet this happened our leader a politician by the name mohammed a hocket came out on national television after the attack after he escaped from
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this and said this simply isn't good enough that i still continues to be able to carry out these attacks in the capital especially against his people. at least one person has been killed and twenty nine injured in a grenade attack on a bus station in indian administered kashmir the device rolled under a bus and exploded at the main terminus ingenue city killing of forty indian troops in a suicide attack last month and inflame tensions between india and pakistan which can . thailand's constitutional court has dissolved a prominent opposition party and banned its leaders from politics for ten years time charge was found guilty of violating election laws for nominating princess or one rock as their candidate for prime minister the king said it was inappropriate for royals to get involved in politics when he has more from bangkok. there was a somber mood among the leaders of the thai rocks a charred party as they arrived at the constitutional court in bangkok they may.


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