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tv   Romania People Power  Al Jazeera  March 7, 2019 11:00pm-12:02am +03

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from this and say this simply isn't good enough that i still continues to be able to carry out these attacks in the capital especially against his people at least one person has been killed and twenty nine injured in a grenade attack on a bus station in indian administered kashmir the device rolled under a bus and exploded at the main terminus in general city the killing of forty indian troops in a suicide attack last month of inflame tensions between india and pakistan which can test kashmir. thailand's constitutional court has dissolved a prominent opposition party and banned its leaders from politics for ten years time russia charge was found guilty of violating election laws for nominating princess or one rock as their candidate for prime minister the king said it was inappropriate for royals to get involved in politics when he has more from bangkok . there was a somber mood among the leaders of the thai rocks a charge party as they arrived at the constitutional court in bangkok they knew
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these would probably be the final moments of the party's existence. they didn't have to wait long for confirmation the nine judges took less than forty minutes to deliver a unanimous verdict. we considered the act of the party as and towards the constitutional monarchy the court has ordered that the party be dissolved the fourteen members of the party's executive committee were also banned from politics for ten years. to party executive members and i are deeply sad about that the solving of our party it is sure to have an attack on basic political rights the verdict came a month after thai rocks a chart announced that princess would be its candidate to become prime minister in the election hours later the palace said the move was inappropriate and unconstitutional from that moment it seemed unlikely the party would survive in a country where the monarchy is seen as untouchable. still the campaign continued until a week ago when it held what would become its farewell rally in bangkok this is the
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third time the constitutional court has dissolved the party backed by former prime minister taksin shinawatra in fact six out of the nine judges that made this ruling were also involved in one or both of those previous cases jackson was removed from power in a coup in two thousand and six and lives in exile it would in a jail sentence for abusing his power which he says is politically motivated. charge will see. as a potential coalition partner for his main party put a tie which was in power during the last coup in two thousand and fourteen the court verdict will be seen as yet another move against the shinawatra clan and its influence on politics by the military and bangkok's elite that surround it. the holding as we designed the constitution all the development that has happened. was designed to tax in the dissolution of thai rex a charge made galvanize support for this you know what's well deepening the
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country's political divide it seems thailand is set for another unpredictable and potentially volatile political periods wayne hay al jazeera bangkok. still ahead on ideas there are more on the catholic cardinal found guilty of covering up the sexual abuse of children in france. and why racing's been suspended at a famous track in the u.s. . ally it is still raining in central and more especially southern china the green represents the rain obviously has been concentrated to some degree in taiwan it might do so again there's obviously across and in mainland china down towards hong kong where it's been in an act and your position is setting up a dry one of the next couple days where shanghai is just on the edge of it
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temperature wise teens or low twenty's and surprisingly the hero trust in the same line of last year for change has very little going on not much in the north of india not much cloud around bangladesh are occasional showers and just about possible more especially i think in myanmar that they need india or buying the dish and the certainly the possibility a little bit of snow running out through northern afghanistan far north of pakistan otherwise quiet looking weather was temperatures just slowly rising but the air still not steering very much whereas it is at the moment running down to the girl from the northeast picked up there friday is focused on a particular windy day so twenty six and there are a little bit cooler in riyadh and it warm across in mecca by saturday that breeze is picked up quite considerably and i suspect you know fairly noticeably all the way down towards abu dhabi and beyond into among the ten should riyadh knocked back to twenty two.
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well the online. went to the answer for them. to join us on sat all of us have been colonized in some form or some fashion this is a dialogue we are talking about a legal front and you have seen what it can do to somebody people using multiple drugs including the first and some people. everyone has a voice. could be on the street join the global conversation amount is iraq. hello again you're watching a reminder of our top stories this hour thirty six countries including all twenty
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eight european union members are signed a statement criticizing saudi arabia's human rights record it calls on the kingdom to cooperate with the u.n. led investigation of the murder of sound the journalist to show. why he's taking the u.s. government to court the chinese tech giant challenging a law banning a u.s. government agencies from using its products over security concerns. at least three people have been killed and dozens injured after an attack in western kabul rockets and heavy gunfire targeted a shiite gathering in the afghan capital has claimed responsibility. syrian refugees in jordan are taking a case against the syrian government to the international criminal court they accuse president assad's forces of crimes against humanity through torture rape and murder and chemical attacks syria has not signed up to the i.c.c. but jordan is a member and that may give the court jurisdiction to take the case. in iraq rebuilding remains an obstacle for people were turning to what's left of their
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homes the government set aside money and establish commissions for people to get help but that's not easy as the name reports from mosul. abdul salam yeah he says he's dead inside an airstrike killed his son the home he built is uninhabitable and he and his family pay three hundred fifty dollars a month to live in the rubble of someone else's partially destroyed home. get a hint of that younger man on before life under ice all emerges when the seventy two year old describes jumping from roof to roof and hammering beams for fifty years in mosul's old city. with these two hands i built so many houses so the happiness of people felt pride now i'm helpless to rebuild i feel a sense of hopelessness inside that i can't contribute to rebuilding my city it's difficult to find a home or building in the western side of mosul not damaged or destroyed during the
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battle to purge i saw a member of the nineveh provincial council says there are eleven thousand six hundred destroyed homes and forty five surrounding villages are levelled the iraqi government estimates it could take one hundred billion dollars to rebuild the country after its battle with ice all since twenty seventeen its allocated money in the federal budget for people who submit claims for compensation however allegations of rampant corruption and too much red tape mean few are getting the money they need to start over yet here is among the more than one million people who filed claims in mosul and across the nineveh province fewer than one percent of the people who filed claims have received assistance members of parliament could not tell us exactly how much money has been earmarked and distributed in claves what is that if. people have nothing to rebuild their lives with we are going
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around in empty circles and no proper solution is given everything is ink on paper . the frustration is as overwhelming as the mountains of debris and choking dust. the only thing we need from the government is to haste in the process of compensation and turn their attention to this calamity otherwise the situation will remain bleak for generations. yeah and his family complain about the absence of grocery stores the rodents that have found a never ending feast and the stench that comes from decomposing bodies deep under the wreckage especially after it rains but they won't leave the old city they have roots here they say it's one of the few precious things they have left natasha going to name al-jazeera mosel the canadian prime minister has said he could have
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handled a recent political crisis over a multinational better but did not break any rules justin trudeau has been accused of trying to influence a criminal inquiry into s.n.c. level and the scandal could threaten his chances of winning reelection in october as in c. level one is a company that employs nine thousand canadians across this company country they create many thousands spin off jobs in peripheral industries they directly or indirectly put food on the table for countless families says one of canada's major employers but they are also a company facing serious criminal charges the context is a tough one with potential job losses in the thousands these are the types of situations that make governing a challenge and when there's an erosion of trust within the people involved it
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further complicates what is already a difficult decision for the attorney general. a french catholic cardinal has offered his resignation after being found guilty of failing to act on allegations of child sex abuse in his diocese phillipe barbara and five others stood trial accused of doing nothing to protect children from alleged crimes committed by a priest in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's tasha butler has more from leo where the trial took place. and after the verdict was read out the lawyer for victims association here in said outside the courtroom that this was an historic occasion and that's because it involves one of france's top catholic clerics the cardinal filipe been found guilty by this court of failing to report child sexual abuse he has been handed a six month suspended prison sentence now the cardinal decided not to appear for the verdict he had been here in january during his trial his lawyers say that he
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will appeal the cardinal has always denied the charges leveled against him and they really center around the case of a priest called they are now in the seventy's eighty's and ninety's is accused of abusing dozens of young boys in his parish now his alleged victims say that cardinal barbara knew what was happening but he failed to act and failed to report this priest to authorities and the victims are after this verdict came out they looked visibly moved they said that for them this was really a very powerful verdict and it sent a very important message to any other possible victims out there that they should come forward and have the confidence to do so that the institution of the church is no longer as solid as it was once perceived by many. of the medical charity doctors without borders has criticized the humanitarian response to the bowler our break in the democratic republic of congo it says not enough spin done to gain the trust of local communities leaving aid workers and increasing target of violence it's
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temporarily suspended work at the epicenter of the outbreak after two of his treatment centers were burned down more than five hundred sixty people have died from the disease so far the existing atmosphere can only be described as toxic it shows how the response has failed to listen and act on the needs of those most affected more than forty percent of the death are right now opening taking place in the community that means there we are not reach them and they are not sought our care and investigation in california continues to look into why twenty one horses have died at one of the world's top horseracing tracks in the last two months rob reynolds reports from arcadia. california's santa anita racetrack regularly hosts some of the most
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important dates in the u.s. racing calendar for now though it's closed indefinitely after a spike in the number of horses dying at the course in recent months. since the winter racing season began on december twenty sixth twenty one horses have been put down at california's most famous track after being injured while racing or training the most recent death was on tuesday when a four year old filly was euthanized after breaking a leg the number of deaths is nearly double that in all of twenty eighteen at the track the strong not group which own santa anita says the one point six kilometer race course will undergo extensive testing adding that the safety health and welfare of the horses and jockeys is our top priority and recent days animal rights activists have demonstrated outside the track this is animal cruelty they say profits not the horses safety is the racing industry's main concern this is an
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industry that makes its living on these horses and they need to put the horses first that has to be the priority why have so many horses died at santa anita so far there is no clear conclusion many horse racing industry professionals believe it has to do with the condition of the track after weeks of heavy rain and unseasonably cold temperatures santa anita management is testing the track with ground penetrating radar and has even brought in a machine that mimics the impact of a thoroughbred racing at full gallop animal rights activist suspects without offering definite proof that race horses are given drugs to mask injury symptoms before being put on the track others say horses are now being bred too much for speed rather than stability making them more injury prone at this point everything needs to be looked at we need to be looking at the can do. the horses the veterinary records whether or not the horses had injuries before they got on the
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track that were looked at carefully according to a database maintained by the racing industry more than five thousand six hundred forty horses died on us racetracks between two thousand and nine and two thousand and seventeen robert oulds al-jazeera arcadia california football's governing body fifo is pushing to expand its world cup to forty eight thousand and is now reportedly considering sharing the tournament with armaan and kuwait if you are president giani infantino has been talking up the idea of a board atonement for months but the concept of sharing football showpiece with qatar's neighbors is complicated by geopolitics qatar is currently under a blockade by saudi arabia the u.a.e. behind and egypt and this is what president gianni infantine had to say just last week about the possible expansion. com if you for your guys president of the for
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him in a good position to be able to speak about football and not about politics so with perhaps a little naivety i can also talk openly with everyone cutter's open to studying the issue we will see if its neighboring countries will do the same if it's possible we will do it and we will have a fantastic world cup with forty eight teams encounter and in some neighboring countries. a rob harris is a former journalist for the associated press he says johnny and fenty know is looking to leave a legacy while he can look at it from a sporting perspective in the fact he wants to give more countries more hope of going to the biggest star football tournament on the planet and there's another thing at play as well potentially his own credentials if he can be seen as someone who perhaps brings the region together you know there's a distant possibility of a nobel prize potentially that's been always talked about by st assess a setback if he can see himself as this big and beyond sport which is something he does like to consider as you see speeches at the g twenty and other political
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gatherings it would be a considerable achievement if he could spread the world cup in the region to make it a tournament beyond cattle but you know this is been talked about for so many years now and probably something that would have been logical at the time of the vote to actually use multiple countries rather than it just being in cats are given the burden on resources and the number of stadiums need to be built from scratch. facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg says he wants to make the platform more privacy focused a new strategy will see the company prioritizes encrypted messaging services over the traditional social network zuckerberg also says facebook will not store user data in countries that have weak human rights records platform has been compared to a giant surveillance network after millions of uses private information.
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this is. the top stories thirty six countries including all twenty eight european union members have signed a statement criticizing saudi arabia's human rights record it calls on the kingdom to cooperate with the un led investigation into the murder of a saudi journalist. and its consulate in istanbul. on the. investigation. must be. taking the u.s. government to court the chinese tech giant challenging
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a law banning u.s. government agencies from using its products over security concerns at least three people have been killed and dozens injured after an attack in western kabul rockets and heavy gunfire targeted a shiite gathering in the afghan capital claimed responsibility several politicians were at the event including presidential candidates for july's election. a french catholic cardinal has offered his resignation after he was found guilty of failing to act on allegations of child sex abuse in his diocese phillipe barbara and five others stood trial accused of doing nothing to protect children from alleged crimes committed by a priest in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's the medical charity doctors without borders has criticised the humanitarian response to the bowl ad break in the democratic republic of congo it says not enough spin done to gain the trust of local communities leaving aid workers and increasing targeted violence all five hundred sixty people have died
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from the disease so far those are the headlines so more news in half an hour right now it's the stream. toilers military government is accused of using the pretty beams to science projects. when i want to thailand's rebel. i phone the ok and you're in the street and i'm really could be alive today is for tonight more than just a video game we have diving into one of the biggest cultural phenomena in gaming so share your thoughts and i live chat or you can tweet us at a.j. stream and need to be in this to. the free to play online video game for tonight is
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a cultural juggernaut not only is it influencing pop culture but pop culture is influencing fortnight the game boasts more registered players than the populations of canada and mexico combined it also generates roughly two hundred fifty million dollars in revenue each month for its creator epic games but for many of the two hundred million people who play it fortnight isn't just a game it's a communal gathering place joining us to talk about this from los angeles we have jamie in the war and he's an avid gamer and founder of two five six a company that works with brands to engage with the world of play and interactivity in new york has done is a journalist who regularly reports on the gaming world in charlotte north carolina author psychologist and co-founder of tank gaskill good to have you add and we also want to introduce you to one other person you will see throughout the show how they get rashid is a digital producer here with the stream and an avid for game and he'll be playing
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the game during our discussions and you'll be out to follow along and he's fortnight jenny is at the bottom of the screen all the way through so if you get killed early we will know no question all right. i how. i've never paid for it so we're going to play with you what do we need let's jump right into it so here we are in the lobby screen as you can see this is where right before you jump into the game ok so real quick i'm going to my locker when you happen to me i'm going to have you choose my outfit all right i'm going to go through. this guy yet ok so me and monique i'm going to have my bling. ring yes i want we want you to fly so now i'm back in the lobby and i'm ready to go fire up and go and i'm jumping in again and you play until course i can play all right playing took the course so will the loading screen takes a couple seconds and i'll be probably in again in probably
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a minute or two well we're watching you at the bottom of the screen. so i mean we know that we have a lot of gamers in our community but this is one person who is not as and so i want to start this conversation with them this is christopher who says i heard a lot about this game for tonight and was curious to see if it was worth all the hype after trying it for a month i decided it wasn't for me love the look but spending twenty plus minutes wandering a giant world without seeing the soul to just get taken out from behind is not my idea of fun so dave and i you know when i was the last thing in there i want to give a little teaser for our audience because mohammad before the show described the game as our version of the hunger games you've seen the movies or you read the books describe for us based on this tweet from christopher what it is that you're actually doing in this game yeah games it's actually agree and now. as a culture we're familiar with the battle royale jon the kind of winner takes all
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format that exists in a lot of different places so you have things like dodgeball march madness for basketball so i think culturally we sort of understand what it means to be the last person standing which will be unique evolution. larry about fortnight is safe throws one hundred people into an environment that they all share and the last person to be standing wins there's a big ring that sits outside the world that kind of pushes people into a more and more compressed space but for you know the fellow who is feeling a little down about being lost by themselves they may want to consider playing with other people you can actually play as duos you can play with a squad so at least if it's if it's not as you getting taken out it's the rest of your crew so it's a really innovative format a really interesting twist on a very popular gaming style front with us i'm proud fortnight. what were you thinking he's the one who killed gold is trying to do for you as a pro. well i'll tell you the first time i played it is the same experience and i
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was in there for twenty minutes i didn't know what i was doing even though i'm a dreamer and i just decided to give up and just play on my phone which which is interesting about this game is cross-platform you can do play station x. box you name it but my claim to fame is after playing it for about a month i actually got a solo when i actually won the game on my phone which gives me a lot of street cred with some of the clients that i see but it also in playing this game with my son and getting better at it it was just very bonding experience it was very funny when this broke i started i could hear the theme music it made me feel like oh sexually walking into my house going to greenlight you could split and it was very familiar i like that i because it's the only area that people online are saying is what draws them to it because it's the thing that they come back to again and again so this is gene park and he says some of the appeal it's free which is a big factor it's on every modern platform it being on phones was
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a big in a bowler and frank you just mentioned how you played on your phone jean on twitter says it enables cross-platform play the way part that way progress is always ensured no matter where you are i shall want to bring you in here with this tweeting is this different than the way other video games are played the fact that you can play it on any platform what may grab it but oh well so cost five as who don't know it basically means that no matter what pop from your on whether that's a p.s. for on mobile or a p.c. you can play with other people i would say fortnight is actually a big game that really brought this to the mainstream and sony actually caved into pressure at the end of last year to enable cost from play largely because my parents were like look we want to play with our friends let us play with them on p.s. foreign stuff and as previously mentioned it's free to play so that combined with the fact that it's cross-platform means that the barrier to entry was significantly lowered. i just think you add to that is when march madness was
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mentioned what what's happening culturally over the i'd say the last decade or more is at least in the us and probably worldwide we don't have common experiences so when i was going to date myself but when i was growing up i was watching the love boat dukes of hazard and we go to school and we talk about a particular football game because we had a limited choice in terms of what we could entertain ourselves with this is that experience all these kids young adults adults we have the shared experience now so we can go into school or go into the workplace and talk about the time we spent together and this is just one of those rare platforms where you can actually do that to me having seen all the people around the well proven scam and i have an old fat little song experiences in different parts of the walls. and the really important points about the game being able to play be played on multiple devices is that every country is a little bit different and you know access to high speed internet is different in every country access to you know p.c.
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gaming rig for example which might be on a more expensive i'd you're more on which everybody has games like for tonight really flatten the experience for everyone around the world it is going to try it out and bought having up and now on be a part of the conversation if you want to play it with other people right if you look at other forms of viral need. a beauty or a point to read ever it might be a take on don't democrats running trouble connecting are here to talk about different kinds of connectivity in different parts the well we will done in the meantime frank what is happening in you will brighten a problem for tonight what happens psychologically. well as gaming you have lots of different kinds of players and i'm going to be judged severely by all your social media and the audience but i tend to be a camper which is somebody who pays i'll play
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a place cautious and that's actually i got my solo in this i got it looks you can actually do this if you put it you know wandered around that with a twenty minute rank so you get in the bush for twenty minutes i mean you won the game well i had to creep along because you have to stay within the eye of the storm and there was one other guy left and he was shooting bushes to try and five me and i managed to kill him and what so that's a very cheap way to win but that's what i love about playing with especially my son is he's a leader and he tells you where to go where to be if it's a game that can teach leadership ship skills problem solving and it's it's really an impressive platform so when you're talking about the leadership skills i want to go to one hundred now because i'd like to know who it is that you play with we know that it's one hundred player game in the world gets smaller and smaller who are you playing with right now so right now i mean the solo mode some all alone in the humongous world and to numberous myself i'm kind of doing with what the guest is
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that i'm not camping but i did land for i didn't i didn't go find smoke purposely to fight so right here i just finished loading i have four still i've picked up a bunch of somebody for any battle coming my way but usually when i do play i don't i don't like playing alone i have a huge group of friends that i play with we call it we call it we call what's our group game boys and whenever someone wants to get on we dismiss it's a group who's on guys and we jump on the game and we play together and that communal that community feeling is really felt because one of my friends for example of the malaysia the other lives in doha some live in the west coast some live in chicago so it's a great place to come together to speak and i play almost i don't want to say a daily basis to seem so it's like that like i said exactly the same like to hear. i pretty much put on a daily basis and i talk to these people almost every day so they become close friends and i even invited them to my wedding so yeah you know the outside so here is the we're so here here's the funny part and i kind of feel but i knew
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a majority of them in real life so i invited those ones to my wedding but that one there's a bunch of them why i haven't met one so good friends with but i kind of felt weird inviting them to my wedding but i kind of i kind of wish i did oh that is going to kill them you know i have no idea what it. is god said all tied to so i guess i did that and i'm going to let regroup there because you talked about friends and that communal feeling we got a video comment from a former member of the stream family a former producer and host here latoya peterson she's a gamer she's also on the board of advisors for that society and she talks about that community. peterson from washington d.c. and fortnight has become a cultural phenomenon partly because it is fun to play and it was a free to play a huge multiplayer game and one of the key secrets to success is that it was fully customizable completely fix your character change your world around you had
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a mission but you also just hang out with your friends and so that makes for a really compelling experience compelling multiplayer experience and when more people start play there are a lot of reasons to meet in the world scene we kind of people go to starbucks in third place for third place for gamers and king and so it's overleaped other types of games like book my gosh. it's a daemon he mentions it's sort of like the new starbucks it's a place to meet it's a place to hold out when you think about. i mean i think that's true to a certain extent i mean the reality is that there's lots of things to do in fortnight so they've had some virtual concerts they're experimenting with this big concert with marshmallow that millions of people attended and there's other types of game mode so there's a minecraft like game mode inside a fortnight to build things i think you know at the end of the day it's one of many places that people will go i think in the same way that starbucks is one of many different coffee shops sometimes you want this big kind of big coffee shop
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experience is that people want to go to like their local kind of like grocery but the overall trend line is true that videogames increasingly are becoming a place where many different types of people spend time together that's one hundred percent accurate. my my a my son. is his twitch handle is vader geek as in darth vader and he is trying to be ninja the guy that makes a ton of money playing this and he's very very good at it but i was i mean i tell him i was a little skeptical and this has been become his communities he's adding followers he's interacting with them and it it's almost a game within a game a healthy way of kind of building a following and follow other people and i think it's not only just a starbucks thing but there's there's this tie into popular culture where at least in the states we've got the n.f.l. so you could buy skins which is sort of the customized ability of your favorite
11:35 pm
team and i guess maybe a year or so ago maybe longer when the infinity ward came out you could play as status which was ridiculous how quickly they they blend of those two franchises and how they can kind of tie into current pop culture stuff that's outside of the game is really impressive so frank just left in a sentence is that saying what to pull those who are new to that. church which is basically it's not quite social media but it's a way of following other people with similar interests and you can stream your games so i on my phone. how we get work and my phone will go off and it says my son is now streaming video and i can then click on that link and i can watch him play and i can talk to him i can interact with them is another way of being connected in a highly digital world i see you've done some of the articles for courts about his want to form for light reading is taking over everything and he. so you think
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stunning what do. what with blowing up and has blown up in the past can you put your finger on it thought audience because if you want to mess it seem to have a problem. well seeing a play games i guess soon snoozing up balloted what is it still so big. right so i think jamie and frank actually touched on a few of these things one of it is there is such a huge intersection of popular culture like the marshmallow sponsor and you know drake cleared that it's become so mainstream that there's more to connect with as opposed to this traditional gaming experience where you have to be this really experienced gamer to sort of get anywhere you can be casual drop in and out and still see all these cultural references that you can talk to your friend about i think that's definitely one of the big things and you know latoya and her question earlier she talked about how for and it was so customizable and i think there's a really big parallel between not just you know a fortnight and
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a starbucks but fortnight and social media it's free to play but all these players buy skins you know outfits emote which are like that's what you can do and they're almost like status symbols so it's like a going to instagram and posting your you know coolest outfit that's a similar appeal to a fortnight i think it's a way to show like oh you're doing this or their friends are in with the latest skin or the latest weapon just kind of go off to agree with both or against this game really capitalized and learn how to work off the hype so what they do is there are seasons for example and about every two months or so there's a new season and with new season comes a new version of the game a new updates and new guns and they really have people on their toes with the new things and every week they bring the drop something new they drop a new game on or they jump like they said in skins so that really also played into the big factor of why for names so there's so much hype around the game and people keep coming back to it because they learned how to make sure they're not boring to
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keep bringing in new things one that i love that you're in the conversation but i don't want you to die so i need to go there because of what we are but i don't want you to die again we've got a comment on you tube right now from me who says i played. fortnight both mohamed plenty of times and he's never left a man behind. them for just one year apart from his wedding. here and there this is a friend though was invited to the well so i want to actually bring up another you to comment we got this is from dalia and she says do you think this online game is toxic to female gamers and streaming and i should because you're covering this what's your take on that question right so gaming has a history of not being very friendly to female gamers you know sometimes they're they're marginalized players in the game and there have been history there's been a history of female players being harassed right there was this phenomenon called game or gate where female gamers were just being really violently spread and online
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so far that hasn't materialized so badly in fortnight there have been sort of cases every now and then of young players being you know scanned on maybe there's some unruly behavior i'm worried that maybe further down the lifespan of the scam that might happen but right now fortnight is built you know for young people it's simpler goofy it's it's super fun that i don't think it says prevalent a problem yet but that's completely different i'd say to maybe the gaming industry at large which still has a long way to go in terms of diversity accessibility and being friendly to all genders and gamers. you know i read a little bit first i would see how to dalia she's one of my twitter followers. you know glad she could you know and but. the thing that's fascinating to me and i don't know if this is this could be a cultural shift at least in the states around gender because when i would play
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games soon the ninety's that it was soul calibur and women were very objectified. and when you play the game you typically like i'm a guy who plays a guy it for girls play she plays girl but in this game gender seems very nebulous and my son will play as somebody who's clearly a woman or a guy somebody is a guy and that's not really ever discussed they seem more or interested in the style of the character in the skin but it i don't know if this is sort of the shift in gaming. that is are actually really positive. like for me for example i have a bunch of skins because unfortunately i've spent a wants to i won the game but my coolest skins are the female characters in my opinion that's why i usually play with both i mean you may need to. my bad luck which is my bad luck skin but it's ok i'm trying to find our so i mentioned the
11:41 pm
positives and so then i hate to follow that up but the negative but we got a video comment that's pretty interesting and this is from nate that grayson he's a reporter at the taco in l.a. and he talks about the potential ethical dilemmas that we could run into with court and have a listen well one of his players a place to hang out and have fun it's all a game based on ashes from a horror novel right now we're going to put in more wins less military professions based on the bowery games but it remains a playable someplace free version of that was it said the unnerving but not entirely surprising that most popular game among its not ruthlessly competitive hyper taboo society tells players to see everybody else not some sort of broad system as an enemy and a struggle that can have only one. so damon it's based on a fascist bloodsport from a whore her novel i was there and to nathan well i mean i think like a fair reading and criticism of the game i guess i would argue that you know that's
11:42 pm
a criticism that could be legit levied against any kind of winner take all environments games are very good at setting up there are lots of games that feature you know you were to everybody else so i mean i think there is a good argument to be made that you know fetishizing just like winning at all costs is probably not a good thing but again i don't think that this is unique to fortnight and i'd mentioned some other you know other things earlier dodgeball for example has no winner take all environment king of the hill there are lots of these type environment and games so i think it's a it's a really interesting read on it but whether or not players are actively making that connection i would argue probably not the case i said that i would think to add to that there's i've got a lot of articles on shrimp to think about video games and violence and the research is pretty clear and the reason why i just tried it this way is i have
11:43 pm
parents. of of clients that say well i'm not going to let my kids play for i cause it's bio and what i say to them is some of the games that cause kids to be the most aggressive or dangerous are driving games football games hockey because they've done that they've been in a car they've played a game so it fits in their head. kids have never been on a floating bus landing on an island wearing these clothes it's kids ability to separate themselves star wars doesn't make you violent and i think it's the ability to kind of see this is your team rather than this earlier where you want to rip their brains why should that happen a couple of control surrounding fortnight and then a couple of them where the audience and you can address them. back pack heat doing the floss here we go. very nice
11:44 pm
and have to mention the cult of dance here we go we have the cult as well explain why these two we can't control the scenes in the fortnight well it's right so but kid who is doing the floss dogs on the carlton dance these are accessible in the game as you note which are basically animations that your that your character can do and of those two people by package whose name is russell horning and alfonso ribeiro carlton the fresh prince of bel-air as well as the rapper two million they've all sued fortnights developer epic games for basically stealing what they allege a feeling they're dancing with and even more interesting is in the very first of those lawsuits two million said that fortnight is explicitly appropriating the work of people of color a lot of you know eye for an african-american artist so this is start of this whole debate this legal debate about can you copyright a document. and then there's another debate which is like how are video games
11:45 pm
appropriating the culture of people of color so that's been a huge dialogue people like chance the rapper have chimed in like it's a really it's something that i think is present in the mind of people watching and playing for a minute. for me it gives you an example of how big the game is that these conversations that we're having in the real world now being started off by a video that absolutely i'm going to run. in the community to see what she's up to hearing about these two comments here from you tube one person pretty positively says i played many games in my life and for tonight has to be the most active game i've ever come across constant updates and seasons keeps people bringing people back but someone else wants us to know and he's not alone there or tonight is old news apacs is the new top dog you guys are the heart behind so that's the next game will have to do a show and just own time if you're dead right now right here and you
11:46 pm
are dead to us thank you so much for joining us thank you to the guests see you next time i'm always on line take care of. in germany's capital there is a barber like no other is that what it is. struck cross what you have. but as his city changes he's moving with the time. and going on the roads. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live there. the master barber of berlin this is europe on al-jazeera. monch on
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al-jazeera. maggi husain debates discusses and dissects the big issues of our times and head to heads five years after the revolution coaches in ukraine will have a chance to offer a verdict on what's come since. and a powerful new film residents of occupied east jerusalem share their thoughts on its cost present and future. leaders will gather for the thirtieth arab league summit in tunisia join us for coverage and we examine the development of an unusual alliance between radical buddhist monks and the military in me and ma ma ch on i'll just sierra. the world's pollinate says are in decline. in this episode of arthritis entomologists on opposite sides of the planet protecting insights of all sizes crucial to preserving food chains. i've come to
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the u.k. to see how old industrial sites are being turned into bug reserves in an attempt to reverse this worrying trend. fighting insect to get on on al-jazeera. al-jazeera with every. and live from studio four a head. of. the chinese telecoms giant always pushing back against charges that its systems. at stake
11:49 pm
billions of dollars and a chance to dominate the emerging world of five technology. a large explosion and a couple targets a gathering of the country's top political leaders will have a report from the afghan capital all twenty eight nations have joined together with a. once again on the issues of women's rights and the. breaches privacy scandals and controversial policy decisions but now says he wants his company facebook privacy. to some of the online reactions that story and you can tweet us throughout the show the hash tag. of the news good line on there and streaming online through you tube facebook live
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and. now from a trade to a technology war a chinese company is challenging the u.s. government and court telecoms giant way says the u.s. no abaddon the government and its contractors from using the company's products is just washington says hallway pose a security threat and its products can be used by china's government for spying a report now from shenzhen where has its headquarters. from the air while way success is clear just part of its sprawling complex in the special economic zone of shenzhen while ways name literally means the achievements of china but the trumpet ministration says those achievements more to cheating and stealing than the sort of innovation on display here allegations its top executives deny on thursday they held a news conference inviting selected media organizations including al-jazeera to confirm that while way has filed a lawsuit against the u.s.
11:51 pm
government over a ban which restricts federal government employees from using its equipment where there is no us. challenge to. these only. but also oh this was me and us she was once more they insisted while ways not in the pocket of china's government and accuse the us of hacking its servers. go and jump around here so. it has so us and this story and given us. while ways top officials were once like china's leaders they rarely spoke to the foreign media but the arrest of the firm's chief financial officer in canada where she's now fighting extradition to the united states has changed all of that and the firm has now begun an extraordinary legal and media offensive.
11:52 pm
huawei is a success story the chimes with many chinese people's sense of patriotism and pride it's not clear who's behind this music video now circulating on social media praising its smartphones the firm insists it had nothing to do with it. well way is fighting another legal battle in canada where its chief financial officer mongering joe appeared before an extradition court on wednesday she's accused of breaking u.s. sanctions and money laundering monks' lawyers argue her arrest was politically motivated weiwei is trying to weather the storms on many fronts the copycat european architecture is not a theme park but the firm's new research and development campus the company's critics continue to argue that it's not just the buildings here that have been closed adrian brown al-jazeera. let's take
11:53 pm
a look now at what's behind the political and economic battle china has to spend four hundred and eleven billion dollars from twenty twenty to twenty thirty upgrade in telecom systems to five g. now compare that to us telecom companies will spend one hundred billion dollars between twenty eighteen to twenty twenty and twenty thirty five g. technology well and able twelve point three trillion dollars in total economic output that is the combined spending of consumers in china japan u.k. france and germany and twenty sixteen well let's get more on this now we're joined by john biggs reporter at tech crunch and he's joining us live from new york very good to have you with us on al-jazeera as one of the world's biggest makers of telecommunications equipment is saying that the u.s. congress is acting as john judge jury and executioner do they have a point has the u.s. government actually provided evidence to support its restrictions on way products
11:54 pm
evidence of spying. it's not clear that there's there's evidence of actual spying. if almost every piece of hardware that we own could be used for spying it doesn't matter who makes it the big issue here is that this has become sort of a political softball that folks are throwing back and forth china saying that they're being an untrue or unfairly treated and the u.s. is saying that these things are dangerous is the technology actually dangerous absolutely not it's there's these these back doors would have been caught long before anybody anybody. has been affected but the real question is here where is the hardware going to come from if a stock to come from well has the u.s. government then if it hasn't provided evidence like bad quality because of legitimate spying concerns or is it to limit holidays dominance in the telecommunications industry especially given how much it is investing in five j.
11:55 pm
. there's there's been some suggestion that some of the while weight chipsets are are potentially exploitable and open and that some of the some of the data could be going to the chinese government there hasn't been any absolute proof of that. just as there have been assessments over the past few months that other sorts of chipsets are actually leaking information as well back to like a mothership i guess you could say. i think this is sense of political posturing on both sides while way knows that it needs the u.s. as a really big market but in many cases the u.s. wants to start building its own stuff which is almost impossible as well and you just you know you say that there's no evidence that huawei is leaking info information to a big adata base this they say that they employ on the not influenced by the chinese government but china has postured role that requires all companies to cooperate with intelligence if so what that nor there is the potential isn't there
11:56 pm
for the government to commandeer huawei for its purposes. i mean the internet routes around damage that's always been the that's always been the saying the two to litigate this in the court is the big show is the circus what really happens on the ground level is that someone looks at the chip someone assesses the chip someone figures out what's inside the chip and they stop using the chip that's exactly how these things have been done in the past and we can also go a can go all the way back to the clipper chip which was a which was a american invention that was faulty and all the hackers figured it out and they said let's not use this anymore and now it's gone the again as i said internet routes around damage this is damage it depends on depends on how you define it depends on who's going to be using these to these tools but if there's an actual threat it's not going to show up it's a business it's not even a business decision anymore and this debate is where do you see this go and what
11:57 pm
kind of impact do you think that the u.s. ban will have on huawei and back to that crucial question that you if the u.s. is trying to limit huawei is dominant that it is dominant in five g. who will fill its place nokia samsung. i can imagine motorola will be able to start building out the switches that they need what this really what this is really about this isn't about cell phones this isn't about things joe in your pocket it's about all the little untenanted that are stuck on roofs around the world these and it's a huge network to build these things out and to upgrade these things cost a lot of money so essentially you're going to be looking at a another company who knows how to do this thing they're going to be doing it they're going to be doing it instead of it's going to get done no matter what most of it thank you very much for your time and your expertise on this we do appreciate about as john beggs live in new york's thank you. let's move on to other news now
11:58 pm
and at least three people have been killed and dozens injured following explosions at a large gathering in western kabul authorities in of gonna believe shia muslims attending a commemoration ceremony were the target several politicians were at the event including presidential candidates for july's election charlotte dallas has more from kabul. eisel has claimed responsibility for this attack in western kabul unfortunately it is not a surprise because they have targeted this community the shia minority the czar's they have targeted the many times in this area especially over the last year dozens have been killed in this this gathering today of more than a thousand people was commemorating the death of his our leader who died twenty four years ago there was a large gathering but also a lot of politicians with a senior politicians we're talking former president hamid karzai the c.e.o. of diller a dollar acting foreign minister rabbani the presidential candidate. when as they were talking rockets were heard in the distance and these politicians continued to
11:59 pm
speak trying to come the crowd as these rockets were heard in the distance and then it started to escalate the politicians got out. as bodyguards eight of them were injured in this and then there were rockets there were mortars we were in a multiple explosions witnesses telling us this carried on for up to an hour and heavy gunfire as people tried to escape this a lot of criticism in the aftermath now bubbling up in the afghan community as to how this continues to happen in the capital city there were intelligence reports the night before talking about how there was this was a high target situation with these politicians and also the his r.'s who had been targeted so much people want to stay away from the area and yet this happened our leader a politician by the name mohammed or harkat came out on national television after the attack after he escaped from this and said this simply isn't good enough that i
12:00 am
still continues to be able to carry out these attacks in the capital especially against his people now online team has compiled this report on how the gun stands as our community is facing persecution and has little hope for peace even as the country's biggest armed group part of a holding talks with the u.s. here in the. now israel central elections committee has disqualified an alliance of palestinian israeli parties from running in next month's elections follows a petition filed by the prime minister's liquid party and two others which accused the parties of supporting violent palestinian resistance and backing hezbollah poll suggested it would win four seats in israel's parliament the supreme court would have the final say let's go to our correspondent harry fawcett he's joining us live from west jerusalem tell us more howie about why liquid others want these arab israeli candidates parties barred from running
12:01 am
well yes it is in the contest of what context rather what has been a very bitterly fought already election campaign and the focus of that campaign as far as the main players in it are concerned is a battle over a certain constituency of right wing voters and so there's been a lot of attent by both benjamin netanyahu likud and other right wing parties and as well as that the new centrist alliance of benny gantz the former army chief and yellow pede the former finance minister and so it is against that backdrop that this decision has been made and as well as that you have to remember that the committee itself is a political politicized body within the israeli parliament the knesset so the people within that group are trying to make a play for their own constituencies and so as well as all that they have allowed through this committee the representatives of.


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