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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 8, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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continues to be able to carry out these attacks in the capital especially against his people. now online team has compiled this report on how the gun stands as our community is facing persecution and has little hope for peace even as the country's biggest armed group the part of on hold and talks with the us here in the. now israel central elections committee has disqualified an alliance of palestinian israeli parties from running in next month's elections follows a petition filed by the prime minister's liquid party and two others which accused the parties of supporting violent palestinian resistance and backing hezbollah poll suggested it would win four seats and israel's parliament the supreme court will have the final say let's go to our correspondent harry forsett he's joining us live from west jerusalem tell us more howie about why liquid others want these arab israeli candidates parties barred from running.
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well yes it is in the contest of what context rather what has been a very bitterly fought already election campaign and the focus of that campaign as far as the main players in it are concerned is a battle over a certain constituency of right wing voters and so there's been a lot of attempt by both benjamin netanyahu likud and other right wing parties and as well as that the new centrist alliance of benny gantz the former army chief and yellow pede the former finance minister and so it is against that backdrop that this decision has been made and as well as that you have to remember that the committee itself is a political politicized body within the israeli parliament the knesset so the people within that group are trying to make a play for their own constituencies and so as well as all that they have allowed through this committee the representatives of a far right jewish supremacists party widely seen as
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a racist party of follow followers of the kahan ists of yesteryear and so at the same time as banning the arab party they vote allowed this party through which benjamin netanyahu himself engineered an alliance between that party and one of his coalition partners to try and shore up the right wing vote as you say will. i do apologize we've lost our connection with our correspondent harry forth that he was life arise in west jerusalem let's move on for now. let's move on now to syria where more than seven thousand people mostly women and children have fled isis last shrinking pocket of territory in eastern syria during the past few days some have described scenes of horror and despair in the bombed out with edge of bugaboos where the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces say isis defeat is imminent the s.d.f.
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has been applying a combination of force to put pressure on fighters who refuse to surrender followed by pauses to allow the fighters wives and children and other civilians to escape a senior s.d.f. commander said that hundreds more ice and militants have given themselves up but there are still a large number of fighters inside who don't want to surrender sinan course has the latest for us. the u.s. specs are in democratic forces predominant then led by the syrian kurds hope that the evacuation of the last stronghold of ai so is completed on thursday according to the us d.f. at least four thousand civilians evacuated goes on a wednesday and the number of the evacuated has reached up to ten thousand since february twenty fourth two sources among those people are the civilians are still members families and some ice with fighters who have surrendered to the s.d.f. and those people are brought to al whole camp up in the north and has like
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a province of syria and the people who have a right from because are reported to be weak tired and hungry so there are lots of problems there are lots of issues that they have to deal with and i'm one of those fighters who have surrendered to the plus their families their foreign fighters which is kind of fellatio in among i so now there are questions what's going to happen to those are some member families a special to those ones who are foreign nationals will do countries accept them back because some of the most of the european countries do not want them back as they have a potential to post threat for their security was going to happen to the earth to the ones who are under detention are they going to be prosecuted in syria or back in their home country so there are lots of challenges ahead after the last stronghold of are still in is tim syria is empty. now as we mentioned as more ice and surrender we're seeing more and more women and children fleeing. out as
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here you've been looking at some of the stories being shared on social media so some of the images and stories are absolutely incredible as them particular interest in the stories of fifteen boys they are mostly izzie who were freed on wednesday on the same day that the u.s. backed kurdish forces say they captured four hundred eisel fighters trying to escape but of course now the kids were looking very dusty dirty and dazed even and they took. old reports is that they are actually from iraq and some of those children are as young as five they describe being kidnapped starved and beaten and i saw has mass killed females becoming sex slaves in the last few years more than six thousand years edis have been kidnapped in total half of those are actually still missing now one of the boys who seems to be the eldest of the group says he's thirteen years old and from sin and that's across the syrian border in iraq but they brought us here with their parents forced us to learn about their religion they killed their older brothers and took our mothers and sisters and kept us for
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five years i still kept me captive they used to beat us up and wouldn't let us out they made us become one of them and taught us how to attack with bombs. well their faces that are all but updates and some of the children found to have been shared actually on twitter i just want to show you an exchange between izzy press and look through survivor grew who was there actually cheering the rescue he's been covering and posting tweets online and as he presses they were able to identify him and find out who his relatives are this is a young missing. child and then even replies back same very happy to hear that that's the name of the boy you know that he's in safe hands he was given a bath clean clothes and food and he's been he's ready to be reunited with his family and then they went on to say that actually they found his mother as well they've informed her that her son of man is alive she's incredibly happy they say and cries for joy his father was killed but the mother was also abducted by i saw
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him she was managed to be freed and then there's another tweet that we see here by a guy called semir faddists and he says adnan my nephew today is liberated from bugaboos so this is one of those stories that played out on social media and this is his picture here and looking quite distressed and then they also said to his brother brother his name is more so he was also freed this evening relatives confirmation with a bit more information there they posted his picture as well with the sort of sniffle smile on his face those that just gives you an idea and then also social media here has been used to try and find other relatives to some of those missing children this one was used as a call out and there's a picture just here of that child there so social media has played quite an important role for these children but he's also a video that we are online team has actually put together and it's about another successful reunification of another group of boys from earlier in the week.
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of course we're going to be seeing so much more of these stories coming out in the next few days but if you would like to get in touch with us many of us thoughts on these cops you're yazidi yourself tickets and such a hash tag as a.j. news grid thank you very much for that now let's go back to a story we're telling you about just moments ago the decision by israel central
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elections committee to ban an alliance of arab israeli parties from voting in next month's elections we're joined by akiva eldar senior columnist at monitor and he's live for us and kind of a vista al the always a pleasure to have you with us on al-jazeera i know that you think the supreme court will actually overrule the election committee's disqualifications as they have in the past before the elections but that hasn't stopped various parties from trying to get others disqualified. yeah you know that we are in the midst of. election campaign and this is a catch as much as you can have lines it's kind of a routine it's. the script is written before even appealed to the committee and asked. to be legitimatized each other and this supreme court as you mentioned elizabeth. several times that democracy is really the marker see can deal with racism as long as it
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doesn't call for violence the redline is violence and actually this is a kind of a game that israel is playing to show the world that israel is a democracy parties can appeal to the central committee too and then the supreme court will dismiss it and will make some very beautiful statements the israeli democracy is strong enough to and so do you know if the liquid party and others who are trying to get these arab israeli parties disqualified is that not a genuine attempt then i promise netanyahu other israeli politicians are always boasting about having what they call the need to mock a say in the middle east and yet they do seem determined to stop arab israelis from running and elections. i think it's even more
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warring than this and as i mentioned in my article that will appear in a few hours from a manager. when the prime minister is calling the conceit you see the jewish confusing the last elections in two thousand and fifteen to hurry up and vote because these really are us are moving in big numbers to the building stations this is much worse than a marginal member or two members of knesset from the right and the other problem is that we the israeli public is getting in kind of a false symmetry between the jewish racists and they are a minority which of course has a problem with recognizing israel as a jewish state and diligent in my zinc themselves so there is a problem here the symmetry is the problem of this game and i know that you also
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think that it's not that marginal ultraviolet have also been disqualified because of incitement to racism or the arab israelis have been disqualified you don't think either of them are actually the greatest threat to israeli democracy. yeah i don't think that it's a stretch to stress who is actually that the ruling party really could is leading the incitement and the legitimization of the b. are a minority and not even be our minority it's the israeli jewish left they are campaigning against the israeli media there are no wars smearing the attorney general and the chief of police so anybody who is not part of the national or nationalist mainstream which is
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becoming actually the mainstream of the ruling party. is is not kosher and. i think that this is the campaign against those marginal members of knesset as you mention as well as against the arabs it's part of the game to. catch the. attention of the israeli public to the arabs who are threatening the future of israel and the inverting the attention from the real problem which is the crime it is the it is followers and so how important one it would you say then this upcoming elections are for israeli politics and israeli society if the far right is becoming more mainstream as you've mentioned the attorney general is planning to indict the prime minister on corruption charges will that have an impact on the selection could this election change the course of the way israeli part the course that israeli politics has been on. yeah. you know this is the one million question i think the
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the elections are about the future of the israeli democracy it's not so much about peace and the rights of the minorities it's about the nature of the country and whether it is going to be a state that is ruled by the law and. that has opened its arms to be our world and to the minorities and i think that it can get worse than it's now let's say we still have a hope that the guns like beachbody goes central parties will face the reality and hopefully also there will be a problem in the us as well as in palestine that will be willing to dance
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with the new comers mr elder thank you as always for your time and your expertise on this that is a cave elder live and kind of a thank you thank you elizabeth and inside story to get an deaf look at the charges against netanyahu and what impact they might have on the upcoming israeli elections along with the main players you'll find that episode and titled can netanyahu avoid and document on the inside story page that's under the show's banner on al-jazeera dot com. this is the news great if you're watching on facebook i've got a story coming up for you now on an american man who's been missing in syria for over two years that's from our friends at a.j. plus inside an opposition party is dissolved in thailand just weeks before elections but years in the confessed to as a candidate for prime minister. hello
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action once again from the point of view of the weather is not so much in iran though there are hints of showers here in india afghanistan but no further west once again the action has been turkey in northern syria and there's more to come snow overseas quite readily available in the air is cold enough to bring that's not quite low levels it's running across the north of iraq into iran you might even find that some snow briefly falls even the capital is mainly a story of rain another keep moving dancer iran during friday leaving behind it quiet looking weather not much of a brazen attempt in the high teens twenty two if you're lucky in baghdad now typically when this sort of thing happens you pick up chords or when running down to the gulf it has been a bit sporadic recently picked up again the moment i think it might strengths about how to get to some of them friday is not so much so twenty six in there have a lab over the thames has dropped back a bit on saturday where that road to the code knows they've given you twenty two at best in history had we've seen heavy rain recently even the potential for
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development of a tropical storm with it comes off shore from mozambique into the shallow and that's a possibility if not all of them probably on saturday but this is an area of heavy rain in malawi across madagascar a few shots the south as well. a nation where corruption is endemic embroiled in a battle to hold the powerful to account. how does this radical transformation occur. i mean it to me that if you want to look shedding light on the romanians pressing for change and the unconventional methods to eliminate corruption the remaining people on al-jazeera. the ultra nationalist monks connected with one of the world's worst humanitarian crisis we doe as any maigret joining with the military to impose
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a deadly political agenda they have to foot our nation what has happened to their attention that's one of the biggest stains on the country as a whole. is another religion this is the politics me and an unholy alliance coming soon on all dizzy or.
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it were the news gridlock i wanted streaming online and this is what's trending online on our. zero dot com the isis fighters continue to surrender from their last pocket of territory in syria's and arizona senator who says she was raped one in the u.s. air force and more on the explosions the in the afghan capital kabul targeted on a political gathering all that and much more. on our website al jazeera dot com. now countries including all twenty eight european union member states have signed a statement criticizing saudi arabia's human rights record the statement urges the
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kingdom to release detained female activists who allegedly tortured and detention it comes to saudi arabia arabia's public prosecutor was reported to be preparing the trials of the women the document calls on solving to cooperate with the un that probe into the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi was killed in the saudi consulates last october iceland has led the initiative uniting thirty six countries and what's seen as the first ever said shit at the un rights forum. let's go now to our correspondent in the baba he is joining us live from brussels the first time the body has rebuked saudi arabia but then how significant is that. well it clearly is significant because up to now since two thousand and six when the human rights council was actually set up there hasn't been such a move officially by the human rights council as a body there have been of course reports and there have been questions to saudi
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delegates about the human rights record in the kingdom but this is really a big move it's not just a statement by some of the members of the human rights council but as you were saying it's backed by all twenty eight governments of the european union and by the likes of canada and australia notably not the us the us in fact left the human rights council over what it saw as the council's perceived bias against israel israel also pulling out but this is a big move it follows michel bashir at the un human rights chief on wednesday making a speech in geneva in which she outlined her concerns over the way those women's rights activists have been treated she talked of arbitrary arrests and detentions some of these women have campaigned for the right to drive something which was trumpeted as one of the big reforms in saudi arabia now they're in jail as you pointed out facing trial imminently also calling on saudi arabia to cooperate
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fully with the quote that investigation into the murder of jamal khashoggi at the saudi consulate in istanbul last october this the american intelligence services believe it was actually carried out under the orders of the crown prince of saudi arabia mohammed bin. saudi arabia has named some suspects it's not going far enough clearly for many of its critics both here and in the united states so the message is that they really needs to not just launch their own probes but to get on board with this investigation led by the un special rapporteur on extrajudicial killings so a very strong rebuke on their human rights record but there was another proposal to blacklist saudi arabia over money laundering terrorism financing and that was actually rejected by e.u. ministers. that's right this was foreseen
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because in february the european commission whose headquarters i'm standing drew up this new list a watch list of countries which are deemed to need to do more in the fight against money laundering and financing terrorism and on to the list they propose adding a number of u.s. territories including the u.s. virgin islands and the island of guam but also saudi arabia since they came up with that new list there have been protests from saudi arabia itself through king solomon writing to e.u. leaders but also from the u.s. government and we know that behind the scenes there has been pressure on a number of e.u. governments not to green lights of this new list and now on thursday we've seen that they formally rejected it unanimously they say it was because they were consulted properly and that it was vague and that possibly it could lead to legal action in the future critics of the government's human rights groups are saying
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that they're clearly not prepared to back up their strong statements of solidarity with the saudi human rights activists with firm action and just today today in fact as the e.u. commission self said that she's not giving up sheets heard big words in her words big statements from governments after terrorist attacks after things like the palomar papers she's saying that these e.u. governments are paying lip service in effect to having concerns but she says it's time to act and she's going to continue pushing to make sure that states which aren't doing enough are actually listed. no the in thank you very much for that for now that's nothing baba but the very latest live in brussels we are going to get more on this we're joined by miss majestic the managing editor at to day's newspaper and he's joining us live from istanbul very good to have you with us on on the news grid it is a strong criticism that we've had from human rights council but how much pressure
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is it actually going to put on saudi arabia to do any of the things that the e.u. is asking of it especially given that it's saudi's biggest ally the u.s. is not one of the countries that signed on with this criticism. well i mean this is a very significant step however i think what we need to also look at is the fact that the united states is not in the in in this statement is also a significant saying you know i mean the united states. washington has not really backed the international community when it comes to handling the ca shogi case despite the fact that even some of the close allies of president trump have been criticizing the u.s. government on the other hand we should also take a look at the fact that despite this significant move the e.u. itself is not very homogeneous when it comes to their position on hong kong
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shogi i mean that germany did extend their arms trade. sanctions or embargo of their recently but we cannot see the same strong position. by the u.k. and france yeah so this by this statement i think what we need to look at is whether or not they are actual statement will turn into a an international investigation that will also be cooperated by riyadh itself because so far we are as not cooperated whether or not whether it was a call from turkey or whether it was even when u.n. report or was in istanbul she was not cooperated by by the u.s. by the saudi officials when she wanted to take some of the steps as part of the as part of the investigation so yes this is a very i mean the fact that it's a unified as some thirty six they have been part of this team and the fact that
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united states is not part of this i think it's very significant and also the fact that not all these thirty six states have the same approach to how to move forward in their relation. with we are this by this this by the statement we have today it has been five months now since the since mr kushal g.'s made by the southeast is turkey concerned to hold that those responsible will not be held to account well i mean turkey has said it very clearly that as you know and there is no they don't uncover a lot find riyad to be in it sincere and genuine. position when it comes to actually bringing those. accountable to to to justice so despite the fact that from the day one i mean turkey has been calling the international community to back them up turkey has been pressuring riyadh however there is
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a there is an insistence on really from coming from riyadh on not cooperating not bringing those i think there is just some sort of cosmetic being applied to the case you know by the actual decision maker on this on this. case i doubt that they will be brought to justice and ultimately held accountable turkey has been saying there from day one that whoever is the ultimate decision maker needs to be brought to justice and that the fact that we still don't have we still don't know where the body is yet is also i think something that riad has been a not cooperating are we just talking about with the international community i mean these are some of the answer is that the international community is thinking now where i mean where is the body of mr partially let's janet thank you very much for your time on the city appreciate it that is math that chantix live in istanbul thank you. now facebook says it plans to improve user privacy on its platforms
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that is the latest move by a company that dominates social media bot whose reputation has taken a battering over the past two years saraa has more on that well facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg now says he wants it to become a privacy focused social network meaning he wants to enhance user privacy and he made the announcement in a blog post saying privacy focus communications would become more important than open social networks in the future but how will facebook to it well it says it will focus on encrypted messaging and zuckerberg also says the company will not be storing used data but out only in countries that have a weak human rights record plus he's willing to see facebook banned in countries that won't comply with his do you plan and there's also been a lot of reaction to zuckerberg new plan including the skepticism in fact the founder of image of peter toohey to putting privacy focus in the headline he says
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is a great strategy but this doesn't stop facebook from knowing who you are your location mobile number who you are quite connected to even linking this to other data sets or who's following you around the web and another person that's been tweeting about this is max shrooms was known for his campaigns against facebook's privacy violations and he calls the move a p.r. masterpiece now facebook's been accused of a number of cases in the past surrounding data privacy if you remember last year it was revealed that data from millions of facebook users had been harvested by u.k. based political consultants consulting firm cambridge let's accept it's safe to say that the tech giant already doesn't have the best track record when it comes to user privacy but. recognize in his company's rather reputation in the statement says that this plan is part of the company's effort to change for the better now we did get in touch with a journalist working for a dublin based online magazine that focuses on science and technology to see what she had to say on this. people generally don't trust what mark zuckerberg has to
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say about data privacy which is justified given his company's checkered history this news from what i can see is no different i've seen a lot of commentators question whether these changes will come to fruition at all and if the changes do come to fruition what is to your motives because what we have you have to wonder what's occurred really make these changes purely out of the good it was hard it seems that as well as being an attempt to claw back his company's severely damaged reputation that this could also be a new commercial out and you who are zuckerberg so i would take this news and take what he says with a massive dose solved we're all pretty much on facebook so i want to see how this would affect you and what your thoughts are in it as well so you can always send us other stories any ideas that you have and the hash tag is aging users can also tweet me outside of hyatt so that you very much and we have an episode of and side
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story can facebook be forced to comply with privacy laws on that we explore with our panel of guests that was after facebook was accused of undermining democratic institutions and talk of the failed to face up to m.p.'s at a hearing in london you will find that on al-jazeera dot com. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world thailand's constitutional court has dissolved a prominent opposition party and banned its leaders from politics for ten years tie rods a charge was found guilty of violating election roles for nominating princess obama russia's big candidate for prime minister the king said it was inappropriate for royals to get involved in politics when he has moved from bad call. there was a somber mood among the leaders of the thai rocks a charred party as they arrived at the constitutional court in bangkok they knew these would probably be the final moments of the party's existence. they didn't
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have to wait long for confirmation the nine judges took less than forty minutes to deliver a unanimous verdict. we considered the acts of the party as an attack an instinct towards the constitutional monarchy the court has ordered that the party be dissolved the fourteen members of the party's executive committee were also banned from politics for ten years. to party executive members and i are deeply sad about that the solving of our party it is sure to have an impact on basic political rights the verdict came a month after thai rocks a chart announced that princess would be its candidate to become prime minister in the election hours later the palace said the move was inappropriate and unconstitutional from that moment it seemed unlikely the party would survive in a country where the monarchy is seen as untouchable. still the campaign continued until a week ago when it held what would become its farewell rally in bangkok this is the
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third time the constitutional court has dissolved the party backed by former prime minister taksin shinawatra in fact six out of the nine judges that made this ruling were also involved in one or both of those previous cases jackson was removed from power in a coup in two thousand and six and lives in exile it would in a jail sentence for abusing his power which he says is politically motivated. charge was seen as a potential coalition partner for his main party poor thai which was in power during the last coup in two thousand and fourteen the court verdict will be seen as yet another move against the shinawatra clan and its influence on politics by the military and bangkok's elite that surround it. all being as we designed the concept . all the development that have happened in the past five years was designed to keep parks in the dissolution of thai rexx a charge made galvanize support for this you know what's well deepening the country's political divide it seems thailand is sit for another unpredictable and
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potentially volatile political periods wayne hay al jazeera bangkok a court in france has found a catholic cardinal guilty of failing to act on allegations of child sex abuse and has diocese phillip barbour on a prominent church for there and five others to trial accused of failing to protect children from alleged crimes committed by a priest in one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's germany's ambassador to venezuela has twenty four hours to leave the country after being accused of meddling in domestic affairs the orders were issued on wednesday two days out of daniel chrono welcomed on why though and caracas the opposition leader traveled abroad to rally support for his leadership it. well while politicians battle for power people in venezuela struggling to survive their injuries shortages of food medicine and the world's highest inflation rate some venezuelan children a crossing the border into neighboring colombia to get an education one a while rap on
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a reports from the border city of kuta. most of the children waiting in this lunch line are from venezuela they travel across the colombian border every day just to attend school but since venezuelan authorities blocked off access through the official border crossing students are having to find other ways to get across thirteen year old catalina russell says she was scared the first time she had to sneak over the river that divides the two countries but it's the only way she can get to class where any alum we asked was that it was dark we were very scared at people were terrified we didn't know what was going to happen is a very difficult situation because you wouldn't expect to have to cross an illegal route to get school. it doesn't mean you're at this elementary school in cuckoo duck alone b.-a only a short distance from the venezuelan border ninety five percent of students are from venezuela the school's director had a much better bessie says since the border has been closed attendance has dropped significantly as a single sample inland in this way these children have problems in venezuela
12:37 am
because there aren't enough schools because teachers don't make enough money and most of quit in left so children migrate to our country especially this school because it's the closest one to the border. and if you get outside the building parents are waiting to drop off more children once their lessons are over many of them will make the journey across the border back into venezuela quickly and when we cross back if there is any kind of conflict or gunfire out children's lives or our lives are in a great risk or nearly faculty members at the school say many of the children who arrive for class haven't eaten and it's become part of the institutions mandate to make sure that children are fed before they begin their lessons half of the students in this class did not show up to school today the director of the school says that a humanitarian corridor between been a swell and colombia is desperately needed to guarantee young but as well as students access to a formal education. an estimated three thousand children are travelling to and from
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venezuela across illicit routes every day humanitarian observers say the conditions these children face on the border is another example of human rights violations by the venezuelan government. dizzied a good economic the start of argentina school year has been postponed by a three day teach a strike they say wait isn't keeping up with inflation which waged nearly fifty percent last year that alex is trying to pull the country out of a session with a widely criticized austerity program. education. teaches. by the government. does not address. that.
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find out what people are talking about in sports today here's lia the other talking about qatar we're focusing on fever and its continued effort to expand qatar's world cup to forty eight teams it's now being reported that they are looking into sharing the tournament with oman and kuwait fifa president johnny infantile know has been pushing this idea for months now but the concept of sharing the tournament with qatar's neighbors is complicated because of geopolitics guitars being
12:41 am
blockaded by saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahaman and egypt however oman in kuwait have remained neutral throughout this which is why may now be considering them as potential co-hosts this is sure to be a hot topic with a few council me in miami next week and here's a reminder of ensign tino's latest comments in room last week. if you feel you go on is president of the for him in a good position to be able to speak about football and not about politics so with perhaps a little naivety i can also talk openly with everyone councillors open to studying the issue we will see if its neighboring countries will do the same if it's possible we will do it and we will have a fantastic world cup with forty eight teams in qatar and in some neighboring countries. earlier we spoke to a.p. reporter rob harris who broke the story about oman and quade he gave us his take on why ensign tino is so determined to force expansion. well you can look at it from
12:42 am
a sporting perspective in the fact he wants to give more countries more hope of going to the biggest football tournament on the planet and there's another thing at play as well potentially his own credentials if he can be seen as someone who perhaps brings the region together you know there's a distant possibility of a nobel prize potentially that's been always talked about by his predecessor set blatter so if he can see himself as this figure beyond sport which is something he does like to consider him as you see speeches at the g twenty and other political gatherings it would be a considerable achievement if he could spread the world cup in the region to make it a tournament beyond the cattle but you know this is been talked about for so many years now and probably it is something that would have been logical at the time of the vote to actually use multiple countries rather than it just being in cats are given the burden on resources and the number of stadiums need to be built from scratch the key thing is it's rewriting the rules of the game has been played the fact
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cattle won the bed but even yesterday the u.a.e. government sports chief our mathy told me actually qatar deserved to win it was a great success comments that were particularly striking given the severance of ties between the u.a.e. and qatar but it did leave be a number of factors in play here if additional countries are brought into the hosting particularly given cattles when there was an increased focus on human rights within fee for cats i was required i was lead to raise it standards and when it came to the twenty twenty six vote the potential host had to submit really detailed risk assessments over human rights and it's a point i made to in france in a few months ago which he saw as the fact actually if you do bring new hosts into the plan for twenty twenty two there will be demands for those host to be subject to human rights scrutiny and to check their standards are up to fevers what fee for my argue is the fact if no building work is required to keep the torment that might
12:44 am
be a way of circle navigating that but it will add an extra layer of complexity the human rights of any additional countries brought into the hosting. all right well one of the greatest basketball players ever just outperformed another all time legend le bron james just topped michael jordan as the new fourth place highest n.b.a. score of all time as you can imagine the duo have been trending online one user posted this picture saying when idols become rivals james who shares a jersey number of jordan is now part of an elite group of basketball stars at the top of the list as kareem abdul-jabbar with thirty eight thousand three hundred eighty seven career points scored in the n.b.a. he's followed by karl malone with thirty six thousand nine hundred twenty eight points kobe bryant is down three thousand points in third place and le bron james now fourth is at his current is at thirty two thousand points but with his current pace of twenty seven points per game he would move to the top spot in some twenty two hundred twenty five more games roughly three more seasons mela brown clearly
12:45 am
saw this milestone coming he only needed thirteen points to eclipse jordan's record and took to his shoes straight a letter to the basketball superstar by going to his shoes saying if he signed it with a crown for king james james says he still can't believe this all happened. for a kid from akron ohio to that. inspiration needed some type of. positive influence. in j. was that garfield. and now james is that guy for this generation of kids from akron ohio here some of them from the school james started in his hometown. my name is there you know congrats i'm passing michael jordan and amy scoring this how i missed the liberal mind is wait a minute oh. congrats mr le bron and kiran guys are
12:46 am
for the fourth n.b.a. scoring bullis. for scoring in fourth place and passing michael jordan. passing by bill jordan. that was if they wanted here in the us have a good day have a great day windy back over to liz thank you very much and that does it for this news grid see you back here at fifteen hundred g.m.t. on friday. since slave abuse and mommy freedom. applies to many of
12:47 am
these good after a lifetime of service a remarkable young woman breaks free. to lead the abolitionist movement of electrifying force. driven by her favorite recollections of subjugation. my memory is my power a witness documentary on a. it's a daunting climb to one of the holiest sites in bhutan. astri seems to defy gravity every few cities is expected to complete the pilgrimage to ensure peace and happiness when it became a democracy in two thousand and eight the time put happiness at the center of all political policy inspiring the un to pass a resolution urging other nations to follow the times example but how do you measure it many brits anees happiness is what we ensure its if that is quantifiable but by simply turning its pursuit into policy time has done what no other country
12:48 am
has. this is a boon for point people right now in technology there is so much going to help people it's phenomenal thanks for calling i read this is there and what are you looking for today we get to assist the client with their day to day tasks and give them more independence and freedom dispose markets a little gap that sure is a tomato exploration process was so moving in the we have that technology available to us no knowledge is either. chinese tech giant huawei sues the u.s. government for banning its products. i'm adrian brown reporting from the nerve center of china's largest technology company demonized by governments around the world and now beginning of a major legal and media offensive. nor
12:49 am
in tennis is live from london also coming up a catholic cardinal office his resignation after getting a suspended jail sentence for failing to report accusations of child sexual abuse in france. a fact saudi arabia's human rights record comes under attack by thirty six countries at a u.n. forum. and opposition parties dissolved in thailand just weeks before elections but choosing the king sr as its candidate for prime minister. and chinese telecom giant huawei is taking the u.s. to court by restricting federal agencies from using its products the u.s. considers soirees products a security threat and says china can use its equipment for spying says the u.s.
12:50 am
has failed to provide any evidence to support its claims adrian brown has more from shands and from the wall way success is clear just part of its sprawling complex in the special economic zone of. while ways name literally means the achievements of china but the trumpet ministration says those achievements more to cheating and stealing than the sort of innovation on display here allegations its top executives deny on thursday they held a news conference inviting selected media organizations including al-jazeera to confirm that while away has filed a lawsuit against the u.s. government over a ban which restricts federal government employees from using its equipment we have there is no us. challenge to all of. these men
12:51 am
only. but i also owe this army and us she was once more they insisted while ways not in the pocket of china's government and accuse the us of hacking its servers. and ran here. it has carried our service and this story here now is. while ways top officials were once like china's leaders they rarely spoke to the foreign media but the arrest of the firm's chief financial officer in canada where she's now fighting extradition to the united states has changed all of that and the firm has now begun an extraordinary legal and media offensive. huawei is a success story that chimes with many chinese people's sense of patriotism and pride it's not clear who's behind this music video now circulating on social media
12:52 am
praising it smartphones the firm insists it had nothing to do with it. wow a is fighting another legal battle in canada where its chief financial officer mongering joe appeared before an extradition court on wednesday she's accused of breaking u.s. sanctions and money laundering monks lawyers argue her arrest was politically motivated weiwei is trying to weather storms on many fronts the copycat european architecture is not a theme park but the firm's new research and development campus the company's critics continue to argue that it's not just the buildings here that have been closed adrian brown al-jazeera change him. disgraced french cardinal philip bombast says he will offer his resignation to the
12:53 am
pope after a judge and found him guilty of failing to report child sex abuse trial far she's the case has shed a light on the catholic church's declining influence in france the dutch about what has more. from his diocese in the city of french cardinal philip announced his resignation. i have decided to go and see the holy father to tender my resignation he will receive me in a few days. it was an unexpected twist to often already dramatic morning in court in his absence the judge found the cardinal guilty of failing to report child sex abuse to authorities giving him a six month suspended prison sentence bob barr had known the priest bernard paina had abused boys from the one nine hundred seventy s. to ninety's but he allowed him to work with children until his retirement in twenty fifteen the victim's lawyer said barber has resignation was sudden but welcome braun the son would exhaust symbolically make sense you needed to respond to the
12:54 am
verdict in some way because a court are shown is moral and legal responsibility. may well be resigning from his position within the catholic church but his lawyers say in terms of this case he is likely to appeal the verdict for the victims and the campaigners who've been here during this trial they say this is been a true fall from grace one of france's highest clerics phosphor davao is head of a victim's association in legal stated it yet. it's david against goliath it sends a powerful symbol of hope for the victims it's colossal i'm convinced that many others will now speak out. the case is shaken fraud says catholic church and inspired a film that won a top prize at the berlin film fest. civil by the grace of god follows the victim's campaign for justice has contributed. to treat. somebody. for more than a decade the catholic church in france has been dealing with
12:55 am
a declining number of followers and you priests off to the cardinals trial it faces an additional battle won for its credibility and reputation natasha butler al jazeera france thirty six countries including all twenty eight member states of the european union a signed a statement criticizing saudi arabia's human rights record the document was signed the u.n. human rights council on thursday it calls on saudi arabia to cooperate with the un that investigation into the murder of saudi journalist. and to release ten activists jailed in the kingdom contam his strongest possible terms the killing of journalists. but saudi arabia has confirmed to place in its consulate in istanbul the circumstances of mr karzai is that they upon the need to protect journalists. right to freedom of expression around the world investigations into the killing must be independent and. also responsible. to call upon saudi arabia.
12:56 am
to pull a corporate with more limited cases into the killing. inquiry by the special rapporteur when asked not to execution. and even live in brussels so what is front of this action from the un in geneva and what do they have to achieve. well and this actually is unprecedented it's the first time really that the body as a whole has rebuked saudi arabia since the u.n. human rights council was set up thirteen years ago and in fact there has been some criticism of the u.n. human rights council for for example a period where saudi arabia actually presided over it that drew criticism from some states the u.s. withdrew over what it saw as the bodies bias against israel which also left but now it's taken unified action with this statement backed by all twenty
12:57 am
eight e.u. member states so this is a really big signal that they want saudi arabia to take tough action over its human rights record initially after the murder of chemical jamal khashoggi last october of course the main focus was really on solidarity with human rights activists but focusing on as as the icelandic ambassador was mentioning journalist freedom of speech and so on but in recent months there's been growing criticism against saudi arabia for its involvement in the war in yemen and the arrest in jailing of those women activists which they've just called to be released the saudi arabia is believed to be getting ready to put them on trial some of these women filmed themselves driving something one of the big reforms that the crown prince mohammed bin selman was boasting of when he came to power but now it seems
12:58 am
there's been a backlash perhaps he's listening to the more conservative voices in his kingdom so this is a clear message from the international community that he needs to take action but the u.s. wasn't part of this it's not in the u.n. human rights council it was back to the statement was backed by canada and australia as well so there is a large movement in the west at least at that level. and saudi arabia meanwhile has avoided being placed on the use money laundering in terrorism financing blacklist everything to us about that year the european commission came up with this new list last month it placed a number of u.s. territories on the list of places which aren't doing enough to fight money laundering and the financing of terrorism it included also saudi arabia that got people in riyadh very worried the proof the king king solomon actually wrote to you leaders voicing his concerns the u.s.
12:59 am
government has made it clear that it was unhappy and now the twenty eight e.u. justice and home affairs ministers meeting here have said they're not going to approve it we knew they were going to do so but all the while just in the last few hours we've heard from the e.u. commissioner in charge saying that she's going to continue the fight to make sure that governments really do put their money where their mouth is and actually take tough measures thank you very much indeed and it's three people have been killed and dozens injured in an attack in the afghan capital kabul rockets and heavy gunfire targeted a shia gathering in the west of the city shot ballasts has more from kabul. eisel has claimed responsibility for this attack in western kabul unfortunately it is not a surprise because they have targeted this community the shia minority the czar's they have targeted the many times in this area especially over the last year and dozens have been killed in this this gathering today of more than a thousand people was commemorating the death of his our leader who died twenty
1:00 am
four years ago there was a large gathering but also a lot of politicians with their senior politicians were talking former president hamid karzai the c.e.o. of dollar a dollar acting foreign minister rabbani the presidential candidate. when as they were talking rockets were heard in the distance and these politicians continued to speak trying to come the crowd as these rockets were heard in the distance and then it started to escalate the politicians got out. as bodyguards eight of them were injured in this and then there were rockets there were mortars they were in a multiple explosions witnesses telling us this carried on for up to an hour and heavy gunfire as people try to escape this a lot of criticism in the aftermath now bubbling up in the afghan community as to how this continues to happen in the capital city there were intelligence reports the night before talking about how there was.


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