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tv   Hasaballah The Peoples Music  Al Jazeera  March 8, 2019 9:00am-9:58am +03

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a lot of the killing of civilians and abuse against civilians by the forces and allied forces and this is of course increasing in washington the. negative portrayals of what forces are doing on the ground in yemen. but he was still ahead and is there another show of defiance by adding government protesters to sit down as the government tries to maintain a state of emergency. and we'll tell you how violence against healthcare workers in the democratic republic of congo is hurting their efforts to contain an ebola outbreak. hello again and welcome back to international weather forecasts were here across southern china we have seen quite
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a bit of clouds as well as rain over the last couple of days and unfortunate that is going to continue as we go into the weekend taiwan has seen some very heavy rain some localized flooding has been a problem there and you can see here on friday the rain is going to continue with taipei see about seventeen degrees now as we go towards saturday that rain begins to lift for most of taiwan but for taipei you will still stay rainy as well across much of china the rain is going to continue hong kong we are going to sing so partly cloudy conditions few and rain in your forecast in the afternoon with the temperature there of about twenty five degrees well towards the philippines over here toward vietnam looking quite clear most of the clouds and rain down here towards the south sulawesi has seen some very heavy rain over the last couple days and we do expect that to stay into the forecasts for thailand though really quite clear if you attempt as into the low for low to mid thirty's about thirty four degrees there kuala lumpur about thirty three degrees into your forecast as we go through the weekend and here across much of india temperatures are going to maine into the mid thirty's not a lot of clouds here on the satellite image but we could see some clouds coming
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across parts of sri lanka over the next few days temps are there for colombo about thirty one degrees chennai a thirty four and neck per about attempt a few of thirty four degrees there. who was a sponsor. in slave abuse a moment for you that. applies to many a police. officer a lifetime of service a remarkable young woman breaks free. to lead an abolitionist movement will be looked upon cool as a little. driven by her favorite book collection the sophistication. my memory is my power to witness documentaries on a josie. hello
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again you're watching our desire and here is her mind there are top stories this hour donald trump's former campaign manager chairman has been sentenced to three years and eleven months in prison paul bought a ford was convicted in august on the eight counts of bank of tax fraud his crimes were uncovered during u.s. special counsel robert robert muller's investigation into russian interference and the tragedy sixteen presidential election. protesters have rallied in southwest yemen for a fourth day over the killing of the main witness in an alleged child rape case that one straight to say was killed by fighters from a group backed by the united arab emirates. and thirty six countries have signed a statement criticizing saudi arabia's human rights record the document calls on the kingdom to cooperate with the u.s. led investigation into the murder of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi.
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the medical charity doctors without borders says a more humane response is needed to end the. make in the democratic republic of congo it says not enough spin done to gain the trust of local communities leaving aid workers and increasing targets of violence now this comes as they had of the world health organization is visiting the country to get an update on the outbreak alexy o'brian has this reports. wearing protective suits they wash down with chlorine making sure every particle of the highly contagious virus is destroyed but doctors without borders says efforts to contain a bowl are working and instead have led to his still iffy end violence against the people who are trying to help the existing atmosphere can only be described as toxic it shows how the response has failed to listen and
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act on the needs of those most affected doctor in the democratic republic of congo last week went to treatment centers were burned down it forced the charity to suspend its operations at the a.p. center of the outbreak this region seeing decades of on rest as armed groups of five for territory and resources and dr liu says the involvement of security personnel is alienating patients and their families. more than forty percent of the there are right now opening taking place in the community that means that we have not reached them and they are not sought our care this is vast amounts of money pouring in but they don't see where it ends up. the hear the constant advice to wash their hands but nothing about the lack of soap and water ebola has killed more than five hundred sixty people here since august and robbed
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these communities of their right to vote in last december's presidential ballot the election commission said the virus made it too dangerous for voting to go ahead. the chief of the world health organization is in town to assess the response. over a year he agrees community ownerships needed to into the epidemic we are here to try to help and they didn't want any communities really die old people especially when we have. this and when we have the rights issue in the two and the timber the money come initially is for the community to take responsibility all we need to understand that it's a problem. that's what we do everything the society that we should be. different to fight he believes the virus can be based in doctors without borders though says it all left still has the upper hand brian al-jazeera. antigovernment protesters
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and saddam i defy a government imposed state of emergency political parties alliance of the government so they're committed to starting talks in that ending almost four months of demonstrations but it's unclear who the government can talk to because the protest movement doesn't have obviously there's a bit more going reports on the part of. the larger i don't have a general coming from university campuses to districts of how to thousands continue to demand the resignation of president obama to be sure protests calling for the end of his fifty year rule are now almost four months old there are a billion shows no sign of abating despite promises from the government to improve the economy and the declaration of a year long state of emergency that bans public gatherings and protests. who was the government is corrupt there's oppression. entry into people's houses now our brothers are heading to the streets may be teaming with sticks of really tear gas as a violation of rights or were promised they don't represent the sudanese people even
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the state of emergency because there are no soldiers on the streets. the protests which started in mid december in the northeastern city of algebra were sparked by a rise in the costs of basic goods some opposition groups say protesters have legitimate reason to take to the streets demonstrators say they want to voice their demands peacefully but have been met with tear gas and bullets fired rights groups say security forces have killed at least fifty people since demonstrations began the government puts the figure at thirty two the un human rights council has criticised the government response and its use of force president bashir met the committee formed to resolve the crisis and repeated his call for dialogue as well as announcing the state of emergency bashir has stepped down as head of the ruling national congress party with talked about preparing the environment for. political prisoners to this. so we can create an environment for a national dialogue because every side sticking to their positions will not help the country but it's unclear who to talk to most of the protests have been called
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for by opposition groups and an unofficial body known as the sudanese professional association but something to say while they participate in the protests neither the opposition nor the association represent them so nearly four months on anti-government protest remain largely leaderless making it difficult to start talks to settle the crisis. ahmed bashir has presided over sudan for three decades coming to power in a bloodless military coup in one nine hundred eighty nine to overthrow the democratically elected government of the current wave of anti-government protest is in the first day of the most serious and persistent his remaining defiant and so are the protesters leaving no solution in sight to end the deadlock. durian state media have released a letter said to be from the president. warning of chaos as mass protests continue against its leadership and warns of foreign groups infiltrating demonstrations protests have been saying place for the past two weeks against his
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bid for a fifth term with a flick a is in switzerland for what the government describes as routine medical tests. there have been calls for an investigation into how i saw fighters were able to launch an attack in afghanistan's capital killed three people and injured dozens more the group attacks a gathering of ethnic minority groups and politicians in western kabul. reports. from a city to a battlefield kabul becoming the frontline of a battle between i saw an afghan forces i saw him launch an attack on senior politicians a more than one thousand has hours gathering to commemorate his our leader abdul alim azhari. it began peacefully broadcast on national t.v. with c.e.o. of dollar bill or the former president hamid karzai listening to speeches then rockets were heard in the distance commented on by dr dunston your places the
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incidents are far from here your running creates a lot of risk but the rockets got closer some politicians flared others tried to calm the crowds those sure everybody telling them to leave quietly but. then the first explosion and the elder followed witnesses reported rockets mortars landing in and around the gathering explosions and heavy gunfire. but it was the us that that has our leader mohammed hockey sit on the microphones a bit targeting a gathering and told us to escape from there as i was feeling i was hit with shrapnel on my back here there was confusion as hundreds of people try to find safety. was soldiers and police unaware of who was attacking and from where. afghan special forces or in general a building began a clearance operation to stop the remaining attackers. ambulances ferry dozens of
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people to hospital most injured by rockets and mortars are fewer than one mortar hit in the back of the crowd and then another followed by the third. close to me shrapnel hit me and also a soldier he was lying there and i was in a lot of time and i don't know what happened next. in a report last month the u.n. security council used to make it up to four thousand deisel fine shoes were in afghanistan many arriving after being pushed out of syria and iraq last year they carried out nearly forty attacks nationwide desires of the primary target as most a shia muslims as our leader mohammed harkat who escapes to national television after the attack and accuse president danny of being complicit it looks like there was a lot of weapons stoked up i felt like i was in a battlefield i strongly condemn this barbarian attack and my condolences for all the families who lost their loved ones people are angry at such
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a serious security lapse in the aftermath there are questions as to how iceland particular can continue to carry out such complex attacks in the heart of the city which a shia minority price chart at palace al-jazeera. hundreds of people have escaped the last remaining pockets of syrian territory held by i saw more than six thousand people have left the eastern village of goods in the past few days the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces are trying to push the armed group out hundreds of eyes all fighters have surrendered while in jordan some syrian refugees are taking president bashar al assad's government to the international criminal courts they accuse all sides forces of crimes against humanity including torture rape murder and chemical attacks syria is not a member of the i.c.c. but jordan this and that may give the court jurisdiction to take the case. in the u.s. politicians have passed
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a resolution condemning bigotry and discrimination the vote comes after a controversy over a comment made by a democratic congresswoman. and questions over whether it's us and sematic omar came under fire for criticizing israel and pro israel lobbyists in washington our comments have become a talking point for republicans and is dividing the democratic party patika hain has more. omar is one of the two first muslim women elected to congress and she has become a lightning rod on the issue of israel and u.s. support after she said this about an israeli lobbying group. for allegiance to the country. i want. why is it ok. for me to. be karma and
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not the. rule that is he losing. her critics say that is anti-semitic and accuse her of implying jews can't be loyal americans representative omar embodies a vile i hate filled anti-semitic anti israel bigotry this is not a time for politics this is a time for the democratic leaders in this institution to do the right thing they should remove her from the house foreign affairs committee they should stand up to her they should stop empowering her disgusting hatred before it turns in to horror republicans are demanding action even though they were mostly silent when it was discovered that one of their congressional leaders attended a white supremacist convention another congressman defended white nationalism and the us president said this about neo nazis. very fine people on both sides but it's not just republicans this is shown there is a big divide in the democratic party why are we on able to singularly condemn
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anti-semitism why can't we call it a semitism and show that we've learned the lessons of history but younger and more progressive politicians came to her defense leaving the democratic leader nancy pelosi to try and find some way to unite the party i feel confident that her words were not based on any anti-semitic and a tude but that she didn't have a full appreciation of how they landed on other people with that the house voted on a resolution condemning anti-semitism islamophobia and white supremacy and now they hope to move on but being one of the first muslims in congress it is likely omar will continue to be focused on by the right recently republicans in west virginia briefly put this poster in their state house there wasn't a resolution later condemning it petticoating al-jazeera washington russian politicians have approved a bill that could put anyone in jail for posting online criticism of the country
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the bill which passed the lower house on thursday would impose fines for publishing materials that disrespect the state ought to repeat offenders could face fifteen days behind bars a second bill that was also approved could block anyone publishing so-called fake news online both are expected to pass the opera house next week. european football's governing body you a fast confirmed it has opened an investigation into manchester city over a possible breaches of financial fair play roles english premier league champions were at the center of the allegations published by a german sports magazine claiming the city's m.r.c. ownership months or injected funds into the club to top up sponsorship income now you a fast rules have a limit of how much money and the owner can add. in a statement just a city responded by saying it welcomes the opening of a formal you a full investigation as an opportunity to bring to an end speculation resulting
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from the illegal hacking and out of context publication of citi e-mails the accusation of financial irregularities are entirely false that's what they say the club's published accounts are full and complete and a matter of legal and regulatory records meanwhile world governing body will discuss plans to expand the twenty twenty two world cup in qatar at next week's council meeting in miami though unveil the results of a feasibility study on increasing the number of teams from thirty two to forty eight for president giani in frontino has been talking up the idea for months now and is now said to be considering sharing the tournament with oman and kuwait but the concept of sharing football shape with qatar its neighbors is complicated by geopolitics is under blockade by saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt.
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again you're watching al-jazeera these are top stories donald trump's former campaign chairman has been sentenced to three years that he loved months in prison paul mann a fourth was convicted in august on eight counts of bank and tax fraud his crimes were uncovered during u.s. special counsel robert miller's investigation into washington the twenty sixteen presidential election she ever tante has sent us this update from outside the courtroom in the u.s. state of virginia. and given pomona for forty seven months the judge rejected the prosecution's argument that poor mamma fools was a special case of criminality as far as the judge was concerned his crimes were financial crimes hiding a bank account overseas. and. a sentence of decades in prison this will be seized upon by supporters of donald trump who said the special counsel
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investigation is a witch and. protesters have rallied in southwest yemen for a fourth day over the killing of the main witness in an alleged child rape case demonstrators say rough i've done but was killed by fighters from a group backed by the united arab emirates thirty six countries have signed a statement criticizing saudi arabia's human rights record the document calls on the kingdom to cooperate with a un led investigation into the murder of the saudi journalist. at least three people have been killed and dozens injured following at isola tac in a western kabul the armed group attacked a gathering of the house are ethnic minority group in western kabul various politicians where the event including presidential candidates for july's upcoming election a french catholic cardinal has offered his resignation after being found guilty of failing to act on allegations of child sex abuse and his diocese
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well those are the headlines the news will continue here in our desire ofter inside story that's up next. hallway hits back the chinese tech giant sues the u.s. government whilst it fights a legal battle in canada why is the company so controversial and is it a threat to global security this is inside story.
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hello there and welcome to the program i'm laura kyle for china huawei is a source of national pride is written into the company's name but for the u.s. and many western nations the tech giant is a spying tool for the chinese government the u.s. says huawei poses a security threat and is pressuring allies in europe and asia to ban its products but its hallway is fighting back it's suing the u.s. government for not allowing its workers to use qual way equipment and in canada the company is fighting the extradition of one of its top executives to the u.s. she's accused of flouting u.s. sanctions on iran are trying to correspond to a jim brown reports from hallways headquarters in. from the wall way success is clear just part of it sprawling complex in the special economic zone of . while weighs name literally means the achievements of china but the trumpet
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ministration says those achievements more to cheating and stealing than the sort of innovation on display here allegations its top executives deny on thursday they held a news conference inviting selected media organizations including al-jazeera to confirm that while way has filed a lawsuit against the u.s. government over a ban which restricts federal government employees from using its equipment we are there is no us. challenge to. these only. but also owes are we and us and shoot us once more they insisted while ways not in the pocket of china's government and accuse the us of hacking its servers. and ran here our way. it has carried our service and this story and given us
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this while ways top officials were once like china's leaders they rarely spoke to the foreign media but the arrest of the firm's chief financial officer in canada where she's now fighting extradition to the united states has changed all of that and the firm has now begun an extraordinary legal and media offensive. huawei is a success story the chimes with many chinese people's sense of patriotism and pride it's not clear who's behind this music video now circulating on social media praising it smartphones the firm insists it had nothing to do with it. well way is fighting another legal battle in canada where its chief financial officer mongering joe appeared before an extradition court on wednesday she's accused of breaking u.s. sanctions and money laundering monks lawyers argue her arrest was politically motivated
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weiwei is trying to weather storms on many fronts the copycat european architecture is not a theme park but the firm's new research and development campus the company's critics continue to argue that it's not just the buildings here that have been closed adrian brown al-jazeera. let's take a close look at hallways history based company was founded in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven by former officer of the chinese people's liberation army he won a government contract to provide equipment to the communist party in the early one nine hundred ninety s. his company was later granted status of a national champion this effectively closed the market to foreign competition hallway expanded internationally in the year two thousand and five years later the value of its overseas sales the past local business and today as the world's biggest supplier of network telecommunications equipment and the second largest
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seller of mobile phones. let's bring in our guest now and andrew long is an independent china analyst and a research fellow at beijing normal university he joins us via skype from hong kong and washington d.c. we have richard goodstein a lawyer and democratic political consultant and via skype from tokyo mark einstein chief analyst for digital services at japan a technology research firm a very warm welcome to all of you andrew does hallway have good grounds to sue the u.s. government. yes because. it's not the us it is subject to three hundred sixty degrees of blowback from the united states against revocation as the world's leading supplier of five g. infrastructure and governance now has achieved this position by working very
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diligently behind the scenes over the past two decades winning the trust of customers in one hundred sixty countries worldwide in fact it is a very very special company in a sense a cost not only because it has the background of the founder was a member of the peer but because it is now. separate company the company in fact ninety eight percent of the shares are own by employees and there are one hundred seventy thousand employees and forty five percent of these employees work on r. and d. so it is a company focusing on technology focusing on you know ration and it has managed to become the world's lot there's a lot of supply of five g. infrastructure thoughts i think this decision isn't cheve true maybe the past two decades is unlikely to be achieved just by copying or stealing other people's
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technology. and how much and how much does it actually means the u.s. market. well the us market actually accounts for a relatively small proportion of china's worldwide market penetration while weight is highly widely used. even in europe embarrassed european countries in asia. and you know other countries on a world and when it's seven hundred sixty countries worldwide. it is the world's largest supplier of five g. the cutting edge fine she infrastructure imports the other western competitors erik's on and not care even so certain are miles. but of course up to love with the worries about always background and the fear that
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is florence may have backed the walls all these worries sister for a long time in the polls but i do know there is no hard evidence ok that there was a black or let them bring in richard at this point and it does make a good point doesn't he how white is the us to be first of all suspicious of hallway secondly where is the evidence. well that's a start laura your opening package said that by law in china competition against weiwei is not even permitted so why waste trying to get access to the u.s. market when its u.s. counterparts are not able as of now to get access to the chinese market so right there there's kind of an imbalance and i think what you would hear from officials have started in the pentagon in the defense department in the united states years ago this was not just a donald trump. fiction that there were grave concerns that was
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because it was always penetration that for example it might have the ability to disable u.s. military if there was ever a shooting war involving china that it would have the ability to disable kind of main kind of mainstream communications in the united states whether involving the government or not this was a pretty great concern i can't tell you nor can any of your guests tell you whether there's a basis for that maybe if this lawsuit proceeds the pentagon will have to establish you could understand why they would be reluctant to kind of put on public display what they do and don't know about what ways penetration its back doors it's you know it's capacity because there's real competitive issues there but. i'm satisfied that they're not using this as a fiction to advance the trump trade agenda this preceded donald trump ok marc is that not a similar threats the complete will not use the similar argument against other
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companies and if we look at some sign with apple for example that where indeed suspicions that the united states' national security agency had installed some spy west so if if if walk away then why not every every technology company well i think what's really underpinning this entire discussion is how critical five g.'s going to be five g. is not really going to be about. smart phones in the grand scheme of things it's going to be connecting and controlling all of our autonomous cars drones connected factories smart cities all of these things are going to go through this five g. network which is a really big difference from what we saw with the four g. networks and i think that is really what is underpinning all of these security fears that are out there whether or not they're actually warranted well that's another interesting point is that was this the this this five g. network is the u.s. not concerns that without using huawei as products is a leading developer and five that it's going to fall behind the rest of the world
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when it comes to developing this super fast in that way i think by all accounts that very much a concern in the trump white house that the u.s. is losing the five g. race but i think again the concern about why are way way predated all the talk in development of five g. this this went back many years again in the pentagon before five g. was kind of. a dream that people had of being ubiquitous and it looks like it will be but i think that the the officials in the u.s. government who are a political have a concern and again maybe it will have to put their basis for their concerns on the record in the course of this law soon that this says yes five g. is part of it but it's not it's more than five g. as regards weiwei. and you can perhaps you can help explain to us what role the communist party plays in a company like chua way because all companies must have
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a communist party committee what do they actually do. i think this out although the founder was on the other p.-l. a but the but then the company has been established as an independent company i mean the background of a lot of the companies around the world of different backgrounds. but one way has make it absolutely clear that of course the hose the customers interests at high regard otherwise it wouldn't have been able to achieve such a high level of market penetration hundred sixty seventy and resisting countries worldwide and and not just because of his products but because of the liability of his services now the concern about. digital security does not apply to wall way itself only are there are companies even as asaram in all the world and also other high tech companies they they're all have. this
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kind of consensus in the international phenomenon so one way has said during this. press conference there is a willing to work with continue to work with the international community and in the governments to improve the kind of security issues associated with other digital products as well as infrastructure and indeed even amongst the so-called. association of united states and canada australia new zealand and the united kingdom focusing on those security the united kingdom has already said that yes. it shares some of the concert. but is not believe that banding of way out runt is the answer. was the kind of concerns could
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be managed by different lives of security. kind of infrastructure built into the system so i think that this is the whole argument used by or part way in taking the u.s. government court kind of you'll be lateral barreling way not only in the united states but worldwide and you've been in countries which have got very little to do with national security and that ban is under the some call national security authorization law for the united states the united states acting as both judge jury and executioner without giving while the chance to present his case to the courts is a violation of the separation of powers in the united states and that's the just our always lawsuit. and also in what way is also in the best conference
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highlight the fact that while weight balance contains only about thirty percent of the components. and like many other products out there there are components from from all over the world right. and he's on a competence likewise for their security mastercard you have to have a gun then they're anti because they're the point about bringing other western countries like germany and the u.k. into the class is going to pass and wanton if not because they are still deciding on what five thousand restrictions to impose on huawei if indeed there is any why are they hesitating where the u.s. has not so i think there's a very clear reason why these companies are hesitating and why the they have to hesitate and that's because while ways our infrastructure costs are typically thirty percent less than those of their competitors and so you know. five g. does not necessarily even have a clear business case right now you know while away and it's other you know sister
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company in china isn't have always been you know much more lower cost providers of mobile network infrastructure and i think especially in emerging markets and even in europe where there's a lot of competition more competition than the u.s. you know these are very very critical business concerns and so i think that's why you've seen a lot of back and forth which of the the u.k. does have the cyber security evaluation center where it says it's quite happy being able to manage the security risk of qual way products through through this mechanism cannot be replicated in the u.s. well you know again what none of us know is what the fish rules of the united states government have seen that have given rise to their concern might it be something that is totally fictitious might it be as grave as they are insisting we just don't know and is it possible that what the u.k. says is manageable in the opinion of united states officials is not i mean the fact
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is with all due respect to the u.k. the u.s. has kind of a global reach and i think their judgment in the united states government is. its security apparatus is second to none. you know might it reach the point where the united states can like the u.k. decide all right we can live with weiwei perhaps. but it but it's a concern to the united states because it's got say troops in the u.k. troops in germany where there need to be communication lines and frankly they can't bypass while away as things stand now so that's the concern and again we may not know until this litigation proceeds and there's discovery that both sides have to put their cards on the table presumably in some nonpublic setting so the u.s. government can satisfy a judge look judge we're not making this up here's our basis for telling you why we
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have this concern and so far where there has been litigation that while way have kind of pursued the courts have generally been pretty receptive to the united states government position but to say that that might not be in a public setting so we might as consumers never know what the threat to the u.s. is. what i'm saying is when i was a law clerk the top advisor to a the top federal judge in the district of columbia in a case involving state secrets where there had to be nonpublic hearings because. the that was something that the united states government needed to disclose to the judge to persuade him of why their their position in their view. you know took precedence over the opposing party but it's not the kind of thing that you would want to share publicly and so yes at the end of the day like a lot of things having to do with high technology it may well be that the public
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doesn't know every single detail alternately will they probably button for purposes of kind of pursuing this litigation maybe not ok and you i mean look at the case of the c.f.o. of one hallway mung one joe and rest in canada and we look at the chinese government's reaction to that that there were counter arrests of canadians in canada i mean that was quite an extreme reaction to monk's arrest and it does only serve doesn't it pays into this narrative that the communist party has high involvement with huawei well i think both china and the united states and make it clear that the. that the rest. of the fungal part way it's got no do. what us is. doing banning walk away. from various. solutions
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even the lawsuit according to the press conference. the top leader or well making. the laws so there's nothing that you. or. upon the slaughter but coming back to the can they here is the question before the canadian courts is whether or not there are similar crimes which under the canadian law exists and that also exists in the united states in other words even it was a crime in the notice that there must be a law in canada. warning the same crime if for that extradition can be a serious cause the ultimate really because we have to decide according to canadian law and even if the course the exhibition's who are here the attorney general has
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got to make a part of the session costs while the process there are many many of uncertainties for the appeal so i think the case in canada is likely drag on for years. and some people say that this is the kind of the illing it's a well wait with this we will be but i think that behind it all is a perception at least in beijing. it is not just a trade war it's not just a cat knowledge of war it's a cirrus sr degree pushback against the wiser charter which is seen to be threatening the u.s. prominence in different fields now don't forget china was to help them get in the new deal. is so. years ago with the hope that china will become more like the west where are all of these this hope has been dashed not only was i going to jump in there andrew mo would you agree with that would they and many people do say that this us ban is just an attempt to keep
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a competitive edge of american companies are you know i i'm not quite sure i can i can say that because you know i think one of the things we need to remember here is that a lot of the way and city equipment that is being shipped potentially to places like iran or north korea has a lot of. american components in it intel chips qualcomm chips all sorts of things america does not have a wireless radio infrastructure player and so you know bringing down wall is not necessarily propping up any u.s. company and in fact a lot of us. chip makers are very important suppliers to wall ways. so i think of course there are very large geopolitical issues here that are probably underpinning all of this but there isn't you know i mean the companies like motorola and and bell labs and lucent and munich they're all long gone. so yeah that is
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a concern but i'm not necessarily sure that it's driving an agenda ok but how should a huawei reassure governments like the u.s. over the concerns that they have well let me just mention one thing just for purpose of your viewers here we're talking about the transparency of the canadian court system and the u.s. court system we there's some hope that this litigation proceeds if wall way is satisfied that it poses no threat it will have to basically prove that the united states government have to prove something quite differently think about what the likelihood is if this was a court case in china. think about that for a second who would have confidence that this would be handled on the up and up that the same level of transparency would obtain in a trying to use court if walk away with a litigant as opposed to the united states that's one of the fundamental problems we're kind of talking about systems that are radically different so again to answer
9:45 am
your question i think wall way will have to disclose you know will have to produce documents and have witnesses and subject them to cross-examination in the united states court to basically satisfy a court here that. you know it poses no threat united's government will have to put on the table its evidence to the contrary and then a judge will have to make a determination and ultimately that will be reviewed by a court of appeals and maybe ultimately the supreme court but again that's the value you know that's what the united states why that's why united states has to be preeminent not just on this case but in the world because it's got certain levels of transparency and. you know it's court system is something that is open to everybody i don't think anybody would say that's as of now the case in the chinese courts ok well it's certainly going to be a fascinating legal battle hopefully we will as the public be privy to some of it
9:46 am
many thanks to all of a gentleman our guests for joining us today andrew nung richard goldstein and mark einstein. and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our web site that's al jazeera dot com for further discussion to go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com for slash inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter handles at a.j. inside story from me laura kyle and the whole team have its fun and. i.
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the ultranationalist marks connected with one of the world's worst humanitarian crisis we doe as any gaily maigret joining with the military to impose a deadly political agenda they have to foot our nation what has happened to their attention that's one of the biggest stains on the country as a whole. as another religion this is the politics me and mine an unholy alliance coming soon on al-jazeera. went on line. went to the concert for them we've not got that or if you join us on a saturday all of us have been colonized in some form or some fashion faced is that diana react talking about a legal front you have seen what it can do to somebody people used in multiple drugs including a funnel and some people are seeking it out everyone has a voice from that c.r.s. basia twitter and you could be on the three join the global conversation on mt is
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iraq real men killed a mother and son on their way to an appointment sadly the insurgents don't wear uniforms block water is soon longman with the was off the american occupation of iraq matthew has an old american prince to account trump tower twenty sixteen how come you didn't mention not meeting to congress and i did i don't know if i got the transcript wrong. i don't think here that sharp but you can tell the difference between a polish guy a french guy calling it a yard that charming head to head on a jersey or. top stories. donald trump's former campaign chairman has been sentenced to three years and eleven months of prison home out of fort was convicted in august on eight counts of tax fraud his crimes were uncovered jane the u.s.
9:49 am
special counsel robert mueller. and two russian interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election mr mann afford finally got to speak for himself he made clear except responsibility for his conduct and i think most importantly what you saw today is the same thing that we had said from day one there is absolutely no evidence that paul a man of ford was involved in any collusion with any government official from russia. our correspondent she had tons he has more from outside the courthouse in the u.s. state of virginia and giving pomona for forty seven months the judge rejected the prosecution's argument that poor man a fool is a special case of criminality as far as the judge was concerned his crimes were financial crimes hiding a bank account overseas not paying taxes and not warranting a sentence of decades in prison this will be seized upon by supporters of donald
9:50 am
trump who said that robert was special counsel investigation is a which it is true robert will has found no evidence of collusion or coordination with the russians on the trump campaign either regarding non-o. for or anyone else yet we haven't seen his special report model for though this isn't quite over yet he does face sentencing next week in washington d.c. for a case very similar to this there he could face a maximum of ten years. protesters are rallied in southwest yemen for a fourth day over the killing of the main witness in an alleged child rape case demonstrators say rough done by was killed by fighters from a group backed by the united arab emirates he was a witness in the case of an alleged rape of a seven year old boy by fighters loyal to the u.a.e. . thirty six countries have signed a statement criticizing saudi arabia's human rights record the document calls on the kingdom to cooperate with the u.n. investigation into the murder of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi at least
9:51 am
three people have been killed and dozens injured following an isolated hack in a western couple the armed group attacked a gathering of the has are ethnic minority group in western kabul various politicians were at the event including presidential candidates for july's upcoming elections hundreds of people have escaped the last remaining pocket of syrian territory had held by eisel weathered six thousand people have left the eastern village of bar goods in the past few days the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces are trying to push the armed group out hundreds of eyes of fighters have surrendered some syrian refugees in jordan are taking president bashar al assad's government to the international criminal court they're accusing outside forces of crimes against humanity including torture rape murder and chemical attacks syria is not a member of the i.c.c. but jordan is and that may give the court jurisdiction to take the case. of
9:52 am
syrian state media has released a letter said to be from president abilities beautifully warning of chaos as mass protests continue against his leadership the letter warns of foreign groups infiltrating demonstrations protests have been taking place for the past two weeks against his bid for fifty. meanwhile lawyers and journalists have held anti-government protests of their own hundreds marched through the streets in downtown algiers demanding beautifully nation. germany and the u.s. so warning of more sanctions against venezuela's president nicolas maduro washington says it will target banks supporting them but the government and germany's foreign minister says europe is not ruling out further sanctions the diplomatic standoff between them with their government and western leaders backing opposition leader as intensified to venezuela expelled the german ambassador on wednesday.
9:53 am
well those are the headlines the news will continue here in al-jazeera a witness and i will have another update at the half hour.
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a guy that a predicate. by. the letter that had that in there by me and you saw my name i decide that's who came up i mean as. you see that's. you. i know me ok to give our club some people anyone they know my name my neighbors way that i was any way that i want that i need to get me just as i did not say he wanted my if i wanted him but he got us up. to this. i think. i'm saying you're going to be you know they might get a family i got a little money. they want to give out of it was ok well let. me ask.
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you a little let's. let a little bit of. a. little. know what got the boat about it well. but it is a little. little bit. like. me being i'm going. to have a big night where i'm going to be what i got paid to deny me that i'm going to be much better than the younger baby you know. me that
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means that he really believes you know we're going to make it easy somebody will be. really believe he did with. was. that. the. power. you. wanted it and that is the if. it would.


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