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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 66  Al Jazeera  March 8, 2019 10:32am-11:01am +03

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they set up slave networks and with impunity. debased human beings and in fact some of the speakers here today and some of the ones that will be at the oslo freedom form are three former slaves there are now abolitionists would need to show that he was five years old when she was taken from her family in the fall and sold into slavery for eleven years she was exploited abused and forced to work without any compensation now freed she travels across nepal to other girls. now must take in our new battle good morning is no must gift and no must see everybody. my niece is not good and i hope my life interfered just that he was good translated to use my voice and i would beg to speak badly in ways this is.
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ready. and he could say freedom basically i look at the camera. because let's get one more time. so it's going to. cry . on my drive that same to me i went to look in the kathmandu wiseass to find our staff from bus drives through my hands. i have to fly from every house one of these two men my house going to happy. he said i didn't then i was this close the ten went back force i couldn't digest this roars.
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you're one of hundred twenty persons taking part in this project and obviously your story is very unique and strong so no one else from nepal is taking part in this project so we're very happy that you did you want to do this for us. and the people to see that they use in lesson one day i love dalai lama and that they're the only lamb. is doesn't enter into this project. in a good companion. projects name is we had a drink on me hannity so this isn't your dreams and your thoughts and your legacy evidence can i have a. of course. you haven't had to ask you. i haven't done you don't don't don't turn out ok yes in august.
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so what's your dream. i'm a possible. break in i was so out ahead. and sneeze scared nobody had like disk and a minute to the head. it's making. it more yes exactly. to. come. back to steve kroft yeah how. something works to not set that said no more. the serious matter you are having me.
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way. up.
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me it would sound like he class that day here at middle would that known us in the past and why in my city let me sit in what's happened there i said and they said monday and decided to read from what they have out here i am not to much say knock knock out of and going to give our summa africa's i would ask him because who he's estaminet middleman was i'd like to have any good in my sake them after no money.
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tim isn't. close unless this. group could get it. to come back to me by the what i'm going to exam get used. it's an amp and get it i need a saint in disobedience and now i think that he is happy and so did nothing d.m. is hardly new but a man and middle india is in business to give money screw me any day but actually
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goods you are some distant these are has to go some better commodity good by you you mean. by. the cheap bunny he could just as it was the butt of the much one by me i mean i'd not give has a good. game he said think you disconnect me and this is a good aside is an understanding that he has. been.
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when investigating crime an admission of guilt is the ultimate corroboration. that there are times that can be used to get innocent people to confess to crimes they didn't commit witness explores the shocking phenomenon of people incriminating themselves the person who falsely confessed actually came to believe the lie that they were told about their own behavior and false confessions on al-jazeera.
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hello again welcome back to international weather forecast we're here across united states particularly over here towards the west we have seen one big storm coming across and that brought a lot of rain to parts of central and southern parts of california now we're going to be seeing that turn to snow across much of the rockies but the next storm system going to watching is one here on friday making its way very quickly across the eastern seaboard but on saturday it is this area right here across central and southern united states that we could be seeing some severe storms coming out of it large hail as well as damaging winds could be a big problem there down towards miami though on saturday it is going to be twenty seven in atlanta a day for you about twenty degrees there well here across the caribbean really not looking too bad we're going to be seeing partly cloudy conditions across much of the area it's going to be hard to find any rain in the forecast at all over the next few days of into what
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a temperature view of about twenty eight degrees there on saturday and then very quickly as we go down towards parts of south america it is going to continue to stay rainy across parts of southern brazil cell paulo much of there we also see some very heavy rain as well but we are going to see one is that is at about twenty four degrees over here towards a sense even though it is going to be partly cloudy those temperatures at about thirty six and salvador attempt a few partly cloudy conditions at thirty degrees for you there. this is zero. hello i'm to be gopalan you know watching the news hour live from doha good to have you here with us coming up in the next sixty minutes he's been jailed for less than
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four years one of the u.s. president's right hand man is sentenced for financial crimes. a new power struggle for venezuela the problems caused by alec tricity blackouts across the country. anger in yemen off terry witness to the alleged rape of a seven year old boy by fighters linked to the u.a.e. it was found murdered. and picking up the pieces what people are confronting as they try to rebuild their lives in syria. donald trump's former campaign chief has been sentenced to three years and eleven months in prison paula mann a ford was convicted in august on charges of bank and tax fraud other crimes were uncovered during u.s.
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special counsel robert muller's investigation into the russian interference in the twenty six thousand presidential election a judge ordered bad afford to pay restitution of almost twenty four million dollars and another fine of fifty thousand dollars mr mann afford finally got to speak for himself to me clearly except for sponsibility for his conduct. and i think most importantly what you saw today is the same thing that we had said from day one there is absolutely no evidence that paul a man of ford was involved with any collusion with any government official from russia and our correspondent she had written has more from outside the courthouse in alexandria in the u.s. state of virginia and giving pomona for forty seven months the judge rejected the prosecution's argument that poor man a fool is a special case of criminality as far as the judge was concerned his crimes were financial crimes hiding
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a bank account overseas not paying taxes and not warranting a sentence of decades in prison this will be seized upon by supporters of donald trump who said that robert was special counsel investigation is a witch and it is true robert will has found no evidence of collusion or coordination with the russians on the trump campaign either regarding non-o. for or anyone else yet we haven't seen his special report model for though this isn't quite over yet he does face sentencing next week in washington d.c. for a case very similar to this there he could face a maximum of ten years well another who was once close to donald trump is now suing for unpaid legal fees of one point nine million dollars the president's former lawyer michael cohen says the trump organization stopped paying his invoices after it became clear that he would cooperate with the moeller investigation testified before a house committee last week accusing the president of committing crimes in and out
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of office. is fine as a former u.s. associate deputy attorney general with the department of justice and joins us now from washington good to have you on again. the judge had warned that there would be no leniency prosecution was calling for up to twenty four years and man of ford's got under four years what's your reaction to that. well that's exceptionally lenient i do believe that mr ellis the judge has a reputation for disliking special counsels he thinks that they're target people and then look for crimes rather than the other way around and i think you could detect some of his disdain for the prosecution during the trial itself where he would interject comments suggesting that he didn't think certain things had anything to do with russian collusion why was the special counsel going after mr mann afford for things unrelated to russian collusion was it tempting to get others
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to volunteer evidence but it's very very under the guidelines that are established at least to provide some general starting point for a sentence of this sort i do think that the sentence will encourage roger stone a codefendant if you will to fight and go to trial and not to plead guilty and expectation that he could receive a lenient sentence if he is found guilty although we still don't know whether the judge in the district of columbia next week will take that three plus years and hike it to ten or more based upon money laundering and violations of the foreign agents registration act to which mr mann afford pled guilty in kind of an odd way i think lightness of the sentence makes it less likely that trump would pardon or commute the sentence something that he might have been inclined to do if he was
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twenty or twenty four years mr mann afford also is in the old health shows up in a wheelchair so he had all the optics that were designed to evoke sympathy and i think that's what the sentence reveals as he had mentioned from the start judge alice had said that this amount of force what's not being punished for crimes having to do with the special special counsel miller investigation. do you think this sentencing was underlining that facts. yes i do i think that this even if it wasn't technically a violation of the guidelines clearly the justification for appointing a special prosecutor as stated by the department's charter was to investigate collusion between a russia and the trump campaign in there isn't any way you can fit you know bank fraud and tax fraud into that paradigm and i do think that even though it wasn't
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stated expressly that was a very large motivating factor behind mr judge ellis is sentence i think he believed that the bank and the tax fraud were designed to force mr mann afford to make statements against mr trump which wasn't successful and the judge didn't think that was a proper tactic aboveboard bruce fein green it's great to get you on the show thank you very much. protesters have rallied in southwest yemen for a fourth day over the killing of witness and a child rape case demonstrators say rough i've done but was killed by fighters from a group backed by the united arab emirates he was a witness in the case of the legend of the seven year old boy by fighters loyal to the u.a.e. yemen's government has set up a committee to investigate this. and my son was murdered his kids took him
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right in front of my eyes outside the front door they didn't even use my presence i was looking at them and i was crying that they took him away an entire unit grabbing one man i called on the president to ensure they brought to justice and that my son finally gets rich. william lawrence is a professor of political science and international affairs at george washington university and he says there seems to be several allegations of human rights abuses by the back to armed groups in yemen. already each side in the yemen conflict is a coalition of forces with a variety of interests already the u.a.e. and the saudi interests in yemen differ and the public safety forces ne'eman have a course in aden have a different posture than these anti-terrorist forces so you have a wide variety of armed groups with different interests the us a contingent in yemen is large it's been involved in
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a number of atrocities across the country and so right now what we're seeing is the outflow of unbridled military forces with no checks on their actions and this is likely to get worse before it gets better because we're starting to see you know an exposure of the human rights abuses of these various groups there was a recent report which has gotten a lot of tension in washington by m r w a human rights group cataloguing a lot of the killing of civilians and abuse against civilians by forces and allied forces and this is of course increasing in washington the. negative portrayals of what the forces are doing on the ground in yemen a major power cut in venezuela has plunged nearly all of the country into darkness president nicolas maduro his government blamed the outage on sabotage by so-called extremists the state's own delicacy provider seven attack on the gori dam was the
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cost of the power outages and parents just have become common and minutes about love but officials say the blackout was one of the biggest yet. well germany and the u.s. are warning of more sanctions against venezuela's president nicolas maduro washington says it will target banks supporting the government and germany's foreign minister says europe is not ruling out further sanctions the diplomatic standoff between the majority government and western leaders backing the opposition. has intensified after venezuela expelled the german ambassador on wednesday now as the politicians battle for power venezuelans are struggling to survive they're trying to cope with shortages of food medicine and the world's highest inflation rate and some children are going to extraordinary lengths to attend school by crossing the border into neighboring colombia and all apollo has this report from cook at. most
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of the children waiting in this launch or from venezuela they travel across the colombian border every day just to attend school but since venezuelan authorities blocked off access through the official border crossing students are having to find other ways to get across thirteen year old catalina russell says she was scared the first time she had to sneak over the river that divides the two countries but it's the only way she can get to class where any awareness that it was dark we were very scared at people were terrified we didn't know what was going to happen is a very difficult situation because you wouldn't expect to have to cross an unequal rate school. it doesn't mean you're at this elementary school in kuku to columbia only a short distance from the venezuelan border ninety five percent of students are from venezuela the school's director had a much better bessie says since the border has been closed attendance has dropped significantly as a single sample inland in this way these children have problems in venezuela because there aren't enough schools because teachers don't make enough money and most have quit and left so children migrate to our country especially this school
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because it's the closest one to the border. and if you get outside the building parents are waiting to drop off more children once their lessons are over many of them will make the journey across the border back into venezuela and leave when we cross back if there is any kind of conflict or gunfire out children's lives or our lives are in a great risk or nearly faculty members at the school say many of the children who arrive for class haven't eaten and it's become part of the institutions mandate to make sure that children are fed before they begin their lessons half of the students in this class did not show up to school today the director of the school says that a humanitarian corridor between been a swell and colombia is desperately needed to guarantee young but as well as students access to a formal education. an estimated three thousand children are travelling to and from venezuela across illicit routes every day.


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