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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 8, 2019 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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leader. these are this is an escalation of tensions ahead of what is expected to be a tense weekend as both men have called for protests one calling for a quote anti-imperialist protest on march ninth another calling for an anti mother to march to take place the same day in kut acas so this is something again we don't know the the cause we can't verify the cause of this power outage we don't know how many people are without power but we are trying to get as much information as possible from where we are on the border ok i got it. thank you for that update. still ahead on al-jazeera three people killed in an iso attack targeting minorities on politicians in afghanistan kingdom's actions under scrutiny dozens of countries call on saudi arabia to free activists.
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hello again it's good to have you back where you cross live on we are watching one area of clouds as well as rain and snow pushing down across from parts of turkey down across parts of iraq over the next day now that is going to be a mix of rain and clouds we expect to see stay through the weekend so you can see here across tehran as well as baghdad those temperatures into the high and mid teens things get a little bit better on saturday in baghdad you are clearing up and those temperatures are going to be rising but much of that rain is going to continue across much of iran well here across the gulf we are going to watch in that same system causing some windy conditions by the time we get towards saturday here in doha twenty five degrees is going to be the high by the time we get to it saturday we do expect to see those winds increasing and the visibility could be coming down at times over towards though we do expect to see a touch of you about twenty three degrees and then here across mozambique we have been watching the very heavy rain over the last few days causing some localized
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flooding unfortunately that is going to continue as well as much of the law is going to be seeing some very heavy rain as well but as we go towards saturday notice the area of low pressure really developing into the mozambique channel bring some rain over towards madagascar as well down towards the south though down towards cape town it is going to be mostly cloudy and we do expect to see a touch of twenty one with durban at about twenty seven degrees for you. sponsor. on line. joining us on all of us have been. diana. you have seen. and. everyone has a. story
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. almost four years in prison. for was convicted on all charges and. all the country into darkness. power station. for a fourth day over the killing of the main witness in an alleged child rape case. backed by the united arab emirates. thirty six countries including all you member
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states have signed a statement criticizing saudi arabia's human rights record it calls on the kingdom to cooperate with the un led investigation into the murder of. and to release detained activists. from brussels. at the united nations in geneva a rare rebuke to saudi arabia it came in the form of a statement backed by all twenty eight european union countries as well as canada and australia and called on the saudi government to release prominent women's rights activists from jail and cooperate with the u.n. investigation into the murder of journalist. at the saudi consulate in istanbul at almost the same time each justice and interior ministers meeting in brussels formally rejected a new blacklist of states not doing enough to stop money laundering and terrorism financing that list compiled by the european commission last month included new names not least of which several u.s. territories and saudi arabia germany has taken a tough stance against saudi arabia since the killing of jamal khashoggi and has
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just extended its freeze on arms sales to the country but when asked by al-jazeera about the blacklist its interior minister refused to engage in english or in german saudi arabia be on this money laundering no other language. that has no not yet occurred after the meeting the ministers insisted their stance wasn't him fluids by any third party in office that my the drafting of the list has not been procedurally transparent therefore the twenty eight member states had this point of view so any action taken needs to be based on dialogue from now on but for some intense lobbying clearly led to the list being blocked going to quite a considerable pressure from both the saudi and the u.s. governments have been very vocal about their criticisms the u.s. even said that it will ask u.s. banks to ignore the back to back list so the pressure has been intense but this is a sad day because what we're seeing is diplomatic interests of member states winning out over the fight against argument in europe meanwhile the european
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commission's promising to keep pushing for tougher action. each scandal on a more papers all the terrorist attacks. we had a lot of big words about how we need to strengthen our fight against these things so now it's time to do it the european commission is sticking to its message if the e.u. wants to be serious about fighting money laundering and the financing of terrorism it has to be ready to displease governments including saudi arabia its ministers meeting over the road here have given a clear red light to the commission's plans where this goes next could depend on how quickly the saudis respond to growing criticism. al-jazeera brussels china that supports telecom giant why ways lawsuit against the u.s. government for mr langley's says beijing will protect the rights of its people and companies weiwei is suing washington over a ban on federal agencies from using its technology the u.s.
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considers why waste products say security threats and says beijing can use its equipment for spying china says u.s. allegations are an act of deliberate political suppression. there were calls for an investigation into how i saw fighters were able to launch an attack in afghanistan's capital that killed three people and injured dozens more the group attacked a gathering of the hazaar ethnic minority politicians in the west of the country charlotte reports from kabul. from a city to a battlefield kabul becoming the frontline of a battle between i saw an afghan forces so much an attack on senior politicians a more than one thousand whose hours gathering to commemorate his. it began peacefully broadcast on national t.v. the c.e.o. of dollar bill or the former president hamid karzai listening to speeches then
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rockets were heard in the distance commented on by dr dunston your places the incidents are far from here your running creates a lot of risk but the rockets got closer some politicians flared others tried to calm the crowds those sure everybody telling them to leave quietly but. then the first explosion in the elder followed witnesses reported rockets mortars landing in and around the gathering explosions and heavy gunfire. but it was the us that that has our leader mohammed hockey sit on the microphones a bit targeting a gathering and told us to escape from there as i was feeling i was hit with shrapnel on my back here there was confusion as hundreds of people try to find safety. was soldiers and police unaware of who was attacking and from where. afghan special forces zoned in on a building began a clearance operation to stop the remaining attackers. ambulances ferry dozens of
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people to hospital most injured by rockets and mortars are fewer than one mortar hit in the back of a crowd and then another followed butt. the third one hit close to me shrapnel hit me and also a soldier he was lying there and i was in a lot of time and i don't know what happened next. in a report last month the un security council is to made it up to four thousand in afghanistan many arriving after being pushed out of syria and iraq last year they carried out nearly forty attacks nationwide desires of a primary target as most a shia muslims as our leader mohammed harkat who escapes took to national television after the attack and accuse president danny of being complicit it looks like there was a lot of weapons stoked up i felt like i was in a battlefield i strongly condemned his barbarian attack and my condolences for all
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the families who lost their loved ones people are angry at such a serious security lapse in the aftermath there are questions as to how iceland particular can continue to carry out such complex attacks in the heart of the city which a shia minority heavy price challenge ballasts al-jazeera. in the u.s. politicians have pasta resolution condemning bigotry and discrimination the vote controversy over a comment made by democratic congresswoman. and questions over whether it was anti semitic so her comments have become a talking point for republicans and is dividing the democratic party has more. omar is one of the two first muslim women elected to congress and she has become a lightning rod on the issue of israel and u.s. support after she said this about an israeli lobbying group. in this country. for the.
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country. i want. why is it ok. for me. and not. her critics say that is anti-semitic and accuse her of implying jews can't be loyal americans representative omar embodies a vile i hate filled anti-semitic anti israel bigotry this is not a time for politics this is a time for the democratic leaders in this institution to do the right thing they should remove her from the house foreign affairs committee they should stand up to her they should stop empowering her disgusting hatred before it turns in to horror republicans are demanding action even though they were mostly silent when it was discovered that one of their congressional leaders attended
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a white supremacist convention another congressman defended white nationalism and the us president said this about neo nazis. very fine people on both sides but it's not just republicans this is shown there is a big divide in the democratic party why are we on able to singularly condemn antisemitism why can't we call it a semitism and show that we've learned the lessons of history but younger and more progressive politicians came to her defense leaving the democratic leader nancy pelosi to try and find some way to unite the party i feel confident that her words were not based on any anti-semitic attitudes but that she didn't have a full appreciation of how they landed on other people with that the house voted on a resolution condemning anti-semitism islamophobia and white supremacy and now they hope to move on but being one of the first muslims in congress it is likely omar will continue to be focused on by the right recently republicans in west virginia
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briefly put this poster in their state house there wasn't a resolution later condemning it patty calling al-jazeera washington well congresswoman omar released this statement along with two other muslim members of the house about the vote it's the first time we voted on a resolution condemning anti muslim bigotry in our nation's history anti muslim crimes have increased ninety nine percent from twenty fourteen to twenty sixteen and are still on the rise we are tremendously proud to be part of a body that has put forth a condemnation of all forms of bigotry including anti semitism racism and white supremacy linda sarsour as the executive director of the arab american association of new york she says it's a collective fight to stand against all forms of bigotry. if you look at the actual resolution even when they define for example anti-semitism one of the things you will not find in there is that in the department of state definition they actually
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say some critiques of the state of israel can be deemed anti-semitic that is actually in fact not in this resolution so for us week we will continue to fight for our rights as palestinian americans as muslim americans and as all americans to be able to criticize whether it be the saudi arabian government or the israeli government or any government that engages in human rights abuses this resolution does not specifically have any binding effect it does not talk about you know any any tangible you know whether it be enforcement this is just words that are going to be on the record for century because the common people will look back at this day and be very proud of muslim american leaders in the muslim american community and including it representative omar where he went on the record saying that we as a democratic party as a us congress a stand against all forms of bigotry including anti-semitism islamophobia and white supremacy. israel's election board is facing accusations of racism after it approved far right jewish counterfeits to run in next month's election while
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banning a prominent arab party prime minister benjamin netanyahu had been pushing for the ban accusing the party of supporting what he calls terrorism herefore such as the latest from west jerusalem by going to. israel central election committee is hardly new to adjudicate it it's made up of political parties with an eye on the voting blocks as much as electoral law yet his decision to allow jewish supremacists to run in next month's parliamentary election and bar one of two major arab parties is causing controversy do you foresee a will go to a high court and the it would continue until the end will not accept this discrimination against and against our people in israel the decision was celebrated by israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu who tweeted that his likud ruling. petition had been approved and that those who he said support terrorism won't be allowed in the israeli parliament the knesset israel's attorney general fresh from recommending netanyahu indictment on corruption charges had said the petition
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charging that blood sought the elimination of israel as a jewish state and supported palestinian attacks was not supported by sufficient evidence. israel's top lawyer did however recommend the banning of one member of a far right supremacist party jewish power from standing for the knesset on the grounds of racist incitement the committee voted to take no action in that case and this is not the first time that race has been an open issue in this radio election in two thousand and fifteen for example benjamin netanyahu on election day itself appealed to his core constituency to come to the polls because the arabs he said were moving their droves this time though it all seems to be happening a good deal earlier. in this campaign on monday the israeli prime minister used the catch phrase bibi is nicknamed. the leading palestinian israeli politician and to the dismay of israeli moderates and u.s. jewish organizations engineered an alliance between one of his prospective coalition partners and the far right group of jewish power whether he gets elected
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or not the damage is already being done both in terms of eroding people's trust in democratic institutions as well as disenfranchising and the legitimizing a twenty percent minority in israel the israeli arabs with a month to go before polling day the ballot boxes are being prepared the election is essentially a competition for right wing votes something is visible in the voting inside the election committee as it has been in the campaign itself that al-jazeera west jerusalem algerian state media have released a letter said to be from president. warning of chaos as protests continue against his leadership it warns of foreign groups infiltrating demonstrations there been protests for the past two weeks against his bid for a fifth term in office a two year old beautifully cousin switzerland for what the government describes as routine medical tests. russian politicians have approved
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a bill that could put anyone in jail for posting online criticism of the country the legislation which pos the lower house on thursday would impose fines for publishing materials that disrespect the state's repeat offenders could face fifteen days behind bars and a second bill that was also approved could block anyone publishing so-called fake news online both are expected to pass the upper house next week international women's day was celebrated around the world on thursday in russia president vladimir putin marked the occasion by visiting with a group of female police officers who also took a ride with them as you can see he also noted that more women in russia are becoming interested in working in law enforcement's interior ministry say just over a quarter of its employees are women.
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hello again the headlines on al-jazeera donald trump's former campaign chairman has been sentenced to almost four years in prison on charges of bank in tax fraud. crimes were uncovered during u.s. special. investigation into alleged russian interference in the twenty sixth presidential election. clearly. there is absolutely no way. a major power. all of the. electric power station. was the cause. each other. where here in the.
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fourth day over the killing of the main witness child rape case. thirty six countries have signed a statement criticizing saudi arabia's human rights record the documents calls. to cooperate with the un. into the murder of journalist.
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europe today it's with the latest headlines on al-jazeera for this hour coming up next it's the street. it's the first day of school in bubble elementary school in mosul. is this school is a military base firing rocket propelled grenades and mortars at nearby air out that falsus. most helpful and what it is like to be in school up to three years. six year old does house of sub i've been asked like that he's home and almost wiped out his entire family he now lives in the partly destroyed house with his father and grandfather. solace for the prepares his son for the first day in school is hopeful new friends would have is that a company. today an international women's day i want to acknowledge my mother a dolphin redshirt she was
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a united states marine she wrote three books and she pursued her doctorate and thanks to the example that she set for me i am now pursuing my doctorate so i want to say happy international women's day to all the mothers and daughters and especially to my mother in law i love you happy i don't. know who are the women making a difference in your community i'm really good and today in the stream we're marking international women's day with a few women you should know we asked you in our community to share who you look up to you and you'll also hear from some women who have been nominated by our community if remember to tweet me at eight a stream or join us in our you tube chat. my idea and you there is a nigeria went to be empty and i generally way it wouldn't matter what gender i am and i'm generally well i've looked upon as a human being and you know when one and you don't this morning you know that anyone you know that's my you know and my dad and us and you know where the child of nobody can become somebody we talk no anybody my i don't mind you know this
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a nigeria where access to good quality education is not dependent on the economic status of one's family and you know with them and you know i. lena iris victor is a new york based london born artist of liberian descent who has the touch of gold her work uses the powerful contrasts and symbolism of black and gold to explore race gender and themes in african history her work is winning accolades but on her own terms victor's work is based on ancient egyptian and african symbolism in which each painting is molded in resin and then coated with twenty four karat gold leaf and black paint these colors are not just materials in her art they are extensive subjects that she explores through space and time alina joins us now on the stream from new york lena so good to have you here i want to cement our with this tweet because you have a lot of fans online some of whom are writing about you and others are tweeting about you this is cason time she says what i love about leno's work is the way her
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paintings and cyst on complex hybrid identities her figures and patterns are so rich in influences and references but also totally their own that is a lot there and just a few characters. how would you describe your work. i really try to deal with what i would call microcosmic or kind of larger issues of my work that kind of are about humanity in general and so i'm always kind of researching and digging into our past and looking at so i was a chanson cultures but i think it had very different ways of speaking a visual language is speaking about our place in the universe so i'm student of history i look at you know histories of meso america the global south really and and the fact that symbology and symbols have always been used as a way which is a non it's a different kind of method of language obviously from the way we read or we speak
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what we call which i feel is far more finite what we do with symbols is far more subliminal and intuitive so certain patterns because the whole universe is passion based in the base i kind of investigate different visual languages to kind of speak to people subliminal more subliminal kind of understanding of their purpose of their place in the world and and i use you know very specific color palettes to do that as well because i have my own kind of color theory and ideas about what different colors and hues mean ok so i want to hug you there because your own color theory i want our audience to see what that looks like me even seeing some of your work there i pulled up this week here from daniela who shares this picture you'll see it on your screen and just a moment and there is that color so we asked an elephant to elaborate on what this means to her what this work means to her she says that blue is just perfect it
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reminds me of klein's and she's referencing is klein but it's brighter warmer and of course sexier i think i'd like to know what that gorgeous blue deeply means to her and why. well it was interesting that she referenced clanked obviously that's the that's the association that most people have these kind blew which i'm i'm a big fan of these kind of always spoken about about his work and the importance of his work and when he spoke about my job we were klein blue he said that it is the most abstract of colors so it's like this it's a void it's the most abstract because it's like into the sea or the sky which is infinite and i'm always like i said dealing with these ideas of microcosms of you know the larger our larger place than it was in this universe of the north space less localized conversation so so that blue for me was very very. kind of connote to those things to me and it meant it meant that i could investigate these kind of include these deeper issues that i was trying to address and that's why. i
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know that you've said in other interviews that you only work with women professionals other women in this industry and because this is international women's day and that is the theme in the past for our show practice about why why is that important for you. i think it's imperative you know that the ability to other because especially in my space in the arts space and this is obviously less true as time goes on but there is a void and there is a lack and and specifically to my cultural heritage as an african woman who's an artist in the united states in the united kingdom and globally and there really is a void that i felt needed to be filled and so and i see it i see you know everyone i work for everyone i'm around other female artists you know there is just there is that too many see filled with our voice and and so i even work with and the only guy i could think of that actually has a certain mandate or has a director of her caliber and her origin somaliland marian either
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a gallery and it was very important to me and literally she was the only person i would ever sign to as an artist as a patient because of the importance i think of building what is the voice that has existed in this space for a long time and in championing and supporting fellow women trying to kind of carve a space for themselves and doing it successfully as well so i feel that this week we got from judge bush who says your work means a lot to me because i've been seeing people who are visual artists in my corner who never dreamt of becoming it and there they are today making a little fun making some funds off of it and now the eagerness is there for me to also be like her so you're inspiring members of our community there but i want to try to pick up on the idea of making money from this because our to the visual arts is not always a realm in an industry that people think you can actually survive on you can live on. you know that's very much a mentality you have to have when you enter the space you know the idea or the
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stereotype of the starving artist is never very attractive to me and i don't think it should be attractive we don't talk about starving lawyers or starving you know architects but apparently being a starving artist is ok and i don't think it's romantic i don't think it's something that we should artists should try to to kind of fit into that bill and so for me it's important to to qualify my work in the proper way and to place my work in the proper spaces and to price the work accordingly to you know the value that is inherent within the work the you know every artwork i believe perspective is but your whole life going into it is everything you've experienced up until this moment but it's kind of in some way subliminally going into the artwork and that is but people are paying for the not just paying for a painting or a sculpture or you know an experience they also literally being able to buy a piece of a person's life and their experiences and their histories which are usually very in our case and women in the arts basically divergent from the norm of what you see in
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space. so i want to give our last comment here to jeremy jeremy on twitter says i like how unique her style and her techniques are it's stunningly sharp and seizes your attention can't say that a single piece stood out more than the others but rather the whole collection created a nice experience i'd like to ask what themes and history she'll be looking to explore next in just a couple sentences lena what do you pass going that. i don't i think that every artist is quite kind of asking the same question throughout their entire career or . so it's not so much about what is next in terms of subject matter because it's just a constant investigation but really it's just how to better express that how to more accurately express the ideas that i'm having are things i'm thinking about about my place in our world. thank you so much this has been a feast for our eyes have a listen now don't go to thanks for being part of a part of the show i listen now to another inspirational woman happy international
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women's day on this women's day i want to pay a special tribute to one of my very good friends and an incredibly inspirational woman. a money she is a job the muslim activist author all around batty and she is also the author of those amazing book modern her story stories of women and non-binary people rewriting history and the reason that land spies me is because she does the difficult thing on social media and in her life of telling her story and standing proudly and being honest about her life and her experiences and in doing that represents a whole group of people around the world who just entre presented properly in the media and through her books she also highlights the stories of other women and non-binary people who have changed history and changed the world as we know it. now
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american boxer a my as a fart is changing the world one punch at a time little some boxer started in the ring at the age of thirteen but in two thousand and sixteen at the age of sixteen she was banned from competing in her his job and modest clothing she lost the bout that day but started the fight outside the ring to change the rules my of joins us now from st paul minnesota to share her story of welcome to this so good to have you here and. thank you for being here love your beautiful backdrop it looks like a gorgeous day in minnesota a perfect day to mark. this occasion talk to us about what it is that sparked your interest in boxing why boxing. so boxing really really. shaped who i am the person and how i practice. so when when i. came into play and got me from competing i was like this is
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the biggest part of my life. it's always been my life. and so you kind of say it in passing that it stopped you from competing that ban on wearing a modest clothes that you were wearing but you were actually disqualified for quote defying safety rules and this was a national championship talk to us about what that felt like what was that moment like. also i had always been told i wouldn't be able to compete like when i started they were like oh you'll be able to be fine and then when it came to actually competing. we had went to florida for a national championship and i was like about to get in the ring i was like ready to get in the ring and they were like you can't find your job like whatever's on your head you think that off and your long sleeves and take that off and i was like. i'm not taking it off and they were lifeless against the rules so if you don't take it
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off you'll be disqualified so i ended up being disqualified from that tournament my opponent was like declared unopposed champion so they gave her the belt and she had actually given me the belt and was like you know we didn't even get our chance to do our thing in the ring and this rule is unfair so you know we'll do this together we'll get this rule changed together and ever since then you know her act of solidarity really brought light to the whole topic and after that it took about a year and the. usa boxing change that rule and then just last week the international changed as well just last week so i pulled up that headline here this is international boxing association rewrites rules for he savvy women to come and they're showing a picture of another boxer who also happens to wear a scarf this is saying on the far out of germany and she's wearing the new nike his job there that they're they're advertising what was that announcement like for you
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is that a sense of joy did you kind of feel like this is like winning a ring in the winning a match rather in the ring what would it be like. i couldn't believe it i was like this isn't real because nobody told me i didn't get an email saying world change so i was like calling my coaches like i just got this thing i figured this can't be real and so they were like yes sure that's a lot. like finally i can show the skill that i've been working on for the last five years. so david here on twitter says when the idea to reduce boxing matches from twenty rounds to fifteen and twelve was first proposed many didn't like the idea also the wearing of helmets or women boxers but those things are also now excepted so i'm sure that in time women boxing and his jobs will be accepted do you feel accepted because changing the rules is one thing but actually feeling accepted by your opponents and other colleagues in the sport is another thing do you feel
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accepted. i really agree with that because things have to change you know even just twenty twelve was the first year that women's boxing was in the olympics so things are definitely changing i wouldn't say just because the rules change that means that. even good just girl boxers will be accepted everywhere. girl boxing is female boxing itself is like a new in the game so it will take time but people are definitely really welcoming especially in my community i get nothing but support. it's so great to hear we got to three from the who says my is a true warrior fighting her way up to a national recognition she is changing the rules of the game literally and fighting stereotypes every punch i'm proud of what she's accomplished and believe the best is yet to come for her i want to share another tweet from someone else this is us month she says having inspired girls and women of your caliber what are your long
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term goals of being a muslim female boxer what is up next for you. my goals originally was for me to be able to compete so now that i can compete i just want to you know people know me more as an activist to get the world changed and i want to show people my actual skill you know that's a really old video but the way my skill has got way better. i'm not going to stay like i'm trying to go through a victory i'm trying to go pro or whatever i just want people to watch for my name and see what i'm going to do. i like they had to clarify that that was it and an old video of your style and form has changed a bit this this is a tweet from someone who you might know well mohammed suffered your father my daughter the boxer who fell for his job rule change and she was fourteen is talking about usa boxing and international boxing rule change on his job and how she is looking forward to fighting her way to the twenty twenty four olympics in paris so even though you may not want to say right now that you're trying to head to the
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olympics your father is saying it what would you say. my dad wants to go to the moon you want everything so he you know course us and do the live big all these things and of course i want to go through is definitely my goal but i have much more goals than just to say i just want to go to the twenty twenty four olympics i have a lot of things i want to do well thank you for being with us and my and we wish you the very best and all that lies ahead for you. someone. professor catherine of the university of miami. she used incredibly intelligent and an excellent researcher but that's pretty common in our field of astrophysics what's not sound mean is that she's an engaging lecturer with awards back it up is a really caring and devoted advice and mentor and i can testify to that as her next speech to students and she is my own room for her unique ways of communicating
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science to the public in a way encourages more young people especially more young female into the future. she's not just inspiring for a female she's inspiring on any plane. and denmark campaigners are working hard to change the law on consent currently the legislation doesn't define a rape by the absence of consent but by other factors such as whether physical violence or threats were used the university of southern denmark estimates that as many as twenty four thousand women and girls were affected by rape in denmark in twenty seventeen and only eight hundred ninety rapes were reported to police that year and of these by five hundred thirty five resulted in prosecutions and only ninety four in convictions kirstine a host is one of the campaigners breaking the silence around the issue she joins us now from predator didn't mark welcome to the stream thanks so much for being here
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why was it important for you to tell your story well after my perpetrator was acquitted of the crime. i was very shocked and got quite angry. and i noticed my confidence in the justice system which i used to believe in and. so i contacted. you know. because i felt my rights were violated and they were doing research on topics. and i am. i given in to seven of the women and we unite afterwards. talk to us about what the law says right now when it comes to consent and when it comes to guilt because i think for our audience it might be difficult to understand if someone isn't bound guilty
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doesn't mean something didn't happen so talk to us about that in the challenge that you're facing yes. our current legislation is based on threat and violence and that means that the victim has a responsibility to say no and to resist. and the problem is that most rape victims react with seventy in the rape situation. and when they are not resisting there won't be that much higher than. therefore it would be difficult to prove the crime in court. but those victims have still been raped. and rape is a crime was to be a consequence for the victims. so here on twitter says i support the campaign because a sexual relationship without consent is certainly
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a rape in there referring to the campaign launched by amnesty let's talk about yes and i want to share one of the tweets from one of those campaigners this is thomas from amnesty international here is a smart human rights solution that could change our societies for the better just eight out of thirty one european countries laws say sex without consent is rape today amnesty calls on denmark to make it no excuse for any government did that surprise you when you learned about number eight out of thirty one and this is something you think could actually change. well i think that denmark will change its a distillation soon actually i was surprised that it was that many country who actually had a constant base rate biggest nation i didn't knew and out what our mission in this movement has been to space a factual information about great making awareness about rape killing myths and stereotypes but also telling what comes and is and that.
1:43 pm
country as united kingdom and germany and sweden eyes and. so on has a constant basis rate legace nation so it isn't that difficult. some people think it is. wanted to share a message of support it would seem from the danish minister of justice on twitter you can see the tweet here translated below and i'll read the terms lation important report from amnesty we cannot live with the fact that rape victims have the kind of experiences described in this report sex must always be voluntary the government is concurrently considering models for a rape law that is based on consent how does that make you feel optimistic about the. very optimistic beria to mystic. could this well we also spoke to a lot of politicians and we come very very five this year. a year ago.
1:44 pm
constant base rate biggest nation was something most people laughed about because it was simply talked about sweden and. sweden has a lot of moles and roots and we allow thing to do about that in denmark so but now they don't often evil they take it extremely seriously also because we have succeeded in making your way and it's about sectional informations about rape as statistics how many people this concerns every year and the consequences of the rape of the crime of coach i know a person that it cannot be easy to get up and tell the story of a time when you were attacked and yet you're doing it and other women are looking to you what is your message for them and what do you want people to take away from your story. i want them to see what
1:45 pm
happens when you break the silence my message to other woman is break the silence and unite and support each other also unite with the men they would like to support you they have also got systems girlfriends wives mothers and so on and then. desa challenge what's expected from you if they expect you to be silent and shouted out if they expect you to be a nice girl and behave good then be angry it's ok just be emotional we are fighting for the right to a good life. perfect way to end this conversation we have to leave it there we will of course continue to follow the story out of denmark thank you so much for sharing that with us before we go i have just enough time to thank the team i put on today show and of course the women on that team that put on today
1:46 pm
show and that is producer. lisa thompson alex arabia me. of course the men that support the women on our team and finally we asked our community to share names of the women that they look to for inspiration i'll leave you with those. are a. ma check out just. imagine how sun debates discusses and dissects the big issues of our
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times and had tad's five years after the revolution voters in ukraine will have a chance to offer a verdict on what's come since. in a powerful new film residents of occupied east jerusalem chev effluents on its last present and future. leaders will gather for the thirtieth arab league summit in tunis yet join a school coverage and we examine the development of an unusual alliance between radical buddhist monks and the military in man ma ma ch on i'll just sierra. as women's rights a gaming acceptance across the world. what's the status of global gender equality and how can progress be made executive director of un women. since slave abuse i'm longing for either the flight so for many of
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these good after a lifetime of servitude a remarkable young woman breaks free. to lead the abolitionist movement of electrifying force up. driven by her favorite book elections of subjugation to me or my memory is my power a witness documentary on a. jails for less than four years all trials former campaign manager escapes the sentence prosecutors wanted.
1:49 pm
you're watching live from the headquarters and. also ahead. anger in yemen after witness with a seven year old boy by fighters. there. is what people are confronting as they try to rebuild their lives in syria. millions of venezuelans plunged into darkness accusations flying drags on for hours across the country. hello donald trump's former campaign chairman has been sentenced to nearly four years in prison for bank in tax fraud the crimes were uncovered during the u.s. special counsel robert muller's investigation into alleged russian interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election she was at the court proceedings in the u.s. state of virginia and sent this reports the judge rejected the prosecution's argument
1:50 pm
that paul manifolds crimes were unlike normal financial fraud cases in sentencing him to just under four years with credit for time so this is the only case brought to trial by special counsel robert mueller as part of his investigation into allegations of collusion between the campaign and russia during the twenty sixth but this case has nothing to do with campaign and so the jury found guilty of banker tax fraud for crimes committed between two thousand and eight and two thousand and seventeen the government successfully made the case that manifold made tens of millions of dollars through his lobbying for the ukrainian government and then by making misleading patients to banks when that work dried up he hid much of that money so it wasn't taxed the prosecution lawyers didn't stop to speak to reporters after the verdict the defense lawyers. made clear except responsibility for his conduct. and i think most importantly what you saw today is the same thing that we had said from day one there is absolutely no evidence that paul
1:51 pm
a man of ford was involved with any collusion with any government official from russia thank you everybody for served as an advisor and lobbyist not just a for us presidents but to notorious dictators and u.s. allies like president mobutu of the d r c in the philippines ferdinand marcos he began advising ukraine's victory on a code which in the early two thousand and developed a plan for him to make an alliance with the europeans and move away from russia which was overthrown in twenty fourteen prosecutors say desperate to keep up his lifestyle unfortunately borrowed twenty five million dollars from banks but he was still in financial trouble and in the early twenties sixteen he's reported to have seen an opportunity in the trump campaign to kick start his own career he pitched his own paid services to donald trump he joined the campaign in march was appointed campaign chairman in june only to lose the position in august because trump reportedly told him not tough enough was already being investigated by the government for potential financial crimes but when the special counsel began his investigation in may of twenty seventeen my life was connections both to trump and
1:52 pm
eastern europe were enough to get robert mueller interested this is likely to embolden those who dismissed robert mueller as investigation as nothing but a witch hunt but it's not over yet for paul about a four he's due to be sentenced next week in washington d.c. he could face up to ten years and it's not clear whether he'll serve that sentence concurrently or consecutively. alexandria virginia and earlier we spoke to bruce fein who is a u.s. associate deputy attorney general he thinks not to force punishment lenient. i do believe that mr ellis the judge has a reputation for disliking special counsels he thinks that they're target people and then look for crimes rather than the other way around and i think you could detect some of his disdain for the prosecution during the trial itself where he would interject comments suggesting that he didn't think certain things had anything to do with russian collusion why was the special counsel going after mr
1:53 pm
mann afford for things unrelated to russian collusion was it tempting to get others to volunteer evidence but it's very very under the guidelines that are established at least to provide some general starting point for a sentence of this sort i do think that the sentence will encourage roger stone a codefendant if you will to fight and go to trial and not to plead guilty and expectation that he could receive a lenient sentence if he is found guilty although we still don't know whether the judge in the district of columbia next week will take that three plus years and hike it to ten or more based upon money laundering and violations of the foreign agents registration act to which mr mann of fort pled guilty protesters have rallied in yemen city if aden for the fourth day the killing of a witness who testified against four iraqi backed soldiers and
1:54 pm
a child rape case has caused widespread outrage here is it with more. overflowing with protesters spill into the streets of. the coups of this i'm asked the killing of a man's name. by security forces box by the united arab emirates family members say he was a witness in the case of the alleged rape of a seven year old boy by the securities he faces. we demand that the accused be arrested brought to justice and that the death penalty is applied as per the law of written nation in order to bring back peace and security the main idea his killers took him right in front of my arms outside the front door they didn't even respect my presence i was looking at them and i was crying but they took him anyway and entire army unit grabbing one man. resentment has been growing over the
1:55 pm
presence of the u.a.e. allied forces in aden as allegations of human rights abuses against the mount. agent has become the defacto capital of the un recognized government the goofy's obvious control of the official council son. right now what we're seeing is the outflow of unbridled military forces with no checks on their actions and this is likely to get worse before it gets better because we're starting to see you know an exposure of the human rights abuses of these various groups. protesters i'm family of the think tim are calling for the yemeni government to bring the perpetrators to justice but in this fractured fragile state gripped by violent conflict yemenis have little hope justice will be served. al-jazeera. says hundreds of people have fled the town of assault on in syria's
1:56 pm
hama province because of fighting are slowly rebuilding their lives they left in twenty sixteen when armed groups took over the town seeking refuge in lebanon or other towns in syria but as they gradually made their way back they're facing new challenges for. attempting to restore life as they once knew it residents of soran have begun the slow tosk of free building amongst the rubble. suran is on a highway that connects the provincial capitals of hama and aleppo which made it a strategic target for armed groups it was an area syrian government troops and opposition forces for took over for much of the seven years of conflict. in the hama province experienced some of the largest protests against syrian president bashar al assad and some of the bloodiest crackdowns last year the syrian army's capture of saran meant most of the territorial gains eisel had made in
1:57 pm
a major offensive. so he took her children and left at the height of the fighting now she's returned owen was really there was a lot of destruction and chaos little by little we've made things better i had to stay and watch my children grow and become successful may not have them the u.n. says those like are among around one point four million people who've returned to their homes in syria last year u.n. high commissioner for refugees from the program visited to see the work being done to help them like setting up this bakery for those who make that decision and voluntarily come back here we must provide them with at least for their basic needs and their initial right integration in their community but for those returning to their neighborhoods there's still a long journey ahead to restore the towns they'll once again calling home.
1:58 pm
good food. millions of venezuelans are spending their night in darkness in what appears to be the country's biggest walk outs. by so-called extremists. was the cause. of the power war and directed by us imperialism against our people will be defeated nothing in no one will be able to defeat the people of. maximum patriots it's just. our correspondents. were here in the. five o'clock local time there with a massive power all around the country. and many of them continued. the government saying.
1:59 pm
they united states. and the corruption that exists. today we know the. power. but also the traffic lights when. we know all the. people. protesting against the government. with. this situation only. every day the last time that this happened in the. we know that at least four people lost their lives . because the powers were broken to have one of the most. power. but the situation has dramatically changed and power pack have become
2:00 pm
a norm here in venezuela if they still had on al-jazeera three people killed in an eyesore attack targeting minorities and politicians in afghanistan a kingdom's actions under scrutiny dozens of countries call on saudi arabia to free activists. hello again it's good to have you back when you cross live on we are watching one area of clouds as well as rain and snow pushing down across parts of turkey down across parts of iraq over the next day now that is going to be a mix of rain and clouds we expect to see stay through the weekend so you can see here across tehran as well as baghdad those temperatures into the high and mid teens things get a little bit better on saturday baghdad you are.


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