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tv   Phumzile Mlambo- Ngcuka  Al Jazeera  March 8, 2019 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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that's a community. also theater is she. going . to talk to her how many i get. to. know to. they haven't connected the will give them consists of can get under the hood was done but these are for a bundle ultimate game with mom would march mit know why it is refusing to do not like. student shifts may not for the author mean harm someone
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of us that's not a. show about. the gotta have other murder yeah yeah that's the first. one of the months of resentment my brother mark had to lead . the whole initiate of us. was settled at last by miss loveliness commission itself and then not going out for the concert on several hours i think what he said but one thing is all notes on the bulletin august bergen that are coming out of this mother. there's. no problem with. it the most of the things i've done some of. the students. but then it was from the sale of india's not my consulate not on
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shelves i thought maybe when i was on the lawn starting on some of the sponsors. have become something smart as it was to flesh this image of especially most of us will give you some of it on mars i don't give a mutual. in school from those muslims who threw us a big well done muslim for from fans it's you are. far more on the low to. feed those issues than the first one knish true then it's good for. the movie it's got the name bubba shucks just as i suppose if a. bunch of them is the soul of stuff about us officials much more loads a place that's good for the. whole month and lots of people this is you know. it's mexico's food students will just assume. that that's
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a lot of. business but i'm sure this is all by me because i'm six months if not those from do. believe isn't. love which wouldn't be shot so i'm just going to show off with making them my meat album for a man who doesn't. know. the man who gave up in long island with but you know. when they come on top of the trailers and although they're not what you know. i would i would think of them at the indignity yeah. it's also. you know but then the votes come on citizen and. when he's part of the thousand. but it's kind of mcmahon mcmahon condition which is our obligation our. way which is the of the solution to
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the three by the office term need more blood than are others. we see a good one no move on. with. bunch over the system. when the last of those look has been the i've. been on stage this is also been in a few but if lists really. i mean the long run of. the money going to sponsor the few know it alls before the you know that. line yourself when you come up with solution to the doesn't. exist feel of the book that's a line move for the kids who want to get the woman from the gun given the offset to see in. the jewish vote in this particular e.g. if and decide she had no clue to how she'd know the schmuck.
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she would like him by just crystal ball into small. pool oh money doesn't. mean.
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policy should be so born or so on but by trying to figure out my members of the coach. was from michelle told.
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me about a kid with a. thief. so that as a former he felt it was. ok to go that. route
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the folks who are just here. it's all your.
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new as i don't say. so for you but costing you. yes. suddenly any momentum. is all but under the brakes let's face michigan's only at this information a pledge that little is up most people close think about this in terms of klein as many. as a month although it's close season probably about. you know what to. avoid my posts here so just send some. and not a transcript from. one to this in the months. to make. them.
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good since your. guns will. think that ensuring we were not was even doing nothing. nothing. could stimulate missed if he shifted the truck the shits problem there's pipe and modish film it's got to i going to stroll on fossil fuel and on and on and on steve here if. that's the figure i was created different. well there we need a mish it's been on does being british with my good on. the for the fun for us i'm forty or fifty plus one could be and this i want to throw in from that's what he.
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meant. let's look at the money. when the money is all too large from gum supreme hot sauce we bought a lot less to see those two on the table newcomb all still guys such families i spoke to tend to feel it just so she wanted him to the hospital and other shoppers i want to visit she. saw on. my palms falling and. that's when smith's clothing. and use of birth could point.
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to its months on the smog of. this museum nucleation spins a. has to maintain a point is. there is fierce. is a popular filming location in france when it comes to stories about drugs crime and radicalization tired of negative stereotypes youth worker that zanny dearie is reclaiming its image by putting its young resident behind the camera. this
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truth be don't often hear told by the people who live them. in the news what this is you are on al-jazeera. is one of nigeria's top tourist destinations but in the shadow of the mountain some nigerians continue an ancient tradition with child protection workers say condemns young girls to a life of slavery and sexual exploitation five year old miracle was buried for money just a few weeks ago only for some missionaries who says she's proved by the marriages happen i can i'm richard is a missionary rescues goals the money. outrightly. be trucked the girl before she's born there what if it takes fourteen years. the brother will get their money wife. jewing sierra leone civil war nigerian forces were deployed to protect civilians in state sometimes on the population in
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plain sight of a journalist camera these is a name to be would disagree peacekeeping force to look at the full complete. his own using his harrowing images international lawyers seek justice for those suited by their guardians peace kill is on al-jazeera. is no one way of telling the story a key thing is to write and to respect this is a great way to get to know the person for me. this is al-jazeera i'm doubting that with a check on your world headlines donald trump's former campaign chairman has been sentenced to nearly four years in prison for a bank and tax fraud the crimes were uncovered during u.s.
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special counsel robert muller's investigation into alleged russian interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election shavar town c. was at the court proceedings in the u.s. state of virginia and sent this report. the judge rejected the prosecution's argument that paul manifolds crimes were unlike normal financial fraud cases in sentencing him to just under four years with credit for time served this is the only case brought to trial by special counsel robert mueller as part of his investigation into allegations of collusion between the trump campaign and russia during the twenty sixteen election but this case has nothing to do with dawn from his campaign and so the jury found manifold guilty of bank on tax fraud for crimes committed between two thousand and eight and two thousand and seventeen the government successfully made the case that manifold made tens of millions of dollars through his lobbying for the ukrainian government and then by making misleading loan applications to banks when that work dried up he hid much of that money so it wasn't taxed the prosecution lawyers didn't stop to speak to reporters after the verdict the defense lawyers were defiant they made clear except
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responsibility for his conduct and i think most importantly what you saw today is the same thing that we had said from day one there is absolutely no evidence that paul a man of four was involved with any collusion with any government official from russia thank you everybody for served as an advisor and lobbyist not just the four u.s. presidents but the notorious dictators and u.s. allies like president mobutu of the d r c in the philippines ferdinand marcos he began advising ukraine's victory on a coup which in the early two thousand and developed a plan for him to make an alliance with the europeans and move away from russia which was overthrown in twenty fourteen prosecutors say desperate to keep up his opulent lifestyle manifold unfortunately borrowed twenty five million dollars from banks but he was still in financial trouble and an early twenty sixteen he's reported to have seen an opportunity in the trump campaign to kickstart his own career he pitched his unpaid services to donald trump he joined the campaign in
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march was appointed campaign chairman in june only to lose the position in august because trump reportedly thought him not tough enough might have thought was already being investigated by the government for potential financial crimes but when the special counsel began his investigation in may of twenty seven. in. eastern europe. but it's. ten years and it's not clear whether he'll serve. a major. all of the. government. explain. we're here in the.
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power. for a fourth day over the killing of the main witness. thirty six countries have signed statements criticizing saudi arabia's human rights record the documents calls on the kingdom to cooperate with investigators into the murder of. the president's warning of chaos.
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for the past two weeks. for a fifth. world is coming up next stay with us. possible is a style of brass band music in egypt dating back more than one hundred fifty years
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and it uses brass and percussion and started as military music in the nineteenth century but developed into an entire johndroe that was extremely popular until the one nine hundred sixty s. . it was started by mohammed has about who played the clarinet in a royal military band at the time of our best and the diva of egypt while it was under ottoman rule in the nineteenth century. has launched his own band in eight hundred sixty and mohammed ali street in cairo which became famous for its artists and its musicians. has abolished band played for rich and poor alike and at weddings and funerals. the band featured in egyptian movies some of them classics. other musicians imitated the has a and the bands played at family and national festivities. those days are over but the has a has retained
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a place in the hearts of egyptians today many of whom still think of it as the people's music. i know i'll like. ah. atlanta. got me on my. return to. coughing up. can do yeah. i know i'll be honest and one up for your own. comic you. mean for once when i was last year someone. was. someone. who was in bed with my. concern the most he was of and that if.
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can you eat a new. dog or will you be teddy what can you eat and you called the number was again more jimin i was ian lee is going to. be in chair. have been but that's a kind of more met you have that he gathered men up a lot. with some we.
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can get a woman. from us a woman as a muslim will you through some sort of mosque and it with us at times but i was. going to bid it is best a little what can it. be without some of the other side of the sense of a don't you can if you want to do it well you know if i'm seen home a lot of times with most unfair that a mother has a. rather small house of on my. block her boss gary. us he was very. electable so clear a lot of video also some steam. before fluid enough. to feel. hot. feel as if it up whether than here for something they have in the home or it's the middle of talking with fendi well i can let thought of a thought of gauge well i can feel your thought. helmet any that my heart of
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a. i can't you feel bad because. i don't.
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want to be back. in here. well. i walked. and then again with. the. what can. the. pool.
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at the focal length and should be they had to have somebody well i can and them a straw but i'll be a muslim. and then in lethal a good role model bob woodruff he has a share why big data but up on. little team. him. you have one about that. possible law that.


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