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musical genre. as a sentry and a halt later the sound still present mates with many egyptians today house of the people's music on al-jazeera. as algerians defy riot police to again march against the absent president local media says several politicians have quit the ruling party and join them. hello i'm maryam namazie and london you're with al-jazeera also coming up electricity is restored in parts of caracas but much of venezuela still has no power more than twenty two hours on time is running out for children in yemen where
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fighting it from day to continues to stop food flowing and also. a successful splashdown for space x. paves the way for the first manned mission by a private company. tens of thousands of algerians have been protesting around the country calling for president abdelaziz bouteflika to step down this despite riot police being deployed in metro train services halted by the government to stem the protests them the demonstrations began several weeks ago when the president announced he would seek a fifth term in office an algerian t.v. station says nine politicians quit the ruling party and join the protests mohammed john jr has more. friday protests for the third successive week nationwide in algeria and this time they appear to be bigger than ever.
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demonstrators demanding president. abandon his bid for a fifth term in office in next month's election. just a day earlier eighty two year old with a fleet who suffered a stroke five years ago and is. in switzerland for what are described as routine medical tests urged algerians not to demonstrate and warned about the risk of chaos if they did. not protesters didn't listen and local media reports say that nine politicians from who could leave his ruling f l n party resigned to join the revolt the analysts aren't surprised they are just following the logic of the people in the states and the convention that it's time and which if you do stuff out so i'm not on a need that didn't but see that or see or saw that organizations like a dead the what if it deadens organisation the outside the side then we've had the debate but in the city it's. train and metro operators halted services to try and
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stem the tide of protesters a strategy that clearly didn't work across on syria demonstrations have been staged daily for the past two weeks since beautifully could confirm he would stand for another term in office on april the eighteenth the second one station i don't go to stuck it out just going on and on it's no book seoul and the out some of them you know dead allies is that this is a mountain and point you know dad i'm going to go back and it's time now just to use deadly and just to side with the people and states since the protests began opposition groups have been attempting to come up with a viable plan on how to remove with a flicker from office in an open letter on monday the president said if he's reelected he will call for a referendum on a new constitution and another election at some point. algeria's armed forces are under mounting pressure to find a solution but so far the response has been cryptic while alluding to the
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demonstrations algeria's army chief evoke the civil war of the one nine hundred ninety s. urging protesters to be aware of history but the rallies continue with no signs of abating anytime soon mohammed and dizzy. french algerians have been showing solidarity with that country men holding protests against beautifully in paris they say they're not just opposed to the president but the entire algerian elite the french government says it's monitoring events in its former colony the foreign minister. has said it's for algerians to decide on their country's future. the power is back on in parts of the venezuelan capital caracas but the nationwide blackout continues elsewhere with some places without electricity for around twenty two hours the government has closed schools ordered working hours to be suspended and told businesses to stay shut as it tries to fix the problem it blame what it
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describes as extremist sectors he says have sabotaged the country's biggest hydroelectric dam but the opposition are saying that it's corruption and mismanagement that have ruined the power grid. imagine being without electricity what that means for the hospitals what that means for the ben is really people the rhodium of food which is already hard to come by this is an inefficient regime which is a product of corruption and for that reason we thought ourselves of the situation where power cuts have become normal in venezuela but house affected twenty two of the countries twenty three states with the metro closed and traffic lights out says been chaos on public transport with people struggling to get on buses many to give up and walk to and from work all spittle generators of even failed shops and restaurants the shots and the internet and even state t.v. have fallen silent president will blame the united states tweeting the electric war announced and directed by american imperialism against our people will be defeated
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his communications minister said it was right wing extremists taking orders from u.s. senator marco rubio well trey's a bow sent us this update from caracas just a bit earlier. a massive power cut is affecting at least fifteen states in venezuela apparently the electricity one top around five o'clock on the first day and it still has not reached the turn this has generated chaos all around the city there is no metro there's no trains and there's no water for example would be going around several hospitals in that because one of them is this one where the emergency room is running with one power plant but we're told that the rest of the hospital is completely in the dark in the past in this hospital and because of a power cut at least four people lost their lives because of this problem with electricity in the country the government is saying that the power grid was generated by an attack an attack by the extreme right by the opposition by the
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united states and that's why they have suspended schools among other things until they're able to restart electricity in the country the opposition says however that this is an example of the problems that venice were. today shortages of food of medicine and now electricity lack of investment corruption among other problems and that's why the opposition is calling for more protests in venezuela that are expected to happen this saturday on monday it up on a is live for us now in the city of could tell in the venezuela colombia border and this has been a power lies and outage for the country possibly the worst it's ever experienced how are people coping with hearing about that. that's right mary and this is truly unprecedented simply in the scale of the local reports that we were hearing at five pm local time on thursday is that the power went out during rush hour creating chaos on the streets communication between people living in colombia who have relatives on the venezuelan side of the border
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has been has been very difficult so this is something that even though power outages are common as you mentioned already in venezuela this is something different this felt very different and on one hand you have president nicolas maduro saying that this is part of a quote electricity war directed by the united states you have lect which is the state owned energy company saying that this was part of sabotage an attack against the ghoti dam which is in a hydroelectric plant that's responsible prefer for providing electricity for almost the entire part of the country the local reports are saying that this wasn't a total blackout in caracas this was a near total blackout in the entire country so we have been trying to work to get more information to find out the exact cause the official cause of this blackout but we still don't know even though there has been power restored to some parts of because in some parts of the country we still don't know how many people in the country are still without power almost more than twenty two hours since the power went out in the country yes and the opposition here is call for more protests but
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with the scale of this power outage that will presumably restrict people's movements. that's a very possible theory here on the border we we could report that things are very calm we say things are calm but there is a very heavy militarized presence both on the colombian side of the border and on venezuela presumably in anticipation for these nationwide protests that were called by president nicolas maduro and also by opposition leader of one calling for thousands of people to take to the streets on one end of the anti-imperialist march as president mubarak called and on the other a march against the mother government by the opposition things are very tense it's a very troubling and alarming development and with that has already been an increase in tensions in venezuela and an increase in tensions on the border since the border itself has been closed since diplomatic ties between venezuela and columbia were were cut so we're still seeing thousands of people flooding into
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colombia every single day children coming into the country just trying to get access to education people at least five thousand people every day just coming into colombia in search of food and then traveling back across through illicit routes over the border back into venice well and repeating that cycle every day it truly is a humanitarian crisis on the border here of venezuela and colombia mariyam well thank you very much from the venezuela colombia border money and thank you money. well now tacky and russia will start joint patrols of syria's northwestern adlib province where they've created a deescalation zone and it is the last major rebel stronghold in the ceasefires of the syrian government offensive truth as the truce has come under strain as al qaeda linked fighters started seizing towns and villages from rival anti-government groups. in the bin bush in the fuselage of oh yes and today the patrols of the
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russian troops just outside it live border and inside it live weaponized areas the patrols of the turkish army forces are starting to there were some restrictions over using the airspace over it live in africa which also lifted today in this respect our cooperation with russia has improved we see this as a significant step for the continuation of the cease fire and ensuring stability for those joshua landis is the director of the center for middle east studies at the university of oklahoma he says turkey and europe and desperately trying to keep the agreement together because they don't want rebels or civilians to spill over there but what is in the province is a big promise and it's where most of the hardened rebels have been in a sense collected and pushed out of the rest of syria as the government has conquered it and so it's a giant holding ground there are you know by cia estimates over thirty thousand hardened rebels many of them fairly ated with h.p.'s tired it is sham which is a al-qaeda organization or at least had been linked with it the russians had
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accused the turks of not fulfilling their side of the bargain which is to contain these jihads in fact that conquered the entire province largely and so this is an effort by turkey to have these joint patrols and to mollify russia and to consolidate this agreement because turkey is terrified that if syria and russia attack you'll get the same thing you're seeing in the east bows which is tens of thousands of family members refugees fighters being pushed out into turkey and perhaps into europe so europe turkey are desperately trying to keep this agreement together they do not want an army. meanwhile in eastern syria the u.n. says more than sixty thousand people are now crammed into a camp after evacuating from my sil's last shrinking pockets of territory u.s. backed syrian democratic forces say defeating the village of imminent the s.d.f.
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has been trying to pressure i still fight as to surrender. causing the fighting to allow the fight his wives and their children as well as all the civilians to escape with al jazeera live from london more still ahead madagascar struggles to contain a measles outbreak that's killed hundreds of children and across the world people turn out in force to march on international women's day. hello again welcome back to international weather forecast all of the last couple of days we've been kind of saying the same story about what's happening here across northern europe a lot of wind as well as a lot of rain in and forcefully as we go towards the weekend most of that is going to continue so take a look at our saturday map here we do have
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a lot of rain here across parts of germany as well as poland windy conditions up towards scandinavia and into the baltic sea and as we go from saturday to sunday that rain starts a push over here towards the east we do get a bit of a break but we do see some more rain coming into play as we go towards sunday and that's also going extend up towards parts of denmark as well to the south though things are looking quite nice athens at twenty two rome at fifteen but we do think by the time we go towards next week things are going to be cooling off quite nicely across much of that area here across the northern part of africa though fine dry for most locations we're still watching that area of low pressure in algeria and that is causing some windy conditions and dusty conditions as well a few clouds up here towards the north but on the coastal areas things along quite nice we are going to be seeing rabbet at about twenty one degrees few tunas at twenty things over here towards cairo looking quite nice at twenty five but as you go down here towards khartoum it is going to be a sunny day for you with a temperature of about thirty four degrees and us one at thirty one.
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your men killed a mother and son on that way to an appointment sadly the insurgents don't wear uniforms or so it is seen long with the was on the american occupation of iraq matthew has an old american prince to account from tower twenty sixteen how come you didn't mention the meeting to congress and i did i don't know if i got the transcript wrong. i don't think you're that sharp that you can tell the difference between a polish guy a french guy holding a yard shot at the head on a zero. welcome
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back just a quick look at stories making headlines now tens of thousands of algerians have again been protesting in the capital and around the country calling for president abdelaziz bouteflika to step down several politicians from the ruling party are reported to have quit and join them. the power is back on in parts of venezuelan capital caracas but nationwide the blackout is continuing with some places without electricity for more than twenty two hours now and turkey in russia will begin joint patrols of syria's northwestern italy province where they've created a deescalation zone. when yemen's warring sides agree to stop fighting and withdraw their troops from a crucial port city that was hoped food and medicine would soon flow in but with sporadic fighting still going on there's growing despair for nineteen million yemenis suffering from malnutrition and illness aid agencies say time is especially short for the children and a warning that you might find some of the images and a solid bunch of aids reports distressing.
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even the screams have become new to. the game and he told lawyer hasn't had enough to eat for most of her life. apocalypto i'd never heard that about the. grandma is now twenty four months old but she's suffering from acute marchment as a result of oh it's very difficult to get the required food supplements we're doing all we can to save her life her condition has become acute and will probably become another statistic without proper treatment. yemeni said they're tired of burying their children doctors say they're helpless to cope with a rare form of malnutrition. the child is suffering from acute malnourishment which is normally found in skin and bone or. cases a combination of the two types which is very rare it started with skin bone then developed into a course core and both her feet about two weeks ago. the only victim the
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un's children agency says one hundred thirty five thousand children remain in the besieged city of today the word they face the highest level of malnutrition and cholera in yemen. unicef says their living conditions are so dire no one should ever suffer them. the fight between the. coalition and who has destroyed yemen's health care system the siege and bombardment of the port city over their heads wrecked hospitals ambulances even medical stores doctors say their missing ninety percent of medical supplies and equipment. specifically targeted the health sector and intentionally aimed at destroying its facilities more than fifty percent of all the medical facilities have been totally or partially destroyed including the main hospitals and internal clinics half of the emblems fleet has been destroyed to the province is facing
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a catastrophic humanitarian situation it is beyond words of the board over the past four years because malnourishment among more than three hundred thousand children below the age of five. it may be too late for thousands of starving children. but has a few days of hope left. it's only if those in power care and help arrives in time some of the job there. doctors in madagascar are blaming the shortage of vaccines for the struggle to contain the west measles outbreak in decades close to one thousand people have died of the disease in the last five months most of them children. want to hand reports this family is in mourning for four year old and his cousins martina and mario who were both age three they all died within days of each other in january young victims of the measles epidemic in madagascar are
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gone from my child had been vaccinated he had received the first injection but he died because we didn't have enough money to get him the second post a jab. at least nine hundred twenty two islanders mostly children have succumbed to the disease since october the world health organization says only eight percent of the twenty six million malagasy people are vaccinated against measles and the government says it's three million dollars short of the seven million it needs to buy in a fax nations for every one children from poor families who catch measles are often given cheap traditional treatments seven year old doreen was only brought to this health clinic when her condition worsened. we tried to heal her with traditional medicine using natural herb but it didn't help at all. madagascar is hoping to rule out an emergency to dose vaccination program for children the first injection will be free but the booster won't. we shouldn't stop there the main challenge is how
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to plan for what comes after for the last twenty five years madagascar hasn't been successful in immunizing its children against measles we can only hope that after this campaign it will have all it needs to vaccinate as routinely as possible order . so when. doctors say ninety five percent of the population needs to be barks needed to stop measles spreading but without extra money it's likely more malagasy families we've forced to live with the devastating consequences vinton moment an al-jazeera. mexican authorities say at least twenty five central american migrants have died after the truck they were traveling in overturned the crash happened in the southern mexican state of chiapas a widely used entry point for migrants arriving from guatemala state authorities say at least twenty nine others were injured in the accident and the system investigating but local media are citing a technical fault in the overloaded vehicle as the cause of the tragedy white house
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communications director bill shine is resigned it will move on to work on president donald trump's re-election campaign the form of fox news executive joined charms communications staff in july he left the network in two thousand and seventeen amid criticism of how he handles sexual harassment scandals john released a statement commending shine for an outstanding job five years ago malaysian airlines flight three seventy disappeared with two hundred thirty nine people on board it remains one of the world's biggest unsolved aviation mysteries but as heidi jocasta reports from virginia a major upgrade to the existing plane tracking technology could help prevent further add to sauces. how can a passenger plane vanished without a trace in the twenty first century and years of searching for the wreckage of m h three seventy have yielded little clue only a few pieces of debris and frustrations of not knowing exactly where the aircraft
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crashed into the indian ocean it's amazing in this world where we track our cars our kids our animals that we don't track aircraft in real time in two thousand and fourteen air traffic controllers had only a general idea of m.h. three seventy's location over open water in fact that's been the norm for flights covering most of the earth the aviation industry has long relied on land based radars to provide flight surveillance those radars only cover ten percent of the planet you can't build a radar tower in the ocean when you're flying over the oceans nobody knows where you are the evasion industry has accommodated by spacing out planes over radar blind areas and sticking as close as possible to radar zones if you've ever taken the popular flight between new york and london you may notice that every route takes you on a northward arc a detour in
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a sense over canada and greenland that's because flights have had to stay within eyeshot of the land based radar towers there but starting this month new eyes will be watching and watching from space to us companies carry on and radio have teamed up to operate a satellite flight surveillance system that leaves no area of the planet uncovered the last of the web of sixty six satellites were delivered to orbit in january the only system that has truly global coverage meaning that there is no spot on the earth poles south pole north pole anywhere that there isn't. the mh the. seventy disappearance led to new international standards for aircraft position reporting over open ocean ariane in new radium say their technology exceeds those standards feeding location data to air traffic controllers at least every eight
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seconds. another situation arises where we lose an aircraft but if it were to arise with the technology we have no good those are the words the vast majority of planes already have satellite transmitters on board perhaps ushering in a new industry standard heidi joe castro al-jazeera leesburg virginia with just three weeks to go until united kingdom is scheduled to exit european union prime minister to resume a his want to m.p.'s that might not happen if deal is rejected in a parliamentary vote next week next week members of parliament in westminster face a crucial choice whether to back the bricks that deal or to reject it back it in the u.k. will leave the european union reject it and no one knows what will happen we may not leave the e.u. for many months we may leave without the protections that the deal provides we may
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never leave out all the only certainty would be on going. thousands of women in istanbul have to find a band to march on international women's day the demonstration was in solidarity with women imprisoned in neighboring syria they say many detainees and isn't and have only been locked up because of apparent crimes by family members international women's day has been commemorated with demonstrations and protests across the world . well in spain women of all ages have walked out of work and taken to the streets of madrid for international women's day they say they're taking a stand against patriarchy and gender violence many female employees did not turn up to work and also halted domestic work or caretaking duty's as part of spain's second feminist strike lots of protesters were purple is a symbolic colleague used by women's rights activists which you can see in the
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image here but this is the scene right now in the trading radical picture is. was the view that if we want to highlight around the city the women strike and the fact that without us the world stops and that there were other ways to do things. from reactionary forces to certain political speeches many people are trying to demonize federalism well it's always been a fight for equality. or papa new guinea is saying that it's considering reserving parliamentary seats for women all a hundred eleven seats in the country's parliament akari held by men prime minister peter o'neill introduced the proposal saying it was only fair that the country's law makers had more debate about the role of women human rights watch though is called park the new guinea one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a woman two thirds are estimated to have experienced domestic violence. and you american space shuttle has returned from orbit paving the way for the first manned mission by a private company space x. hopes to soon blast astronauts into orbit for the first time now and nasa is
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reliant on russian rockets since retiring the shuttle fleet eight years ago and x. o'brien reports. splashdown off the coast of florida. the space six dragon capsule safely home from carrying cargo to the international space station the six day unmanned flight to pave the way for the united states to resume manned missions we brought together the people the hardware and all the processes and procedures and got to see how they all work together and that's very important on this as we as we move towards putting people on board the vehicle it's been read by thousands watched the capsule blast off from kennedy space center with its only occupant a taste one ripley it's covered in saints is recording everything that astronauts will feel during its docking with the eye assists astronauts carried out tastes and checked out the new capsules cabin which one described as
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a business class experience even seizing up the ultimate space selfie this is the. first day of a new era for the next generation respects first nesses astronauts have been riding russian rocket since retiring the space shuttle fleet eight years ago that's when it turned to big business including space six billionaire entrepreneur musk to finance and develop the next generation of space hardware we want the things that are in science fiction novels and movies not to be science fiction forever we want to be real one day. the casuals return to earth was a series of tastes first it had to undock from the i.s.a.'s and we have motion then survive one of its biggest challenges descending through intense temperatures to reenter the earth's atmosphere looking at dragons unit growth sky it all went smoothly from the casual speed shield to the parachute system slowing it's full
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really can't ask for a more picture perfect. ness is counting on space six and boeing to start launching astronauts into space this year there's still plenty of training and looming ahead but space x. is proved its capsules can make it back to earth in one piece and al-jazeera everything. just a quick look at stories making headlines now tens of thousands of algerians have been protesting in the capital and around the country calling for president until as he's put a figure to step down riot police have been deployed and the metro has been closed by the government in an effort to stem the protests it comes amid reports that it reports that nine ruling party politicians have resigned to join the protests. the power is back on in parts of the venezuelan capital caracas but the nationwide
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blackout is continuing with some places without electricity for more than twenty two hours the government has closed schools ordered working hours to be suspended and told business is to stay shots it's blaming sabotage of the country's biggest hydroelectric dam critics though is saying mismanagement has ruined the power grid . imagine being without electricity what that means for the hospitals what that means for the venezuelan people the rhodium of food which is already hard to come by this is an inefficient regime which is a product of corruption and for that reason we thought ourselves in this situation . turkey and russia will begin joint patrols of syria's northwest and province where they've created a deescalation zone it is the last major rebel stronghold in the ceasefires averted a syrian government offensive so far while in eastern syria the united nations says more than sixty thousand people are now crammed into a camp after evacuating from my sil's last shrinking pockets of territory the us backed syrian democratic forces say isolate defeat in the village of is imminent
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and is trying to pressure i still fight as to surrender. doctors in madagascar blaming a shortage of vaccines for their struggle to contain the west measles outbreak for decades in a thousand people have died in the last five months most of them children and mexican police are investigating a truck crash in which at least twenty five central american migrants died and many more were injured the truck overturned in the southern mexican state of chap us a widely used entry point for migrants arriving from guatemala those are the top stories do stay with us for techno which looks at high tech solutions to help people with disabilities that story coming up next but there will be more news after that in about twenty five minutes time i'll see you then bye for now.
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africa's most populous nation a blog just economy has a youth unemployment problem in a bid to control the internet of the future some say i kind of digital i am cold so this folding we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost on al-jazeera. living life impossible to adopt this according to the world health organization approximately two hundred fifty three million people globally a vision in pads or a text line. today on tech night some of the latest innovations making it easier to help people that site problems navigate a complex well if you want to grab
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a basket they're just laid out there for you. and even enjoy office again through a gentle touch i think there are so many people that i met that were really crucial to this and later as populations age and then patents become the prevalent a new study to determine what technology is needed in the future to ensure that people can live independently at home safe and happy we really need to figure out ways to better help people as they age as they develop various chronic conditions and do it in a way that optimizes their quality of life the scientific into the crystal ball of aging this is techno a show about innovations that can change lives we're going to explore the intersection of heart and humanity and we're doing it in a unique way this is a show about science by scientists.


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