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as women's rights and again acceptance of the world. what's the status of global gender equality and how can progress be made executive director of un women. zira. i know i'm maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up. on hundred ninety five detained during the biggest protests yet calling for algeria is ailing president to resign. electricity is restored in parts of caracas but much of venezuela still has no power some twenty four hours on. time runs out for
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children in the yemeni port city all of the data where fighting continues to stop food coming in also. successful splashdown for space x. paves the way for the first manned mission by a private company. i'm going to go with the sports the women's world cup champions go on the attack as they launch a lawsuit against the u.s. soccer federation for gender discrimination. algerian security forces have detained one hundred ninety five people after the biggest protests in the capital in twenty eight years tens of thousands packed central algiers and marched in other cities around the country calling for the ailing president abdul aziz bitch a faker to step down and algerian t.v. station also reported that nine politicians from the ruling party had resigned and
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join the protests. as mall. friday protests for the third successive week nationwide in algeria and this time they appear to be bigger than ever. demonstrators demanding president a as ease with the police abandon his bid for a fifth term in office in next month's election. just a day earlier eighty two year old beautifully who suffered a stroke five years ago and is in switzerland for what are described as routine medical tests urged algerians not to demonstrate and warned about the risk of chaos if they did. not protesters didn't listen she screamed out most i am here today with my daughters with the country's children to take back our lost algeria we want to take it back so that our children find where they said they don't drown in the mediterranean sea. near the system please
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leave us look at the people the action is here the people are here from all social classes from the youngest to deal just everyone is saying no church fifth or please leave you won't even be judged. and local media reports say that nine politicians from beautifully his ruling f l n party resigned to join the revolt. train and metro operators halted services to try and stem the tide of protesters a strategy that clearly didn't work across algeria demonstrations have been staged daily for the past two weeks since beautifully could confirm he would stand for another term in office on april the eighteenth since the protests began opposition groups have been attempting to come up with a viable plan on how to remove which to flee from office in an open letter on monday the president said if he's reelected he will call for a referendum on a new constitution and another election at some point. algeria's armed forces are under mounting pressure to find
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a solution but so far the response has been cryptic while alluding to the demonstrations algeria's army chief at the civil war of the one nine hundred ninety s. urging protesters to be aware of history but the rallies continue with no signs of abating any time soon mohammed into and dizzy. well french algerians have been showing solidarity with their countrymen holding protests against beautifully in paris they say they are not just opposed to the president but to the entire political system the french government says it's monitoring events in its former colony with the foreign minister. saying that it's for algerians to ultimate ultimately decide on the country's future well imo goob occur as a research fellow at the paris space school for advanced studies in social sciences she joins us now from is via skype thank you for taking the time to speak to us so today's protests a page have been the biggest in the country so far can you give us a sense of the types of numbers the turned out on the streets today because it's
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quite a wide estimate from perhaps tens of thousands to possibly millions. l.c. she'll figure in her geology and down into those not to communicate on these figures but people are also has have been talking about two to tree millions of adrienne's in the streets to say to our to do country so all these projects which march march stronger and those of us twenty. with the same feeling of confidence of her happy ness and also surprised to have been able to maintain the end peaceful this space to use number of participants and also despite the fact how this saves that everyone was expecting in the outside weird arjun's to be violent and civilized cording to what they have been through during the nineties so this feeling is pride of having being able to maintain that most patients peaceful was
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very important today and they were also not only the major interest to do about you know there have or they could give to the world also a new slogan send you a. new save that for example warnings to wards of the us to avoid any interference and or any external country to be willing to enter defense was that is where did you slogans that we have seen today. now clearly the the protesters are adamant that beautifully must not stand for a fifth term in power but the regime has made announcements they have pledged early elections which beautifully will not participate and they've also offer dialogue and constitutional reform how do you see any of that developing in some way. from the side of the protesters also we have seen you or your cartoons of the
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characters of the governing elites in jail for example people asking for the cancellation of the elections so this is us all the sign dad there is a political matter ration among the ranks of the court this throws on the rank of the of the government or the ruling elite they have still be inside iran is not answering the people's demands unless you're offering some cosmetic reforms but the last importance. and it's still stagnant so we don't know actually even if the police who has always been have been told the chant we buried in strangers have shown that they. have the willingness to repress my auntie to protest we're still don't know how the military command is going to handle the transition all right well thank you very much. for joining us there from algiers. well now the power is back on in parts the venezuelan capital crack has bought
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a nationwide blackouts continue else west some places have been without electricity for around twenty four hours now this is the longest of the country's twenty years socialist leadership with the metro closed on public transport being under intense pressure the government close school suspended working hours and told business is to stay shut as it tries to address the problem communications minister has blamed right wing extremists who he says sabotage the country's biggest hydroelectric dam on the orders of u.s. senator marco rubio but critics say corruption and mismanagement has ruined the power grid but it was already have a bigger bus and would you worry first for your own security because when the lights go out the criminals take advantage of the public streets to function there are people in the streets your thirty's are present so you go around with caution trying to protect yourself and get home. we don't know any news about anything supermarket when they told us we had to leave the country has practically become a disaster opposition leader one why don't you rejected the government's claims
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that everything is normal. you know. what's happening is not normal as i was arriving here i heard some of the regime spokespeople saying that the streets were totally normal that everything was perfect maybe it's perfect in their homes because they have generators but no evidently today is not a normal day in venezuela and of venezuela has already been beaten down at a venezuela or daily chores or missed going to the supermarket getting their medicines or brisson our families to the twenty hours or so that. we managed to get . in the venezuelan capital caracas. a massive power cut is affecting at least fifteen states in venezuela apparently the electricity one top around five o'clock on the first day and it still has not turned this has generated all around the city there is no metro there's no trains
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there's no water for example will be going around several hospitals in one of them is this one where the emergency room is running with one power plant but we're told that the rest of the hospital is completely in the dark in the past in this hospital and because of a power cut at least four people lost their lives because of this problem with electricity in the country the government is saying that the power grid was generated by an attack an attack by the extreme right by the opposition by the united states and that's why they have suspended schools among other things until they're able to restart electricity in the country the opposition says however that this is an example of the problems that venezuela is facing today shortages of food of medicine and now electricity lack of investment corruption among other problems and that's why the opposition is calling for more protests. are expected to happen this saturday. well manny it happened is live for us now in the city of on the
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venezuela colombia border and manny what are you hearing about the power outage it appears to be a very inconsistent situation with some part of the country still suffering apparently that these reports and it's been restored and. that's exactly right mary and we're still having a hard time finding out exactly what even was the root cause of the power outage we're hearing from president nicolas maduro on one hand saying that this was part of an electricity war directed by the united states we're hearing from quote a poor lech which is the state run power company in venezuela saying that this is a sabotage that this was part of an attack against the goodie dam which is a hydroelectric plant that's responsible for bringing power to the entire country of venezuela and we know that power outages in the country are relatively common but there's never really been anything quite like this this seems very different almost seems unprecedented just the scale of this power outage across the country
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we've heard from opposition leader one of those saying that as many as twenty two states in vegas will were affected by this power outage but we can't confirm exactly what the root cause was and we still are having a hard time as we heard from our correspondent from al jazeera correspondents recent in got acas saying that power has been restored in parts of get out because we still don't know how many people are without power in the rest of the country. and what do we know about the steps and measures nigeria's government is taking to address this outage. even though the government has said that they are working on a fix that they are working to to reestablish electricity in the country again without knowing exactly what the root cause was we're hearing back and forth even within the even within the government of the us to what exactly was behind behind the power outage itself we don't know when that power will be restored for everybody else and this everything that happens and could act as
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a sort of reflected on the border where we are here in colombia right on the border with venezuela there's a lot of tension even though things are calm we say things are calm but there is a heavy military presence both on the colombian side of the border and on the venezuela side of the border we heard that that update from theresa bowen caca saying that there's more demonstrations planned for the weekend that tension is is certainly felt here on the border where thousands of people every day continue to flood into colombia many many young children coming into colombia every day looking for a chance to receive a formal education we are seeing as many as five thousand people a day arriving at a food bank operated by the world food program these are people that are leaving that as we're looking for an opportunity just to have a meal many of them return to venezuela in the evening crossing these illicit crossings because the official border remains closed diplomatic ties between venezuela and columbia remain closed but at the moment we're still trying to find
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out more information about what exactly was the cause of that power outage that affected nearly the entire country of inis well or near him right well thank you very much money into bringing us the latest from there on the venezuela colombia border thank you mani only can now speak to juan carlos delgado who is the latin america policy analyst at the cato institute think tank in washington so as we were hearing from our correspondents there. inside venezuela and on the board this power outage is having a power lies ing impact on the country not fresh challenges that a time when that was already an economic and humanitarian crisis how long do you anticipate this could go on full. we don't know i mean this is that the king bomb for sure but we haven't seen yet that it's likely that will spark. a massive outwards of the population pro going into the streets and trying to topple an equal
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as modal obviously most been as one and one that outcome but we haven't seen yet that situation where the population forces the hand of the military who is the ultimate arbiter in this standoff between white dog and the regime will be called as modal. it appears that the situation has hit something of a stalemate with. pursuing international support which he certainly does have upon returning to venezuela is still very much in the same position because of course the army which is the most powerful institution in the country continues to back nicolas maduro. yeah the army is the is the one that is going to decide this is a stalemate. we know for a fact that there is a lot of these up these factions among the troops last week for example when. humanitarian aid was trying to be introduced into the country through the colombian
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border we saw we saw hundreds of troops from the national guard defecting. colombia the problem there is the generals the generals are deeply involved in corruption are deeply involved in drug trafficking so easy in their interest to do state role you'll remain loyal to equalise modo they know that the alternative to not being in power is brawly being prosecutor for crimes against humanity corruption or even being extradited to the united states on drug trafficking charges there remain loyal and also we cannot underestimate the power of the cuban. intelligence services their role their plea remain in keeping evil trading the venezuelan army and keeping tabs on whatever. there might be of trying to organize. our pricing it's interesting that you mention this sort of level of foreign
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interference in the country's affairs right now the u.s. has also played a leading role in pressuring the the do or government the troponin astray she is openly called him to be replaced and is also in for sanctions an attempt to choke off the government's economic resources. yeah if for example east blackout we have seen blackouts in minutes way love in the last ten years with more and more recurrence but i wouldn't rule out that these particular bracknell down the extent of it has to do something with us sanctions let's remember that the us sanctions not only have to do with the oil exports they have been as well exports of crude towards the united states but also u.s. exports of the winds to venezuela been as well it needs to deal with in order to refine their oil they use these are the fuel in order to power power plants and keep electricity going case that the it were an extra power fails so i wouldn't
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rule out that this is a consequence of the sanctions and this is part of the bat that the united states and the international community is doing with venezuela we know for a fact that sanctions tend to hurt the ordinary people the people in the streets we saw their report people even dying in hospitals on the ultimate bed of the united states the international community and why dog that these is going to force the hand of the army and ammo to an incredible bed and yet the payoff well thank you for sharing your thoughts with us appreciate it juan carlos from the kitchen it's a cheap think tank there in washington. you know at the news hour live from london more still ahead why turkey and russia will join a patrol syria's lost rebel stronghold it live. turkish women meanwhile defy a ban to march on international women's day while people turn out in force in spain . and in sport why one of the world's most successful white nations i will miss
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next year's olympics in tokyo child that story in a sport that later. when yemen's warring sides agree to stop fighting in the drawer that troops from a crucial port city that was hoped that food and medicine would finally come in but with sporadic fighting still going on there's growing despair for nineteen million yemenis suffering malnutrition and illness aid agencies say time is especially short for children and a warning that you might find some of the images and report distressing. even the screams have become new to. the game and he told lawyer hasn't had enough to eat for most of her life a polite no i overheard that. grandma is now twenty four months old but she's suffering from acute meant as
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a result of war it's very difficult to get the required food supplements we're doing all we can save her life her condition has become acute and will probably become another statistic without proper treatment yemeni said they're tired of burying their children doctors say they're helpless to cope with a rare form of malnutrition. the child is suffering from acute malnourishment which is normally found in skin and bone or course your core. case is a combination of the two types which is very rare it started with skin bone then developed into a course core and both her feet about two weeks ago. and while it's not the only victim the un's children agency says one hundred thirty five thousand children remain in the besieged city of the day the year they face the highest level of malnutrition and cholera in yemen. unicef says their living conditions are so dire no one should ever suffer them. the fight between the coalition and who has
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destroyed yemen's health care system the siege and bombardment of the port city over their heads wrecked hospitals ambulances even medical stores doctors say they're missing ninety percent of medical supplies and equipment. specifically targeted the health sector and intentionally aimed at destroying its facilities more than fifty percent of all the medical facilities have been totally or partially destroyed including the main hospitals and maternal clinics half of the emblems fleet has been destroyed to the province is facing a catastrophic humanitarian situation it is beyond words of the board over the past four years because malnourishment among more than three hundred thousand children below the age of five alone. it may be too late for thousands of starving children . but has a few days of hope left. it's only if those in power care and help arrives in
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time some of the job there. turkey and russia will begin joint patrols of syria's northwest and the province where they've created a deescalation zone as the last major rebel stronghold in the ceasefire has devoted a syrian government sense of the truce has come on destroying those al qaeda linked fighters begin seizing towns and villages from rival anti-government groups you live in the shin the fuselage of us and today the patrols of the russian troops just outside it live border and inside it live weaponized areas the patrols of the turkish army forces are starting to there were some restrictions over using the airspace over it libyan afrin which also lifted today in this respect our cooperation with russia has improved we see this as a significant step for the continuation of the cease fire and ensuring stability is joshua landis is director of the center for middle east studies at the university of oklahoma says turkey and europe want this agreement to work in order to prevent
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rebels all civilians spilling over the border as. the province is a big promise and it's where most of the hardened rebels have been in a sense collected and pushed out of the rest of syria as the government has conquered it and so it's a giant holding ground there are you know by cia estimates over thirty thousand hardened rebels many of them affiliated with h.t.s. tired. which is a al-qaeda organization or at least had been linked with it to the russians had accused the turks of not fulfilling their side of the bargain which is to contain these jihadi it's in fact it conquered the entire province largely and so this is an effort by turkey to have these joint patrols and to mollify russia and to consolidate this agreement because turkey is terrified that if syria and russia attack you'll get the same thing you're seeing in the east bows which is tens of
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thousands of family members refugees fighters being pushed out into turkey and perhaps into europe so europe turkey are desperately trying to keep this agreement together they do not want three army meanwhile in eastern syria the united nations says more than sixty thousand people are now crammed into a camp after evacuating from myself last ranking of territory u.s. back there and democratic forces say isolate the face in the village as eminent a.s.d.f. has been trying to pressure i still fighting with the rhonda causing the fighting to allow the fighters wives and children as well as all the civilians to escape. meanwhile a spokesman for the syrian democratic forces says that the new born baby of a british teenager who left the u.k. to join i still as died in a refugee camp shamima begum had already lost two other children to malnutrition and disease she was stripped of her citizenship on security grounds last month
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after she fled to a displacement camp in syria and to be returned to the u.k. and one thousand year old left london to join i still four years ago. while over the border from syria and iraq people are living in fear because a valley next to i still fight is from child brides to the children a fight has many a facing stigma sometimes even resulting in the denial of food donations and how you're going to reports now from a camp east of mosul. thousands of iraqi children are paying for the sins of their eisel fathers many have never met or can't remember. miriam was a child bride she says her son was born after his turkish father died fighting for eisel the three year old boy is essentially stateless unrecognized by the government as an iraqi citizen she says she doesn't want her son to make the same mistakes as his father and receiving an education will help guarantee that i knew.
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i have no soul just a body i can barely breathe i can barely move i only intend to live for my son i wish i had died in a strike. families with links to eisele fight it difficult to obtain identity cards this restricts their ability to move freely work with their children in school and apply for welfare benefits human rights groups say these families are even denied food donations by tribal leaders. a humanitarian group called the public aid organization says relatives with ties to ice all are victims facing collective punishment the geneva conventions classify that as a war crime. or. do believe we need more coups we need good distance we need legal solution this country. running. shahad is raising six children
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under the age of nine in the past three years they've moved from one displacement camp to another unable to find refuge from being shunned she's warned her eldest children never to mention that their father was an eyesore fighter she says she begged him not to join and urged him to abandon the armed group until he was arrested there is so much ahead in the end and i'm a human being please treat me as one i understand people lost loved ones but i am not accountable for my husband's actions. after years of war in iraq including the recent battle to defeat eisel a way forward maybe changes to the justice system to include prosecutions truth commissions rican silly asian and reparations that could be a long process. what is now a private shame for these families may one day become a national reckoning for all iraqis natasha going to aim al-jazeera east of
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mosul several thousand women in istanbul have defied a ban to march on international women's day police fired tear gas to break up a demonstration which was in solidarity with when it women imprisoned in neighboring syria they say many detainees are innocent and have only been locked up because of apparent crimes by family members international women's day has been marked with demonstrations and protests across the wild. well huge numbers also turned out to fill the streets of the spanish capital madrid as parts of the event landmarks across the country were illuminated in populace and also warned by a large number of demonstrators women's rights has become a hot topic in spain head of the country's election next month next month after several high profile cases of gender violence. demonstrators in brazil of the day with a demonstration against president charles and are in sao paolo make comments
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belittling rape and defending the gender pay gap in the past similar protests were held in the philippines calling for the ousting of president a tear today but it's well still ahead for you on the program measles kills almost a thousand people in madagascar most of them children because of vaccine shortage. we visit a spanish resort where persons fear for their future wants their country leaves the european union. and the u.s. world cup winning team mark international women's day with a fight for equal pay that's coming up with joe in sports. hello again welcome back to international weather forecast full of the last couple of days we've been kind of saying the same story about what's happening here across northern europe a lot of wind as well as
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a lot of rain in and forcefully as we go towards the weekend most of that is going to continue so take a look at our saturday map here we do have a lot of rain here across parts of germany as well as poland windy conditions up towards scandinavia and into the baltic sea and as we go from saturday to sunday that rain starts a push over here towards the east we do get a bit of a break but we do see some more rain coming into play as we go towards sunday and that's also going extend up towards parts of denmark as well to the south though things are looking quite nice athens at twenty two rome at fifteen but we do think by the time we go towards next week things are going to be cooling off quite nicely across much of that area here across the northern part of africa though fine dry for most locations we're still watching that area of low pressure in algeria and that is causing some windy conditions and dusty conditions as well a few clouds up here towards the north but on the coastal areas things quite nice we are going to be seeing rabbet at about twenty one degrees few tunas at twenty things over here towards cairo looking quite nice at twenty five but as you go down
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here towards khartoum it is going to be a sunny day for you with a temperature of about thirty four degrees in us one at thirty one. a nation where corruption is endemic embroiled in a battle to hold the power to account. how does this radical transformation occur though i mean nobody really gives you a little shedding light on the romanians pressing for change and the unconventional methods to eliminate corruption remain the people on al-jazeera. examining the headlines setting the discussions a warning from air bus over the risks of a no deal breaker sharing stories with a global audience you have your own intelligence network on the ground to tell you where to go and we'll go explore an abundance of world class programming designed
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to inform motivate and inspire resilient people are truly afraid the world is watching on al-jazeera. welcome back just a quick look at the stories making headlines one hundred ninety five people have been detained after tens of thousands of algerians packed central and cities around the country calling for president bush if he had to step down several politicians from the ruling party are reported to have quit and join them. the power is back on in parts of the venezuelan capital caracas to the nationwide blackout continues
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elsewhere some places without electricity for more than twenty four hours. and turkey and russia will begin joint patrols of syria's northwestern province where a deescalation zone is current. in place. well in other stories we're following doctors in madagascar and blaming a shortage of vaccines for the struggle to contain the was right for decades to a thousand people have died of the disease in the last five months most of them children fintan monahan reports this family is in mourning for four year old and his cousins martina and mario who were both age three they all died within days of each other in january young victims of the measles epidemic in madagascar and if my child had been vaccinated he had received the first injection but he died because we didn't have enough money to get him the second post a jab. at least nine hundred twenty two islanders mostly children have succumbed to
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the disease since october the world health organization says only eight percent of the twenty six million malagasy people are vaccinated against measles and the government says it's three million dollars short of the seven million it needs to buy in a fax nations for every one children from poor families who catch measles are often given cheap traditional treatments seven year old doreen was only brought to this health clinic when her condition worsened. everything we tried to heal her with traditional medicine using natural herb but it didn't help at all. madagascar is hoping to rule out an emergency to dose vaccination program for children the first injection will be free but the booster won't. we shouldn't stop there the main challenge is how to plan for what comes after for the last twenty five years madagascar hasn't been successful in immunizing its children against measles we can only hope that after this campaign it will have all it needs to vaccinate as
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routinely as possible or. doctors say ninety five percent of the population needs to be vaccinated to stop measles spreading but without extra money it's likely more malagasy families will be forced to live with the devastating consequences fintan monahan al-jazeera. prime minister iran concept is no longer will be allowed to operate from pakistani soil to carry out attacks abroad dozens of arrests of already been made and hundreds of prophecy. the groups say they will challenge the confiscations in court has yet to be any legal convictions against them and as for us from the whole many of them thanks to the assistance they provide to the pole. this is the headquarters of the jaish e mohammad group. or to locals of the area of religious femininity.
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of carrying out an attack in the disputed kashmir region which brought nuclear armed india and pakistan to the brink of wall. in impoverished behove. bardot southern punjab which had been neglected by successive governments. and a humanitarian range of groups such as j.m. provide. education an ambulance a. lot of money this is basically an education institute like any other college or university as you have witnessed there are no assault courses or any kind of physical training areas. and all the government has cracked down on banned groups and a compound is now under their control. that's noted a case in the provincial capital of all yamato dowell group or j u b runs one of. my days being accused by india of being behind the two thousand and eight mumbai attack.
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i have always been. growing and has been. for many provides much needed a. bed otherwise they will go without and that's where many religious groups find their support base. not just to help someone to feed and to provide shelter to the homeless and in the merchants he's providing ambulance services that's not a crime unfortunately our charity work has been stopped but it's not clear what they're handing over ambulance to government really means that the ambulance to really continue to run and dad. will benefit from such just tend to sort of a fair game muscles. definitely it's the matter of great concern for poor people like us as these organizations we're helping by providing free food an ambulance
12:38 am
for a reasonable price and even for free if you can't afford the government insisted to crack down it's their own decision and it's not a debating. you know not even we'll start bailing out i'm audie up with your own initiatives for our own future not that anyone should pressure to crack down the board in no time and it's soil who want to be misused by anyone on any level and in any capacity in doubt is the ultimate goal. goal for more than one hundred people have been addicted and the government always goes more than one hundred fifty seminary school degrees and even for. claims. it's all about go through. the national clampdown had nothing to do with the reason standoff with india and don't fall has not revealed how we plan to plug the service gap left by demi groups which are now back home on either. the whole or.
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palestinians who are banned from entering in occupied east jerusalem of held pres outside the compound israel recently sit around one hundred forty people from the holy sites including some of those in charge of running it the ban was in response to palestinians reopening a section of the site to muslim wash up in defiance of an israeli closure dating back to two thousand and three thousands of palestinians protested as the present were taking place now mexican officials say at least twenty five central american migrants have died after the truck they were traveling in overturned the crash happened in the southern mexican state of chiapas a widely used entry point for migrants arriving from guatemala state authorities say at least twenty nine others were injured in the accident lisa sylvester gating but local media are citing a technical fault in the overloaded physical as the cause of the tragedy. five years ago malaysian airlines flight m h three seventy disappeared with two hundred
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fifty nine people on board it remains one of the world's biggest unsolved aviation mysteries castro reports from virginia a major upgrade to the existing plane tracking technology could help prevent further edges else's. how can a passenger plane vanish without a trace in the twenty first century years of searching for the wreckage of m h three seventy have yielded little clue only a few pieces of debris and frustrations of not knowing exactly where the aircraft crashed into the indian ocean it's amazing in this world where we track a car or kids or animals that we don't track aircraft in real time in two thousand and fourteen air traffic controllers had only a general idea of m.h. three seventy's location over open water in fact that's been the norm for flights covering most of the earth the aviation industry has long relied on land based
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radars to provide flight surveillance those radars only covered ten percent of the planet you can build a radar tower in the ocean when you're flying over the oceans nobody knows where you are the evasion industry has accommodated by spacing out planes over radar blind areas and sticking as close as possible to radar zones if you've ever taken the popular flight between new york and london you may notice that every route takes you on a northward arc a detour in a sense over canada and greenland that's because flights have had to stay within eyeshot of the land based radar towers there but starting this month new eyes will be watching and watching from space to us companies ariane and iridium have teamed up to operate a satellite flight surveillance system that leaves no area of the planet uncovered . the last of the web of sixty six satellites were delivered to orbit in january
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the only system that has truly global coverage meaning that there is no spot on the earth poles south pole north pole anywhere that there isn't covered the m h three seventy disappearance led to new international standards for aircraft position reporting over open ocean ariane in the radium say their technology exceeds those standards feeding location data to air traffic controllers at least every eight seconds hopefully we won't have another situation that arises where we lose an aircraft but if it were to arise with the technology we have no good those are the words the vast majority of planes already have satellite transmitters on board perhaps ushering in a new industry standard. castro al-jazeera leesburg virginia u.s. president has been visiting victims of the tornado which told her alabama last week killing twenty three people donald trump started the visit in lee county close to
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where when spun as high as one hundred seventy miles per hour on sunday he signed a major disaster declaration for the county earlier this week diverting federal assistance to the region when all the white house is saying that its communications director bill shine is resigned to will move to work on traumas re-election campaign reform of fox news executive joined trump's communications stuff in july shyne left the network and twenty seventeen amid criticism of how he handled sexual harassment scandals is the latest in a string of communications director is to leave the trump white house with just three weeks to go until the united kingdom is scheduled to exit the airplane union prime minister to resign may has warned m.p.'s breck's it might not happen if her deal is rejected an apartment or a vote next week next week members of parliament in westminster face a crucial choice. whether to back the bricks it deal or to reject it back
12:44 am
it in the u.k. will leave the european union reject it and no one knows what will happen we may not leave the e.u. for many months we may leave without the protections that the deal provides we may never leave out all the only certainty would be on going on certainty praxair is a major worry for one and a half million british citizens living in countries all of the european union many have made a new life abroad and now fear for their future aren't sleeve reports from the spanish town of i am long on the border with portugal. it's carnival weekend i am auntie and people are on the streets it isn't a rich place by any means but the sense of community is obvious. but the home karen simon and thirteen year old jayden aren't so happy they fell in love with the place moved here years ago when a small consultancy from home changes bilingual and regards himself as more spanish
12:45 am
than british and they're watching events unfold in the u.k. with a mitigated horror show and because the every person i spoke to here in spain looks at me with pity or with with a look in their face to say why are you doing this and i'm so sorry that they're doing this to me i'm so sorry because i just cannot understand what is your problem what is the problem tell me what are you going to gain from leaving what i've upset you no idea i can answer them they worry about the impacts of brecht's it on the business but they were removed or about their son there was one instance where. overheard of that we might have to go back to the herd to protect our business. and he started crying he came in and he said i'm not going back to the carrie you can't make me go back and i said no no no ok or don't worry about it it's not fields
12:46 am
where it is that moment he made me go back i'm going to run away and i'm going to get a plane and come back. now you got. to rub salt into their wounds just as the u.k. has been turning away from europe so the kendricks european home has done the opposite. with some fanfare i am joined forces with its portuguese neighbor villareal over the river to create a new so-called europe town called. the bridge linking the two countries the towns is the strongest metaphor imaginable the different directions the u.k. and e.u. heading in. on the portuguese side of the river the man in charge of the euro town has everything to say for closer european integration and nothing good about it. but is rather. an isolated europe germany alone england alone france alone cannot compete with bigger economy it makes sense to be united but it's also the idea of
12:47 am
our euro town our little villages have only small potential but they are bigger and stronger. merging with his portuguese neighbor has done nothing to stop buying that is celebrating its spanish traditions arguments in favor of breck's it restoring british pride a mix with derision the kendricks can only watch their color of the e.u. becoming stronger and closer and they insist they will never go back to britain or the country they no longer understand gloriously al-jazeera i want to silence by. so half way on the program a giant leap in space x. his quest to send a man a mission to the international space station and three in track it's scarce find a new way to paint the lift you story coming up. in sports with.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. thanks. mom. thanks. mom. thanks. mom. business updates. going places.
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a new american space shuttle has returned from orbit paving the way for the first manned mission by a private company space x. hopes to blast astronauts into orbit for the first time soon that will and nasa is reliance on russian rockets since retiring the shuttle fleet eight years ago and brian reports. splashdown off the coast of florida. to the space x. dragon capsule safely home from carrying cargo to the international space station the six day unmanned flight to pave the way for the united states to resume manned
12:50 am
missions we brought together the people the hardware and all the processes and procedures and got to see how they all work together and that's very important on this as we as we move towards putting people on board the vehicle it's been read by thousands watched the capsule blast off from kennedy space center with its only occupant a taste one ripley it's covered in saints is recording everything that astronauts will feel during its docking with the i assists astronauts carried out tastes and checked out the new capsules cabin which one described as a business class experience even seizing up the ultimate space selfie this is the. first day of a new era for the next generation respects first nesses astronauts have been riding russian rocket since retiring the space shuttle fleet eight years ago that's when it turned to big business including space x.
12:51 am
billionaire entrepreneur a long musk to finance and develop the next generation of space hardware we want the things that are in science fiction novels and movies not to be science fiction forever we want to be real one day. the casuals return to earth was a series of tastes first it had to undock from the i.s.a.'s and we have motion then survive one of its biggest challenges descending through intense temperatures to the earth's atmosphere looking at dragons in a process guy it all went smoothly from the captions he told to the parachute system slowing it's full really can't ask for a more picture perfect. ness is counting on space x. and boeing to start launching astronauts into space this year there's still plenty of training and learning ahead but it's basics has proved its capsules can make it back to earth in one piece alexia brian al-jazeera every time now for sport with
12:52 am
joe. thank you the defending women's world cup champions have filed a lawsuit against the united states soccer federation claiming they've been the victims of gender discrimination all twenty eight members of the u.s. women's national team were named in the lawsuit that was filed in los angeles on friday the legal move comes just three months before the team is due to defend its world cup title in france gabriel is under reports from new york. a massive ticker tape parade in the streets of new york to welcome home u.s. women's football players after their two thousand and fifteen world cup victory. a sign of their success on the field which they say has not translated off of it all twenty eight members of the team filed a class action lawsuit against their employer the u.s. soccer federation in a longstanding grievance over gender discrimination at the heart of the twenty five
12:53 am
page lawsuit they are asking for equal pay they make on average just a quarter of the money the men do the settlement could reach tens of millions of dollars in back pay for current and former players in a statement u.s. soccer said they would not comment on pending litigation but critics of the lawsuit argue that some of the money like the world cup bonuses which are four hundred million for men and only thirty million for women are set by fifa world football's governing body and not u.s. soccer. and they say comparing salaries of men and women is not fair since they are two separate entities separate budgets and contracts. but for the women what makes matters worse is this they win and the men don't u.s. women are four time olympic gold medalist and three time world cup winners that two thousand and fifteen victory attracted the largest english speaking t.v.
12:54 am
audience in u.s. football history the u.s. mint haven't come close to winning a title or gold medal. the women get a chance to defend their title at this year's world cup in june it's unlikely the dispute be resolved before kickoff in paris by the u.s. women not even attend the world cup perhaps they go on strike they almost did in two thousand and sixteen before the summer olympics in rio but that work stoppage was avoided when they got a new contract gabriels ondo. new york claudio ranieri has been appointed as the interim manager of roma just a week after being fired by follow him ronny arie had a medical before heading to rome is training ground on friday for his second stint in charge of the club italians moved quickly to replace you say beauty francesco who was sacked on thursday after roma were knocked out of the last sixteen of the champions league. women's world number one naomi asako opens the defense of her
12:55 am
indian wells title on saturday she's up against frenchwoman christine about the novich after high profile sed split with coach sasha by in a soft as working with a new trainer and she's confident things are looking up. a little since been going really well he's kind of tough though so it's a little bit difficult but yeah i mean he's he's a really awesome guy and he's a really good coach i think of course there is a little bit of pressure there but for me i don't think about defending i just think about winning another twenty minutes so hopefully i can keep that mindset going for sure i think winning in new wells gave me a lot of confidence going into grand slams because it is seven matches for me because i wasn't seeded at the time and it's for the most like all of the top players playing indian wells and man so definitely it gives me a lot of confidence meanwhile venus williams is through to the second round after a tough opening match the former world number one overcame illness to beat germany's andrea petkovic in three sets off to venus last the second set without
12:56 am
winning a game. i think she is a limb pick weightlifting competition will be missing one of its original powerhouses thailand has chose. to sit out tokyo twenty twenty an all white lift in competitions this year to serve a voluntary one year ban six time left has tested positive for a banned substance in last year's world championships including elin pick champion the kenya seen here who was one of thailand's two gold medalists at the rio olympics despite the ban thailand will still host the world championships in the tie in september without any home competitors. formula one is set to revise its scoring system by what are your points for the fastest lap of rice the decision has already been approved by motor sports governing body f.i.f.a. the extra points will only be added if the driver setting the fastest lap finishes inside the top ten. mckayla shifrin is closing in on her first women's world cup giant slalom title the american placed third in the pill to race in the czech
12:57 am
republic on friday schifrin leave the standings by ninety seven points with only the world cup finals in andorra next week when there is worth a hundred points her rival for the title is picture of hope for these also the world champion and the slovakian clinch victory at friday's event just ahead of germany's the tory of ravens but. now most casual skiers would take a chair lift or a cable car to the top of the slopes but not three free riders who went to extreme lengths in the austrian alps hitching a ride on a second you know the problem of course is that there's nowhere to park it and that meant the skiis had to abseiled fifty metres down to the top of the mountain but it looks like their attempts to avoid the lift queues paid off as they got the best of the off piste powder. looks lovely that is all the sport for now it is but to maryam in london. thank you very much joe well that wraps up the news hour but i will be back in a moment with much more of the day's news for you the top stories coming up very
12:58 am
shortly and of course there's more on everything we're covering on our website as well just there is the address c.n.n. . the ultranationalist marks connected with one of the world's worst humanitarian crisis we doe as illegally maigret joining with the military to impose a deadly political agenda we have devoted our nation what has happened to the revenge that's one of the biggest stains on the country as
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a whole. as in the religion this is the politics me and my an unholy alliance coming soon on al-jazeera my main dish every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the world's janel ace that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means at all he joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media focused on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most him better use a free palestine or a listening heist on al-jazeera. this is the opportunity to understand the very the french where were there before it happened we don't have. a face can tell a story without uttering a single word. and now england. can guide us.
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a simple touch inform us. the un convention manatee of life witnessed through the lens of the human eye. is what inspires us. witness documentaries on al-jazeera. one hundred ninety five people are detained in algeria during the biggest protests yet calling for the president to resign. no i'm maryam namazie in london you're with al-jazeera also coming up on the program electricity is restored in parts of caracas but much of venezuela still has no power twenty five hours on time runs out for children in the yemeni port city of
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