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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 9, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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driven by her favorite book collection the source of. my memory is my witness documentary on. the streets of the capital and cities across algeria protests against the ailing president are now the biggest in decades. and i'm the star as you say in this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up large parts of venezuela still reeling under the west blackout in recent years. the u.s. government is accused of tracking journalists and activists covering the story of
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asylum seekers of the mexican border. and the splashdown that means the countdown to the fast manned mission by a private space operation. protesters in algeria say they are not giving up their demands for freedom and democracy state media has described friday's protests as a human flood when millions of algerians rallied across several towns and cities it was the biggest demonstration in algeria in nearly thirty is demonstrators have been urging the ailing president. not to stand for a fifth term at next month's elections but the demands for political change seem to have morphed into a cry for regime change mohammed jam dream has our top story. friday protests for the third successive week nationwide in algeria. and this time they appear to be bigger than. demonstrators demanding president i.z.'s with the police abandon his
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bid for a fifth term in office in next month's election i just a day earlier eighty two year old beautifully who suffered a stroke five years ago and is in switzerland for what are described as routine medical tests urged algerians not to demonstrate and warned about the risk of chaos if they did. protesters didn't listen. to me not us i am here today with my daughters with the country's children to take back our last algeria we want to take it back so that our children find work so that they don't see and drown in the mediterranean sea money. neelam the system please leave us look at the people the action is here the people are here from all social classes from the youngest to deal just everyone is saying no church fifth or please leave you won't even be judged. at local media reports say that nine politicians from with
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a clique is ruling f l m party resigned to join the revolt. train and metro operators halted services to try and stem the tide of protesters a strategy that clearly didn't work across algeria demonstrations have been staged daily for the past two weeks since beautifully could confirm he would stand for another term in office on april the eighteenth since the protests began opposition groups have been attempting to come up with a viable plan on how to remove with a flicker from office in an open letter on monday the president said if he's reelected he will call for a referendum on a new constitution and another election at some point. algeria's armed forces are under mounting pressure to find a solution but so far the response has been cryptic while alluding to the demonstrations algeria's army chief both to civil war of the one nine hundred ninety s. urging protesters to be aware of history but the rallies continue with no signs of abating any time soon. and just. the rallies for change are spreading beyond
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algeria's borders there's been shows of solidarity in the french capital crowds gathered in paris say they're not just opposed to president but algeria's entire political system and in geneva algerians gathered in front of the hospital where the country's ailing leader is reportedly being treated the algerian government says arrived in switzerland for medical checks late last month but will be discharged soon. because it's it's amended would happen this mandate is a mandate of cheating and corruption the president called run for president because these health doesn't allow him but the algerian constitutional council has accepted . that and this is very telling of what is happening in algeria and now to another country embroiled in a political crisis where rival protests are expected in just several hours from now venezuela's president nicolas maduro and opposition leader have both called for
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demonstrations but the people of venezuela struggling with the west blackouts in decades schools and offices are closed hospital services badly affected and although power has been restored in some parts of the capital caracas large parts of the country still remain without electricity after more than a day to raise about spoke to people affected by the power cuts that. thank you really whole macy seventeen years old and for the last few months she's been involved in a battle with bone cancer. she's already had part of one leg removed because of a few more. steps one and keep her went to the whole hospital asked for her schedule treatment on friday she was told it had been postponed the recent and electricity blackout affecting much of the country to another but. i spent three months waiting to begin my chemotherapy because recruitment was in looking now
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because of the blackout again quitman it is not working so get my chemo. the source of the blackout has been traced to the electric dam in the state of. almost every corner of the country has been impacted by the power cut but it isn't hospitals like this one where the situation becomes critical this is one of the most effective but nobody got electricity having gone already for fifteen hours and initially the hospital power plant failed and that's why the government was forced to bring in our power plant but we're told that they're only able to supply some rooms within the hospital. is twelve years old and suffers from hydrocephalus she has been in the hospital for a week and in a moment or not anymore there's no electricity and because of that there's no water there are no syringes no goals we were told the power plant failed last night so
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i'm not sure how the situation here will continue. without electricity most of the capitol remain closed on friday the metro railway systems have shut down so have schools and businesses. the political opposition blames the massive power cut on corruption and mismanagement. in two thousand and nine they declared an electrical emergency ten years ago they put one hundred billion dollars into the electrical system yet we find ourselves in this disaster today. the president. has blamed the outage on sabotage by the united states government has not provided evidence to support his claim but his backers including captain. are convinced he's right. there are people who are planning to destroy the revolution we're talking about international opposition and donald trump and his puppets are trying to guarantee people get back jobs mostly for hospitals and other sectors. a few minutes later
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electricity came back in some parts of. the government supporters celebrated and chanted that the socialist revolution started by chavis won't be defeated any time soon. but outside behold they made a hospital there was silence as mothers waited for any update on their children's condition their primary concern is not who's to blame for the blackout it's the whole third child gets the treatment they desperately need. another palestinian protester has been killed during the fiftieth week a demonstration at the gaza border fence twenty three year old was shot in the head by israeli forces when they opened fire on thousands of palestinians taking part in the protests he later died at hospital more than forty others including journalists and medics were injured on friday. u.s. backed fighters in syria say they'll resume their assault on pockets of territory
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if normal civilians come out by saturday afternoon the syrian democratic forces have slowed their offensive on booze to allow thousands of people to leave the u.n. says more than sixty thousand people who fled the area are now crammed into a nearby camp and now the baby of a british teenager who went to syria to join eisel has died according to syrian democratic forces the infant died at a camp for internally displaced people in northeast in syria she gave birth to the child last month and also to return to london the government had stripped her citizenship for joining the armed group when yemen's warring sides agreed to stop fighting and withdraw their troops from a crucial port city there was hope that more food and medicine would soon flow in but with sporadic fighting still going on there is growing despair for nineteen million yemenis suffering malnutrition and illness a warning viewers may find some images and osama bin report distressing.
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even the screams have become new to. the game and he told hasn't had enough to eat for most of her life. is now twenty four months old she's suffering from acute meant as a result of it's very difficult to get the required food supplements we're doing all we can to save her life her condition has become acute and will probably become another statistic without proper treatment yemeni see they're tired of burying their children doctors say they're helpless to cope with a rare form of malnutrition. the child is suffering from acute malnourishment which is normally found in skin and bone or course your core case is a combination of the two types which is very rare it started with skin bone then developed into corsi core and both her feet about two weeks ago. the wilds not the
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only victim the un's children agency says one hundred thirty five thousand children remain in the besieged city of today the word they face the highest level of malnutrition and cholera in yemen. unicef says their living conditions are so dire no one should ever suffer. the fight between the lead coalition and who has destroyed yemen's health care system the siege and bombardment of the port city over their heads wrecked hospitals ambulances even medical stores doctors say they're missing ninety percent of medical supplies and equipment. specifically targeted the health sector and intentionally aimed at destroying its facilities more than fifty percent of all the medical facilities have been totally or partially destroyed including the main hospitals and maternal clinics half of the emblems fleet has been destroyed to the province is facing
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a catastrophic humanitarian situation it is beyond words of the board over the past four years because malnourishment among more than three hundred thousand children below the age of five alone. it may be too late for thousands of starving children . but has a few days of hope left. it's only if those in power care and help arrives in time some of the job there. the new york times is reporting that one of the largest u.s. talented agencies has returned a four hundred million dollar investment to saudi arabia over the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi it says the endeavor company is terminating its agreement with riyadh the deal struck in april last year was set to boost business for the kingdom's entertainment industry. whether it's next but still ahead on al-jazeera five years on from the disappearance of flight m h three seventy
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aviation experts on developing technology to track planes wherever they go. and we visit the spanish reports where britain's fanfare once a country leaves the european union. hello again we're here cross parts of the we have seen some wet and windy weather across much of iraq and in that we have also seen some snow at some of that higher elevations notice a satellite right here that's an area of low pressure with that signature curling and that is going to be making its way down here towards the southeast on saturday now that's going to be making some rainy conditions across much of iran over here towards iraq though things are going to get better we do expect to see baghdad with a time to there of about twenty two degrees but windy conditions will be the trend
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and then on sunday that continues to make its way towards the east it's going to pakistan afghanistan that sees but of that rainy and also snowy weather particularly in the higher elevations there over here across parts of the gulf it is going to be a windy day here for doha we do expect to see lower visibilities as well as that front comes through and also picks up the dust so here twenty three degrees with windy conditions low visibility maybe a little bit better by the time we get towards sunday miscount though we do expect to see a temperature few of about twenty two degrees and we are still watching the very heavy rain here across parts of madagascar and over towards mozambique that is going to continue we do expect to see more flooding in terms of that area down towards the south though for durban it is going to be a partly cloudy day for you with a temperature of twenty seven and you're his for a twenty five. who was a sponsor cuts only. as women's rights in the gaming exemption schools across the world we all would streeters of global gender equality and how can progress be
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made executive director of un women from. hello again i'm just. a reminder of the news this hour hundreds of thousands of algerians have staged the largest anti-government demonstrations in the ne that he is the country has seen weeks of protest against president bush a frica since he
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announced he would seek a fifth term in office. the power is back in parts of the venezuelan capital after the west blackout in decades but the outage continues elsewhere with some areas left without electricity for more than a day. u.s. backed fighters in syria say they'll resume their assault on i sold the last pocket of territory if no more civilians come out by saturday afternoon the syrian democratic forces have slowed their offensive on drug use to allow thousands of people to leave. well thousands of families separated at the us mexico border could soon be reunited after a u.s. judge expanded a reunification ruling the judge initially ordered for nearly three thousand children to be handed back to their parents but he's expanded his ruling to include families split up since july twenty seventeen the u.s. government however says it doesn't know the precise number of separations juicer inadequate tracking systems and rights groups are criticizing the u.s.
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government for storing a database of journalists covering asylum seekers from central america leaked documents show that customs and border protection compiled a list of dozens of people to be screened more thoroughly at the us mexico border al jazeera is reynolds reports from los angeles. the until now secret list of fifty nine immigrants rights activists and journalists and attorneys who are being tracked and monitored by border agents has infuriated civil liberties groups and prompted an inquiry by the u.s. congress the database was compiled by u.s. customs and border officials and obtained by n.b.c. news it contains names photos and other personal information photojournalists already on addressed were is one of those on the u.s. government's list it was interesting to see the level of questioning here being asked almost the same high standards on you giving the same answer as. they
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can find out this information for yourself and why do you have to stop me and i say some of the people listed were subject to heightened scrutiny such as being stopped for questioning and in some cases refused entry into mexico at a crossing near san diego dressler says she was repeatedly stopped for questioning and just asked me about what i was seeing on the ground i asked for all my personal information i'm not. who i was shooting for who i work for. one of the editors phone number ninety mile the database was apparently compiled near the end of twenty eighteen as large groups including many families from central america traveled to the u.s. border seeking asylum the u.s. customs and border protection agency issued a statement saying in part criminal events such as the breach of the border wall in san diego are routinely monitored and investigated as democratic members of
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congress called the database alarming unacceptable and an assault on press freedom the congressional committee that oversees border agencies demanded a copy of the list and an explanation of why individuals were included as well as any others. dossiers that me exist. in civil liberties union called the government's targeting of journalists and activist quote and outrages violation of americans constitutional rights the department of homeland security's inspector general will conduct an internal investigation into whether officials behind the database violated policies and the law. al-jazeera los angeles pakistan's government has begun a crackdown on groups that india accuses of carrying out attacks in indian administered kashmir they've made dozens of arrests and seizing hundreds of properties. to reports from the whole many of them
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a popular thanks to the assistance they provided to the pool. this is the headquarters of the jaish e mohammad group or j e m a local area religious navy je and going to getting out an attack in the disputed kashmir region which brought nuclear armed india and pakistan to the brink of wall. in impoverished. barbara feldon pun job which had been neglected by governments. and a humanitarian range of groups that are j.m. provide. education an ambulance a. lot of money to this is basically an education institute like any other college or university as you have witnessed there are no assault courses or any kind of physical training areas you. can go off the government crackdown on banned groups and a compound is now under their control that's noted
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a case in the provincial capital long haul yamato dog group or j u d runs one of corn dogs largest janet my dad's been accused by india of being behind the two thousand and eight mumbai attack. many provides much needed or. otherwise they would go without and that's where many religious groups find their support base. to help someone to feed and to provide shelter to the homeless and in emergencies providing ambulance services that's not a crime unfortunately our charity work has been stopped but it's not clear whether
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handing over ambulance to government really means that. you did run and actually. benefited from service. definitely it's a matter of great concern for people like us as these organizations were helping by providing free food an ambulance for a reasonable price and even for free if you can't afford the government in the crackdown it's the one decision i know. you're not even a lot i'm audie up is your own initiative for our own future not anyone's pressure to crack down it's across the board in no time and it's soil going to be misused by anyone on any level in any capacity that is the ultimate goal. so far more than one hundred people have been arrested and the government also more than one hundred fifty feminity who'll give you their leverage for. their did claim
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to current organization it's not about go through the national clamp down it's nothing to do with standoff with india and so far i've not revealed how it plans to plug the servers gap left by debt many groups which are now banned cammalleri their o.j. deidra war. while britain's prime minister is warning that breaks it might not happen at all if a deal is rejected by parliament next week to ease the maze negotiations with the european union are stalled because of the impasse over the irish border e.u. leaders had given her until friday to come up with new proposals to end the deadlock and may is now urging m.p.'s to back breaks a deal when they vote on choose day there's also uncertainty for the one and a half million britons who live all over the european union many who've made a new life overseas say they fear for their future after bricks it now and see reports from the spanish town of i am on the border with portugal. it's conical we
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can see and people are on the streets it isn't a rich place by any means but the sense of community is obvious but the home karen simon and thirteen year old jayden so happy they fell in love with the place moved here years ago when a small consultancy from home changes bilingual in regards himself is more spanish than british and they're watching events unfold in the u.k. with a mitigated horror. because the every person i spoke to here in spain. looks at me with pity or with with a look in their face to say why one warning to bring this and i'm so sorry that they're doing this to me i'm so sorry because i just cannot understand what is your problem what is the problem tell me what are you going to gain from leaving what do you say i have absolutely no idea i can answer them they worry about the impacts of brecht's it on their business but they were immoral about their son there was one
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instance where. a overheard us discussing whether we might have to go back to the carrot protect our business and he started crying and instead i'm not going back to the care you can't make me go park. no no no ok don't worry about it it's not for you swear is the norm if you make me go back i'm going to run a wire and i'm going to get a plane but. now i got. to rub salt into their wounds just as the u.k. has been turning away from europe so the kendricks european home has done the opposite. with some fanfare i am joined forces with its portuguese neighbor villareal over the river to create a new so-called euro town called. the bridge linking the two countries the towns is the strongest metaphor imaginable the different directions the u.k. and e.u. are heading in. on the portuguese side of the river the man in charge of the euro
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town has everything to say for closer european integration and nothing good about rex it. but is rather an isolated europe germany alone england alone france alone cannot compete with bigger economies it makes sense to be united it's also the idea of our euro town our little villages have only small potential puts together they are bigger and stronger. merging with his portuguese neighbor has done nothing to stop by a monte celebrating its spanish traditions arguments in favor of breck's it restoring british pride a mess with derision the kendricks can only watch their cone of the e.u. becoming stronger and closer and they insist they will never go back to britain a country they no longer understand lawrence li al jazeera. southern spain. well the mystery of what happened to malaysian airlines flight three seventy exposed the limitations of plane tracking technology the airline
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a vanished over the indian ocean five years ago with two hundred fetchin nine people on board but as how does your caster reports a new satellite network could soon make it easier to track flights in real time anywhere on the planet. how can a passenger plane vanished without a trace in the twenty first century years of searching for the wreckage of m h three seventy have yielded little clue only a few pieces of debris and frustrations of not knowing exactly where the aircraft crashed into the indian ocean it's amazing that in this world where we track a car or kids or animals that we don't track aircraft in real time in two thousand and fourteen air traffic controllers had only a general idea of m.h. three seventy's location over open water in fact that's been the norm for flights covering most of the earth the aviation industry has long relied on land based
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radars to provide flight surveillance those radars only cover ten percent of the planet you can build a radar tower in the ocean when you're flying over the oceans nobody knows where you are the evasion industry has accommodated by spacing out planes over radar blind areas and sticking as close as possible to radar zones if you've ever taken the popular flight between new york and london you may notice that every route takes you on a northward arc a detour in a sense over canada and greenland that's because flights have had to stay within eyeshot of the land based radar towers there but starting this month new eyes will be watching what ching from space to us companies area on an iridium have teamed up to operate a satellite flight surveillance system that. no area of the planet uncovered the last of the web of sixty six satellites were delivered to orbit in january the only
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system that has truly global coverage meaning that there is no spot on the earth poles south pole north pole anywhere that there isn't covered the m h three seventy disappearance led to new international standards for aircraft position reporting over open ocean ariane in the radium say their technology exceeds those standards feeding location data to air traffic controllers at least every eight seconds hopefully we won't have another situation that arises where we lose an aircraft but if it were to arise with the technology we have now we would know exactly where does the vast majority of planes already have satellite transmitters onboard perhaps ushering in a new industry standard. castro al-jazeera leesburg virginia and a new american the space shuttle has splashed out of paving the way for the first manned mission by a private operator space x.
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hopes to ferry astronauts to the international space station for the fest time and a few months after the successful test flight by the dragon capsule. well marches and rallies have been held across the world to mark international women's day with many pushing for action on equality. in pakistan's largest city karate hundreds of people called for an end to violence against women rallies were also held in several other cities. this is al jazeera and these are the headlines hundreds of thousands of algerians have staged the largest anti-government demonstrations in nearly thirty years there's been a wave of protests against president. for the past few weeks since he announced he would seek a fifth term in office and the rallies for change in algeria have spread beyond its
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borders there have been shows of solidarity in the french capital crowds who gathered in paris say they're not just opposed to president but algeria's entire political system and in geneva algerians gathered in front of the hospital where the country's ailing leader is reportedly being treated the algerian government says arrived in switzerland for medical checks late last month but will be discharged soon the power is back in parts of the venezuelan capital after the west backed blackouts in decades but the outage continues elsewhere with some areas left without electricity for more than a day. but have. you worried first for your own security that because when the lights go out the criminals take advantage of the public streets to function that there are people in the streets your thirty's aren't present so you go around with caution and trying to protect yourself and get home and. we don't know any news about anything or to supermarket when they told us we had to leave the country has
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practically become a disaster u.s. backed fight is in syria said they'll resume their assault on eisel last pocket of territory if no more civilians come out by saturday afternoon the syrian democratic forces have slowed their offensive on buggers to allow thousands of people to leave turkey and russia have begun joint patrols of syria's northwestern province to safeguard a deescalation zone in libya is the last major rebel stronghold there have been syrian government to airstrikes and fighting between rival rebel groups in the past few weeks. another palestinian protester has been killed during the fiftieth week a demonstration at the gaza border fence twenty three year old thomas arafat's was shot in the head by israeli forces when they opened fire on thousands of palestinians taking pasta in the protests well those are the headlines next stop his talk to al-jazeera to stay with us isn't the problem for your town that they really don't have a health question mark over him but he does have
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a corruption question mark or really doesn't look good for the image to get a picture that they were going to do anywhere you have known about for your side any real you get why there's a lot of disillusionment with the u.n. across the globe too far that has called for the bridge doesn't build confidence it breaks will join me on up front of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories and big issues here and i'll just. see. throughout history women have faced many challenges in their fight for equality and some countries make enormous advancements others have failed and the inequality grimmy route there have certainly been some powerful women in modern history from margaret to endure a gandhi. she.


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