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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 9, 2019 11:00am-11:33am +03

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people on al-jazeera. refusing to back down tens of thousands of algerians continue to put pressure on the ailing president who promised to run for a fifth term. hello i'm adrian forgive this is our zero ally from the coming out is back on in parts of venezuela of the country suffered a major blackout but for some families the damage has already been. abused rejected and humiliated we meet the nigerian woman promised
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a better future but now a victim of human trafficking and there are thousands like. on the splashdown that means the countdown is on to the first manned mission by a private space operator. they are the biggest nationwide protests seen in algeria in nearly thirty years but the targets of the protest as anger isn't even in the country he's receiving treatment in switzerland president abdulaziz beautifully suffered a stroke six years ago demonstrators say that the eighty two year old isn't fit for the job that after twenty years in power that demanding that he doesn't run for a fifth. reports. friday protests for the third successive week nationwide in algeria. and this time they appear to be bigger than ever.
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demonstrators demanding president i.z.'s with the police abandon his bid for a fifth term in office in next month's election i just a day earlier eighty two year old beautifully who suffered a stroke five years ago and is in switzerland for what are described as routine medical tests urged algerians not to demonstrate and warned about the risk of chaos if they did. protesters didn't listen. to me not us i am here today with my daughters with the country's children to take back our last algeria we want to take it back so that our children find work so that they don't see and to out in the mediterranean sea. the system please leave us look at the people the action is here the people are here from all social classes from the youngest to deal just everyone is saying no church fifth or please leave you won't even be judged. and local media reports say that nine politicians from with if that
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is ruling f.l. and party resigned to join the revolt. train and metro operators halted services to try and stem the tide of protesters a strategy that clearly didn't work across algeria demonstrations have been staged daily for the past two weeks since beautifully to confirm he would stand for another term in office on april the eighteenth since the protests began opposition groups have been attempting to come up with a viable plan on how to remove with a flicker from office in an open letter on monday the president said if he's reelected he will call for a referendum on a new constitution and another election at some point. algeria's armed forces are under mounting pressure to find a solution but so far the response has been cryptic while alluding to the demonstrations algeria's army chief at the civil war of the one nine hundred ninety s. urging protesters to be aware of history but the rallies continue with no signs of abating any time soon. and. power has been restored to parts of venezuela
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the country suffered its worst blackout president nicolas maduro has accused the us of sabotage and his supporters to march on saturday against what he calls imperialism opposition leader who has also called his backers to take to the streets so risible reports now from caracas on how the power outage is affecting the country's collapsing health system. seventeen years old and for the last few months she's been involved in a battle with bone cancer. she's already had part of one leg removed because of a few more. when and. her scheduled treatment on friday she was told it had been postponed the recent and electricity blackout affecting much of the country. i spent three months waiting to begin my chemotherapy because the equipment was in working now because of the blackout again the equipment is not working so i get my chemo. the source of the blackout
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has been traced to the electric dam in the state of. almost every corner of the country has been impacted by the power cut but it isn't hospitals like this one where the situation becomes critical this is one of the most effective but no denying that i got electricity have been gone already for fifteen hours and initially the hospitals power plants failed and that's why the government was forced to bring in other power plants but we're told that they're only able to supply some rooms within the hospital. is twelve years old and suffers from hydrocephalus she has been in the hospital for a week when the name oh no not anymore there's no electricity and because of that there's no water there are no syringes no goals we were told the power plant failed last night so i'm not sure how the situation here will continue. without
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electricity most of the capital remained closed on friday. the metro railway systems have shut down so have schools and businesses the political opposition blames the massive power cut on corruption and mismanagement. in two thousand and nine they declared an electrical emergency ten years ago they put one hundred billion dollars into the electrical system find ourselves in this disaster today. the president. has blamed the outage on sabotage by the united states government has not provided evidence to support his claim but his backers including captain hong kong other are convinced his right. there are people who are planning to destroy the revolution we're talking about international opposition and donald trump and his puppets are trying to guarantee people get back jobs mostly for hospitals and other sectors. a few minutes later electricity came back in some
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parts of caracas the government supporters celebrated and chanted that the socialist revolution started by chavis won't be defeated any time soon. but outside the hospital there was silence as mothers waited for any update on their children's condition their primary concern is not who's to blame for the blackout it's the hope their child gets the treatment they desperately need. u.s. backed fighters in syria so that they will resume their assault on ice loss last pocket of territory if no further civilians come out of it by saturday afternoon the syrian democratic forces in s.d.f. a slowed its offensive on the village of bugaboos to allow thousands of people to leave the un says that more than sixty thousand people fled the area crammed into a nearby camp. thousands more children separated from their families of the us
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mexico border could soon be reunited with their parents after a judge expanded a reunification ruling initially the judge's order allowed nearly three thousand children to be handed back to their parents but the families who've been split up since july twenty seven teen will also be included the u.s. government those as it doesn't know the exact number of kids affected rights groups are criticizing the u.s. government for storing a database of journalists who are covering the migrant caravan from central america leaks documents show that customs and border protection compiled a list of dozens of people to be screened more thoroughly at the us mexico border rob reynolds reports from los angeles. the until now secret list of fifty nine immigrants rights activists journalists and attorneys who are being tracked and monitored by border agents has infuriated civil liberties groups and prompted an inquiry by the u.s. congress the database was compiled by u.s.
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customs and border officials and obtained by n.b.c. news it contains names photos and other personal information photojournalists already on addressed or is one of those on the u.s. government's list it was interesting to see the level of questioning here being asked almost the same i stand on you giving the same answer. i think to find out this information for yourself and why do you have to stop and plus some of the people listed were subject to heightened scrutiny such as being stopped for questioning and in some cases refused entry into mexico at a crossing near san diego dressler says she was repeatedly stopped for questioning and just asked me about what i was seeing on the ground i asked for all my personal information i'm not. like i was shooting for who i work for. and one of the editors phone number my email on the database was apparently compiled near the end
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of twenty eighteen as large groups including many families from central america traveled to the u.s. border seeking asylum the u.s. customs and border protection agency issued a statement saying in part criminal events such as the breach of the border wall in san diego are routinely monitored and investigated as democratic members of congress called the database alarming unacceptable and an assault on press freedom the congressional committee that oversees border agencies demanded a copy of the list and an explanation of why individuals were included as well as any others. secret dossiers that me exist the american civil liberties union called the government's targeting of journalists and activists quote an outrageous violation of americans constitutional rights the department of homeland security's inspector general will conduct an internal investigation into whether officials
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behind the database violated policies and the law. al-jazeera los angeles we're going to weather i think makes us a rather than women's rights demonstrators and used silence to get that message across and five years on from the disappearance of flight m h three seventy will be aviation experts for developing technology to track planes wherever they go. hello again to welcome back to your international weather forecast well this hour we're going to take you over here towards austria where actually three men did it took about two years of preparation actually took a example and up towards the higher elevations of the austrian mountains just so
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that they could freestyle down the mountains one of them was using a snowboard several of them were using skis but they wanted to get that fresh snow that not a lot of people can get this time of year had you can actually see how beautiful it was as they made their way down as we go towards the forecast we are going to be seeing some still messy weather across much of europe this is what we are looking at once system is exiting right now one system is also causing a lot of problems across the central portions of europe and that is going to cause some rain across much of germany and poland today with also some windy conditions appear across much of the baltics as we go towards tomorrow the winds are going to continue the rain is going to continue even getting heavier at times particularly down here across the southern portions of germany that across the south things along quite nice athens plenty of sun in the forecast rome and sixteen degrees for you but over here towards algeria we are still watching this area of low pressure and that is causing clouds as well as some rain across much of the area up towards algiers seventy degrees for you and tunis about twenty. to twenty sponsored by
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countdown and. i mean every weekly news anchor brings a seemingly simple breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the welts janin ace that's right out of a hamas group that calls for the and i'll asian of israel that is not what that phrase means at all he joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media and focused on how they would vote on the stories that matter the man sitting in bed is a free palestine are they listening on al-jazeera. well again this is out as they are
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a reminder of the main news this hour hundreds of thousands of algerians of staves the largest anti-government demonstrations nearly thirty years the country seen weeks of protests against president of the disease pacifica since he announced that he'd seek a fifth term of office. power is back all in parts of venezuela's capital after the worst blackout in decades but the outage continues elsewhere with some areas now without electricity for more than twenty four hours and u.s. backed fighters in syria say the resume their assault on isis last pocket of territory if they are further civilians come out of it by saturday afternoon the syrian democratic forces of slowed their offensive on the gurus to allow thousands of people to leave. women in argentina have marched held rallies forcing their concerns ahead of elections there later this year the demonstrations coincided with events around the world marking international women's day al-jazeera stand reports from one us audience. it's a stark image from the pages of margaret atwood's novel the handmaid's tale to the
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streets of one of cyrus the silent but this is just one of the many ways women here are being heard telling the world telling men what they want but he made up the no first that they stop killing us then there's our right to abortion it's our right because we're talking about our bodies and our decision to be a mother will not then equality in government and in business because you're not in t. not like the rest of the world we earn twenty five percent less just for being women the messages being relayed in many ways this knitted flag came from guatemala and will be passed to another country in argentina women have added to it. which come together to knit the biggest them in. just like in the world as it almost we're becoming more conscious of what it is to be a feminist which is to defend the rights of women. worldwide the women's movement is growing becoming more people growing all the time. and they all invent
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a swale of mexico brazil and chile each with their own particular issues but also with many shared themes. for them fifty women across argentina were killed in the past two months fifty thousand to treated every year for complications resulting from illegal abortions every year this protest grows bigger every year the voice is more powerful there are elections here in seven months time and the issues raised are designed to resonate powerfully in those. little history a vibrant social movement as many in the region look to argentina to lead the way tens of thousands of women representing hundreds of organizations marching across the country i mean rafi people sometimes i never miss an audience on the united states to be to the left makes me think with how these kind of things you know when peace make our nation i hope some over the top of my feet up.
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the protesters on the streets today but tomorrow it will be taken to governments to the workplace and schools. and. one of cyrus. britain's prime minister is warning the brig's its may not happen atoll if a deal is rejected by parliament again next week to resume is to go see actions with the european union a story because of the m. paso the irish border e.u. leaders have given out until friday to come up with new proposals to end the deadlock that may is now urging m.p.'s to back of brigs a deal when they vote again on tuesday. tensions escalated between india and pakistan last month after a suicide bomber killed more than forty indian troops the alleged attacker was a man from indian administered kashmir activists say that young people from the valley adjoining groups and launched numbers suspicious full demonstrations are met with a security crackdown first tamil reports. among the trees in fields of this village
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an indian administered kashmir is the home of a suicide bomber. was responsible for driving a car full of explosives that killed forty indian paramilitary troops last month sparking a conflict between india and pakistan. his parents have confine themselves to their home since then praying and clutching to memories of their son trying to figure out how their cricket loving boy became a suicide bomber. he was very good at studies he was reciting koran reading prayers used to go to the shrines and stay in mosques dar says his son was shot during a protest in twenty sixteen and had to leave college because of it. other young men say these incidents are common and breed resentment this nineteen year old college student who won't reveal his name says he's been paralyzed for joining protests three years ago and his house raided over a dozen times he says he's fed up with the situation. i used.
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a few times i stopped them again i was harassed and my mother and father. i can't. human rights activists in the region fear young kashmiris are being pushed into joining armed groups because violence is a vicious cycle. that of violence it's not that it will be the. government has. ordered militants. it's not just young men in armed groups that have lost their lives civilians and many in the security forces have been killed. the violence in indian administered kashmir some of the soldiers are named here and india's new war memorial military officials on the ground in kashmir say it's a misinformation campaign by armed groups that the blame for some of the violence. the region's military commander has lashed out at what he says is a descent from ation campaign. propaganda and anything without any
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proof i would like to tell again people. don't fall victim to this propaganda. as fighting between armed groups and indian forces continue as does the intermittent shelling between india and pakistan who say they are caught in the middle with few options in front of them the worry is the next generation may also get dragged into the conflict as jimmy all al-jazeera new delhi the new york times is reporting that one of the largest talent talent agencies in the united states has returned a four hundred million dollar investment to saudi arabia the newspaper says that william morris and is terminating the deal to protest the murder of journalists. the money was meant to boost saudi business in the entertainment industry as part of the crown prince's reforms every tens of thousands of people are smuggled by human traffickers across africa conflicts in some parts of the conflict continent
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have led to increased cases of trafficking the united nations office on drugs and crime estimates that fifty one percent of the victims of trafficking in the world women women from nigeria often go through mali on the nigerian government is repatriating nearly twenty thousand girls who've been trafficked to its north west neighbor in january the national agency fighting human trafficking so that many of these girls who've been tricked with promises of getting jobs in europe and up working as sex slaves in mining camps in mali. i never misplaced freshman class i had to drive is. almost my friend remarks grew more last friday nights i crossed with montreal safe and makes me life. in mexico made me think that she wants an answer and there are so many clear they are
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really smart smart guy gal very very very smart say outright that if you want to have serious doubts you want that all to disperse just understand both this almost worn out not long before use the card for its influence in the story because. they count as the smiths fifty fifth sink fifty guys even self all any board in the harshness. in selma that we had first starts with just salute to my campaign. i miss the feeling your musician and most house takes for you to read if they are us there in the world it's tomorrow so serious there for. a look lol printed more than my fist worse really like this which works with. let's all speak
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to a cross between rejected due to the kind large camps that think that it's me. us i'm talking to. our my heart. i really don't mind their. loss. they will say would remind you of paying our lead to multi-source i worked ourself . up but you. see my parents any time if you truly want to set it can create if you do my don't care i'll remove rogues from no point in its path. it's been five years since an amazing airlines flight vanished while flying from kuala lumpur to beijing and families still have no answers as to what exactly
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happens two hundred thirty nine people were on board the malaysia airlines flight three seventy it's disappearance demands for improved tracking technology and american engineers hope the network of satellites in space could be the answer i did jocasta reports from virginia. how can a passenger plane vanished without a trace in the twenty first century and years of searching for the wreckage of m h three seventy have yielded little clue only a few pieces of debris and frustrations of not knowing exactly where the aircraft crashed into the indian ocean it's amazing that in this world where we track our cars our kids our animals that we don't track aircraft in real time in two thousand and fourteen air traffic controllers had only a general idea of m.h. three seventy's location over open water in fact that's been the norm for flights covering most of the earth the aviation industry has long relied on land based
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radars to provide flight surveillance those radars only cover ten percent of the planet you can build a radar tower in the ocean when you're flying over the oceans nobody knows where you are the aviation industry has accommodated by spacing out planes over radar blind areas and sticking as close as possible to radar zones if you've ever taken the popular flight between new york and london you may notice that every route takes you on a northward arc a detour in a sense over canada and greenland that's because flights have had to stay within eyeshot of the land based radar towers there but starting this month new eyes will be watching and watching from space to us companies ariane and radio. have teamed up to operate a satellite flight surveillance system that leaves no area of the planet uncovered
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the last of the web of sixty six satellites were delivered to orbit in january the only system that has truly global coverage meaning that there is no spot on the earth poles south pole north pole anywhere that there isn't covered the m h three seventy disappearance led to new international standards for aircraft position reporting over open ocean area on any radium say their technology exceeds those standards feeding location data to air traffic controllers at least every eight seconds hopefully we won't have another situation that arises where we lose an aircraft but if it were to arise with the technology we have now we would know exactly where it is the vast majority of planes already have satellite transmitters on board perhaps ushering in a new industry standard. castro al-jazeera leesburg virginia. a new american space capsule has returned from orbit paving the way for the first
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manned mission by a private operator space x. hopes to blast astronauts into orbit for the first time later this year that would allow nasa to resume morning human space flights from u.s. soil alexy o'brien reports. splash down off the coast of florida. space x. dragon capsule safely home from carrying cargo to the international space station the six day unmanned flight to pave the way for the united states to resume manned missions we brought together the people the hardware and all the processes and procedures and gotten to see how they all work together and that's very important on this as we as we move towards putting people on board the vehicle it's been read by thousands watched the capsule blast off from kennedy space center with its only occupant a taste one ripley it's covered in saints is recording everything that esther north
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will feel during its docking with the i assists astronauts carried out tastes and checked out the new capsules cabin which one described as a business class experience even seizing up the ultimate space selfie this is the. first day of a new era for the next generation respects first nasa is astronauts have been riding russian rocket since retiring the space shuttle fleet eight years ago that's when it turned to big business including space six billionaire entrepreneur musk to finance and develop the next generation of space hardware we want the things that are in science fiction novels and movies not to be science fiction forever we want to be real one day. the capsule's return to earth was a series of tastes thickest it had to undock from the i.s.a.'s and we have motion then survive one of its biggest challenges descending through intense temperatures to read the etc you're looking at dragon streaking across the sky it all went
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smoothly from the caption. to the parachute system slowing its hold really can't ask for a more picture perfect. than that. ness is counting on space x. and boeing to start launching astronauts into space this year they still plenty of training and looming ahead but space six has proved its capsules can make it back to earth in one pace and example on al-jazeera everything would be eric berger is the senior space it's a technical he says that more tests and needed before manned missions can begin but this is very significant from the standpoint of nasa and getting its own way back into space for its astronaut you know they didn't rely on russia last eight years to writing this for you space capsule so from that perspective they have private companies step forward and say we've got capsules ready to go is a big deal because you know no private company has ever bought a person or group of course just been countries united states and russia and china
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they were not there yet and this dispute bill has dragon spacecraft they're going to do something called in-flight abort test which is basically when they want to rock it with just spacecraft on top no people on board and then basically at the point of maximum energy the spacecraft is going to see if it can escape from the rocket in a situation a launch emergency and then if the spacecraft passes that test now we're ready for group fighting that probably can take place by the end of this year although there's still a lot of work to go and then you know when she gets space x. and that's a boeing of doing this and going to the space station then who offer private services but that's probably at least several years down the line. it is good to have you with us hello adrian figure here in doha the headlines on al-jazeera hundreds of thousands of people in algeria have staged the largest anti-government demonstrations in nearly thirty years there's been a wave of protest against president of the lizzie's beautifully for the past few
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weeks since he announced that he would seek a fifth term in office. the power is back on in parts of venezuela's capital after the worst blackout there in decades but the outage continues elsewhere in the country with some areas now without electricity for more than twenty four hours u.s. backed fighters in syria say they'll resume their assault on i saw as last pocket of territory if no further civilians come out of it by saturday afternoon the syrian democratic forces have slowed their offensive on a goose to allow thousands of people to leave the u.n. says the bold and sixty thousand people who fled the area are now crammed into a nearby camp thousands more children separated from their families at the us mexico border could soon be reunited with their parents after a judge expanded a reunification ruling initially the judge's order allowed nearly three thousand children to be handed back to their parents but no families have been split up since july twenty seventh team rules are being included britain's prime minister is
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warning the braggs it may not happen at all if a deal is rejected again by parliament next week to resume is to go see asians with the european union a stalled because of the end pass of the irish border e.u. leaders have given up until friday to come up with new proposals to end the deadlock may is now urging m.p.'s to back up breaks a deal when they vote or it's on tuesday the new york times is reporting that one of the largest talent agencies in the united states has returned a four hundred million dollar investment to saudi arabia the newspaper says that william morris devore is terminating its deal to protest against the death of the journalist. the money was sent to boost saudi businesses in the entertainment industry as part of. prince the crown prince's reforms and those that. era of the listening post next as women's rights and again acceptance.
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of the status of global gender equality and how can progress. has been made executive director of un women. but i think i meet such a shock to the. valley things that one doctor. just can't tell the. second guy that i trust become a cut off because that. alone richard disappeared in europe the listening post here are some of the stories that we're covering this week the case against benjamin netanyahu and the israeli media outlets the prime minister is accused of trying to bring under his control after five years the egyptian photojournalist is no longer behind bars many of his colleagues still are colonial.


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