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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 9, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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trying to flee the impending fight this is the syrian democratic forces of course the s.d.f. which are given a deadline of late saturday for anymore civilians to leave the area they say the sheer amount of people there actually caught them by surprise according to the u.n. sixty thousand people have fled back close since december in the now crammed into a nearby camp and we hope to hear by now from the un's refugee agency chief who's in a camp in beirut today while we're waiting to hear from and do want to give you an indication more of a reminder actually i should hope of how big the syrian refugee crisis is and i've got the details from the u.n. high commission for refugees he go looking at fifteen conflicts which have spiked in the past five years and nothing comes close to syria the huge yellow circle of eleven point six million displaced the next closest within there is iraq with it's four point one million and then you've got this bar chart here showing the countries taking in all refugees from all conflicts i should say but it's no
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surprise that you have both turkey and lebanon at the top there are in the top three a direct result of syria thirty percent in fact of the world's refugees are in those two countries plus in pakistan so let's talk to nelson has seen his assistant professor at the american university of beirut and the co-chair of a u. the for refugees initiative a program focusing on the syrian refugee crisis it's nice to have you with us nasr this refugee situation is enormous. so it doesn't get solved overnight if the war ends and nice it was defeated and everything sorts itself out it just doesn't sort itself it doesn't sort itself out overnight i wonder how the repatriation is going now now that things are calming down a little bit in syria are people able to start thinking about going on. they're thinking about going home. most of them want to go back to
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their home around seventy percent of the syrians in the region and countries around syria hosting the refugees around five point six million of them are hosted in the neighboring countries to syria want to go back eighty eight percent of those and lebanon want to go back but they cannot go back at the moment when we ask them about their you know ability to move in the next six months or a year this percentage drops significantly and for valid reasons things are not yet clear when comes to ensuring security back home thirty percent of the housing stock is destroyed the economy is in very dire situation in syria the syrian pound has lost eight hundred percent of its value so there's a lot of question marks that are being asked by the syrians in the region at the moment in the country's forcing them but to take the lead the security question that needs to be you know. and they they need to make do get assurances that
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when they go back home they're not going to get into the gate or maybe get checked or maybe taken into the prison we're just looking at some pictures on screen from the bekaa valley of camps there i mean just awful awful conditions. i mean even if people could be repatriated they'd be going from something that's terrible to something that's equally terrible if not worse. absolutely the situation of senior refugees in neighboring countries giving examples from lebanon hasn't you know has been quiet. for the last five years or more. this is the eighth year of the crisis seven years of displacement we've still seeing seventy percent give and take off of the refugees under the poverty line. on was the most of the famine is rely on you know would need help from the
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n.g.o.s and from outside it is to keep going whether it's food security related or shelter related or health and education almost you know fifty nine percent of the syrian kids. and the school age in lebanon are actually outside schools we're really looking at a very very complicated and situation that has affected those refugees what is coming in assistance is only keeping them floating but you know you never know how much this can continue just quickly enough that you worry that the world will forget you know as you said eight years now since the conflict started and with the fact that the acute dangerous fighting has died down. people might move on in their thoughts at least. i'm very concerned and worried i think the
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fatigue that the refugees have been living through and feeling the fatigue of hostile mean it is particularly that refugees are living among the poorest communities whether it's lebanon or jordan or iraq is affecting them but also those for thing among the dollars figure is that you know when you look into the funding that has been received it's only getting to the forty five percent of those requested funding every year and what we what worries me and many other observers are following this situation that you know after next year maybe funding will get less and people would like to think of this as a you know problem as is the usual problem for those countries to deal with i think we need to maintain the this is a global problem that's happening in syria the war in syria has become global in terms of the players and actors it needs a global solutions we cannot just rely on local solutions for this global problem now so you're saying it's important we keep talking about it so thank you for joining us on the newsgroup do appreciate it sky and ground is
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a new documentary from the witness team a syrian family's journey across its borders following the now the family through turkey greece macedonia eastern europe as they struck out on their own and trying to reunite with family in germany just one of millions of stories of syrian refugees of course but well worth watching witness in the documentary section at al-jazeera dot com now people sex traffickers trouble smuggle i should say tens of thousands of africans every year and armed conflicts in some parts of the continent have caused it to increase united nations estimates women make up to half of the trafficked total those from nigeria often go through mali where the government hopes to repatriate nearly twenty thousand girls nigeria's national agency fighting human trafficking recently said many of them were tricked with promises of getting jobs in europe but ended up as sex slaves in mali one woman who escaped told us her story. i misplaced trash in my own car i had to drive
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read if they are report it's tomorrow as soon as. i looked up and did more than my fear is worse really like this which works with. let's all speak to a truce between rejected due to the kind large camps that think that it's moving that fast i'm talking to you in a crowd my march like i really don't mind being close. to it they will say we can remind you of painting our lead tumultuous so far what are so fucked up that you. see my parents any time if you truly want to serve it can create if you do moderately clear i'll remove rogues my point and it's been. an incredibly powerful accounts then we go. talk to us
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a now on skype from dhaka the regional specialist on migrant protection and assistance for west and central africa with the international organization for migration. i don't know how well you can actually hear that story but it is incredibly harrowing and stories like that are happening to tens and thousands of i mean how did this happen to twenty thousand women going to mali alone well i'm fortunately. not one story and it's it's not unfortunately it's not uncommon i. m not. present confident about these numbers you know we don't. and a huge phenomenon but what is sure about the serious crime and ration between money and then judea was the phenomenon and it acquires an immediate reaction just reading about the nigerian government saying it is actually starting this repatch
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reaction process and you said you're not entirely sure about those numbers but do you know anything more about how they actually go about doing this. yes i mean it's quite common in the region that's a given them a bit of a bottom just averaged sometimes based on the capacity our. criminal network to appeal and to attract migrants looking poor job opportunities and once these are spotted out of the level of not a bit of migrant especially once they leave their protection network increase exponentially and these makers extremely easy for these networks to exploit them and to take them into the condition that we just just heard and is saying this sorry to interrupt you do you feel combating this is seen as as enough of a priority there are a lot of. issues in the region to do with groups the likes of boko haram and cross
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border problems and all these sorts of things civil wars where there's human trafficking sit in all of that is it prominent enough well i do believe it is i mean if we listen pretty soon to the start and just listen i mean it's clearly something extremely difficult to accept that in the twenty first century we still have to listen to this kind of study that people up to work all these kind of experience really it's. resources are limited and need that huge but this doesn't mean that. i don't like many others who are actually in charge of taking care of these. one hundred years who would never be. addressed this phenomena that we could talk to you about there's some a kind of ambassador from the i.o.m. the international organization for migration. we're going to look at some other stories making news around the world this saturday and satellite images released in
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the united states by news out of n.p.r. so just north korea could be preparing for a new missile launch increased activity at the site near pyongyang comes two weeks after the talks between kim jong un and u.s. president donald trump ended without an agreement kim and stopped missile launches as relations between the two countries started to improve these latest reports follow the release of different satellite images allegedly showing pyongyang has started rebuilding a rocket launch site there's new warnings briggs it may not happen at all if a proposed deal with the e.u. is rejected in britain's parliament next week prime minister teresa mayes negotiations with the european union a stalled because of the impasse over the irish border leaders had given her until friday to come up with new proposals to end the deadlock as may is now urging m.p.'s to back her break that deal when they vote on tuesday so with that crucial vote coming up on tuesday millions of u.k. citizens in other european countries will again be watching closely portugal one of
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the most attractive destinations for britain's and as laurence li reports the lack of clarity from london has begun to take its toll on business there one of the myths about british people in europe is that they like to live in places like portugal so they can get a round of golf in before moving on to gin by lunch time but very many more move to places like this for work we've brought this group together they all have different questions they cannot get answers to me and many many of the people will see the same concern. about health care will that continue obviously we get people wanting to move between countries and this whole process and not knowing. whether i'm going to be able to take people's goods between countries having ready by businesses running rental apartments and my concern is that we.
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a large chunk of the forty percent of our market which is currently brit's from a. residence in how people are going to be able to come across here to see the value of the pound and what's going to happen there is in speculation so we're not really sure the moon will many what's going to happen more than twenty percent of all people who fly it's a portugal the british such is the love affair with the place so it's hardly surprising the portuguese government has raised the possibility of special lanes at passport control the british tourists so they continue to come after all it would be a massive density economy if the golf courses were half empty. like other european countries portugal is trying to ensure the rights of british citizens who want to live in their country as well as simply visiting but that only works if portuguese citizens in britain have the same rights and that is still not guaranteed we decide that we're going to give all these rights to the u.k.
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citizens resident in portugal in the expectation that there will be resupply city so all the contingency measures that are being taken that the you level are in the lateral masses. unilateral measures they are temporary measures and we hope this will be sorted out so will. i would have a real answer for that british consular officials in portugal are accused of being vague in their advice to u.k. citizens living here nobody was made available to speak to us but you can reasonably suggest it's hardly their fault the repeated complaint from british people who live and work in continental europe is that the british government is making it their responsibility to find out what their rights should be after the u.k. leaves the european union has just three weeks to go now until that supposed to happen as with so many other things it all smacks of complete uncertainty largely
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al-jazeera in lisbon. in sudan there is a state of emergency in place but it hasn't stopped students from protesting in the capital khartoum they are angry with the president for declaring the emergency last month over antigovernment protests the demonstrations began in december after omar bashir decided to triple the price of bread on friday he ordered the release of all female protesters who were held during earlier demonstrations but officials say thirty one people have died in protest to protest related violence so far while human rights watch puts that death toll at fifty one. thousands more children separated from their families at the us mexico border could soon be reunited with their parents after a court ruling initially a judge ordered nearly three thousand children could be handed back to their parents but now families split up since july of twenty seven will be included in this decision the u.s. government says it doesn't know the exact number of children who've been affected
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just had a comment coming through on the hash tag on twitter it is from. why is it gone from red to runner who describes himself as a full time algerian and a modern day know math and it kind of ties into what we were talking to hashem about before and actually now that i think about what we saw with the protests in sudan as well he said this peaceful protest deserves more international attention and support from neighboring arab countries if slash when it succeeds it will serve as a model for other societies still living under a dictatorship and as hashem is telling us before this has been the key difference and i was urea it has been peaceful it remains peaceful it likely will not that we can predict the future but it looks like it will and it gives it a different feeling that a yes there's been some violence but definitely there has been a peaceful feel to those protests once again for the crew watching on facebook live you're about see the story of a u.s. senators passionate response against pro gun laws that is from my friends that i pass and then far as here would sport i told you about this earlier look you know
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why india's choice to wear these caps has caused a lot of anger in pakistan this will have a quick look at some international. thailand's military government is accused of using repressive laws to silence and child critics. but a new brigade of causes is fighting back what i want a snake's thailand's rebel losses. zero. mosque show on al-jazeera. maggi has son debates discusses and dissects the big issues of our
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times and head to heads five years after the revolution coaches in ukraine will have a chance to offer a verdict on what's come since. in a powerful new film residents of occupied east jerusalem show that to its own its cost present and future. leaders will gather for the thirty s. arab league summit in tunis yet join us for coverage and we examine the development of an unusual alliance between radical buddhist monks and the military in min ma ma ch on i'll just sierra. ban.


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