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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 9, 2019 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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cautiously monitoring the situation on the ground of they're looking for that balancing act they don't want to be seen siding with. and of the same time siding against the people. now the deadline for civilians to leave the syrian village of booze is fast approaching us back syrian democratic forces said they would resume their assault on my sil's last enclave on saturday if no more civilians left by the end of the afternoon more than sixty five thousand people mostly women and children are now seeking shelter in the kurdish run a whole camp living in cramped conditions with the camp now said to be at breaking point capture of whose full mark the end of isolates rule in parts of syria and iraq well now we go to north korea a country suspected of planning another missile launch based on new satellite images of military facilities that just taken over the course of two weeks of a factory it sunroom dong in the air pyongyang showed a flurry of vehicle and train activity which has now died down suggesting items
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have been transported elsewhere a facility produced north korea's first intercontinental ballistic missiles it comes days after separate imagery showed rebuilding work at a rocket launching site is so high in the west of the country a facility had been partially dismantled after donald trump and kim jong un's first summit last june. well the latest what began before trump second meeting with kim two weeks ago in vietnam which ended with the u.s. president walking out speaking on friday president tom said he would be disappointed if peeling and would to resume weapons testing. while time will tell but i have a feeling that our relationship with north korea kim jong owner myself chairman kim i think it's a very good one i think it remains good i would be. surprised that in their get away if he did anything that was. not her our understanding but we'll see what
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happens look when i came in. under the obama administration north korea was a disaster i inherited a mess with north korea and right down you have no testing you have no nothing let's see what happens but i would be very disappointed if i saw test. well i didn't falls to cause he is an honorary senior research fellow in modern clear eads university joins us live via skype from x. to thank you very much for taking the time to speak to us. and we have some more information about the activity in north korea from these satellite images but is there evidence at this point that the country is preparing to moan sure rocket. no there is no definite evidence but the north koreas it is depressing that the north koreans presumably to show that they are not happy about the way the homeowner summit ended with no agreement are back to the old game of cason mousy keeping this guessing so they know perfectly well now that satellites move ahead all the time
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and take further off structurally everything and so they obviously they want to see some stuff that makes us worry that they're going to do things this doesn't necessarily mean they are going to do those things it also doesn't rule out they'll do them and we'll come to that i daresay but i mean that's what it is it's the old game of cat and mouse but definitely want to indicate that kim jong un is pretty offended about having had to travel all that way in his train for nothing but given that nothing was signed at that summit in hanoi or in singapore for that matter they're not technically breaching any actual agreement ali that is a quite important distinction which i must say quite a few media. have often lost sight of you could i suppose talk about the spirit as opposed to the letter of the law a regime that really was intent on denuclearization as ordinary people might understand it might be expected not to do things seem to go the opposite way but
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this is par for the course others long history like in the days of the cold war us in the former u.s.s.r. negotiating treaties right up till till the you know the inquest dryas was there think in those days both sides here did everything they could that wasn't actually illegal so no it's not they haven't broken anything yet. how does this process move forward when there doesn't seem to be any kind of overall diplomatic framework underpinning it. well there are a few people scurrying about moon jay in the president of south korea and is the main loser from the homeless summit failure because even if really helping the some sanctions relief so he could go ahead with some north south korea stuff road and rail reconnection and so on he's proposed three way talks to two koreas and the u.s. we don't know if north korea will accept that secretary of state pompei a few days ago sounding upbeat said that he hoped to have a team back in pyongyang negotiating with a fortnight again i suppose that we'll see so i mean i don't rule out i don't think
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that erratic process is definitively dead and the north koreans you know they've not missed it also the failure of the summit but their language which in the past you know can be absolutely trivial it is sending miles even that protests about the new stand down u.s. south korean military exercises which are just started off sounding mild so you know they think the north koreans calibrate what they say and do very carefully up unlike the current u.s. president one is tempted to say so i'm not to r.a.d it but obviously a little bit on the easy or thank you for shedding some light on this story for us appreciate it from leeds university aiden foster casa joining us that. in with al jazeera live from london more still ahead as nigeria repatriates thousands of girls trafficked in mali we need one young woman who was forced into prostitution when she was seventeen. and brax it uncertainty is making persons living in a year and nervous we speak to push business people in portugal.
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hello again and welcome back well this i do want to start over here towards china where the last couple days have been extremely wet across much of the country we're going to be seeing over the next few days though is the rain continuing down here across much of the south to the north though things are getting better the reason is we do have this frontal boundary and what is happening is it's beginning to slide a little bit more towards the south we're seeing shanghai actually getting a little bit better but hong kong you are going to remain what here on sunday even on monday to the north of hong kong no look at all the clear skies so much better conditions there we are getting that northerly flow unfortunate over here towards taipei and most of taiwan it is going to remain wet across much of the area well here across india not a lot of clouds to talk about we do have one storm system that's coming in across parts of iran you can see the rain right there that's going to bring some rain to
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parts of pakistan afghanistan over the next few days maybe some clouds here towards kharaj temperature wise we are into the mid to high thirty's across much of the area idea about at thirty seven degrees coming on down to about thirty five degrees there with maybe a range or two across parts of colombo over the next few days and then here cross the gulf we are going to be seeing is a better conditions for doha here on sunday with a temperature of twenty four degrees in abu dhabi it is going to be a partly cloudy day for you with a temperature of about twenty two degrees. jewing sierra leone civil war nigerian forces were deployed to protect civilians instead some turned on the population in plain sight of a journalist's camera the piece is named to. where the secret peacekeeping force the last approach complete a chain is on using his harrowing images international lawyers seek justice for those slaughtered by their guardian's peace kilis on al-jazeera.
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welcome back quick look at stories making headlines now opposition protesters in venezuela are of passion with police as a large part of the country has been without electricity for forty hours demonstrators are demanding president nicolas maduro relinquish leadership. colleges and universities in algeria have been ordered to close their campuses two weeks out of their scheduled spring break in an effort to quell student protests against the government. and at the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces say they will resume their assault all i saw is all
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stronghold in a village about who's having caused fighting to allow civilians to leave. now there's been a third attack on an abode a treatment center in the east india all see hours before a visit by the head of the world health organization. armed fighters targeted a facility in the temby which was attacked last month the attacks have made it even harder to contain the virus which has now killed five hundred seventy eight people since august aid workers have faced mistrust from some locals in the communities worst hit by the outbreak but officials say the violence is part of a larger criminal network. the targets are no longer the army or the police they've become health structures it's not just the ebola treatment centers that are being attacked it's also some health facilities simply put more people joining the terrorist group. people traffickers smuggle tens of thousands of africans every year and conflicts in some parts of the continent of caused
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trafficking to increase the united nations estimates that women make up just over half of the total who are trafficked those from nigeria often go through mali and i cheering government believes there are up to two twenty thousand of them they started repatriating some of them in january i gerry's national agency fighting human trafficking says many were tricked with promises of getting jobs in europe but ended up as sex slaves in mahdi's mining camps one young woman who escaped told us her story i never inspiration when. i had to drive his car i was confident in running through almost crying noise as it is crossing to montreal city from me from a new life from i. mean it thinned out to lunch and then. there are so many tears our instruments made because the algerian wound very soon tsotsi had shut down on the phone for financing. who walked out on through to his posters instead
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my marks the way i root of my neck. draws. me they didn't say we grew mountain or pin our lead to remotely so far as possible from. some had been anything if you tried to sit in complete you do moderately to a remove from smile of no point to show him his bum. sudan's president has released at least thirty eight women detained during recent anti-government protests the demonstrations began in december initially in response to a decision by the shias government to triple the price of bread sudan's government says thirty one people have died in the violence but human rights watch puts the figure much higher at fifty one ever morgan has more now from khartoum. following the directives of president obama and bashir thirty eight women have been released from prison according to the door for lawyers association now let's remember we
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don't know how many women have been arrested in the first place the government has not given a clear figure to how many women were detained since the protests started more than eleven weeks ago in fact the government hasn't given a clear figure to how many people both male and female were arrested but what we do know is that thirty eight women so far have been released that number does not include the women who have been sentenced to jail for their participation in trials and that number does not also include the women who are pending charges because of their participation in protest over the past few weeks now again we don't know how many women were arrested in the first place but activists say that the number could go as high as one hundred fifty women who have been arrested we've spoken to family members over the past few weeks and they have expressed concerns about the well being of their female relatives who have been detained some of them tweeted out on social media and on facebook that they are very relieved to have their family members back and that they are very happy to know that they are doing well and that they will be taking them for basically medical check up to make sure that everything is ok with them but again this is not mean the end of the process the
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president has repeatedly said that he wants dialogue and this could be part of his initiative to try to show the protesters and the demonstrators that he's trying to pave way for a dialogue but people are saying that they don't want any talks with them we have spoken to many demonstrators over the past few weeks and they say that is not going to be the solution their calls for more protests tomorrow and in the coming weeks and they say they will not stop until the government steps down something the president said he's not going to do and he's already announced a state of emergency that is set to last for a year and most of the people who've been arrested over the past couple of weeks have been charged have been charged and tried in the courts in something called emergency courts which were set up to make sure that the people who've been protesting have basically are being charged and due process takes its course so it's not clear how long this will go and where it will end but at the moment we have protesters and demonstrators were very determined to. until the president steps down and we have a president and a government that seems to be very defiant and not willing to step down until elections come next year. some of the protesters on the streets of paris for the
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seventeenth successive weekend have been sporting a new color this time women led the marches calling for equal treatment in all to international women's day on friday and some were wearing pink vests yellow vests movement began at the end of last year in protest at president happens economic policies which they say favor the rich but lately the number of protesters has started to dwindle there are plenty of women there on the front line of the demonstration because there is no democracy without women's rights there are no women's rights without democracy we are essential to the proper functioning of society. the people do not want more of this financial globalization the french people will not go back they do not want to go back between ten to fifteen million french or in misery or even in a survival state so we don't know where we're heading to but we won't go backwards that's for sure. britain is gearing up for yet another crucial vote come tuesday and millions of u.k.
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citizens in other european countries will be watching portugal is one of the most attractive destinations in europe persons and as laurence leamer reports a lack of clarity from london is already taking its toll on businesses there one of the myths about british people in europe is that they like to live in places like portugal so they can get a round of golf in before moving on to june by lunchtime but very many more move to places like this for work we brought this group together they all have different questions they cannot get on says to me and many many of the people across the use the same concern. about health care will continue of people wanting to move between countries and this whole perks of. not knowing. well there are going to be able to take people's goods between countries have external or already i businesses running. and.
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a large chunk of forty percent of the market which is currently a bridge from a bricks in residence you info people are going to be able to come across here to see the value of the pound and what's going to happen there is in speculation so we're not really sure many more money but what's going to happen more than twenty percent of all people who fly it's a portugal the british such is the love affair with the place so it's hardly surprising the portuguese government has raised the possibility of special lanes at passport control the british tourists so they continue to come after all it would be a massive dent to the economy if the golf courses were half empty. like other european countries portugal is trying to ensure the rights of british citizens who want to live in their country as well as simply visiting but that only works if portuguese citizens in britain have the same rights and that is still not guaranteed we decide
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that we're going to give all these rights to the u.k. citizens resident in portugal in the expectation that there will be resupply city so all the contingency measures that are being taken that the you level are unilateral massive. unilateral measures they are temporary measures and we hope this will be sorted out so we are. i would ever a real answer for that british consular officials in portugal are accused of being vague in their advice to u.k. citizens living here nobody was made available to speak to us but you can reasonably suggest it's hardly their fault the repeated complaint from british people who live and work in continental europe is that the british government is making it their responsibility. find out what their right should be after the u.k. leaves the european union with just three weeks to go now until that supposed to happen as with so many other things it all smacks of complete uncertainty. largely
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al-jazeera in lisbon. erik prince the founder of the private u.s. security company blackwater is admitted to meeting members of the trump as anshul campaign in august twenty sixth is despite him telling congress he had no connection with trump's team at the time when questioned by mehdi hassen on al-jazeera as head to head program the blackwater c.e.o. said the public transcript of the congressional hearing could be wrong what you didn't tell congress is on august third twenty sixteen you were at a meeting during the campaign at trump tower with don jr trump some with steven miller then a campaign advisor to trump with george nader a former blackwater colleague of yours who works as a back channel to the saudis the emirates.


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