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does not come out in i would out of the box not. i know you people would think you know why are you just time there and theme but i had no choice not to not because of the mother. and. i just kept that shot. with people in ca. this is seems a good to me the theme. and what's a m f n. one do with people nothing. in. the days if i didn't put these links on. the sim. as this is. not new to me and i'm not in ca. and if you know. people to me
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so i don't think. if you took this. a newbie and begun to miss if we are forcing them. straight away there were guys time be invited to we borrow and when the ball is still kicking dip took him into the wheel barrel. the boy begging for his back home and within minutes to be thrown here in a big must grieve a lot of time media members will never ever. find out that some of their loved ones and it all yeah he's a know same source he paid a debt price at the hands of peacekeepers.
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the special court for sierra leone was established in two thousand and two to prosecute those most responsible for serious crimes committed during the war. sharma hendra was one of the prosecutors of the court and he's now the driving force behind the renewed effort to seek justice a special court didn't have to stick. over nigerian troops we had video evidence. the whole world has seen what has happened. and in probably the easiest cases to prosecute and we did it there was just talking peace silence. and victims of economic crimes. eighteen years of combined eighteen years of inaction against these nigerian troops despite the most compelling evidence any prosecutor could possibly have that competent aerated. over sixteen seventeen
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years i have this tapes here if you're sly bear you know got three doors armed you know thinking we seen somebody should just. do something about these. when the call came from karim and shamila i was excited to find them this tapes are going to be useful these tapes are going to be used in a court of law to actually bring. some of these people to our county i pace. we're collecting the evidence evaluating their lives and. what we can do to assist these youths and nobody has tried that unit news who are to did to these. those guys were very inhuman. you treated me like a beast. right now i don't know how.
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to turn. them on on me own to go to. the. one. who is walking. or about and they felt. they would spectators of justice. and instead of just skipping through the cracks of justice i think those cracks became a gaping hole. even if it's twenty years later we are reopening this issue. when i look into the army our own words of india with a call walking come and go or when the us needs shoot no question if i
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am one else will when i'm your last one sworn in a scene i keep thinking in your mind it's akin. to say william or you will be one. or the only let me give bt. i am. up till now and if it's me that be telling me it's me. if you've been on of on what it up to now. it's an arse he said it was my getting on the shelf he said it all meal in the old war look i'm gonna see more sense. than a curiosity to. body fluids you are no good. i think because you fuck i will use or they will keep. the next the. can can tell you the money was made by god so you know my last goodbye.
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about within one. hour she still had lived that long but i just. went on for hours. and they only took a little maybe talk to me see to cough just. suck. it you can assist. see spirits. can. see that level of cornish meant being destroyed to your mother and can't you can do anything that's in the us more luck is. in by the water side. so i said going to my mom will be all. listen i want to buy the country and this is. so i see that we're looking to the last words on more than just which days i know your father said that i said and i
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have a lot of life. so an awful lot more than michael moore. i don't know. as a witness in the case sorry a s'more a trouble to the hague in october twenty seventh team to provide his testimony. in my preparation to come and talk to their. you know i took that journey again town and really and i and this is some of the thinks. he owns. it's traumatic but. for me it's a few days for these people who saw their loved ones really been brutalized moderate forms of the old eyes they're going to leave it for ever.
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even if we can register in the consciences of the powers that be that. something like this should move a whole bunch to. a story we don't mind going to start from the very best it will because she knew me i was aware read i said i'm setting up now with these guys and hear words that should be taken out. kill him was what i heard. you say you were most good this he didn't finish instead he walked away from him. that's.
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all owed him thank you. thank you. you know. it was because he's. i should have saved someone disguise i i struggled i struggled with peace i would beg him to for he for me i perhaps. i hope you understand. because. he had one hundred t.
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shirt but no breeze no trousers us so they brought him rights to where the bullets where he chain and you put him there you go. as the wave moves you scream. before even touching me you know you could see that. there are something weird i faced mets mornings in one thousand nine hundred sixty. at he had given up going into a fight i made some he said he found me in the guts that. he was outside with i meant that the ability. to was just like some desperate being i don't know what's going on around him we had no idea that it's because he can't talk. what was to come. what a poor boy. he went out for all the rules for these. at the family would not go out. on the echo mall we had very intensified in our
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area. these same decided to get moses back on the back of the truck and these guys were paunchy in the sides you know we do those boots kicking his side when we fall slugging you know everyone was shocked. to see how he was choked child this is a boy who. should be shot that type of punishment. but smaller boy. its own forgivable. belief that the nigerian perpetrators will be directly targeted by the case has sustained sorious through his dealings with the legal team. but now he his the case is taking a different path. over the last twelve months we've gone through the
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videos of cyrus mora we've conducted investigations on the ground in nigeria up in sierra leone. witnesses being spoken to statements of being taken and are now in a position to put for the night claims i tried last year to file a case in nigeria and they wrote back and said well they only had jurisdiction on the territory of nigeria so we were confronted with a problem how to obtain redress we decided the first course of action that was compelling was the one that sought the sierra leone government to do what a state should do which is to protect the fundamental constitutional rights of its citizens and as one of the relief sought in that claim is for the state to start a proper accountability process because the state in charge of one force meant that they have international standing to make requests to other states and so they are in a privileged position. this is going to be difficult for all of us i didn't sign
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off going to be only a student. government initially what i agreed to work on the suit being got this case against in nigeria with me i don't think. it is a syrian government shouldn't feel if you have to go for women and soldiers. it is our hope that is going to this process that there be criminal investigations and criminal cases further down the line in relation to the perpetrators that appear on the videos that have been named in the statements. but the important thing really is after all these years to start with a claim before a court. and a case that we say well founded. maybe technically the boy is. see that this is the best we tend to speak but for me. i don't think it's right to
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susannah them at all i personally don't believe that i would give evidence and consent and government nigerian government nigerians are just yes any time. i was moyers a fundamental of my fundamental responsibility is to provide objective legal advice to the clients. and it is to try to obtain redress for those clients according to the law and we will use every legal option in australia to put forward the best case for those victims to try to represent these. he says they are going to this is very difficult is a position that. i wasn't thinking i was going to be. tomorrow we're going to be filing. their cases for you before the supreme court and we are asking the supreme court troops give you the address in the last nineteen
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yes you have been forgotten you are an example of what happened to many many many people unfortunately we can't promise you will in this case but we're trying our best we've spoken to you would investigate we have done a lot of work we pray that the law will protect and address what happened but it's a really worthwhile case so i'm really honored to be representing each and every one of us. the legal case is now with the supremes court of sierra leone and the lawyers await its response the government of sierra leone must decide if it's going. to fight the case all respond to the month that they take on responsibility for establishing a process of accountability for crimes committed by nigerian peacekeepers almost two decades ago. we also from our jury an army to respond to read issues raised by this film we have not yet had
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a reply. a sinister on a guy who secretly controls moldova's condiment own media tycoon misjudged by his enemies is the most hated country i made my key allegations of blackmail hitman and a billion dollars for. people in power investigates moldova and the puppet master on al-jazeera.
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after a day of rolling power outages venezuelans hit the streets again to protest in bridal rallies. from doha everyone i'm kemal santa maria and this is the world news from al-jazeera the algerian the government is all to the closure of universities as pressure
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mounts on the ailing president to abandon his plans for a fifth term the founder of the private u.s. military company blackwater admits to al-jazeera he did meet with donald trump's campaign to despite telling congress author what's and five years on from the disappearance of flight m h three seventy aviation experts are developing the technology to track planes wherever they might go. so there are rival rallies underway in venezuela as capital the president nicolas maduro and the opposition leader called on supporters to show their support heavy government security has been deployed along the opposition leaders route these rallies of course comes as millions of venezuelans have seen some of the longest electricity blackouts in recent memory power has been restored in some cities but there's been damage to an already crumbling health care. system. the united states
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meanwhile has ruled out using force to deliver aid into venezuela that's coming from the president on a special representative plane loads of u.s. relief supplies are sitting in colombia but the president nicolas maduro has refused to accept it blocking all those convoys at the border and tourist says washington's aid effort is a ploy. to carry out a coup so let's check in with money who is in the colombian city of near to the venezuelan border all that aid sitting there and just not going anywhere. that's right kemal with diplomatic ties between colombia and venezuela still severed and the border crossing still blocked by venezuelan officials. more than six hundred tons of international aid continues to sit in warehouses unable to be moved we're talking about food hygiene products medical equipment some of it perishable that's being held in temperature controlled rooms but still unable to move the last time that humanitarian aid workers tried to move this international
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aid across the border into venezuela clashes broke out here on the border with paramilitary forces loyal to the mother with government clashing with people on the on the colombian side and that that shipment that cargo of humanitarian aid was set on fire now that the issue with humanitarian aid isn't the only problem when we're talking about the closure of this of this border between business well and colombia where we are now just beyond these these mountain these buildings behind me is actual actually the border though that those hills you see me is venezuelan soil. without being able to cross across the official border people are having to find illicit routes that are controlled by paramilitary forces that are controlled by troops and that's proving to be very dangerous because there's five thousand people alone in one food bank controlled by the world food program that are that are crossing every day trying to find food there's children trying to come into colombia trying to receive a formal education commerce is that
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a standstill so the issue of the border crossing being being blocked by the venezuela side is an ongoing problem here on the border with with venezuela from all. well i know where you are is a world away from what's going on in caracas but i wonder if the feeling amongst the people there the venezuelan people who have come across the border is the same is that the same level of anger or is it more of i wonder desperation of people who've just had to pack up and leave. we are a ways from but everything that happens and get as especially with these tensions that have been growing over the course of the last couple of weeks over the course of the last couple of days with these calls for protests all of that is reflected here on the border so while things are calm here there is a heavy military presence both on the colombian side and on the venice venezuelan side and this sense of tension a sense of worry from the people both venezuelans that are refugees here in colombia and from the colombian people they're worried about more clashes they're
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worried of an armed conflict there and they're concerned that the crisis is going to drag on and continue to spill over the border into colombia and as has been the case for. but at the moment as i mentioned already come all things are things are calm but because this is almost a mirror of what happens in get out because there is an almost expectation that that that those tensions could spill over at any moment into into colombia into that wears which is where we are right now. thank you for that report to other news in algeria is taking measures to try to quell the largest anti-government protests and in the thirty years education ministry has ordered colleges and universities to close their campuses two weeks ahead of the scheduled spring break young people have been a large part of these math demonstrate mass demonstrations given that use unemployment in algeria is so high the protests intensified last week when president bush to figure announced he would seek a fifth term in office. who's covered the region for us extensively.
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as the protest movement gains momentum in algeria the big question is what will be the army's next move the army being the most powerful establishment in algeria that will depend on many factors we'll have to wait and see what happens on the thirtieth of march when the constitutional court will. approve those illegitimate to run for the presidential elections and i think that could ignite more anger in algeria the general sentiment now among many people the protests the opposition is that the elections should be postponed and they say that they don't think that the environment could be conducive to an instability in algeria i think of the men term continuous over the coming weeks the army will definitely have to
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step in now the cautiously monitoring the situation on the ground and they're looking for that balancing act they don't want to be seen as siding with. and of the same time signing a gas the algerian people that are statements made over the past few days by the. army chief guy it's backfired he asked people who warned people against in the acts of instability but for many people this was an act of intimidation trying to tell the people if you decide to continue to protest the army might interfere so i think they are trying to gauge with way the wind is going to blow in the coming days in algeria but this is quite a remarkable moment in the modern history of algeria the country has gone through a series of political crises nine hundred sixty five the those who fought for the independence of algeria disagreed about how to move forward and the pave the way for the first military coup in algeria in one thousand nine hundred one the army
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had to step in and block the political process in a syria to prevent the islamists from a running the country an act which still continues to divide the years you have those who say it was a wise decision by the army and those who say that was the moment there has prevented algeria from building a strong vibrant democracy and this explains why now the army is very cautious about how to move forward but i think if the momentum continues to build a gas president abdelaziz bouteflika and his bid to run fourth fifth it could be the moment for the army to step in and look for another turnout of their prince the founder of the private us security company blackwater is admitted to meeting members of the trump presidential campaign in august twenty sixth eighteen even though he told congress he had no connection with trump's team at the time when questioned by method her son and al-jazeera is head to head program blackwater founder said the public transcripts of the congressional hearing maybe they were
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wrong. what you didn't tell congress is that on august third twenty sixteen you were at a meeting during the campaign at trump tower with don jr trump son which stephen miller then a campaign advisor to trump with george nader a former blackwater colleague of yours who acts as a back channel to the saudis there moralities you're supposed to be convicted paedophile and also joel's imo an israeli expert on social media manipulation how come you didn't mention that meeting to congress given it so relevant to their investigation. i did as part of the part of the investigations i certainly disclosed in the any meetings the very new i had on the congressional testimony you gave to the house we went through it you didn't mention anything about august twenty sixth meeting in trump tower they specifically asked you what context you have and you didn't answer that. i don't believe i was asked that question you asked whether any community for communications or contact with the campaign you said apart from writing papers putting up yard signs know what you said i've got the transcript of the conversation here. i might have been i think it was at trump
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headquarters or the campaign headquarters probably twenty sixteen usable an israeli dude a back channel to the emirates on the saudis don't junior stephen miller were there to talk about iran policy you little iran policy thing that's something important to disclose to the house intelligence committee while you're under oath you did you didn't we just went through the testimony there's no mention of the trump tower meeting because twenty sixteen were not i don't know if they got the transcript wrong. or they got the transcript wrong so we could i don't know i remember i remember certainly does dismiss is that we didn't get you because we know that robert muller he hasn't been able to establish collusion it but he has got a lot of guys for lying to the authorities and not telling the whole truth is that a problem now even if you accidentally didn't tell them that could come back and haunt you. i fully cooperated i haven't heard anybody i haven't heard from anybody in more than nine months i mean i mean members of congress after they discover this media have talked about certain witnesses not telling the truth but you believe you
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told congress about this meeting even if not in the transcript just to be clear i believe so. it's following the developments from washington members of congress had already said they were dissatisfied with eric prince's testimony last year to a congressional committee this obviously isn't going to help it is quite striking that he didn't have a better answer prepared because this has been rumbling away since last may when the new york times wrote the story about this meeting which the new york times said erik prince himself organized and which subsequently donald trump. confirmed erik prince after meeting with several of those one acting apparently as an emissary for the saudis and the u.a.e. according to the new york times the other fascinating part of this is when prince was pressed he said that he was there to discuss iran and that's interesting because the new york times account said the discussions were mainly based around a social media campaign perhaps in order to help the trump campaign and general
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discussion about the saudis and the amaranth he's hoping the trump campaign which incidentally would be illegal but not about iran but and we know that later on in the lebanese american businessman who was at that meeting was touting a plan to economically sabotage iran using private mercenaries so the public is definitely think thickening we don't know whether anything illegal was happening at this meeting whether this was just the normal not normal gray area of foreign lobbying and illegality which is quite common but certainly certainly this is terribly interesting and will be interesting for congressional committees i'm sure . the full interview with erik prince is on head to head with me at the house and one hundred hours g.m.t. on sunday of course on line it out as he was. still ahead on this program with briggs that coming up britain's living abroad one little name for them. and barely scraping by how one industry in thailand is struggling with foreign prices and the
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u.s. trade war with china. hello again to welcome back to international weather forecast what we've seen one particular storm here across parts of iraq moving towards iran and now it is making its way towards east over the next day it is going to be pakistan afghanistan a sees the combination of rain and snow in your forecast on sunday really not looking too bad for baghdad at about twenty three degrees there but we are going to be seeing quite city maybe those winds starting to die down with the temperature a few about twenty three degrees as well here across the gulf it was a windy day on saturday things are getting better on sunday temperatures are still into the mid twenty's winds coming out of the north it still could be dusted times and some bloke ations but over here toward smith scott we do expect to see a temperature there of about twenty two degrees maybe on monday getting up to about
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twenty three degrees there and then very quickly i do want to take you down here across parts of southern africa we have been dealing with some very heavy flooding across parts of mozambique as well as malawi take a look at the storm system right there in the mozambique channel it is now going to be intensifying and bring some very heavy rain over the next few days towards madagascar but as we go towards monday that system we do think is going to start to make its way a little bit more towards the south and possibly had more back towards parts of mozambique where we could see additional flooding there down towards durban it is going to be a rainy day for you with a temperature of twenty eight. when investigating crime an admission of guilt is the ultimate corroboration. or isn't there or tactics that can be used to get innocent people to confess to crimes they didn't commit witness explores the shocking phenomenon of people incriminating themselves the person who falsely confessed actually came to believe
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the lie that they were told about their own behavior false confession on al-jazeera . the top stories for you on al-jazeera this hour and rival rallies are underway in venezuela's capital as president nicolas maduro and the opposition they don't want white oak hall on their supporters to show their support. every government security has been deployed along the opposition leaders reason particularly colleges and universities in algeria closing their campuses two weeks ahead of a scheduled spring break this is an attempt by the government to diffuse student protests recent mass demonstrations been calling for president of the disease but
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the think it's dropped his candidacy for a fifth term and the founder of the private u.s. security company blackwater erik prince has admitted to meeting members of the trump presidential campaign in august twenty sixth dean even though he told congress he had no connection with trump's team at the time. let us return to our top story the rival protests in venezuela's capital caracas that is where to rise above is for assad to talk is through what's happening. probably to carry some have been a creamy because that because of the power of god help on thing you know that being . down among other things and what we are is then the story i have a new this is the place where one why though is expected to arrive any minute now initially the demonstration that was excessive to take place today they have asked people to gather in three different points of cut i got but because very very early in the morning people tried to set up
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a fake here and they were the cane that that's why people started turning and coming here massively in order to protest against the government of nicola muddled of this demonstration is happening in the middle of what many think is the biggest power outage in the country what we have seen in the past days here is a country that has been completely in the dark effect in mostly huff but how's that they've been in a way with turning to power plants that in many cases have not been working we have spoken to with to the unions that are trying to confirm how many people died because of the power cuts and they're saying that until now at the scene people have lost their lives many of them were on life support in hospitals around the country and that's why people are coming here massively they're saying that the current treaty is it a crisis that's true it is a food of medicine hyperinflation that is that fessing the country's most vulnerable and that's what they're saying that there needs to be change and that
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change is represented in the opposition leader opposition one why go vote tell us about citizens there out of the protests to raise a big cause i mean some is that why they're himself to actually come out in public like this is surely a bit of a risk to him as well. well most definitely very early in the morning when we first arrived here there were not the lot of tension between protesters and the police mostly because the police would not allow people here making it.


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