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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 9, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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three is that right is there true it is a food of medicine hyperinflation that is the best thing the country's most vulnerable and that's what they're saying that there needs to be change and that change is represented and the opposition leader opposition one why don't vote tell us about security there out of the protests to raise a big cause i mean some is that why the himself to actually come out in public like this is surely a bit of a risk to him as well. well most definitely very early in the morning when we first arrived here there were not a knock of tension between protesters and the police mostly because the police wouldn't allow people here making it all the way to the end after pushing very very hard people the protesters were able to take over the streets and this is where we ran we have not seen the preference of the body very national guard because basically the police here they have been mostly out side because people are very very angry at them and this is in
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a way and you are right i think that we're seeing from the government you know waiting very very carefully and demonstrating that one not have repressing but have not been painting people actually after the united states have reckoned that a government that was mentally ill be very of action if they had the first and like one why don't the protesters around the country tourism run the middle of things in qatar to stay in the protests the seventy thank you theresa. there has been a third attack on an ebola treatment center in democratic republic of congo hours before a visit by the head of the world health organization armed fighters targeted a facility in pretend b. which was attacked last month the assaults on the facilities have made it even harder to contain the virus which has now killed five hundred seventy eight people since august students have been protesting in sudan's capital khartoum despite a state of emergency there they're angry with the government for detaining
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protesters in the demonstrations which of going on since december on friday president obama she ordered the release of all female protesters officials say thirty one people have died in protest related violence so far but human rights watch puts that number at fifty one. now with yet another crucial brigs of votes ahead millions of u.k. citizens in other european countries will again be watching closely portugal for example one of the most attractive destinations for britain this as lawrence li reports the lack of clarity from london has begun to take its toll on businesses one of the myths about british people in europe is that they like to live in places like portugal so they can get a round of golf in before moving on to gin by lunch time but very many more move to places like this for work we've brought this group together they all have different questions they cannot get answers to me and many many other people will see the same concern. about health care will that continue obviously with people wanting to
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move between countries and. not knowing. whether i'm going to be able to take people's goods between countries. by businesses running rental apartments and my concern is. a large chunk of the forty percent of our market which is currently a bridge from a. residence info people are going to be able to come across here to see the value of the pound and what's going to happen there is in speculation so we're not really sure the moon will many but. what's going to happen more than twenty percent of all people who fly it's a portugal the british such is the love affair with the place so it's hardly surprising the portuguese government has raised the possibility of special lanes at passport control the british tourists so they continue to come after all would be a massive density economy if the golf courses were half empty. like other european
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countries portugal is trying to ensure the rights of british citizens who want to live in their country as well as simply visiting but that only works if portuguese citizens in britain have the same rights and that is still not guaranteed we decide that we're going to give all these rights to the u.k. citizens resident in portugal in the expectation that there will be resupply city so all the contingency measures that are being taken that the u. level are you know lateral massive. unilateral measures they are temporary measures and we hope this will be sorted out so we'll. have a real answer for that british consular officials in portugal accused of being vague in their advice to u.k. citizens living here nobody was made available to speak to us but you can reasonably suggest it's hardly their fault he repeated complaint from british
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people who live and work in continental europe is that the british government is making their responsibility to find out what their rights should be after the u.k. leaves the european union has just three weeks to go now until that's supposed to happen as with so many other things it all smacks of complete uncertainty largely al-jazeera in lisbon satellite images released in the us spy the news out of n.p.r. suggests north korea could be preparing for a new missile launch increased activity at the site near pyongyang times two weeks after talks between kim jong il and u.s. president donald trump ended without agreement kim had stopped a missile launchers as relations between the two countries improved but these latest reports come just days after different satellite images allegedly showed pyongyang had started rebuilding a rocket launch site as well. take a trip in southern thailand and it won't be long before you travel through a forest of rubber trees thai farmers export more raw rubber than anywhere else in
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the world but as global prices fall they are the ones suffering the reports from the southern province of crabby critics say a government subsidy scheme is to this hill today it's. for generations the landscape of southern thailand has been dotted with rubber plantations it's known as the white gold that's tapped from the trees but now and probably province like many others the farmers have been dealt a double blow by world markets and one dispute in particular. global oversupply has driven the rubber price down forty percent over two years and the months long trade war between the united states and china has severely cut china's need for thai rubber. a rubber farmer since he was a boy. is struggling but is skeptical of a subsidy program recently put in place by the military government the need to give them and try to help us but they just do it just to save face and fix the problem
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in the short term they don't think about the long term they subsidised fifty eight dollars to fifteen hundred square metres of course we want money to know if this program some economists see the subsidies as a quick fix as they are only a short term benefit for some of the local farmers here it does nothing to lessen their reliance on the global price of rubber and what needs to happen next they say is more of a focus on innovation advancing the industry here less on export raw rubber. as thailand heads towards its first election since the military coup five years ago some question the government's motivation behind subsidies rather than investing in the future of the industry they don't have enough dissent and they don't have. to do it at. they detest doing something that's easy. and then get popular. because you're doing. so and then you go but
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the government defends the subsidy program as the only way they can work with the farmers how many who got me yet if we don't have this program the farmers don't come to talk with us with the corporate we the government. probably is traditionally a stronghold for the democrat party members campaigning out in the plantation they say the current program is bad for the farmers and will bring it to an end if elected although they'll guarantee a minimum price for rubber. but offer little detail of how they'll keep the industry going in the long term and how the people here will continue to live off their white god it's got harder al-jazeera krabby thailand. the deadline for civilians to leave the syrian village of booze is fast approaching the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces say it will resume its assault on us a lot on saturday after polls the fighting to allow civilians to leave more than sixty thousand people mostly women and children are now seeking shelter in the
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overcrowded kurdish run a whole camp but whose is the last face of terror a dream held by eisel in eastern syria. british home secretary such a job it is under pressure from fellow conservative party members has been criticized over his handling of the case of a british teenager who went to syria to join i so shamima begun to return to london with her baby but the government stripped her of her u.k. citizenship the infant has since died at a camp for internally displaced people in northeastern syria conservative m.p. say more could have been done for bacon. funerals been held for a palestinian protest in the gaza border. died from his wounds after being shot in the head by israeli forces the health ministry says more than forty people were wounded during the fiftieth week of demonstrations staged protests since march of last year. it is five years now since one of aviation's biggest mysteries malaysia airlines flight three seventy vanished was flying from kuala lumpur to beijing with
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two hundred thirty nine people on board there have since been demands for improved tracking technology and american engineers hope a network of satellites in space may be the answer castro with this from virginia. how can a passenger plane vanished without a trace in the twenty first century and years of searching for the wreckage of m h three seventy have yielded little clue only a few pieces of debris and frustrations of not knowing exactly where the aircraft crashed into the indian ocean it's amazing that in this world where we track our cars our kids our animals that we don't track aircraft in real time in two thousand and fourteen air traffic controllers had only a general idea of m.h. three seventy's location over open water in fact that's been the norm for flights covering most of the earth the aviation industry has long relied on land based radars to provide flight surveillance those radars only cover ten percent of the
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planet you can build a radar tower in the ocean when you're flying over the oceans nobody knows where you are the aviation industry has accommodated by spacing out planes over radar blind areas and sticking as close as possible to radar zones if you've ever taken the popular flight between new york and london you may notice that every route takes you on a northward arc a detour in a sense over canada and greenland that's because flights have had to stay with. then i shot of the land based radar towers there but starting this month new eyes will be watching and watching from space to us companies carry on and radio have teamed up to operate a satellite flight surveillance system that leaves no area of the planet uncovered the last of the web of sixty six satellites were delivered to orbit in january the
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only system that has truly global coverage meaning that there is no spot on the earth the poles south pole north pole anywhere that there isn't covered the m h three seventy disappearance led to new international standards for aircraft position reporting over open ocean ariane any radium say their technology exceeds those standards feeding location data to air traffic controllers at least every eight seconds we won't have another situation that arises where we lose an aircraft but if it were to arise with the technology we have now we would know exactly where it is the vast majority of planes already have satellite transmitters on board perhaps ushering in a new industry standard. castro al jazeera leesburg virginia.
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this is al jazeera and these are your headlines rival rallies are underway in venezuela as capital as president nicolas maduro and the opposition they don't want called on supporters to come out in support of the two men heavy government security has been deployed along the opposition leaders. colleges and universities in algeria are closing their campuses two weeks ahead of a scheduled spring break it's an attempt by the government to diffuse the student protests recent mass demonstrations have been calling for president what to think it to drop his candidacy for a fifth term. erik prince the founder of the private us security company blackwater has admitted to meeting members of the trump presidential campaign in august twenty sixth in that is despite him telling congress he had no connection with trump's team at the time there's been a third attack on an ebola treatment center in democratic republic of congo hours before a visit by the head of the world health organization armed fighters targeted
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a facility in bhutan b. which was attacked last month the assaults on the facilities have made it even harder to contain the virus which has now killed five hundred seventy eight people since august. targets are no longer the army or the police they've become healthy structures it's not just the ebola treatment centers that are being attacked it's also some health facilities simply put more people joining the terrorist group students have been protesting in sudan's capital khartoum despite a state of emergency they're angry with the government for detaining protesters during demonstrations that have been going on since december on friday president ordered the release of all female protesters and satellite images released in the u.s. by the news outlet n.p.r. suggests north korea could be preparing for a new missile launch increased activity at the site comes two weeks after talks between the leader kim jong un and president donald trump ended without an agreement kim had stopped missile launches as relations between the two countries
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improved president trump has said he would be quote very disappointed if north korea had indeed restarted its testing program back to the news hour in about twenty five minutes here on al-jazeera up next it's inside story. how do you stop misinformation online you tube and facebook take new steps to host the spread of fake content but also show media companies doing enough and this is inside story.
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i don't welcome to the program i mean there's a problem fake news it's a term often in the headlines it's a common cry from donald trump to discredit news stories critical of him but the description also highlights one of the biggest challenges on the and to net how to stop the spread of misinformation on line social media companies on the increase in pressure to stop publishing misinformation and lies and do you choose introducing and such as hoax and fate to flag suspicious videos and forty indian soldiers were killed in an attack in india administered kashmir last month seven videos said to show the attack went viral they turned out to be fake you tube is rolling out the new alerts just before and dude elections due next month and hopes for a worldwide system soon. now buzz feed as a us internet media news and entertainment company reporter explains why misinformation on you tube is such a major problem and india. we're
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a big country there's one point three billion and. only about five hundred million indians are online but the last few years they've been getting access to cheap so forms they've been getting access to. cheap internet plans on the zones and as a result this is their religion. and they're not able to differentiate between you know what what's real and what's not and that's one of the main reasons why you have such a big risk as i mentioned problem in india now britain's upper house of parliament is calling for a digital authority to oversee government bodies in charge of safeguarding the internet the house of lords reports as tech companies have failed to regulate themselves facebook is one of the companies under political pressure on thursday it removed more than one hundred thirty profiles and pages which it says were part of a u.k. based misinformation network the social media firm accuse the network of setting up
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fake accounts to spread hate speech and divisive debate on religion and aggression and race at least one of the fake pages had one hundred seventy five thousand followers now don't trump often talks about fake news during his election campaign and twenty sixteen russians were blamed for targeting us voters and using facebook to widen political and social divisions the following year british university researchers found accounts and then to russia spread misinformation on four attacks in the u.k. and last year in india at least twenty seven men were beaten to death when rumors on the messaging site whatsapp wrongly accuse them of being child kidnappers whatsapp users can no longer afford messages to more than five people or groups. well let's bring in our panel now joining us from new delhi is because she's a writer at quartz and dia who covers politics and technology and skewed
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a netherlands via skype we have technology ethicists know in goods and in london michelle sauce three senior lecturer at king's college london who researches the dissemination and consumption of digital content a very warm welcome to all of you. start with you in the indian capital with you tube is rolling out this new feature how much of a difference do you think it will make to the proliferation of misinformation on you tube and india and then beyond. i think it's definitely a good step that you to piss take in there rolling out these information panel that contain. bits of mint misinformation that are circulating.


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