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hello again welcome back to international weather forecast what we've seen one particular storm here across parts of iraq moving towards iran and now it is making its way towards the east so over the next day it is going to be pakistan afghanistan that sees the combination of rain and snow in your forecast on sunday really not looking too bad for baghdad at about twenty three degrees there but we are going to be seeing quite city maybe those winds starting to die down with the temperature a few of about twenty three degrees as well here across the gulf it was a windy day on saturday things are getting better on sunday temperatures are still into the mid twenty's winds coming out of the north it still could be dust at times and some bloke ations but over here towards misguide we do expect to see a temperature there of about twenty two degrees maybe on monday getting up to about twenty three degrees there and then very quickly i do want to take you down here across parts of southern africa we have been dealing with some very heavy flooding across parts of mozambique as well as malawi take a look at the storm system right there in the mozambique channel it is now going to be intensifying and bring some very heavy rain over the next few days towards
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madagascar but as we go towards monday that system we do think is going to start to make its way a little bit more towards the south and possibly had more back towards parts of mozambique where we could see additional flooding there down towards durban it is going to be a rainy day for you with a temperature of twenty eight. your men killed a mother and son on the way to an appointment sadly the insurgents don't wear uniforms or so it is simply wrong with the was of the american occupation of iraq matthew has an old american prince to account from tower twenty sixteen how come you didn't mention that meeting to congress and i did i don't know if they got the transcript wrong. i don't think you're that sharp that you can tell the difference between a polish guy a french guy holding a yard shot at the head on a zero. this is a boon for point people right now and technology there is so much going to help
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people it's phenomenal thanks for calling i read this is there and what are you looking for today we get to assist the client with their day to day tasks and give them more independence and freedom to suppose our customers are told not sure is the tomato exploration process was so moving and we have that technology available to us. on the news here at al-jazeera and these are the top stories rival rallies are underway in venezuela's capital as president nicolas maduro and opposition leader. called on people to show their support heavy government securities been deployed
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along the opposition leaders for. colleges and universities in algeria are closing their campuses two weeks ahead of a scheduled spring break it's an attempt by the government to diffuse student protests recent mass demonstrations have been calling for the present about the disease but defeated to drop his candidacy for a fifth term in the founder of the private u.s. security company blackwater erik prince has admitted to meeting members of the trump presidential campaign in august twenty sixth jane even though he told congress he had no connection with trump's team at the time. britain's prime minister is warning briggs it might not happen at all if the deal is rejected by parliament on tuesday to resume is negotiations with the european union of stalled because of the impasse over the irish border a u. leaders had given her until friday to count up with new proposals to end the deadlock may is now urging m.p.'s to back when they vote on tuesday so with that vote coming up millions of u.k.
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citizens in other european countries will again be watching closely for example portugal one of the most attractive destinations for britons and as lawrence the reports the lack of clarity from london has begun to take its toll on business there. one of the myths about british people in europe is that they like to live in places like portugal so they can get a round of golf in before moving on to gin by lunch time but very many more move to places like this for work we brought this group together they all have different questions they cannot get answers to me and many many of the people go see you it's the same concern. about health care will that continue obviously with people wanting to move between countries and. not knowing whether i'm going to be able to take people's goods between countries. already by businesses running rental apartments and my concern is.
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a large chunk of the forty percent of our market which is currently a bridge from a. residence you info people are going to be able to come across here and see the value of the pound and what's going to happen there is speculation so we're not really sure the moon will many but what's going to happen more than twenty percent of all people who fly it's a portugal or british such is the love affair with the place so it's hardly surprising the portuguese government has raised the possibility of special lanes at passport control the british tourists so they continue to come after all would be a massive dent to the economy if the golf courses were half empty. like other european countries portugal is trying to ensure the rights of british citizens who want to live in their country as well as simply visiting but that only works if portuguese citizens in britain have the same rights and that is still not guaranteed we decide that we're going to give all these rights to the u.k.
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citizens resident in portugal in the expectation that there will be resupply city so all the contingency measures that are being taken that the you level are in a lateral mass. unilateral measures they are temporary measures and we hope this will be sorted out soon we'll. have a real answer for that british consular officials in portugal are accused of being vague in their advice to u.k. citizens living here nobody was made available to speak to us but you can reasonably suggest it's hardly their fault he repeated complaint from british people who live and work in continental europe is a british government's is making their responsibility to find out what their rights should be after the u.k. leaves the european union has just three weeks to go now until that supposed to happen as with so many other things it all smacks of complete uncertainty largely
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al-jazeera in lisbon. tension escalated between india and pakistan last month after a suicide bomber killed more than forty indian troops the alleged attacker was a young man from india and ministered to kashmir to say a lot more you from the valley now joining armed groups in large numbers. as this report. among the trees in fields of this village an indian administered kashmir is the home of a suicide bomber. was responsible for driving a car full of explosives that killed forty indian paramilitary troops last month sparking a conflict between india and pakistan. his parents have confine themselves to their home since then pranged and clutching to memories of their son trying to figure out how their cricket loving boy became a suicide bomber. he was very good at studies he was reciting the koran reading prayers used to go to the shrines and stay in mosques dar says his son was shot
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during a protest in twenty sixteen and had to leave college because of it. other young men say these incidents are common and breed resentment this nineteen year old college student who won't reveal his name says he's been paralyzed for joining protests three years ago and his house raided over a dozen times he says he sped up with a situation that. i used to take part in protests and i was tortured a few times i stopped them again i was harassed and my mother and father. i can't. even rights activists in the region fear young are being pushed into joining armed groups because violence is a vicious cycle. that of violence it's not going to bed but it will be. as well so a government of india has. the space for the militants. it's not just young men and armed groups that have lost their lives civilians and many
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in the security forces have been killed in the violence in indian administered kashmir some of the soldiers are named here and india's new war memorial military officials on the ground in kashmir say it's a misinformation campaign by armed groups that the blame for some of the violence. the region's military commander has lashed out at what he says is a descent from ation campaign we were going to be mentors propaganda any event can't see anything without any proof i would like to tell again people of kashmir don't fall victim to this propaganda. as fighting between armed groups and indian forces continue as does the intermittent shelling between india and pakistan who say they are caught in the middle. with few options in front of them the worry is the next generation may also get dragged into the conflict as jamil al jazeera new delhi so it is in nigeria are deciding who will represent them as state governors
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in twenty nine of thirty six states representatives for all of the state assemblies are also being chosen in the second ballot in two weeks. these elections have been mostly peaceful although there's been reports of vandalism vote buying and there were some deaths on friday night. people traffic has smuggled tens of thousands of africans every year in armed conflict in some parts of the continent have caused trafficking to increase the united nations now estimates women make up half of the total of people trafficked those from nigeria often go through mali the nigerian government believes in fact up to twenty thousand of them out there and of started repatriating some of the victims in january and here is national agency fighting human trafficking recently said many of them were tricked with promises of getting jobs in europe but ended up as sex slaves in mali one woman escapes and told us a story. i misplaced trash and. i had to drive is.
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tomorrow so. i look up and do more than my fearless worst little of like this with words with. lyrics all speak to a close between rejected it is true is that the god came through that think that it's me that i started talking to you and. i really don't mind. if they even say would remind you of paying our lead to malta so follow us or find out that you. smoke any time if you truly want to sit in peace if you do murder want to remove from the small no point in its path. ok about says the regional specialist on migrant protection with the international organization for migration he told us human trafficking along migration routes is
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unfortunately a common i'm not. a percent confident about these numbers still we don't buy the guns and they use phenomenon but what is sure about the serious crime migration between mali and then judea is that the phenomenon is there and it acquires an immediate reaction it's quite common in the region that a given them i get it baka just averaged sometimes based on the capacity our. criminal network to appeal and to attract migrants looking poor job opportunities and once these spot cannot establish the level of another bit of migrants especially once they leave their protection network increase exponentially and leads makes extremely easy for these networks to exploit them it's clearly
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something extremely difficult to a set up in the country percent of the we still have to listen to these kind of study that people to work through these kind of experience really it's. resources are limited and need that huge but these doesn't mean that. i don't like many others who are actually in charge of taking care of these. one hundred years there would never be. addressed this phenomena. satellite images released in the united states by the news outlet n.p.r. suggest north korea could be preparing for a new missile launch increased activity at the site near pyongyang comes two weeks after talks between kim jong un and us president donald trump ended without an agreement kim had stopped to miss our low because these relations between the two countries improved but these latest reports come just days after different satellite images allegedly showed pyongyang and started rebuilding a rocket launch site. thousands more children separated from their families at the
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us mexico border could soon be reunited with their parents after a court ruling initially a judge ordered nearly three thousand children could be handed back to their parents but now families split up since july twenty seventh team will be included in the decision the government says it doesn't know exactly how many children are affected rights groups are criticizing the u.s. for storing a database of journalists who cover the migrant caravan from central america leaked documents show that customs and border protection compiled a list of dozens of people to be screened more farley at the us mexico border reynolds reports now from los angeles. the until now secret list of fifty nine immigrants rights activists journalists and attorneys who are being tracked and monitored by border agents has infuriated civil liberties groups and prompted an inquiry by the u.s. congress the database was compiled by u.s.
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customs and border officials and obtained by n.b.c. news it contains names photos and other personal information photojournalists already on addressed or is one of those on the u.s. government's list it was interesting to see the level of questioning here being asked almost the same high standards and you giving the same answer. i think to find out this information for yourself and why do you have to stop me and plus some of the people listed were subject to heightened scrutiny such as being stopped for questioning and in some cases refused entry into mexico at a crossing near san diego dressler says she was repeatedly stopped for questioning and just asked me about what i was seeing on the ground i asked for all my personal information i'm not dressed like i was shooting for who i work for. and one of the editors phone number ninety mile the database was apparently compiled near the end
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of twenty eighteen as large groups including many families from central america traveled to the u.s. border seeking asylum the u.s. customs and border protection agency issued a statement saying in part criminal events such as the breach of the border wall in san diego are routinely monitored and investigated as democratic members of congress called the database alarming unacceptable and an assault on press freedom the congressional committee that oversees border agencies demanded a copy of the list and an explanation of why individuals were included as well as any others. secret dossier is that me exist the american civil liberties union called the government's targeting of journalists and activists quote an outrageous violation of americans constitutional rights the department of homeland security's inspector general will conduct an internal investigation into whether officials
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behind the database violated policies and the law robert oulds al jazeera los angeles. the new york times is reporting one of the largest talent agencies in the united states has returned a four hundred million dollar investment to saudi arabia the newspaper says william morris endeavor is terminating the deal in protest at the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi money was meant to boost saudi business in the entertainment industry as part of reforms by the crown prince mohammed bin salman. now you take a trip in southern thailand and it wouldn't be long before you traveled through a forest of rubber treats thai farmers export more roll rather than anywhere else in the old but as global prices fall they are the ones suffering and of the reports from the southern province of corrupt critics say a government subsidy scheme is too little too late. for generations the landscape of southern thailand has been dotted with rubber plantations it's known as the
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white gold that's tapped from the trees but now and probably province like many others the farmers have been dealt a double blow by world markets and one dispute in particular. global oversupply has driven the rubber price down forty percent over two years and the months long trade war between the united states and china has severely cut china's need for thai rubber. rubber farmer since he was a boy. is struggling but is skeptical of a subsidy program recently put in place by the military government the nato give them and try to help us but they just do it just to save face and fix the problem in the short term they don't think about the long term they subsidise the fifty eight dollars per fifteen hundred square meters of course we want money you know this program some economists see the subsidies as a quick fix as they are only a short term benefit for some of the local farmers here it does nothing to lessen
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their reliance on the global price of rubber and what needs to happen next they say is more of a focus on innovation advancing the industry here less on export raw rubber as thailand heads towards its first election since the military coup five years ago some question the government's motivation behind subsidies rather than investing in the future of the industry they don't have enough dissent and they don't have. to do it at. they detest doing something that is evil and then get. because you do sing puppet. so well and then do coal but the government defends the subsidy program as the only way they can work with the farmers tell me who got yet if you don't have this program the farmers don't come to talk with us with it they cooperate with the government it probably is traditionally
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a stronghold for the democrat party members campaigning out in the plantation they say the current program is bad for the farmers and will bring it to an end if elected although they'll guarantee a minimum price for rubber. but offer little detail of how they'll keep the industry going in the long term and how the people here will continue to live off their white gold it's got harder al-jazeera thailand. up next on the news our sport and why it always pays to look before you like. these everywhere and it's choking our planet very toxic and very dangerous and we could spend years painting if i allowed but breakthroughs are being made showing that it is possible to change our relationship with nate substance is simply not
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enough i think they can pick up on the beach. move on plastic waste fries on al-jazeera how do you. think this isn't a problem for your town that they may not have a health question program but it does have a corruption question mark or really doesn't look good for the image that it appears that they were going to do it we will probably not knowing about it what are you saying we really do get why there's a lot of disillusionment with the u.n. across the globe. it's called fall of the brakes doesn't build confidence it breaks will join me mad the hot sun on the front of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories and think issues here on al-jazeera.
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sun is here to talk sport caps usually aren't a big deal on a cricket field time though the governing body of the i.c.c. has told all disappear and no action will be taken against india's national team pakistan's government to has accused india politicizing the sport well let in. yes the players a war army caps during a game against australia on friday tension escalated between india and pakistan last month after a suicide bomber killed more than forty indian troops the team wore the caps as a tribute to the victims of the attack i.c.c. a rules of bid the display of political messages but it said the team has had permission to wear the caps as part of fund raising effort to for the families of those who died in the attack or this is the latest incident in the turbulent
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cricketing relationship between pakistan and india india have a fuse to play a test series with pakistan since the mumbai attacks in two thousand and eight the country's last test series was in two thousand and seven but just on did tour india for a good will one day and t twenty series between december twenty twelve and generally twenty thirteen but pakistan players haven't been allowed to play in the indian premier league the world's most lucrative domestic competition and last month the indian cricket board asked the i.c.c. to cut ties with that they called countries from terrorism in and referring to pakistan the i.c.c. rejected this amount or the teams are due to me to end a group a game at this year's world cup cricket also shantanu who are a a says india could well boycott the game. source not his son has no business trying to ask i.c.c. what the known players should rear it sort of noble cause is for the nation not
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obviously isis you would have given them permission i don't think india would be foolish enough to do anything without the permission of the i.c.c. i really doubt india will play pakistan number one and in their own robbery if they don't plea my only worry is what happens when india faces fuck his son or possibly in their faces but you sunder semifinals so that call the b.c. cia has to date maybe recency i will forgo all their own not really managed as a marco protest and then eventually play our list of the matches the west indies have suffered one of the heaviest defeats in t twenty international history they were bowled out by england for their lowest ever score and lost the series in the process sam alec has all the action. was bright stars don't always set the tone for winning performances the west indies were reminded of
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that in the second t twenty internationally gets england in particular by joe root . after the open a score just twenty between them route dominated the windies attack and got himself a half century lick. he was a venture to run out his faulty ball fifty five getting to one hundred fourteen for five i was ruthless didn't slowing down however i'm. sam billings piled on even more punishment in the last four roads he racked up eighty seven and forty seven balls. buildings fell on the final delivery of the innings but the damage was done. england looked to be in a strong position with one hundred eighty two on the board while the home side looked deflated. a beginning some chris carroll is exactly what the west indies needed in response they didn't get that was he was rude for just five runs.
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from there the west indies collapsed i'm chris jordan was england's darman with the ball he took four wickets for just six runs england were dismissed the west indies for just forty five the second lowest total in t twenty international history the win seems a series victory for them in the caribbean seville malick al-jazeera. wells have stayed on course to when the northern hamsters biggest international rugby title they beat scotland eighteen to eleven in the six nations championship it's well for straight when in the tournament i just the city looks set to go four points clear at the top of the english premier league city are taking on what for does that match is enter the second half is three in elder city second in the table liverpool play burnley on sunday. the united states women's football team have filed a lawsuit against their own federation it raining will the champions claim they have been the victims of gender discrimination the move comes just three months
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before the team is due to defend its well title in france gabriel is on to reports from new york. a massive ticker tape parade in the streets of new york to welcome home u.s. women's football players after their two thousand and fifteen world cup victory. a sign of their success on the field which they say has not translated off of it all twenty eight members of the team filed a class action lawsuit against their employer the u.s. soccer federation in a longstanding grievance over gender discrimination at the heart of the twenty five page lawsuit they are asking for equal pay they make on average just a quarter of the money the men do the settlement could reach tens of millions of dollars in back pay for current and former players in a statement u.s. soccer said they would not comment on pending litigation but critics of the lawsuit
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argue that some of the money like the world cup bonuses which are four hundred million for men and only thirty million for women are set by fifa world football's governing body and not us soccer. and they say comparing salaries of men and women is not fair since they are two separate entities separate budgets and contracts. but for the women what makes matters worse is this they win and the men don't u.s. women are four time olympic gold medalist and three time world cup winners that two thousand and fifteen victory attracted the largest english speaking t.v. audience in u.s. football history the u.s. mint haven't come close to winning a title or gold medal. the women get a chance to defend their title at this year's world cup in june it's unlikely that is putin to be resolved before kick off in paris might the u.s. women not even attend the world cup perhaps they go on strike they almost did in
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two thousand and sixteen before the summer olympics in rio but that work stoppage was avoided when they got a new contract. al-jazeera new york. and here's a reason to always look before you leap is this try to understand though they suffered a shock and celebrated a goal in the japanese the game jumped over the barricade that without realizing how steep the drop was on the other side fortunately it did why did serious interest. funny sorry i know i shouldn't laugh but you know. look funny he didn't apologize for that but it's all fun and. plenty more news coming from the team in london in just a few moments. my
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main dish every week a new cycle going to see any simple breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the welts jan an ace that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means at all the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media to focus on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most impact is a free palestine are they listening on al-jazeera. macho out just. maggi haasan debates discusses and dissects the big issues of our times and had tad's five years after the revolution voters in ukraine will have
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a chance to offer a verdict on what's come since. in a powerful new film residents of occupied east jerusalem oh it's on its last present and future. leaders will gather for the thirtieth arab league summit in china zia join a school coverage and we examine the development of an unusual alliance between radical buddhist monks and the military in man ma ma ch on i'll just sierra. as women's rights a gaming acceptance across the world. what's the status of global gender equality and how can progress be made executive director of un women. talks to al-jazeera.
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opposition protest a scuffle with police in venezuela where a large part of the country is now in its third day without power they vented their anger at president maduro as government supporters held a rival rally in caracas. hello i'm maryam namazie in london with al jazeera also coming up on the program algeria his government seeks to quell student protests against the president by ordering the closure of all campuses. new satellite images show increased activity around a facility where north korea assembled most of its ballistic missiles. and a boat a treatment center is attacked a second time in the eastern d.l.c. hours before a visit by the head of the wealth health organization. opposition
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protesters in venezuela of clash with police it's a new rally calling for president nicolas maduro to step down this is most of venezuela remains without headache tricity for a day tensions have been rising in a country already facing crippling shortages of food and medicine the blackout which started on thursday is believed to have been caused by problems at a major hydroelectric plant duros accuse the u.s. of economic sabotage but opposition says the outage is just another example of government corruption and mismanagement. well the country's socialist party is also holding a mass rally in caracas against what it calls imperialism from the u.s. washington has slapped heavy sanctions on his way to state oil company at a vesa in an effort to cut off valuable funding to the duros government is to raise a boat gave us this update from an opposition rally in the capital caracas. and
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then out of the people of a rival near to i would have victoria got back up to the marriott used to be controlled most by the government by government supporters but now long wide all the opposition leaders have asked people to gather year to protest here initially it was expected that people would meet in three different point and got back up but the minute.


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