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tv   Baltimore Anatomy Of An American City  Al Jazeera  March 10, 2019 1:32am-2:01am +03

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a former blackwater colleague of yours who works as a back channel to the saudis they're minorities you're supposed to be a convicted paedophile and also joel's imo an israeli expert on social media manipulation how come you didn't mention that meeting to congress given it's so relevant to their investigation. i did as part of the part of the investigations i certainly disclosed in the any meetings the very new i had on the congressional testimony you gave to the house we went through you didn't mention anything about august twenty sixth meeting in trump tower they specifically asked you what context you have and you didn't answer that. i don't believe i was asked that question you asked whether any community for communications or contact with the campaign you said apart from writing papers putting up yard signs know what you said i've got the transcript of the conversation here. i might have been i think it was at trump headquarters or the campaign headquarters twenty sixteen usable an israeli dude a back channel to the emirates on the saudis don't jr eleven million were there to talk about iran policy through that about iran policy i don't think that's
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something important to disclose to the house intelligence committee while you're under oath he did you didn't we just went through the testimony there's no mention of the trump tower meeting because twenty sixteen were not i don't know if they got the transcript wrong. or they got the transcript wrong so we could i don't know i remember i remember certainly does dismiss it that we didn't get you because we know that robert muller he hasn't been able to establish collusion it but he has got a lot of guys for lying to the authorities and not telling the whole truth is that a problem now even if you accidentally didn't tell them that could come back and haunt you fully cooperated i haven't heard anybody i haven't heard from anybody in more than nine months i mean i mean members of congress after they discover this media have talked about certain witnesses not telling the truth but you believe you told congress about this meeting even if no in the transcript just to be clear i believe so. and you can see the full interview with erik prince on head to head with matty has and at zero one hundred g.m.t. on sunday it's also online at al-jazeera. for the third time in a month in
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a boat a treatment center in the democratic republic of congo has been attacked medical teams are trying to control the latest outbreak of the virus which is already killed more than five hundred people in the east of the country barbara reports. soldiers dragged a suspected attacker through the forest close to the temporary bella center in the democratic republic of congo is one of several men said to have fired shots into the buildings where medical teams battling to contain the spread of ribera after finding myself a barrier to what i was washing glasses when i heard bullets i wondered what's going on one of our colleagues who was busy burning but garbage began shouting but the attackers were already entering the treatment center from the main entrance. it's less than a week since the potential center reopened after it was attacked in february is said north kivu province source of the republic's latest to beller outbreak of saturday's attack came just hours before
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a visit by the head of the world health organization. who. dozens of on groups are reported to be operating in the eastern congo some allow health workers to deliver vaccines and track people infected with it but others are hostile to outsiders. some aid agencies have criticized the military's response to threats they say intimidation and violence is making it more difficult for medical staff to contain the virus and the number of cases is increasing barbara and out to sara. people traffickers smuggle tens of thousands of africans every year and
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conflicts in some parts of the continent have caused trafficking to increase the united nations estimates that women make up just over half of the total who are trafficked those from nigeria often go through mali and i cheering government believes there are up to twenty thousand of them they started repatriating some of them in january nigeria's national agency fighting human trafficking says many were tricked with promises of getting jobs in europe but ended up as sex slaves in mali's mining camps one young woman who escaped is now a key witness in the trial of a woman who's another in traffic in mali she told us her story whenever inspiration . comes i had to drive his car i was quite frightening running through almost crying noise as it is crossing to montreal city from me from a new life from i. mean it thinned out to lunch and once there are so many tears and snot sniping a very violent very soon sought to have tracked on the phone for financing.
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to walk out on to his posters instead of the sellers right. before. the pod from its influence is really off and he calls. a day out. fifty guys in a cell phone or broadway and a new board to the harshness. of us all starts with. salute the man the. most heart sinks for you to read even the analysis the more you. do melissa read seuss the a local produce more in my food. on lives which will. win. so it's been two trials with two digital media agency the guy no i can't see that that
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didn't. last i'm talking to you now on my marquee rides i really don't mind the. drivers. did they didn't say we grew. our lead to follow a parcel from. smith in anything if you truly understood it can you do mother on can do you know move roads might have no point and it's been. the lawyers association in sudan says nine female protesters have been sentenced to twenty lashes and a month in jail for rioting it comes a day after president tomorrow but she ordered the release of all females detained over government demonstrations students have continued to protest in the capital khartoum despite a state of emergency around green with the government for detaining protests during
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the demonstrations that have been going on since december officials say thirty one people have died in protests rates and violence so far human rights watch has put the death toll at fifty one. more than thirteen people have been killed another seven wounded in a shooting at a bar in mexico according to local reports a group of armed men pulled up to the bar in three vans and opened fire as they burst in the shooting took place in the. state which has suffered a doubling of murders since last year making it one of mexico's most violent regions meanwhile the mexican navy a seized six tons of illegal drugs in an operation off the coast of the state of sonora in the country's northwest marijuana as well as smaller quantities of methamphetamines fentanyl and heroin were also on the boat. u.s. singer r. kelly has been released from jail after he paid a hundred sixty one thousand us dollars he owed in child support kelley was charged
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last month with ten counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse involving four alleged victims three of whom were minus at the time kelly denied all charges and was released on bail but he's being held in a chicago jail since wednesday after a judge ruled he would remain behind bars until the outstanding funds were paid some of the protesters on the streets of paris for the seventeenth successive weekend have been sporting a new color this time women led the marches calling for equal treatment in a nod to international women's day on friday some are wearing pink yellow vests movement began at the end of last year in protest of president not fonzie economic policies which they say favor the rich but lately the number of protesters has started to dwindle if i'm not home yet women are on the front line of the demonstration because there is no democracy without women's rights there are no women's rights without democracy we are central to the proper functioning of society. the people do not want more of this financial globalization the french
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people will not go back they do not want to go back between ten to fifteen million french are in misery or even in a survival state so we don't know where we're heading to but we won't go backwards that's for sure. news from pakistan the government has officially complained to cricket's governing body for what it says was an inflammatory gesture by the indian cricket team the indians wore on the style caps during their match against australia in a show of support for the military tensions are high between new delhi and islam a bad after an attack on indian troops in the disputed kashmir region i.c.c. rules prohibit clothing relating to political causes during international matches or more to everything we're covering right here al jazeera dot com is where you need to go. just a quick look at the stories making headlines now opposition protesters in venezuela have clashed with police during protests calling for president nicolas maduro to
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step down as most of venezuela remains without electricity for a third day the blackout is believed to have been caused by problems at a major hydroelectric plant in the duo is blaming it on u.s. sabotage trays a boat is in caracas ongoing right now with the big power outage that is the big apple and hopefully that it will look back to many days all but if we let it have generated on friday mostly and we have been going around on the fifth of that when we've seen already price of coal for that equation trying to back up power plants that were not working at oracle they are still drunk life people life depends mostly on a lot of support colleges and universities in algeria have been ordered to close their campuses two weeks ahead of the scheduled spring break it's being seen as an attempt to quell student protests demanding that the ailing president of the as he's bitch of resigned. the u.s.
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backed syrian democratic forces of again delayed their final assault on the village of i saw it last enclave in syria they say they are expecting more civilians to be evacuated from the area the new satellite images show increased activity around a facility where north korea assembled most of its ballistic missiles which is taken over two weeks showed a flurry of vehicle and train activity which has now died down suggesting items have been transported elsewhere the new york times is reporting that one of the largest talent agencies in the united states as a return to four hundred million dollar investment by saudi arabia of the murder of john is jamal khashoggi it says william morris endeavor is terminating its deal agreed last year. and there's been a third attack on an abode a treatment center in the eastern democratic republic of congo hours before a visit by the head of the world health organization armed fighters targeted a facility in potentially which was attacked last month one police officer was
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killed in iraq today with all of our top stories coming up next our weekly look at the world's media in the listening post i'll see you after that for more news in about twenty five minutes time. but i think i shall i meet such a shock to. the things that i'm caught by. the. fact that if i did i'm not a come on come. alone richard disappeared and you're at the listening post here are some of the stories that we're covering this week the case against
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benjamin netanyahu and the israeli media outlets the prime minister is accused of trying to bring under his control after five years the egyptian photojournalist show is no longer behind bars many of his colleagues still are colonial residue governments in sub-saharan africa are still using laws that colonists left behind to silence journalists and a music video comes out of china in defense of a mobile phone company we begin in israel and the corruption case that centers on prime minister benjamin netanyahu is attempts to control the media a story that also exposes the degree to which certain israeli news outlets are willing to sell out their coverage elections are just weeks away and netanyahu is looking at charges of bribery fraud and breach of trust one of the cases alleges the prime minister agreed to limit the distribution of one newspaper israel heigho home in exchange for positive coverage in another era not he's also accused of
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offering a telecoms company beza a lucrative government contracts buying in effect positive news coverage on a website owned by the same company a news site called walla the attorney general handling the case says. even had a hand in choosing which editors and reporters walla would hire or fire prime minister netanyahu is using the fake news defense calling the case a witch hunt cooked up by political rivals and their friends in the media it's a line he's used before but the victim narrative is starting to sound a little unconvincing our starting point this week is television. w should be a story of. how those who would do that if i'm actually on the order fella get that ugly. little bit of a detour they slowly show up as the fourth of others often that. she do in new
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hubby and cookie group. in a big loud. only slip of the from us going to. just equal who really is or should. not include some of the know the bin it's. this is a first in israeli political history a sitting prime minister faces indictment on multiple counts of corruption and media manipulation the telecom and media baron getting contracts and bribes from benjamin netanyahu in return for favorable coverage show the love each the man who issued the indictment notice attorney general of the high mantel blinked in his written ruling detailing the grounds for indictment mandalit walks us through an extensive system set up by netanyahu to control media coverage of himself his
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government and his family it's damning however supporters of the prime minister argue he was left with little choice of the cumana five about that of fame and all the cases have to do with the media. why was nothing else so involved in the media why did he try to measure so much with it nobody's asking that question could it be did not and we always vilified by the media more than any other prime minister in the western world zero nish clearly there's no prime minister or president anywhere but so savagely criticize. they should be able to you'll be on the well exploited justices' that night. the thing that was most important to him. finally brings him down you know it's banging the hole with everybody now is a lefty everybody now is.


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