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tv   The Peacekillers  Al Jazeera  March 10, 2019 8:33am-9:01am +03

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yorktown that he may not have a health question mark over him but he does have a corruption question mark or really doesn't look good for the news business i think we're not going to do any we're not knowing but what do you say that he really didn't get why there's a lot of disillusionment with the u.n. across the globe to survive the cold fall and then breaks doesn't build confidence a great skill to join me mad the hot sun on the front of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories i don't think issues here and i'll just say. welcome back no rights groups are criticizing the u.s. for storing a database of journalists who cover the migrant caravan from central america leaked
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documents show that border officials compiled a list of dozens of people to screen most certainly the us mexico border rebels reports from los angeles. the until now secret list of fifty million immigrants rights activists journalists and attorneys who are being tracked and monitored by border agents has infuriated civil liberties groups and prompted an inquiry by the u.s. congress the database was compiled by u.s. customs and border officials and obtained by n.b.c. news it contains names photos and other personal information photojournalists on address there is one of those on the u.s. government's list it was interesting to see the level of questioning you get being asked almost the same high standards you're giving the same answer i. think they can find out this information for yourself why do you have to stop me and. some of the people listed were subject to. heightened scrutiny such as being stopped for
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questioning and in some cases refused entry into mexico at a crossing near san diego dressler says she was repeatedly stopped for questioning and just asked me about what i was seeing on the ground i asked for all my personal information i'm not press like i was shooting for who i work for. and one of the editor's phone number was my e-mail the database was apparently compiled near the end of twenty eighteen as large groups including many families from central america traveled to the u.s. border seeking asylum the u.s. customs and border protection agency issued a statement saying in part criminal events such as the breach of the border wall in san diego are routinely monitored and investigated as democratic members of congress called the database alarming unacceptable and an assault on press freedom the congressional committee that oversees border agencies demanded
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a copy of the list and an explanation of why individuals were included as well as any other secret dossiers that me exist the american civil liberties union called the government's targeting of journalists and activists quote an outrageous violation of americans constitutional rights the department of homeland security's inspector general will conduct an internal investigation into whether officials behind the database violated policies and the law rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles times. thank you very much a hat trick from rhymes there ling helped fire manchester city four points clear at the top of the english premier league city beating want for the three one zero with all goals coming in the second half second place liverpool play burnley on sunday after the game a city manager pep guardiola reacted angrily to reports that he will replace max
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a leg at its eventis next season why the media for one way twitter say something everybody in the biggest pages that is going to mean next four years going to juventus so i don't understand and understand how the people before to save a good joint as a norm don't try to call the club or call me silva call me a gentle call whatever you into the most unilingual in some sort of form a similar i have two more years here in iowa and to move impossible except they sent me a therapist autumn are in danger of missing out on temp as they call it a case and they let a one goal lead slip against southampton and lost to one i am only to be weary this change will change too much from the finish on the second because it's only one reason he's made them this is a bold complicite complacency is about. everyone's in but we.
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barcelona seven points clear at the top of the spanish league after three one win over. fierce rivals real madrid are facing up to a season without a trophy coat santiago's ally has filed to fight for his future in just over a week ryall have lost twice to barcelona and been knocked out of the champions league they trailed busta by fifteen points going into sunday's league game against wales. the. greatest through adversity that personality appears and that's not just a cliché dance reality that's when you see who's there and who's not who's hiding and who will face the consequences who's happy and who sat and which of the players will rebel against the situation by munich have gone top of the german bunds league for the first time since september a six mil win over votes among them above the brucia darkman the on goal difference in our aim and for seven straight german title they play liverpool in the last
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sixteen of the champions league on wednesday. because governing body the i.c.c. has told all just zero no action will be taken against india's national team pakistan's government has accused india of politicizing the sport what india's play is war army cap said during a game against australia on friday tension escalated between india and pakistan last month after a suicide bomber killed more than forty indian troops the team wore the caps as a tribute to the victims of the attack i.c.c. rules for forbid the display of political messages but is said the team had permission to wear the caps as part of fundraising effort for the families of those who died in the attack or this is the latest incident in the turbulent cricketing relationship between pakistan and india india have refused to play a test series with pakistan since the mumbai attacks in two thousand and eight the
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country's last test series was in two thousand and seven pakistan did to india for a limited over series between december twenty twelfth and january twentieth but pakistan players haven't been allowed to play in the indian premier league the world's most lucrative domestic competition last month the indian cricket board asked the i.c.c. to cut ties with what they called countries from where terrorism emanates referring to pakistan the i.c.c. rejected this demand or the teams are due to meet in a group game at this year's world cup a cricket author shantanu local how ray is says india could well boycott the match . source not is has no business trying to ask what do you know liz you know we're it sort of noble cause it's for the nation then obviously i says you would have given them permission i don't think in the i would be foolish enough to do anything
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without the dice you see i really doubt india will play pakistan number one and in their own robbery if they don't plea my only worry is what happens when india faces but your son or possibly in their faces but you sunder semifinals so that call the b. c i has to dig maybe recency i will solve all their own not really as a marco protest and then eventually play our list of the match. pakistan's biggest on mr clegg has returned to the country with the backing of a huge security operation all the thirteen thousand policemen were on duty in karachi to ensure the pakistan super league contest passed off without incident if twenty six matches of this year's tournament were played in the united arab emirates because of security issues in the country last eight will be played on home soil and the west indies recorded their lowest ever score in the t twenty
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international long they were bowled out for just forty five by england and sent it and then went on to win by one hundred thirty seven runs a result that also gave them a serious victory. wells have stayed on course to win the northern hemisphere biggest international rugby title they beat scotland eighteen to eleven and the six nations championship but it's wales fourth straight win in the tournament and england hit back from their defeat against wales and with a big win over italy they ran an eight tries in a fifty seven to fourteen win at to maintain their title hopes. maverick and eyes that will be in pole position for the first moto g.p. race of twenty one thousand called fine in qatar was hit by a number of options as many riders struggled in windy conditions a lot enzo was unable to continue after this incident and will start in fifteenth
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and here's a reason to always look before you leap brazilian striker anderson lopez suffered a shot while celebrating a goal in the japanese league he jumped over the barricade without realising how steep the drop was on the other side fortunately he avoided serious injury and also support from you'll have more later on. sunnah thank you very much now take a trip true through southern thailand and it won't be long before you travel through a forest of rubber trees the nation's the biggest exporter of rule rubber but global prices the falling on farmers are hurting. the reports in the southern province of crabby critics say a government subsidy scheme is too little too late. for generations the landscape of southern thailand has been dotted with rubber plantations it's known as the white gold that's tapped from the trees but now and probably province like many others the farmers have been dealt a double blow by world markets and one dispute in particular. global oversupply has
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driven the rubber price down forty percent over two years and the months long trade war between the united states and china has severely cut china's need for thai rubber. rubber farmer since he was a boy. is struggling but is skeptical of a subsidy program recently put in place by the military government the nato give them and try to help us but they just do it just to save face and fix the problem in the short term they don't think about the long term they subsidise the fifty eight dollars to fifteen hundred square meters of course we've got money you know if this program some economists see the subsidies as a quick fix is there only a short term benefit for some of the local farmers here it does nothing to lessen their reliance on the global price of rubber and what needs to happen next they say is more of a focus on innovation advancing the industry here less on export raw rubber. as thailand heads towards its first election since the military coup five years ago
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some question the government's motivation behind subsidies rather than investing in the future of the industry they don't have enough dissent and they don't have. to do it at. they detest do something that's an easy way and then get properly because you do sing public money so and then you call. but the government defends the subsidy program as the only way they can work with the farmers how many hogan yet if we don't have this program the farmers don't come to talk with us with it they cooperate with the government it probably is traditionally a stronghold for the democrat party members campaigning out in the plantations they say the current program is bad for the farmers and will bring it to an end if elected although they'll guarantee a minimum price for rubber. but offer little detail of how they'll keep the
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industry going in the long term and how the people here will continue to live off their white gold it's got harder al-jazeera krabby thailand opening news of course on websites that dress is al-jazeera dot com there it is on the screen and that's it for me down and jordan for the news of a done that way because out of that in a moment with more of the day's news digest them so much. africa's most populous nation a blog just economy has a youth unemployment problem in
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a bid to control the internet of the future some say a kind of digital ion co-incidence folding we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost on al-jazeera. monch on al-jazeera. maggi has son jim bates discusses and dissects the big issues of our times and head to heads five years after the revolution focuses in ukraine will have a chance to offer a verdict. what's come since. in a powerful new film residents of occupied east jerusalem shared their thoughts on its past present and future. leaders will gather for the thirtieth arab league summit in china zia join us for coverage and we examine the development of an unusual alliance between radical buddhist monks and the military in million mom. march on al-jazeera. jewing sierra leone civil
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war nigerian forces were deployed to protect civilians in state sometimes on the population in plain sight of a journalist's camera but these is a name to be well trained to simply in the peacekeeping force to last the problem completely eighteen his own using his harrowing images international lawyers seeking justice for those slaughtered by their guardians peace kilis on al-jazeera . faceoff on the streets president would do a rally is his supporters and cuts against one by those crowds of venezuelans to force him out.
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and on down jordan this is al jazeera live from also coming up universities older to shut down the algeria to quell protests against the long room president. another about a treatment center comes under attack in the democratic republic of congo. and with breaks it looming britain's bidding abroad wonder what lies ahead. rival demonstrations have been held in the streets of venezuela's capital but in supporters of president nicolas maduro opposition leader. this is venezuela remains without electricity for a third day in one of the worst blackouts in decades but do a call for the rally in protest against what he called imperialism from the united states he says it was a puppet being used by washington alstom from power. we have defeated. they tried illegitimately. president day it is
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obvious to the world he's not a president not anything he's. delinquent citizen. meanwhile the opposition protesters of clashed with police and security forces tried to stop supporters from setting up a stage says the power outage is another example of government corruption. and for more protests to pressure the president to step down. before. to wear us out brothers and sisters and yes the road has been very long the road is out but we will never tire in the search for freedom and we will stay in the streets stories about as more from the opposition rally in caracas. initially the demonstration that was expected to take place today they have asked people to gather in three different points all had ak up but because very very early in the
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morning people tried to set up a page here and they were detained and that's why people thought it turning and coming here massively in order to protest against the government of new fallout motherhood of this demonstration is happening in the middle of what many say is a bigger power outage in the country what we have seen in the past two days here is a country that has been completely in the dark suspects in most of the oxytocin that they've been in a way that according to our sense that in many cases have not been working we have told them to what to do you know that are trying to some firm how many people died because of this power cuts and they're saying that until now at least sixteen people have lost their lives many of them were on life support in hospitals around the country and that's why people are coming here massively they're saying that the current theory is that prices there is more to do the food and medicine hyperinflation that is affecting this country's most vulnerable and that's why they're saying that there needs to be change and that change is represented
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a maybe a vision leader up in. the government now jarrett has ordered universities to close early for the spring break as students made the biggest anti-government protests in any thirty years those shots on sunday two weeks ahead of schedule no social reasons been given young people have played a big part in demonstrations against president bush i think it's two year old is seeking a fifth term in office along the whole bara has covered north africa extensively he says the role of algiers military is the key. as the protest movement gains momentum in algeria the big question is what will be the army's next move the army being the most powerful establishment in algeria that will depend on many factors we have to wait and see what happens on the thirtieth of march when the constitutional court will. approve those illegitimate to run for the presidential elections and i think that could ignite more anger in algeria the
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general sentiment now among many people the protesters the opposition is that the elections should be postponed and vase say that they don't think that the environment could be conducive to and instability in algeria i think of the men term continuous over the coming weeks the army will definitely have to step in now they're cautiously monitoring the situation on the ground and they're looking for that balancing act they don't want to be seen as siding with. and of the same time sounding again as the algerian people that are statements made over the past few days by the. army chief guy backfired here asked people who warned people against in the acts of instability but for many people this was an act of intimidation trying to tell the people if you decide to continue to protest the
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army might interfere so i think they are trying to gauge wish way the wind is going to blow in the coming days in algeria but this is quite a remarkable moment in the modern history of algeria the country has gone through a series of political crises nine hundred sixty five the those who fought for the independence of algeria disagreed about how to move forward and the pave the way for the first military coup in our series in one thousand nine hundred one the army had to step in and block the political process in a syria to prevent the. islam is from abroad in the country an act which still continues to divide the years you have those who say it was a wise decision by the army and those who say that was the moment that has prevented algeria from building a strong vibrant democracy and this explains why now the army is very cautious about how to move forward but i think if the momentum continues to build against president abdelaziz bouteflika and his bid to run for
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a fifth it could be the moment for the army to step in and look for another turnout of us backed kurdish fighters are preparing for a final push against isis lost on klav in syria fighting bad news was poor to allow more civilians to leave on saturday and i still feel i could still be seen in the town groups say tens of thousands of fled the area since the start of the offensive by kurdish fighters last month at the un's refugee agency has been experiencing firsthand what life is like for syrians who fled the fighting for the program visited refugees in lebanon and says the u.n. won't pressure them into returning home. they're worried they're they're fearful of security they are thinking about their destroyed houses of the lack of jobs in all these are very important human factors that need to be addressed but i think that if we continue to work on the syrian side maybe more people will make this decision in more confidence it is very important you know very well our position that any
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return be not only safe and dignified but also voluntary that people have to make that decision by themselves and should not be pressured or pushed and i think the continues to be our position but of course for those who return they will be they will be supported by us and we're certainly not as has been said in the past but he's not being said any more we're not blocking any return we would be it would not be our job to do that lawyers and saddam hussein nine women protest as a been sentenced to twenty lashes and a month in jail for rioting comes a day after president omar al bashir ordered the release of all women detained of anti-government demonstrations students of continued to protest in the capital khartoum despite a state of emergency they're angry with the government for detaining protests during the last three months of demonstrations with morgan has more than a call to. follow the directives of president obama this year thirty eight women
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have been released from prison according to the da for lawyers association now let's remember we don't know how many women have been arrested in the first place the government has not given a clear figure to how many women were detained since the protests started more than eleven weeks ago in fact the government hasn't given a clear figure to how many people both male and female were arrested but what we do know is that thirty eight women so far have been released that number does not include the women who have been sentenced to jail for their participation in trials and that number does not also include the women who are pending charges because of their participation in protest over the past few weeks now again we don't know how many women were arrested in the first place but that's of the say that the number could. go as high as one hundred fifty women who have been arrested we've spoken to family members over the past few weeks and they have expressed concerns about the well being of their female relatives who have been detained some of them tweeted out on social media and on facebook that they are very relieved to have their family members back and that they are very happy to know that they are doing well and that they will be taking them for basically medical check up to make sure that
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everything is ok with them but again this is not mean the end of the process the president has repeatedly said that he wants dialogue and this could be part of his initiative to try to show the protesters and the demonstrators that he's trying to pave way for a dialogue but people are saying that they don't want any talks with them we have spoken to many demonstrators over the past few weeks and they say that is not going to be the solution their calls for more protests tomorrow and in the coming weeks and they say they will not stop until the government steps down something the president said he's not going to do and he's already announced a state of emergency that is set to last for a year and most of the people who've been arrested over the past couple of weeks have been charged have been charged and tried in the courts in something called emergency courts which were set up to make sure that the people who've been protesting have basically are being charged and due process takes its course so it's not clear how long this will go and where it will end but at the moment we have protesters and demonstrators will very determined to continue until the president steps down and we have a president and
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a government that seems to be very defiant and not willing to step down until elections come next year. protesters have been out on the streets of paris for the seventeenth successive weekend and this time it was women leading the march they've been calling for equal treatment just a day the international women's day the protests were mostly peaceful but the number of those taking part fell to the lowest level since demonstrations first began in late november as i got a president micron's economic policies which protests to say favor the rich. women are in the front line of the demonstration because there is no democracy without women's rights there are no women's rights without democracy we are essential to the proper functioning of society. people do not want more of this financial globalisation french people will not go back they do not want to go back between ten to fifteen million french are in misery even in a survival state so we don't know where we're heading to but we won't go backwards that's for sure satellite images released in the us by the news outlet n.p.r. suggest that north korea could be preparing for
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a new missile launch increased activity at the site near pyongyang comes two weeks talks between leader kim jong un and president trump ended without an agreement kim let's stop missile launches of relations between the two countries and prove these latest reports come just days after the different satellite images allegedly showed pyongyang had started rebuilding a rocket. well time will tell but i have a feeling that our relationship with good career came to myself chairman i think it's a very good one i think it remains good i would be. surprised in a negative way if we did anything that was. not per our understanding but we'll see what happens look when i came in. under the obama administration north korea was a disaster i inherited a mess with north korea right now you have no testing you know nothing let's see what happens but i.


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