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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 68  Al Jazeera  March 10, 2019 10:33am-11:01am +03

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in the m. and a to tens of thousands of most reasonable courses with skillet and troops from the iraqis a war that is being followed so viciously with no accountability whatsoever within the big of fighting the iranians who did exist in yemen have you advocated using private private contractors to take on iran to the trumpet ministration no you have people have accused of became in the past you've talked about using private contracts to confront iran no and i see no role for blackwater slash s.g. in any relation to iran oh ok just to check before going to what is what got us one quest last question you are part of a group of high profile trump supporters including steve bannon sheriff david clarke and others who are planning on raising private money to build a wall along the us mexico border you can have a go fund me page what i don't get though is i'm pretty sure i heard donald trump say that mexico would be paying for the war. don't discount mexico actually paying for the wall i think most of us have but yet more and more news on that look
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there's a lot of places where it's federal land and in a go fund me individual effort is not possible but there's a lot of places where us ranchers or us landowners own land right up to the border they are sick of their farms effectively being massive transit spots for drug and criminal activity and so they would welcome that the guy who started that is a triple amputee military veteran who started it and he's raised more than twenty million dollars and the cost per boe you for the last people for money when met when trump told us more than a hundred times people have counted that mexico would pay for the wall so why do we need you in the sky and go fund me page from lied to all because again don't discount mexico actually paying for part of the road. there are things that may happen that mexico end up paying he wanted the entirety of the world where it can say they are going to pay for part of the wall part a very explicitly said that mexico will pay for the wall. the last chapter is not
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written on that mark my words you will pay for the wall so then why are you fundraising. you want it both ways there is only the little brother raise money because people are frustrated they're sick of the president can't get mexico to pay for the wall two years into his presidency after claiming there it is a national security issue when you have thousands of people crossing the border with a lot of drugs look america has a huge opium and you know the majority of the facts come through legal points of entry i'm talking about the funding trumps in mexico to fund the war did he lie to people when he said what used to be a bipartisan issue the democrats have made items that are as i say they didn't lie to us when he said mexico to pay for the war given your now trying to get americans to pay i don't believe the president has lied and like i said the last chapter of mexico paying for the wall is not done yet ok mark my word i will wait for some more ok in the meantime americans are going to pay for it through your fundraiser let's go to our audience who's been waiting very patiently i'm going to go to the front here and we're going to the back gentleman here with the band. being originally iraq and having spent some time in iraq i've seen how iraqis still
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shudder at the name blackwater reminded of the endless aggression the use of weapons as call horns or even the use of tear gas as call traffic control do you not think that blackwater has a role to play in perpetuating violence in iraq as well as laying the foundation for the creation of al qaida in isis. there's one hundred ten thousand iraqi civilians have died after blackwater and involvement in iraq blackwater was not the problem in iraq a very sick tarion government dominated by iranian units that have been pounding on the sunni's and pounding on the kurds is probably the thing that led to the drop of basis but even if that's part of it most military experts into the us military experts agree that high profile incidents whether it's abu ghraib did help act as a recruiting sergeant for groups like isis that didn't exist before the us invaded iraq so something like the missile square massacre that is still remembered in baghdad may well have done helped people say you know what i'm going to go join an
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insurgent group that's how american street of private contractors shoot nine year old kids in the street shoot mothers with children i think massive unemployment and an iraqi government that is you know when i'm not disputing that i'm agreeing with you i was saying because you discount them in iraq you sitting at home seeing the missile square massacre doesn't think you know what i'm not as well go join the insurgency this is how americans treat as innocent people no that's not you know look there is a justice a process that served there was actually accountability lots of investigation for that but like i said i always you don't answer the question as if iraq you sitting at home sees the missile square massacre you don't think that might incite him to join in a soldier but there are of course bad news travels fast and irritates people about news is what this gentleman suggesting but we did not create one hundred ten thousand iraqi civilians that were murdered ok i didn't go to. be in the arena and say let's go back to the audience gentlemen here in the red. i'd like to ask what you think some of president greatest four inch policy achievements have been thus
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far and what we should focus on for the next two years to secure reelection. well you know the president he campaigned against endless wars and the pentagon look there is a real military industrial complex but he's trying to stop that he is trying to remove or reduce the u.s. presence in afghanistan and in syria he's been getting the north koreans to the table and if you can actually go she and to the korean war it will be a magnificent first step and i think if that's if that's the case then the u.s. should be willing to pull all troops out of south korea and the u.s. presence in korea which we've been which we've had for seventy seven years you're not a fan of iran is going to briefly negotiate with iran to why is it that iran is the evil regime nobody should talk to them but north korea i send them love letters he sends me love letters. to my knowledge i think there certainly is still back channel negotiations with the iranians as well but you know they continue to do.
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you know questionable things in syria ok. let's go to the lady here and then the gentleman there. hi this is also with regards to the august third meeting of the sixteen you said that you mentioned it in your task to need to the house intelligence committee i have the transcript right here on the testimony on the thirtieth of november two thousand and sixteen you did and i could read from it if we don't have time for you to read the past so why didn't you why you why are you saying you did when you can have another go answering this question why didn't you mention it in your test i mean it was nothing to hide not all the discussion that day was transcribed and that's a fact ok your answers to the questions suggest that there was no involvement that they asked you for example have you had any me at any meetings of the u.a.e. delegation prior to the official meeting and the august third meeting was prior to face our meeting george and there is a representative of the m.p. that was one like i said not everything was transcribed from that discussion you
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weren't there. you've been very kind of i admire you be very forthcoming to on this issue you're very don't want to say much are you worried are you worried about milo no not at all now ok. let's go back to the audience let's go to the gentleman there . i was caught up in this was going back to move till covering the story at the time was may and as you know we saw people getting killed money on drugs it was in good mood we discussed this with you before but just doing that one listens have you learned from me and if done things differently then if you knew what you know i'm sure i wouldn't have i wouldn't ever do security for the state department again it just wasn't worth it it wasn't worth the damage or the horror of the company if we were going to do it i would have insisted like we did for any angio work that we did is that we have cameras because the camera serves as a third party neutral observer because it's very easy to second guess something
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that happens you know days ago or weeks or months ago but it's very different and you have to make a speech that i don't see you're saying cameras that the implication being that you don't accept you did anything wrong that i had there been cameras your men would be vindicated if that was not what you're saying to be explicit about look because i've been found guilty in american courts and in the courts you don't like but they've been found guilty in american courts after the fourth time of trying ok they've been found guilty in american court and we had numerous other incidents where there was a shooting and we were accused and when it was all square and we believe young men did anything wrong and when law enforcement authorities viewed the tapes. there was no preview believe in this square human did anything wrong so very simple question in hindsight sure if it's an innocent civilian every innocent civilian that's killed is a tragedy is a horror and we try very hard to avoid that that's why forty when forty one men died doing that mission shielding other people from enemy bullets who are trying to kill them and slaughter them or hang them to burn they're going to some more questions lady with a hand up do it for my friend to come to you yes i was a u.s.
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television journalist in iraq during and after the invasion i saw blackwater people humiliate and terrorize iraqis they were hostile to journalists and they were hostile to n.g.o.s why should you get a contract to do the same thing in afghanistan thank you thank you thank you how did you know that they were black or personnel very very clearly walking around not just driving cars walking around they were blackwater as journalists we knew who blackwater was let us know they were not soldiers they were blackwater if they were there are literally i'm sorry there was hundreds and hundreds of companies employing u.s. nato and other country veterans difference between the between blackwater and nato i'm sorry by saying i don't think you're that sharp that you can tell the
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difference between a polish guy a french guy or you know your dad sharp to tell the difference well thank you thank you i did time to do that thank you very very retract and you're going to agree before this because i would carry on with your i carry on with your audience will go to the judge with a tie in the suit. so i've got to be in war since i was in one fighting twenty international terrorist groups since two thousand and fourteen the afghan national security forces have been doing this by themselves so how do you justify that you'll get a contract and go and do the war in afghanistan given that you're making money out of this business and you don't ever want to conclude this business there and one point please do us a favor and have a bold line between the centers of the democracy is totally up to the people of afghanistan to decide who is their next president thank you are you ready for. you after yourself and you believe the afghans don't want nothing like that's
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definitely not going to do with the first question about that that you have a self-interest in perpetuating the conflict as you get paid here's the thing the of the sixty two billion dollars right now the u.s. spends five billion dollars supporting the afghan security forces fifty seven billion is the cost of u.s. presence there that's going away ok the support for the afghan security forces the airlift the medivac which is wholly inadequate right now because afghan soldiers are dying at a rate of thirty and forty per day if there is not a skill to support supply provided to them how many cars i'm sorry ashraf ghani himself said the afghan forces will collapse in less than six months i say it's more like six weeks ok so there has to be some kind of capability to keep the afghan security forces operate and able to function so that afghanistan can actually have a free election and they should be totally free to choose their next leader i agree let me ask you this despite all the things you and black would have been accused of some of which we've discussed tonight but this much more you said in two thousand
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and seven quote i sleep the sleep of the just i'm not feeling guilty just wondering is that still the case today you still have no regrets no guilt no ruined sleep at all over all those innocent lives taken by blackwater employees. look the fact is the company did what it was asked to it was asked to protect protect we saved thousands and thousands of people we saved many many wounded u.s. soldiers well beyond the scope of the contract. ok we did what we were asked any any injury any civilian that's in it in a car crash or actually having your nine year old children shot in the correct and still since long after blackwater was involved one hundred ten thousand iraqi civilians have been killed in that same conflict you know by isis so buying companies over there when i have george bush on the show lost about his sleep i'm asking about the people your guys killed does it keep you awake at night we were asked to do a job and we performed very very well we'll have to leave it there thanks to our audience here in the oxford union thanks to our panel of experts who have come tonight and thanks to erik prince for joining me on head to head that's our show
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head to head will be back next week. the government you support are believed to have detained maybe a million people in reeducation camps certainly not grabbing headlines in china on the in the wild kings of the people's republic that's probably not best just to dismiss everything as propaganda to use propaganda because your abrasive aggressive way of addressing it may have some challenges chinese finance yet charles knew you wrote something critical of president chiluba i said this would not be regarded well by the western press popped up. on al-jazeera.
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hello once again a similar areas at risk from severe thunderstorms we're talking about mississippi valley but actually strong winds have been spreading from the texas panhandle slowly northeast was this storm develops we got a mixture of snow to the knolls winter warnings rain to the south and this whole lot is moving fairly rapidly isa's that by injuries it will be the dangerous when it does ease daytime on sunday is a pretty cloudy picture but the still risk is more or less gone by this time but look at the temperatures were fifteen and eighteen in washington this wards tucked up in here and the real cold we brought in from behind is nothing like as cold as it was the pacific coast to coast south the low not as much quiet and still snow falling in the rockies you'll notice in series of hours to some degree and even l.a. could see some daytime rain come monday by which time still cloudy coonass still
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eunice in texas down to thirty but new york's above freezing washington still at fourteen as i said the real cold isn't there i think east encounter ontario quebec are we seeing a lot of snow out of that still the caribbean still though breezy quite quiet the cloud is building up against the coast of costa rica and panama we will see more showers here i wanted to run his spaniel increased me coming up through columbia as well. there's no one way of telling. keeping is telling right and. it's great to know the person. this is al-jazeera.
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hello i'm down jordan this is the hours they were. coming up in the next sixty minutes on the streets president. venezuelan. universities are ordered to shut down down jewry to quote protests against the ruling president. another ebola treatment comes under attack in the democratic republic of congo. taking matters into their own call vigilantes the rule of law in india. rival demonstrations have been held on the streets of venezuela's capital one hundred supporters of president nicolas maduro and opposition leader. this as large parts of the country remain without electricity for
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a third and one of the worst blackouts in decades to resupply reports from us. it was a protest territory in the capital. thousands responded to opposition leader call to take over victoria. and the area that's been off limits for the opposition because it has been traditionally controlled by supporters of the. alfredo domi was among those trying to convince the police to join him. the protest was we want them to join us because we're the people not the government we're the majority right now that needs change and it's not represented by nicolas maduro. this rally is the opposition's latest move to oppose government after a failed attempt to get aid into the country with the help of the united states it was gathered in three different parts of that i guess and then made it to this haven't you and now they're trying to make it till the end of this road where
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they're supposed to meet opposition leader i want you to know about their savings as you can see here that the five hundred national guard was out that that was a few minutes later people started to push to get the body of aryan national guard off the street they left the area to avoid a major confrontation. i. arrived hours later begging venezuelans not to lose hope. we've said it before but a dream once to wear out brothers and sisters and yes the road has been very long the road is worn out but we will never tire in the search for freedom. the protest happened after a major power outage left much of venezuela in complete darkness the first blackout was caused by a failure of the good hydroelectric plant in the state of. electricity supply began
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to return on saturday but then power and communications collapsed once again. the government also organized and anti imperialist protests close to the presidential palace. blamed the opposition and the united states for the power cuts so clearly. they were conducting highly scientific energy attacks with advanced technology what our experts call electromagnetic attacks against the transmission lines to generate interruptions in the process of national reconnection. venezuelans are already struggling with an unprecedented economic crisis of the past few days has allowed the opposition to gain ground in areas they were not able to reach before i.
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asked. medina's a former venezuelan diplomat who resigned in twenty seventeen to protest against murderous policies he says power outages in venezuela stem from government corruption. these regimes thrives on chaos they actually created that's why it is a self-inflicted economic meltdown due to grand corruption interest as you can see in the electrical industry. for example and company it was a suit a briefcase company that took on a one year the same year where they were created of more than eleven contracts that were hundreds of millions of dollars and they had no assets or knowledge or previous knowledge and this is what has created certain deficiencies of course a lack of maintenance and a lot of mean management of treasury funds we have seen a lot of indictments o'briens over a billion dollars there have already they even coming venezuela in the last
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fourteen years has been more than fifty martial plants and it's impossible now to understand how we have more than ten percent of this in billion focal ation. eating from the garbage cans when we have at least project your feeders from the haitians to be more than five million forcibly displaced people by the end of these here already three point five million people challenging their boundaries and their sovereignty of colombia brasil in our neighborhood in my opinion i think the constitutional interim president should act upon the needle of their people and to requests not immediate terry intervention but any international humanitarian intervention with military support and that's why article one eighty seven eleven over national constitution allows the ellsbury station to request for a military cooperation to come into our country when we have hundreds of people dying every day at least in the last forty eight hours only because of the lack of
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electricity one hundred people have died well it usually is nine hundred people daily i would invite us to come into his house going to hand all. his criminal. regime in a truck and trailer prison time in the u.s. the u.s. can do more of our international cooperation from latin america the government in algeria has ordered universities to close early for the spring break students made the biggest anti-government protest in the thirty years that shut on sunday two weeks ahead of schedule there were fishel reasons been given young people have played a big part in demonstrations against president bush a fleta its two year old is seeking a fifth term in office. has covered north africa extensively he says the role of the military will be key. as the protest movement gains momentum in algeria the big question is what will be the army's next move the army being the most powerful
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establishment in algeria that's will depend on many factors we'll have to wait and see what happens on the thirtieth of march when the constitutional court will. approve those illegitimate to run for the presidential elections and i think that could ignite more anger in algeria the general sentiment now among many people of the protests the opposition is that the elections should be postponed and they say they have the wrong thing for the environment could be conducive to an instability in algeria i think of the men term continuous over the coming weeks the army will definitely have to step in now the cautiously monitoring the situation on the ground and they're looking for that balancing act they don't want to be seen siding with. and of the same time sounding again as the algerian people that are
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statements made over the past few days by the. army chief guy it's backfired here asked b.p. warned people against any acts of instability but for many people this was an act of intimidation trying to tell the people if you decide to continue to protest the army might interfere so i think they are trying to gauge with way the wind is going to blow in the coming days in algeria but this is quite a remarkable moment in the modern history of algeria the country has gone through a series of political crises nine hundred sixty five the those who fought for the independence of algeria disagreed about how to move forward and the pave the way for the first military coup in algeria in one thousand nine hundred one the army had to step in and block the political process in a syria to prevent the islamists from a running the country an act which still continues to divide the algerians you have those who say it was a wise decision by the army and those who say that was the moment there has
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prevented algeria from building a strong vibrant democracy and this explains why now the army is very cautious about how to move forward but i think if the momentum continues to build a gas president abdelaziz bouteflika and his bid to run fourth fifth it could be the moment for the army to step in and look for another turnout of well william lawrence is a professor at george washington university he says the decision to shut campuses will be counterproductive. well it's a poor decision and it will likely backfire there is about one point seven million university students and a little over six hundred thousand of those live in university housing so the idea was if you close the housing and sent them home maybe their parents and prevent them from joining protests but if you know anything about students when there is a mass mobilization of students going on in that campus is literally letting out into the streets students cutting classes and joining protests the likelihood that
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the parents will be able to prevent the students from joining these the ever growing protests is very unlikely so in fact one point seven university students were just told you're on vacation we've had more than two million protesters according to crisis group in the streets and that is likely to grow basically what we have in algeria for some years now is a direct action by by protesters towards the state which leads to most political outcomes and so you have thousands of protests every year in algeria at the micro level and then direct response from the state and so this is just that on a much larger scale and it's being driven by social media it's very youth driven but one of the interesting thing about these protests is that we have slogans from the sixty's from the eighty's from the two thousands two thousand tens it's a real shock mortgage bourg of the greatest hits of algerian protest over the last sixty years which are bringing together the quasi totality of the population
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against a fifth mandate for the president and for systemic change the problem is that the crowd is not articulating what its vision is for systemic change he said on the t.v. through a spokesman and an announcement was that he would step down after one year after a national conference and a new elections if elected so basically the crowds concerned about his health is being validated saying that he won't last more than a year after being reelected and that's on that only serves to encourage the crowds who. want him out and him to be were pless replaced and basically they're forcing a resolution to the succession crisis which has plagued the algerian regime for six years since his stroke in two thousand and thirteen i think it confirms what they're saying but it would be the same if he was in algiers by the way the hospital where he's staying in switzerland has gotten fifteen hundred more phone calls per day than usual students ordering out pizza for the president and opposition figure was arrested in the hospital so there's
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a lot of algerian attention being focused on that hospital but if he was in algeria they'd be focusing on the presidential palace and most of the limited violence we've seen between protesters and security forces have been outside of the presidential palace and that's where we'll continue to see confrontations but but right now the really don't care where the president.


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