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but first five million young people will be entering the job market every year for the next five years here in the middle east counting the cost has been following one organization and its efforts to connect young men and women with jobs al-jazeera as diana karim reports in arabic the words a lot like means your connection it's also the name of a kataria organization that aims to connect young people with employment opportunities in places such as yemen somalia and palestine so far so lots of has helped one million young people across the middle east and north africa find meaningful work it's chairperson her highness she. was in geneva this week to mark the tenth anniversary of select x. founding and to announce an ambitious new target in addition to the one million young people we have already connected with drops we now have committed with in
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place to connect another two million young men and women by twenty twenty two that's three million meaningful jobs and businesses thanks to silicon supporters but he was the more. i hear for of was the boys that we set a new target and it is the board of five million by twenty twenty two. so a lot of acts as a bridge connecting often disaffected youth with apprenticeships micro financing initiatives and partners who can teach them how to run a business. the hope is it will help them become financially independent to achieve their aspirations and make a positive contribution to the economic and social development of their community slaughtered wants to combat marginalize ation in extremism it says young people who have jobs feel more connected to society bringing security and peace to neglected communities. one of the main aims at the un in geneva this week was to attract new
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donors and strategic partners to helps a lot to deliver on its goal of helping five million young people within the next three years the region is already struggling to create enough jobs for its youth and the international monetary fund estimates twenty seven million young people will soon be looking for work while initiatives such a slow or important it's clear that much more needs to be done and soon. while i was in geneva earlier this week too and i got the chance to sit down with the founder and chair. shake a mosab and. your highness thank you so much for being with us on counting the cost you'll known all over the world for your advocacy for quality education and yet here you are in geneva talking about employment. is this a shift in emphasis for you how does this and the salute tech play into education
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and what are the challenges it particularly for the middle east north africa region as you know i am i'm i'm really i'm a great believer in education i believe in power of the cation transforming lives and societies indication is the basic moving rock cafe for human development that is the basis for sound people can learn their skills their knowledge. of citizenry and also they will construct their first world of you but indication i know it's not enough for you to fall for that with decent work and appointments we failed to provide our young people with the right environment economic social and cultural environment for their respect and their hope we have you had very young population one third of relations between fifteen years old and twenty nine years old this is a very productive age this is the generation that can drive the engine of our economic growth and lead. our social changes because of the social changes
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so i believe that it is better for to invest in them and to give them the opportunity that by which they can be active in their societies and practice the citizenry or they are to the degree that we told them during their schooling and and so that's where that's where silla tech comes in so i think is is that he is working to for certain gaps a problem is that some of these young people they lack skills that three can allow them to fit in this an ever changing market so thirdly it is training this young people to be employed so we had them for that employer ability also which. to be also entrepreneurs we provide them with their own get and we try to still in them their self-confidence to see themselves as that the citizens and we have also certain governments to change certain mindset certain policies to create this
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ecosystem by which this child people can excel brecht this is this good citizenry your highness we talk a lot on counting the cost about the un's sustainable development goals how does cilla tech contribute towards those goals. set the course actually tackles. many of the. the g.'s so as it is from whether cheechoo this into wardak to gender equality to partnership i mean who knew we connect these young people to jobs or chin them to be entrepreneurs their families also came benefits from this businesses or those jobs their society and the reality in a way at the bating the business and leave the whole community and also work in partnerships i mean we have the national park throws so regional partners and all
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sort of local partners local partners for us very essential because they are the one who can lead us towards the right progress there is no one size fits all so we need really to to make sure that what you are offering is appropriate and they quit to the culture and the that i mix of the society that you operate in of course the regional and international partners they help us to do throws fairly certain expertise and knowledge to these local. people that we are helping and supporting your highness it's been an honor to have you on council because many thanks indeed for being with us thank you now a chinese company is challenging the us government in coal. force away says that a u.s. law banning the government and its contractors from using the company's products is unjust washington says that while weight poses a security threat al jazeera says adrian brown reports now from change in where huawei has its headquarters from the air while ways success is clear just part of
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its sprawling complex in this special economic zone of change him. while weighs name literally means the achievements of china but the trumpet ministration says those achievements more to cheating and stealing than the sort of innovation on display here allegations its top executives deny on thursday they held a news conference inviting selected media organizations including al-jazeera to confirm that while way has filed a lawsuit against the u.s. government over a ban which restricts federal government employees from using its equipment we are there is no us. challenge to all. these men only. but also owes me and us and shoot us once more they insisted while ways not in the pocket of china's government and
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accuse the us of hacking its servers. go and jump around here is it hence our service and this story are given us since while ways top officials were once like china's leaders they rarely spoke to the foreign media but the arrest of the firm's chief financial officer in canada where she's now fighting extradition to the united states has changed all of that and the firm has now begun an extraordinary legal and media offensive. huawei is a success story that chimes with many chinese people's sense of patriotism and pride it's not clear who's behind this music video now circulating on social media praising its smartphones the firm insists it had nothing to do with it. well way is fighting another legal battle in canada where its chief financial officer mongering
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joe appeared before an extradition court on wednesday she's accused of breaking u.s. sanctions and money laundering monks lawyers argue her arrest was politically motivated while way is trying to weather storms on many fronts the copycat european architecture is not a theme park but the firm's new research and development campus the company's critics continue to argue that it's not just the buildings here that have been closed. social media giant facebook has rolled out new plans to improve use of previously on its platforms c.e.o. mark zuckerberg says that facebook's focus will change from public to private sharing he also said that facebook will not be storing user data in countries with a weak human rights record last year it was revealed that data from millions of facebook users was harvested by a political consultancy now kicked out about next week's counting the cost will be
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wishing happy birthday to the internet with tim berners lee founder of the world wide web as his creation turns thirty will be asking him what to expect over the next three decades make sure not to miss next week's counting the cost and finally this week british citizens living in the european union are waiting anxiously to see what decision their governments and parliament in london is about to make of the brig's it out as they are as laurence leamer reports now from the spanish town of monte which sits on the country's border with portugal. its carnival week in ireland say and people are on the streets it isn't a rich place by any means but the sense of community is obvious. at the home karen simon and thirteen year old jayden aren't so happy they fell in love with the place moved here years ago when a small consultancy from home jade is bilingual and regards himself as more spanish than british and they're watching events unfold in the u.k. with unmitigated horror yeah absolutely shamed because the every person i spoke to
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here in spain looks at me with pity or with with a look in their face to say why warn why you doing this and i'm so sorry that they're doing this to me i'm so sorry because i just cannot understand what is your problem what is the problem tell me what are you going to gain from leaving what are you so i've upset you know idea i can't answer them they worry about the impacts of brecht's it on their business but they were removed or about their son there was one instance where. over hurdles difficult thing was that we might have to go back to the carriage to protect our business and he started crying and caring man and he said i'm not going back to the carrier you can't make me go park. no no no ok don't worry about it it's not for you swear is that moment he made me go back i'm going to run a wire and i'm going to get a plane and bury. now the pro.
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to rub salt into their wounds just as the u.k. has been turning away from europe so the kendricks european home has done the opposite. with some fanfare i am joint forces with its portuguese neighbor villareal over the river to create a new so-called euro town called. the bridge linking the two countries the towns is the strongest metaphor imaginable the different directions the u.k. and e.u. heading in. on the portuguese side of the river the man in charge of the euro town has everything to say for closer european integration and nothing good about brics it. is rather an isolated europe germany alone england alone france alone cannot compete with bigger economies it makes sense to be united but it's also the idea of our europe sound a little villages have only small potential but together they are bigger and stronger on welfare and merging with his portuguese neighbor has done nothing to
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stop by a month is celebrating its spanish traditions arguments in favor of breck's it restoring british pride a mess with derision the kendricks can only watch their cone of the e.u. becoming stronger and closer and they insist they will never go back to britain a country they no longer understand. al-jazeera i want say southern spain. and that's our show for this week if you'd like to comment on anything that you've seen you can get in touch with us by tweeting me i'm at a finnigan on twitter please use the hash tag a j c t c when you do or you could drop us a line counting the cost of al-jazeera dot net is our e-mail address as always there's plenty more for you online at al-jazeera dot com slash c.t.c. that link takes you straight to our page and there you'll find individual reports links even entire episodes for you to catch up. but that's it for this edition of counting the cost. for the whole team here in doha thanks for being with us the
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news of al-jazeera is next. a nation where corruption is endemic embroiled in a battle to hold the powerful to account. how does this radical transformation occur. i mean if i mean if you want to shedding light on the romanians pressing for change on the unconventional methods to eliminate corruption remain people on al-jazeera. by a major dish every week a new cycle brings a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the welts jannah laced that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means at all he joined the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most in bad
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news a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera. al-jazeera . where ever your. i.
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power games in venezuela's capital president mcdougal talks of foreign sabotage as the opposition pushes into new territory for a rival rally. hasn't
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taken this is how you see it out live from da also coming up universities are ordered to shut down in algeria to quell the protests against the long ruling president. another ebola treatment center comes under attack in the democratic republic of congo. and progress but at what cost we report from kenya where the construction of a transport corridor has upset indigenous communities. a large parts of the venezuelan capital into their third day without electricity as a political power struggle intensifies on the streets they have been rival demonstrations just a few blocks apart in caracas president nicolas maduro rallied crowds against what he called the u.s. imperialism as supporters of opposition leader one wideout pushed their protests
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into a new part of the city that i suppose is there. it was a protest to win territory in the capital caracas thousands responded to opposition leader why those call to take over victoria avenue in. an area that's been off limits for the opposition because it has been traditionally controlled by supporters of the widow. and fredo to me was among those trying to convince the police to join in the protest i we want them to join us because we are the people not the government we are the majority right now that needs change and it's not represented by nicolas maduro. this rally is the opposition's later. moved to a post modeled as government after a failed attempt to get aid into the country with the help of the united states it was gathered in three different parts of that i guess and then made it to this haven't you and now they're trying to make it till the end of this road where they're supposed to meet up especially if i want to write about their savings as
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you can see here that if i have any nationality god wants i doubt that. a few minutes later people started to push to get the ball of aryan national guard off the street they left the area to avoid a major confrontation i. arrived hours later begging venezuelans not to do is hope. we've said it before but once to wear out brothers and sisters and yes the road has been very long the road has worn us out but we will never tire in the search for freedom. the protest happened after a major power outage left much of venezuela in complete darkness the first blackout was caused by a failure at the good hydroelectric plant in the state of. electricity supply began to return on saturday but then power and communications collapsed once again.
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the government also organized and i'm tired imperialist protests close to the presidential palace he. blamed the opposition and the united states for the power cuts. certainly. they were conducting highly scientific energy attacks with advanced technology what our experts call electromagnetic attacks against the transmission lines to generate interruption to sabotage the process of national reconnection was venezuelans are already struggling with an unprecedented economic crisis and the past few days has allowed the opposition to gain ground in areas they were not able to reach before it was several paragraphs. the government in algeria has ordered universities to close early for the spring break a students
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lead the biggest protests in nearly thirty years they'll shut on sunday two weeks ahead of schedule no official reason has been given young people have played a big part in demonstrations against president denies he's beautifully eighty two year old is seeking a fifth term in office william lawrence is a professor at george washington university he believes the algerian government's move is counterproductive. it's a poor decision and it will likely backfire there is about one point seven million university students and a little over six hundred thousand of those live in university housing to the idea was if you close the housing and sent them home maybe their parents prevent them from joining protests but if you know anything about students when there is a mass mobilization of students going on in the campuses literally letting out into the streets students cutting classes and joining protests the likelihood that the parents will be able to prevent the students from joining these the ever growing
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protests is very unlikely so in fact one point seven university students were just told you're on vacation we've had more than two million protesters according to crisis group in this streets and that is likely to grow basically what we have in algeria for some years now is a direct action by by protesters towards the state which leads to most political outcomes and so you have thousands of protests every year in algeria at the micro level and then direct response from the state and so this is just that on a much larger scale and it's being driven by social media it's very youth driven but one of the interesting thing about these protests is that we have slogans from the sixty's from the eighty's from the two thousands two thousand tens it's a real mortgage borg of the greatest hits of algerian protest over the last sixty years which are bringing together the quasi totality of the algerian population against a fifth mandate for the president and for systemic change the problem is that the
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crowd is not articulating what its vision is for systemic change a u.s. backed kurdish fighters are preparing for a final push against isis last enclave in syria fighting in both loos was poised to allow more civilians to leave on saturday and i still flag could still be seen in the town aid groups say tens of thousands have escaped the area since the start of the offensive by kurdish fighters last month. the head of the un's refugee agency has been experiencing firsthand what life is like for syrians who fled the fighting gandhi visited refugees in lebanon and says the u.n. won't pressure them into returning home they're worried they're they're fearful of security they are thinking about their destroyed houses of their lack of jobs in all these are very important human factors that need to be addressed but i think that if we continue to work on the syrian side maybe more people will make this
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decision in more confidence it is very important you know very well our position that any return be not only safe and dignified but also voluntary that people have to make that decision by themselves and should not be pressured or pushed and i think that continues to be our position but of course for those who return they will be they will be supported by us and we're certainly not as has been said in the past but he's not being said any more we're not blocking any return we would be it would not be our job to do that. a satellite images released in the united states by the news outlet n.p.r. suggest north korea could be preparing for a new missile launch pictures suggest increased activity at the site near pyongyang a second round of talks between leader kim jong un and us president donald trump ended without an agreement last month kim had stopped missile launches as relations between the two countries improved. well time will tell but i have
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a feeling that our relationship with north korea kim jong un and myself chairman kim i think it's a very good one i think it remains good i would be. surprised in a negative way if we did anything that was. not per our understanding but we'll see what happens look when i came in. under the obama administration north korea was a disaster i inherited a mess with north korea right down you have no testing you have no nothing let's see what happens but i would be very disappointed if i saw a test that. false the concept is a senior research fellow at leeds university he says north korea will be well away its reconstruction is on the surveillance. there is no definite evidence but the north koreans it is depressing that the north koreans presumably to show that they are not happy about the way the homeowner summit and agreements are back to the old
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game of cason mousy keeping us guessing so they know perfectly well now that satellites overhead all the time and take for granted structurally everything and so they obviously they want us to see some stuff that makes us worry that they're going to do things this doesn't necessarily mean that al-qaeda do those things doesn't do them so you know they think the north koreans calibrate what they say and do very carefully under like the current us president when is tempted to say so i'm not to argue but that was a little bit on the easy of for the third time in a month an ebola treatment center has been attacked in the eastern democratic republic of congo the center in bhutan bo was targeted hours before a visit by the head of the world health organization the latest outbreak of the virus has killed five hundred seventy eight people since august barbara angle part reports. soldiers drag a suspected attacker through the forest close to the temporary bella center in the
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democratic republic of congo is one of several men said to have fired shots into the buildings where medical teams battling to contain the spread of it after finding myself a carrier to while i was washing glasses when i heard bullets i wondered what's going on one of our colleagues who was busy burning big garbage began shouting but the attackers were already entering the treatment center from the main entrance. it's less than a week since the potential center reopened after it was attacked in february issa north kivu province source of the republic's latest to beller outbreak saturday's attack came just hours before a visit by the head of the world health organization. dozens
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of on groups are reported to be operating in the eastern congo some allow health workers to deliver vaccines and track people infected with the para but others are hostile to our side as. some aid agencies have criticised the military's response to threats they say intimidation and violence is making it more difficult for medical staff to contain the virus and the number of cases is increasing barbara and out to sara. all right still ahead on al-jazeera crushing the cry for freedom we take a look at years of repression of tibetans by the chinese government. and with breaks in looming britons living abroad i wonder what lies ahead.


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