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main trading partners the french government has taken a very cautious approach to the situation in algeria the french foreign minister says that paris is of course watching events very closely but the future of algeria king says is not hands of its people. argyria is a sovereign country and it's up to the algerian people and them alone to choose their leaders and their future is one every some say the french government is quietly concerned over further instability in north africa algeria borders libya a major route for people and arms smuggling to europe abdul r.t. says such fears are unfounded he says that algeria's turbulent past means many people like him a wary of chaos what they hope for he says is a peaceful transition to a fairer and more harmonious future with al-jazeera paris. we'll get a weather update next year and i was here at the end we'll tell you why efforts to contain the
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a bone the virus and the democratic republic of congo are under threat once again. and we're asking how count protection. undermining the rule of more in india. hello there we've got some heavy rain working its way across parts of japan at the moment so thanks to this weather system here is pushing its way across us at the moment giving some heavy rain and gradually turning wintery as we head through the next few days so monday looking pretty wet then fifteen degrees is the maximum in tokyo wet and windy for us and then the system pushes its way northward turning to snow is it does say for many of us in hokkaido we're going to see snow towards the west and there's more in the way of drawing weather to be found to pyongyang will get to around six degrees and forcing beijing maximum will be around eleven
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a bit further towards the south of the many of us in the southeastern parts of china there is plenty of fine drawing weather to be found the area of rain is to the south of us and that flipping its way further southwards as we head through the day on tuesday so behind it staying fine enjoy and the temperatures in hong kong will be rising up to around twenty three degrees a bit further towards the south of the southeastern parts of asia we do have a few showers with us at the moment and some of them pretty lively some of the worst of those recently have been in the eastern parts of indonesia but all of that is working its way away from us towards the southeast and in behind it there will be quite a few showers over parts of borneo there for monday but then flip southwards and it's going to be java where we see some of the worst of the weather on tuesday jakarta is looking at. over a hundred and sixty years ago a musician started a band in an arty shriek in cairo and their bras band was so popular it gave
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birth to an entire musical genre. as a century and a half later the sound still resonates with many egyptians today house of the people's music on al-jazeera. hello again this is al jazeera on the strike two of the main news this hour one hundred fifty seven passengers and crew have died in an ethiopian airlines airplane crash the boeing seven three seven was on its way from and it's not about to nairobi but crashed six but it's up to takeoff. parts of venezuela remain without
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electricity as the power struggle between president nicolas maduro and opposition leader. continues rival groups held rallies in the capital caracas on saturday. and i'll gerry and save launched a partial strike on sunday as part of protests against president of the most these bills the fleet has reelection bid the government ordered the closure of colleges and universities two weeks ahead of shitheel the spring break to try to quell protests students though say it won't stop the rally. u.s. backed kurdish fighters are preparing for a final push against isis last on klav in syria fighters from the armed group remain in the town of bug was. this video shot on saturday shows they've stayed put as thousands of people have evacuated in recent weeks with syria democratic forces advancing on the town the s.d.f. is accused eisel of using civilians as human shields to slow the operation. his health minister has resigned after the sudden deaths of eleven babies within twenty
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four hours at a public hospital the health ministry says that early indications suggest that a blood infection was the cause of death. protesters are gathering in moscow over a proposed internet control law which is being likened to an online on cutting russia's parliament passed the sovereign internet bill last month which proposes that all internet traffic is routed through service in russia the kremlin says it's needed to protect from foreign cyber attacks but critics say it gives the kremlin even more control of the freedom of expression let's go live now to moscow al-jazeera step is. so stephanie how well attended will this process be. well it looks pretty crowded so far thousands of people have arrived already the organizers have a permit to have than thousand protesters more than that they will face
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a fine but it could lead up to ten thousand people here who are all very angry about this new bill the so-called sovereign internet bill which basically should give the state the power to knock off to cut off the russian internet from the worldwide web if necessary and to do that they have to reroute all the russian internet that through one particular point which would be controlled by the state to achieve that they need a lot of money they need a lot of engineers and also they need a lot of knowledge and that is some doubt if this is all going to be feasible but of course these protesters say this is just another step in this year's long campaign against the internet to more restrictions on the internet the internet basically here in russia as one of the last sources for free information in the fandom information after of course the t.v. the radio and the newspapers are mostly under the control of the government already
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so now this last bastion of freedom is being controlled as well all right stephanie thanks datums a serious step for us there live in moscow. in serbia thousands of anti-government demonstrators have rallied against the state broadcaster calling for media freedom protesters surrounded the headquarters of r.t.s. in the capital belgrade on saturday night many of them accuse the station of biased pro-government reporting it's the third straight month of rallies calling for an end to the rule of president alexander which. lawyers in sudan say that nine female protesters have been sentenced to twenty lashes and a month in jail for rioting and students in the capital khartoum and defied the government imposed state of emergency to condemn the detention of demonstrators on saturday president omar al bashir ordered the release of thirty eight women to testes. tibet neck to vist and human rights supporters are marking the sixtieth anniversary of
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a tibetan uprising against chinese rule rallies are being held outside tibet in countries that include taiwan and india china has put restrictions on tourists and journalists who want to visit the himalayan country critics say that it's another sign that china is repressing the rights of tibet says. matheson reports. i'm sorry i was robbed math doesn't report we'll move on to another story a treatment center for a bowl of victims in eastern democratic republic of congo has been attacked for the third time in a month the clinic was targeted hours before a visit by the head of the world health organization some congolese blame foreign aide workers for spreading the virus. reports. soldiers drag a suspected attacker through the forest close to the temporary burleson and democratic republic of congo is one of several men said to have fired shots into the buildings where medical teams battling to contain the spread of it after
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finding myself a barrier to well i was washing glasses when i heard bullets i wondered what's going on one of our colleagues who was busy burning big garbage began shouting but the attackers were already entering the treatment center from the main entrance. it's less than a week since the protest center reopened after it was attacked in february issa north kivu province source of the republic's latest to beller outbreak saturday's attack came just hours before a visit by the head of the world health organization. who . dozens of on groups are reported to be operating in the eastern congo some allowed health workers to deliver vaccines and track people infected with the para but others are
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hostile to outsiders. some aid agencies have criticized the military's response to threats they say intimidation and violence is making it more difficult for medical staff to contain the virus and the number of cases is increasing barbara and passed out to sarah. dealers in the u.k. are making last minute contingency plans for briggs it the british market is the third largest in the world and relies on seamless shipping to the european union galleries want to make sure that that continues for their customers barker reports from london. this is one of the biggest. warehouses in europe where high and prepared for shipping around the world. the company service is top dealers private collections and museums so what's the most expensive item
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that's passed through. looking at in excess of one hundred million pounds so these are no more objects by any means or some might be small but very beautiful the international art world depends on frictionless shipping with little bureaucracy and a few tariffs but as the industry is weighing up the challenges i feel there is just this lack of courage where we don't know what's going to happen if we if we get a deal next week then everything stays the same for twenty months maybe three years and then during that period they'll negotiate further but it does lead to further uncertainty and that makes long term planning quite difficult. for the moment seamlessly between the u.k. and the e.u. with very little red tape and with no in place for all of that could change when the u.k. leaves the e.u. if there are no new arrangements in place they could well be new duties imposed the more expensive there are the higher the g.t. . this high end dealerships in the heart of london's financial district but the
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gallery director has had to make a difficult decision to close the current show of twentieth century abstract art several weeks early. the works of argued at seventy nine million dollars which means a possible tax bill of eight million dollars for shipping them back to italy after the u.k. leaves the e.u. because italy and other e.u. countries levy tax on our works imported from outside the bloc we are speaking about money so i can i have this vague so far we don't have a for michel friendships we don't have information from a lawyer sack around us so nobody knows so we cannot say the situation and the view of breaks it from italy says so that it actually ends up a c.p.a. which means they've shot themselves in the foot. some experts believe leaving the e.u. will be a golden opportunity for the u.k. allowing the country to reduce or remove all current e.u. levies bypassing europe altogether and attracting new global markets. while the
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industry considers the advantages and disadvantages of leaving the world's largest trading block some had to wait shipping their collections to a brick six safe distance. to. put a scum man being blamed for killing nine policemen and that outpost was attacked in the western state of rakhine a group called the out of town on me is accused of aiding myanmar's military in the persecution of or hinge of muslims the bodies of two climbers who confounded the world's nine tightest mountain in northern pakistan britain tomball out of the tally and danielle nati but missing two weeks ago on nanga parbat recent searches found the bodies on the six thousand meters up the mountain the helicopter search was hampered by restriction on pakistani airspace to two the tension in kashmir. pakistan's government is officially complained to cricket's governing body
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for what it says was an inflammatory gesture by indians cricket team the indian team wore army style caps during their match against the straight in a show of support for the military as we reported tension is high between new delhi and it's not about off from the attack on indian troops the disputed kashmir region i.c.c. rules prohibit clothing relating to political causes during international matches. so-called cow vigilantes continues to operate in india despite an order by the country's supreme court for police to crack down on them a recent report says that forty four people have been lynched after being accused of smuggling or slaughtering activists say that the hindu nationalist led government has downplayed the attacks and. reports from pradesh. that. this is one of several viral video showing violence by so-called how vigilant
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easily india. self-appointed guardians of cows which are sacred to hindus claim they're being illegally slaughtered they're not afraid he used violence to stop that. for every victim there's also a family behind. the son an oscar a she was killed in two thousand and fifteen along with two other young men from this village less than fifty kilometers from new delhi. how can anyone who's lost their son live in peace we are devastated his father has been suffering from mental tension all of us are stressed no but it's meant was given to the perpetrators no attention was paid to us. a human rights watch report states that eight lynching cases they studied involve victims who are considered lower caste hindus the vast majority of those killed however were muslims the victims come from world in poor areas like this not only far from me cities lynching such as these were known to
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take place in the us but they were rare now thirty five cases have been reported since twenty fifth be some activists saying the real number much higher. in september twenty thousand india supreme court ordered central state governments to take what it called preventative in punitive measures to stop such attacks after most states failed to comply with its previous directive. this social rights worker spent a year and a half documenting cases of so-called calvin trillin theism while there have been convictions including that of eleven men in march last year she says the problem persists the numbers on the ground are likely to be even higher and what we are what we need to look at is not just people who have died. but the spate of attacks on people. various cal vigilantes operate across the country looking for those they believe are slaughtering cows. but on every count
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protection group advocates violence. the head of this cow shelter says he understands why some groups are violent. look at the reason behind people. because they are to be guarding an important thing the government is negligent not provoke us. over the victims' families added to their losses the sense of abandonment by their government left to feel as just another statistic on a growing list as jimmy l. al-jazeera does it with the british at least fifteen people have died after a mosque man opened fire on nightclub in central mexico the shooting happened on saturday in the city of samarra the government has launched an operation against criminal gangs involved in fuel theft happened just after president will visit the area to discuss the operation of the mexican navy a c.
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six tons of illegal drugs and operations off the coast of somalia state they were found on boats hidden in marshland hole included almost five thousand kilos of marijuana and small quantities of methamphetamine know and heroin. a plane has crashed in central columbia killing all fourteen people on board it happened in the town of fear the chens iau in the province of metta civil aviation authorities say the pilot made a distress call reporting technical problems in the flight's contact was lost in the plane crashed shortly after. the video and the latest news at our web site take a look at al-jazeera dot com. it is good to have you with us hello adrian for the get here in doha made headlines this hour relatives who are waiting to learn the face of the passengers of an
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ethiopian airlines and plane that crashed have learned that there were no survivors boeing seven three seven was on its way from alice of about some nairobi but crashed six but it's up to takeoff one hundred fifty seven passengers and crew were on board kenya's transport minister says they've set up an emergency team to present just families apply rubies and. we initiated the what's. emergency response is. to basically take care of all the relatives and friends. who may be afflicted in the who. want to receive the party just upon arrival tonight will be the freight was expected to be at about ten thirty five this morning. it is teach what you don't. used to establish. to you my disinterest parts of
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venezuela remain without electricity as the political power struggle between president nicolas maduro and opposition leader. continues rival groups held rallies in the capital caracas on saturday around is taking place in central moscow to protest against a new bill giving the state more control over the internet the first readings of the proposed law passed in the parliament last month it proposes that all internet traffic be routed through service in russia university students in sudan a boycotting their classes in protest against the government that a finding a state of emergency put into place by president omar al bashir on saturday he ordered the release of thirty eight women who were detained in previous protests a treatment center for a bowl of virus victims in eastern democratic republic of congo has been attacked for a third time in a month the center tembo was targeted hours ahead of a visit before the will of the world health organization head. health ministers resigned after the sudden deaths of eleven babies within twenty four hours at
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a public hospital the health ministry says the early indications are that a blood infection was the cause. more news here not zero off the inside story next . how do you stop misinformation online you tube and facebook take new steps to host the spread of fake content but also show media companies doing enough and this is inside story.
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i don't welcome to the program i mean there's a problem fake news it's a term often in the headlines it's a common cry from donald trump to discredit news stories critical of him but the description also highlights one of the biggest challenges on the internet how to stop the spread of misinformation on line social media companies on the increasing pressure to stop publishing misinformation and lies and do you choose introducing and such as hoax and fake to flag suspicious videos and forty indian soldiers were killed in an attack in india administered kashmir last month seven videos said to show the attack went viral they turned out to be fake you tube is rolling out the new alerts just before and did elections due next month and hopes for a worldwide system soon. now buzz feed as a us internet media news and entertainment company and report upon of the ship explains why misinformation on you tube is such a major problem and india we are
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a big country as one point three billion and. so far only about five hundred million indians are online the last few years they've been getting access to cheap so. they've been getting access to. cheap internet plans on these cell phones and as a result this is their religion. and that they're not able to differentiate between you know what what's real and what's not. and that's one of the main reasons why we have such a big misinformation problem in india. now britain's upper house of parliament is calling for a digital authority to oversee government bodies in charge of safeguarding the internet the house of lords report says tech companies have failed to regulate themselves facebook is one of the companies under political pressure on thursday it removed more than one hundred thirty profiles and pages which it says are part of a u.k. based misinformation network the social media firm accuse the network of setting up
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fake accounts to spread hate speech and divisive debate on religion immigration and race at least one of the fake pages said one hundred seventy five thousand followers now don't trump often talks about fake news during his election campaign and twenty sixteen russians were blamed for targeting us voters and using facebook to widen political and social divisions the following year british university researchers found a counselling to russia spread misinformation on four attacks in the u.k. and last year in india at least twenty seven men were beaten to death when rumors on the messaging site whatsapp wrongly accuse them of being child kidnappers whatsapp users can no longer afford messages to more than five people or groups. well let's bring in our panel now joining us from new delhi is pocket she's a writer at quartz and dia who covers politics and technology and skewed
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a netherlands via skype we have technology ethicist no one goes and in london michele sauce three senior lecturer at king's college london who researches the dissemination and consumption of digital content a very warm welcome to all of you. start with you in the indian capital where you tube is rolling out this new feature how much of a difference do you think it will make to the proliferation of misinformation on you tube and india and then beyond. i think it's definitely a good step that you tube has taken they're rolling out these information panels that contain debunks to bits of mint misinformation that are circulating on you tube as well as elsewhere and these are populated by the fact checkers that you tube has approved as you know trustworthy sources of fact checks and i think i think it's a good step definitely but i think some of the. some of the things that it won't reach are are when you videos are embedded for instance in whatsapp chats or
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circulated on other platforms people will be able to see these information panels and a lot of misinformation that circulates in india is shared on private chat apps especially whatsapp and so if these information panels are only appearing on search pages that depends basically means that the only people who are going to be seeing them are people who are actively searching on the you tube platform and are people who are receiving these videos from other other sources as well and i think that broadening out i think it's definitely a good step sorry no please continue so i think broadening out it's definitely a good step. it's definitely a good step that this company is taking and lots of different social media companies have rolled out individual steps towards countering misinformation but a lot of work still definitely needs to be done in the next couple of months as india approaches its general and we'll of course we talk about what's happened what
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the other companies are doing and a lot of detail but if we do stick with you tube and this feature for a little bit longer mr good a good first step is it in the house could they be doing more and do you think that they should why don't they take the videos down. well i think that's an excellent question because at seventy three it's a big step a sad time you have to ask. if you label a video as hoax does that then lead people to the assumption that anything not label must be true. at the same time there seems to be a concern that the framing of some videos in one direction sort of implies a counter framing the opposite direction so you can imagine that when you will out of that like this you have to keep clear that there's going to be so many more videos so much content again as was previously discussed shared other format that the craving really has to be thought out much more intricate so i think this is
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certainly going to keep track of this information about you tube but can they do it alone and can they do it at scale assassin can they do it and can they do it in scale and what do you think of the step. yes i think scale is always going to be the issue because you tube has literally become the largest platform with you know and huge numbers of videos out there huge numbers of videos being uploaded every single day and how are small army of human pack checkers going to cope with that i think this is a careful balance that needs to be drawn between being completely right which they need to do so that they don't mislabeled something which is not fake as fake. and then also managing to catch all the fake radios that are there and the human fact checker is one way of making sure that they are absolutely sure when something is labeled as fake that it is fake or at least as a very high degree of confidence that you know it's been checked by professionals
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who are doing fact checking but scale and making sure that it works for all the videos is going to be a huge huge challenge and i really don't see a way to do it without a word like interventions and mr howard these companies willing to put in the resources needed to do something like this and also it is a lot easier isn't it to fact check on you tube on facebook on google but not on whatsapp as you mentioned which is private messages and which has been a platform that's been used for i mean. criminal purposes in india. definitely definitely that's a big issue and it's something that. the company has the company has tried to address the misinformation issue in various ways including but through public education programs ad campaigns basically telling people to share joy not rumors
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but one thing they've really stood firm on is that they don't want to break into and in christian because they believe that the privacy that affords informs their users is something that they're not willing to compromise and so when they come to regulating content on their platform they completely take the actual issue of what that content is out of the question and they only are cracking down on bulk messaging so if i share if i share something with you if it's misinformation they're not going to ban my account or do anything like that but if i'm coordinating multiple like hundreds of different phone numbers to send out messages at an automated automated scale basically that's the kind of that's the kind of messaging regardless of what the content of it is that they're trying to crack down on and so that's it's one way to sort of target maybe the worst of certain aspects
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of politically motivated misinformation if you're talking about propaganda that's being spread out by political actors but is it a way to exactly eradicate fake news that's being circulated on whatsapp that's it's certainly not i think the company has definitely made their stance clear on that and when whatsapp took the step of limiting the ford feature the number of people you could forward messages to following that spate of you know mob killings and india and what's happened was used to spread misinformation about child kidnappings did it turn out to be true did introducing this whatsapp feature limiting the forwarding that has an impact. it's difficult to say experts will tell you different things i mean some experts that i've spoken to say that. it really didn't feel like it made that much of a dent in it especially because most of the misinformation and much of the
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misinformation problem in india is by people who have a political and often a financial motivation to do it and so. if political parties are paying people to circulate misinformation they might just have to invest in a few more hands to do that. but it is something that it is something that if you're talking about people who aren't necessarily actively motivated to spread misinformation but just might otherwise have sent it to everybody in their contacts and now they can only do it to five if you could see it as maybe decreasing the velocity of spreading that kind of misinformation messaging that you look at policies and we've just heard from you know britain's parliament that they're calling for a digital authority and the house of lords report saying that tech companies have failed to regulate themselves as a digital authority. the onset to better regulation. right and i think there is
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a ways to think about it on the one hand these companies and certainly become too big too quickly i think certainly faster than they themselves expected and this has given them sort of an outsized role in the public sphere. so you could certainly imagine why we need more steps towards international and national local regulations the mayor at scale at events just the other night asked me about whether they should take it be more active role in play successful media on the other hand though you have to ask why people are engaging in these practices in the first place and you can imagine thinking about things like hoaxes fake news is what we're discussing a whatsapp a sort of a canary in the coal mine that maybe this is really play to get larger political issues that are different than additional or technological issues and that really what we need to think about isn't about the role social media in the public sphere but what it means that social media has and.


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