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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 11, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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plain keith mackey with us now an aviation consultant accident investigator and pilot he's on skype from florida and it's a pleasure to have you with us sir from what you've learned today what looks like when what went wrong here and how could it be that the seems to be so similar to a plane that crashed on the five months ago well good morning come out you're correct there are a lot of similarities but it's much too early to draw any conclusions all we can do is speculate now we'll get some positive information once the digital flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder are recovered from the wreckage they're designed to withstand the g. forces by a serious crash like this so we should be able to learn the conversations of us take place in the cockpit and see what was going on with many of the parameters of the airplane we know from the of the radar track that there were some variance us
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and vertical speed which will be a clue on climb out to investigators so all these pieces of information will be important but although there are a lot of similarities between this one and the lion air crash we want to be careful that we don't speculate and assign the same cause to this one as happened with the intonation crash even so this is a huge problem now for boeing is that i mean it's a problem any time that a plane crashes but as we say now the optics on this one for boeing are not good. no it's certainly a problem the seven three seven has been around for fifty years and it's extremely popular applying and this is just a more fuel efficient version of the earlier climb so i don't really think that there's any basic design flaw with the airplane but as the investigation progresses well learn a great deal more but what changes as these planes develop i mean we hear all about the fuel efficiency and cabin comfort and other such things but maybe you can shed
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some light on this i have read today about something as simple as a software update on these planes can be absolutely critical while but that's true the airplanes are much more automated now than they used to be back when the airplane was first produced most of the pilots came out of the air force and they were in. countries like the u.s. and canada europe where they were operated and now the demand for air traffic and. developing nations has increased greatly so these airplanes now are being operated by crews that don't have the level of experience and that they once hat and boeing has introduced a lot of automation that we are lying that wasn't there previously so i think investigators are going to be looking at pilot qualifications and automation as part of the investigation kay thank you for sharing his expertise with us as he
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points out only really speculation at this point but it's great to get dora your knowledge thank you. sorry i'm getting a lot of comments on the facebook lifestream people saying to just stop making the plane what else have you been seeing that has been of course a lot of reaction the hash tag just to let you know has been if european airlines that began trying began trending worldwide soon after the crash and along with that hash tag is a c three of course that this is the flights number as well both of being used within those online conversations i kept in airlines switched its social media pages to black immediately after the accident and they were continuously sending updates for its followers as they can of course the company's c.e.o. visited the crash site as i mentioned and gave his condolences not buying which makes the seven three seven months also offered its condolences online but it's tweets were met with hundreds of responses highlighting previous incidences that have been with this aircraft some even demanding the company grounds all of its
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seven three seven max models for goods now just to give you an idea that there are people of the sea feeling there are precautions of this and this person here for example says that they're canceling a flight that they were planning to take on the seven three seven max and this person is also calling as well for the flight's fleet rather to be grounded and that list catherine so i had lunch mentioned earlier people are sharing that of all the different types of nationalities of people that with india's the senior russia sweden so from all parts of the world that stands at thirty three nationalities and some people have also online been sharing their own personal stories of people that they know that were either on the fly or meant soon be maybe they had their plans changed as well for example this is not often each she is based in jordan she says she's lost six six a chip she says were on board a crash crash flights of them were my colleague she says who were part of the interpretation team for a big conference of course katherine store mention that because she says i just
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learned that one of them had her son with her on board that makes it three out of the six people that i know so lots of those sorts of personal stories and if you are an if you're a pure or know more about this story than. maybe you know someone personally that was on board get in touch in the hashtag is a.j. news where it. sorry thank you unfortunately boeing has been in the news before over the safety of its planes and a lot of it was actually a result of an al-jazeera investigation it was cold broken dreams back in twenty fourteen still online for you in the investigation section not only the film that's playing there but there are additional video reports articles send it to documents as well of a stroll down a bit further and also boeing's response to the concerns of its own employees who feared flying on a plane that they had built broken dreams the boeing seven eight seven it is from the al-jazeera investigative unit and it is at al-jazeera dot com. maybe you'd
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like to get in touch with us plenty of you sharing your condolences and concerns about the plane hash tag a.j. news grid you can repeat reply to the thread excuse me on twitter at a.j. english where osama is looking for your comments today also at facebook dot com slash on to zero the live stream and the comments active there plus one seven four five zero one triple one four nine is that what's that number we are going to be discussing abilities but if they care in algeria and also the protests in venezuela chile so if you've got any questions or comments on those sentiment so let's talk about algeria right now in fact the president looks like he may be heading home after receiving medical treatment in switzerland this is the plane believed to be carrying. there it is it took off from geneva in switzerland not long ago if he is on board that plane we assume he is the algerian flag on the tail he is likely to face a hostile reception from protesters back in algeria scenes like this have been ongoing
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in the capital geas and as word spreads the president may be returning strike action was announced against his reelection bid the latest protests following weeks of demonstrations this work stoppage supposed to last for five days and activists have been pushing for a general strike and civil disobedience again support of his bid for a thief term students playing a leading role in these biggest protests in nearly thirty years ok with us now are research fellow at the school for advanced studies in social sciences joining us from skype on skype from algiers and it's nice to have you with us the return it seems the imminent return of the president what do you think it's going to do to this protest movement do you think it actually might fire them up even more. no i don't think it's going to want to serve the vocalisation demands fishel he has their regime has gone the silence for so long you know all i think now here in algiers is that one thing that has been warning is the issue of your consideration
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of peaceful. protest and popular protest but now that the real question is about how to do if you is going to answer then it's not at you and that's a transition and it's difficult to talk to someone who is ignoring you and that's what basically the regime is doing the army's only use hearing a statement on the needs of the well dreams to be vigilant. clients who have been leading this seeking cheap of the fifth month date for the best ten days now so basically r.g.s. are left alone with the responsibility to organize the transition and has you mentioned they decided to do it to what they called civil disobedience and a call for a national strike but even here i mean the strike was quite a success today in algiers and only with double cheers stores were closed even big companies like even though that have to major all in gaz a company was told about. police who organized the most traditions so this is
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a sign that this child has now has been successful but at the same time to have been some disagreements it's still a process and people are trying to negotiate between themselves as the regime used to have since holidays should organize a transition so they have suggested that we should have only one we call strike during one day on strike a week so there are some negotiations going on and so there's all this opposition to him but if i can ask you a question which actually one of our viewers sent in yesterday and i've saved it for today this few it said if they were so many people against president of the disease why don't they simply allow him to run and then vote against him in a democratic way get rid of him democrats. it's a good question yeah because our jury has a long history of shame elections and algorithms know that those lucian is not to be found in the real guns nation a gaggle for sham elections with america will come today it will be chosen by the
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army and the secret services and we will give delisting of replacing books and opening a new political era that's exactly what happened with p a t i ninety nine thousand not at the end of c.b. were they all the guys must have the elections and political shit and how to see who in prison don't get you to has not brought any concrete solution so it's quite clear that the launch a new religion especially with the regime still place to handle the transition interesting thank you for your thoughts of joining us from. more on the man himself an al-jazeera dot com a profile of abilities beautifully could the first lines of which say a savior to some an opportunity for others is no stranger to controversy you can read all about the man at the center of the political upheaval a profile of algeria's ailing leader is that al jazeera dot com in the african you section well germans living abroad are watching events back home pretty closely as
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you can imagine it's got more than four million people about syrian origin living in france and many of them have come out to protest against president bush to flee kept activists in paris who are supporting their compadre it's i've been speaking to our correspondent. singer abdellatif lau fee was born in algeria but he's lived in france for fifty years he's music draws on the sounds of the sorry region where he grew up. despite decades in france abdellatif passionate about how geria he's closely following and supporting the protests there that call for abdelaziz bouteflika to give up his bid for a fifth presidential term so for me it's amazing because algeria is have seen what happened in the arab world the yellow best seen france what's happening in venice well i'm personally i've been emotional transported i want to go here we were all asking why don't we go in the streets and now finally we are in the streets all
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together. france is home to the biggest algerian origin population abroad estimated at more than four million people thousands of algerians in france have demonstrated in cities like paris in mass a in a show of solidarity with a compadre it's many of the protesters are you know the legend is now of songs on the algerians living in france have very strong links with their country many left long ago disappointed and wanted to reinvent themselves others came to work and study one day we hope to go home to a new democratic algeria that gives people a future paris now gere's have a close but difficult relationship one way down by history algeria was colonized by the french for more than one hundred thirty years it gained independence in one thousand nine hundred sixty two after an eight year war today france is one of algeria's main trading partners the french government has taken a very cautious approach to the situation in algeria the french foreign minister
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says that paris is of course watching events very closely but the future of algeria king says is not hands of its people. argyria is a sovereign country and it's up to the algerian people and them alone to choose their leaders and their future is on every some say the french government is quietly concerned over further instability in north africa algeria borders libya a major route for people and arms smuggling to europe abdul r.t. says such fears are unfounded he says that algeria is turbulent past means many people like him are wary of chaos what they hope for he says is a peaceful transition to a fairer and more harmonious future with al-jazeera paris. the united states is venezuela's military is holding talks with the opposition trying to get them to switch sides national security advisor john bolton says there are countless conversations going on between members of the opposition's national
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assembly and the country's armed forces that's after the rival rallies from president nicolas maduro and the opposition to go on in caracas on saturday many venezuelans angry venezuelans participated in the marches following a massive power outage on thursday and friday that affected millions. the u.s. of sabotage but the opposition says its mismanagement that led to the collapse of the country's central hydroelectric plants either way caused a lot of problems to raise the boat was there for us in. just talk a search or as a way. for the past three days when you have been almost without electricity and this is not just happening in got back up but around the country power went off for the first time on in the afternoon and then it was surely restored on friday but then it went out who once again now we're being told that it you know we being we thought one thing
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and this has been the major problem creep of here and come back up mostly we've been going around the city at night people acting up hires and fires to protest with compassion among other things at this point just one of the many problems as well as our faith and could they were i am right now is this line that you can ride behind me people are telling us that they have been waiting between three and four hours just to get in there containers with running water apparently this part of the city has been not only without electricity for the pathway days but also without running water for at least four weeks they're saying that their situation is desperate that they're not only coping with shortages of food of medicine now of electricity and water and that's why many of them also have been taken to the streets. protests against the government. because many have lost hope that they the government right now it will be able to move their living conditions any time soon
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we think right now is happening after a very big demonstration that happened at the capital against the government it was led by. and now more measures that the position is going to take in order to well challenge the government. would have because the big bad balance that the opposition is facing right now is that people we are to wearing not become tired that they're not seeing any type of change of change in government especially at a time for. today people just lining up to get. the border and here. in. the new reports about what's happened to all that u.s. that has been piling up at the border there. yes come out in the new york times was able to obtain a new footage that seems to demonstrate to what most of the people who were
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reporting the day of the clashes here at the border in february twenty three believed which is the fact that the aid trucks the trucks where loaded with the aid sent by the u.s. were accidentally burned by protesters throwing molotov cocktails against venezuelan forces and not as the u.s. and the venezuelan opposition immediately came by they even as well armed forces following the orders of nicolas maduro now this is important of course because this was used by the venezuelan opposition and u.s. officials as a way to show what they describe as. a monstrosity and is this game for the venezuelan people so far there was no way to demonstrate this now this new footage seems to show that one protester.
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fell over one of the trucks the truck immediately. took fire and then this thread to a second truck and now what happens being disingenuous part of the venezuelan opposition is that it actually helps in the. stay in power in many ways because it helps him with this narrative that he's the victim of an imperialist conspiracy as he calls it by the united states with the venezuelan opposition there was a lot of discussion about exactly what happened that day and now this seems to be the truth here and the same as happened with the other claims on part of the opposition for example the fact that life saving medicines are stored here in the city of. it's also not the case and this is something that even the leader of the
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opposition has repeated over and over with stored here instead are medical supplies such as mask gloves and c. ranges which are very much needed in. hospitals but are not those lifesaving medicines the opposition is talking about so many critics here are saying that this in the end could help. the venezuelan people which is what the opposition here claims is doing interesting development thank you. columbia and as ever the latest updates on venezuela are at al-jazeera dot com on a dedicated page text photos social media updates are in there as well to keep you right on top of the story which is not losing any steam just search for venezuela latest updates dot com this is the news great if you with us on facebook live or get a bonus story for you know about a series of leaked documents revealing a secret list used by u.s. border security to identify and use journalists against michael jackson story and
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then later it was sixteen years ago when china invaded tibet killing thousands and forcing the dalai lama into exile in every march tenth since then the cry for tibetan independence still brings. and there was in quite a bit of what weather across the middle east at the moment most of it is from this weather system here it's being with us the republic of iran now is spiraling its way through parts of pakistan and through afghanistan as well bringing a simple heavy rain and a fair amount of wintry weather too but it is now clearing away so monday it'll still be clinging on to the kabul area but then as we head into tuesday it should be dry air here with a maximum temperature up to around eight further west we've got another weather system piling in here so for the western parts of turkey soaking wet and windy on
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choose stay even further towards the south and here in doha the winds are easing fortunately so it won't feel quite as chilly as we head through monday and tuesday the temperatures will be rising as well so i think by tuesday we're getting to around twenty seven degrees i think we're looking at a fair amount of cloud to have a pulse of oh mom but it won't bring us too much in the way of significant rain that will stay rather humid there insular with a maximum temperature of twenty nine degrees further towards the south and we've got our tropical cycling with us this is the die you think it's worth a around here this is the one that was on shore it started off overland and then worked his way over the sea and that's where it became tropical cyclades it's now drifting towards the west so this whole we git is going to stay very very wet with some of the heaviest of the rains over parts of madagascar. explores prominent figures of the twentieth century and how life already has influenced the course of history was the cuban revolution coming his own way you
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know castro is a feudal eastern not a communist or just want to do is country che wanted international revolution there came a point when the relationship came to an end the icons of revolution changed the course of latin american politics. and fidel castro face to face on al-jazeera. examining the headlines setting the discussions a warning from air boss over the risks of a no deal breaks in sharing casanova stories with a global audience you have your own intelligence network on the ground to tell you where to go and we'll go explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire people are truly afraid their way is watching on al-jazeera.
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the mouth of a rebel commonwealths trending as well of course the ethiopian plane crash but also are still that exclusive report from yesterday the interview with erik prince from the house and on the head to head on al-jazeera where he admitted that meeting at
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trump tower one which he said didn't happen place when he told congress about it have a watch that it's a great watch and planes more news there from algeria from venezuela as well but what's trending this sunday at al-jazeera dot com. at the top of ministration is giving iraq a few more months to continue buying oil and electricity from iran before the u.s. and forces. sanctions against tehran of the years of conflict baghdad now relies heavily on iran for goods and services and the iranian president hassan rouhani is visiting iraq to solidify ties between the neighbors trying to convince them to defy the u.s. president and his sanctions are going to aim has more now from baghdad. iran's influence in iraq can be found from the detergent and hair dye on store shelves to the power that keeps the lights on in iraq e homes and businesses at this market in baghdad there are fears that the united states will eventually ban iraq from importing all iranian goods into the through
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this of a rocky market would be hugely affected and the price of other imported products will skyrocket this is not in our favor as business owners nor good for consumers as iraq and iran are bound together by centuries of economic religious and political ties this week iranian president hassan rouhani is traveling to baghdad to meet with iraqi president barham saleh to try to expand them the iraqi and iranian president's last met in november you weeks after the united states reimposed satans on iran they discussed establishing a free trade zone along its shared border and electricity and gas walk and building a railway connecting the two countries iraq relies on its neighbor to help me its oil and electricity. last year protestors in iraq's oil rich southern
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region of basra torched the iranian consulate and the offices of iranian like militias and political parties more than two dozen people were killed. iraqis were fed up thirty thousand people became ill from drinking polluted water they said electricity and jobs were scarce and corruption rampant on a council book of a woman high sabbaths iraqi people wake up you must take a stand against corruption they're all lying to us those rotten politicians the trap administration has given iraq a waiver that allows it to continue buying electricity and gas from iran but it expires on may fifth. it's not in the best interest of iraq to comply with the us economic sanctions on iran at the same time a consarned with iran and risk losing a strong ally like the united states therefore we should see the iraqi government holding the stick from the middle when it comes to policy with both iran and the us
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. the iraqi president has called the relationship between iraq and iran a quote fixed principle no matter what the trumpet ministration does in the next two months it's clear both countries are hoping the united states gets the message natasha going to. baghdad. let's have a look now at some of the stories making news around the world this sunday on the palestinian president has chosen a long time adviser and critic of hamas as his new prime minister mohammad a top official in the. movement and a former peace negotiator his appointment is likely to deepen the rift with rivals hamas he will replace. who had overseen a unity government but then resigned in january more from near the abraham in ramallah how modest a year has been a long aide for president mahmoud abbas in economic issues as well as being part of the central committee for the past two terms up on his assignment president has
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told you that his government should work on major important missions including restoring the unity between the west bank and the gaza strip as well as continue the payment of the salaries of. those who were killed by israel. has been the first threat to health official to be appointed to. a government in the west bank for the past ten years and it remains to be seen how his appointment is going to affect the relations between fatah and hamas. around has been taking place in central moscow to protest against a new bill giving the state more control over the internet the first readings of the proposed law passed in the lower parliament last month russian media is likening the new sovereign internet bill to an online iron curtain it proposes all internet traffic be routed through service in russia the kremlin says the bill would protect the country's internet from foreign cyber
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a time here is step bason with more well around fifteen thousand people have demonstrated here in moscow today for internet freedom they say hands off from russian internet safety or internet we don't want any isolation of the bill basically wants to do is to give the powers to the state to the russian internet from the worldwide web if that's necessary basically isolating russia and that's why a lot of people especially young people came to the street today to protest against this russia has a very broad very modern internet and it's basically one of the last sources for some kind of in the plan the information in the country television the newspapers and the radio are basically under state control so the internet is the last resource so to the government to control this is necessary because they are afraid of cyber attacks from foreign countries and this came about because only last week it was reported that the so-called trolls factory in st petersburg was cut off from
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the internet during the u.s. midterm elections by the american cyber command tibetan activists earn human rights supporters are marking the sixtieth anniversary of a tibetan uprising against chinese rule being held outside outside tibet in countries including taiwan india china put restrictions on tourists and journalists who want to visit the himalayan country critics say it's another sign that beijing is repressing the rights of tibetans as many as one hundred. on march tenth one thousand nine hundred fifty nine chinese soldiers pooled in to debate china says it was liberating the himalayan country it had ruled the since nine hundred fifty one but it was also suppressing protests against chinese authority which had grown and were becoming file and tens of thousands of to basins were reported to have been killed ministries were destroyed to bits spiritual
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leader the dalai lama was forced into exile in india where he remains every much taint since the end demonstrations have been held around the world in support of to base an independence it's an ok simple minded the anybody three committees represent the ngo and we send them up to keep that against six decades of political suppression. they have been denying piano but it is cultural and right china has placed restrictions on foreigners including journalists visiting to bait when you go back to those you know six years ago the cia was actually involved in training people radio operatives who were dropped back into tibet to kind of stir up trouble so from a chinese perspective they don't look on for they don't see that foreigners are necessarily bringing gifts. regarded as something that is only means trouble
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and probably more headaches for beijing. china says it's held sovereignty over to be at fisichella it describes the deli lama as a separatist supporters of the deli lama say he doesn't want independence just more autonomy for tibet what we're seeing now is just a different car and of repression. making short friends can't communicate with it from the car protest this sort of suffocating up with fear on sunday the streets of tibbett may stay quiet while demands for to base an independence a hood around the world media know honed al-jazeera. all around the world that is exactly what is happening today protests being held in many different countries and sorrow has been tracking those for us have on social media pensive people have been pricing out specs and communities have been using it to let people know about those protests. it is sort of says that you're seeing from different countries with live
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updates on the various demonstrations being shared online and these protesters and take care been chanting free tibet and stop the lies and then there was also a rally that's been happening and it's actually carney under way in brussels. there's been more seeing and dressing up in traditional tibetan clothes now as tibetans and their supporters from across europe convene in brussels the event was organized by fifteen tibetans communities and they say they want to continue raising awareness of what they say is also china's persecution of tibetans british member of parliament scolds has been tweeting from the rally and she posted this video. amazing scenes in north street and in brussels. and if you're thinking of the future i know there's nothing too bad. and should really think carefully. before you go to speak right for
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today this is a chance to celebrate to celebrate the great. if you. would . like so many. be do say. from. now some of the scenes as well as far away as australia this was filmed uploaded on social media from. people protesting outside the chinese embassy in the capital and then in germany this was projected on the parliament building it says free tibet and it was put there by the tibet initiative and they said that they are. not praying six stories and sixteen of us are up brought uprising in oppression joan policymakers must stand up for human rights in tibet just gives you know idea of what's happening there but there's also been protests protests and debbie huge crowds where they've been gathered. being outside the dalai lama's temple in india that's where of course he lives in exile now and these are just
12:35 am
some of the pictures that we've been seeing from that now speaking of the dalai lama because he has actually been chosen to be the face on the front page of this month's edition of time magazine see there. that's a picture of the school there and then a lot of people have been saying this because check this out the throwbacks nine hundred fifty number is actually looks like a painting and a painting of the don imus's sixty is of exile such as gives united air of how much time has actually passed since the men while tibetans accuse china of plundering its resources mike mike's old man who specializes in one chinese history a jewish town university in cat's eye he says china has actually invested a lot in sabbats there's a lot of new stuff around the streets the infrastructure is beautiful people are living in apartment buildings in many of the new urban centers of tibet and the neighboring provinces of china high gansu or sichuan life is getting better in many
12:36 am
ways and the people's republic of china has made enormous investments in the economy and in the infrastructure however course there is a but involved here if you are a tibetan citizen of the people's republic of china you don't feel like an equal citizen. when more protests happening in london and other parts of the u.s. even and even central asia the tibetans say they'll continue to rally every year until tibet is free from china. let me thank you for that sarah just some of your comments coming through i just picked up this one this was on the flight a story little bit earlier ethiopia queen bee tweeted to me and said to i guess a little bit earlier you know just because pilots come from africa doesn't mean the pilots are less qualified than former air force personnel from europe and usa i think what he was talking about more was how fast the the technology has advanced and that this is all coming to a lot of these smaller countries in africa and in asia
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a lot faster and maybe not experienced on this particular technology thank you for your comments and so many of you sending in your condolences and your support for ethiopian airlines itself and saying that yes it is a good airline and you've had good experiences with it now steve is in the u.k. and making last minute contingency plans for braggs it's the british market is the third largest in the world and relies on seeing the shipping in the european union they've bought the reports from london. this is one of the biggest. houses in europe with high end prepared to shipping around the world. the company service is top dealers private collections and museums so what's the most expensive item that's passed through. looking at in excess of one hundred million pounds so these are no more objects by any means or some might be small but very beautiful the international art world depends on frictionless shipping with little bureaucracy and few tariffs but as breaks it looms the industry is weighing up the
12:38 am
challenges i feel there is just this lack of clarity where we don't know what's going to happen if we if we get a deal next week then everything stays the same for twenty months maybe three years and then during that period they'll negotiate further but it does lead to further uncertainty and that makes long term planning quite difficult. for the moment are to ship seamlessly between the u.k. and the e.u. with very little red tape and with no duty in place but all of that could change when the u.k. leaves the e.u. if there are no new arrangements in place they could well be new juvies imposed the more expensive the art the higher the g.t. . this high and dealerships in the heart of london's financial district but the gallery director has had to make a difficult decision to close the current show of twentieth century abstract art several weeks early. the works of valued at seventy nine million dollars which
12:39 am
means a possible tax bill of eight million dollars for shipping them back to italy after the u.k. leaves the e.u. because italy and other e.u. countries levy tax on all works imported from outside the bloc we are speaking about money so i can have this vague so far we don't have a for michelle friendship there's we don't have information from a lawyer subcounty so nobody knows so we can all say the situation and the view of breaks it from italy selected outlets at the c.p.a. which means they've shot themselves in the foot. some experts believe leaving the e.u. will be a golden opportunity for the u.k. allowing the country to reduce or remove all current e.u. levies bypassing europe altogether and attracting new global markets. while the industry considers the advantages and disadvantages of leaving the world's largest trading block some had to wait shipping their collections to
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a brick sit safe distance the al-jazeera london. once again for the current facebook live a story for you about a group of nuns who are fighting violence against women and being serious they literally using their fists and us from our friends at i.j.a. plus and in far as here with your support looking at why the lakers have tanks so badly the season despite signing the biggest name in basketball it's. as women's rights and gaining acceptance cross the world we lost what's the status of global gender equality and how can progress be made executive director of un women. it's the fost day of school in bob an elementary school in mosul. has this school as a military base firing rocket propelled grenades and multiples of nearby i doubt if
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falsus. most helpful gluten what it is like to be in school up to three years whole war. six year old solid but as husband survived and as like he's home and almost wiped out his entire family he now lives in the public destroyed hols with his father and grandfather. solace for the protests his son for the first day in school is hopeful new friends would hope is that a company. there is that is what i can remember with the late great it's. supposed to be again right . while you wouldn't thought not working out le bron james is
12:42 am
a rival at the lakers was meant to bring the good times back to l.a. things however didn't quite work out that way any hopes of them making the playoffs have all but ended and what's been a disappointing campaign on saturday le bron and co lost their fifth straight game they went down to the boston celtics one hundred twenty two one hundred and seven james discourse thirty points in bagged in eightieth career triple double but that did little to hide the fact that they're sitting eleventh in the western conference and of last thirty six of their sixty six games so where did it all go wrong they were in playoff contention but a groin injury to le bron saw him miss seventeen games the lakers a lost eleven in that time while long as the ball is out for the season after injuring his ankle in january their failure to get anthony davis from the new orleans pelicans reportedly unsettled the locker room the move would have seen a number of players traded elsewhere and there's unlikely to be
12:43 am
a silver lining and these worst teams have far poorer records than the lakers so their chances of landing the number one pick through the draft lottery are slim earlier we spoke to robert the towel of black sports online he believes mismanagement has played a big role in the lakers disappointing season. i think first of all the players that magic johnson braun and the rondo's and lance stephenson and mehlman ye. chese p. then will really a good fit with the brawn will of bronzed style of play there we put in the fact that a lot of the young players their names were put in this trade speculation i mean it's just had a lot of this function where the project is around as always going to be like a level attention a lot more drama a need veteran players that are used to that type of thing you need better players
12:44 am
are going to help the young players with that maybe some a very odd dynamic with the players they brought in and then young players that they have so it's a lot of dysfunction and added to the back of the bryant came into a situation where he was unable to pick his coach walton is a coach you know he said all the right thing the public the lou walton doesn't appear to be the type of coach that a lot of ron led seem to be so all of this is function all of this drama all of it's hollywood all it is being in l.a. just being the kind of explode it is really talk a lot a lot of dysfunction with the team that was so much excitement when they got le bron james that you know they felt that they could be a playoff jane and i don't think they should be a factor right now you know the worst pain and california they're the second best team that outline the clippers what i would say much less talent or better team
12:45 am
that emma probably is going to make the playoffs now in the long term or you know doesn't matter i think a lot the piano what happens this summer does the lakers on able to get a superstar to team with the bron james i mean it is one year is bad but the next three years are good then you know people just have to look at this as an anomaly. also here's some footage of le bron and kyrie after that game they want to championship together with the cleveland cavaliers and some fans want to see them reunited. what they teach me get up off the court this is what people are saying on social media former n.b.a. star charles oakley tweeted kyra would look great and a lakers uniform next year with le bron l.a. based sports journalist skip bayless says le bron and kyrie actually need each other le bron needs a closer kyra we need somebody anybody else to be a leader for him and new york all miss carne's phillips ass could kyrie and lebron
12:46 am
be the new kobe bryant and shaquille o'neal a duo that ended too soon well i just know what you think you can tweet me directly at f. underscore a small sign will be back with more in eighteen hundred g.m.t. but for now our job to come all thank you for all so you would as you hundred g.m.t. as well for the news keep in touch with us here on the grid hashtag a j ust of course twitter facebook what's that and we will return right here in studio fourteen a down to zero fifteen hundred hours g.m.t. tomorrow.
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a face can tell a story without uttering a single word. and knowing god. can guide us. a simple touch in four months. the un convention manatee of life witnessed through the lens of the human mind. is what inspires us. witness documentaries on al-jazeera we know the culture we know the problems that affect this part of the world very very well and that is something that we're trying to take to the rest of the world we have gone to places and reported on a story that it might take an international network for months to be able to do it united nations peacekeepers have to know if i'm tired will. you are challenging the forces were challenging companies or going to places where nobody else is going.
12:48 am
is a popular filming location in france when it comes to stories about drugs crime and radicalization tired of negative stereotypes youth worker it's nanny dearie is reclaiming its image by putting its younger that in behind the camera. this to be don't often hear. by the people who the. need is what this is you wrote on al-jazeera. an ethiopian airlines jet crashes soon after taking off from addis ababa killing all on hundred fifty seven people on board.
12:49 am
and no i'm with al jazeera live from london also coming up reports of looting in venezuela as the nationwide blackout drags into its fourth day. students march again in algeria while striking train workers shut the capital's rail network in protest at the president also. russians protest against government efforts to take control of the internet which some have branded an online iron curtain. we begin in ethiopia where an ethiopian airlines jet has crashed minutes after takeoff killing all a hundred fifty seven passengers and crew on board the boeing seven three seven max jet was traveling from addis ababa. and i wrote be in kenya it crashed off to
12:50 am
southeast of the ethiopian capital it's not immediately k.-a what caused the crash well matheson reports. friends and families of those on board the crash ethiopian airlines flight three zero two among those waiting for news at the main airports in nairobi and this out of. just six minutes after takeoff from bali international airport in the ethiopian capital contact was lost with the boeing seven three seven if the o.p.'s state media says none of the one hundred fifty seven passengers and crew survived rutherglen doesn't need to receive people and he needs to make sure that image in the city and the mags. after a few minutes. he says a nice unfaceable chicha just flew. itself in and classes if you will be as prime minister ahmed tweeted today office of the pm on behalf of the government and
12:51 am
people of ethiopia would like to express its deepest condolences to the families of those that have lost their loved ones on ethiopian airlines boeing seven three seven on regular shuttle flight to nairobi kenya this morning the jet had been delivered just four months ago it's the fourth a version of the world's best selling airline the boeing seven three seven has flown billions of passengers worldwide since the one nine hundred sixty s. the latest seven three seven dash eight hundred max type has been redesigned to make it more fuel efficient thousands have been ordered by airlines worldwide. if you have low should you and i guarantee you probably load on a seven three seven it's a popular choice of the airlines it's a very safe but of course there are now questions and this will send jitters across the industry. it's the second disaster within five months involving the boeing seven three seven max an identical lion air jet plunged into the sea off the coast
12:52 am
of indonesia last october shortly after takeoff from jakarta killing all one hundred eighty nine people on board. boeing is being sued by some of the relatives of passengers who died and pilots have accused the american manufacturer of failing to warn them how to operate a new automated stall prevention system. safety questions again or being asked about why two planes from the seven three seven family would have had a good safety record for decades should crash within just a few months of each other and why so many lives have been lost again rob matheson al-jazeera. well al-jazeera catherine soy joins us live now from nairobi catherine there were no survivors from this crash what are the relatives being told . over the airports all day today.
12:53 am
and we saw many relatives being taken to this information and constant center that has been set up at the airport just to receive this letter relatives and give them information as it comes it was a very emotional time people there were very distraught a lot of grief is people just trying to understand what could have happened and we do have a breakdown of some of the nationalities some of the people who are on both multiple who died by kenyans thirty two of them there were nine eight hundred canadians and people from very various other countries like the u.k. the us germany and france as well. and mario we're told that some of the people who are coming in that's many of those who are coming here to nairobi were coming for our delegates who are coming for a big u.n. conference that is starting to morrow that's the united nations and vironment assembly. president of france. is expected to be at that
12:54 am
at that gathering in the coming days eight of his citizens died we spoke. or other journalists spoke to some of the relatives at the airport who are very distraught this is a man who is saying that he was waiting for his brother who was coming here on holiday from canada and other family will say that they were waiting for their relative a missionary who had just finished one year into or in the congo so she was coming back home and they had talked to her just before she had to cough and she was very excited to be coming back home very excited to be with her young daughter as well so there's a lot of grief at the airport many people who lost their lives who lost their loved ones just right in analyze what has happened. catherine the cause of the crash is not clear at this stage obviously there is going to be an investigation into what has happened what about the airline safety record what's that why.
12:55 am
well i think if you're going i alliance is the safety record is good it's a very stable airline we're being told that the pilot. seems to have realized that there could be some problems just after takeoff and requested to turn back to bali international airport in addis ababa this request was granted but then the flight got lost in the radar but then airline as we as i was telling you is very stable very reliable it's a trusted airline on the continent it is one of the fastest growing has a large fleet of about a hundred and ten aircraft some of them a boeing seven three seven zip has one of the largest service centers as while four aircraft and other airlines actually bring to our aircraft for servicing there has an advanced center foot training for training pilots as well the last major incident we had marion was back in one thousand nine hundred sixty it was a hijacking so it's going to be interesting to see what those investigations on and
12:56 am
a lot of people very anxious to know what exactly happened what could have gone wrong thank you very much for the latest from nairobi catherine soy reporting to us thank you catherine. now tensions are rising in venezuela where large parts of the country are into that fourth day without electricity the blackouts which began on thursday have affected schools businesses and hospitals at least sixteen patients have died from complications related to the power outage public transport has been on the immense pressure with the metro still not running and there have been reports of some stores being looted during the blackout well to raise a bow is live for us now in caracas in a neighborhood which has been without water for a month and has just lost power again tell us more about how people are coping way
12:57 am
you are. well venezuelans are already struggling with an enormous economic crisis among them happen hyperinflation that is changing the prices of food and medicine and almost all all the time and one thing happening here for the past three days only adds to the common tension that exists in the country what we have seen is that power went off in venezuela and most of it stayed from the day the government has been trying to record it and we. went electricity has been back up this just happened here a few minutes ago but then the power went off again and this is what people have been coping for what you can see right behind me is all the people that have been way you think will between three and four hours to get this plastic containers filled being water because they haven't had water in at least a month they have to come here this the fourth that's about a block away and they have to wait for hours in order to have some type of water in
12:58 am
their home with and what they're basically things that public services are not working in venezuela that electricity this electricity outage shows that deficiency that exists in venezuela today that the government has not been able to invest pain most in most of the public sector and that the electricity out this is just an example of that what we thought today was a massive a rival demonstration many took to the three who are protest against the government thing again is that look at the electrical outage that happened in venezuela down the other side of there was a little and also thousands of his supporters but let me tell you what's interesting. in venezuela is this neighborhood used to be a place that used to vote. and what they're saying now is that they are in desperate need of change. position. has been has been speaking out just
12:59 am
tell us about some of his remarks in the past. welcome by the way thing that there is a national emergency in venezuela because of the power outage all around the country he's saying that the government instead of asking for help at stopping it without requesting any type of help that they've been trying to restore power there's also been oppressed and at that press conference electric engineers doctors talking about the general crisis in the country for example a doctor that's being count think so far that people have died because of problems in hospital all around the country also electrical engineers what they're saying is that lack of the investment corruption in the major how do you electric power plant here here in venezuela and that the main reason why power has been out and what he said is quite interesting is that many of those who would be able to fold the
1:00 am
current situation are not in the country anymore that most experts that venezuela has right now have left the country and that's why it's being a creamy difficult to sort out the situation what we've been hearing also are comments from vulcan from the united states saying that there's a there's been a dialogue between members of terror here in venezuela and the opposition well that's difficult to confirm for now the only that we know that one white always calling for math the demonstration he's asking people to actively take of the free math of the in order to protest that parenthood to asia but of course now there's no real every day that the military would be able royal would be willing at this point could turn around and to carry out a coup against people out model their leadership remains loyal to muddle and that the only thing we have seen until now thank you very much trays of joining us from a neighborhood in capital caracas. the spokesman for the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces has told the reuters news agency that deadline has
1:01 am
paused faisel to surrender its final enclaves in syria is that they have.


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