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tv   50 Feet From Syria  Al Jazeera  March 11, 2019 12:32pm-1:01pm +03

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actually on the decline not on the rise we went crazy arresting people for crack cocaine because of this. so-called epidemic that we were incarceration rates began to just saw off the charts and we just put tons of black people. from our inner city. unguardedly no. more arrests meant more federal money. it's a system that still exists today in the form of federal stimulus and the u.s. department of justice grants for crime control community policing. it's not a war on drugs don't ever think it's wrong. it's a war on the blacks it started as a war on the blacks and has now spread to hispanics and poor whites it was war blocks and. it was designed basically to take that energy it was coming out of the civil rights movement and destroy it we have all
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would tell me and people reckon. makes ten year we have ten more me and i knew more maybe i mean come on then we got to stop at some point say you know what you know people saying then we had to fight for the abilities for chances for people to save for opportunity. according to a two thousand and three report from the bureau of justice if currency rates remain unchanged one in three black men can expect to go to prison in their lifetime even in the age of obama something akin to a caste system is alive and well in america the mass incarceration of poor people of color is tantamount to a newcastle stone one specifically designed to address the social political and economic challenges of our time michelle alexander is a professor who says to the disproportion. numbers of black people in prison in
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america today is akin to a new system of social control comparable to slavery. she says that while president obama has made some positive steps like signing legislation that reduced sentencing disparities between crack and powder cocaine where it really counts obama has not broken from the past but the reality is that obama's drug control budget looks much like the bush administration's the ratio of funding invested in enforcement as opposed to prevention or drug treatment is about the same as the bush administration this is where it's not his real name he's agreed to talk to us if we disguise his identity. has been a drug dealer and a gang member he's currently awaiting trial charged with attempted murder everyone thinks somebody from greece. or somewhere. where i was. in the street before. drug operation is on hold while he's out of
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jail on pretrial supervision one way that maryland has dealt with overcrowding of the prison system is the reason he deals is simple he does it because he says it's the only way he knows to support his family and guns are just a tool of the trade islam is the new enemy because it doesn't do the little things to. amuse the incentives if you live in a mining town you would go into the coal mines this is all you know and this is all they know so they're going into this where they know the dangers there you know but what they with they have is no choice and the way the game is rigged they can't win i mean the number of guys that actually survive the corner. to get into mid-level drug dealers so they can get away from the corner they're few and far between hopefully i could be in a position while in
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a better position while the work of some positive i have nothing to do on my own it was a good one i know. when i was. growing up in a poor neighborhood in baltimore means the olds the stacked against you. and so we have a school to prison pipeline operating in baltimore and other cities across the nation where young people believe with some good reason that their destiny lies behind bars and they too will become members at the end or cast the most probably their having children who will most children remain children. with occasional i will pick you. if you was a. mom oh was that sal was the head you know. a moment tell me see hating me. you know in the get out of the source kill me.
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ted and. no one's thinking about like let's look at these these infants let's help these instance out let's help these mothers out so that these kids are raised in a healthy environment let's let's put the money there rather than put it into. the back you know twenty five thousand per prisoner per year in the federal system is probably thirty some thousand per year that's what we're putting our money a lot of drugs in baltimore d.c. blumenthal to the right of me with remove from the gun of being used for the end of the middle figures. streets old with no partly for. the we don't have that family foundation. you definitely don't have seen. these kids are just chewed up and spit out and they're broken they get the criminal record they can't get jobs you know they go to prison they come home same thing repeats itself until they feel
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their bodies virtually break down it was gonna come in because when we first come then. all adults i do this around a. bad. bad experience. located in the very heart of the city the baltimore city detention center is one of the largest pretrial detention facilities in the united states. i would think. it's intended for adults but on the harsh get tougher laws passed in maryland and some other states juveniles charged as adults also help a fifteen to a room they held indoors for about twenty three hours a day. and to me thomas and was just sixteen years old when he was arrested for the robbery and charged as an adult. he was ultimately cleared of all charges but while
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waiting five months for trial he wasn't attending school he was in baltimore city detention center that some people. some people are going to go crazy i as people i know that you know once they got in there they wanted it more stuff than they would don't want to. ban adults and that adults are gone and. i kind of thing is what you're supposed to do by a kind of get at. the u.s. department of justice agrees that spending nearly home for years in a crumbling adult facility can violate anthony's constitutional rights. but the state's proposed solution is a brand new one hundred million dollars jail for minors chaunged as adults which the city plans to build on this site. i mean the stress is just as out there
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in that i go there every day i'm just thinking about how last time that you can get people an hour in about that life band on the way like their entire lives and if you grow up in. i swear it's going to keep going back so i don't think it was right for a kid to be in that situation. as we're preparing to leave baltimore we hear of yet another shooting. nobody this time. but the blood on the pavement is proof of the continuing cycle of violence. both for more than a city that's still on the front line of the war on drugs when you walk through neighborhoods like this it's hard not to feel a bit legacy of the war these communities have been living through is so beyond the rhetoric anything short of radical change won't solve the problem. feels like it simply could take decades for these communities to recover.
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baltimore anatomy of an american city from two thousand and twelve since that film was made the level of violent crime in baltimore has continued to rise and two thousand and fifteen police and national guard were deployed on the streets after a young black man friday gray died in police custody his death sparked violent protests and two thousand and seventeen alone three hundred forty three people were murdered making baltimore the most dangerous city in america so rewind returned recently to a snowy baltimore to find out how the people on the frontline are addressing the city's drug and crime problem. ernest shaw i am forty eight years old. i'm an artist. and an educator in both. baltimore at one time as to her would happen to the country
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i was born on the tail end of that i lived as a teenager through the eighty's which was the credit at the dinner but this very day it was full. it's our we call the on forty three years old. friend who. created the issue so. i learned that i was right so this was given to me by a no shoes all followed it's basically the details of that. because this. i can assure you i was there go my spine read different cases see the top one here see the one in the middle and there's one down the bottom you know this is a little bit of. this this world record in the book will be cure world is with my for but now i do good. there in a very need to say what it is. that this time i was already turned to courage to
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guns now i had a fifty seven and twenty three will so this is me just turn it forward seeing as a drug dealer this is my life my work. probably shot about seeing people. close friends who did not graduate from high school who are no longer with us were lost to the streets two weeks so my father went to prison he did fifteen years straight i met him when i went to prison at fifteen with fifteen years to say the least from four to eleven experience watching my mother shoot her and shoot. you know all the media the family aunts all. and. a lot of people a lot of people get shot so a lot of chrism so a lot of bad a lot of life loss can remember that were good of that us. i think
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the one that's in north is the most meaningful shows billie holiday because billie holiday dealt with addiction she had her demons and she was still in my successful in dealing while i was painting i'll be i'll be fully transparent. never seen an open a drug market like the drug. court and it's a major third of the it is obama was in the white house how did things change and was bold. they did so however long trumps going to be there how are things going to change in west baltimore now again i'm talking about communities i'm not talking about every people get sick in tad of being sick and what happened in twenty fifteen was an uprising with a small portion of new. right after already great i called the seven hundred
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troops i mean nobody would for seven days there was no black or black shoot you real powers were going so people not to shoot not we get people shot but it got to have power itself different games where the not going to shoot at me listening because no one with any of these activist groups or any of these companies can look me in my eyes and tell me they killed like me and me did it like me and they sold like me and a good eighteen years in prison like my father. you have a large contingency in a community that's disenchanted with politics they don't even pay attention to because they have day to day laughs i'm not impacted i believe obama did what he could i didn't have any i'm going to stick with expectations of so-called black president but those folks won't really catch it now catch all regardless of the press for this city to get better it starts with us starting the game i have that only key because they all know where you're more i don't rant they know i have
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their best interests they know from the streets they know i did exactly what they did i don't see peace i don't see stop the violence i don't see none of it i see if you really weren't it you decide where we use not to shoot. you decide what areas have suffered enough you decide where every a little girl got shot and then they were traumatized so now put up no shoes no even deal with who are you going to get dealt with and they listen i'm a painter the support has got to what i do so i have to deal with the reality of life i can literally see the future of baltimore to the ass of my students and it does not look good. that's it from this week's rewind they want to catch up with the rest of the films in the series you can find them on the rewind page on the al-jazeera website but for now until next time good bye thanks for watching. rewind
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continues a care bring your people back to life i'm sorry with updates on the best about zero as documentary the struggle continues book from. use distance revisiting alfred's free press. i'm the money we didn't talk we will form the topic of what how can you address or sites that have been some changes over the years you know rewind on al-jazeera one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story as he'll we cover this region better than anyone else working for us as you know it's very challenging we're going to leave particularly because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe.
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is everywhere and it's choking our planet very toxic and very dangerous and big bang years. long but breakthroughs are being made showing that it is possible to change our relationship with this. nature substance this is running. in a way that you become on the beam to. move on plastic waste. on al-jazeera how do you turn this into this. safety concerns problem china to ground the boeing seven three seven max after the ethiopian airlines plane crash.
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as i'm sick of this is as you see it on live from doha also coming up and indonesian woman accused of killing the north korean leader's hard brother is set free. here is government says the president is back as protests continue to end his twenty year rule. overnight bombing on both looms as u.s. backed forces resumed the operation to capture serious last i saw him play. a lot of china has grounded its entire boeing seven three seven max fleet a day after an ethiopian airlines plane crashed killing all one hundred fifty seven people on board aviation safety experts from the us i heading to ethiopia to try to work out what caused the new plane to go down the jet plunged into the ground minutes after taking off it is the second seven three seven max crash in six months
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the plane it left from at its abah berth for the kenyan capital nairobi from there catherine sawyer reports. nothing much is left but fragments of eighty three zero two at the crash scene near a few pieces eastern town off the shelf to the plane went down just six minutes after takeoff from international airport in the capital addis ababa prime minister ahmed was at the scene alia his office was a fast to tweet about the crash expressing condolences to those who had lost their loved ones one hundred fifty seven people while on board non-survival among the most affected as you may expects is kenya. which had a boat that had to pose a dozen boat out of the one forty nine passengers. it's an emotional time for friends and family as they waited for any news at the main airports in nairobi and . we were comfortable doesn't really we see people coming out there was
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a lot of us going to come out. of florida. we saw some nice on facebook he told us from. the thought process the jet had been to leave a just four months ago and had undergone a major service in february he also had just arrived from johannesburg with no difficulties it appears a pilot on the nairobi route realized there was a problem just after takeoff and asked to turn back but then contact was lost a few minutes later. on that route but mohamed no mohamed is an ethiopian airlines staff member has had more than two hundred flight hours after receiving the aircraft we did the first maintenance check on for every fourth two thousand and nineteen it was a new and clean aircraft. it is a fourth version of the world's best selling ally now the boeing seven three seven has flown millions of passengers wild wide since the one nine hundred sixty s.
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has been redesigned to make it more fuel efficient thousands have been ordered by airlines world wide if you have flown or should go and i guarantee you probably load on a seven three seven it's a popular choice of the airlines it's a very safe well because there are now questions and this will send jitters across the industry. and identical lion air jet planted into the sea off the coast of indonesia last october shortly after taking off from jakarta killing all a hundred eighty nine people on board boeing is being sued by some of the passengers relatives who died and pilots have accused the american manufacturer of failing to warn them how to operate a new automated stalls prevention system. questions of being asked about how to aircrafts. from the same boring seven three seven family could cross just within months of each other monday has been declared a national day of mourning in ethiopia and investigations into the crash have
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started a lot of people are anxious to know what could have gone braun with e.t. flight three zero two but many relatives say they just want to grieve catherine soy al-jazeera nairobi. and as we said aviation authorities in china have decided to ground all of their seven three seven max planes for now adrian blount adrian brown is in beijing for us so adrian what more do we know about the extent of the shutdown there and what it's going to involve. well we got a short statement on monday morning from the china civil aviation administration confirming that all seven foot seven three seven max aircraft in china would be grounded now it's not clear how long this grounding will remain in effect but certainly that grounding has now begun now why does this matter well china of
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course has the world's fastest growing aviation market the chinese are very big customers of the seven three seven max in fact part of that aircraft is completed here in china it's where the the seats are installed though the the main manufacturing still happens in the united states now according to our research at the moment some nine chinese airlines are customers of the seven three seven max there are some sixty of this aircraft that have been delivered over the past year or so and more than one hundred more seventy seven max aircraft have been ordered so that gives an indication of just how big a customer china is of this particular aircraft but i have to out that the seven three seven max represents only about a one percent of china's entire aviation fleet so this is a decision that china feels it has to take because it says there are similarities between the crash in indonesia six months ago involving
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a lion air seven three seven max and also of course the airliner that is just crashed in ethiopia so it says because of those similarities it has been forced to make this decision all right for the moment adrian brown live for us there in beijing are there been dramatic developments in the trial of two women accused of murdering the half brother of north korea's leader kim jong un one of them has been freed from salou joins us live now from outside the court in shah alam so flounce what happened there today. well there was a certain it was certainly an unexpected development back to place now and today was supposed to have been the start of the defense case for one p. hong that is the vietnamese suspect accused of murdering kim jong un but at the start of the proceedings prosecutors told the court that they wanted to drop the murder charge against city eyeshot that's the indonesian national accused of
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murdering kim jong nam now the judge agreed and granted city a discharge not amounting to acquittal now reporters watching the proceedings in court had. had suspicion that something unusual might happen because when city appeared in court when she appeared in dock she was smiling she appeared pretty happy and that's a huge that's in huge contrast to her past appearances when she looked a bit glum when she would sometimes stop quietly to herself now her lawyers say they are pleased with the decision they had wanted a full acquittal for her now they've got a discharge not amounting to an acquittal but it still means that city i shop walked out of court here in charlotte a free woman and from what we've heard she could very well be leaving for indonesia later on monday and so what happens with the trial going weird where does it go from here. well there is still
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a suspect in the dock and she is going to be tried for murder and that is don t. hong the vietnamese suspect now and the case for now has been adjourned the lawyers said they are seeking an adjournment not only that they are going to be writing to the attorney general's chambers to petition the prosecutors to drop the charges against dante hall on the same grounds that they withdrew the charge against against city i shall now no reason was given by the prosecutor as to why they dropped the charge against city ayesha but the thrust of these two women's defense case is that they are just unwitting points in a politically motivated murder north korean a big part in south korean and american intelligence officials have said they believe north korean officials north korean north korean intelligence officers are behind this plot to kill. the half brother of kim jong il and these two women have said all along that they thought they were in just taking part in a reality t.v.
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show to play pranks on people they certainly had no intention to kill kim jong un. president abdelaziz bouteflika is reportedly back home from switzerland where he'd been getting medical treatment state television said his plane landed in a military base south of the capital algiers but demonstrations were demonstrators rather were back out on the streets demanding he dropped his plan to run for a fifth term sean you're going to go as more. after a two week stay at a swiss hospital abilities buttafuoco was apparently back in algeria according to a statement from his office pictures an algerian t.v. showing what is reportedly the president's motorcade driving from the airport this is perhaps the most challenging episode in beautiful twenty year rule a seismic moment in the country's recent history with little sign of diminishing if
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algeria is authorities still closing the universities early would stop the protests it would appear to have been a miscalculation we are protesting against a fifth president a president who took enough is enough in a country desperate for jobs anger at the unemployment rates and corruption has been growing especially since protests began three weeks ago students are debating . throughout universities to talk about the solution and to talk about they are the . students are aware and fortunately aware of the situation and they are taking the rights the rights and measures to avoid the weakening of the moment but it's not just the students while voicing their anger a partial strike across the country is also under way at expected to last for five days at the center of it all this man president abdelaziz bouteflika who has rarely
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been seen in public since suffering a stroke in two thousand and thirteen but his decision to stand for a fifth time an upcoming elections has galvanized opposition in the country and while he's offered to limit his term in office after the election promised to change how algeria is run it's not compound rest it's also prompt questions of whether bouteflika is being used as a puppet candidate by a faction of civilian and military because in a country that largely managed to sidestep the arab spring protests their rallies. a reminder that it's not immune to the discontent that spark that sudden i echo al-jazeera. all right still ahead when we come back investigators from the international criminal court give hope to rekindle refugees in bangladesh. and we speak to one of the female protesters who's been released from prison in sudan that's all ahead.


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