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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 11, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm +03

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to limit his time in office after the election promise to change how algeria is run it's not beyond rest it's so so pumped questions of whether bouteflika is being used as a puppet candidate by a faction of civilian and military because in a country that largely managed to sidestep the arab spring protests the rallies are a reminder that it's not immune to the discontent that sparked the sudden i echo al-jazeera. all right still ahead when we come back investigators from the international criminal court give hope to re-injure refugees in bangladesh. and we speak to one of the female protesters who has been released from prison in sudan that's all ahead.
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hello the latest winter storm system is just leaving iran and producing rain and of course snow for afghanistan and some parts of pakistan is not quite as vicious as the last one it's worthwhile i would say from the point of view of dropping stuff and west of that generally quiet weather as you can see a bit of cloud around parts of northern iran but back to the event if anything the wind does not last long term to slowly rising that because suddenly gives you twenty in beirut but the carriage coming in might suggest something rather wet is coming your way but not to be on tuesday at least not changing weather type also means that your miles been blowing for a day or so and the gulf is going to lighten if not disappear warmed up in their hot twenty five little bit warmer in riyadh to obviously was hotter in the western side of saudi arabia thirty six in mecca an increasing likelihood of clouds showing to form along a mom coming inland rather reaching salalah sort of humidity but i think you'll
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stay dry where we have season very active weather recently is malawi mozambique and now just off the coast of madagascar this tropical cycle it's strengthening will be out of the water for the next two days but eventually it will make landfall again in southern mozambique. i am a fish every week a new cycle going to series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the world's jannah least that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel but that is not what that phrase means at all he joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media and focused on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most to embed use a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera. hello
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again you're watching i do see a reminder of our top stories this hour china has grounded its entire fleet of boeing seven three seven max planes after an ethiopian airlines jet of the same make crashed on sunday jet went down shortly after takeoff from madison avenue killing all one hundred fifty seven people. one of the women on trial for killing the half brother of north korea's leader has been freed by a malaysian court murder charge against indonesian. was dropped in a surprise move. algerian state t.v. says president abdullah has a ride back home after getting medical treatment in switzerland he's facing mass
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demonstrations after his decision to run for a fifth term. of venezuela's government has suspended schools and businesses on monday as the worst blackout in decades continues many areas have been without power since the out siege started on thursday that isobel reports from caracas. for three days venezuela has been affected by power cuts. now that people have taken their frustration to the streets and started to block in the capital. the people of venezuela are only asking for alex tricity and water we don't have food the food is rotten in the refrigerator there's no food or water. the situation has polarized the population between those who want to protest and those who don't. but then supporters of arrived some with their face covered and armed come here and try
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to find out a role here and there are all the better than government supporters mostly known as people we are basically ruled that the lord may call out my little. came here and removed everything they were using for the role. one of their leaders. said he won't allow anyone to generate chaos. they want to shut down the roads and open them without distinction those people want to destroy everything and we will be harder on them just watch. the. military force they have more power than the police and have become a significant force on the street defending the revolution and the tearing protestors. there was a market nearby that merchants were forced to leave because of the tension in the area and people rushed to grab anything they could. is only eight and was one of them we asked her if this was the only food she had to eat she said yes.
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water has also become a major issue people in the neighborhood. has been without running water for a month they have to wait for hours to feel in their containers. the government is not providing basic public services like water. and so many other things. the government says the latest power cut was an act of sabotage and is struggling to restore electricity. but the power continues to go down. i already struggling with an enormous economic crisis the power outage is only making the situation worse. a u.s. backed fighters in syria have resumed their operation to retake eyesores last piece of territory kurdish led syrian democratic forces have forced their final assault on but who's to allow civilians to leave the s.t.'s says four thousand civilians
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remain in the town of being used as human shields by isis other than hammy that has the latest from gaziantep on the turkey syria gorge. there had been a lull in fighting over the past several days to allow the villian and even fighters isel to surrender now as spokesman for the syrian democratic forces that the kurdish forces on the ground said the decision to we knew the offensive unbar guus was taken after new civilians came out of that area since as saturday's now there is the hope that this could be the last battle after all i still is in control now of a sliver of land compared to what it had back in two thousand and seventeen however this has been a very complicated battle i think the both the kurds and the coalition were
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taken aback by the number of people coming out of baquba the one expected that even they didn't expect either to see these hundreds if not thousands of fighters surrendering to the kurds now there is a worry that that could happen again some of the people who came out said that there were many more civilians that were killed in back to some hinted at the network of tunnels on the ground where the civilians would be seeking shelter as the moment and some military experts will tell you that i still had been using this tactic in this says that to control the advance of the as the as forces allowed people to leave that area and in that time it gives it i still fighters have. the time to sort of regroup and reorganize and think about the next step certainly this is going to be a very fierce battle because there is a ways to really end it sooner rather than later but you do have to remember that
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those fighters who chose to remain in are the diehard fighters are the ones who will fight until the bitter and so certainly kurdish forces i expecting thirty fierce battles in the days ahead the palestinian president has chosen a long time advisor and critic of hamas as his new prime minister and my dish taya is a top official in mahmoud abbas's fatah movement and a former peace negotiator is appointment could deepen a rift with rivals hemis here a place of rami humbugged who had overseen a unity government but resigned in genuine. refugees have arrived in geneva from bangladesh to address a un human rights council meeting on monday un special rapporteur will also deliver a report on her visit to cox's bazar refugee camp last month it is home to almost
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a million rahane yahoo been forced to escape the violence in neighboring myanmar stephanie decker reports from the camp the large tree is a reminder of the thick extensive forests it stood here just eighteen months ago now uprooted to make way for hundreds of thousands of rangar the two forced from their land this is now the biggest refugee camp in the world. jamila katun fled me in mar in august two thousand and seventeen during the military crackdown on the right kind state she says of course she wants to go home but only if there is peace what they skate from she remembers was terrifying. our next door neighbor's husband and wife they were killed which is why we left how can we go back at least if we die here as a muslim will be allowed to have a proper funeral but if we die there will just be thrown away. she was part of a mass exodus into neighboring bangladesh as well as the united nations accusing
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the me and my military of burning homes abductions rapes and murder almost one million wrangle a parent are with an individual story a perfect by a nation of law and now the band two hearts stretch as far as the eye can see in every direction this is a makeshift city built out of human tragedy and there is now an international push to find out what happened and who is responsible. the international criminal court has sent a team to the camp as part of what it calls a preliminary examination they did not want to be filmed preferring to keep their first visit here low profile the un special rapporteur yankee levy was in cox's bazaar in january but it's the visit of the i.c.c. that could eventually lead to charges against the me i'm our government justice is something everyone here wants including twenty year old muhammad who says he worries he is losing his life here but going back for him has conditions out
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a little under god we need the id cards we need them to recognize us as running is also our mothers and sisters were raped we want justice from the i.c.c. they have to give us back our latin properties which were confiscated. mohammed like so many of the other refugees was born in me and maher with no papers no official status not officially recognized the miramar government says they are bengali muslims despite their families having been in myanmar for generations all want to return home and many say they know it will be a difficult and long journey stephanie decker al-jazeera cox's bazaar bangladesh. a sudanese court has sentenced the daughter of the opposition leader to a week in prison she's one of many female protesters calling for the resignation of president bashir but some women who join the protests have now been released on the orders of the president morgan met with one of them in khartoum. just days ago
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fison a good a member of an opposition party in sudan was in hunger strike in a women's prison in the country's second largest city on the man she's been held in detention for six weeks accused of taking part in anti-government protests and. i was driving from our party's h.q. when cars came up behind me and in front of me and told me to get out of my car and to get into there is i was taken to detention and then questioned and put in jail no charges were brought against me and the other women in jail with me. fazer and at least thirty nine other woman arrested because of the protests have now been released from prison following orders time by president obama and the sheer demonstrations in sudan began in december over the rising costs of basic goods including bread and fuel the quickly turned into demands for the president and his thirteen year old security forces used tear gas and live bullets on the protesters
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the government says fifty two people have been killed rights groups say the figure is higher last month the president declared a year long state of emergency but the protests continue bashir is refusing to step down and has called for dialogue. but the dough is cooling. god willing we will get over all the problems and overcome the obstacles because we have decided to have a technocratic government without any regard to political affiliation or tribe we picked the military men to be governors because the whole country loves them. some political analysts the security forces appear to target women protesters more than men i want to know what it was surprising to see men arresting women they were touching the women inappropriately and beating them that's why there are female security agents and police the fact that they let men and not women deal with female protesters is a clear sign of a violation. of the state of emergency hasn't stopped the demonstrations
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and despite the threat of arrest many protesters the they'll settle for nothing less than bashir is resignation he will morgan on to zero two. of the u.s. is increasing its dominance in the global arms market with a surge in sales to the middle east data from the stockholm international peace research institute shows u.s. exports grew twenty nine percent in the last five years the same time the flow of arms to the middle east rose eighty seven percent russian and chinese arms sales have fallen while turkey israel and european nations have increased their share the dates for the upcoming general election in india have been announced the vote will take place over several weeks starting april eleventh in the world's biggest democratic exercise involving nine hundred million voters. first. and with that india's election campaign is officially underway voting will
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be in seven days is beginning april eleventh with both counted on may the twenty third. in twenty fourteen more than eight hundred fourteen million indians were eligible to vote this year organizers say the total will be roughly nine hundred million making it the largest election in history. the controversies have already begun some opposition parties have accused the election commission of delaying the polling dates to give the government more time to announce spending projects something election commission denies adverts like these announcing new spending projects and praising the government's accomplishments are regular feature in most newspapers even more so now with the prime minister announcing one hundred fifty seven new projects this past month alone with the election dates now declared those spending announcements have to stop to abide by election law but critics say the benefit to the government has already happened. prime minister there and they're both these the party came to power five years ago on promises of economic
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prosperity for all. and a pre-lunch in rally last week multi-talented his economic programs to nonunion workers many of whom work in the informal economy. in the name of the poor ruled the country for over fifty five years but even they did not think of these unorganized workers of india but in the fifty five months only the son like me has we heard their voices and solve their worries. but farmers unions and other groups have been protesting for better government assistance for years with some large rallies held in the past few months unemployment the government has not been able to tackle that in fact unemployment is at its worst we know what a decade or more in this country this political commentator says some of those economic promises have fallen through. nothing spectacular nothing to show for all the promises more he has made the economy has been badly hit by his. scheme. so i think there are huge problems and these are the issues that he would rather
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not face and we. had to make of nationalism precisely because these promises are not working really really would be looked good. aside from the economy issues of armed groups in kashmir and the recent conflict with pakistan have also push security issues. so the forefront. of opinion polls are split on whether this government will return for another five year term meanwhile indians are gearing up for what will be record breaking election campaign those trivial al-jazeera you don't. climb has i'm seeking let's get a round up now of the top stories are china has grounded its entire fleet of boeing seven three seven max aircraft after an ethiopian airlines plane crashed on sunday the jet went down shortly after takeoff from madison killing all one hundred fifty
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seven people on board the flight was headed to nairobi ethiopia is observing a day of mourning one of the women on trial for killing the half brother of north korea's leader has been freed my a malaysian court the murder charge against indonesians. was dropped in a surprise move she had been charged along with a vietnamese national. of smearing a toxic nerve agent on kim jong nam face at kuala lumpur airport and twenty seventeen. algerian state t.v. says president abdelaziz bouteflika has arrived back home after getting medical treatment in switzerland he's still facing mass demonstrations over his decision to run for a fifth term in office u.s. backed fighters in syria have resumed their operation to retake eyesores the last piece of territory the kurdish led syrian democratic forces say the final assault on booze will be over in days. civilians are believed to be still trapped there.
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the venezuelan government has suspended schools and businesses on monday as the worst blackout in decades continues many areas without power since the outage started on thursday. palestinian president has chosen a longtime adviser and critic of hamas as his new prime minister. is a top official in mahmoud abbas's fatah movement and a former peace negotiator his appointment could deepen a rift with rivals how. the u.s. is increasing its dominance in the global arms market with a surge in sales to the middle east data from the stockholm international peace research institute shows u.s. exports grew twenty nine percent in the last five years at the same time the flow of arms to the middle east increased by eighty seven percent those are the headlines the listening posts next. killed
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a mother and son on their way to an appointment sadly the insurgents don't wear uniforms also. with the worst of the american occupation of iraq matthew has an old inheritance to account trump tower twenty sixteen how come you didn't mention the meeting to congress and i did i don't know if i got the transcript wrong. i don't think you are that sure that you can tell the difference between a polish guy a french guy or you leave your chart at the head on a. thank you but i think i make such a shocking. case on. the. economic side i think of a come on come. along richard disappeared and you're at the listening post here are some of the stories that we're covering this week the case against benjamin netanyahu and the israeli media outlets the prime minister is accused of
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trying to bring under his control after five years the egyptian photojournalist show is no longer behind bars many of his colleagues still are colonial residue governments in sub-saharan africa are still using laws that colonists left behind to silence journalists and a music video comes out of china in defense of a mobile phone company will begin in israel and the corruption case that centers on prime minister benjamin netanyahu is attempts to control the media a story that also exposes the degree to which certain israeli news outlets are willing to sell out their coverage elections are just weeks away and netanyahu is looking at charges of bribery fraud and breach of trust one of the cases alleges the prime minister agreed to limit the distribution of one newspaper israel high yom in exchange for positive coverage in another era not he's also accused of offering a telecoms company beza
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a lucrative government contracts buying in effect positive news coverage on a website owned by the same company a news site called while the attorney general handling the case says netanyahu even had a hand in choosing which editors and reporters wallah would hire or fire the prime minister netanyahu is using the fake news defense calling the case a witch hunt cooked up by political rivals and their friends in the media it's a line he's used before but the victim narrative is starting to sound a little unconvincing our starting point this way. is television. w. should be a story or. should. i do that if i'm actually on the or tell a good. little bit of a detour they slowly shot before the value of the film that. she do we knew had
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been could be grouped. in a big loud that people stay only still able to feel the most going to. just sequel who loses should. look i'm going to know have been it's. this is a first in israeli political history a sitting prime minister faces indictment on multiple counts of corruption and media manipulation the telecom and media baron getting contracts and bribes from benjamin netanyahu in return for favorable coverage show all the lovat the man who issued the indictment notice attorney general of the high mantel blinked in his written ruling detailing the grounds for indictment mandalit walks us through an extensive system set up by netanyahu to control the media coverage of himself his
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government and his family it's damning however supporters of the prime minister argue he was left with little choice of the cumana phone five about that of fame and all the cases have to do with the media why was nothing else so involved in the media why did he try to measure so much with it nobody's asking that question could it be didn't it then we always vilified by the media more than any other prime minister in the western word zero nish clearly there's no prime minister or president anywhere that so savagely criticize they. they will tell you you'll be on the look at him a little well explain the test this is the name. the thing that was most important to him. finally brings him down you know if they mingle with everybody now is a lefty everybody now is out to get him that made the at that one again a misogynist big deal when with in the finale feel watching i'm not out to get you i'm just waiting really thought that this happened because the prime minister's
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contentions that he is up against some kind of left wing media conspiracy failed the scrutiny test on the sat so i don't. need to do. to the attorney general leading the investigation mandalit was appointed by netanyahu himself two of the prosecution's key witnesses reported to have provided the most incriminating evidence our former confidant of the prime minister and details of what is being called case four thousand involving israel's biggest telecom company which owns the online news site while on paint a picture of elaborate media manipulation police allege the prime minister's relationship with baz x c.e.o. alone which was based on bribes netanyahu provided besuch with government contracts and regulatory favors in return for not just flattering coverage of his government
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but a hand in the way the website operate police say that from two thousand and twelve to two thousand and seventeen the prime minister or his staff blatantly intervened hundreds of times and on a near daily basis often calling in the middle of the night to demand changes in the coverage. there are recordings in which netanyahu speaks with a lot of it who then passes messages on to a line you're sure the c.e.o. . so it's obvious that netanyahu tried to intervene we spoke with journalists asking them how come there were positive articles the next you know her as well of negative one. are you for or against explain that what we're saying with the tip of the iceberg underneath there was a constant battle about whether to follow the orders that came from netanyahu or over the editorial team to just do a job. looking at the workers and while our reporters and junior editors
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i think that some of them were maybe too young and then they couldn't see the big picture but it was not only on their shoulders it was a matter of their chief executive editor and they rector of the company those were the people that did it. the netanyahu a lot of which relationships resulted in politically driven material like this maybe. it first appeared on the prime minister's website on the morning of march seventeenth two thousand and fifteen the day israelis voted in the last general election within minutes it was on the wallace home page where it would remain on the order say prosecutors of the prime minister's office met i thought of that video the arabs are flocking to the polls which is just pure incitement was on the home page for a whole day it was discussed totally ungentle istic and rather and. then there were
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dozens of articles and photos of sarin netanyahu helping holocaust survivors for instance now it's one thing to post such pieces which really have zero news value but to then take down other articles such as the piece on the poverty report in israel actual information that is important that it was a disproportionate faith. in me and that they did i know things were as complex and detailed as the indictment should know i had absolutely no idea i didn't know that they were actually helping choose images for specific articles i didn't know that sorry netanyahu herself for sending text messages if we would have known about it would not have had any reporters that. case four thousand and the communications between netanyahu and is just one of the corruption allegations under investigation there's also case two thousand backed up by secretly recorded conversations in which netanyahu offers to support legislation that would limit the
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distribution of the country's most widely read israel a free in return for favorable coverage in the biggest traditional paper on the market yet. the prosecutors announcement of a coming indictment happened just weeks before an election in which the netanyahu campaign clearly has the media. journalists face. also launched a facebook broadcast quote throw the fake. in the increasingly polarized israeli media space there are still voices the prime minister wants to hear. some of whom can be found at news outlets like.
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the. lot of the small animals i don't get when the leftists criticize and it's considered journalistic integrity but when a right wing journalist says he supports the prime minister and think he's doing a great job then suddenly i get attacked for my journalistic integrity have you ever asked a leftwing journalist about their integrity you never have why do you ask me. one standard for all the media. whether this. indictment can play in netanyahu his favor the answer is absolutely yes part of his genius is that he realized how to use that they often say that after each netanyahu scandal his party gets an extra two seats in the elections this time where right in the midst of an election an indictment helps netanyahu
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push the idea that the leftist media the patronized is trying to dethrone netanyahu has turned the media into the biggest game and this indictment in my opinion is only making his campaign strong compression of its a lot in agreement about what could more in previous elections netanyahu built an enemy in the shape iran. and hezbollah today the situation isn't one that enables him to build an enemy from the outside and therefore he's putting up the media and the justice system to be the enemy they say they're trying to bring me down. we're discussing other media stories that are on our radar this week with one of our producers flo philips flo the egyptian photojournalist mahmoud it better known as shall conquer released from prison this past week after something like five and a half years behind bars but he's not exactly
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a free man is he not exactly and should undeniably this is one of the best pieces of media news to come out of egypt lately but one condition of siobhan's release is that he spends every night for the next five years at a police station and all this for a case that so many consider a sham shall come as a rested back in august twenty third jaring the early days of the c.c. government there was a huge pro muslim brotherhood demonstration in cairo in which at least six hundred protesters were killed shock and says he was just taking pictures but he wound up behind bars charged with murder and terrorism it took more than five years for the case to get to trial and by the time he was sentenced shaka. but he served out his time here's what he had to say when he got home says overheard. the kids all say. those are really. close those funerals well and. there are still more than thirty other journalists in egyptian prisons including al
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jazeera is own man hussein who's been in jail now for more than two years hussein still hasn't been charged with a crime let alone convicted ok now to croatia where hundreds of journalists took to the streets of the capital zagreb just last weekend to protest against pressures that are facing the media what kind of things are they talking about so they've got a variety of complaints richard they say they're often abused and threatened and that the government medals in the country's media but what really stands out here is the sheer number of lawsuits being filed against croatian journalists more than a thousand and a currently being sued for myriad reasons under a law the croatian journalists association says is being abused the way this law is written makes content deemed shaming or humiliating a criminal offense and it's pretty easy to see how powerful people can just use that to their advantage and while most of these lawsuits are being filed by politicians what's with these news outlets that are suing some of their own employees so this is the bizarre part croatia's public broadcaster h.r.t.
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is suing thirty six journalists including some of their own six months ago fired her voice zovko he's also the head of the journalists association after he spoke out against political interference and censorship at the station he's been h.r.t. for twenty one years and now the channel is suing him for seventy thousand dollars the european federation of journalists issued a statement urging prime minister under a plank a bitch to get to work and to take concrete steps to limit abusive prosecutions against journalists ok thanks for next we're moving to a media story whose roots date back to the late nineteenth century. european powers were setting sail for africa sweeping across the car colonizing country after country and once they took power they wrote laws designed to ensure that the called the nighest would not rise up against the colonizers laws that could also be used to silence censor jail or intimidate journalists who refused to toe the line come
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the late one nine hundred fifty s. africans began revolting and over the next decade or two most countries would win their independence however much of the colonial legislation remained in place and there is now a growing list of journalists in sub-saharan africa falling afoul of those laws that were never written with democratic societies in my listening posts nick muirhead now on the colonial era laws that still determine what can and cannot be reported in sub-saharan africa. two thousand and eighteen in the democratic republic of congo newspaper editors that was funny was jailed for publishing articles critical of a bank she was prosecuted under a defamation law dating back to nine hundred fourteen when the d r c was a belgian called in november two thousand and sixteen five zambian radio
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journalists were arrested for allegedly calling a member of the ruling party a useless person they were charged under section one seventy nine of the zambian penal code which dates back to the british colonial times and in another former british colony one. a newspaper editor at the sunday standard published a report that the former president was involved in a late night car crash he was charged with sedition i told my lawyer that you know what i am going to plead guilty to save the ship because i believe i did that i think and he. will be but there was a change of government and the government has added to it but i was very disappointed that they do that because that we need only opportunity we had the chinese the constitutionality of this edition so sedition. compared to a lesser. of defamation which we have much more used to is very specific
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to care sedition it is people at the pinnacle of power in any society there are some shit as that the said comments remarks views expressed have a potential of causing and national security threat or a public order threat one suspects that because the newspaper was so independent then had been writing about other matters that was clearly upsetting the government of the day that they used that as an excuse to move against the journalists the irony of course is that the world looks up and sees it as a best of democracy and stable rule in sub-saharan africa and yet some fortunately sedition still remains a crime in botswana and it is used to close down the democratic space.
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which is by design colonial era loss weren't written to protect democracy but to limit dissent when countries like britain france and belgium established the african colonies in the late nineteenth century the new colonial administrations expected journalists who were almost exclusively white and mostly compliant to highlight the achievements of government perpetuating the nation of african dependence on colonialism they also want to be opponents silenced and a legal framework was created for that. but when the colonize ation process began in the late one nine hundred fifty s. and african governments started coming into power securing independence was the priority not media freedom and the new leaders saw value in the laws that they inherited what happened after independence. when our black
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lead us to call before they were calling for a free media but after they changed they decided to use the strategy that was used by the koran yet they are colonial masters and there was a reason for that why because the nation building projects the forcing of people treat now identify themselves as it says zambia. now have to be centrally monies to a centrally controlled so in order to do that the new governments found it necessary to send a single message as the only voice that had their good intentions and everybody else was destroying what this government was trying to build our leaders see the media is an opposition. you know and. they don't understand the role of the media because the only generic version.
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of our leaders we're hiding behind this idea of nation building and cohesion we contacted multiple governments in countries that still have colonial you are laws in place to ask why decades after independence those laws are still on the books none of them got back to us. it's not just the legacy of colonialism that lingers on in africa but the legal residue of apartheid in south africa next month marks twenty five years of democracy in the country but journalists there still have to contend with yours that were designed to preserve white minority rule. nine hundred eighty two protection of information act gave some thought for because apart take government sweeping powers to keep secrets and silence journalists in the democratic era many of the provisions in that glow are deemed unconstitutional but that hasn't prevented its use
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a big surprise was last year when an investigative journalist. who had written a book called the president suddenly found himself on the receiving end of a police raid and. it was. his stance simply because he had confidential information from the intelligence services in his possession he's been charged under this act and while the case has been moved ahead against him it's still hanging over his head. the ruling african national congress has made several attempts to replace the nine hundred eighty two protection of state information act its version the protection of state information bill even made it through parliament. but campaign it's journalists and lawyers said it was new only in name and still gave the state unconstitutional powers the bill remains unfinished
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business it's been on the president's desk for nearly six years now awaiting signature until then the a particular law remains in force. historically always aside there's an unwritten cultural code in the region it's called going to the idea in african culture that a shared sense of humanity builds and binds communities that challenge for modern day. african societies and their leaders who are no longer united by the common goal of ending colonial rule it's hard to reconcile the reverence of a pointer with the irreverence of critical journalists not too long ago in this very same. criticizing a public figure especially political leadership could be city should be at fault but attitudes are changing as people begin to identify themselves often as text as a message is this way that their concerns these days are less about journalists
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looking good and more about the media or journalists not digging deep enough it's important that people realize that if they wants to live in a democratic society that there is no way that a government a democratically elected government or a post colonial government should be in a position to use colonial era laws of apartheid north to try and subjugates the population i am convinced that if they want to keep those laws in this they truth because they have a vested interest. and there is no way. there is no way disguise i'm going to go into a little to stop power to the extent that generics begin to criticize them free. and finally the legal cases around the chinese mobile phone manufacturer huawei and the u.s. justice department are crawling through the courts the charges include stealing
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trade secrets and doing business with the likes of iran north korea and syria all countries under economic sanctions now a private chinese company has released a propaganda video of children singing the praises of huawei and who better to produce the lyrics than a former member of the people's liberation army song and dance troupe as now put it the only way to win a revolutionary war is by mobilizing the masses now the chinese masses are being mobilized online to come to the defense of a mobile phone company only the bulk of the social media chatter on this has been mockery since while way has consistently tried to distance itself from the chinese state will leave you now with a snippet of wall way the beautiful and we'll see you next time you're at the list .
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thailand's military government is accused of using repressive laws to silence in general critics. but a new brigade of oz's is botching back what i want
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a snake's thailand's rebel losses. zero. over one hundred and sixty years ago a musician stuck to vand in an ati street in cairo. that brought us back and was so popular it gave birth to an entire musical genre. a century and a half later the sound still present mates with many interruptions today house of
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the people's music an al-jazeera. al-jazeera where every. safety concerns prompt china to ground the boeing seven three seven max after the ethiopian airlines plane crash. on has i'm sick of this is al jazeera live from davos a coming up an indonesian woman charged with the murder of the north korean leader's brother is set free.
1:49 pm
algerian government says the president is back as protests continue to end his twenty year rule. investigators from the international criminal court give hope to reading to refugees in bangladesh. and i china has grounded its entire buying seven three seven max fleet day off to an ethiopian airlines plane crashed killing all one hundred fifty seven people on board aviation and safety experts from the u.s. are heading to ethiopia to try and work out what caused the plane to go down the jet plunged into the ground minutes after takeoff it is the second seven three seven max crash in six months the plane had left from this album for the kenyan capital nairobi from there catherine sawyer reports nothing much is left but fragments of e.t.a. three zero two at the crash scene. easton town off the shelf to the plane went down
1:50 pm
just six minutes after takeoff from bali international airport in the capital addis ababa prime minister ahmed was at the scene alia his office was a fast to tweet about the crash expressing condolences to those who had lost their loved ones one hundred fifty seven people while on boat non-survival among the most affected sumi expects is kenya which. the boat. that's a two puzzle justin bought out of the one forty nine passengers. it's an emotional time for friends and families they waited for any news at the main airports in nairobi and. we were comfortable doesn't really do we see people coming out there was. a lot of us going to come out. of a few. we saw some nice and flexible he told us from. the
1:51 pm
field marshal the jet had been to leave a just four months ago and had undergone a major service in february it also had just arrived from johannesburg with no difficulties it appears the pilot on the nairobi route realized there was a problem just after takeoff and asked to turn back but then contact was lost a few minutes later i'm not really on that route but mohamed no mohamed is an ethiopian airlines staff member has had more than two hundred flight hours after receiving the aircraft we did the first maintenance check on for every fourth two thousand and nineteen it was a new and clean aircraft. it is a fourth version of the world's best selling ally the boeing seven three seven has flown millions of passengers wild wide since the one nine hundred sixty s. has been redesigned to make it more fuel efficient thousands have been ordered by airlines worldwide if you have flown or should go and i guarantee you probably load
1:52 pm
on a seven three seven it's a popular choice of the airlines it's a very safe but of course there are now questions and this will send jitters across the industry. and identical lion air jet plans to into the sea off the coast of indonesia last october shortly after taking off from jakarta killing all a hundred eighty nine people on board boeing is being sued by some of the passengers relatives who died and pilots have accused american manufacturer of failing to warn them how to operate a new automated stalls prevention system. questions are being asked about how to aircrafts. from the same boring seven three seven families could crush just within months of each other monday has been declared a national day of mourning in ethiopia and investigations into the crash have started a lot of people are anxious to know what could have gone wrong with e.t. flight three zero two but many relatives say they just want to grieve catherine soy
1:53 pm
al jazeera nairobi. so aviation authorities in china as we said earlier have decided to ground all their seven three seven max planes for now adrian brown. just been told of forty we don't have a reporter in beijing on that but we'll move on for now apologies for there been a dramatic developments in the trial of two women accused of murdering the half brother of north korea's leader kim jong un one of them has been freed from slowly was up a court in the city of. monday was supposed to have been the start of the defense hearing for the vietnamese suspect but instead proceedings are opened with the prosecutor telling the court that he wanted to drop the charge against city i shot that is the indonesian suspect accused of murdering kim jong nam the judge agreed and granted a discharge not amounting to an acquittal and reporters watching the proceedings
1:54 pm
had a slight suspicion that something unusual happened because when city appeared in court in the dock today she was smiling a huge contrast to her past court appearances now hold lawyers say they are happy with the decision she's been granted a discharge not amounting to an acquittal but it still means she was able to leave this courthouse a free woman now on the other hand is still on trial for murder she read out a statement in court she's going to be taking to the witness stand but her lawyers have asked for the case to be adjourned it is going to be a gentle thursday in the meantime they want to petition the attorney general to offer charge that the murder charge against don to be dropped now prosecutors have not given a reason as to why they are withdrawing the charge against city but the two women have maintained all along that they are innocent that they had no idea that what they were doing would kill in fact they thought they were taking part in
1:55 pm
a reality t.v. show and south korean and u.s. intelligence officials have said they suspect north korea's involvement in the murder of kim jong un or a back to our top story now on the decision by authorities in china to ground all of their seven three seven max planes as a result of the ethiopian airlines crash happy to report we now have a dream brown live in beijing for sage and what else do we know about those. well this order from china's civil aviation administration came at nine am local time here in beijing and they have announced that essentially all seven three seven max boeing aircraft will be grounded until six pm tonight so a nine hour grounding but the airliners all the the administration has also said that operations will resume only after confirming the relevant measures to effectively ensure air safety now to that end the chinese side is now in
1:56 pm
consultation with officials of the u.s. federal aviation administration as well as boeing to work out what they will do next but china has now become the first country to ground this aircraft this aircraft of course is very popular in china there is some sixty in operation or have been delivered another one hundred have been ordered by a total of nine airlines that gives you an indication of just how important customer china is to boeing china of boeing of course has big investments here in china but the the seven three seven max only represents about one percent of the entire chinese aviation fleet now part of the seven three seven max is actually completed here in china the ones that are used here in the country china is where you know the seats affected and the final you know sort of cosmetic work is carried
1:57 pm
out before the aircraft actually goes into the air it's worth noting of course that eight chinese citizens were on the doomed ethiopian aircraft which came down shortly after takeoff and what china is saying actually is this there are similarities it feels between the crash involving a seven three seven max aircraft in indonesia and an aircraft operated by lion air six months ago and this latest accident of a china that is one so. too many china of course we have to remember is now the world's fastest growing aviation sector people who ten years ago would have taken the train now fly and of course by twenty thirty china will be access to mated the world's largest aviation market of all age and thanks for the a.g.m. brown in beijing. algerian president abdelaziz bouteflika is reportedly back home from switzerland where he'd been getting medical treatment state
1:58 pm
television said his plane landed at a military base south of the capital algiers demonstrators were back out on the streets demanding he dropped his plan to run for a fifth term so a day ago has more after a two week stay at a swiss hospital abilities beautifully coas apparently back in algeria according to a statement from his office pictures an algerian t.v. showing what is reportedly the president's motorcade driving from the airport this is perhaps the most challenging episode input of his twenty year rule a seismic moment in the country's recent history with little sign of diminishing if algeria is authorities still closing the universities early would stop the protests it would appear to have been a miscalculation we are protesting against a fifth president a president who typically enough is enough in a country desperate for jobs anger at the unemployment rates and corruption has been growing especially since protests began three weeks ago students are debating
1:59 pm
. throughout universities to talk about the solution and to talk about their. students are aware and fortunately aware of the situation and they are taking the rights the rights and measures to avoid the weakening of the moment but it's not just the students who are voicing their anger a partial strike across the country is also under way at expected to last for five days at the center of it all this man president abdelaziz bouteflika who has rarely been seen in public since suffering a stroke in two thousand and thirteen but his decision to stand for a fifth time an upcoming elections has galvanized opposition in the country and while he's offered to limit his time in office after the election the problem. to change how algeria is run it's not company on breast cancer so prompt questions of
2:00 pm
whether bouteflika is being used as a puppet candidate by a faction of civilian and military because in a country that largely managed to sidestep the arab spring protests their rallies are a reminder that it's not immune to the discontent that sparked the sunday echo al-jazeera . u.s. backed fighters in syria have resumed their operation to retake ice was last piece of territory the kurdish led syrian democratic forces had paused their final assault on but who's to allow civilians to leave yes the f. says four thousand of them remain in the town and are being used as human shields why are so glenn karl is a former cia officer he says threats from on groups will remain unless global.


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