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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 11, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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in the country but while he's offered to limit his term in office after the election promise to change how algeria is run it's not compound rest it's also pumped questions of whether bouteflika is being used as a puppet candidate by a faction of civilian and military because in a country that largely managed to sidestep the arab spring protests their rallies are a reminder that it's not immune to the discontent that sparked the sunday echo al-jazeera . u.s. backed fighters in syria have resumed their operation to retake ice was last piece of territory the kurdish led syrian democratic forces had paused their final assault on but who's to allow civilians to leave yes the f. says four thousand of them remain in the town and are being used as human shields why are so glenn karl is a former cia officer he says threats from on groups will remain unless global
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instability is addressed. the real problem is less the coherent terrorist organization like isis or al-qaeda and these are they are real problems but they are really the products of in the exploiters of the social and political unrest incompetence and the suffering of societies that have collapsed largely isis came to exist because syria has imploded and exploded simultaneously and there was the problem with the insurgency in iraq because the united states invaded and bad as saddam was destroyed whatever stability there was since the u.s. policy is largely incoherent now you have someone at the head of the government who is fundamentally incoherent in almost everything that he says or thinks that he believes john bolton is quite coherent himself although his policies are far different than those. other counterterrorism officials and experts would recommend
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but at least he is coherent the problem is that you can't have go in two directions simultaneously and if you don't know what your action you're going to go in you'll go around in circles and that's fundamentally u.s. policy we're staying we're leaving we are supporting your deferring to russia we oppose russia we want to go after iran but everything we're doing is empowering or strengthening iran's hold in influencing syria etc etc so i don't have the answer because no one does american policy is president incoherent all right still ahead on al-jazeera when we come back the palestinian president appoints a new prime minister and what does that mean for the future of his. it.
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out of the latest winter storm system is just leaving iraq and producing rain and of course snow for afghanistan and some parts of pakistan is not quite as vicious as the last one is worse well i would say from the point of view of dropping stock and west of that generally quiet weather as you can see but a cloud around parts of northern iran but back in the van and even as in the winds not last long tempers are slowly rising that bit of a suddenly gives you twenty in beirut but the carriage coming in might suggest something rather wet is coming your way but not to be on tuesday at least not changing weather type also means the sheer miles been blowing for a day or so and the gulf is going to lighten if not disappear warmed up in their hot twenty five little bit warmer in riyadh to obviously was hotter than the western side of saudi arabia thirty six in mecca an increasing likelihood of clouds showing to to form along a mile coming inland rather reaching salalah sort of humidity but i think you'll stay dry where we have season very active weather recently is malawi mozambique and
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now just off the coast of madagascar this tropical cyclone it's strengthening will be out of the water for the next two days but eventually it will make landfall again in southern mozambique. real men killed a mother and son on their way to an appointment sadly the insurgents don't wear uniforms water is seen long ago with the was of the american occupation of iraq matthew has an old american prince to account trump tower twenty sixteen how come you didn't mention not meeting to congress and i did i don't know they got the transcript wrong. i don't think you're that sharp that you can tell the difference between a polish guy a french guy holding a yard charging at the head on a. again
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you're watching as you see a reminder of october still ethiopian airlines has grounded its entire fleet of boeing seven three seven max aircraft off one of them crashed on sunday jet went down shortly after takeoff from at a savage killing all one hundred fifty seven people earlier on monday china grounded all of its seven hundred seventy max points. one of the women charged with the murder of kim jong il and our brother has been freed by a malaysian court of surprise move the charge against indonesian city once dropped it means woman remains on. algerian state t.v. says president abdelaziz bouteflika has
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a ride back home after getting medical treatment in switzerland he's facing mass demonstrations after his decision to run for a fifth. venezuela's government has suspended schools and businesses on monday as the worst blackout in decades continues there many areas have been without power since the outage started on thursday and isobel reports from caracas. for three days venezuela has been affected by power cuts. now that people have taken their frustration to the streets and started to block in the capital caracas. the people of venezuela are only asking for alec tricity and we don't have food the food is rotten in the refrigerator there's no food or water . the situation has polarized the population between those who want to protest and those who don't. but then supporters of arrived some with their
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face covered and armed thank you in private but i'm a rolled up beer and the fans are all for the better than the government supporters mostly known as corner people we are basically moving that forward nikolai model came here and removed everything they were using to block the road. one of their leaders. said he won't allow anyone to generate chaos going in the city they want to shut down the roads and rule open them without distinction those people want to destroy everything and we will be harder on them just watch. the connect the walls are like a paramilitary force they have more power than the police and have become a significant force on the street defending the revolution and the tearing protesters. there was a market nearby that merchants were forced to leave because of the tension in the area and people rushed to grab anything they could. joy leaf is only eight and was
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one of them we asked her if this was the only food she had to eat she said yes. water has also become a major issue people in the neighborhood have left the media has been without running water for a month they have to wait for hours to feel in their containers. the government is not providing basic public services like water and electricity and so many other things. the government says the latest power cut was an act of sabotage and struggling to restore electricity. but the power continues to go down venezuelans i already struggling with an enormous economic crisis the power outage is only making the situation worse. to rwanda refugees have arrived in geneva from bangladesh to address a un human rights council meeting on monday the un special rapporteur also set to
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deliver a report on her visit to cox's bazar refugee camp last month it is home to nearly a million who've been forced to flee the violence in neighboring myanmar stephanie decker joins us live now from cox's bazaar in bangladesh so stephanie what is the situation like there for people living in what is the world's largest refugee camp . i think it's impossible to convey the scale of this camp even through our images that we've been taking it is enormous it's like nothing that i've ever seen before and it's that close to the to the border of myanmar just a couple of kilometers away there's the mountains where they came over and over to twenty seventeen well you asked me what the situation is like well there's a lot of n.g.o.s working here and there are distributions food distributions twice a month but of course you know many people will tell you that their lives have been put on hold we spoke to one young man yet yesterday twenty years old he said you
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know i feel like my life is over here everyone wants to go home this is the bottom line but they want to do that safely peacefully and being recognised so you mentioned there that the un special rapporteur will be given her report later today this is significant it is not binding hasn't been significant because it raises awareness now we've been speaking to some of the people in the camp and this is our report. the large tree is a reminder of the sick extensive forest that stood here just eighteen months ago now uprooted to make way for hundreds of thousands of ringa the two forced from their land this is now the biggest refugee camp in the world. jamila katun fled me in mar in august two thousand and seventeen during the military crackdown on the rich in iraq and state she says of course she wants to go home but only if there is peace what they skate from she remembers was terrifying. our next door
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neighbor's husband and wife they were killed which is why we left how can we go back at least if we die here as a muslim will be allowed to have a proper funeral but if we die there will just be thrown away. she was part of a mass exodus into neighboring bangladesh as well as the united nations accusing the me and my military of burning homes abductions rapes and murder almost one million wrangle a parent are each with an individual story perfect by a nation of law and now the band two hearts stretch as far as the eye can see in every direction this is a makeshift city built out of human tragedy and there is now an international push to find out what happened and who is responsible. for the international criminal court has sent a team to the camp as part of what it calls a preliminary examination they did not want to be filmed preferring to keep their
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first visit here low profile the un special rapporteur yankee levy was in cox's bazaar in january but it's the visit of the i.c.c. that could eventually lead to charges against the me i'm our government justice is something everyone here wants including twenty year old muhammad who says he worries he is losing his life here but going back for him has conditions out a little under god we need running the id cards we need them to recognize us as running is also our mothers and sisters were raped we want justice from the i.c.c. they have to give us back our land and properties which were confiscated. mohammed like so many of the other refugees was born in me and maher with no papers no official status not officially recognized to me him our government says they are bengali muslims despite their families having been in myanmar for generations all want to return home many say they know it will be
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a difficult and long journey stephanie decker al-jazeera cox's bizarre bangladesh. the palestinian president has chosen a long time advisor and critic of hamas as his new prime minister. is a top official in bass's fatah movement and a former peace negotiator is appointment could deepen a rift with rivals hamas irreplaceable rami humbug who had overseen a unity government but resigned in january more from nida abraham in ramallah how modest a year has been a long aide for president mahmoud abbas in economic issues as well as being part of their central committee for the past two terms upon his assignment president abbas has told stay here that his government should work on major important missions including restoring the unity between the west bank and the gaza strip as well as continue the payment of the salaries of x. detainees and those who were killed by israel mohammed just
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a year has been the first saturday of fishel to be appointed to lead a government in the west bank for the past ten years and it remains to be seen how his appointment is going to affect the relations between fatah and hamas. iran's president has several harney is expected to try and convince iraqi leaders to defy the u.s. president during an official visit starting on monday the u.s. is giving iraq a few more months to continue buying oil an electricity from its neighbor before and forces sanctions against iran on sunday iran's foreign minister mohamad jevons relief was in baghdad to lay the groundwork for a visit he expressed hope relations between the two neighbors will improve the standard more of this i would like to offer to the iraqi government and the iraqi people in my best gratitude for their rejection of the unfair and illegal sanctions against the iranian people we are looking to develop these relations during the visit of president rouhani to iraq a report say the u.s.
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president will ask congress for eight point six billion dollars to help pay for his border war with mexico donald trump is expected to make the request when he delivers his twenty twenty budget roadmap on monday it's three billion more than he has previously asked congress for a funding battle over the war led to the longest government shutdown in u.s. history other dates for the upcoming general election in india have been announced it will take place over several weeks starting april eleventh in the world's biggest democratic exercise involving nine hundred million voters first jimmy o. has more from new delhi. first. and with that india's election campaign is officially underway voting will be in seven days is beginning april eleventh with both counted on may the twenty third in twenty fourteen more than eight hundred fourteen million indians were eligible to
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vote this year organizers say the total will be roughly nine hundred million making it the largest election in history. the controversies have already begun some opposition parties have accused the election commission of delaying the polling dates to give the government more time to announce spending projects something election commission denies adverts like these announcing new spending projects and praising the government's accomplishments are regular feature in most newspapers even more so now with the prime minister announcing one hundred fifty seven new projects this past month alone with the election dates now declared those spending announcements have to stop to abide by election law but critics say the benefit to the government has already happened. prime minister there and they're both these by the party came to power five years ago on promises of economic prosperity for all. in a pretty early last week multi-talented as economic programs to nonunion workers many of whom work in the informal economy going to work in the us in the name of the
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poor ruled the country for over fifty five years but even they did not think of these unorganized workers of india but in the fifty five months only the son like me has we heard their voices and sought their worries. but farmers unions and other groups have been protesting for better government assistance for years with some large rallies held in the past few months unemployment the government has not been able to tackle that in fact unemployment is at its worst we know what a decade or more in this country this political commentator says some of those economic promises have fallen through. nothing spectacular nothing to show for all the promises more he has made the economy has been badly hit by his. scheme. so i think there are huge problems and these are all the issues that he would rather not face and we. need to make of nationalism precisely because these promises are not working really really with the electorate. aside from the economy
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issues of armed groups in kashmir and the recent conflict with pakistan have also push security issues. so the forefront. opinion polls are split on whether this government will return for another five year term meanwhile indians are gearing up for what will be erected breaking election campaign there's trivial al-jazeera you don't. a sixty three year old german woman has been rescued from a remote mountainside in a daring rescue by a colombian air force helicopter the woman was unable to climb down the mountain in a national park after she fell and injured herself on sunday. and one has i'm seeking let's get a round up now of the headlines on al-jazeera ethiopian airlines is grounded its entire fleet of boeing seven three seven max aircraft after one of them crashed on sunday the jet went down shortly after takeoff from killing all one hundred fifty
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seven people on board flight was headed to nairobi ethiopia is observing a day of mourning earlier on monday china grounded all its seven three seven max planes one of the women charged with the murder of kim jong un's half brother has been freed by a malaysian court in a surprise move the charge against indonesians. was dropped a vietnamese woman remains on trial. algerian state t.v. says president abdelaziz bouteflika has arrived back home after getting medical treatment in switzerland he's facing mass demonstrations after his decision to run for a fifth term u.s. backed fighters in syria have resumed their operation to retake arsenals last piece of territory the kurdish led syrian democratic forces have caused their final assault on by who's to allow civilians to leave the s.d.f.
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says four thousand civilians remain in the town and are being used as human shields by eyesore. the palestinian president has chosen a longtime adviser and critic of how mass as his new prime minister how much is a top official in mahmoud fattah movement and a former peace negotiator his appointment could deepen a rift with rivals hamis here replace our army who had overseen a unity government but resigned in january iran's president has sent rouhani is expected to try and convince iraqi leaders to defy the u.s. president on an official visit starting monday the u.s. is giving iraq more time to buy oil and tricity from its neighbor before it in force is sanctions against iran on sunday iran's foreign minister mohamad jevons raef was in baghdad to lay the groundwork for rouhani is visit sirleaf expressed hope relations between the two neighbors will improve the days for parliamentary elections in the world's largest democracy been announced the voting in india will
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take place in seven phases in a poor i'm a results will be announced may twenty third those are the headlines one ace does next. africa's most populous nation. as a youth unemployment problem. we bring you the stories. counting the cost on al-jazeera. thailand is one of the top us nations in the world to a political. five years of military rule and refer to their stuff for free expression. as the nation goes to the polls. meets thailand's rebel. fighting back against the generals desperate battle for democracy.
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like a call to fight for what. is making thailand's military. but when. it comes. to the. song my country's slams corruption military control. the power. five years ago when they cut. in the rafters with but the truck with connecting with the public. the general
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elections five times. since its release in october the songs had close to sixty million views. no you're going to have a young man not up on the number of hits the song got kept us safe from the hands of the government. and will this set an example for others to follow that i can't say but we created a momentum and discussion in thai society we did it and survived. tike and us in the ten member group and what has changed in thailand that has fueled your popularity. thing and i haven't. i think it's about timing. went viral at a time when it could the government the most. they can't improve the situation and
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people are upset. in twenty four take up to thailand's twelfth military coup the army crackdown on free speech and banned public ground. reporting here at the time i still soldiers swiftly stifle even the slightest acts of resistance. i did this in paperback i was not injured exactly how. i got it where we got this life since then the laws which protect the military and want to keep from criticism have been used on an unprecedented scale hundreds of activists have been prosecuted even venting frustration against thailand's rules on mine is now a jailable offense. i know many people who have been charged and arrested. my father was taken to a military camp for two weeks that made me very angry that.
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the rep to say continue to release more trucks but we. carefully composed lyrics to avoid since the ship law's whole counsel and on and on him when he found out he met in a political discussion is good now and he should be free no one should fear being arrested or getting thrown into jail for talking about politics. sicko might think it's not just the lyrics of the hit song which attract controversy the music video reveals it's a violent chapter of toy history. the brutal massacre by state forces of more than forty demonstrators at thomas at university in one thousand nine hundred ninety six who were protesting the return of an exiled former dictator. they've recreated a pulitzer prize winning photo of one of the protestors big lives just reminding audiences of past military abuses that went unpunished here are targeted tried to
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hide his cry over image. a new generation. renowned thai photographer and filmmaker manny tree when each perm said radio reports of the massacre neglected to even mention that any protesters had been killed they've ended on. history textbook because they know that this single rider spirit to the people fighting for democracy. the massacre forms the basis of his pink band series which he says explores how thailand's consumerist society so quickly forgets the horrors of the past it's one of them was weiland in that type of decor history and people remember that this is why they fall any any government they afraid of that. man it owns an art house cinema in the capital
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bangkok but he can't screen his own film shakespeare must die. band in two thousand and twelve the film retells macbeth in a modern tie context and refers to the thomas a massacre. now man it's appealing that ban in the supreme court and will use rap against dictatorships portrayal of the massacre to bolster his case is so all we have that this isn't justice it is. the rapper. and can't. can't can't show what it will cost. despite the massacre of students at thomas at university and he continued the tradition of anti establishment activism. at the main campus theatre comedians are ridiculing a deputy police chief who tory is for making inflammatory comments as well as prime
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minister cryo general jack the general who led the could. go. with the bullet hole. in the ordinance and someone who knows what it means to suffer for your os pointed man kong was jailed in twenty fourteen for acting in apply about a fictional monarchy at this university all trades. very adventurous far for them because we told them. something that they don't want people to know about . she says nor mourns in the plight we're considered disrespectful to thailand's more nicky's. under the country's lives me just loose she was sorry for a while but when the military came to power. and did not the performa with child for two and a half years there must control the people have to. makes
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confession. gado asked that because. under the military law not when the kids this is the real life. but you have to face with the track of the myriad. while some of the fellow performers the fled into exile. as him. not to protest but to perform as she says these is one risk. i think that mary terry. they'll think that i will not be understanding that i was some odd. but. why i would not do that because i knew it. because i saw.
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i saw the fear of the myriad terry. that's why they put me in jail because the fear . she's chosen a popular weekend market to stage a play about. two counts to one hundred. the number of inmates she was confined. to. a name to feel fear scared about this. i have a little bit of the people. that. seem a prison is like a ban from politics for
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a decade so she ends her sure by pulling the public. one. point. she asks only because to take yes. using lipstick on her body. and. this pop up performance is one of the more unusual things i've ever seen. the public approves. of the security guards much you want to break the world. on the surface thailand's cosmopolitan capital bangkok doesn't appear oppressive
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you galleries and trendy culture districts have created a contemporary art sink but some curation say under the current military government they operate in a climate of fear. in downtown bangkok summer runs a local gallery in baja known for its political exhibitions do you think since the coup happened in two thousand and fourteen that censorship has. was oh yeah definitely definitely. a lot of events are and you get the soldier coming was you know they make sure that you do not express any opinion against them it's worse than ever i think yeah. for her life to stick submission some rock is working with a visiting portuguese assets. she says almost all the outspoken local artists went
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underground or fled overseas after the coup that was the function of bad things at the time it was not serving as a tool for critics to criticize society the general elections jus in late march have created a new urgency for political arse but some wreck is cautious the army will remain a powerful institution here because new constitutional changes have stuck the voters in their favor i want to but i'm also scared to do that you have to be. careful and smile you cannot do anything that straightforward all the masses that you want to deliver it has to be law players. one piece in today's show questions where the tile elections will be democratic it's a hollow ballot box when a version is key.


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