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there was since the u.s. policy is largely incoherent you have someone at the head of the government who is fundamentally incoherent in almost everything that he says or thinks that he believes john bolton is quite coherent himself although his policies are far different than those. other counterterrorism officials and experts would recommend but at least he is good here and the problem is that you can't have go in two directions simultaneously and if you don't know what direction you're going to go in you will go around in circles and that's fundamentally u.s. policy we're staying we're leaving we're supporting your deferring to russia we oppose russia we want to go after iran but everything we're doing is empowering or strengthening iran's hold in fluence in syria etc etc so i don't have the answer because no one does american policy is president incoherent iran's president has signed that rouhani has arrived in iraq for his first official visit these are live
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pictures of his welcome ceremony that in baghdad he's hoping to convince leaders to defy the u.s. president on sunday iran's foreign minister mohammad serif was also in baghdad lay the groundwork for this visit the top administration is giving iraq a few more months to continue buying oil and electricity from neighboring iran before the u.s. and forces sanctions against. still ahead here on al-jazeera ephron ship train almost violence because of recent tensions between india and pakistan is back on track and we speak to one of the female protesters who just been released from prison in sudan on the president's orders. the weather sloshy set fair across the good parts of southeast asia philippines
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generally fly want to see showers possible hillock across india china settled and sunny little more cloud into borneo into indonesia we are going to see some very heavy rain just around java jakarta seeing some big downpours as we go on through choose day particularly those he today shall bring up for the afternoon a similar picture as we go on into wednesday by wednesday you might catch wanted to shout to central and southern parts of vietnam maybe easing over towards loser but elsewhere it really is more of the same well the same across australia here it's dry and here is hot for the most part we got some blustery showers just rolling through the by the big story really is about the heat that when you get away from the southeastern corner is cold enough in melbourne just nineteen celsius but thirty two there for sydney thirty four there for brisbane rep into the thirty's over towards that western side of the country to an approaching forty degrees there into central parts of australia northwest may see
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a few showers as we go on through wednesday down towards the southeast it stays rather dry on the coast side rather see some showers along the spells of plane making their way towards new zealand by the middle part of the week. a face can tell a story without uttering a single word. and knowing glance can guide us. a simple touch inform us. the unconventionality of life witness through the lens of the human eye. is what inspires us. witness documentaries on al-jazeera.
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and again you're watching out of there as reminder of our top stories this hour ethiopia and china have grounded their entire boeing seven three seven max fleets a day after an ethiopian airlines plane crashed killing all one hundred seventy people on board the jet went down just minutes after taking off from atis out of on its way to nairobi. a malaysian court has freed one of the women accused of killing the half brother of north korea's leader the charge against him to these in-city i was dropped was to a vietnamese codefendant remains on trial. and algerian state television says present up blood seems beautiful arrived back home after getting medical treatment in switzerland is facing mass demonstrations and strikes across the country after his decision to run for a fifth. to ranger refugees have traveled to geneva from
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bangladesh to address the un human rights council for to is also due to deliver a report on her visit to cox's bazaar refugee camp last month it's home to almost a million ranger who've been forced to escape the violence in neighboring min mark seventy deca has this report from the camp the large tree is a reminder of the thick extensive forests that stood here just eighteen months ago now uprooted to make way for hundreds of thousands of or hinder the two forced from their land this is now the biggest refugee camp in the world. jamila katun fled me in mar in august two thousand and seventeen during the military crackdown on the regime in iraq and state she says of course she wants to go home but only if there is peace what they skate from she remembers was terrifying. our next door neighbor's husband and wife they were killed which is why we left how can we
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go back at least if we die here as a muslim will be allowed to have a proper funeral but if we die there will just be thrown away. she was part of a mass exodus into neighboring bangladesh as well as the united nations accusing the me and my military of burning homes abductions rapes and murder almost one million wrangle a parent are with an individual story a perfect violation of the law and now the bamboo huts stretch as far as the eye can see in every direction this is a makeshift city built out of human tragedy and there is now an international push to find out what happened and who is responsible. the international criminal court has sent a team to the camp as part of what it calls a preliminary examination they did not want to be filmed preferring to keep their first visit here low profile the un special rapporteur yang the levy wasn't cox's
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bizarre in january but it's the visit of the i.c.c. that could eventually lead to charges against the me i'm our government justice is something everyone here wants including twenty year old muhammad who says he worries he is losing his life here but going back for him has conditions. we need cards we need them to recognize us as running is also our mothers and sisters were raped we want justice from the i.c.c. they have to give us back our land and properties which were confiscated. mohammed like so many of the other refugees was born in me and maher with no papers no official status not officially recognized the miramar government says they are bengali muslims despite their families having been in myanmar for generations all want to return home but many say they know it will be a difficult and long journey stephanie decker or jazeera cox's bazaar bangladesh.
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former south african president jacob zuma has condemned the panel which released a report accusing him of using the intelligence services to protect his personal interests and target his successor around opposer soma tweeted i have never been asked any questions by this committee this committee has two well known apostates pies i have never sold out nor less and less as to the s b i feel nothing when a politics buyers call me corrupt i hope people are not opening a can of worms which they might regret i made a mela has more. according to a report on the state security agency former president jacob zuma oversaw the creation of spy units within the intelligence service to serve his personal interests now these structures also according to the report apparently spied on opposing factions within the ruling african national congress for zuma factions that included one led by president. now that reports also reveal that not only was
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the security agency repurposed to serve zuma as interest but it also violated the constitution during his presidency zuma was previously found to have breached the constitution when millions of dollars of taxpayers' money was used for security upgrades act his personal home now this latest report which was published by us office appears to be an indictment on how factions within the a.n.c. led by zuma abused the intelligence capabilities of the state since two thousand and five it would appear that zuma influence with in state security allowed him to run for the presidency despite already facing corruption charges when he was the deputy president and other reports also says that under sume other security agencies spied on unions civil society organizations also influenced the media and abused funds and conducted illegal intelligence gathering operations assume
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a resigned as president early last year and that was amid number of corruption allegations when he which he still continues to face since then president has promised to clean up corruption now there's been no word on whether zuma will be charged but these latest revelations will only add to the increasing legal problems that zuma faces as well as the continuing difficulties within the ruling party. sunni's court has sentenced the daughter of an opposition leader to a weekend prison she's one of many female protesters a lot of the resignation of president bashir but some women who join the demonstrations have been released on the orders of the president in the morgan met one of them in cotton just days ago fison a good a member of an opposition party in sudan was in hunger strike in a women's prison in the country's second largest city on the man she's been held in detention for six weeks accused of taking part in anti-government protests and.
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i was driving from our party's h.q. when cars came up behind me and in front of me and told me to get out of my car and to get into this i was taken to detention and then questioned and put in jail no charges were brought against me and the other women in jail with me. faiza and at least thirty nine other woman arrested because of the protests have now been released from prison following orders time by president obama and the sheer demonstrations in sudan began in december over the rising costs of basic goods including bread and fuel the quickly turned into demands for the president to end his thirty year rule on security forces used tear gas and life bullets on the protesters the government says fifty two people have been killed rights groups say the figure is higher. last month the president declared a year long state of emergency but the protests continue this year is refusing to step down and has called for dialogue. but the dough is cool and. god willing we
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will get over all the problems and overcome the obstacles because we have decided to have a technocratic government without any regard to political affiliation or tribe we picked the military men to be governors because the whole country loves them. some political analysts see security forces appear to target women protesters more than men i want to know what it was surprising to see men arresting women they were touching the women inappropriately and beating them that's why there are female security agents and police the fact that they let men and not women deal with female protesters is a clear sign of a violation. of the state of emergency hasn't stopped the demonstrations and despite the threat of arrest many protesters the they'll settle for nothing less than bashir is resignation morgan on to. that as well as government has suspended schools and businesses on monday as the worst blackout in decades
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continues been on and off in the capsule caracas but many areas have been without power since the outage began on thursday the chair of the u.s. house intelligence committee adam schiff has accused the founder of security found that also of not telling. the full truth about a meeting at trump tower in twenty sixteen it comes after erik prince admitted to the meeting in an interview on al-jazeera. asked whether any community for communications or contact with the campaign you said apart from writing papers putting up yard signs no what you said of the transcript of the conversation here. i might have been i think it was at trump headquarters or the campaign headquarters probably twenty sixteen years ago and it's really due to a back channel to the emerald to the saudis don't junior leaving miller there to talk about iran policy a little bit wrong policy something important to disclose to the house intelligence committee while you're under oath did you didn't we just went through the testimony
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there's no mention of the trump tower meeting noticed when the sixteen were not i don't know if they got the transcript wrong. well adam schiff is rejected that claim he told n.b.c. that spoken to prince off to questions about whether the u.s. was playing about ten a role for the russians in the campaign certainly not telling the truth in that interview there's nothing wrong with our transcript there was nothing wrong with the reporter who transcribed his testimony he did not disclose that meeting to our committee and in fact as you can see from the published transcript of his interview he was asked what kind of role he played if any in the campaign and he said he had no role the united states is increasing its dominance in the global arms markets with a surge in sales to the middle east that's the finding of the stockholm international peace research institute it says u.s. exports grew by twenty nine percent in the last five years and the flow of arms to the middle east increased by eighty seven percent russian and chinese arms sales of
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for them. and israel have increased that shaq. express also called the friendship train between india and pakistan has resumed its services it had stopped running juicer recent violence over the kashmir dispute between the two countries is the only railway linking the two countries making it one of the few cheap travel options for people on both sides to visit each other while he reports on the whole railway station. the their train to n.p.r. leaves breakthrough week early in the morning. it grew a few only opportunity for many people to connect with families there why did between india and pakistan the distance between the horde and their darty on the endeared side of the border maybe less. but you. didn't hear your does it go to the character on both sides. if we learn had come to
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the station early and is not taking any chances as years already seen t. cancellations because of escalating tensions between the two nuclear armed neighbors. really did thirty years ago and there's hate to mourn the dead braga of the resoluteness and i haven't seen any issues visiting pakistan and have felt the same love which i have back home in india yes i got worried when train services will hold you to recent tensions but now everything is fine and i am going back happily getting surjeet on the other hand there is travelling with her family. grandmother boy. it is very difficult to get an indian visa people are waiting for a visa here and since long due to the crisis between india and pakistan but now we are very happy that one who make it this time although dangers are running high bid when india and pakistan prepared to remain strong were divided on either
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side of the border. countries will be able to reconcile their differences and create an hour. of many and. it's time for a good bye still fear no warm cup of tea a quick break for starting to move and shaking travel documents. many are relieved to be able to travel again. i request countries to be friends and live in peace as people on both sides of the book how we're little cognizant was pretty dazed and . some says. i felt honored to be in pakistan when the people knew about me that i am indian me with love which is unthinkable even offered me tea i think war is not a solution to any conflicts. as more passengers arrive to crowd their space and some even find time to take
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a call from their loved ones who take by as their baggage by is there in front of us counting room they enter one by one for security. after clearance and under tight security the passengers board their trade for india for many years government you're relieved to be finally moving again perhaps wondering if link will remain open. for some got their experience maybe back on track but no one told all along come on i did i get. bored. and you can find plenty more on our website address screens al-jazeera dot com. with al-jazeera these are our top stories and china have grounded their entire boeing seven three seven max fleets a day off any. plane crashed killing all one hundred seven people on board the jet
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went down just minutes after taking off from out of a on its way to nairobi in kenya by catherine soy has more and a lot of questions were being raised by these relatives they are asking when are they going to get the bodies of their loved ones that they can bury and they will begin explaining to that this is a very delicate process all of the bodies were badly charred so there has to be a very deadly cait identification process before the bodies are brought home. some of the passengers on the plane way u.n. staff going to attend a meeting in nairobi delegates at the world and vironment conference observed a minute's silence in memory of those who died. one of the women on trial accused of killing the half brother of north korea's leader kim jong un has been freed and prosecutors withdrew the charge against indonesian suspects. a vietnamese codefendant is still on trial they were accused of poisoning with
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a toxic nerve agent at the kuala lumpur airport and twenty seven. i feel so happy i didn't text back that i would be released today a big thank you to president. all the ministers and the indonesian embassy who are going to the doors from malaysia thank you to the malaysian government for releasing me. algerian state television says president. has arrived back home after getting medical treatment in switzerland he's facing mass demonstrations in strikes across the country after his decision to run for a fifth. venezuela's government has suspended schools and businesses on monday as the worst blackout in decades continues. on and off in the capital caracas but many areas have been without power since the outage began on thursday iran's president hassan rouhani has arrived in iraq for his first official visit to the country president rouhani is in baghdad to convince leaders to defy the u.s.
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president the trouble ministrations giving iraq a few months to keep buying oil and electricity from iran before it enforces sanctions against iran. those are your headlines and more news here on al-jazeera after witness. as women's rights and again acceptance of the world we ask what's the status of global gender equality and how can progress be made executive director of un women from. al-jazeera.
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morning martin morning for you doing margaret seltzer. when you hear. of the third chance. and nervous all or buds. playing a little finger ten years i haven't been to syria for probably thirty years i'm fortunate that i was able to come over here and to going to the medical field i think it was footage of a father carrying his son with his arm completely empty to that's what they actually instigated me to contact the syrian american medical society and they put me in touch with the officials here in turkey. what did your wife say she said she'd rock don't cross the border. i'm really nervous about it i try not to talk about it too much but pam and i try not to think about it too much but i'm nervous
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about everything about him we haven't talked about the trip yet with our younger daughter with my older son we just tried to explain where dad's gone and what he'll be doing while he's there we've talked a little bit about you know how. children had to leave their homes or some families had to leave their homes and go someplace out. it's probably going to be difficult i don't know what exactly healthy so i don't know what to expect and i don't know what how it will. i don't think what i'm doing is really anything special in particle or. but i think every little bit helps i know if i was in that situation how would. i like to have somebody who would be able to provide care for me.
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these are mainly external fixed herbs devices which goes on the outside of the body if there is an open fracture. these souls are here are nails which causes inside the born these are joined so i have a couple shoulder joints and a hip joint my understanding is they don't have any joints when we have various plates some for the shoulders some just for long warms. which have pleasant times.
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i can see syria with them. fifty feet from where i'm standing. speaking to the hospital law administrator today usually got applause tomorrow. because they have a couple doctors who came in from out of town they are opening the hospital and they want us to start seeing patients first thing tomorrow morning.
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bill. i know. right now they hate. it. and hate. it but. i'll do the potential.
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for many. but that's the only. good but it was a good. deal. i was covering for we might be called the bullet kid and peter is too good a life. for me to teach turkey. i cannot they would keep me fit. it happened with some friends if i said he was army loyal for him if they were no longer my name they would kill my parents directly. when our evolution started there were no guns no we prince with us. boortz flags go out that's it then broke it
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long thanks shooting us everywhere. you know what do you call this. phil dollar from his book that i said army through we don't you know market they were like just trying to wife some food and go back home. i've seen the pieces of them bread with blood which it about with blood and parts of their bodies spread everywhere and a good wind skin he sent like a rocket from the make the. team or were killed. we have little or imagined over service will be fighters we are citizens we are
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not terrorists everybody should understand we are just defending ourselves that's it. this is i who what are. your my with the acid or. hard the emma winchell for law them you see been in power of the lawyers of your high. seat. they have entered where it will normally with. my innocent. this girl. for ten ten your first night but you leave sunny hostin hold most. but
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i said even if it were dashed in time and then the kid already and. the one. going to get out on class i'll be sure came to slay. so what about the murder. going to shut up he cannot. don't you know it's not how it is said feeney even adequately your story and our hodges and his arm when he nor thirty of her where there are a lot of excess she would disappear with whole flips are. getting it wrong. london is on her way. her. letter is a soda in the himmel fear she will start. ted kennedy.
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they gave me a clinic. i started having one patient after the other. and this one i was overwhelmed just by the number of patients coming in with very complex problems and also by best human side behind it. several of these patients had stories behind their injuries which i also like that kind of emotional stress. i mean you don't want to kind of. base your medical decision on. emotions. but still in one little bit of fall in them you do. you do so but
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i hate how what. went on in the hole in the for the whole evil this isn't on the. vision of what i did and stuff and. mark you did your stuff. and the match will never be a best seller in a lot. of software and in all that had allowed for that that had. me i'm about to finish or so a lot of the fake but c.n.n. has not taken fish out of the home i thought and a half of you don't know if buffett is always right i would have thought he asked or so via. sure america. again finish we take. in no and yes it might have a legacy. a life the wish to kill who
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wish feeling saudi have the whole help halla dash ina show to knew who was going to leave one of the video. for. you it's not. so. familiar. the. government. over. seven million must be moved towards there to be sure. to flow to food whether or tea that is as. bad as i'm racing in sydney so cut it but then your
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money. you. could have done a. muslim. group will not offer. money. this means if that. is. what he did a little over yeah a month to hear this story here see it just says this is say at this house. all right marty back to you oh well then why did you actually still feel if you've . got multiple copies of the credit card get money out on the ride like i did stuff
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. but all i'm holding off switch with the deal i'm trying. to close it is there's even if you don't mind that it got. a good a good good teaching. would. probably not have now because it doesn't have a good. job to do with food because with a little to get into off the hook up to. the level of amounted to. columbus and i had a dish that people come to visit and it. triple what the jedi at the mission said. that if all of the hope was to move forward believes that it's good to see
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a. place where with a. could alter. our. law. of the home that. a little of this. world had this is how the sound is. that if it was a little. thing when you. let it go put it this.
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way the. money's. just some elite.
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athlete who. one who knew his day yet. they saw the fleet.
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plus minus one car beside the host. and the bomb they told us we would bomb we were all speak on while you are doing three think of every beat of people. with the art of bombing the whole speech and that means it has no lines they are killing everyone. when i feel that we come up to protect our sinful as a looked up and come up continue. one time one bomb. on the us three of us here was one guy. they brought him to me and his spleen is really they need to speak to me
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why in the vision when the t. been unzipping has no anesthesia always open his t's a look and he seeing just started to speak of three under the will this being even the base at the still a week because i need to save him. we saw me i may be treated the legs and be treated as. injurious to the of to me and the just. you will see that just all been all been just. the need to see images you kind of the. third. i think and this war you had the
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whole generation which was exposed to massive trauma it's going to affect how they call how they think. the. the. the i. just. something. about our model. we can. treat them more than one hundred cars and just. a bunch
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of filled with to continue a few all. shot of the crop but i don't call three people. because here. you. see. a lot of great. in. this i.c.u. after all you talked of doors that. are crossed. now
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. what. are all. our. eggs or. most of. our troops. get to drink it is. going to be this and that's next. and he. said i.
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have a lot of turning left so she had a living so we love you to them and you know how they love how they go fellow top of the low some salt. but you know what they're going for their mother indonesia. the whole. show you know one letter that was already in the future a shooting of not only. thing which actually struck me the most and affected me the most was seeing the children. when it starts affecting children and that's that's what i'm told the line.
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my kids don't quite grasp what i'm doing. to ask well why is terrible war over there. i tell long sometimes people who try to inflict suffering on other people i just try to see if i can make things a little bit better. we have a saying in syria. the donkey does not hold in the same hold twice. we keep repeating the same mistake a stripper needs to one back door for now syria. is just the same problem keep happening over and over again and we're not doing anything different. i'm fortunate enough to be able to help regardless whether it's
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big or small but doesn't matter what matters to me is that i'm doing something. when investigating crime an admission of guilt is the ultimate corroboration. or isn't there or tactics that can be used to get innocent people to confess to crimes they didn't commit weakness explores the shocking phenomenon of people in crime and aiding themselves the person who falsely confessed actually came to believe the lie that they were told about their own behavior false confession on
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explores prominent figures of the twentieth century and how influenced the course of history was the cuban revolution communist away feel castro is a feudal east the not a commie stuff custer wanted his country the revolution became a point when the relationship came to an end the icons of revolution who changed the course of latin american politics. and fidel castro face to face on al-jazeera . this is al jazeera. hello i'm sam he's a dan this is the news hour live from coming up in the next sixty minutes if you're
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ok and china ground their boeing seven three seven max airplanes after sunday's fatal crash just outside at this hour. we visit the running a refugee camp in bangladesh that's at the center of multiple international investigations. and the l├ęgion called releases one of the women accused of killing the half brother of north korea's leader. and schools and shops closed after a weekend of power outages in venezuela. just a day after a plane crash that killed everyone on board ethiopia and china have grounded their entire fleet of the boeing seven three seven max a craft the theo p. and l. lines plane crashed just outside near the town of bishops' two on sunday it went down just minutes after taking off from the capital on its way to nairobi all one
6:50 pm
hundred forty nine passengers and crew were killed some of the passengers were un staff on their way to attend a meeting in the kenyan capital delegates the world environmental conference observed a minute's silence in memory of the one hundred fifty seven passengers we have grounded on boeing the seven three seven dash eight marks fleet which you took an alliance was operating and which was involved in yesterday's accident as a precaution safety measure but this does not mean that. the incident was related with defects on this specific fleet but we have taken this as an extra safety precaution. more from catherine so first she joins us from nairobi no doubt
6:51 pm
a very somber mood there most of the a lot of the victims rather were from. absolutely a very somber mood at the airport we saw relatives were very distraught just trying to understand what exactly could have happened and right now we are at the u.n. complex this conference that you mentioned the u.n. environment the u.n. environment assembly some of the passengers were delegates were coming here are those who are u.n. workers there was a moment of silence when this ceremony was starting very sad starts to this event that's going to carry on through the day and joining me to discuss this further is seed had charge of chatter gee who is the u.n. nater of the kenyan office thank you very much this is a huge complex some of this people who were on that flight working in offices here just tell us a little bit about how big this complexity is
6:52 pm
a regional hub as well and actually this complex horse to headquarters of the global south the u.n. environmental program and the u.n. habitat for cites that you have twenty three united nations agencies which work in kenya for us this particular episode is just heartbreaking and an absolute shock that the united nations is in mourning today if you notice all the flags are on half mast the united nations secretary general mr into new terrorist has put out a way poignant condolence message to everybody not only have we lost one thousand u.n. staff but we've also lost thirty two kenyans and you know it is i mean it's just in seconds that you've lost so many people but for the loved ones this is going to be a life long of remembrance and and morning so we are deeply shocked by what happened is there any detail you can give us about this u.n. workers where were they coming from what they are all based here where they coming from this conference well some of the u.n. workers were coming for this conference some of these were you. workers are actually on the frontline of humanitarian and development work in kenya and in the
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region so they were coming forward from from from different perspectives but certainly there were certain subject matter experts their language experts etc who were coming here for the conference itself so it's been a setback you know in all columns but having said that you know the u.n. is a resolute organization and that's the u.n. sector general always reminds us that our work is to advance humanity our work will continue regardless of what happens the most important thing is that in the memory of all these people and particularly my colleagues of the united nations that. the outcomes of this conference must be those that are not not just embraced by the world because it's about innovation it is about the challenges of climate insecurity that we need to deal with and you can sound that lisa tried to will overshadow this very important conference that is going on this assembly that is going on as well i think today when you would have noticed the moment of silence there is a unity of purpose that events like this will not discourage us but actually spur
6:54 pm
us into action and make sure that we have a successful outcome of this thank you very much that was. china's e.g. who is the resident coordinator of un kenya and he's basically said here these spirit of resilience despite those deaths and he also talked about the thirty three kenyans i think the two kenyans who also died most of the people who died in that crash what kenyans and as i mentioned we were at the airport all sunday and so some of this relatives were very distraught and now they're asking questions about what could have happened and also about when they're going to get the bodies of their loved ones so that they can bury them. or leave it there for now thanks so much catherine sawyer. let's go over now to add though he's following up on the situation from this album ahmed let's start with the investigation any clue yet of what caused this crash.
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well some of it is still a work in progress investigators from ethiopia have been joined by forensic experts from israel who are being assisted by experts from kenya and the united states boy and house also sent technical team to take part in the investigation of course the first thing that they have ruled out is whether it was a clear day on sunday when the crash happened and an expert close to the investigation i was told. they are now following leads that might indicate that it was caused by a technique or fault of course we sudesh based website flight radar which monitors air traffic us also indicated from moments after the crash happened to. it was unstable upon takeoff and
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now the investigation of only three open airlines which has got a fantastic safety record is promising a quick end to the investigation. what about the recovery operation how is the proceeding. while the search for the remains of the passengers on board about flight has entered a second day it's hopping in an area that is farmland eighty kilometers from this. body parts to over an area kilometers apart as well as that wreckage off the plane that is where not only the investigations are taking place but also the recovery effort is going on medical workers a big cop tasco bringing together the body parts strewn over these farmland and the. ethiopians out today marking
6:57 pm
a day off from national mourning they don't. and by thirty four other nationalities whose mission it. was that people watch in the corrupt and but when you talk to some of the people here know to some of what they will tell you that these three leave that the aircraft did not crash is saved the company talk all in the neighboring does slip populated industrial town of bush off to which it fall very close to saying the death toll will be much higher than it is at the moment or leave it there for nothing so much one hundred. now as we mentioned earlier china has stopped flying the boeing seven three seven max in wake of the theo can airlines crash adrian brown has more on that from beijing well in light of the ethiopian plane crash china has moved swiftly and decisively on monday morning
6:58 pm
the civil aviation administration confirmed that it had notified all of chinese airlines telling them that the boeing seven three seven max eight aircraft had been grounded and would remain grounded indefinitely it so far affects ninety six aircraft you know the administration felt that there were similarities between the crash in ethiopia and one in indonesia almost six months ago that also involved a boeing seven three seven max eight it was also practically brand new and also crashed shortly after takeoff and for china that was one similarity to many now the the max eight is basically the latest version of the boeing seven three seven which is very much the the work course of the chinese airline industry now it's not just boeing that china purchases from china also buys from air bus but it's also developing its own version of the boeing seven three seven the comac c.
6:59 pm
nine one nine an aircraft that it hopes to sell not just domestically but also eventually overseas. tom balanchine is the chief correspondent for orientation magazine he says all airlines operating boeing seven three seven max jets should consider grounding the plane in the factors and i knew their plane such as this don't normally pilot the sky something extremely serious indicated here and because of the similarities between the two accidents and engine even though in ethiopia i think it's a very wise move better to be safe rather than sorry some twenty percent of all the boeing seven three seven max aircraft which are on ordered are going to china so had a large piece of their sales in the chinese airline stocks canceling this aircraft is something serious is fine and wrong it will be a big blow to boeing so boeing i know of course the federal aviation administration
7:00 pm
in the united states will be looking good very carefully at the investigation into this crash to discover exactly what did happen myanmar for instance has stopped flying the aircraft others haven't fiji or fiji airline ties to the max aircraft and three more coming this year it has essentially said that it's confident in its aircraft under speil training and will continue to fly them virgin australia has failed to get their craft on order. the moment is saying it's not making any decisions on that order until he has more details of what happened so there's going to be a bit of a mixed reaction around the world but there are a lot of max's flying and a lot of the airlines will ground them until they find out exactly what the situation is more than one thousand down derian judges say they will not monitor the april elections if president of the like these with a flicker contest in the polls the group has formed the splinter organizations.


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