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tv   Counting the Cost 2019 Ep 10  Al Jazeera  March 11, 2019 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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taxpayers' money was used for security upgrades act his personal home now this latest report which was published by us office appears to be an indictment on how factions within the a.n.c. led by zuma abused the intelligence capabilities of the state since two thousand and five it would appear that zuma has influence with in state security allowed him to run for the presidency despite already facing corruption charges when he was the deputy president now the report also says that under suma the security agency spied on unions civil society organizations also influenced the media and abused funds and conducted illegal intelligence gathering operations assume a resigned as president early last year and that was amid a number of corruption allegations when he which he still continues to face now since then the president has promised to clean up corruption now there's been no
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word on whether zuma will be charged but these latest revelations will only add to the increasing legal problems that zuma faces as well as the continuing difficulties within the ruling party. the u.s. is increasing its dominance in the global arms markets with a surgeon sales to the middle east that's the finding of the stockholm international peace research institute it shows u.s. exports grew by twenty nine percent in the last five years the flow of arms to middle east increased by eighty seven percent russian and chinese arms sales of fall and while europe turkey and israel have increased their share. around fifteen thousand people marched through the streets of moscow protesting against a new internet bill to allow the government to cut off the russian internet while protesters see it as another step toward censorship the government says the bill is needed to protect the country stefan some reports.
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another attempt to isolate russia from the outside world this is how these protesters see the latest bill to control the internet with most of russia's media under tight government control the internet and social media are considered the last remaining sources for independent information i don't want to leave all i can churn in the use of fire wall i want internet to be free and. i want to think three years ago it was a joke about that day we'll watch it internet and our today we. see that actually it's not a job to suffer an internet bill proposes to reroute all russian internet traffic through a central point controlled by the state internet providers will have to install specialized equipment the government says it's needed because the country has become more vulnerable to cyber attacks from other countries. u.s.
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media recently reported that the american cyber command apparently managed to cut off the so-called st petersburg troll factory from the internet during last year's u.s. midterm elections start. at the building in russia's second largest city had allegedly tried to influence the two thousand and sixteen campaign which was run by donald trump a charge rejected by moscow. i want to comment on that particular episode as it was a report by western mass media but you free assume that such an event took place this is in fact why we are trying to protect our internet from the possibility of switching off internet from an outside american source but internet access but say it will take years and billions of dollars to gain full control of the internet china's. something north of twenty billion dollars and around that peak one million people work project. yes china internet is way bigger it's
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ten times bigger. but even ten days bigger we don't have couple b. singles for these or something like one hundred thousand engineers the bill which is on its way through the russian parliament is the latest effort by the government to control the internet since two thousand and twelve the government has imposed many restrictions including locking more than one hundred fifty thousand websites arresting people for political santa to online polls and officially banning the popular messaging service telegram while many agree death threats of cyber attacks are real experts say that this bill could actually in danger internet traffic in russia even more recent bills to control the internet have been called clumsy and rushed but this latest bill is seen as a series attempt to control what is considered one of the last sources for independent information in russia dozens of people were detained during sunday's
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protest which was officially sanctioned by the government the reasons for the arrest have yet to be given the controversial bill will most likely be approved and become law later this year step fasten al-jazeera moscow. still ahead of al-jazeera in sport the fastest man in formula one had sokoto to take a look at some other speech own kids.
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or a split wolf sauce who i can get my words out and make that's ok thank you so much sammy the english players football association is demanding more be done to protect
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players from attacks by fans of all is a weekend that saw three players assaulted during games across england and scotland the first incident happened on friday in scotland a twenty one year old fan confronted rangers captain james tavernier during a top flight game against to bernie and the fan was arrested and the scottish premier league is investigating the matter of the most serious attack happened on sunday a fan ran on the pitch and punched aston villa's jack agree liz shows they face local rivals birmingham city away in the english a second tier the pitch invader was a rested girlish didn't suffer any serious injuries and went on to score the only goal of the game and the final one was during arsenal's to no home win over manchester united in the premier league after arsenal's second goal united chris smalling was shot by a supporter on the field of play he too was arrested. of course there is
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shouldn't be a place. that someone runs into the pitch but then again. it's not nice to see. a very well yes you're right so we just have to. make sure that we do we'll play football and they can watch playing football it's just one of them things that we don't want to see i don't want. that but it's not my my control. i think we can enjoy this report out today i'm very proud of part of the. os but i think we need to do before we have a joining us now is mad don he's a sports writer at the daily express he was at the arsenal manchester united game and saw what happened and that does football in britain have a problem with pitch invasion or is what happened this weekend quite rare. it's his rare and that's why scum immediately to the attention of the papers and and the
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public the worrying thing for me is i just have a suspicion that the supposed her at the emirates saw what happened to jack. and thought that was some sort of a good idea back page or out paper pulls a minus morons and i think most right minded football fans think exactly the saying do you think football player is i need more protection i mean what can be done realistically at these matches do you think. they do need more protection because it is important football is can play football without fear from spectators only seen instance in tennis in the past in a sickening incidence and the last thing anyone wants is to put footballers safety in jeopardy and they've been incidents with calling throwing and bottle throwing recently which does society that so it does need to be better policed and. what the clubs are trying to do is clamp down on the supporters of causing these kind of
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offenses. the last thing we want to do is see english football drag back to the days of fences you know best shooting. could be in place but it has become a more family affair football matches in england over the last twenty years and we don't want to lose that just because of these mindless morons and i think that the that the bottom line is better education for fans and also i know the birmingham fans cheered on their support so as he left the pitch and i think people will look at themselves today and think why on earth would you support such mindless behavior actually at your match talk about it a bit in your your answer there but you've been covering for him with intending matches for a while now how different is the atmosphere there ad today compared to the past. it is completely different it goes back to when i when i was a kid even before i was covering football matches professionally then there was
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a definitely an air of menace around football matches in the in the one nine hundred eighty s. and around the stadiums and selves these days it's an entirely different atmosphere everyone see to it which is another issue that football needs to worry about because those fans who want to save standing on going to get that all the signs that there's threats to players because the police can't monitor individuals in the same way as they can when they have seats but you know let's not let the mindless minority spoil it for everybody they are cool places to go these days football stadiums there is very little menace to why the players all rival fans those that still look for that sort of thing tend to do so around the games in the towns for whatever reason the that they do that but football match themselves sick in england are probably less intimidating than a number of the games are covered in the continent where where there are still yet a certain segments that you do think it is a little bit surprising when you when you use an english so environment all right
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we'll leave it there for now on that dan thank you so much for your time. thank you very much well after one of the worse run of results in crowd history around the dread have returned to winning ways they beat by their lead for one and spanish lake real had to come from a goal down to beat a team that is fighting to avoid relegation and just over a week around have been knocked out of the champions league and lost twice to paris wobbles barcelona santerre with laurie's team are third in the table fourteen points adrift of boss that. so in a while his return to action after a five week break was cut short the american retired in the third round of the indian wells masters williams race to a three love lead against darby in the group in the percept but then lost the next seven games soon after organizers said the thirty seven year old was suffering from a bi role in illness and declared the match over its second time in four years that williams has withdrawn from the tournaments. a former wimbledon and french open
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champion is through to the fourth it's. on the men's tour world number two rafa nadal eased past year donalson to reach the second round in california tao beating the american in straight sets six one six one of the diego sportsman of argentina and. a phoenix suns of upset the reigning n.b.a. champions golden state warriors beating them for the first time since two thousand and fourteen over in miami the heat were beaten by the visiting detroit auto raptors kyle lowry had twenty four white house call c. i can add twenty more as the raptors tied a franchise record with twenty one three corners in the game trying to beat in miami hundred twenty five to one hundred four for the second straight year italy's andre divots yoso has won the opening race of the mode of g.p. season the caps are grand prix former champion lewis hamilton was in doha to watch the race to video so just edged out world champion marc marc has on the final lap
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first five riders all finished within six tenths of a second of each other and that's all your sport for now more coming up later but for now it's back to you sammy fine so as far as that's it for this news moore is back with another full show those who do stay with us here on al-jazeera. a nation where corruption is endemic embroiled in a battle to hold the power to account. how does this radical
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transformation occur. i mean nobody i mean if you were shedding light on the romanians pressing for change and the unconventional methods to eliminate corruption remain the people on al-jazeera. an army of volunteers has come together to help with the influx of tens of thousands of evacuees. but their retreat to a church shelter has brought new challenges an outbreak of norovirus and other gastrointestinal problems. smoke from the massive wildfires now blankets much of northern california leading to some of the worst air quality in the world but with more than twelve thousand structures lost in the wildfires concerns remain about long term accommodations jobs and medical care. local officials say there isn't
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enough housing stock available. to these everywhere and it's choking our planet very toxic and very dangerous to get fanged years painting if i along with breakthroughs all being made showing that it is possible to change our relationship with night substance to keep running ah ha. ha ha can we pick up on the beef we had to move on plastic waste of fries on al-jazeera out to utah and. both black boxes are recovered in ethiopia china and indonesia around the boeing seven three seven planes after sunday's face all crashed just outside.
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a live from doha also coming up take a look at life inside iran director jee camp in bangladesh is at the center of multiple international investigations. a malaysian court releases one of the women accused of killing the half brother of north korean leader kim jong un. and back on track a friendship train almost is a recent tensions between india and pakistan is on the move again. media is reporting the recovery of black boxes from an ethiopian airlines plane that crashed on sunday boeing seven three seven max aircraft went down just outside . the town of two it went down just minutes after taking off from the capsule on its way to nairobi or one hundred forty nine passengers and eight crew were killed
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ethiopia china indonesia and singapore have grounded their entire fleets of the boeing seven three seven max croft we have grounded all. boring the seven three seven dash eight marks fleet which utopian and lines was operating and which was involved in yesterday's accident. a precaution safety measure but this does not mean that the incident was related. we is defects on this specific fleet but we have taken this as an extra safety precaution. well the other passengers were you and stars on their way to attend a meeting in the kenyan capital delegates the world environmental conference observed a minute's silence in memory of the one hundred fifty seven people on board let's
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get more now from catherine sawyer joins us from nairobi so very somber start kathryn's that u.n. meeting but. there is a lot of concern and it was a very sad start to this assembly that is ending on friday as you mentioned there was a minute of silence the u.n. flag here is flying at half mast and owner of all those who died on that flight. some of the passengers were on that flight as you mentioned delegates were coming for this meeting as well as staff members and to prisoners were there as well and also there were about twenty two u.n. workers who were there workers from different u.n. agencies some of them based here some of them connecting to their various places of work this is a u.n. complex that houses about twenty three u.n. organizations and its affiliates and some of it's a hard it's a regional have been some or many of these u.n.
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workers were based here and were traveling to different destinations the u.n. secretary general antonio tears has tweeted and say that he is very saddened by this news he sent his condolences to the families and. families. in the narrow the airport. talks to al jazeera they have been going through counseling cabinet secretary in charge of transport held a briefing saying that they have spoken to twenty five to three elative of twenty five of the thirty two kenyans who died on that plane crash they're waiting for more information about what what the way forward is and one of this family spoke to us and they say that the government. still the government officials have told them that they will be given more information on thursday about whether some of them are going to travel to ethiopia to follow developments from there and again about how
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when the bodies of their loved ones are going to be brought back home for barry all of these are the questions that many of them are asking because they want to know and they're being told that it's a very difficult process just identifying some of these bodies that are badly charred so it's a very tragic event that happened a lot of grief here most of those who died what kenyans thirty two of them. brings the lines there from nairobi facts from much catherine as. mohammed joins us from that of course a huge and of investigation now underway mom in a significant step in the discovery now of the black boxes. yes indeed laura the investigators are saying they have found the cockpit voice recorder as well as the digital flight recorder something they say would give them . the possibility of getting
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a definitive conclusion on what might have caused. to crush and kill all those people if european reaction experts and investigators leading the process but they're being assisted by kenyan and united states experts as well this morning they were joined by israeli foreign sic experts and all of them have been put in to gather their force to see. not only in the sarge for those voices the voice recorder and the digital flight recorder. but also the the mockup mission of collecting the body parts that us true in an area several kilometers apart is also what is going on if european allan's which is good a fabulous safety record save for a couple of crashes in the past two decades is promising very quick
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investigations ok whatever his name is lines that from attis out of our thanks very much. as you mentioned earlier china has stopped flying boeing seven hundred seven max in the wake of the ethiopian airlines crash brown has more on that from beijing . well in light of the ethiopian plane crash china has moved swiftly and decisively on monday morning the civil aviation administration confirmed that it had notified all of chinese airlines telling them that the boeing seven three seven max eight aircraft had been grounded and would remain grounded indefinitely it so far affects ninety six aircraft you know the administration felt that there were similarities between the crash in ethiopia and one in indonesia almost six months ago that also involved a boeing seven three seven max eight it was also practically brand new and also
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crashed shortly after takeoff and for china that was one similarity to many now the the max eight is basically the latest version of the boeing seven three seven which is very much the the work course of the chinese airline industry now it's not just boeing that china purchases from china also buys from air bus but it's also developing its own version of the boeing seven three seven the co maxi nine one nine an aircraft that it hopes to sell not just domestically but also eventually overseas tom don don is the chief correspondent for e and aviation magazine he says all airlines are praising boeing seven three seven max jets should consider grounding their planes. and the fact is that the new airplanes such as this don't normally pull out of the sky something extremely serious indicated here and because of the similarities between the two accidents and in geneva and now in ethiopia i think it's a very wise move better to be safe rather than sorry some twenty percent of all the
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boeing seven three seven max aircraft which are on ordered are going to china so have a large piece of their sales in the chinese airline stock canceling this aircraft if something serious is found wrong it will be a big blow to boeing so boeing i know of course the federal aviation administration the united states will be looking better it carefully at the investigation into this crash to discover exactly what did happen myanmar for instance has stopped flying the aircraft others haven't fiji or fiji airline ties to the max aircraft in three more coming this year it has essentially said that it is confident in its aircraft undefiled training and will continue to fly them virgin australia has seventy of the aircraft on order. the moment is saying it's not making any decisions on that order until he has more details of what happened so
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there's going to be a bit of a mixed reaction around the world but there are a lot of max's flying and a lot of airlines will ground them until they find out exactly what the situation is. sense of unease now more than one thousand dollars jerry and judges say they will not. allow actions if president. pursues a fifth term the group has formed a splinter organization protest against the think israel action campaign algeria state t.v. has reported the eighty two year old president has returned home after a two week absence in return to a country rocked by protests has more after a two week stay at a swiss hospital abilities beautifully coas apparently back in algeria according to a statement from his office pictures an algerian t.v. showing what is reportedly the president's motorcade driving from the airport this is perhaps the most challenging episode input of his twenty year rule
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a seismic moment in the country's recent history with little sign of diminishing if algeria's authorities still close in the universities early would stop the protest it would appear to have been a miscalculation we are protesting against the president a president who to be enough is enough in a country desperate for jobs anger at the unemployment rates and corruption has been growing especially since protests began three weeks ago students are debating . throughout universities to talk about the solution and to talk about they are the . students are aware and fortunately aware of the situation and they are taking the rights the rights and measures to avoid the weakening of the moment but it's not just the students who are voicing their anger a partial strike across the country is also under way at expected to last for five days at the center of it all this man president abdelaziz bouteflika who has rarely
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been seen in public since suffering a stroke in two thousand and thirteen but his decision to stand for a fifth time an upcoming elections has gallop. and ised opposition in the country and while he's offered to limit his time in office after the election promised to change how algeria is run it's not campian rest it's also prompted questions of whether bouteflika is being used as a puppet candidate by a faction of civilian and military figures in a country that largely managed to sidestep the arab spring protests their rallies are a reminder that it's not immune to the discontent that sparked the sudden i go al-jazeera . are men ma says she fares a new crisis for the young he lay has briefed the human rights council also visiting coaxes bazaar refugee camp seventy deca has.


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