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the people of venezuela are only asking for alex tricity and we don't have food the food is rotten in the refrigerator there's no food or water. the situation has polarized the population between those who want to protest and those who don't. but then supporters of arrived some with their face covered and armed thank you and try to find out a rolled up beer and the fanfare all things that have been banned from government supporters mostly known as corner people which are basically moving that full force may call out my little came here and remove everything they were using from down the road. one of their leaders. said he won't allow anyone to generate chaos going on they want to shut down the roads and open them without distinction those people want to destroy everything and we will be harder on them just watch.
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the evils like a paramilitary force they have more power than the police and have become a significant force on the street defending the revolution and the tearing protesters. there was a market nearby that merchants were forced to leave because of the tension in the area and people rushed to grab anything they could. joy leaf is only eight and was one of them we asked her if this was the only food she had to eat she said yes. water has also become a major issue people in the neighborhood of liberal media has been without running water for a month they have to wait for hours to feel in their containers. the government is not providing basic public services like water and electricity and so many other things. the government says the latest power cut was an act of sabotage and is struggling to restore electricity. but the power continues to go down venezuelans
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are already struggling with an enormous economic crisis the power outage is only making the situation worse. people across japan are paying tribute to the victims of the two thousand and eleven earthquake and tsunami which caused the nuclear meltdown at fukushima. japan's. commemoration eight years since the disaster killed more than fifteen thousand people authorities continue to deal with the cleanup some of the water used to call the nuclear reactor in still contaminated and more than fifty thousand people remain this. in spalled the toronto raptors all one win away from breaking cold and he's here with that story.
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but some job express also called the friendship train between india and pakistan has resumed its service it had stopped running because of the recent violence in the region and it's the only real way that links the two countries making it a cheap travel option for people on both sides of the border come on high the reports from the holes railway station. they're trained to endure leaves bryce a week early in the morning. it provides the only opportunity for many people to
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connect with families there why did between india and pakistan. the distance between the horde and their darty on the indian side of the border may be less than thirty kilometer but it still takes six hours destination does it go to do you takes on both sides. if we had come to the station early and is not taking any chances as he had already seen t. cancellations because of escalating tensions between the two nuclear armed neighborhood. where you did thirty years your goal and. braga little bit of the resolution something i haven't seen any she's visiting pakistan and i felt the same love which i have back home in india yes i got worried when train services were halted due to recent tensions but now everything is fine and i am going back happily get it in surjeet on the other hand is travelling with her family to mourn the death of the grandmother. it is
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a very different. to get an indian visa people are waiting for a visa here and since long due to the crisis between india and pakistan but now we are very happy that one who make it this time although dangers are running high bid when india and pakistan the prepared to be remain strong were divided families on either side of the border. that board countries will be able to reconcile their differences and create an hour north of albany and. it's time for a good bye still fear no warm cup of tea a quick break for stronger move and shaking travel documents. many are relieved to be able to travel again. i request both countries to be friends and live in peace as people on both sides of the book how we little cognisant was pretty dazed and. some says. i felt honored to be in pakistan when the people knew about me that i
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am indian me with love which is unthinkable to even offered me tea i think war is not a solution to any conflicts. as more passengers arrive to crowd their space and some even find time to take a call from their loved ones who take by as their baggage buyers are in front of us counting room they enter one by one for security checks. after clearance in under date security the president gave border trade for india for many years gov you're relieved to be finally moving again perhaps wondering if this break your link will remain open. to some good day grace may be back on track but no one knows for how long they did ok leader our lord. let's get you some unsporting usui court that one hears just happen in the last few
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minutes asian football's governing body has fined at the united arab emirates for spectator disorder during january asian cup semifinal against cuts are the yes' football association has been hit with a one hundred and fifty thousand dollars penalty in the national scene will have to play one international match in front of spectators qatar players were targeted with water bottles and shoes during the game in abu dhabi cats are went on to win the match for neil well the english football players association wants more to be done to protect players from attacks by fans it follows a series of recent incidents during going to crossing with scotland on friday a fan confronted rangers camps in james the venue here during a top flight scottish gang the fan was arrested and the scottish premier league is investigating the incident. for to sunday in a birmingham fan ran on to the pitch and punched aston villa's jack greenish during an english second game or greyish didn't suffer any serious injuries and did go on
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to school the only goal of the game and earlier this month of the supporter appeared in court and plead guilty to assaults and then journey. home whenever manchester united in the premier league united's chris smalling was shoved by a supporter on the field of play but found it was also arrested. well you know it's a defender ashley young says there's a concern that one day a player could be attacked by someone carrying a weapon. it's not you so what message can you part of any more because the first time offense most going to pitch and you know what our current something. close to . of is that with some of the premier league is going to be done other than weaver student or whatever. else they're concerned with the one earlier today in and then they want to proceed to this afternoon as well so are some of the. well it wasn't always the case that fans could access the field of play so easily in england and scotland in the one nine hundred eighty s. perimeter fences were commonplace at football grounds throughout the u.k.
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as a means of ensuring fans couldn't get on to the pitch the hillsborough stadium disaster in one thousand nine hundred nine was a watershed moment for english football due to police failings ninety six liverpool fans were crushed to death in an overcrowded standing area fences when the fans had no means of escape the investigation that followed recommended that sought level stadiums should become fully seated and fences were also taken down matthew dunn is a football writer at the u.k.'s daily express newspaper he was actually at the arsenal united game and says there needs to be a measured response. the worrying thing for me is that i just have a suspicion that the supporter at the emirates saw what happened with jack growlers generally air and thought that was some sort of a good idea back page or out paper who was a mindless morons and i think most right minded football fans think exactly this saying the last thing anyone wants is to put footballers safety in jeopardy and
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they've been incidents with calling throwing and bottle throwing recently which does the size of the that so it doesn't need to be better policed and. what the clubs are trying to do is clamp down on the supporters the opposing these kind of fences. the last thing we want to do is see english football drag back to the days of fences it has become a more family affair football matches in england over the last twenty years and we don't want to lose that just because of these mindless morons and i think that the that the bottom line is better education for fans and also i know that birmingham fans cheered on their support so as he left the pitch and i think people are going to look at themselves today and think why on earth would you support such mindless behavior well after one of the worst run of results in club history round madrid of returns when he waits they be vital it for one in the spanish league had to come from a goal dance a bit it's seen as fighting to avoid relegation in just over a week i had been knocked ounce of the champions league and lost twice to their
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face rivals barcelona sunset aggress laurie same off third in the table by fourteen points adrift of. napoli have lost more ground on it's how league leaders events a late renzo senior girls draw one one against to swallow who is second in the table eighteen points behind reigning champ and. now the pakistan cricket board have made a formal complaint to the sports world governing body the i.c.c. after india's players were army chaps during an international last week tensions escalated between india and pakistan after a suicide bomber killed more than forty indian troops last month and the indian team said they were the caps in a tribute to their armed forces pakistan claim it was a political statements which is against i.c.c. rules the i.c.c. have told al-jazeera the team was given permission so where the camps as part of a charity fund raising efforts serena williams is returned to action after a five week break has been cut short the american retired due to illness in this
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third round match in indian wells williams that race since work three lovely to get to go the new group but then when so lose the next seven games is the second time in four years that williams has withdrawn from the tournament degree for a former wimbledon and french open champion goes through its around four. in the men's draw well that's a rough and i don't censor like it in surround three but nadal beating the american in straight sets six one six one much thanks to our shirts many of argentine. authentic sons of upset the reigning n.b.a. champions the golden state warriors beating them for the first time since twenty fourth saying in miami the hits were bateson by the visiting toronto raptors kaleri twenty four points pascoe siac and added twenty north the raptors start a franchise record with twenty one three pointers in the game. beating miami one twenty five to one odds. and for the second straight year it series hundreds of its
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yes i was one the opening rice of the my so g.p. season in cut so f one world champion lewis hamilton areas he was in dire hot so watch the rice this year so just edged out world champion mark marquez on the final lap. after that if you support sammy thanks so much andy and that for this news hour i'm back with another show in just a couple of minutes though stay with us. is a popular filming location in france when it comes to stories about drugs cried and radicalization tired of negative stereotypes you think it's nanny dearie it's reclaiming its image by putting its younger that is behind the camera. this truths we don't often hear told by the people who the. this is us on al-jazeera. and unreported world on.
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u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one. five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war. they were searching for sanctuary in australia but instead would have time for years on a pacific island now one o one aist follows the journey of two refugees as they forge a new life in north america on al-jazeera. driven by outrage and spanning generations demonstrators gathered on the very day a widely criticised repatriation agreement between the governments of bangladesh
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and me and more was to begin the anger was all too apparent and the fear was palpable if you don't like we're so afraid that if they send one of us back to myanmar today tomorrow they'll send back ten and the day after tomorrow they'll send back twenty idea if we were given citizenship in myanmar then there would be no need to take us back there we would go back on our own we must remember the rancho among the most persecuted minorities in the world. boeing's stock tumbles off to sunday's fatal crash in ethiopia as a number of airlines ground their flayed sub seven three seven max a.
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m sami's a this is our just here on live from coming up a warning of a potential new crisis for him the muslims forced to take refuge in bangladesh. a malaysian court releases one of the women accused of killing the hof brother of north korean leader kim jong. un back on dry. friendship train almost derailed because of recent tensions between india and pakistan is on the move again. u.s. financial markets have opened and shares in boeing of plunged around ten percent follows the crash of their bestselling seven three seven max model aircraft in ethiopia on sunday on why they drove castro joins us now live from washington d.c. so shares taking a bit of turbulence there as well a. that's right and the question now sami is just how steep of
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a dive and how long will the hemorrhaging be sustained for a boeing company in pre trading the stock value was down twelve percent and now as you said in addition since the veld told for the stock markets to open this morning an additional ten percent a loss value that comes out to twenty seven billion dollars of value for this company that just vanished overnight since the fatal crash in africa and the bigger question too is how this will impact the greater u.s. stock market the dow jones index has lost three hundred forty points just because of boeing's poor performance alone which wipes out all gains expected today for that stock index and because of boeing's loss in value it's also dragging down investors' confidence in other u.s. airlines airline carriers including southwest and american airlines that have both
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lost about three percent in early trading this comes at a time when boeing in the general sense has been doing very well with stock prices still up fourteen percent since the beginning of the year that's taking into account today's news and the seven thirty seven max as you said is boeing's best selling aircraft ever it was essential to be a competitive element to the rival airbus planes three hundred fifty airplanes have been delivered by boeing across the world out of five thousand or some orders and so the big question now were is with the u.s. federal aviation authority which has not called for those models of planes to be halted rather than in indonesia and china where that has happened. and if the f.a.a. were to grounded those those similar models in the u.s. that would take a drastically even bigger hit on boeing at the moment that does not look imminent
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in the u.s. carriers that fly the seven thirty seven max claim that those planes are still very safe sammy. thanks so much chided joe castro there if he opie and state affiliated media are reporting the recovery of black boxes from the theo line flying the plane was on its way to nairobi when it went down just outside the adice abah near the town of the shaft to all one hundred forty nine passengers and eight crew were killed boeing's most popular plane has come under scrutiny with ethiopia china and indonesia now grounding their entire fleets of the seven three seven max eight aircraft investigators are yet to determine the cause of crash and a minute of silence has been observed at the world environmental conference in nairobi if you're here is marking a national day of mourning for the one hundred fifty seven people who died i mean
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that there are reports from at this hour of a. investigators have said that they are found two very cool szell equipments to the investigations thought is the cockpit voice recorder something that will give them an idea of the final moments before what actually the hoppen before the plane crashed and also the digital flight recorder otherwise known as the black box and this is something that has created some sort of elation in if you appear but now a senior all fish all over the open lines is see the black box east partly damaged and they will see what they can withdraw or what they what they can get from it and that is also sending some. of calls if your pin vientiane exploits and investigators been joined says sunday afternoon by
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united states and kenyan investigators today they were joined by israeli foreign sic exploits and together there comping through the wreckage which is spread across an area several kilometers a wide and also rescue workers continue with a gleam of finding the remains of the people which are true not on this particular area which is a farming community just thirty also kilometers outside the industrial town of the shelf to about fifty kilometers from where i am right now so the two tusks are going. meanwhile the some the mood in nairobi as the wait for the bodies of the victims catherine soy has more from the kenyan capital. a very somber mood here at the u.n. environment assembly some of the passengers in that flight were delegates were
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coming for this meeting also stuff members in that flight interpreters and other stuff members there were also u.n. workers who were in that flight as well this is a huge u.n. complex a regional hub with several u.n. agencies based here into u.n. headquarters are here as well so there was a moment of silence at the beginning of the u.n. flag here is flying at half mast very somber day but delegates here really gearing to go on saying that they're resilient this is an important meeting they'll be discussing climate change pollution and other issues that affect the environment throughout the week heads of state will be coming here in the coming days and they're hoping that commitments are going to be made on some of this very important issues that are being tackled but this tragedy really casts a shadow over the conference and we watch. the main airport in nairobi where
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relatives of those who died still going to get more information most of those who died were kenyans thirty two of them and we spoke to one one family that says that their you know their their relative a dose of the man we spoke to was coming home on holiday from vienna so he was very distraught the government officials have told him to get information that they're going to get more information on thursday on whether some members are going to be flying to get to get more information from there and also how they're going to get the bodies of their loved ones for burial this is going to be a long process because. you know identification some of these bodies are badly charred so a lot of crew from the families they're asking a lot of questions and still trying to in time allies what happened what could have gone wrong with that flight. as we mentioned earlier china has stopped flying the boeing seven three seven max in the wake of the crash
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a broom brown has more from beijing. well in light of the ethiopian plane crash china has moved swiftly and decisively on monday morning the civil aviation administration confirmed that it had notified all of chinese airlines telling them that the boeing seven three seven max eight aircraft had been grounded and would remain grounded indefinitely it so far affects ninety six aircraft in all the administration felt that there were similarities between the crash in ethiopia and one in indonesia almost six months ago that also involved a boeing seven three seven max eight it was also practically brand new and also crashed shortly after takeoff and for china that was one similarity to many now the the max eight is basically the latest version of the boeing seven three seven which is very much the the work course of the chinese airline industry now it's not just
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boeing that china purchases from china also buys from air bus but it's also developing its own version of the boeing seven three seven the co maxi nine one nine an aircraft that it hopes to sell not just domestically but also eventually overseas the un special rapporteur on me and mast says she fears a new crisis for the writing bangladesh relocates them to a nearby island that's just one of the findings from the angry lead based on her recent visit to cox's bazaar refugee camp ganguly has briefed the human rights council after visiting cox's bazar refugee camp on the farm is live for us now in geneva so what else did she have to say. we're going to report was based on thousands of interviews both in bangladesh and also in thailand because of mama government actually bought into her repeatedly
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from visiting the country so everything that she bases over search upon is law g a refugee camps largely relying on those on the ground sharing information about what they're seeing and what they're hearing the real meat of her reports as concluded that she believes that from last november as many as ten thousand have continued to flee the country many of them ending up in bangladesh they bring with them stories of being systematically and violently targeted as they try to escape the country also free is a growing about a plan drawn up by the bangladeshi all authorities to relocate as many as twenty three thousand. to an island. which is an island in the bang goal delta. some human rights groups say is unfit for human habitation and they are worried about it being essentially turned into something about open air prison the u.n. says it will need to do more feasibility test to see whether or not it is indeed
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suitable to relocate large numbers but what the un have said so far is that it's a low lying territory that it's muddy subject to typhoons and more work most certainly needs to be established to see whether or not it is a likely alternative to the refugee camps and coaxes bazaar and elsewhere but fears are growing that this may be a bit more of a premature plan than first thought and thirdly perhaps the the broadest conclusion from all of this is that the u.n. feels that it should go before a international tribunals possibly to look into allegations of human rights abuses and war crimes as well whether or not that is the international criminal court or some other tribunals especially stablished to deal with by a mob that's really yet to be seen and debated over but we have heard from the. this morning who said that my mother was subject to the jurisdiction of the i.c.c. so look as if the you.


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