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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 12, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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completely unrelated to the manufacture of that plane but right now they want to get down to the bottom of it in those boxes that you were talking about that have been discovered will be key to finding that out ok good to talk to you john hendren in chicago for us to send us in your thoughts as well once you. are getting plenty of. comments in on facebook not all of them ones i would actually read out just remember this is a very serious situation and one hundred fifty seven people have died so sensitivity is in order. to get at a.j. english on twitter facebook dot com slash al-jazeera for that live stream and then this number plus one seven four five one triple one four nine which will cover you on whatsapp and on telegram if you want to keep in touch with us there. venezuela we're going to look at now where the effect of that massive blackout on thursday and friday is actually still being felt this new week the government has suspended schools and shut down businesses as many areas are still to get the power back on
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already strained health care system is under a major strain with an on and off power supply president maduro he blames the u.s. is going at sabotage but the opposition says it's mismanagement of the power grid that led to these widespread. power cuts are going to check in. with her as of. today is that actually. correct we're here in a supermarket where we're told that last night dozens and dozens of people tried to enter the supermarket to steal everything they could from here it was an act of looting we're also told that dozens of people were detained by the police here and told that people were desperate that they were taking everything that they could find to also chairs and tables among other things this is just an example of the
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ongoing situation here in venezuela this is the beginning of a date without power here mostly we're told that in several parts off the country electricity gone in fact about two blocks away from where i am right now people registered last night an enormous explosion of a power station. we're being told that the government is trying to use turnout if forces in order to try to start and restore electricity here in the capital that generated that explosion the government is saying that there is that. back to the electric grid of venezuela that behind that is the united states and the opposition but when we were talking to the neighbors here they were telling us that they could hear a very strong. prior to the explosions here it's quite dramatic it's becoming more and as people continue to be without electricity here in the capital and in many other parts of the country in the other political movements. more calls for action
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and protest. well that's correct people have been trying to take to the. never a roadblock not only here in the capital but it not part of the country but what came right after that they are basically government supporters who when people block the roads they come right after them and they try to unlock them and the point comes after them so it's not been easy for people to take to the streets many say that they are afraid that this. groups are rocking them and in a way they be tearing them or making the demonstrations even bigger what's happening today is that. is going to go to the national assembly let's not forget that this is the body that the government does not recognize and they're trying to call the. they say that when it's going to right now we're going to state of emergency and that he needs help in order to restore the power greater
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that we're being told that it's mostly generated in the. plan that's provided around eighty percent of venezuela electricity demand a thing as. an act of sabotage and they have moved several members of the cabinet towards the boy got a state that's where they hydroelectric plant is in order to try to restore the electricity that the electric grid here in venezuela ok we're losing the link with you that's reza so we. were lucky to get a connection. well you have what are you able to get out of venezuela given that presumably to access the internet you need power now that's a very good point in much of the country that is connected to the internet come all is talking about the blackout one of the big hashtags today is mega gone which translates to the mega blackout people are talking about how it's worsening compounding the issues that they were already facing before the power outages so if
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you find drinking water now you have to carry it up all those stairs so your apartment block because there's no power for the elevators people are having to buy ice to keep their food from spoiling but you usually need u.s. dollars just to buy ice since the local currency is practically worthless now president has used twitter to show that he's on the job. the macabre strategy of this attack on the electrical system is to take al people to a level of despair and the confrontational venezuelan's against venezuelans that will not happen truly we really have a very high level of consciousness patience awareness a spirit of solidarity in a people the cooperation that people have shown is impressive we must expand the message of cooperation solidarity and mutual support of coexistence and peace in the community so the material was apparently speaking to military commanders and governors in that clip shared on his twitter feed telling them to be more transparent to inform the people about the government's efforts to get the power
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grid back online as we've heard from theresa he's blamed the united states for these blackouts accusing the government of cyber attacks but u.s. officials have rejected that accusation as simply absurd but not long after that video was shared and power was restored to people in some parts of the capital there was another major headache both for the door oh and the residence of concrete . around one am local time on monday a transformer exploded at an electrical substation terrifying people in the area you're seeing the same event from different vantage points here and as scary as it might have been it highlights a central issue once you fix one part of a power grid it can overload other parts and then create additional problems now venezuelan energy experts say that this blackout is a result of years of neglect corruption and brain drain. and because of these power outages over the past four or five days as well as some targeted blackouts of
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services like you tube by the state run internet provider much of the country is struggling to even connect to the internet as usual on that block or created this chart you can see here which shows that about only two percent of venezuelans were connected to the internet after that big blackout on thursday after that explosion you saw just a moment ago and can trace it dipped again to about twelve percent so if you're in venezuela unable to connect with us let us know what you're saying you can get in touch on twitter using the hash tag it is good code thank you for that and you're going to look at the hundreds of thousands of. muslims now that you ones have already endured a violent crackdown by the military some witnessing their family members being killed and of course fled to neighboring bangladesh well now the united nations is warning there may be about to face an all new crisis the un special rapporteur young he leaves reported back to the human rights council voicing concerns about a plan by bangladesh to relocate twenty three thousand range refugees to an
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uninhabited island called bus on char li criticizes the plan calling it a bad idea she also said up to ten thousand reinjure a flood of violence and a lack of aid in rakhine state just since november once the un security council to refer me in march to the international criminal court over the persecution the revenge i have endured and action me and mark continues to reject now healy also visited the cults as bizarre camp just a few months ago home to almost a million who were forced to escape the violence in may and now stephanie decker is there for us and has spoken to some of the refugees now calling for justice the large tree is a reminder of the thick extensive forest that stood here just eighteen months ago now uprooted to make way for hundreds of thousands of rangar they too forced from their land this is now the biggest refugee camp in the world. jamila katun fled me in mar in august two thousand and seventeen during the military crackdown on the
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regime in iraq and state she says of course she wants to go home but only if there is peace what they skate from she remembers was terrifying. our next door neighbor's husband and wife they were killed which is why we left how can we go back at least if we die here as a muslim will be allowed to have a proper funeral but if we die there will just be thrown away. she was part of a mass exodus into neighboring bangladesh as well as the united nations accusing the me and my military of burning homes abductions rapes and murder almost one million rangle live here in cancun are with an individual story a perfect violation of the law and now the banding hearts stretch as far as the eye can see in every direction this is a makeshift city built out of human tragedy and there is now an international push
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to find out what happened and who is responsible. the international criminal court has sent a team to the camp as part of what it calls a preliminary examination they did not want to be filmed preferring to keep their first visit here low profile the un special rapporteur yankee levy was in cox's bazaar in january but it's the visit of the i.c.c. that could eventually lead to charges against the me i'm our government justice is something everyone here wants including twenty year old muhammad who says he worries he is losing his life here but going back for him has conditions. we need cards we need them to recognize us as running is also our mothers and sisters were raped we want justice from the i.c.c. they have to give us back our land and properties which were confiscated. mohammed like so many of the other refugees was born in me and maher with no papers no official status not officially recognized the medium our government says they are
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bengali muslims despite their families having been in myanmar for generations all want to return home and many say they know it will be a difficult and long journey stephanie decker al-jazeera cox's bazaar bangladesh let's look more at this report from the un special rapporteur with neve parker in geneva as we hear from stephanie's report they have endured so much before it's hard to imagine it getting worse but this idea of being shipped out to an uninhabited island which is concerning the reporter. it is and you refer to it as replacing one crisis with another that's why it's caused a great amount of alarm for the un special rapporteur on myanmar she's basically said that the u.n. would need to do very very stringent feasibility studies to see whether or not bangladesh's plans of relocating many thousands of people to this island are worth
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it even possible it's a low lying island it's very muddy it's frequently hit by typhoon is affected by flooding war and human rights organization has said that it would be simply town to mount to putting people in an open air prison that's how concerned the human rights groups and the last thing the u.n. wants is to is to see the bangladeshi or thirty's. push forward with this plan without really looking into it very closely indeed of course the black bangladeshi or thirty's are dealing with vast numbers in cults it's bizarre what we're hearing according to young heelys reports is that people are still coming over the border for myanmar despite the fact that there is a travel ban in place since last november ten thousand people have fled me out mom many of them bringing stories of of systematic violence against them and then also young he may have raising this prospect of the international criminal court being brought in. yes it does appear to be early
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days as you heard this report there are i.c.c. teams on the ground in bangladesh exploring the feasibility the legality of whether or not it's possible to even bring a case against me but yang really made it very clear that in her opinion some of the activity that was carried out against people in rockhampton province is tantamount to genocide and she is very very eager to make sure that those culpable are brought to justice the only problem is according to their miami. to the u.n. who spoke at this morning is that ma'am i believe that isn't subject to the jurisdiction of the i.c.c. so the un may need to consider forming some other kind of legal body to bring about justice. thank you there in geneva now witness has a tremendous story here actually of one man in cox's bazar where you saw stephanie
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reporting from you know when the influx of refugees arrived and most were simply looking for food and shelter twenty three year old mohammad use of stood out because he wanted to stop the first written gere radio service in the refugee camps and radio is his story from the witness team in the documentary section of down to zero dot com just a quick comment coming through here from elizabeth one of our regular viewers talking about venezuela just saying this venezuela crisis is feeling like a political stalemate is there any sign of someone blinking first of all from all the conversations i've had with our correspondents in the last few days not just to raise a man well them out of who are on the border no these are two very very strong men who don't have any sign of backing down either of them and with strong support on both sides we must remember so i think your description political stalemate is apps and what you also say here people are suffering while this game is being played and that's what a race has been showing us today and it has to go good for your comments and your
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questions this is the new. great interview with us on facebook mike about to find out how children in venezuela are going to school despite the ongoing political crisis very topical. piece there for my friends and i j plus and also coming up the one industry that benefits from global conflicts the report showing how just five countries account for three quarters of world arms sales. the weather is lousy dry now across the middle east a chance of want to choose showers same to iran little bit of thick a cloud just spinning its way into central and southern parts of the country and they go as you go on into tuesday you could see a few spots of rain here to the east of that it's generally dry kibble at five degrees celsius and i was for the west it's again lossy fine and dry but something just spilling in from the mediterranean sea a few showers into northern parts of
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syria maybe still some wintry weather there into the central parts of turkey with some snow then i want to weather that we have ensued iran will make its way over towards pakistan so jealous of the just creeping back in here for wednesday but elsewhere it is generally looking quiet and dry quiet and try to across the nation a pleasant sunshine here in doha getting up to twenty six twenty seven over the next couple of days take a cloud into southern parts of saudi arabia down towards germany much as catch a few spots of rate rolling in here plenty of rain meanwhile making its way towards mozambique you can see tropical system making its way through that is our time making its way across the mozambique channel only may very slowly really big downpours coming in over the next couple of days. the government you support a believed to have detained maybe
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a million people in reeducation camps certainly not grabbing headlines in china only in a while kings of the people's republic is probably not best just to dismiss everything as propaganda to use propaganda because your abrasive aggressive way of addressing it maybe has some challenges chinese finance yet you wrote something critical of president chiluba i said this would not be regarded well by the western press up head to head on al-jazeera. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else. it's very challenging but it is but the killer because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues. people believe to tell the real stories are just mended is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe.
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the headlines from al-jazeera dot com and what's trending as well the latest from nairobi and from outside on the crash of the ethiopian airlines to the tapes there
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was a conference that's he's doing a great job keeping your across that. in fact it's one two three four stories in the top five they're all on that particular topic and more on algeria there is a thousand judges oppose. that as he's put a figure reelection but it is getting so interesting in algeria is the purchase go on and the president returns. that is what's trending this monday on syria dot com . it will i think come as little surprise to you what with ongoing wars in places like syria and yemen that global arms sales are on the rise but the numbers are really starting to mount according to the annual global arms report from sipri that is the stockholm international peace research institute industry benchmark for this sort of news it is saying that there has been a seven point eight percent increase in the past four years compared with the previous four years and then a twenty three percent increase on the four years before that so we got some graphics in the big picture to start with basically looking at the last forty years
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which actually saw as you will see that broad decrease in the international transfer of major weapons until the early two thousand which of course coincides with the iraqi war the so-called war on terror and any number of conflicts which have followed and it's all gone up since then but you know there's an even simpler story to tell in these next two charts one the united states sells the most arms by a long long way thirty six percent of global exports you add in russia france germany and china and you have got seventy five percent of global exports accounted for with just those five countries where do they go in short they go to the middle east saudi arabia the u.a.e. iraq egypt algeria in fact huff of all the u.s. arms exports alone are going to the middle east there's also that big chunk you can see going to india china and australia as well so that's the details let's talk them through with here about someone who is the senior research in the arms of
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military expenditure program at sebree always good to talk to you and we have a chat to you pretty much every time this year but we are getting a real picture there and it's interesting looking at in those four year chunks that much of an increase in what will that be twelve years. i've lost can you hear me iraq later. no i was you know a little bit oh i've had so many touching so i just i guess what i'm just asking is to have a i think it was a twenty three percent increase across twelve years is that in line with your expectations as it seems like a lot well there is a very concrete when we look at arms exports to the middle east it was something we expected to some extent already because those figures which we publish are based on actual deliveries of the items and of course the contract were signed long before
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these advanced weapons were supplied conference was signed when he ran in two thousand and that so in that sense it wasn't media surprise but of course if you look at differences between say now or. twenty years ago then we see a big change in the fact that controls in the middle east in particular saudi arabia and the arab emirates are no longer just buying arms but actually also using them and i think that's a good somewhat surprising change which we have seen in the past especially the past five years actually i think it's interesting to separate that out the buying and the using because yes of course as you point out the saudi arabia and the u.a.e. are engaged in a war in yemen and have been for many years but without that they would still be buying a lot of hardware wouldn't they and is that just is that just business. i think it would still by a lot of hard hard where it happened past but it is and result of two things of course on the one hand owns prizefight there is a lot of pressure
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a lot of marketing going on both from the industry but also from the governments in the countries that could use this type of gear and on the importing site i do think . even though we control like saudi arabia did buy out and ask i think they are going to find even more now because they want to use it and they are as you are using it and therefore have to replace some of the equipment gets lost and all that we is that much quicker than it was in the past would you only expect as you do more reports and more years that it will just keep going up just when i looked at that initial graph showing the last forty years there was a really steady decline until the early two thousand that i mean that i think we can say broadly a good thing if people were buying fewer it's hard to envisage a time like that in the future with where that might happen. i don't see any you hope that we see a major to decrease in our arms exports in the world the only thing which may
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change that to some extent and we see that to some extent in some parts of the middle east particularly in turkey as we've seen is within the past when the countries themselves i'm going to be able to increasingly good use weapons that will take some time before countries in the middle east will get to that point even though they were very hard on trying to build up their own arms industry right now will be out of the technology we see important a major supplying state always good to talk to peter batsman from sipri thank you. now shadow world the global arms trade network this was a special one off documentary on al jazeera last year unfortunately due to rights reasons of syncing it's no longer available online but there's still a very good write up here on just how pervasive the arms trade it is actually based on a book by andrew feinstein which reveals some of the largest and most corrupt arms deals in history so if you just look up shadow world at al-jazeera dot com you can have a read of that for yourself now u.s.
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president looks like he's on another collision course with congress perhaps even inviting it as he delivers his new twenty twenty budget that is almost guaranteed to found the fires have already incensed democrats he is wanting to slash government spending almost all across almost all departments by five percent a cut of two point seven trillion dollars one set to transform seem not to skimp on there is defense he is seeking to boost america's military might and security and of course that wouldn't be. budget without his signature southern border war with mexico he is still asking congress for that eight point six billion dollars to get it funded and if you're looking for a trend we'll have a look at donald trump's first budget two years ago in this ng for a graphic from al jazeera dot com he set the time and i think in twenty seventeen you look at all those cuts the u.s. aid was nearly cut by thirty percent agriculture health education transport they all took hits while those orange bars homeland security defense and the national nuclear security administration were all boosted and there's also just an
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interesting one here known departmental agencies things like the e.p.a. the environmental protection agency which was a big loser two years ago or its budget was cut by thirty percent but so how could our white house correspondent about all of this say there's a trend there isn't there and it's something which donald trump has always said throughout his presidency he wants to spend on things which he thinks are important and that is the military. hardline immigration policies and and security i think it's important to note though in all of this that this is a wish list this is not necessarily what congress is going to grant the president but it does give a sense of his legislative priorities now if a lot of the sounds familiar it's because you're right we have heard this from the president what's already as you know what the government shutdown in december over his bid for five point seven billion in border wall finding he didn't get that he
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got one point three seven five wasn't happy about that so he declared a national emergency in order to secure eight point one billion in funding now this request for more funding is on top of what's already been secured and he knows there's going to be a fight on all of this because of course this is not only been challenge in the courts by sixteen states this previous request but also in the u.s. congress in fact we expect later in the week that the senate that's controlled by republicans has met members of the president's own party will be rejecting his previous bid for border wall funding and that's something the president will ultimately veto in order to get so he knows there's going to be a fight about all of this a lot of this ends up being political this is really about the president setting his priorities as he sets out on the campaign trail to try and win another term for the white house in fact kimberly i want to read you very quickly a quote which we've seen here from nancy pelosi and chuck schumer the senior
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democrat saying congress refused to fund his war when he was forced to admit defeat in reopen the government the same thing will repeat itself if you tries again we hope he learned his lesson i would suggest kimberly and i don't think we're in a tory lies and too much of a don't trump is not a man who necessarily learns his lessons or backs down. well and he doesn't feel there's a lesson to be learned and there are millions of americans that agree with him that believe that this is a priority and that's why he was elected he knows this resonates with his supporters and he's going to make the case again there are many in the united states that will see this not as as it's been characterized by his political opponents capitol hill is stubbornness but instead will perceive the president as a fighter who fights for ordinary americans and to get a sense of just how realistic this budget is you have to remember that this is a budget for twenty twenty it alternately fits not approved back tobar of twenty twenty then the government would shutdown it is so far in the future so much is
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going to happen between now and then that's how you can pull back from this and know that this is largely political both sides and we've said this so many times but the united states is so divided this is yet another example of that and lucky you kimberly you get to report on it all for us good luck at the white house. it's my pleasure. now twitter is dropping unverified political ads in india as of monday ahead of next month's national elections this is just a day after the indian ocean commission said it would scrutinise social media posts by candidates and parties some though don't believe it would be enough to stop online attacks for example to them a lot of talk about how fake news circulating on social media could potentially impact the elections here is under schapelle does a lot more about this i mean you're dealing with a country of over a billion people a lot of whom are online to the huge task here it's a mammoth task i'm all in india's electoral commission is welcoming
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a set of new rules to ensure that the voting process goes as smoothly as possible during the upcoming general elections in april and may india's chief election commissioner siniora announced this plan during a press conference on sunday and he says that the commission's keeping a close watch on any concept that could potentially disrupt the elections now all of the big social media platforms from facebook twitter google others are being asked to follow what's called a model code of conduct in eat in india so they plan to work with the election commission to filter out hate speech and misinformation that is related to the elections now the indian commission's also asking social media sites to fact check every political ad that they come across that shared on their platforms now the commission's also keeping a close watch on those who violate the rules and one of the ways they're doing this is using an app called c vigil this allows citizens to confidentially report
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violations of that model code of conduct within minutes all from the palm of their hands and i guess you see within one hundred minutes you'll be able to check an update of that report now the prime minister narendra modi has thanked the commission for its work saying that the commission will help assure what he calls smooth elections in india but i have to tell you there's a lot of people who are skeptical about this decision and kill power for one is the founder of a website that focuses on techno. ology in india and he asks a very important and basic question here and he says what about whatsapp it was included in the model code of conduct despite accusations plenty of people say this that what's app is often used in india to spread fake news in fact with over two hundred million users more people in india forward messages pictures and videos on whatsapp than anywhere else in the world now he has shared his thoughts with al-jazeera take a listen and let us know what you think the most of the election commission to prevent political campaigning after the model code of conduct is in place and to
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control political party expenditure of online. i'm not sure about how effective that will be the election commission will not be able to do anything about political party supporters continue to campaign on social media they will also not be able to do anything about political affiliates spending to promote candidates online in addition that is nothing that the election commission is policy is about whatsapp and that's important to remember because what's happened is one of the major mournful political campaigning in india and because it's encrypted they're not able to track it i don't think they will be able to do anything to control that activity thank you for that comment if you're in india we'd love to hear your thoughts on the story you can get in touch with us by using the hash tag it in it's good yeah thanks andrea fact send in some questions right now if you want because joining us on skype from new delhi is who is the india technology editor for the quartz news website nice to have you with us if you can maybe i can pick up
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initially with what andrew was talking about there and what our previous speaker was talking about there the issue of whatsapp it's not what you might define as quote unquote social media but it is so prevalent and would spread so fast by it. that's right as nick i was just saying what sap has more than two hundred million users in india and it is really influential here over the last year or so there have been reportedly about twenty five that where people lynched individuals mobs inched individuals who and this these were taught to be due to rumors on whatsapp and what's happened taken several steps to sort of this but it's anybody's guess as of now how in who and how much those steps are actually have been. so what do you think this commission can do and with the cooperation of the
12:34 am
likes and twitter what impact could they have on an election which i mean these are elections which happen at the number and a number of weeks by a huge they are far reaching i mean are they just sort of chasing the tallow almost almost. well you know the impact of any of the measures that the social media website state is anybody's guess at the moment but yes that is novice ness in india of course because even in the twenty fourteen elections social media made of white the real love into when seeing people. a lot of campaigns at that were run by the beach if you. are believed to have helped them that helped prime minister narendra modi have a big last time around this time also because the stakes are high the government has been engaging with both facebook and so whatsapp and also twitter some of the things that have happened in the past is that several months ago whatsapp limited
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the number of forwards that individuals users in india can send to only five this was something that was later extended to the rest of the globe. besides there was they've been running television campaigns to make people aware that not every information that they read on platforms like whatsapp is is real because a lot of times fake news gets circulated so it's anybody's guess right not because you know even for example let's take the example of limiting the forwarding to five people a lot of people believe that political missa and misinformation is always motivated so for political parties it's just about putting some more hands a little more labor and they would still be able to reach those many people so even if you limit it to five there's not there's no foolproof assurances that the menace and stop just quickly if you talked about the success which never under modi used
12:36 am
social media and previous campaigns do you think the other parties and candidates have caught up with with them. oh yes totally so in twenty forty and you know social media was still somewhat new in india it was still limited to see the bigger cities in the bigger towns still but since then you know with cheap smartphones and affordable internet reads social media has the internet have become very vitally used which has made politicians because up and take notice all of the major politicians in india are now on social media both on facebook and on twitter a lot of political activity is also happening my own whatsapp all the major political parties have have their like you know that the their social media groups a lot of these groups are nabbed by acknowledges very highly educated technologists coming from the top you know what cities globally as well as in india
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so yes everybody went from from the ruling party to the opposition to even smaller regional parties they will have a very significantly it's thank you so much for your time really to appreciate. now once again for the current facebook lied about see some examples of female protester have gone viral on social media that is from plus and then in sport a sequence of attacks on football players in england and scotland far is going to be looking at the fallout and the reaction first oh quick look at some international weather.
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bar is here to talk sport you got a bit of breaking news to cricket yeah big story developing in the last hour why name has suddenly started trending on social media and that is in a dean's adat reports out of spain are saying that real madrid are set to sack current coach santiago and reappoint sudan let's go straight to our sports correspondent lee wellings in london leigh what more can you tell us. well on one hand this would make perfect sense in that if you think of rome which it is probably the top cop in world football they want the best man for the job and over
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to be proven as the best man for the job was in it in sudan who came in with lots of doubters three or four years ago and then had phenomenal success winning three consecutive champions league he suddenly left of course ten months ago there's been kosova since two managers were on which we'd won't win a trophy this season so the toy me of this would appear quite curious why bring in sudan right now where not chile they're not going with me think this season there's a couple months of the season left and they're not going to miss out on qualify for next season should be they will that will be to do with the politics. and the president from perez wanting to get his band stopped anyone else getting seventeen sedan might show by getting on board now. that he's taking a training session he has to choose remarkably then they'll be in a position of once again being able to get to where they see themselves which is the pinnacle of european football but this is quite shocking to some because it
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does nine hundred twenty being in the frame in the last few days that i am being told of a return of jos a marina ok. catch up with you later will get much much on this story later on from lee thanks for now that was a big weekend of football in england and scotland but what's been dominating the headlines in talk on social media is series of pitch invasion c.n.c. events have grabbed so much attention the english players football association is now demanding more be done to protect players from san attacks first incident happened on friday in scotland a twenty one year old fan confronted rangers captain james tavernier during a top flight game against her barry and a fan was arrested and the scottish premier league is investigating the matter. on sunday a birmingham fan ran on to the pitch and punched aston villa's jack during an english second tier game didn't suffer any serious injuries and went on to score
12:42 am
the only goal of the game or earlier this monday the supporter was jailed for fourteen weeks after pleading guilty to assault and the final one was during arsenal's two nil home win over manchester united in the prime really after arsenal's second gold united chris smalling was shoved by a supporter on the field of play he too was arrested smalling c. mates ashley young says there are now concerns that one day a player could be attacked by someone carrying a weapon. so we say well what message can you part of any more often it's the first time offense most going to pitch in and what they are carrying something. that the players who will be a danger often is there for some of it if a premier league thief was it is called be done other whatever student or whatever but not so if they're concerned with the want to allude to dion and then they want to proceed to this afternoon as well so i know some stuff you know we don't. it
12:43 am
wasn't always the case that fans could access the field of play so easily in the one nine hundred eighty s. perimeter fences were commonplace at football grounds throughout the u.k. as a means of ensuring fans couldn't get on to the pitch the hillsborough stating disaster nine hundred eighty nine was a watershed moment for english football due to police failings ninety six liverpool fans were crushed to death in an overcrowded standing area fences meant the fans had no means of escape the investigation that followed the disaster recommended that top level stadiums should become fully seated fences were also taken down idea of bringing fences back to football grounds as a means of protecting the players has got a lot of people talking on social media all this fan likes the idea he tweeted hash tag bring back the fences football grounds need fences again i don't care what liverpool people think neil disagrees saying ninety six people died because of
12:44 am
fences football doesn't need fences just tougher deterrents to stop the con these kinds of thoughtless acts all the scottish football fan tweeted fences will be back at the football soon sad sad times for the beautiful game matthew dunn is a football writer at the u.k.'s daily express newspaper he was at the arsenal united game and says there needs to be a measured response. the worrying thing for me is i just have a suspicion that the supporter at the emirates saw what happened with jack grow up and thought that was some sort of a good idea back page or out paper pools of mine this moron's and i think most right minded football fans think exactly this saying the last thing anyone wants is to put footballers safety in jeopardy and they've been incidents with calling throwing and bottle throwing recently which does the psyche that so it does need to be better policed and. what the clubs are trying to do is clamp down on the
12:45 am
supporters the causing these kind of offenses. the last thing we want to do is say football drag back to the days of fences it has become a more family affair football matches in england over the last twenty years and we don't want to lose that just because of these mindless morons and i think. that the bottom line is better education for fans and also i know the fans cheered on their supposed so as he left the pitch and i think people will look at themselves today and think why on earth would you support such mindless behavior. ok and just before we go i want to recap our top story that's reports out of spain are saying that real madrid are said to sack current coach santiago sorry and reappoint is in a dream is that dan after he left just ten months ago will have much more on that coming up but let's now your thoughts you can tweet me directly at underscore is small all of it back with more eighteen hundred g.m.t. now back to come on thank you for that so far and that will do for this newsgroup
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you can keep in touch with us as far as. twitter facebook and what's up to describe telegram channel as well using that sign number you can communicate with us and we'll keep you up to date with stories from the on to syria website thanks for joining us on the news good we will see you right back here in studio fourteen al-jazeera fifteen hundred hours g.m.t. tomorrow tuesday. over one hundred and sixty years ago a musician started a vat and in an oddity shrieked in cairo. the brass band was so popular it gave
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birth to an entire musical genre. as a century and a hall from a to the sound still present mates with many egyptians today house of the people's music on al-jazeera. the ns. dizzier explores prominent figures of the twentieth century and how life will
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really influence the course of history was the cuban revolution countless away feel castro is a feudal east the not a commie mr castro wanted his country to international revolution there came a point when the relationship came to an end the icons of revolution who changed the course of latin american politics. and fidel castro face to face on al-jazeera . if you hear china and indonesia ground their boeing seven three seven max airplanes following sunday's fatal crash as boeing shares plunged.
12:49 am
i mean this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. a warning of a potential new crisis spring the muslims forced to take refuge in bangladesh. a malaysian court reeses one of the women accused of killing the hof brother of north korean leader kim jong il. and back on track a friendship train almost derailed because of recent tensions between india and pakistan is on the move again. i know indonesia has joined ethiopia and china in grounding its feet of boeing seven three seven max eights following the second deadly crash involving the jet in just five months hundred fifty seven people are thought to have died after an ethiopian airlines plane went down shortly after takeoff on sunday. it once again raises serious safety concerns about the aircraft which crashed in similar
12:50 am
circumstances to in indonesia lion air flight in october boeing which had tripled its market value in just over three years has now seen its share price slide on course for its biggest daily full in nearly two decades investigators have now recovered the black box with both the cockpit voice recorder and digital flight data in a moment we'll hear from catherine soy who's with the victims' families in nairobi but first this update from hundred zero in at other. investigators have said that they are found two very cool szell equipments to the investigations thought is the cockpit voice recorder something that will give them an idea of the final moments before what actually the hoppen before the plane crashed and also the digital flight recorder otherwise known as the block box and this is something that has created some sort of elation in if you appear but now
12:51 am
a senior official if you have been allies is see the blood books east. damaged and they will see what the with the drool over what they what they can get from it . is also sending some clothes on of course if your pin vientiane exploits and investigates has been joined says sunday afternoon by united states and kenyan investigate is today they were joined by israeli foreign sic exploits and together they're combing through the wreckage which is spread across an area several kilometers a wide and also but secure workers continue with the clean hospital finding the remains of the people which i'll shoot out on these particular area which is a farming community just thirty also kilometers outside the industrial town
12:52 am
of the shelf to about fifty kilometers from where i am right now so the two tusks are going. moment of silence at the united nations environment assembly in nairobi some of the passengers and boat the theo open airlines flight that crashed on sunday but delegates enterprises and other stuff members coming for this meeting this is also a regional u.n. help with several agencies and two u.n. headquarters based here twenty two u.n. workers in the affiliates were on the flight some of the u.n. workers were coming for this conference some of these were u.n. workers are actually on the frontline of humanitarian and development work in kenya and in the region so they were coming for profit from different perspectives but certainly there were certain subject matter experts there were language experts etc who were coming here for the conference itself so it's been a setback you know in on all counts but most of those who died were kenyans like
12:53 am
benson be room to stoughton and coming back home from vienna where she is pursuing a doctorate and whom they had just spoken to in the morning it is so painful to lose the young guy. who has struggled for the rest of her life. to achieve. a life. the blink of an ad that is to blame if back at the un the agency's flag flies at half staff to or now those who were killed not so i will be going on here throughout the week are you claiming she would say. that he says that i am the enviros of the tragedy the sadness on the. many delegates say despite the sadness the reason is indians and heads of state arriving here in the coming days must make strong commitments at the end of it all catherine saudi al-jazeera
12:54 am
nairobi. the u.n. special report on man maher says she fears a new crisis for the ring or if bangladesh relocate them to a nearby island young nearly made her comments to the human rights council or in a visit to cox's bazaar refugee camp on the southern coast of bangladesh need told the geneva forum she's concerned whether bashan char whose name means fetching island is truly habitable ill planned around the kitchen and and relocations without the consent of the refugees concerned have the potential to create a new crisis it is incumbent on the government of bangladesh to ensure that this is not brought about any barkers life first now in geneva what more did she have to say about the island and the plight of the ten thousand rangar who've fled from in masses last november. well yankee lee said that he was very
12:55 am
concerned about replacing one crisis with another weird but the bangladesh your thoughts he's planned to potentially relocate twenty three thousand people to this island in the bangle delta according to human rights groups say it's a low lying island it's very muddy it's often affected by typhoon and flooding according to human rights watch they say that if thousands of people are located it would be tantamount to putting them in an open air prison so yeah he wants there to be very stringent feasibility tests explored she wants every single corner of the island mapping to seeing whether or not indeed it is habitable or not we know that bangladesh your thirties are under immense amounts of pressure to try and ease the conditions for people living in cox's bazaar but also according to young released report a further ten thousand people have arrived many of them into bangladesh since last november that's despite a travel ban so while the bangladeshi all thought he said looking for
12:56 am
a new solution the un are deeply worried about going ahead with any plans before it becomes clear whether or not it is indeed a habitable place or not but there are worries here that it isn't. living when you've called for those who perpetrate crimes against humanity to be brought to justice what will he talk about. yes that's right young lady was very clear in what she said here she said that she wanted to open all doors when it comes to investigating the alleged crimes that have taken place against writing she said to the situation in iraq provence was tantamount to genocide although there is a stringent list describing what exactly is genocide she believes in her view that vast numbers of people were systematically killed that were forced out of their homes force across the border and that the only way to explore this any further is to set up some kind of tribunals we know that in the on the ground
12:57 am
in cox's bazaar there is an i.c.c. team who are exploring the feasibility of opening a case against officials of the my arm mob but we heard here at the u.n. for a bus to go to the un who said that the country wasn't subject to the i.c.c. legislation so the un may be faced with the prospect of coming up with another way to put the pressure on the or thought season may. be back i thank you very much indeed. all the caucus bizarre refugee camp is home to almost a million at the majority fair returning back to neighboring min montell the assured they'll be treated well they also want justice for the atrocities carried out against their people stephanie danka has this report from the camp the large tree is a reminder of the thick extensive forests that stood here just eighteen months ago now uprooted to make way for hundreds of thousands of are they too forced from their land this is now the biggest refugee camp in the world. jamila katun fled me
12:58 am
in mar in august two thousand and seventeen during the military crackdown on the river in rakhine state she says of course she wants to go home but only if there is peace what they skate from she remembers was terrifying. our next door neighbors husband and wife they were killed which is why we left how can we go back at least if we die here as a muslim will be allowed to have a proper funeral but if we die there will just be thrown away. she was part of a mass exodus into neighboring bangladesh as well as the united nations accusing the me and my military of burning homes abductions rapes and murder almost one million wrangle a parent are with an individual story a perfect violation of the law and now the bamboo huts stretch as far as the eye can see in every direction this is
12:59 am
a makeshift city built out of human tragedy and there is now an international push to find out what happened and who is responsible. the international criminal court has sent a team to the camp as part of what it calls a preliminary examination they did not want to be filmed preferring to keep their first visit here low profile the un special rapporteur yankee levy was in cox's bazaar in january but it's the visit of the i.c.c. that could eventually lead to charges against the me i'm our government justice is something everyone here wants including twenty year old muhammad who says he worries he is losing his life here but going back for him has conditions. we need running the id cards we need them to recognize us as running is also our mothers and sisters were raped we want justice from the i.c.c. they have to give us back our land and properties which were confiscated. mohammed like so many of the other refugees was born in me and maher with no papers no
1:00 am
official status not officially recognized the medium our government says they are bengali muslims despite their families having been in myanmar for generations all want to return home but many say they know it will be a difficult and long journey stephanie decker al-jazeera cox's bazaar bangladesh the british prime minister is expected to hold last minute talks with e.u. leaders in strasburg later on monday that's after the block warned to reason may that it's now up to british m.p.'s to decide the next steps to take britain out of the e.u. politicians in the u.k. will vote on her latest deal on tuesday when this lawrence lee joins us live from west mr laurence there had been some speculation as to whether that mean full vote would take place tuesday or tomorrow in parliament as as the pm promised as it now looks like it's going ahead. yes it does that there was a genuine political.


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