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al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan is the others there are news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. algerian celebrated as president but a fleet that declares he will not run for a fifth term in office. the british prime minister says she's won the e.u. support the changes to have brags that plan just hours before a crucial vote. the u.s.
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aviation regulator asked boeing to modify the seven three seven max a plane after the second crash in just five months. and venezuelans flock to open drains in search of water off the days of power blackouts worsens the crisis. presidents have been aziz but a fleet that has abandoned his bid for a fifth term in office after weeks of mass demonstrations he's delayed next month's election and appointed a new prime minister but the figure also said a national conference will be held by the end of the year to schedule an election and draft a new constitution which martin reports. the celebration sprang up across algeria from the capital algiers to constantine and beyond all within minutes of hearing the algerian president abdulaziz beautifully but caved into mounting pressure and announced he would not seek
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a fifth time protesters took to the streets over the past weeks asking for his departure and calling for political reforms. and then have it have if. i am optimistic that the voice of the people and especially young people has been and that this pave the way for a new and constructive period that can solve many of our problems i believe that the young people who took to the streets in cities around the country acted responsibly which impressed people both locally and abroad we must continue and work together with this responsibility that we call mutual respect and tend this crisis into a constructive process where our. hearts beautifully will continue to run the country for the time being he's reshuffle his government appointing his interior minister nurdin badly his prime minister and his advisor rahm tamla mamre as his
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deputy. with the army chief general. salah retains his post. has outlined a series of steps which he hopes will shape algeria's future. such as launching a national dialogue on reforming the state's institutions and drafting a new constitution. but it's unclear is beautiful because decisions will contain the anger of the anti government movement key opposition figures were either banned by the constitutional council from running against the president all pulled out of the race describing the april election as a fast most people do not think that if the guy himself is pulling the strings of power but with think that is in their interest so we have been appointed as prime minister. deputy prime minister and this is these are things that we know from from the from the year of this regime and these are not if we want and the
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protests is insist they will continue their rallies until their demands are met they want a new president democratic reforms and the government capable of tackling rising unemployment poverty and corruption richard martin al jazeera. but let's bring in ben brower he's an associate professor in the public of history at the university of texas at austin he specializes in algeria and politics and history been brought how significant is the timing of bush if he has announcement that he won't be seeking a fifth term why now and how much did the growing protest movement and political instability push him towards this decision do you think. i think at this point there was just no more choice for the government but to reconsider what these elections were going to be and who they would be presenting. you know over the weekend there was a general strike that was declared it was followed with with more or less success
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in different parts of the country and that put enormous pressure on the government to find a different path forward than the one that they originally conceived a week ago by doubling down on this idea of beautifully presented himself for the presidential and then stepping down at some point in the near future and many of the protesters who took part in the demonstrations were students and young people how much of a disconnect is there between algeria's ruling elite and the young out jerry and so see a completely different vision for the country. well certainly there's a there's a great difference in age the group of people who centrally control the country a group that is generally known as the power or the poor war in french are our generation that came of age in one nine hundred sixty two for the most part and have built their entire careers incredibly long careers based upon their proximity
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to the algerian revolution and so these are people who are in their seventy's and eighty's at this particular moment here. when we speak now. the algeria. has and has long has had a very young population so in terms of age incredible disconnect and i think also we have to speak in terms of class and social experiences in the horizons that the most of the people of an algeria experience now you know generally speaking this is not a country that has understood has experienced the worst sort of oppression poverty and so forth that would see in the world but this is even though even the middle class is a very very narrow horizons on on where they might be going in the world they can they can receive their education in some cases an incredibly good education but then after what comes after that what are the possibilities for for a career where the possibilities for a family one of the possibilities for you know the basic sorts of things that we
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need in our lives today and young people just don't see those horizons opening up for them and it's been a long long time that these rises have been close you know this this moment that we're in now on many ways dates back to the one nine hundred eighty s. october of one nine hundred eighty eight young people took to the streets is then also claiming many of the same to sort of things that were that they're asking for today and they were fired upon the streets and so great loss of life at that point and the big question now ben is who will succeed but is it going to be a rubber stamp seen from the army will it be an islamist or is it likely to be a new progressive figure who will bring about social and political reforms. well the president today or his entourage whoever was responsible for the document was issued today talked about a national convention and in terms of either rewriting the cost of the existing cost of tuition or drafting the new constitution it also talked about a person who would be in charge of that without naming that person and i think it's
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. anyone's guess on the outside who that person might be at this particular moment one of the people that visited with the president with the flick of today was the algerian diplomat locked up brahimi and so that might be one person who would help shepherd this transition forward i think that you know in many ways brahimi is a is is something that that we might take as an up and optimistic sign he is certainly one from the generation of sixty two he started his career as a algerian diplomat a very young age and so he's part of that particular historical moment but he is in the last twenty years at least he's kept himself in something of a distance he said it a different career working for the united nations in particular and has an incredible and i'll tell you it's working in post conflict transitions notably in afghanistan and in lebanon ok ben bradlee happening with that thank you very much
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indeed for your insight. let's take a look back now what but if he has twenty year rule hushed here's how. algeria's longest serving president of the as he's beautifully a car will likely be remembered for anding the civil war that lasted ten years and killed hundreds of thousands of people would have won praise for restoring stability that lead to an economic boom and major development projects across the country. he also managed to hold the country together during the arab spring there were protests in january two thousand and eleven over poverty and unemployment the government responded by creating thousands of small business opportunities with generous incentives to young entrepreneurs reducing food prices and anding a decades old state of emergency despite this riots can ten years
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a sign that not everyone was happy with how beautifully ran algeria. considered a national hero by his supporters he fought on the battlefield during a war of independence from france and then served as foreign minister until nine hundred seventy nine in the early one nine hundred eighty s. he was accused of corruption and went on a self-imposed exile the charges were later dropped and of the end of the civil war in the late one nine hundred ninety s. he won an election with the backing of the military they opposition said the vote was rigged to flee a cause critics accused him of clinging to power and cracking down on his opposition jewing his second term in office him managed to change the constitution to allow him to run for an unlimited number of terms so with mounting controversy
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and popular unease among his opponents but of one a third election in two thousand and nine and afford. in two thousand and fourteen by the time he won the two thousand and fourteen election he was frail and rarely seen in public and some said he was no longer fit to govern was to leaders considered him an important ally in the fight against armed groups in north africa . had a zero tolerance towards those draw. and the heavy handedness linked to that approach sometimes cost civilian lives in two thousand and thirteen thirty foreign workers including the nationals were killed when beautifully ordered the army to storm a gas plant in the algerian does the aim was to rescue hundreds of hostages held by an armed group affiliated with al qaida but critics believed could have
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saved lives had he negotiated a safe exit for the civilians or planned his counter attack more carefully during his last years in power he sacked many of his top army generals in a push to curb their influence but a flip i had a number of health concerns in recent years has suffered a ministroke of the beginning of two thousand and thirteen and was in a french hospital for three months of the lazies as opponents say his legacy was one of stagnation while his supporters insist he brought much needed stability to algeria. lots more still to come here on al-jazeera including. us but forces close in on the last place in syria. a warning of a new crisis for i think the muslims forced to take refuge in bangladesh. and in
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sport less than a year after walking away one of real madrid's all time greats is back in charge of the team that's all still to come. the british government says its recent agreement with the e.u. on legally binding changes to the briggs's deal the announcement follows last minute talks between prime minister to resign may and european commission president . the revised plan for the u.k.'s departure from the e.u. will be put to a vote in britain's parliament on tuesday well the changes to the deal aimed to resolve the key sticking point of the irish border at the moment northern ireland as part of the u.k. and the republic of ireland are both part of the e.u. people and goods passing freely between the two the fear is that after brags that a hard border will separate the two islands seeing checks and inspections reimposed and threatening trade and the good friday peace agreement to avoid this the e.u. and u.k. decided on
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a fallback plan or backstop which would keep the border open and free of restrictions after the brig's a transition period in the absence of a new trade deal but that sparked a political backlash from critics saying it could lead britain tied to the e.u. indefinitely for tourism is hoping changes to the deal making it easier for britain to pull out of the backstop will put those concerns to rest having an insurance policy to guarantee that there will never be a hard. it is absolutely right it is the u.k. so it's in the belfast good friday agreement but if we ever have to use that insurance policy it cannot become a permanent arrangement i'm just not the template for our future relationship. the deal that m.p.'s voted on in january was not strong enough in making that clear and legally binding changes we needed to set that right today we have agreed to them but the head of the european commission says they'll be no more chances for the british government to renegotiate if this latest version of the deal is voted down
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by m.p.'s in london. in politics sometimes you get the second chance if you so what we do with the second that comes because there would be even of chance there would be no further interpretation of the interpretations and no further assurances from the reassurances or john johnson is a reporter for politics home that's a political news website he says it's unclear which way m.p.'s will vote on tuesday to morrow we will get a statement from the attorney general geoffrey cox he will put the legal advice to government before parliament parliamentarians will be able to look at this and discuss it. it's very difficult still to say which way this will go certainly it was very clear from both the e.u. side and misses me this evening at the press conference that there will be no further negotiation between the two sides if this is voted down tomorrow the defeat in january was historic it was the largest defeat ever in british parliamentary
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estate so there is a large hurdle for her to have to jump over tomorrow however there are members of her party who are very against this deal the first time around who appear to be taking this development very seriously they are looking at the proposals much of it will depend on the attitude of the d u p the northern irish party who are any confidence in supply agreement with theresa may if they give this changes the thumbs up then it's very likely that hardcore backstairs will swing behind us to more. no a french man met in the movie has been jailed for life for killing four people during an anti-semitic attack in belgium in twenty fourteen the thirty three year old was suspected of working for iceland's syria before the shootings he opened fire at the jewish museum in brussels with a kalashnikov assault rifle and a hunger a second french national was given a fifteen year jail term for supplying the weapons used by the move. boeing says it
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will roll out modifications to its seven three seven mux eight planes within weeks it was ordered to do so by the u.s. aviation regulator every mexico has become the latest allying to ground its fleet after sunday's crash in ethiopia it was the second disaster involved in this type of aircraft in five months question some of the as more from washington. boeing's most popular jet is now coming under scrutiny as a result of the ethiopian airlines crash it's the second deadly accident involving the seven thirty seven max eight in less than six months and similarities between these two accidents have prompted airline carriers more than a dozen of them in countries like china indonesia and mexico to ground their fleet while the investigation is going on now that's not the case here in the united states here the federal aviation administration says that the boeing plane is airworthy and that it's too soon to draw conclusions about what happened it's been
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working with boeing ever since the last crash the lion air crash that happened in indonesia last october it says boeing is expected to make a software update to the plane in the next month that should help with some issues but again insisting that the airline is airworthy and safe now that's not enough for some people here in the united states airlines have been facing questions from passengers and travelers who are worried about flying on the. seven thirty seven max we've heard from senator dianne feinstein in california who's called for grounding the fleet temporarily until the cause of the accident is known flight attendants association as one pilots union have also called for further investigation boeing for its part issued a statement saying that their plane is safe and that the software update will only make it safer they have however suffered in the stock market their stocks dropping
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more than five percent on monday well the flight recorders of the ethiopian airlines plane which went down minutes south of takeoff have now been recovered catherine sawyer reports a moment of silence at the united nations environment assembly in nairobi some of the passengers and both the airlines flight that crashed on sunday but delegates enterprises and other stuff men this coming for this meeting this is also a regional u.n. hub with several agencies and two u.n. headquarters based here u.n. workers in the affiliates were on the flight some of the u.n. workers were coming for this conference some of these were u.n. workers are actually on the frontline of humanitarian and development work in kenya and in the region so they were coming forth from from from different perspectives but certainly there were certain subject matter experts that language experts etc who were coming here for the conference itself so it's been
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a setback you know in on all counts but most of those who died were kenyans like benson be room to stoughton and coming back home from vienna where she is pursuing a doctorate and whom they had just spoken to in the morning it is soup in the food loose the young guy. who has. a life. to achieve. in life. in a blink of an eye it is too big. of a crash site just outside investigators have found the plane's black box that's an important evidence to help understand what could have gone wrong back at the u.n. the agency's flag flies at half staff to or now those who were killed that would be going on. we are why we would see. another piece of the enviros try to have this done on. many delegates despite the
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sadness the reason resilience and heads of state arriving here in the coming days must make strong commitments at the end of it or catherine. and i will be. boeing's seven three seven aircraft a rule the skies more than fifty years as the world's best selling modern passenger aircraft viewed as one of the industry's most reliable its newest incarnation the seven three seven max eight was unveiled in twenty seventeen featuring big engines designed to use less fuel that has the potential to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by between ten and twelve percent by the end of january this year boeing had delivered three hundred fifty of the new jets with another four thousand six hundred sixty one on order let's bring in keith mackey he's an aviation consultant and a former airline captain who joins us via skype from florida keith mackey how significant is this software fix that boeing and the f.a.a. set to rollout and what exactly is the problem with this system on the seven three
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seven max. well the way the system works is when they put the new engines on the max airplane the aerodynamics of the airplane were changed slightly the engines were mounted a little bit further forward consequently if you were aborting a landing for example an added power the nose would pitch up further than the standard seven for us seven three seven the software update puts a correction in there and it brings the nose down a little bit so you a pilot wouldn and permanently stall the air ply normally the software would never be activated and if it was a pilot probably wouldn't even notice that it was being activated the problem with the indonesian crash is that the sensor that drives that software called an angle of attack indicator was not functioning properly and hadn't been for several
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days the airline didn't seem to be able to repair it properly and on several preceding flights a situation wasn't countered that was similar to the accident situation however in needs the crews are able to successfully land they are ok so i think the software update will probably just make it easier to recognize if this input comes into play and if it does the pilot can easily disconnect the system if a creates problem ok and many aviation analysts point out that the flight profile of the lion air crash and the ethiopian crash a very similar and that if betting knew there was a problem with the anti still system of the line the crash was it taken another one hundred fifty seven people to die before they and the f.a.a. have acted on this. actually profiles were not different were not the same there are quite different in the lion air crash the airplane climbed up to about
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six thousand feet before it dived into the ocean in ethiopia the airport barely climbed a thousand feet the air speed increased greatly the vertical speed was erratic. the airplane impacted the ground at a very high rate of speed possibly from nearly a level attitude so this is completely different than what happened to lyon there and that's going to be part of the gust to gauge determining what the differences with or if there is any similarities between the two situations and then applying that cause and we're acting the costs and the f.a.a. keith says it has no plans to ground the seven three seven max but many airlines don't agree that i mean there's now a growing list of airlines around the world that decided to ground their seven three seven unilaterally until further notice and that's bound to put more pressure on boeing isn't it yes this puts a lot of pressure on boeing boeing has
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a lot of orders pending for the europe line if passengers are not comfortable that they're not going to want to ride on an airplane boeing could lose orders airlines could be used as a lose business so it's very important that the problem be resolved and the changes delayed to make the airplane even safer be implemented so that the industry can go on and resume its normal operation but the sarah white keith matthew thank you very much indeed for talking to al jazeera you're very welcome. well venezuela's opposition dominated national assembly has declared a state of emergency of power outages schools have been suspended and businesses shut for a second day the blackouts began on thursday to water shortages caused the deaths of dozens of patients who were unable to receive treatment reports. water is running short in the capital. as the country continues to struggle with
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the effects of power. in the largest hydroelectric plant in the state. people are trying to get it from wherever they can there used to be right next to the haven't you but they say it has been cut off. the only thing we need is water we can't continue like this we haven't had water for weeks and now there's no electricity the government has been trying to restore electricity around the country a task that is becoming more challenging as days go by. this power station in eastern blew up in the middle of the night. here because of the fire the government's position and the united states are trying to sabotage. electric grid but neighbors in the area that they are here are very strong before the explosion.
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she was woken up by a strange sound in the middle of the night. it was like. in the i watch the sky there was a big flame it was like fireworks that you can see in disneyland with the princess's and all that was so afraid that we were all going to blow up the workers from the state electric company told us to transformers exploded. for the opposition it is an example of the corruption and mismanagement has been ongoing for years in venezuela. that's why i. said it was time to declare a national emergency. so we are requesting today the chamber approve a decree to call for a national emergency of emergency of tragedy of catastrophe. today was the government is trying to contain the situation on the streets trying to prevent violence. to the security forces were unable to control the looting in this
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. destroyed when dozens of people and. many were detained. they said this makes me very sad that this is happening to us society people coming in here and destroying everything. tables and other things. but on the streets there are struggling for almost everything until now the government has been unable to fulfill their most basic needs. break here and i'll just say that when we come back reports from malawi the flooding us left hundreds of thousands of people homeless. clung to fake news in india just ahead of crucial parliamentary elections and sport a football fan is jailed for talking a player during a league game in england details coming up in the sport more that stay with us.
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and the weather is generally quite quiet over the southeastern parts of china at the moment our little area of cloud has been drifting away from us for most of us it's being dry it looks like the showery weather will be away to the south of us as we head through the day on cheese day so we might make catch the old shower in new zealand for the north it should be dry that will change for wednesday there was see the cow begin to build once more and then that will gradually work its way eastwards as we had three says day into friday and before that towards the south and for many of us here we've seen some shop showers born quite a few of those recently as we have done over parts of java and java or again is looking pretty wet for tuesday jakarta was expecting some very heavy showers there is gradually push their way but for the south was as we head through wednesday but still costs is expecting to catch quite a few further north areas should be largely dry force in singapore pretty hot and
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humid as usual with a top temperature of thirty four degrees over towards the west and the weather here is in the northern parts of india and through pakistan spiraling away there and it shouldn't stick around for too long so by the time we get to choose the lunchtime then we'll just have this little overhang of cloud over polls in new delhi but new delhi still getting a bit hotter up at twenty six degrees temperatures these again as we head through wednesday as another weather feature gradually makes its way through pakistan. isn't the problem for your town that they really don't have a health question but he does have a corruption question mark over really doesn't look good for the image business i think they're not going to do any we're probably not knowing about it what are you telling me why there's a lot of disillusionment with the us across the globe. is called for or the brakes doesn't build confidence or the brakes will join me in front of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories and big
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issues here on al-jazeera. when they're on live t.v. and it's taught us to be able to be concise expressing exactly what is happening in the moment and what it means. or if you joined us on say israel is an apartheid state in the ethnic cleansing of the palestinian people this is a dialogue everyone has a voice and we want to hear from you join the colobus conversation. welcome back to the top story on al-jazeera algeria's president. has abandoned
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plans to seek a fifth term in office after weeks of mass demonstrations postponed. from a social and political reforms. the british government says it's reached an agreement with the e.u. on legally binding changes to the practice of deal prime minister to resign has been in strasbourg a last minute discussions with officials. will be put to a vote in britain's parliament on tuesday. and boeing says it will roll out modifications to its seventy seven just days after a crash in ethiopia hundred fifty seven people. died in sunday's disaster the black boxes from the ethiopian airlines plane now recovered. us but forces in eastern syria are bombarding the last pockets of iceland territory for a second night. but mainly kurdish syrian democratic forces resumed their assault on sunday after a deadline for fighters to surrender expired they say they're making advances on the only of of but dues near the iraqi border an estimated five hundred eisel
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fighters are believed to be inside up to four thousand civilians. on the turkey syria border. a deadline to surrender has come and gone and the battle to retake battles has picked up once again kurdish forces on the ground backed by coalition airstrikes increasing the pressure on the remaining fighters in eastern syria in the middle of the church which was once controlled by isis because they were in the beginning part of the camp which is very low should put a large area. into a small area under the mantle of the horse itself the kurds advance into one part of the largent camp and once used by the fighters and their families all that remains is ammunition weapons and a car rigged with explosives but further away some fighters could be seen milling around the pomegranate orchards that surround the holes it's been
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a long and tough battle hindered by the presence of civilians among the fighters their numbers took everyone by surprise so far about sixty thousand people have streamed out of the among them i still wives and children and surrendering fighters many seem broken bowing their head in shame and between them some of them or has the rule of foreign fighters. and as well this one says he came from china and he says he is from chechnya russia. the evacuation came after negotiations between the kurdish s.d.f. which guaranteed that women and children wouldn't be harassed and treatment for doing good fighters. this man says there was nothing left no fuel no food no water we were completely beseeched he added but whose is the last sliver of land remaining of the so-called caliphate the advance of the kurds is also slowed
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down by land mines and booby traps but i still fighters are cornered stuck between cliffs to the south do you features river to divest and kurdish positions to do north and east. soon i still would have lost its last bastion of territorial rule. but many among those evacuated remain defiant vowing that this is only a setback and one day they caliphate would flourish once again. in gaziantep. hundreds of syrians protest against a new statue of the former president hafez al assad crowds march through the southern city of calling for the overthrow of his son current president bashar al assad the statue was erected nearly eight years after the original was toppled during the outbreak of syria's civil war the army says control of derived from rebel forces in july. the un has confirmed the killing of twenty two civilians in
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northern yemen ten women and twelve children died in that's in a province who the rebels are blaming an airstrike by the saudi a morality led coalition fighting alongside government forces but saudi state t.v. accuse the who these of shelling the area. severe flooding in southern malawi has killed thirty people and left thousands without shelter officials say more than two hundred thirty thousand people have lost their homes since heavy downpours began last week malcolm webb is in blantyre an area affected by the floods. thousands of people have gathered here after the river shiri burst its banks flooding the flat lands around it for up to three kilometers a lot of the people living in this area of subsistence farmers they hardly anything until many of the few possessions that they have. they survive on the crops that they grow those crops now being destroyed a little bit of food aid being handed out for the cooking the in part is really not
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much to go around tens of people were killed hundreds were injured thousands have been displaced people here now just sheltering in these this form warehouses waiting for help they desperately need food shelter and sanitation a state of emergency in saddam will be reduced by six months president omar al bashir declared it last month to try and quell long going protests against his thirty year rule it was originally set to last for a year but parliament votes to cut it to six months but just as are found to continue their rallies. the former vice president of the democratic republic of congo is suing the international criminal court for compensation after he was acquitted of war crimes. demanding seventy seven million dollars it's lawyers say his assets including seven planes and three villas in portugal were allowed to rot by the court spent
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a decade behind bars in the hague charge of war crimes committed by his private army in the neighboring central african republic. united nations is warning me and miles running a minority muslims may be about to face all new crisis un special rapporteur or young he has told human rights council that a plan by bangladesh to relocate twenty three thousand the ring of refugees to an uninhabited island called bash on char is a bad idea she also said up to ten thousand rangar fled violence in me in mass rakhine state since november when he wants the u.n. security council to refer me to the international criminal court over the persecution of the remainder and action that me and has rejected barker's more than geneva. lee's report is a damning indictment of the treatment of ring of people both in myanmar and outside as well in her report she says from last november ten thousand have fled the country many of them ending up in bangladesh and cox's bizarre now the world's
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largest refugee camp we know that a team from the international criminal court the united nations highest court is on the ground cox's bizarre investigating the possibility of future legal proceedings but as young released said it is early days are right now i think as we speak there are people in. still taking doing a preliminary examination they're not interviewing the first since pre-sale and this is not the first visit i understand there have been if you mind the past maybe one mind the past also here the united nations was a wrecking the victim a woman who has lost both her parents she thinks also a husband too she fled me or my ended up in a refugee camp in bangladesh where she spent three months searching for her son she says many people who fled myanmar looking for one thing citizenship and rights.
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another thin. line i'm here to request all a few for three things first we seek justice we want justice with compensation second we want to return to our home with safety and dignity and we want to have full citizenship and third we want to have access to the education system and mama . or young ladies report is the work of many people over many months she was barred for much of the visiting my am our itself the authorities there said that it would not be conducive to the public good to allow her into the country instead she's been able to gather evidence both in thailand and also in bangladesh she feels that the consequence of international inaction when it comes to the ring of people is only more suffering for them. donald trump has submitted plans for next year's budget to congress but democrats have already rejected it the u.s.
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president's asking for more funds for his planned border wall along mexico white house correspondent can really help get us more. it's a budget president donald trump knows will never be approved by the u.s. congress still his white house unveiled its fiscal priorities for the camera. trumps twenty twenty budget calls for deep cuts in federal spending including big cuts to government programs that help low income americans boosting spending for the u.s. military. but the headline another push for billions to build a wall along the southern border of the united states and mexico he's doing his job he's doing what congress should be doing he took an oath of office and he has a constitutional duty to protect the people of this country if trump's request for border wall funding sounds familiar it should be was a trump twenty sixteen presidential campaign promise we're going to build a wall and mexico is going to pay for the wall. it's
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a promise that led to an historic government shutdown had to get out of twenty eight teams past congress for five point six billion for his wall it approved just one point three for border security that's when the us president declared a national emergency to access more than eight billion already approved funding donald trump's emergency funding declaration has already been blocked in the house of representatives now the senate is poised to do the same trump is expected to veto those efforts to keep his funding intact in addition to the new money he's requesting trump knows his latest request sets up yet another fight with congress so why is he doing it this is not about spending this is not oh this is not about what's good for the u.s. government this is the president essentially handing out candy to potential voters and in the lead up to election day two thousand and twenty that's what trump's
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counting on given his budget is mostly political not practical it's little more than a wish list of priorities the president intends to push on the campaign trail as trump makes a case for a second term in the white house really help get al jazeera the way it's. iran's president hassan rouhani has met with the iraqi prime minister and bandar the start of a three day trip they discussed further strengthening security and economic ties iraq shared government is one of tehran strongest allies rouhani is seeking regional support in the face of increasing hostility from washington. and iran a sentence a leading human rights lawyer twenty seven years in jail but our family says it's much longer nasrin sotoudeh is husband says she's actually been given a prison sentence of thirty eight years as well as one hundred forty eight lashes she was arrested in june and charged with spying and sold in the country's supreme leader and spreading false information about the state last year the fifty five
5:44 am
year old defended several women who were arrested for appearing in public without wearing a headscarf. twitter has dropped unverified political ads in india at next month's national elections comes a day after the election commission said it would scrutinize social media posts by candidates and. as more. as hundreds of millions of indians prepare to elect a new government fake or misleading information has become a regular feature on social media now for the first time india's election commission is trying to crack down old provisions of model code of conduct some a clutch of the content being posted on social media by candidates and political parties. political parties here say they welcome the move to regulate social media something they see as crucial for the democratic process political system in this country is becoming more because there are more question coming on our social media that how important media and that's how it's going to influence our electoral
5:45 am
politics coming even in this election but not everyone is as optimistic indians known for the tenacity and their capacity to bypass rules and to come across with innovative approaches of bypassing policies instead it twitter has also begun cracking down on unverified political ads but some legal experts don't believe it's enough we have not dramatic results we could see some encouraging results but this policy to be very successful i think. we've done a social media have alerts in india's politics so have the online attacks those in the public eye are often the main targets but it's not always coming from established parties. the victims of online attack say individual spreading fake news get their orders from higher ups in different political parties it's a malays that that kind of flows right from the top to the bottom this journalist says he and others are regularly attacked online in several cases social media
5:46 am
companies have failed to crack down as was the situation with one of this female colleagues people who were sending her. pictures now she put those pictures plus the phone numbers of the individuals who were sending so the so twitter threatened to suspend her account. political parties. will be put to the.
5:47 am
5:48 am
welcome back now the world wide web has turned thirty transform the way we access and share information it was created with a vision of free access for everyone but the man who invented it is warning that ideal is under threat as our technology at its america home now reports. it may be hard for many of us to imagine a time when you couldn't just log on to the internet and search the web it's how many of us stay in touch make friends talk search and share information but thirty years ago none of that was possible electronically at least wow all this as this is british scientist timber nearly because back in one thousand nine hundred nine he and other scientists were frustrated unable to share the experiments and data
5:49 am
stored on the many different computer says he proposed a system whereby information in one part of the globe was connected to every on the pot easily searched available to all and not controlled by anyone he published how to do it on this the very first web page that vision of universal connectivity became the world wide web the web works because you can actually read into anything the web works but because it is actually an independent country where you're reading a blog you don't know where the up because you wrote it at the moment and it shouldn't matter i think that's really healthy thing you might think of the internet on your computer or a device like this as a ken to a library some way you go to get information but instead of books you access data more than a billion web pages problemas the world wide web is so vast you don't always know
5:50 am
as a find what you want so much like asking a librarian you use a search engine to type in your query it's processed using a set of rules known as algorithms to the intro through the messes of data on the web and find the best matches click on the link and it's like being taken to a book and that library a global digital library that burned its liam vision would be accessible to wall. but the web has brought new challenges concerns such as cyber crime bullying misinformation and breaches of privacy and a growing number of governments and now blocking content and monitoring what we search this is of course a very big threat to the web the value of it as a global open platform is hugely greater than the that what it would be if it were broken into national or continental chunks thirty years on huff of the world is
5:51 am
online the burn is late that said job half done connectivity for all is a human right he says and he's calling on governments to sign up to a global contract to protect people's rights and freedoms in the digital age maidana hond al-jazeera or a temple of support his on the. thank you very much well less than a year after he walks away from round madrid. says it's good to be back home sit down has been reappointed as the club's head coach sedan has signed a contract that runs until twenty twenty two he replaces some thiago solari he was in the job for just five months said on quite rare last may soon after winning a third straight champions league title in recent days rather have lost twice to their fish rivals barcelona and been knocked out of europe a trial but also by twelve points in the spanish league. you use your circular well i know it's a special day i'm really happy to be back home i know there will be many questions
5:52 am
later on i don't have much to say except that i'm happy to come back and what i want is to work again and provide what is always needed at this club to get the club where it should be and now the only thing for me is to start working tomorrow that's it. or when the down left right now he said there was a need for change at the club if their success was to continue his departure coincided with kris jenner and all those decision to end his time at rio and sign for its home in champions you vents this year a lot but said he was down for a place and he lasted barely four months reserve team coach some service solari then steps into the argentinian was unable to turn season around our sports correspondent lee welling says the timing of the downs return is somewhat surprising well on one hand this is a decision that makes a lot of sense from around which they are considered by most people to be the top football club in the world so they would want the very best manager and that mine
5:53 am
happens to be zillions and that unproven as someone who won the champions league remarkably three times in succession for them having taken over the job with doubters he silence them all the other side of this is it's quite bizarre to have somebody left ten months ago on with it saying that one it's called us now. often to come in and not rebuild from scratch but if i was wrong would do it in a really difficult position where he needs to bring in the right players he needs to find the right blend one of the superstars you think might be needed brownwood jordan he's going to need to have the backing to do that and then sort of have to prove himself again in the second spell it was looking likely that he might take over the national job with the french team or perhaps go to the probability usually with manchester united but he goes back to a car that completely trust him a president politically wanted to make sure they didn't sit down was on board to
5:54 am
make sure that nobody else got hold of it in sudan and to make sure that they move forward together for a new era for which would that they feel will bring lots of trophies. a feasibility study from football's world governing body faith who has concluded that the cats are twenty twenty two world cup could be expanded to include forty eight teams if one additional country is used as a co-host is social to press news agency has attained a copy of the reports which says cuts would have to approve who it partnered with or fifa decision makers are meeting in miami on friday to discuss the proposal katz saw as preparing eight venues to host a thirty two team saw an immense figure president giani in fancy know his canes who include sixteen more countries a move that will raise an additional four hundred million dollars in revenue the study attend to pfizer stadiums of bahrain kuwait oman saudi arabia and the united arab emirates that could be used but also notes as it currently stands the nature
5:55 am
of bahrain saudi arabia and the aries relations with cats are is such that it would be challenging to organize a co-host a tournament between cats are and one or more of these countries. asian football's governing body has fined the u.a.e. for spectator disorder during january's asian cup semifinal against cats are the aries football association has been hit with a one hundred and fifty thousand dollars penalty and the national team will have to play one international match without spectators that's all players were targeted with water bottles and shoes during the game in abu dhabi that's our went on to win the match for nailed now an english football fan has been jailed for fourteen weeks after attacking a player during a game on sunday birmingham city support support mitchell ran on to the pitch and punched aston villa's jack greenish during an english second game didn't suffer any serious injuries and did go on to school the only goal of the game or something
5:56 am
similar then happened during arsenal's sunil home win over manchester united in the premier league united's chris smalling was shoved bar supporter on the field of play that fan was also arrested and it wasn't always the case that fans could access the field of play so easily in the one nine hundred eighty s. perimeter fences were commonplace at football grounds throughout the u.k. as a means of ensuring fans couldn't get on to the pitch. the hillsborough stadium disaster in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine was a watershed moment for english football due to police failings ninety six liverpool fans were crushed to death in an overcrowded standing area fences when the fans had no means of escape or the investigation that followed recommended that top level stadiums should become fully seated and fences were also taken down for man united defender ashley young says there's a concern that one day a player could be confronted on the pitch by someone carrying
5:57 am
a weapon. it's not what most would you proud of any more of it was the first time offense most go on the pitch and you know what they are carrying something. off is that some of the premier league is going to go another move or the student or whatever but. they're concerned with the one earlier today on and then they want to proceed to this afternoon as well so are some of the fluid. and let's take a look at arguably the bravest sportsman in action at the moment some of the world's best windsurf is here taking on extreme conditions of the coast of county down of all in ireland the storm chaser and certainly living up to its name wins there topping one hundred kilometers per. hour that is only sport for now more later. all right andy thank you very much indeed ok well that's it for me down in
5:58 am
jordan for this news hour but on the way my colleague david apology will be up next with more of the day's news digest that's watch but i'm. a face can tell a story without uttering a single lie. and now england. can guide us. a simple touch inform us. the un convention manatee of life witnessed through the men's of the human nine. is what inspires us. witness documentaries on al-jazeera. the most memorable moments with al-jazeera was when i was on air as hosni mubarak fell with the crowds in tahrir square talking. as. if something happens anywhere in the world al jazeera is in place we're able to
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cover news like no other news organizations. were able to do it properly. and that is our strength. the ultranationalist marks connected with one of the world's worst humanitarian crises we dealt as illegally migrant joining with the military to impose a deadly political agenda we have devoted our nation what has happened to the engine that's one of the biggest stains on the country as a whole. as another religion this is a politics me and an unholy alliance on al-jazeera. examining the headlines setting the discussion it's a warning from air boss over the risks of a no deal sharing personal stories with a global audience you have your own intelligence network on the ground to tell you
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where to go and explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire resilient people are really afraid the world is watching on al-jazeera. algerian celebrates as president that. he will not run for a fifth term and also it's. watching our desire live from also coming out. the british prime minister says she's won the e.u. support for changes to her.


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