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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 12, 2019 10:00am-10:34am +03

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here when i'll just. celebrations it out geria to the president decides not to run for a fifth but he's also postponed elections. sam is a dad and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up bowing under pressure as more airlines ground the seven three seven max wake of the ethiopian airlines crash
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. the british prime minister says the u.s. agreed to a last minute revision to the brakes a deal just hours before a crucial parliamentary vote. world wide web turns thirty but amid the celebrations comes a word of warning from its inventor. after weeks of mass demonstrations out derrius president has finally bowed to protesters demands and abandons his bid for a fifth term and denies these beautifully calls so delayed next month's election and appointed a new prime minister but a flicker said a national conference will be held by the end of the year to schedule an election draft a new constitution richard martin reports. the celebration sprang up across algeria from the capital algiers to. constantine and beyond all
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within minutes of hearing the algerian president abdulaziz beautifully but caved into mounting pressure and announced he would not seek a fifth time protesters who took to the streets over the past week asking for his departure and calling for political reforms. and have it help if. i am optimistic that the voice of the people and especially young people has been and that this pave the way for a new and constructive period that can solve many of our problems i believe that the young people who took to the streets in cities around the country acted responsibly which impressed people both locally and abroad we must continue and work together with this responsibility with all mutual respect and ten this crisis into a constructive process. but beautifully will continue to run the country for the
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time being he's reshuffle his government appointing his interior minister nurdin badly his prime minister and his advisor rahm tamla mamre as his deputy. the army chief general. salah retains his post. has outlined a series of steps which he hopes will shape algeria's future. such as launching a national dialogue on reforming the state's institutions drafting a new constitution. but it's unclear if beautifully good decisions will contain the anger of the anti government movement key opposition figures were either banned by the constitutional council from running against the president all pulled out of the race describing the april election as a fast most people do not think that would give the guy himself is pulling the strings of power but with think that is in their interest so we have just been appointed as prime minister and. his deputy prime minister and this is these are
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faces that we know from from the from the year of this regime and these are not people we want and the protest is insisting they will continue their rallies until their demands are met they want a new president democratic reforms and a government capable of tackling rising unemployment poverty and corruption richard martin al-jazeera our correspondent joins us now live on set here to talk more about the situation that's going on in algeria so he's not running again for president but does that mean he's out. you know sadly that this is where the confusion lies because you'll recall that first the indication was the president with a few was going to run then it was that he was going to run but that he would step aside and make way for new elections after elected now his people are saying that he never planned to run to begin with the fact of the matter is though that right
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now we are in a situation where essentially his term has been prolonged so even though he says he's not going to run he is saying that there is going to be a new constitution that is drawn up there is going to be a constitutional referendum put to voters and then elections will be announced well i mean that could be months that could be years away you know when we talk about constitutional referendums these are not easy things to carry out drafting of a new constitution is not an easy thing to carry out so you have so many hundreds of thousands of people on the streets across algeria they have made their voices heard they have said we do not want to run and the we want elections and so even though there was a sense of celebration in that they got what they wanted they also want to see him step down and they want to see elections take place and if we have here to a schedule that we're being told will happen according to what the we don't know when elections will be held the other point has to make as well and that is the fact that beautifully has always seen simply as perhaps
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a cover for the real powers that run the country. is this the real start of democracy what happens to the military oligarchies elite alliance asemi i mean i think you're making a you know a very cogent point here because one of the key things as far as what is going to happen next going to be what is going to go on with the military the military has indicated more and more the past few days that they are with the people they have not come out right and said oh we are against with the here with the people but they keep saying we are speaking with one voice and they are making indications that they are going to do what the people want but the military in algeria. known to want to hold on to power you mentioned the elections in one nine hundred ninety and the coup there after if there are new elections if the result is not what the military wants what's going to happen we don't know at this point and it's really going to come down to what is the military going to do next are they going to try to hold on to power are they going to support whatever the elections may be and
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they have sitting there you said didn't doesn't indicate that history does not indicate that they would in the history of the region does not really indicate. all right thanks so much one hundred on june the u.s. aviation regulator has asked boeing to modified seven three seven max eight aircraft after a crash in ethiopia killed all one hundred fifty seven people on board the f.a.a. has given the company until april to make the changes but says it still believes the plane is airworthy boeing's new model as had two fatal crashes within five months safety concerns have been growing with singapore being the latest to temporarily banned the max eight aircraft from its air space on monday the company's shares fell more than five percent after china indonesia and ethiopia ordered airlines to ground the aircraft a memorial service meanwhile is being held for the theo alliance crew that died on sunday the boeing seven three seven max eight came down shortly after takeoff from
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at this hour on its way to nairobi in kenya victims came from more than thirty nations and included twenty two united nations staff on monday investigators recovered two black box recorders keith mackay is an aviation consultant and a former airline captain he says new engines on the seven three seven changed the aerodynamics of the plane. the engines were mounted a little bit further forward consequently if you were aborting a landing for example an added power the nose would pitch up further than the standard seven for us seven three seven the software update puts a correction in there and it brings the nose down a little it's a pilot one and virtually stall the airplane normally the software would never be activated and if it was a pilot probably wouldn't even notice that it was being activated i think the
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software update will probably just make it easier to recognize if this input comes into play and if it does the pilot can easily disconnect the system of a creates problem this puts a lot of pressure on boeing boeing has a lot of orders pending for the europe line if passengers are not comfortable whether or not they don't want to ride on an airplane boeing could lose orders airlines could use better than lose business so it's very important that the problem be resolved and the changes needed to make the airplane even safer be implemented so that the industry can go on and resume its normal operation of the sarah white the british prime minister's brags that proposal is up for a second vote in parliament after the first one was rejected in january series of may will present a revised version of her withdrawal deal to m.p.'s later on tuesday may says she secured
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a legally binding changes of the last minute talks with the european commission president joe cole of the revised plan for the u.k.'s departure aims to resolve the key sticking point of the irish border having an insurance policy to guarantee that there will never be a hot food in northern ireland and is absolutely right it only has the u.k. sun and commitments in the belfast good friday agreement. but if we ever have to use that insurance policy it cannot become a permanent arrangement i did is not the template for our future relationship the deal that m.p.'s voted on in january was not strong enough in making that clear and legally binding changes we needed to set that right today we have agreed to them well the european commission says there will be no more chances for the british government to renegotiate if this latest version of the deal is voted down by m.p.'s in politics sometimes you get
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a second chance it is what we do with the second tranche that counts because there will be no chance there will be no further interpretation of the interpretations and no further assurances on the river should. try to hold joins us now live from london so jonah first of all do we know exactly the details of the changes that the tourism a has agreed with the deal. but we certainly do broadly speaking it's a complicated package of changes that bear in mind when looking at those changes that what she's trying to do is to reverse that enormous historic defeat in january in which she lost by two hundred and thirty votes in the house of commons she needs to convince enough of those m.p.'s to change their minds now in order for this deal to creep through she's produced a three part package that she says is sufficient by way of legally binding changes
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to the northern ireland backstop that insurance policy against a hard border on the island of ireland in the event that no free trade three deal is struck with the e.u. in years to come. it's couched in complicated language the first whole part of it is a so-called joint interpretive instrument a piece of legally binding paper attached to the withdrawal agreement though crucially not within it that basically reinforces commitments already made by the e.u. back in january for both sides to work as hard as they can to get out of the backstop if indeed they ever get into it then there is fresh wording in the political declaration that document is not on legally binding that commits both sides to work towards alternative technological arrangements to negate the need for a backstop by the end of twenty twenty and then there was this bizarre unilateral statement by theresa may the prime minister in front of his own called younger but with no direct input into it laying out the ways in which the u.k.
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would seek to exit the backs of unilaterally if they decide it is becoming permanent no idea what legal weight may or may not be attached to that the big question now is what geoffrey cox the attorney general makes of this and whether he's willing to change his legal advice to the government later this morning previously he described the backstop as a trap in which the u.k. would potentially be kept indefinitely close to e.u. structures but with no say in them upon that advice many m.p.'s may be encouraged to change their minds but the early signs sammy. not good members of the right of the party rare agreement with members of the labor party in saying that all of this falls far short of the government's commitments to basically neutralize the backstop altogether or i guess we'll find out in a few hours thanks so much town hall. still ahead on al-jazeera riding high why the political honeymoon still isn't over for mexico's president. trying to curb the
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spread of fake information in india just ahead of crucial parliamentary elections. hello there we've had some pretty stormy conditions over parts of europe recently we look at the satellite picture we can see the clouds screaming down from the north bringing in some cold air and some rather wet some windy as well so this is what it looks like around the coast lots of very strong waves there smashing against the shore and then we also saw a lot of rain as well and that rain turn increasingly wintry as it moved its way over the high ground this is munich in germany showing the snow that came down fake and false that now all of that wintery wet weather is working its way down towards the southeast corner of europe for tuesday here it's been fine unsettled recently so this will be a bit of a shock lots of heavy rain and strong winds and even some snow as that moves out
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the way another system is piling in from the atlantic that one sweeping through pretty quickly so on wednesday it's covering many parts of europe still bringing us yet more rain snow and bringing strong winds as well for spain and portugal though he were escaping the worst of it fifteen degrees and all that will mean madrid but at least it should be fine and settled now for the northern parts of africa we've been watching quite a large lump of cloud work its way across us has brought a few outbreaks of rain mostly light stuff and also brought a lot of dust that's working its way eastwards across the northern parts of libya and into egypt there and the mixing up to what's going on in the southeast and europe.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines algeria's president has abandoned plans to seek a fifth term after weeks of mass demonstrations. of league also delayed next month's election and appointed a new prime minister as well as promising social and political reforms. the u.s. aviation regulator has asked boeing to modified seven three seven max
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a craft after a crash in ethiopia killed one hundred fifty seven people singapore has temporarily banned the bank's eight aircraft from its airspace. later on tuesday the u.k. parliament will vote on whether or not to accept the prime minister's breaks that deal to resume a says she's reached an agreement with the e.u. on legally binding changes to the irish backstop. the u.s. plans to withdraw all its remaining diplomats from venezuela the state department says the presence of u.s. embassy staff is limiting its policy options earlier the opposition dominated national assembly in venezuela described widespread power outages as a national emergency the power cuts of lead to water and fuel shortages and caused the deaths of dozens of hospital patients who were unable to receive treatment stories about reports from caracas. water is running short in the
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capital. of the country continues to struggle with the effects of power shortages cost of by a failure in the largest hydroelectric plant in the state of. people are trying to get it from wherever they can there used to be a small force set right next to the haven't you but they say it has been cut off the not anymore. the only thing we need is water we can't continue like this we haven't had water for breaks and now there's no electricity the government has been trying to restore electricity around the country a task that is becoming more challenging as days go by. this power station in eastern us blew up in the middle of the night there's still some smoke here because of the fire the government says that the opposition and the united states are trying to sabotage venezuela electric grid.
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all of the options which are on the street is why and one of these options includes the electric wore the electric shock and the sauber attack if it is one of those options and a high tech sauber attack has been made against venezuela the united states is the only government with the technology meet. she was woken up by a strange sound in the middle of the night. it was like. and then i watched the sky there was a big flame it was like fireworks that you can see in disneyland with the princesses and all that was so afraid that we were all going to blow up the workers from the state electric company told us two transformers exploded. for the opposition it is an example of the corruption and mismanagement has been ongoing for years in venezuela. that's why opposition leader said it was time to
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declare a national emergency. so we are requesting today the chamber approve a decree to call for a national emergency of emergency of tragedy of catastrophe in today. the government is trying to contain the situation on the streets trying to prevent violence. to the security forces were unable to control the looting in this. store was destroyed when dozens of people entered to loot his shop many were detained. maybe they said this makes me very sad that this is happening to our society people coming in here and destroying everything they took food but also chairs tables and other things. but on the streets there are those who are struggling for almost everything and till now the government has been unable to fulfill their most basic needs.
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severe flooding in. killed thirty people left thousands without shelter two hundred thirty thousand people have lost their. downpours began last week. seriously affected by the floods. people have gathered here after the river shiri burst its banks flooding the flat lands around it for up to three kilometers a lot of the people living in this area of subsistence farmers they hardly own anything until many of brought the few possessions that they have. they survive on the crops that they grow those crops now being destroyed a little bit of food aid being handed out people are cooking beans in pots but it's really not much to go around tens of people were killed hundreds were injured thousands have been displaced people here now just sheltering in these disused farm
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warehouses waiting for help they desperately need food shelter and sanitation. and in brazil flooding in sao paolo has killed at least twelve people several neighborhoods and major roads were submerged after heavy rains firefighters rescued a number of families trapped by the floodwaters more rain is forecast for this week it's been described as a long honeymoon so far for mexico's president after one hundred days in office his popularity is at an all time high david mercer reports from mexico city what's behind his success and the challenges ahead. when man well lopez obrador was sworn into office on december first. tens of thousands of cheering fans welcomed and the mexican president's honeymoon isn't over yet. on monday lopez obrador celebrated his first hundred days in office and with the most recent survey
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putting his approval rating at seventy eight percent his first three months in power have been the most popular since polling began in the one nine hundred eighty s. . the government belongs to all mexicans and its main function is to enforce justice and seek the welfare and happiness of the people but. has broken with tradition by offering daily press conferences that start at seven am by repeatedly bringing up corruption a quality development and his own popularity the veteran politician has been able to set mexico's news agenda good. we will continue all of us together to build a beautiful utopia we will continue moving towards the great ideal of living in a new free fair democratic and fraternal homeland. was. has already made good on many of his most popular campaign promises the folksy leader has cut back government salaries given up presidential luxuries and launched
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a myriad of social programs while traversing the country most mexicans are now marred by lopez obrador his brand of populist politics but critics warned that he doesn't have concrete plans to bring about change at a critical time for the country. january marked mexico's most violent month on record with nearly three thousand murders and the country's economy could be in trouble with investment down by six percent to december the biggest drop in more than five years good intentions is not enough to change the reality of. the security front. needs to be a plan there needs to be more reforms on different for us to increase productivity and economic growth potential that is not in at least at the beginning of the administration during his first one hundred days there doesn't seem to be a plan to do that. for now lopez obrador is able to blame previous administrations
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for the country's problems but as he heads further into his presidency the mexican people will hold him to account for his political leadership and his efforts to tackle the challenges the country faces. david mercer al-jazeera mexico city. twitter has dropped to unverified political ads in india and head of the next month's national elections it comes a day after the election commission said it would scrutinise social media posts by candidates and parties first to mail has more from new delhi. as hundreds of millions of indians prepare to elect a new government fake or misleading information has become a regular feature on social media now for the first time india's election commission is trying to crack down. old provisions of model code of conduct still a clutch of the content being posted on social media by candidates and political parties even. party political parties here say they welcome the move to regulate
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social media something they see as crucial for the democratic process political system in this country is becoming more unstable because there are more question coming on our social media that how important is a social media and that's how it's going to influence politics coming even in this election but not everyone is as optimistic indians for the tenacity and the capacity to bypass rules and to come across with innovative approaches of bypassing policies and standards twitter has also begun cracking down on unverified political ads but some legal experts don't believe it's enough we're going to see not dramatic results we could see some incomes in results but for this policy to be really successful i think. we've done a social media have alerts in india's politics so have the online attacks those in the public eye are often the main targets but it's not always coming from established parties the victims of online attack say individual spreading fake news
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get their orders from higher ups in different political parties it's a malays that that kind of flows right from the top to the bottom this journalist says he and others are regularly attacked online in several cases social media companies have failed to crack down as was the situation with one of his female colleagues people who were sending her. pictures now she put those pictures plus the phone numbers of the individuals who were sending so the so twitter had threatened to suspend her account as political parties push their social media campaign to selection new rules meant to crackdown on misuse will be put to the test as jamil al jazeera new delhi. now the world wide web is celebrating a birthday thirty years on the internet has developed rapidly but the inventor of the web says he doesn't always like what he sees thirty years ago i
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submitted a vague but exciting proposal for a free open permission with space for all of humanity to share knowledge and ideas today half the world's population is still unconnected and those of us who are in line feel that our rights and freedoms are not fully protected and respected broadly chalons has more now. hold on i'll be within a second i'm just sending something to a friend it's it's a it's a kept me i just say there friend but i haven't seen them in i.r.l. that's in real life for eleven years but they are going to totally lol at this that's a laugh out loud. yet the internet is giving us new language and it's giving us new ways to socialize keep in touch with old friends and share things with new ones but
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what else has changed well when tim berners lee wrote the code for the world wide web on this computer thirty years ago he kickstarted arguably the greatest technological revolution of our time the ultimate disruptor of the information age for instance once universal very few of us buy these anymore newspapers we get our information online and remember these what's the point of them in an era of streaming and downloads the internet has brought many industries to their knees but others have boomed we have new giants amazon facebook alphabet. more and more of us are shopping online smartphones have accelerated the change this african sim card still comes from a part of the world where many people never had a wired telephone they jump straight to smart phones and the internet bringing information and developments these days elections are force and one online and with
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the universalize ation of information has also come the spread of dissin from ation fake news some governments are so threatened by the freedom of the internet that they're trying to wall their countries off from the world wide web not all individuals are keen either just because we can stay in contact with everyone all the time is that really what's good for us the internet can be quite a nasty place of bullying and sexism and racism digital detox or logging off is an increasingly common response to this we are still trying to make sense of the internet and all the opportunities and the threats that it's brought us right back to my cat means. and let's take you through some of the headlines here now to syria now algeria as president abdelaziz bouteflika has abandoned plans to seek
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a fifth term after weeks of mass demonstrations he's also delayed next month's election and appointed a new prime minister and promised social and political reforms the u.s. aviation regulator has asked boeing to modified seven three seven max eight aircraft after a crash an ethiopian killed one hundred fifty seven people security concerns about the aircraft are growing singapore is the latest to take action it has temporarily banned the max eight from its air space the u.k. parliament will vote on whether or not to accept the prime minister's bragg's it deal to reason may says she's reached an agreement with the e.u. on legally binding changes to the irish backstop having an insurance policy to guarantee that there will never be a hard border in northern ireland is absolutely right it's on it's the u.k. solvent commitments in the belfast good friday agreement but if we ever have to use that insurance policy it cannot become a permanent arrangement and it is not the template for our future relationship the
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deal that m.p.'s voted on in january was not strong enough in making that clear and legally binding changes we needed to set that right today we have agreed to them. the u.s. plans to withdraw all its remaining diplomats from venezuela the state department says the presence of u.s. embassy staff is limiting its policy options earlier the opposition dominated national assembly in venezuela described widespread power outages as a national emergency schools have been suspended and businesses are still shut for a third day severe flooding in southern allow as killed thirty people and left thousands without shelter more than two hundred thirty thousand people have lost their homes since heavy downpours began last week he had lines it's inside story now.
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tibetans are marking sixty years of their uprising against chinese rule but are they any closer to a homeland of their own beijing insist to better its part of its territory but what's it doing to win the hearts and minds of tibet so this is inside story. hello there i'm james pays tibet is a mainly buddhist himalayan area of plateaus and mountains known as the roof of the world it's been governed by china as an autonomous region for almost seven decades and beijing claims of centuries old sovereignty over the region but the allegiances of many tibetans lie.

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