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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 12, 2019 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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political pressure. these people to be crammed into single race. gets blamed for the actions of the few. people have to base life i have to feel side to side there's a lot of perception issues i think that we need to deal with this well. short lived celebrations in algeria after the president decides not to run for a fifth term. i'm sam is a dan this is al jazeera live from so coming up the british prime minister says the e.u. has agreed to a last minute revision to break the deal just hours before a crucial parliamentary vote the world wide web turns thirty but amid the
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celebration comes a word of warning from its inventor. boeing under pressure is more airlines ground their fleets of seven three seven max after sunday's plane crash in ethiopia. veteran algerian diplomat locked out of but he me will lead the national conference an ounce vial jiri and president that allows these beautifully according to reuters news agency after weeks of mass demonstrations the president abandoned his bid for a fifth term in office with a fleet has also delayed next month's election and appointed a new prime minister he said a national conference will be held by the end of the year to schedule an election draft a new constitution. i am optimistic that the voice of the people and especially young people has been hurt and that this paves the way for
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a new and constructive period that can solve many of our problems i believe that the young people who took to the streets in cities around the country octave responsibly which impress people both locally and abroad we must continue and work together with this responsibility with full mutual respect and to end this crisis into a constructive process is our correspondent joins us now here on set good to have us what i meant so taking this story forward now they're starting to announce names of people who will participate in this national conference a one of the lines is that it will include representatives of protesters do you have any idea who these representatives of protesters might be given there isn't sort of one central body that's been organizing these protests right yes i mean this is a good question now on the one hand there is a sense now that the train really has left the station when it comes to
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a president with a few hours the demands of the protesters being heard the fact that you know he has made this major concession saying that he will not seek a fifth term but here we are now hearing that the opposition that representatives of these protesters are going to be partaking in some type of national conference this all sounds very vague and it begs the question as you mention who are the representatives there really are not names that have concretely been put forward we know that in algeria that the opposition the political forces of the opposition that they have been very fractured in the past not very effective in countering president with the at least not until now we know that the voices of the protesters who have been holding these mass demonstrations the past several weeks they have now been heard so they are in much more of a position of power but who exactly is going to speak for them and how long. actually is it going to take to get this type of dialogue it's also interesting that some of the names which have been mentioned lost of but i hear me there
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mentioning people who are veterans of the war of independence that this is clearly not the young generation here forming this dialogue committee there is this sense right now there's a lot of reports out there that that haven't been you know confirmed beyond just the initial reporting names that are part of the establishment in algeria and here going forward we have to ask is this something that is going to placate those that are demanding a change in government those that are demanding reforms you know you have the military establishment you have the all the guards in algeria you have the presidency these are the people that have traditionally been in power so if now you have this idea of putting being put forth that people are going to be representing the protesters representing those that are demanding change but those that have been part of the establishment how exactly is that going to work we've seen already that while there were celebrations initially after the announcement last night the beautifully it was not going to run for a fifth term well that quickly soured now people are saying that was
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a good first step but we don't know how long this will be done a lot more to be done on this announcement that there's going to be a referendum on a new constitution no clear idea how long exactly that could be around for a while right now the other question is well he was always seem to think it was always seen really as a fast solid for the real center of power which is the military and some of the business interests right yeah any indication whether that system is going to change not just the fast i think what we're seeing right now is we're seeing people that had been close with the regime have been close with the who are now starting one by one to stop supporting him start voicing the fact that they are siding with the protesters that doesn't mean that the protesters you know will accept that you have this establishment that has been very powerful in the past clearly many of them would like to position themselves so they can still retain some power but will the youth in algeria you know you're talking about a country where puja percentage of the population is under thirty and i think it's around thirty percent of the population is unemployed are they going to accept that
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as representatives for them going forward or jim thanks so much for your thoughts. the british prime minister's brags that proposal is up for a second vote in parliament after the first one was rejected in january as a reason may will present a revised version of her withdrawal deal to m.p.'s later on tuesday may says she secured legally binding changes after last minute talks with the european commission president john claude juncker opposition labor party leader jeremy corbyn tweeted the changes do not come close to what was promised and deserving m.p.'s to reject the deal. having an insurance policy to guarantee that there will never be a hard border in northern ireland is absolutely right it's on as the u.k. solemn commitments in the belfast good friday agreement but if we ever have to use that insurance policy it cannot become a permanent arrangement and it is not the template for our future relationship the
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deal that m.p.'s voted on in january was not strong enough in making that clear and legally binding changes we needed to set that right today we have agreed to them the irish prime minister. responded to the backstopped changes he says he's positive and it's time to move on to many ways break that has been a dark cloud over us for many months and in particular threat of no deal a positive vote tonight can remove that cloud and restore confidence and optimism in britain arland and across the european union we now need to see the withdrawal agreement ratified by westminster and the european parliament without further delay so that we can get on with the important work of building a new relationship between the e.u. and the u.k. and between the u.k. and ireland both places. hall joins us now live from london so
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a little bit of words of support there from. how will that impact how parliamentarians see. the changes which have been made in steel. what was interesting i think listening to the t.v. show clearly oh because speaking the first to you leader to pronounce all these changes secured by theresa may overnight his view crucial of course island the country whose interests the e.u. can't afford to displace over the interests of a departing member of the united kingdom that it is because of islands insistence that the backstop that insurance policy prevent a hard boarder on the island of ireland exists in the first place what you didn't hear me of saying in his comments earlier that the withdrawal agreement as it stands is unchanged it hasn't been reopened the provisions of the backstop are unchanged they haven't been bolted what's being offered by the e.u. he said are reassurances and and explanations about what is in the withdrawal
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agreement that have now been given legal footing but the backstop has to continue to exist and that i think is crucial because all of this now must be looked at here in westminster to desire whether there is sufficient change on the table to overturn that enormous defeat suffered by tourism all this very which will agreement in january a defeat by a margin of two hundred thirty votes for that people will be looking first to the views of the attorney general geoffrey cox we expect to hear them in the next two to two and a half hours to see whether he can unequivocally volta his view on the withdrawal agreement saying before that it represented at potential trap for the united kingdom trapped within e.u. structures with no say over them in that backstop or can he now say that trap no longer exists and. above that there are also lawyers looking at it on behalf of the
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pro breaks at the heartbreaks it groups on the right of the tory party and the democratic unionists in northern ireland all of them looking to assess to analyze the legal wording it to decide where they will stand in the vote tonight i think it is by no means a sure thing but to reason may has done enough what happens if the vote fails there . well if the vote fails and look we've heard this sort of language before but people are saying this is potentially the most important vote in the house of commons behind me since nine hundred forty five if this vote fails it could alter entirely the doura direction of bricks or didn't it also an alter entirely the direction of to reason raise that premiership because many will say that she has by that stage exhausted. already exhausted her political capital on this deal and it simply isn't going on anywhere at that point there will be calls on her to resign that will be charles from the right of her party to trying to seize control of the process to
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perhaps in the dying days of this month regain the initiative and exit the you know the european union on march the twenty nine even without a deal beyond that though there is the possibility that events will overtake even the government's ability to control the vote the very next day on whether to accept a no deal exit at all that is likely to pass by a my job majority people do not want to know deal and then after that a vote on whether to ask for an extension that extension is likely to be granted and may well give time for people to come up with softer ideas of what breaks it may look like possibly even a sex second referendum that could cancel it altogether. john muhammad thanks so much. strain the as civil aviation authority block the boeing seven three seven max across from its aspace along with singapore boeing's new model is have two fatal crashes within five months the us aviation regulator is asked boeing to modify its seven three seven eight aircraft after
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a crash in ethiopia killed all one hundred sixty seven people on board. well china became the first country to suspend operations of the seven three seven max eight it's being joined by over eight countries that include singapore india and ethiopia . and singapore have temporarily banned the passenger jet from their air space the seven three seven max eight will not land all take off from both of these countries a memorial service has been held in while for the ethiopian airlines crew that died on sunday the boeing seven three seven came down shortly after takeoff from the savable on its way to nairobi kenya victims came from more than thirty asians and included twenty two united nations staff monday investigators recovered two black box recorders. is that the size of the plane crash he joins us from jerry near the town of push off to somehow mature at the crash site you've
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been talking to people what are you hearing what are you seeing. well some of the eyewitnesses have been telling us how they were shocked by strange loud banging noises coming from the law flying craft one of the eyewitnesses told us that the pilot was desperately trying to lift off but every time the plane's nose went up it will then again didn't come down until it hit the ground nose with a very loud bang these are huge crater where the aircraft well killing all passengers on board and the possible effect there as well as the monk wreckage of the aircraft as soon as around an area that is the size of about four to five football fields there have been relatives all the people who
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perished in that crash who have been visiting the site desperately wanting to know whether the bodies of their loved ones have been found we met this morning ali you know on. a mother of one of the coup members a twenty four year old lady who told us. would really want closure and they would not find out until they find the body of. water. we know that they have investigators getting more international help or i hope you can hear me now let me try again i know the investigators are getting more international help tell us which direction the investigations are going now. well if you're going to alliance leadership led by the sea or saying that they're not living anything to charms and they're not true and i think the moment although
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on the first day of the incident they was saying that they had ruled out whether to be the cause what the investigators have done now is most of them have gone back that is all about a triangle between us might information as possible from the two recorders the cockpit voice recorder and the digital flight recorder which they recovered yesterday on monday so. right now it's the ethiopian investigators supported by the united states and kenyan investigators were joined by israeli foreign sic experts who are. trying to piece together what actually caused the crash and it will take time but ethiopian airlines officials are saying that they will try as much as possible to make it a speedy as possible all right thanks so much. still ahead of al-jazeera we report from allowing where flooding is left hundreds of thousands homeless riding
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high why the political honeymoon still isn't over for mexico's president. hello again and welcome back we're here across the southern part of asia we are seeing some clouds and showers they have been causing some localized flooding across parts of indonesia over the last few days we're also seeing an increase of clouds and rain here across parts of the philippines northeastern luzon has been seeing some coastal showers in manila you have been out of the rain here but we are going to be seeing probably more clouds come into play by the time we get towards thursday and that rain will continue across much of the philippines there well here across parts of australia really not much talk about in terms of weather we do have a straggling cold front that is here across parts of the tasman sea also with a stationary boundary across much of the interior but as you can see on the
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satellite not a lot of clouds with that system right now up to the north though it is going to be a warm day here in brisbane with thirty four degrees as we go and the day here on wednesday down towards melbourne a little bit cooler at twenty but by the time we go from one to do thursday things start to warm up slightly here across much of the southeast hobart we do expect to see attempt a few of about twenty three degrees also a mixed bag of weather across much of the north and south island of new zealand you can see here across the south we are looking at some showers for christ church a warm temps are few at twenty eight degrees auckland at twenty five and as we go towards thursday auckland will be cloudy in your forecast as well there. is a popular filming location in fact when it comes to stories about drugs crime and radicalization tired of negative stereotypes you think it's nanny do you mean it's reclaiming its image by putting its younger that is behind the camera. this truth be don't
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often hear told by the people who live down. in the news well that this is you're out on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap the headlines now broad has is reporting veteran algerian diplomat locked up but he will lead a national conference to oversee efforts to reschedule a new election and draft a new constitution president up there as these beautifully cup promised the conference when announcing fee won't seek a fifth term. the u.k.
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parliament will vote on whether to accept the prime minister's bragg's the deal later on tuesday series of may says she's reached an agreement with the e.u. on legally binding changes regarding the irish border the irish prime minister lee of because responded to the chain just saying he's positive and it's time to move on. straight is civil aviation authority has blocked the boeing seven three seven max a cross from its space along with singapore boeing's new model has had two fatal crashes within five months. kurdish led forces in syria say they've killed thirty eight eisel fighters in their final assault on the armed groups last enclave syrian democratic for. have been bombarding the eastern village where the estimated five hundred are still sizes remain the operation intensified after a brief pause while our civilians to leave says three of its forces were killed during the latest operation. to me that is live in gaza and tapped on the syrian
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turkish border joins us from there live now how is that battle progressing well if this is something both sides agree on this morning is that last night was the heaviest night yet in this battle to retake who's coalition forces have carried out about thirty airstrikes attack hitting a defense position but also. weapons storage facilities now at the moment there is a lull in the fighting but that is a pattern that has been ongoing for a while most of the shelling and the bombing happens under cover of darkness and then in the morning there is a standoff situation where actually the kurdish forces are on the ground to wait to see if there is any kind of reaction coming from. from the i.c.l.
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a leadership that is still inside that was but this is a very long fight it's taking much longer than what was predicted and certainly has taken the coalition and recorded forces underground by surprise just by the extent and the resilience of the ice and fighters inside. of the same time we're hearing that sounds of people are camping out in the desert what's the plan for those people. well i think that is one of the biggest logistical nightmares that both the coalition and the kurds were not ready for and no one. estimated correctly the number of people who were inside but was whether civilians or family and supporters of i said or even i said fighters themselves and i think the figure that's going around now is probably also an underestimation now everybody's in that camp moment civilians and their relatives all these.
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i still fighters separated within the camp but the question is what do you do with all these people this is villains presumably will go back to their homes and bubbles their resort in other areas but what to do with the thousands tens of thousands of isis supporters who are still defiantly saying that this is just a set back and one day the caliphate will return you know we've heard this conversation going on between western countries and saying that they will strip all the foreign fighters or even what they call the isis brides from their citizenship but where do they go at the moment you have this camp that is growing by the days about sixty thousand people in the middle of the desert and certainly that once the the battle is over that will be the biggest concern. to hamid thanks so much.
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severe flooding in southern malawi has killed thirty people are left thousands without shelter more than two hundred thirty thousand people have lost their homes since heavy downpours began last week where business blunting are one of the areas seriously affected by the floods. thousands of people have gathered here after the river shiri burst its banks flooding the flat lands around it for up to three kilometers a lot of the people living in this area of subsistence farmers they hardly anything until many of brought the few possessions that they have. they survive on the crops that they grow those crops now being destroyed a little bit of food aid being handed out for the cooking be in pots but there's really not much to go around tens of people were killed hundreds were injured thousands have been displaced people here now just sheltering in these disused farm warehouses waiting for help they desperately need food shelter and sanitation
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and in brazil flooding in sao paulo has killed at least twelve people several neighborhoods and major roads was submerged after heavy rains firefighters rescued a number of families trapped by the floodwaters more rain is forecast for this week . it's been described as a long honeymoon so far for mexico's president after one hundred days in office and . popularity is all time high david mercer of course from mexico city what's behind his success and the challenges ahead. when men were lopez obrador was sworn into office on december first. tens of thousands of cheering fans welcomed and the mexican president's honeymoon isn't over yet. on monday lopez obrador celebrated his first hundred days in office and with the most recent survey putting his approval rating at seventy eight percent his first three
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months in power have been the most popular since polling began in the one nine hundred eighty s. . the government belongs to all mexicans and its main function is to inforce justice and seek the welfare and happiness of the people. has broken with tradition by offering daily press conferences that start at seven am by repeatedly bringing up corruption a quality development and his own popularity the veteran politician has been able to set mexico's news agenda good. we will continue all of us together to build a beautiful utopia we will continue moving towards the great ideal of living in a new free fair democratic and fraternal homeland. was. has already made good on many of his most popular campaign promises the folksy leader has cut back government salaries given up presidential luxuries and launched
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a myriad of social programs while traversing the country most mexicans are now marred by lopez obrador his brand of populist politics but critics warned that he doesn't have concrete plans to bring about change at a critical time for the country. january marked mexico's most violent month on record with nearly three. three thousand murders and the country's economy could be in trouble with investment down by six percent to december the biggest drop in more than five years good intentions is not enough to change the reality of the daily life both on the economy in the security front there needs to be a plan there needs to be more reforms on different fronts to increase productivity and economic growth potential that is not in at least at the beginning of the administration during his first one hundred days there doesn't seem to be a plan to do that. for now lopez obrador is able to blame previous administrations for the country's problems but as he heads further into his presidency the mexican
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people will hold him to account for his political leadership and his efforts to tackle the challenges the country faces. david mercer i'll just era mexico city the world wide web is celebrating a birthday thirty years old the incident has develops rapidly but along with the webs advances come problems and its inventor says he doesn't always like what he sees thirty years ago i submitted a vague but exciting proposal for a free open permission with space for all of humanity to share knowledge and ideas today half the world's population is still unconnected and those of us who are online feel that our rights and freedoms are not fully protected and respected rory chalons has more.
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hold on i'll be with you in a sec i'm just sending something to a friend it's it's a it's a catch me. say their friend but i haven't seen them in i.r.l. that's in real life for eleven years but they are going to totally lol at this that both laugh out loud. yet the internet is giving us new language and it's given us new ways to socialize keep in touch with old friends and share things with new ones but what else has changed well when tim berners lee wrote the code for the world wide web on this computer thirty years ago he started arguably the greatest technological revolution of our time the ultimate disruptor of the information age for instance once universal very few of us buy these anymore newspapers we get our information online and remember these what's the point of them in an era of streaming and downloads the internet has brought many industries to their knees but
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others have boom and we have new giants amazon facebook alphabet. more and more of us are shopping online smartphones have accelerated the change this african sim card still comes from a part of the world where many people never had a wired telephone they jump straight to smart phones and the internet bringing information and developments these days elections are force and one online and with the universalize ation of information has also come the spread of disinformation fake news some governments are so threatened by the freedom of the internet that they're trying to wall their countries off from the world wide web not all individuals are keen either just because we can stay in contact with everyone all the time is that really what's good for us the internet can be quite a nasty place of bullying and sexism and racism digital detox or logging off is an increasingly common response to this we are still trying to make sense of the
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internet and all the opportunities and the threats that it's brought us right back to my cat means. british scientists have broadcast the first television quality video from deep beneath the indian ocean the expedition hopes to document changes taking place in one of the world's least explored areas scientists hope to find submerged mountain ranges and undiscovered marine life. let's take you through some of the stories here we're following now reuters is reporting veteran algerian diplomat locked out of brahimi will lead a national conference to oversee efforts to schedule a new election and draft a new constitution algerian president that the lassies beautifully promised the conference when announcing he won't seek a fifth term. i am optimistic that the voice of the people and
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especially young people has been heard and that this pave the way for a new and constructive period that can solve many of our problems i believe that the young people who took to the streets in cities around the country acted responsibly which impressed people both locally and abroad we must continue and work together with this responsibility with full mutual respect and tend this crisis into a constructive process the u.k. parliament all votes on whether to accept the prime minister's breaks that deal later on tuesday to resume a says she's reached an agreement with the e.u. on legally binding changes regarding the irish border the irish prime minister has responded to the changes saying he's positive and it's time to move on australia has become the latest country to ban the boeing seven three seven max aircraft from its air space it follows a similar decision by single poor cautionary measure comes after an ethiopian
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airliner crashed on sunday killing all one hundred fifty seven people on board. kurdish led forces in syria say they've killed thirty eight fights is in their final assault on the group's last song plays the syrian democratic forces have been bombarding the eastern village to an estimated five hundred deisel fighters remain the operation intensified after a brief pause to allow civilians to leave yes the f. says three of its fighters were killed during the latest operation and in brazil flooding in sao paulo is killed at least twelve people several neighborhoods and major roads was submerged up to heavy rain firefighters rescued a number of families trapped by the floodwaters more rain is forecast for this week it's this is europe now stay with us. africa's most populous nation a block just economy as a youth unemployment problem in
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a bid to control the internet of the future some say a kind of digital world today is folding we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost on al-jazeera. was. that the.


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