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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 12, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm +03

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i am the puppet master on al jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello i'm rob matheson and this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. shortlived celebrations and uncertainty in algeria the president abandons his bid for the fifth but postponed his next month's election. more airlines ground their fleet of boeing seven three seven eighth's after sunday's crash in ethiopia that killed one hundred fifty seven people. british m.p.'s are set to vote on teresa mayes grow vised brags that plan after she said she secured legally binding changes from e.u.
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leaders. the world wide web is turning thirty but amid the celebrations comes a word of warning from its inventor. algerian diplomat and former u.n. arab league envoy to syria locked up but he will leave the national conference to oversee efforts to shuttle a new election in algeria and draft a new constitution president that as he's both a flake promise the conference one an ounce that he won't be seeking a fifth after weeks of mass demonstrations the president abandoned his reelection delayed next month's election and appointed a new prime minister the national conference will include representatives from those protesting as well as participants from war veterans. i am optimistic that the voice of the people and especially young people has been and
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that this paves the way for a new and constructive period that can solve many of our problems i believe that the young people who took to the streets in cities around the country acted responsibly which impressed people both locally and abroad we must continue and work together with this responsibility with full mutual respect and ten this crisis into a constructive process. of francis is a senior research fellow at the barcelona center for international affairs and he's joining us now live from barcelona thank you very much indeed for giving your time as we heard a lockout brahimi say there that the constitutional committee will be made up of the same part of some of the young members of the protestors but i've been looking through the list of the other ones and we've got one who's eighty five one who's eighty three one who's eighty five again one who's seventy nine and one who's ninety two how is that going to sit with the younger protestors.
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well i think it's already going down the extremely badly in algiers there is a pamphlet concerning the brahimi for whom i have great respect as a diplomat circulating in algiers the smalling and the slogan next ride is going to be a new constituent assembly i think there is a major problem in people of a past generation delivering something new in a country which are so massively rebelled and peacefully against the established order the demonstrations in algeria in the last few weeks of the largest since independence in one thousand nine hundred sixty two they have been peaceful they have been which is the slogans have been clever sophisticated they've put to shame many demonstrators in europe and indeed their elders in our so at the moment you it looks like the old system trying to cobble together something to avoid the worst
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but there is also a feeling in algiers of the rats leaving the ship some of the senior people around with a flick of already had their passports taken away notably the head of the federation of employers' federation there's going to have to be a cleaning out of the organ stables and i do not think that the young people or the all the people of algeria will let this chance go to really clean up the system and to move towards a more rule bound clean younger and more open algeria let me ask you about that point that you're making that the young people in the protesters will not allow this to happen if the protests do continue ive the level that they have been already and if they get worse what do you think the incumbent government and the military are going to do to try to contain that. well i think the two things must be said first the incumbent government to me doesn't look like any
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government which most algerians could respect that's the first point it's made up of people who've been around for generations or years or whatever. second is the. question the army i think one has to distinguish and this is very often forgotten the army is made up of thousands and thousands of professional highly educated and very clean offices now corruption at the top there is plentiful general gade salah who is the chief of staff is the epitome of everything which is worst in the system the corruption the incompetence everything you will and many officers in the army despise him deeply they also despise a system or a government which has turned our algeria into a monte python show and i think one must always distinguish between the army with the good people in the army what i find very interesting is that the powers in be in algeria have not turned to probably the one man who could lead
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a proper transition that's a former prize the prime minister of the ninety nine in his early one nine hundred ninety s. . who was a freedom fighter at the age of sixteen who is a colonel in the army and who led the government of reforms in one nine hundred eighty nine one thousand nine hundred one he is squeaky clean he has lived all his life in algeria this is the man if the president or the people around you want to be serious about addressing a good transition it is him who should be leading the transition i'm afraid that the transition as it looks looks to me very wobbly and certainly speaking to algerian friends very very unconvincing let me just ask you finally and very briefly serve you don't mind your talking about this transition having to be made but we've seen. subprocess and yet nothing has happened other than this what appears to be to an outsider i can
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a rejigging of the system at the top what is the tipping point what is it going to take for the two to manufacture the kind of transition in power that you are talking about that the protesters so clearly seem to want well this is a very good question i think the real question now is is the transition going to happen peacefully or is it going to lead to violence one must not forget that ten thousand common law prisoners were released from prison from jail in the last ten years with plenty of attempts to provoke it hasn't worked at the same time these young people and most of all german society is showing itself to be totally against violence it's very interesting to watch the police seem to be protecting the demonstrators so we are in a very interesting situation i think the psychological tectonic plates are moving this fast of the rest so confrontation there will be the only hope one must entertain is that they are not voluntary and this is where i think that countries
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like the united states and france should be sending very strong signals that in private not in public there's nothing to say to the algerians in public but they should be sending very strong missiles in private that they wish for a peaceful transition because if algeria can move towards a more rule bound a less corrupt a younger and more open led country that will have ignored most positive consequences for the northwest of africa for morocco for tunisia for europe and it is vital algeria is the largest country in africa it's a country which over the president is a poll that was put into writing use their r. and r. guy i'm very sorry about this but on force as you can imagine time is against us but we do appreciate you taking the time to talk to us thank you very much and. thank you. the u.s. aviation regulators asked boeing to modify its seven three seven max eight aircraft
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after a crash in ethiopia killed all one hundred and fifty seven people on board the f.a.a. has given the company until april to make the changes but it says it still believes the plane is airworthy boeing's new model has had two fatal crashes within five months or china's become the first country to suspend operations of the boeing seven three seven max eight it's been joined by over eight countries that include singapore indonesia and ethiopia astray and singapore have temporarily banned the passenger jet from their air space the seventy seven x. eight will not land or take off from either of these countries a memorial service has been held for the ethiopian airlines crew who were killed on sunday the boeing seven hundred seventy eight came down shortly after takeoff from a suburb on its way to nairobi in kenya victims came from more than thirty nations and included twenty two united nations stuff investigators have recovered two black box recorders or muhammad out those live for us at the crash site just first of all
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before we do anything else give us an update on what's happening at the crash site there. well rob activity has kicked up a gear in the past half an hour also with dozens of red cross rescue and recovery workers supported by volunteers with board that body bags. taking to this height and looking for any body parts they can be able to get there this is been the green mission they have been doing here for the past couple of days and they're continuing with that we saw some of them picking up bits and bobs of. the parts from some of the fringes of what is considered a crime scene now it is. true in the with not only parts of the passengers
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who are on board the flight but also the mongol wreckage of the aircraft itself right in the center where the plane landed i mean crushed there is a huge crater and that's where investigators have been digging up the cockpit voice recorder and the digital flight recorder which they have found and i'm now saying that they're trying to piece together what actually caused the crash based on information they find almost in recorders mohammed it's my understanding that some of the friends and relatives of those some of those who were on the flight at that time have been at the site have you had a chance to speak to any of them or hear what they're saying. yes indeed there's been a steady stream of relatives awful school died to the scene since the crash happened but this morning there was a group of them also and then there was one woman whose daughter was
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a member of the cruel european island's. three year old to you she said she was not only. child has who is walking and supporting her family and she said she came here looking for the boy and one who was really distraught when she was told by the workers here that they could not find how body all. or the possum gets on board and that they are only boarded up in town and it will take time before they're able to be identified making the woman told us that she was really looking. to hold off in the us quickly as possible for her daughter and now this lack of body thing is making it very very difficult for her family to get closure to the whole matter one hundred out of thank you very much indeed for keith mackay is an aviation consultant and
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a former airline captain and he says new engines on the seventy seven max have changed the aerodynamics of the plane. the engines were mounted a little bit further forward consequently if you were aborting a landing for example an added power the nose would pitch up further than the standard seven for us seven three seven the software update puts a correction in there and it brings the nose down a little it's a pilot one and virtually stall the airplane normally the software would never be activated and if it was a pilot probably wouldn't even notice that it was being activated i think the software update will probably just make it easier to recognize if this input comes into play and if it does the pilot can easily disconnect the system if it creates problems this puts a lot of pressure on boeing boeing has a lot of orders pending for the europe line if passengers are not comfortable
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whether or not they don't want to ride on an airplane boeing could lose orders airlines could use better than lose business so it's very important that the problem be resolved and the changes needed to make the airplane even safer be implemented so that the industry can go on and resume its normal operation of the sarah while the british prime minister is braggs a proposal is up for a second vote in parliament after the first one was rejected in january to resume may's going to present a revised version of the withdrawal deal to m.p.'s later on tuesday may says she secured a legally binding changes off the last minute talks with the european commission president your own clothes opposition labor party leader jeremy carbon has tweeted that the changes do not come close to what was promised and is our exam piece to reject the deal. having an insurance policy to guarantee that there will never be
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a hard to do in northern ireland and it's absolutely right its own as the u.k. solem commitments in the belfast good friday agreement. but if we ever have to use that insurance policy it cannot become a permanent arrangement i did is not the template for our future relationship the deal that m.p.'s voted on in january was not strong enough in making that clear and legally binding changes we needed to set that right today we have agreed to them the irish prime minister near a bomb car has responded to the irish border discussions he says arlen's assurances to the u.k. remain the same the instrument agreed yesterday puts those assurances on a legal footing and represents an unambiguous statement by both parties what has been agreed it does not reopen the draw agreement are undermined the backstop for its application it says we will work together in good faith. in pursuit of
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a future relationship that ensures that the objectives of the protocol particularly need to avoid a hard boiled egg match or join a hole in the hole is joining us now live from london jonah do we have any indication yet about whether or not the irish prime minister's comments are going to have any impact at all on tourism may's latest brags the deal. what i think deliver echoes comments of very telling really the first to come from an interview government and no ordinary e.u. government in this context it was the republic of ireland the countries whose interests the e.u. content will not override in the interests of a departing member of the united kingdom and of course it is our land that is insisting on this backstop arrangement the insurance policy against a hard border on the island of ireland in the event that there is no free trade relationship breach of the future and what mr rudd has doing various unpacking the packaging that treason may in the government have put around this deal reached with
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junk on monday night unpacking it and saying nothing has essentially changed here we've given you these reassurances these kind of occasions back in january they've now been put on a legal footing but the backstop is unchanged the deal itself is unchanged and when you unpack it like that you have to wonder how many m.p.'s when it comes to a vote later this evening will be convinced that what is in front of them tonight is any different to what was in front of them back in january when that's reason may suffer that historic defeat by two hundred thirty votes much will depend of the coming hours on legal advice by lawyers working for different factions within parliament notably the attorney general geoffrey cox he was involved in lobbying for these changes and he's mulling his advice now can he change his advice to unequivocally now say that the backstop does not any longer risk trapping britain. indefinitely in e.u. structures with no say over the rules governing them much to much will also depend
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on the democratic unionist of northern ireland on whose opinion many m.p.'s have hitched their opinion about the deal are they now convinced that the deal no longer risks separating northern ireland from the rest of the union will hear from their leader arlene foster a bit later as well john to give us an indication much of a critical moment this is for to these i'm a as a politician. i mean we've been here before haven't we these critical votes. on which it seems to reserve may's premiership rests this one i mean perhaps a little different to the others we just two weeks away now from breaks it day if she loses this vote the second meaningful vote on a deal particularly she loses it by a significant margin well then i will it be time for people to say look wolf already spent a political capital is spent she simply cannot go on this is her project she has spent two and a half years on and he's now dead that will be the question asked in the aftermath
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of a big defeat but of course they will then come to more votes in which the government may well lose control of the process altogether a vote on whether m.p.'s will accept no deal as an exit solution in two weeks' time and if not as is expected will they be willing to go to the e.u. an austrian extension and extension that excel in itself could open the door to other forms of brics it possibly even a second referendum and cancelling the whole idea jonathan i thank you very much indeed. well plenty more ahead on the news hour including we're going to report from malawi are flooding has killed dozens of people and left hundreds of thousands homeless. more shelling on but those says u.s. backed forces close in on iceland's last on klaver in syria. and things got pretty rough in cleveland in what was a dramatic nights in the n.b.a. fight is going to tell you all about that in the sports.
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fans when nothing in my motion has been jailed for life for killing four people joining an anti semitic attack in belgium in two thousand and fourteen the thirty three year old was suspected of working for isolate in syria before the shootings he opened fire the jewish museum in brussels with a kalashnikov assault rifle and a handgun a second french national was given a fifteen year jail sentence for supplying the weapons used by the most. severe flooding in southern malawi has killed thirty people and left thousands without shelter officials say more than two hundred thirty thousand people have lost their homes since heavy downpours began last week moscow web's in blantyre an area seriously affected by the floods. thousands of people have gathered here after the river cherie burst its banks flooding the flat lands around it for up to three kilo
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it is a lot of people living in this area of subsistence farmers they probably haven't anything until many of the few possessions that they have. they survive on the crops that they grow those crops are now being destroyed a little bit of food aid being handed out over the cooking beans in part that is really not much to go around tens of people were killed hundreds were injured thousands have been displaced people here now just sheltering in these disused bomb warehouses waiting for how they desperately need food shelter and sanitation. or that speak to kevin corriveau about kevin those pictures that malcolm was showing is absolutely extraordinary but is this unusual for this region it's not unusual what's unusual about this particular storm is it wasn't a very powerful storm but what caused all of this flooding was how slow the storm moved now we're talking about eight days ago when the storm actually formed of the
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mozambique channel and because of that and because of the very slow movement of the storm as it made its way into parts of mozambique malawi it dropped so much rain on the same areas day after day after day causing all that flooding as you can see right here putting this into motion we're looking at so much better conditions here across parts of malawi and also mozambique the storm is now in the mozambique channel and of course it has increased intensity since it left being in mozambique we're now seeing showers across parts of coastal mozambique as well the coastal on madagascar right now winds are about one hundred sixty five kilometer per hour winds gusting up to about two or seven this would make it equivalent to a category two hurricane if it was out in the land or parts of the pacific now we do expect the storm to still stay active and stay strong in even. please intensity over the next couple days so today we are going to sing still heavy rains across parts of coastal madagascar a few showers on mozambique not too many there tomorrow the storm is going to be
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turning more towards the southwest that's why we get more action here a lot of the coastal areas of mozambique now what we have to be watching is the circulation of the storm as it turns clockwise it is going to be on that southern part of the storm that really pushes the storm surge up against parts of mozambique over the next few days so storm surge flooding as well as winds are going to be a major problem as we go towards thursday you see how the system makes its way much closer to mozambique now once it pushes on shore we do expect it to decrease in intensity but there are two particular scenarios we're going to be watching one is it continues on shore but really begins to dissipate the other one is the storm could actually turn back into the mozambique channel and next weekend we could be seeing another storm making its way towards southern madagascar. a state of emergency in sudan is going to be reduced by six months president omar al bashir has declared it last month to try and quell ongoing protests against his three
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decade rule it was originally set to last for a year but parliament has voted to cut it to six months protesters are vowing to continue their rallies. iran's president hassan rouhani is set to meet tribal leaders and hold business meetings on the second day of his visit to iraq or any and the iraqi prime minister have been discussing strengthening security and economic ties back does she allowed government is one of teheran's strongest allies to iran's seeking regional support in the face of increasing has still ety from washington. iran has sentenced a leading human rights lawyer to at least seven years in prison but her family says the real jail term is much longer now serene saw two days husband says she's been given a prison sentence of thirty eight years as well as a hundred and forty eight lashes she was arrested in june and charged with spying insulting the country's supreme leader and spreading false information about the
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state last year the fifty five year old defended several women who were arrested for appearing in public without wearing a headscarf. led forces in syria say they've killed thirty eight isel fighters in their final assault on the on groups lost on klav syrian democratic forces have been bombarding the village for an estimated five hundred fighters remain the operation intensified after a brief pause to allow civilians to leave says three of its fighters were killed during the latest operation although of the honeyed has more from on the syrian turkish border. if there's one thing all sides agree on is that monday into tuesday was the heaviest night of fighting so far. and now the as the f. says that the coalition has carried out about thirty strikes targeting defense position and weapons storage facilities it also says that it has killed thirty eight among the ice still ranks on the site says it had killed twelve kurdish
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fighters even though the kurds say it's only three now the bigger during the day there is. in the fighting that follows a pattern that has been ongoing for quite a time now heavy bombardment followed by why to see if there's any kind of reaction coming out from i still there have been back door negotiations those negotiations led to the evacuation of thousands of civilians but also. relatives and fighters that surrendered so far about four thousand of them have surrendered to kurds now once this fight is over once but has been retaken and the question will turn to what to do with these all these people who are at the moment. catmint in the middle of the desert presumably the civilians will go back to their homes where in the resort or other areas but what do you do with all these isis supporters i
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still relatives and fighters we know that so many of the western countries i. saying that they were. of their nationalities others are say that they don't want them to come back the debate is raging. you do have. our camp in the middle of the desert and that plaster will probably increase as the battle. to end the un has confirmed the killing of twenty two civilians in northern yemen ten women and twelve children died in. the province with the rebels are blaming an airstrike by the saudi emirate he led coalition that's fighting alongside the government forces in saudi state t.v. accused of shelling the area malaysian prime minister mahathir mohamad is considering selling malaysia airlines or even shutting it down the airline faces increased pressure to improve its performance after they received
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a one point five billion dollar injection and suffered major losses after incidents involving one of its planes disappearing over the indian ocean and another being shot down over ukraine the prime minister told reporters his government would have to decide soon whether to refinance it or ground its operation so they had an al-jazeera riding high the political honeymoon isn't over for mexico's president. and just weeks after getting sacked claudio ranieri is back a managing and we're going to tell you how he did it on his return. rewind continues to care bring your people back to life i'm sorry with updates on the best about just serious documentaries the struggle continues but from back did till now or use distance revisiting. anatomy of an american city i have
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close friends who were lost to the streets i can literally see the future of baltimore to the ass of my students and it does not look rewind on al-jazeera the ultranationalist marks connected with one of the world's worst humanitarian crisis we doe as illegally maigret joining with the military to impose that deadly political agenda we have two photos of our nation what has happened to the engine that's one of the biggest stains on the country as a whole. but another religion this is the politics me and an unholy alliance on al-jazeera.
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you're watching a reminder of our top stories this hour reuters news agency says algerian diplomat and former u.n. arab league envoy to syria luck to me will lead to a national conference to oversee efforts to shuttle a new election in algeria and draft a new constitution after weeks of mass demonstrations the president abandoned his reelection bid delaying in next month's election and appointing a new prime minister. mr lee has become the latest country to ban the boeing seven hundred seven knocks aircraft from its airspace it follows a similar decision by singapore precaution comes after an ethiopian airliner crashed on sunday killing all one hundred fifty seven people on board. the u.k. parliament is going to vote on whether to accept the prime minister's brags that deal later on tuesday to his in may has been meeting the european commission
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president late on monday to try to get last minute assurances on the irish back stop. well it's thirty years since the creation of the first web page the internet has developed rapidly since the idea was first suggested by british scientist and inventor tim berners lee with so many people now benefiting from its use he stresses the importance of enabling web access to all of the world's population thirty years ago i submitted a vague but exciting proposal for a free open permission of space for all of humanity to share knowledge and ideas. today half the world's population is still unconnected and those of us who are in line feel that our rights and freedoms are not fully protected and respected well our technology editor marianna haunt has more. it may be hard for many of us to imagine
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a time when you couldn't just log on to the internet and search the web it's how many of us stay in touch make friends talk search and share information but thirty years ago none of that was possible electronically at least wow all this as this is british scientist tim bernoulli because back in one thousand nine hundred nine he and other scientists were frustrated unable to share the experiments and data stored on the many different computer says he proposed a system which by information in one part of the globe was connected to every other part easily searched available to all and not controlled by anyone he published how to do it on this the very first web page their vision of universal connectivity became the world wide web the web works because you can lick cement into anything the web works because it is actually an independent country when you're reading
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a blog you don't know where the op this growth there is at the moment and it shouldn't matter i think that's a really healthy thing you might think of the internet on your computer or a device like this as a ken to a library somewhere you go to get information but instead of books you access data more than a billion web pages problem is the world wide web is so vast you don't always know is a find what you want so much like asking a librarian you use a search engine to type in your query it's processed using a set of rules known as algorithms to the intro all through the messes of data on the web and find the best matches click on the link and it's like being taken to a book and that library a global digital library that burn asli envisioned would be accessible to war.
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but the web has brought new challenges concerns such as cyber crime bullying misinformation and breaches of privacy and a growing number of governments are now blocking content and monitoring what we search this is of course a very big threat to the web the value of it as a global open platform is shuji greater than the that what it would be if it were broken into national or continental chunks thirty years on half of the world is online for bareness lady that said job half done connectivity for all is a human right he sees and he's calling on governments to sign up to a global contract to protect people's rights and freedoms in the digital age maidana hond al-jazeera your corns a solicitor specializing in internet law and social media is joining us now from london thanks very much indeed for being with us on al-jazeera do you think that the expectations of the egalitarian nature of the internet were too high
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i think that in the early days the internet was seen is almost another kiss took place the idea of the book receive the. main time more of a space. of the people from the government to a place where government should be setting food place free of government almost free of rule of law. and that was during the first ten to fifteen years of the internet and then the idea of democracy started to mean something completely different was always always an uprising or what it was always the it was always the people versus the government was democracy modern democracy as we know it what it really mean this is people's rule via the government or via governments rather than people uprising against governments so i think that what we are seeing now is
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more involvement of governments and there are some people who don't welcome these they feel that they actually hinders democracy but the way i prefer to view this is restore ration of the rule of law and creating a set of. save. save harbors for people to be able to freely express themselves within certain boundaries the key question that everybody comes back to and i'm afraid i'm going to be asking that view as well as how do you police something that is so vast so disparate and yet also contains so many dark and deep areas. well if you think if you take a big city such as the front of this. the did the town isn't being policed precisely in the same way every quarter in every building in every alley in every
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area so there are certain places where people where police don't really go there are other places where there's more there's more police presence so so yes i accepted the in the cannot be entirely pleased but the interesting thing is that when you have a company such as google which operates worldwide google becomes then the connector between all the different thoughts all the different countries so once. say the u.k. government or europe the european governments are able to influence google's behavior in the locality within the u.k. or within europe that influence becomes almost viral and it means that google then needs to go and change the way he does things all over the world so you know way those global companies they are the key to to spread better policing of the internet how much responsibility do we as users have when it comes to what we watch
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on the internet and reporting things that we regard as offensive a possibly criminal or how we actually just abdicated all that responsibility and we're just allowing ourselves to be fed with all this information as long as it panders to the beliefs that we have. that's a very good question i think for many years we've been left to fend for ourselves on the internet there was no one to have there was no one to protect there was nowhere to go to but but what we need to do to us is is how do we behave eve an event occurred offline sounder straight if we saw a person being bullied a person being assaulted a person bribes being encouraged to commit suicide all of to do all sorts of things how would we react then and we should be reacting in precisely the same way on the internet and i think that it has become more acceptable now for us to say hey you know we don't really accept this type of behavior or we don't want to be part of
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the it's we don't want to be part of that so there's a lot of responsibility. laid on us as people and as we see better supported by governments in government agencies a thing that makes life much much easier much more safe for force a woman and children people of minorities that previously may not have felt that safe. within the removed internet you can really appreciate your time so thank you very much indeed. the u.s. is announces to withdraw all of its remaining diplomats from venezuela the opposition dominated national assembly described the widespread power outages as a national emergency. lead to water and fuel shortages and cause the deaths of dozens of patients and hospitals there is about reports from caracas.
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water is running short in the capital. as the country continues to struggle with the effects of power. failure in the largest hydroelectric plant in the state of. people who are trying to get it from wherever they can they're used to be right next to the haven't you but they say it has been cut off. the only thing we need is water we can't continue like this we haven't had water for weeks and now there's no electricity the government has been trying to restore electricity around the country a task that is becoming more challenging as days go by. this power station in eastern blew up in the middle of the night there are still some more here because of the fire the government says the station and the united states are trying to sabotage. electrical grid. all of the options which are on the table. and one of these options includes the
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electric war the electric shock and the sauber attack if it is one of those options and a high tech cyber attack has been made against venezuela the united states is the only government with the technology. radar says she was woken up by a strange sound in the middle of the night. it was like. and then i watched the sky there was a big flame it was like fireworks that you can see in disneyland with the princesses and all that was so afraid that we're all going to blow up a lot of the workers from the state electric company told us two transformers exploded. for the opposition it is an example of the corruption and mismanagement has been ongoing for years in venezuela. that's why opposition leader said it was time to declare a national emergency. so we are requesting today the chamber approve
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a decree to call for a national emergency of emergency of tragedy of catastrophe the venice whale is in today. the government is trying to contain the situation on the streets trying to prevent violence. and the security forces were unable to control the looting in this mall. store was destroyed when dozens of people entered to loot his shop many were detained. maybe they said this makes me very sad that this is happening to us society people coming in here and destroying everything they took food but also chairs tables and other things. but on the streets there are those who are struggling for almost everything and till now the government has been unable to fulfill their most basic needs. it's been described as
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a honeymoon so far from mexico's president after one hundred days in office. popularity is at an all time high david are some reports from mexico city of what's behind its success and the challenges ahead. when. or was sworn into office on december first. tens of thousands of cheering fans welcomed and the mexican president's honeymoon isn't over yet. on monday lopez obrador celebrated his first hundred days in office and with the most recent survey putting his approval rating at seventy eight percent his first three months in power have been the most popular since polling began in the one nine hundred eighty s. . the government belongs to all mexicans and its main function is to enforce justice and seek the welfare and happiness of the people. has broken with tradition by offering daily press conferences that start at seven am by repeatedly bringing up
1:44 pm
corruption a quality development and his own popularity the veteran politician has been able to set mexico's news agenda good. we will continue all of us together to build a beautiful utopia we will continue moving towards the great ideal of living in a new free fair democratic and fraternal homeland. was. has already made good on many of his most popular campaign promises the folksy leader has cut back government salaries given up presidential luxuries and launched a myriad of social programs while traversing the country most mexicans are now marred by lopez obrador his brand of populist politics but critics warn that he doesn't have concrete plans to bring about change at a critical time for the country. january marked mexico's most violent month on record with nearly three thousand murders and the country's economy could be in
1:45 pm
trouble with investment down by six percent to december the biggest drop in more than five years good intentions is not enough to change the reality of. the economy and the security front there needs to be a plan there needs to be more before. different fronts to increase productivity an economic growth potential that is not in at least at the beginning of the administration during his first one hundred days there doesn't seem to be a plan to do that. for now lopez obrador is able to blame previous administrations for the country's problems but as he heads further into his presidency the mexican people will hold him to account for his political leadership and his efforts to tackle the challenges the country faces david mercer out just zero mexico city i mean twelve people have died in the floods in brazil's biggest city several neighborhoods and major roads and sao paulo have been submerged after heavy rain
1:46 pm
firefighters have rescued a number of families trapped by the floodwaters and more rain is forecast for this week. provisional results from guinea-bissau has parliamentary elections are expected to be announced it's the first elections since president jose manuel vides came to power in twenty fifteen reports from guinea bissau capital. while the votes cast in sunday's parliamentary elections are counted. the future of the party really for the last forty five years hangs in the balance candidates of the african party for independence for guinea and kept byrd also known as the ph d. c. put on a show during the campaign with the slogan that i thank the country is on its way far from it's a members of the opposition who accuse the ruling party of corruption and emptying state coffers saying his country was too poor to organize the polls president obama has delayed the parliamentary election into international donors stepped in to put in the bill and. had the honor of being close to the late president of the launch
1:47 pm
of democracy in one thousand nine hundred forty since that date no president has reached the end of his term of office and it's only now that it's happening without death without violence without a coup d'etat. sixteen coup attempts by the army and no peaceful transition of power since independence instability has become the norm in the south un sanctions have been in place against the military since two thousand and twelve and a un peacekeeping mission is protecting key sites in the capital the building right behind me is the national assembly of guinea bissau it's the center of decision making in this country except for the last two years no one has set foot in it no laws have been voted in no budget approved no political dialogue locked in a tussle for power seven prime ministers and their governments have resigned in a show of no confidence towards president valves and the. among them is former prime minister general. he accuses the president of corruption but they have
1:48 pm
a lot of money for a lot of companies and then. nobody. has money but one thing we know. that is three the united states drug enforcement agency believes guinea bissau is a transit point used by latin american drug traffickers funneling cocaine to europe turning the country into a narco state president violence has called on the international community to help tackle drug traffickers saying his country lacks the resources to fight powerful cartels while the politicians are accused of profiting from this illicit trade most people here continue to live on less than two dollars a day for them this election is an opportunity to change the political leadership of their country and they hope their own fortunes because hawke al-jazeera. british scientists of broadcast the first television quality video from deep beneath the
1:49 pm
indian ocean expedition hopes to document changes taking place in one of the world's least explored areas scientists hope to find submerged mountain ranges and undiscovered marine life. still ahead on all. the follows.
1:50 pm
rob thank you so much and be a star russell westbrook is having to defend himself after was caught on camera threatening a fan and his wife during
1:51 pm
a game in salt lake city utah. city center player had a heated exchange with you just that it's not clear from the video what set westbrook off but after the game he said he was provoked by a racially charged comments something the fans and i. started. here is my firm stance told me. to get down on my knees like he does to them for me to complete disrespect. to be. things racial i think it's just inappropriate in a sense. there's no protection for the players. you're not a great friend around the corner let's come to join a group of people that come to. see me disrespecting my family. ross is just carrying on acting a fool down here and everybody's getting on him they had i guess he thought it was
1:52 pm
ice i just told them like to sit out allies you. need turn the meanies like this he . well you're going to need it and then it turned into. not safe for work i don't care you could throw at me all he wants i was the one talking to him. but don't throw in the woman she's five feet tall one hundred ten pounds. tensions were also high in cleveland a brawl broke out between the cavaliers marquees chris and serge ibaka of the trauma raptors both men were ejected from the game and could face further punishment from the n.b.a. the cavs went on to win the game one hundred and twenty six to one hundred and one . it was also a record breaking night in l.a. lou williams became the highest scorer from the bench and history he did it by bagging thirty four points to help the clippers beat the boston celtics one hundred forty to one hundred fifteen he now has eleven thousand one hundred and fifty four points and passes del currie who held the record for seventeen years. mixed martial
1:53 pm
arts star khana mcgregor was arrested in south florida he was charged with robbery and criminal mischief police reported that the irish fighter had slapped a phone from a man's hand and repeatedly stomped on it the incident happened the fontainebleau hotel in miami beach he was released after posting a twelve thousand five hundred us dollars bond his lawyers say it was a minor case the irish fighter was apprehended in south florida. feasibility study from football's world governing body feet has concluded that the twenty twenty two world cup could be expanded to include forty eight teams if one additional country is used as a co-host the associated press news agency has a paint a copy of the report which says cats are would have to approve who it partnered with fifa decision makers or media miami on friday discuss the proposal qatar is preparing eight venues to host
1:54 pm
a thirty two team tournaments but fee for president giani and. king to include sixteen more countries a move that will raise an additional four hundred million dollars in revenue the study identifies stadiums in bahrain kuwait oman saudi arabia and the united arab emirates that could be used but also notes as it currently stands the nature of bahrain saudi arabia and the u.a.e. is relations with katter is such that it would be challenging to organize a co-host of tournaments between caps are and one or more of these countries there is only welling's joins us now live from london i will be what do you think is it feasible. order is clear is faith as determination tonight is forty eight same tilman happen in twenty twenty two like it's happening in the united states in twenty twenty six that's the reason i would feel that this is even late out to the associated press because they don't want to be seen to be trying to make you happen to actually be talking to countries like a man and co i was diagnosed how difficult it will be for it to take place in any
1:55 pm
of the other nations that are mentioned with the blockade going on and the talk about bahrain and saudi arabia united arab emirates it's all very well signed will they have stadiums that could host these games actually making that happen politically is going to be so much more difficult than talking about how the stadiums would work if games were when for instance among the stadiums would need to be changed time is when the other is to be ready twelve months before the storm is in play never mind the political reasons and i think germany and france say no as i actually wanted some of it sure that this is all in place for a fee for politics going into the council meeting in miami on thursday and friday decisions won't be made until congress in france in june but actually can't get beyond this feasibility study into getting qatar to actually find a way to make this work but still reminds an extremely difficult challenge and
1:56 pm
there would need to be huge movement that we're not seeing at the moment for it to happen ok welling's reporting live from london thank you less than a year after we walked away from real madrid then a dean sedan says it's good to be back home is it and has been reappointed as the club's had coached the forty six year old has signed a contract that runs into four twenty twenty two he replaces santiago celerity who was in the job for only five months the day and quite rare last may soon after winning a third consecutive champion for a title in recent days real have lost twice to their fierce rivals barcelona and been knocked out of europe they trailed our side by twelve points in the spanish league. if you use your security well i know it's a special day i'm really happy to be back home i know there will be many questions later on i don't have much to say except that i'm happy to come back and what i want is to work again and provide what is always needed at this club to get the club where it should be and now the only thing for me is to stop working tomorrow
1:57 pm
that's it claudio ranieri made a winning start upon his return to management just two weeks after being sacked by e.p.l. side follow him who he left in a relegation trouble he's now back at club he managed before and where he started out as a player on monday roma be employed to watch the result keeps them safe three points off the champions league place. and a big upset in the men's indian wells tennis tournaments in california defending champion alexanders of red has been knocked out the german third seed was defeated by compadre at the unseated leonard strops in the third round and only took straw for just over an hour to win and complete his first career victory over strop and that's all you sport for now brought back to you thanks very much indeed some as a don is going to be here in a couple of minutes with all of the day's news on world matheson.
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isn't the problem for your town that he may not have a health question in the program but he does have a corruption question mark over it doesn't look good for the news business a ticket has not going to do any will probably because knowing about it or deciding the rich you get why there's a lot of disillusionment with the un across the globe. is cool for all of the breaks doesn't build confidence that great spoke to join me man the hot sun on our front and my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories and think issues here on al-jazeera.
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more protests in algeria as the president abandons his bed for a fifth term but postponed next month's election. on sami's a that this is al jazeera live from also coming up more airlines ground their flayed serve boeing seven three seven maxes after sunday's crash in ethiopia that killed one hundred fifty seven people. british m.p. .


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