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this is al jazeera. santamaria and this is the news hour from al-jazeera the time has come to that this deal and i commend this motion to. the british parliament now just one hour away from a critical vote on teresa mayes breaks that deal also in the news the european union follows other countries and bans boeing seven hundred seventy eight max jets after
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sunday's crash in ethiopia and u.s. banks kurdish forces resumed their offensive on the final eisel stronghold in eastern syria for events his face a fight to stay in the european champions league ronaldo and co need to overturn that same goal deficits in their last sixteen signed with athletic. so yes in an hour the british parliament will vote on to resume his brags that plan again to decide how and when the u.k. leaves the european union but this time it is with only a few weeks until the exit date of march twenty nine the british prime minister had announced legally binding changes as she called them from the e.u. to her deal they don't seem to have swayed politicians even in her own party in a moment we will be live at the houses of parliament in london as the debate before the vote goes on first this report from not a bubble. as she left ten downing street the prime minister was facing another
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crucial vote in parliament it had been a long night and addressing a half empty house of commons she hoped last minute reassurances in brussels on the withdrawal deal would help it cross the line tonight members of this house are faced with a very clear choice. and support this deal in which case we leave the european union with a deal and i'll go on to explain why i think it's a good deal all risk no deal or no bracks it and choose they brought a useful clarification for wavering opponents of a you membership in her own conservative policy. last night we reached an agreement with the british government on the conditions and consequences of cracks in it and what i said last night was it was a second chance but there won't be a third one so i truly hope the members of the british parliament today back the approach which is simultaneously a british and european one. but to resume a position has been undermined by her top legal advisor the attorney general he says monday night's changes in stride don't alter his legal opinion over the risk
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of the u.k. being trapped in the back stop the mechanism to prevent a hard border between islands in northern ireland the legal risk as i said he died in my letter of the thirteenth of november remains. changed the question for the house is whether in the light of these improvements as a political judgment the house should not enter in to those arrangements. and crucially the hardline euro skeptic e r g group of conservatives headed by jacob riis morg has urged members not to vote for the deal making another defeat for terrorism a almost certain but just how does the majority in parliament opposed to a no deal breck's it in three weeks time stop it happening this parliament pass amendments that say what that plan might be history's may come forward with a plan that she's hidden away all these months those are the really difficult questions that come off tonight's difficult question. if the deal is voted down
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further votes are meant to happen on avoiding a no deal breaks it and extending the article fifty period of negotiations but things are up in the air in westminster and in the current climate making predictions can prove unwise the al-jazeera. here's laurin sydney outside the houses of parliament in london you know lawrence i mean even just twelve hours ago you might have said well tourism is perhaps in with a bit more of a chance after her visit to strasbourg but about now. no no it really is that the only conversation is exactly how much she's going to lose by and it really is in poland you know people have been talking in the british media today about this being the most important vote in britain since nine hundred forty five the end of the second world war and there is a general arafat crisis because she can't win the votes and no one really has any clue it's all inside of them and what is supposed to happen after that and the
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crucial thing is what she actually says once the vote is lost because she has to stand up and say something to make it look like she's still in control of the process even though plainly it doesn't look like she is any more will to henry newman from open europe and reviewers have an opinion think some of the national newspapers here this is morning backing her deal they do expect him but but this comes to the wind speeds have to be looking this gloomy for well i think we didn't exactly know what the attorney general was going to say earlier today and clearly his advice allowed some people to find a lot to climb down and they've seen some conservative m.p.'s i'm not enough you know enough yet obviously she lost the vote last time by historic margin of two hundred thirty and we're talking now about with what the size of that defeat will be rather than whether she will lose the vote as you said it's going to it's a very important vote again the bucket back in westminster discussing another moment in the ongoing crisis but i don't think this is the last gasp i think it's very possible that even if she loses tonight to try to reintroduce the deal over the next few weeks there's a chance that everything goes very badly wrong and that she loses any path to power
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or there's a general election but i still think the overall choices remain a version of this deal no bricks at a tool three second referendum or no deal and those two alternatives or second referendum still don't seem that likely didn't just it just in some of the process . from here to start with when she's in strasbourg last autumn out for me at sundown it's a jolly the presence of the european parliament and i assume they must have been talking about how long the european union would be prepared to extend for. two did you think it's possible she might even stand up tonight and she loses and say forget the vote on no deal forget the vote on delay i'm just going to go to your opinion announce a we need an extension give us some more time what exactly do you say i think would be very crucial to hear what she actually said to me to be off to its difficulty because she's been losing her voice and critiquing early in the commons but i think she may well try to just make a last stand in challenge exactly so what she was able to do last time was challenge labor when she lost a meaningful vote in january she turned it around on labor and challenge them to
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cool a confidence motion in her and that allowed it to seize initiative she might tonight with getting to some room as actually go and say well look now i will have to seek an extension but what i wanted to do and then that will cause turn it round to the european union and all twenty seven members have to agree on what that extension would look like how long do you reckon they might be prepared to extend we don't yet know there's different possibilities they might give us a short technical extension and say look if you manage to get this deal through over the next few weeks then we'll give you a short extension just to finish the domestic ratification but if you want to go any longer than really the end of may which will be about european elections in the u.k. and potentially a very very long extension and i think it's something that's uncomfortable for almost all conservative m.p.'s but also many labor m.p.'s when you get the sense in all of they said the u.k. is a country is having a sense of the next essential crisis and you know that there's no majority for her deal is no majority for no deal the new majority for second referendum that is lost on that they don't know where they're going with the country anymore i think that's clearly a lot of uncertainty and this isn't as
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a lot of political dramas where there's big protest as protests happening in all different directions and people feel very very passionate about this i think having a completely unique political crisis that you look right across the west and well there's all kinds of turmoil it's really america brazil but i think what happens here tonight will be another crucial step in the ongoing brics a drama and. thank you very much the folks. well they live overseas in an hour from now stay with us to be back with lawrence lee for that as we look at some of the live pictures from outside the houses of parliament lots of people there as they often pretty much every day with well mostly e.u. flags a lot of protesters there are the pushing for. a second referendum or just their support of the european union their outsides inside the debate goes on some empty seats there now you would expect them to fill up for the vote as lawrence is in just under an hour about fifteen minutes from now live coverage on al-jazeera as and when it happens. two other news and kurdish led forces in syria say they've
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killed thirty eight still fighters in the final assault on the armed groups last claves the syrian democratic forces have been bombarding the east village. where number of fighters remain the operation intensified after a brief pause to allow civilians to leave the s.d.f. also says three of its fighters were killed during this latest operation the latest report of a bill hamid in as we look at those pictures harder looks like a really fierce firefight. yes absolutely and this is the third night in a row where the village of about was get bombarded and shelled at night and it seems that every night that the intensity of the bombing seems to increase earlier into their spokesperson for the syrian democratic forces that the kurdish forces on the ground who are leading this fight said that the battle for above all should be coming to an end very soon so that might be why at this point does and we are
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seeing this intensification of bombing there's also another reason is that the chording to the kurds they have seen no civilians coming out of bubbles since saturday so far as they're concerned whoever is in there. is considered. supporters they were given a deadline to leave they did not leave and now they should bear the consequences and then when all of this is over do we get back into one of those arguments of a territorial victory versus a. i don't know what would a psychological victory almost ideological victory over us ok. yes absolutely i think what we are seeing now is a territorial victory over isis wonders actually going to hurt that group a very much but you know earlier today there was a video released of social media by one of these groups actually gated supporting
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in that video you had that same kind of propaganda that isolates so very well known for there was trying to sort of sort of normalcy inside a car going around filming showing people walking around milling around but they also there was a also a message of defiance to some of the people who are speaking in that video or say ok yes we are losing this battle but this is not the end of the war we will end up victorious and that has been to message of ice and all along that this is just a setback and that they will come back they have revenge they certainly won't have strongholds that like they used to have in mosul in their resort in rucka and now in both but they will what we need to see is they still able to carry out attacks not only in syria and iraq but also. in the west they vow that they will and actually when you see these prisoners coming out. the fighters surrendering or
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doing their wives and their relatives there is a certain defiance that ongoing there they're still continuing to say that this lab mix tape with bach which in arabic means is remaining so the fight against the ideology is going to be much more complicated perhaps than the fight against on the ground and trying to read. from any kind of stronghold. thank you. the european union and india have become the latest areas to ban the boeing plane involved in the ethiopian airlines disaster on sunday the growing list of countries has grounded the seven three seven max eight or blocked the jets from using their airspace and more than thirty airlines from norway turkey india south korea mexico and brazil they've all suspended using the boeing model as well the u.s. aviation regulator has asked the company to modify its software remember hundred fifty seven people were killed when the plane went down just minutes after takeoff
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from. the second accident involving that model in just five months it's for families of the victims a visit to the crash site for the first time the plane you remember bound for the kenyan capital nairobi it had people from more than thirty countries on board a team from boeing has now arrived to help investigate. the lot. we came here to pay our respects to our friend even if we cannot see him look at his body we came to drive our tears. where he lost his life and bid him farewell he was a humble guy who was god fearing everyone knew him as a positive humble and good person. may god rest his soul in a heavenly peace. what i am now demanding is that i get the body of my child whatever happened has happened i now need to lay her to rest i came here to see where my daughter lost her life and to make peace she was a hostess on the airline well mohamed is our correspondent has been at the crash
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site today in spoken to witnesses who saw the plane moments before the crash. i am in jail he's a farming home unity exactly where the ill fated flight rushed now villages who witnessed the plane all down have been telling us how they will attract it by three and banging noises coming from a little flying. and then they said that they watched us the pilot tried to lift off several times without fail and every time they would bring the norse down before it came crashing into the ground with a huge bang and then they. mongol rick. and the possible effect all the possum just who owned the board including big wall thing and all kinds of stuff was around in an area about this the size of up to
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five people killed well let's look at the impact on the manufacturer now boeing john hendren is in chicago with the latest there what is boeing's response been lied to mean we talked about a team that's being sent an investigation team that's gone there. that's right boys response has been happening very cautious in the sense that it is not offering to make any changes the company has issued a statement for the second day in a row saying that it believes that these planes are perfectly safe nevertheless it says that in cooperation with the u.s. federal aviation administration they are going to go forward with some software fixes the reason for that is that there is some thought that in at least the first of these two crashes that they were centers in the front of the plane that made the plane think that it was tilted upward and then corrected the nose tilting it downward and that may have contributed to the crash now after the lion air crash in
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october the wall street journal reported. that there was a delay in instituting these fixes in part at least because of the thirty five day u.s. government work stoppage that would have affected the work of the federal aviation administration well now it appears that they are going forward with those fixes but meanwhile boeing is saying that those planes remain safe they say that this would make a safe plane even safer but there are many skeptics on this a number of people on capitol hill here in washington are calling for that plane to be grounded senators of both parties and it's not gone unnoticed here in the united states that much of the rest of the world is grounding those planes while airlines here such as canada air american airlines and southwest are all flying those planes and insisting that they are safe so the response here in the u.s. has been much more standoffish than it has been throughout the rest of the world
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where these authorities in airlines have been much more aggressive come on because presumably as an american company and with so many planes with the biggest number of the seven three seven max as in the united states they worried about no one affects economic knock on effects business knock on effects. absolutely i mean first of all boeing has been hammered they have last night past two days billions in billions of dollars in market value twelve point seven billion on monday the markets are still open here on tuesday but it appears to be something like that level so boeing is very much affected it's affected the united states economy in the sense that boeing is the largest manufacturing exporter from the united states it owns forty three percent of the commercial aircraft market share around the world it was really hoping to expand that and overcome air bus which has forty five percent but now the company is really just struggling to recover from
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this and it has done that one time before go. shot down the operations of its brand new dreamliner aircraft the seven eighty seven in two thousand and thirteen because it was having problems with the batteries catching fire now in that case the planes didn't end up crashing but in this case the company has something much more serious on its hands and it needs to take care of this problem but right now they say they are waiting on those investigations and that they don't have a reason to ground those planes around the world thank you john hendren in chicago here's what's coming up for you on this news out of the birthday of one of the greatest technological advances of the twentieth twenty first century the world wide web turns thirty years old also a new twist in the venezuela crisis the government's own best getting the opposition leader accusing him of causing the power blackouts in the sport the titleholder suffer a setback in the asian champions league and he is here with that and the rest of the schools in the legs.
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will protesters in algeria are back on the streets despite president up to lizzie's but fake his decision to abandon his bid for a fifth term but flicka has delayed next month's elections and a national conference which will oversee a new constitution and poll has been put in place. but we're now dearie in president to. abandon his bid for a fifth term in office there were celebrations but they were short lived. on monday evening the demonstrators were euphoric then the reality set. outlined a series of steps which he hopes would shape algeria's future he announced that next month's elections would be delayed but politically it would remain in power until further notice. on tuesday protesters were still out on the streets.
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the former prime minister ali bin flee says the government needs to listen to the people while support will hurt me so addition to our way to our throttling the president's attempt to run for a fourth term is an achievement made by the el jerry in people not a favor all granted by anybody the people lived up to the expirations lived up to their responsibility especially that the constitution was violated where a president's term runs for five years only the current term has been extended without the people's approval or endorsement in the constitution. with a fleet of postpone the elections without consulting parliament as it is mandated by the constitution this video broadcast by algerian state television appears to show but after his return to the country among the other announcements made by beautifully that a national conference would be held by the end of the year in order to schedule an election and draft
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a new constitution according to the reuters news agency algerian diplomat law but brahimi will lead the national conference which is also expected to include representatives of demonstrators as well as war veterans beautifully to has reshuffled the government appointed his interior minister noted dean by the way as prime minister and his advisors. as his deputy the army chief general ahmed gave saddam retained his post but it's unlikely with a few close decisions will contain the anger of the anti-government movement some opposition figures were either banned by the constitutional council from running against the president or pulled out describing the april election as a farce the protesters insist they will continue their rallies and till their demands are met they want a new president now along with democratic reforms and a government capable of tackling the rising unemployment poverty and corruption. just as. well twenty four hours ago as all this was unfolding we were speaking to who is a research fellow at the school for advanced studies in social sciences joining us
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again from algeria's on skype so thank you so much for your time how you're feeling now twenty four hours later you were saying to us yesterday we needed to have caution because it seemed like all the same players were still in place. yes and actually the impact it had on the young gent people has been huge and that's because has some foreign media that's trying to sell its people were very happy and and then sold out it will be announced but on the contrary people think that now it's only a start actually able to much more clarity to the situation in some margarines where they'll teeing off still expecting maybe derision to work being able to organize a transition there's no doubt to get it has clarified their end of the nests of the regime to negotiate with the people and to find out and to open as a transition that's who the. that the target has a transition with no legal framework because you know that even the decision of
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president bush had to console the elections is not constitutionally but it's against the constitution and the law so it has brought so much more clarity on the fact that the russian want to be able to come in the people of the world about it so it can be control of the transmission and it has also brought clarity on the side of the people in that i'll definitely reject any kind of transition that the their lives you know will be will be on the back as being so these protests are far from overwrought they were just looking at some pictures here from algiers and i can't imagine that the people will stand for any of this but it's even more people are even more eager to political to got seepage politically since yesterday the naturality of the gallery and have been trying to stand what the constitution says they're trying to cheer on the net of themselves within a small local concert and now much more eager to participate in. what is the
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refusal of the regime to negotiate with them it's kind of what you're ignoring that really can argue well ok guys i'll transition and we and we will find a way forward by all selfs. thank you a pleasure to talk to you again thank you. well venezuela's opposition leader is now under investigation for the massive power outage that left millions without electricity the attorney general says one will be investigated for his possible involvement because the government has accused the u.s. backed opposition of mounting a cyber attack on the country's power grid but years of mismanagement of corruption for the blackout stories about with. the united states that it shut it down a year that they're asking and removing all personnel here. statements is a constraint to us and the country this was followed after by a statement. that he was giving seventy two hours for the united states government
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to take and remove personnel in the country and we're told. that it is from the european union countries in the region who say that they're not comfortable with the united states situation the thing that many of them would happen. and that they generate and. leaving the opposition here in the country alone let's not forget what's been happening here in the country in the past few days that's how outage that has left most in the dark people struggling for food but mostly for water people are taking to the streets trying to find water wherever they can we know that there's been. a part of the country there's tension these days here in venezuela right now and that's why. today that people take to the streets once again israeli security forces of playstyle aqsa mosque on lockdown following clashes with worship is. a police station inside the compound has
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more from occupied east jerusalem. it was really police say that this all started with a molotov cocktail being thrown at a security forces post inside the luxor mosque compound known to jews as the temple mount that it caught fire that one policeman was mildly injured by smoke inhalation after that they tried to find those responsible there were scuffles within the compound itself several arrests took place a spokesperson for the islamic walk the trust that runs the arx a mosque compound under the aegis of the jordanian government protests against that saying that senior clerics were beaten during the course of those scuffles the palestinian president mahmoud abbas has released a statement calling this a dangerous escalation by israeli authorities to what has already been a tense situation in recent days as well as closing off the entire compound police of also barred access to gates entering the old city only those it seems with id
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papers proving their residency within jerusalem's old city being allowed in we witnessed here at lion's gate a group of people trying to get in with a body a group of mourners and there were some scuffles and some chance against the police during the course of that eventually they were allowed in at least into the courtyard outside the luxor mosque compound not into the compound itself all of this comes after what's been an extremely tense few weeks three weeks ago was when the works decided to reopen an area around what's known as the mercy gate which had been closed since two thousand and three by the israeli authorities they said that was that closure was because a group linked to hamas had been using the area the walks now argues that that group has long been disbanded and that it is under their all thora t. should be under their authority to reopen this area a court deadline expired on monday for it to be closed off the work does not
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recognize the jurisdiction of the israeli courts over the compound there have been talks to. going on between the israeli authorities and the jordanians so far without any resolution there is the prospect that people are being worried about of some kind of escalation along the lines of what we saw in twenty seventeen when the israelis imposed metal detectors at the gates of the al aqsa mosque compound after a deadly attack on israeli security forces so far no resolution and it remains a tense situation with the mosque compound entirely closed off still ahead on this news group calling itself the irish republican army or ira claims responsibility for sending possible bombs to several locations in london will also report from malawi where flooding is that hundreds of thousands of people homeless and in sports and be a player is facing up to a suspension up to this on court counter. granted.
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hello again and welcome back well this i do want to start here across the levant we are watching one weather system make its way across parts of the west you can see the clouds right there now with this weather system we're going to be seeing more clouds across parts of iraq as well as a run here on wednesday mostly cloudy conditions across much of the area as well as windy conditions particularly up here across parts of the saudi and also the iraq border so that's going to cause a lot of dusty conditions there as we go towards thursday while that system starts to drop down more down here towards the southeast we do expect to see even some rain across parts of kuwait well that same weather system will be a player in what's going to be happening here in doha by the time we get towards thursday night and into friday morning really not looking too bad here on wednesday winds are coming out of the south attempted there of about twenty six dropping to about twenty three but as i said by the time we get towards thursday evening it
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will become quite dusty across the region and here across the mozambique channel we are still watching our cycle and brings a very heavy rain not only to madagascar over the next few days that storm is expected to make a turn towards the southwest and we could be seeing another landfall by the time we get to either late thursday or friday morning across parts of mozambique and that is going to bring some very heavy rain and flooding across much of the area. isn't the problem for your town that they really don't have a hell of a question mark over him but he does have a corruption question mark or really doesn't look good for the image business a ticket has not going to do any will probably not knowing that is what you say when you really do get why there's a lot of disillusionment with the us across the globe to supply that it's cold for all of the breaks doesn't build confidence a great spoke to join me made the hot sun on up front as my guests from around the
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world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories and think issues here on al-jazeera. is everywhere and it's choking our planet very toxic and very dangerous big bang theory and cleaning this up but breakthroughs are being made showing that it is possible to change our relationship with the smell in a substance membership running. mate can be picked up on the beach at a movie or on plastic waste fridays on al-jazeera. on the news here at al-jazeera these are our top stories about thirty minutes away
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now from a critical vote in the british parliament. the debate ongoing there could decide how and when the u.k. leaves the european union but already it's looking likely employees will vote against the plan. would get trapped in the e.u. customs union. the european union meanwhile and india have become the latest to ban the boeing plane involved in the disaster on sunday u.s. aircraft manufacturer is facing increasing safety concerns about its seven three seven max eight jet after two crashes in less than five months. calling for an immediate political change the president decided not to seek a fifth term diplomat and former u.n. arab league envoy to syria. will lead a national conference to oversee efforts to schedule a new election. now thirty people have been killed hundreds injured and more than
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six thousand displaced by floods in southern malawi following days of heavy rains malcolm web reports now from an evacuation center in district. it was the middle of the night when. she woke to find flood water rising through her home . she ran now she and her five children. live in malawi one by one and there was. the floods have destroyed our crops in the fields we don't have anything to harvest even all our clothes and belongings we've had to come here with nothing have been destroyed. thousands more tell similar stories hundreds have been injured dozens of died. survivors have no choice but to come to centers like this and wait for help most of the people here are some systems farmers they don't know much and they carried with them whatever
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they could this disused farm warehouse will be their shelter for tonight's for a bed to sleep on not much more than this. this is what happened to their homes and their farms after four days of heavy rain and river share a person its banks hundreds of thousands of people who live on the surrounding lowlands their fertile for farming but dangerous too it's not the first time this has happened broken bridges and washed away roads have made it hard for the government trucks to bring food and supplies it'll take long for people here to rebuild their lives. back at the center people gather to hear what the local chief has to say he told us the government's bringing food and tent and will build much needed toilets. rules not only the crops they lose their
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belongings they do lose. then no. saw. and so the wait goes on some assistance here will make things a little easier floodwaters are still high and more heavy rains are forecast in the coming days people don't even know when they might be able to start to rebuild their lives. malcolm web al-jazeera and sanjay district malarkey. and in brazil flooding in sao paulo's killed at least twelve people several neighborhoods and major roads were submerged after heavy rain firefighters rescued a number of families trapped by the floodwaters but more rain is forecast for this week. now sixteen days of talks between the u.s. and the taliban here in qatar have ended with agreements on some key issues diplomatic editor james bays has the latest updates on those negotiations. the
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talks here in doha started sixteen days ago they've come to an end but no breakdown and yet no breakthrough both sides are saying there has been some progress in fact rather remarkably both the u.s. special envoy zalmay khalilzad and the taliban spokesman put out tweets almost similar taney asli making the same point that there are four issues they've been discussing on two of those issues they've reached a draft agreement one of those is the withdrawal of troops from afghanistan potentially most of the u.s. troops leaving the country and what has for the u.s. been its longest war in history also on another key point what the u.s. calls assurances on counterterrorism we understand that's the taliban making a commitment not to support al qaeda what will happen to those two draft agreements
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is the leadership will go back to their respective commanders the taliban to afghanistan and pakistan the u.s. special envoy zalmay khalilzad back to washington d.c. to brief the secretary of state might pompei or quite possibly the president the u.s. secretary of state just happens to be coming to this region in the next week the world wide web is celebrating a birthday thirty years on the internet is of course developed so rapidly but along with the web's advances come problems and its inventor says he doesn't always like what he sees. thirty years ago i submitted a vague but exciting proposal for a free open permission with space for all of humanity to share knowledge and ideas. today half the world's population is still unconnected and those of us who. feel that our rights and freedoms
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are not fully protected and respected. chalons is live at the science museum in london on the thirtieth anniversary of the world actually rory it's very easy for us to say thirtieth birthday what actually happened thirty years ago how did it how did it all start. so one of the figures you might be able to see on the stage behind me is tim berners lee who we just heard from and what he did thirty years ago it was me it's a proposal while he was working as a computer scientist named switzerland a proposal for an information management system and he gave that to his boss mike send mike symbol rights of the top of this document very exciting all to ms lee took that idea and developed it into the first web page he hosted the first the
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first browser the rest is really history it became the world why. the development of of human history that has revolutionized our lives undeniably has now spread into all corners of human activity we socialize online we romance online we do business we go shopping we have all of these aspects of life which are now lives on the internet and that is a disrupter really a revolution for our times of course there are bad things that have come with it as well dissin from ation hacking cyber bullying the kind of strange isolation that goes along with online life all of these are the sort of flip sides of the coin to the internet age and so what does tim berners lee say about those sorts of things because he obviously knows he's quote unquote created a monster here. which is got so much good there but has all these problems as.
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well he's been very outspoken about them over the years he's made various public interventions already calling for say the corporate spirit to back off from the internet that his vision was that it was always meant to be open for all he doesn't want parts of the internet walled off either and. the letter that he wrote this year for this anniversary he's identified three main threats that are current that there is deliberate malicious intent things like hacking and criminal behavior online online harassment he also talks about system does the system design is to create perverse incentives like the commercial rewards for click baits and the viral spread of misinformation and then he also talks about the unintended unintended on intended negative consequences of good design that's what he means by that is basically the kind of gnostic side of ourselves that the internet has
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brought out and he wants to come out of the news in in a kind of a different range of ways he talks about a combined approach of needle was uncovered but also research and perhaps even redesigning the internet itself in some way he says it won't be easy but if we dream a little and we work a lot we can get there there's no question for you rory i've actually been asking some of our guests this today can you remember first using the internet especially for younger viewers who don't remember the tazer dial up internet and the like. oh . yeah no i do remember remember sending my first e-mails but the thing that transformed my life i think was the realisation that i could download music you know something i have always had a passion for n p three. systems like napster and that's another big. switch. things that really convinced me that the internet was something that had a massive impact on my life and the way that i interacted with the world well said
9:42 pm
good to challenge there at the science museum in london. now british police say they are aware that a group calling itself the irish republican army or ira is claiming responsibility for sending five parcel bombs last week northern irish media is reporting the group sent explosive packages to addresses in london and scotland they were found at heathrow airport london city airport waterloo train station and glasgow university causing major disruption in all those locations violence like this was common during the thirty year conflict in which irish republicans who want to darling to be reunited forty against british forces and loyalist paramilitaries who wanted the area to remain part of the u.k. the violence ended after an international a u.s. brokered peace deal in northern ireland known as the nineteen ninety eight good friday agreement but there are fears briggs it could in fact threaten that peace is just a bit of background for you the three hundred ten mile irish border separates northern
9:43 pm
ireland part of the u.k. from the republic of ireland an independent country and also a member of the e.u. right now that border completely open with no checkpoints but after brags that they could be what's known as the hard border with roadblocks and infrastructure for customs checks many fear that could reignite violence with police warning of likely attacks on any future border posts arash border will also become the only land frontier between the u.k. and the european union we've got a macand with us now journalist writer and political activist on skype from londonderry n r a nice to have you with us first of all your thoughts on these parcels which were discovered and this claim from well the group saying it's the ira do you believe that's true. well it depends on what you mean by the ira we have a last kind of three ira's here we've got the ira which is the mainstream ira if she hadn't been party of mr gerry adams and martin mcguinness we also have a group called the continuity ira and we have got the group describe it gets out
9:44 pm
simply as the ira and all this reflects the fact that there are very differing political in this started going anonymous days are of all the where i read republicanism came for and where it is night and the people who planted these bombs are sent to these bombs through the post they would regard the mainstream ira of mr adams and mr mcguinness they were god demonstrators have given up their struggle before to achieving their aim of a united ireland. like this or obviously always a concern but how much of a concern do you feel they are you know weeks now from when the u.k. is supposed to leave the a you and this whole border issue becomes very real. yes well i mean it is a we have had a coming together of different crises here eighty eight people here really fear is the possibility of a hard barter of between northern ireland and southern and if that happens there's a hard barter there were have to be customs posts or some of the installations
9:45 pm
along the border to control and keep check on what goods and people are passing back and forth if a customs pushed or a series of customs post is erected along the i raise barter that it's just a fact not speculation i regarded that as a fact that some people will shoot at them and there won't be it doesn't take very many people are history tells us that you know it doesn't take very many people to spark off you know a white or a cap come the end of violence and half a dozen people half a dozen people can fire at a constant supposed but if that is dumb than the british authorities and the i reason for it isn't dublin are going to have to guard the customs poach they're going to have to put soldiers armed police around them if that happens we're really back to square one we're back possibly possibly we are back to the situation before the good friday agreement before nineteen ninety eight that is what people here
9:46 pm
fear and is it your belief that this i mean you've just outlined a very very serious situation that it's being taken seriously enough by the politicians because when we talk about breaks at an island in northern ireland the word backstop gets thrown around and people don't necessarily know what they're talking about what you've just described is a very very real very worrying situation. yes well one of the things we have learned over the last couple of years is that really i don't like to insult the british people indeed i don't many of them are my friends but they know nothing about aaron and they know very very little about northern ireland our secretary of state who is the british cabinet minister in charge of northern ireland said a few weeks ago that she had never understood that there were two communities here and that they wouldn't be gay catholics voted nationalist and protestants voted unionist she said that's the most basic fact about northern ireland it's a b.c.
9:47 pm
if the beginning of the alphabet and she said she never understood that he is the cabinet minister in charge of all this many. prominent british people don't seem to understand that there is a border in ireland and that there's a northern ireland on their southern or no they simply don't seem to have grasped that and to dig in the a branch of the goshi actions began to refute a response to say steady on this is going to have a a major effect on political arrangements and ireland and wasn't until about six months ago that the it finally dawned on the british that this is what was happening northern ireland wasn't discussed at the branch that negotiations on told just a couple of months ago because the british didn't realize that this was an issue so you know sometimes i think you know sort of that a a you know the people who know nothing can come in and get made to the british have been and are now for eight hundred years and they've never known anything about her and even a can of lead to talking to you thank you for joining us ok thanks for having me
9:48 pm
thank you. so it is just a few minutes now until the british parliament votes on teresa mayes briggs that plan again to decide how and when the u.k. leaves the european union the last part of that debate going on i think there who is the opposition parties spokesman on remember just a few weeks now until britain is supposed to leave the european union so much riding on this vote tonight back to lawrence lee here he is outside the houses of parliament set up for us laurence. well you know just just picking up on what you tell into i am a macand they're about i mean you can see why the european union demanded the backstop you know they they they they they can have a hard border in the on in the violent because it would imperil the peace process and from the word go really when the referendum was cold that's absolute truth
9:49 pm
about the situation was just basically unknown but by the people who were it were organizing the debates and you know if you count your mind back to the referendum what was presented as a binary choice leaving or remaining in the european union now is turned into you know half a dozen ways to leave the european union and and that's why you've got the mess that there is in only schisms and splits across parliament has to have a hard leave or a soft leave or a norway deal or a switzerland deal or a canada deal and you know i mean goodness knows what else and they just got lost it's a reason may come up with any separation of breck's it and she's going to lose again it seems very heavily once again tonight the atmosphere among conservative m.p.'s his own room missing the gloomy hof them didn't even turn up to listen to her speech in the debate this often with a full touring voice and so there is a general assumption that if he's lost they that the european union will offer
9:50 pm
nothing else now and they don't know where to go and what they're waiting for really once the vote is lost is what on a series of may is going to have to say to his cell to try to salvage what it pays to be an unwinnable situation jonathan lists bush influence is going to do with us next hour or two well what will this car crash unfolds in in front of us. how do we have to get to this situation do you think was it because the referendum was such an oversimplistic choice for a very complicated situation absolutely during the referendum very leave to a very deliberate strategy not to spell out what price it looked like a left wing people could vote for it happily right wing people could very happily it would be very protectionist and it would be about free trade it would be about opening up britain and it would be about restricting immigration for example and so all cool when you actually came to the gate seeing it breaks it is hard to choose the path the problem the trees they may how does she never had the courage to admit
9:51 pm
to people that some of them would be disappointed and said she sort of maintained this they sort of this whole surge that everyone could be satisfied and that oversee when you have a document in the real world that will spell out a specific path and of course it's not what people voting for ok stay there for the time being jonathan we're going to come back to you in just a few minutes on the phone she's actually going to happen ten minutes from now with the results at about a quarter past seven g.m.c. local time we'll be back with you in just a few minutes ok thanks laurance looking forward to your coverage of that before we go into briggs it over tried let's get some sport with andy thank you so much come on when you ventus of facing a big challenge to stay in the european champions league tonight that seat down heading into the second leg of their last sixteen saw that lets madrid even a do you have home advantage for this game christiane although a school just once in this season's competition is so far myself to being the top scorer in the last six champions legs that are commanded to lead soldiers but i believe that the most important thing is to have belief that we can win this playing with no nerves and no rush to score in the first ten minutes we need to
9:52 pm
have clear minds than we thought hopefully our will to win will be stronger than their. manchester city have the advantage going into the second leg of their time with shell city winning three two in germany last time out shelter really struggling in abundance league i just four points above the relegation places. so everything is open so that way is to be to be focused because when we judging about what happened in the last six years ok we're focused we're better but this one game and everything can happen we saw it last week really titleholders kachina and lose dropped points in the asian champions league the japanese team allowed its goal lead to slip because. of china it's all in strike a crush on a palace called twice for shandong she missed a top of group a on four points. tournament that beats on stage of course an upset against two time champions one joevan grand the south koreans in winning three one
9:53 pm
samit sort of group is an instructor at the school so of goals i thought was world governing body fifa says the cats are twenty twenty two world cup could be expanded to include forty eight seems if one additional country is used as a co-host it adds the cats i would have to approve who have partnered with a firm meeting in miami on thursday to discuss their proposal is preparing eight venues to host a thirty two it seemed so intimate but fifa president jani and francine are came to include sixteen more countries to study end of ice stadiums in bahrain kuwait a man saudi arabia and the united arab emirates that could be used but also notes as it currently stands the nature of bahrain saudi arabia and the u.a.e. relations with cats are is such that it would be challenging swack a nice co-hosted for number two in qatar and one or more of these countries phosphors cross family welling says the still a long way to go before a forty eight becomes more than just
9:54 pm
a theoretical possibility. all is clear is faith as determination to make this forty eight same tallman happen in twenty twenty two like it's happening in the united states in twenty twenty six that's the reason i would feel that this is even late out to the associated press because they don't want to be seen to be trying to make you happy to actually be talking to countries like a man and co i was diagnosed how difficult it will be for the take place in any of the other nations that are mentioned with the blockade going on in the talk about bahrain and saudi arabia united arab emirates actually it's all very well sidewall they have stadiums that could host these games actually making that happen politically is going to be so much more difficult than talking about how the stadiums would work if games were when for instance the stadiums would need to be changed time is one the other day to be ready twelve months before that almost same time never mind the political reasons and i think generally in france saying no has actually wanted to make sure that this is all in place for faithful politics going
9:55 pm
into the council meeting in miami on thursday and friday decisions won't be made until congress in france in june but actually can take it beyond this feasibility study into getting qatar to actually find a way to make this work that still remains an extremely difficult challenge and there would need to be huge movement that we're not seeing at the moment for it to happen now n.b.a. star russell westbrook has been caught on camera threatening a fan and his wife during a game against the utah jazz. oklahoma city thunder proclaimed he was provoked by a racially charged comments the league is now investigating the incident. our stop . is broken still it's too late to get in on what it is like you know most of the media shows complete disrespect. to be. seen as racial i think it's just
9:56 pm
inappropriate in a sense. there's no protection for the players ross is just a moment and carry on acting a fool down here and everybody's getting on and. yeah i guess he thought it was ice i just told him i like to sit out allies are nice bro new turn i mean he's like a sweet tea you know mike well you're going to need it and then it turned into. not safe for work i don't care you can threaten me all he wants i was the one talking to him. but don't for him the woman she's five feet tall one hundred ten pounds. tensions running high in cleveland a ballpark campus when the company's welcomes chris and says you're back at the strong tie wraps his buddies claim is rejected from the game could face further punishment from the n.b.a. the cavaliers winning this one one twenty six to one i want schools for example pop says fans should be too harsh on the scene plays involved in that brawl and they could not study a fact affects the n.b.a.'s image at all n.h.l.
9:57 pm
itself as has over two hundred fifty fights during the season in moby ridge claim bras are celebrated and clips are shown in each other first for their sports like the n.f.l. and n.b.a. that predominately african-american the every now and then players decide to actually get into and fight now what's a big deal i think is an unfair standard placed on these athletes and how their view and i think this some sort of vision about fans feel a certain conduct is ok in a certain sport and it isn't in another double standard. and the bahraini born football hockey male arabia has become an australian citizen just a month after being freed from prison in holland australian prime minister scott morrison on hand for the ceremony the twenty five year old was detained in bangkok last year at bahrain's request araby claims he was prosecuted in bahrain due to his criticism of the ruling family. sports is looking for. just a few minutes to the top of the boat about the start in london potentially historic
9:58 pm
moment in the british parliament live coverage coming up on al-jazeera in just a few minutes. al-jazeera is a very important force of information for many people around the world when all the cameras have gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going to talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront. where they're on line. is to be able to. express exactly what is happening in the moment and what it means. or if you joined us on say israel is an apartheid state in the ethnic cleansing of the palestinian people this is a dialogue everyone has
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a voice and we want to hear from you join nicolo but conversation. when investigating crime an admission of guilt is the ultimate corroboration. or is it the or tactics that can be used to get people to confess to crimes they didn't commit witness explores the shocking phenomenon of people. themselves the person who falsely confessed actually came to believe the lie that they were told about their own. behavior false confession on al-jazeera. is no one way of telling a story key thing is to tell the rights and to be respectful this is great we have to get to know the person fully to. mining six continents across the. al-jazeera is corresponding sleeping during the
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stories they tell you that this was enough but that is not the. we're at the mercy of barrage in the camp for palestinian. fluent in world news. and. the next few moments u.k. politicians are due to hold an historic vote on the terms of britain's departure from the european union this is the seed in the house of commons now. but i believe. it was the speaker shouting to clear the knob is a prime minister to reason may had hoped that a legally binding changes agreed with the e.u. who.


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