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cool so what the state twenty eight celsius to make the most of it because temperatures will struggle three seventeen degrees by thursday afternoon. this is al jazeera. this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london coming up. so the measure the news coverage on the another crushing defeat for the u.k. prime minister as politicians once again reject a you withdrawal deal. crisis for boeing the seven three seven x. eight is grounded in many countries after sunday's crash in ethiopia that killed
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a hundred fifty seven people. u.s. backed kurdish forces resume their offensive on the final stronghold in eastern syria. in school the titleholders suffer a setback in the asian champions league. draw it's a scam. to reason raise breck's it strategy has been dealt a devastating blow after the house of commons rejected withdrawal agreement on overwhelming majority for the second time so the no no no no no no there just seventeen days to go before the u.k. is due to leave the european union the prime minister says m.p.'s will now get a vote on whether the u.k. should leave without a deal the e.u. says the chances of this happening having creased significantly. two hundred forty two m.p.'s voted in favor of the deal and three hundred ninety one were against
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a defeat of one hundred forty nine votes for the prime minister in january the last time this would deal was put to a vote she lost by two hundred thirty votes i profoundly to the decision that this house has taken to it i continue to believe that by far the best outcome is the united kingdom believes the european union and an orderly fashion with the deal. and that the deal we've negotiated is the best and indeed the only deal of the. that is to speak i would like to sit out briefly how the government means to proceed to weeks ago i made a series of commitments from this dispatch box regarding the steps we would take in the event this house rejected the deal on a i stand by those commitments in full therefore tonight we will table a motion for debate tomorrow to test whether the house supports leaving the european union without a deal on the twenty ninth of march. opposition labor leader jeremy corbyn is again repeated his call for
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a general election the government has been defeated again by an enormous majority and they must now accept their deal their proposal the one the prime minister's port is clearly dead and does not have the support of this house. the prime minister's run down the clock on their caucus run run out on a maybe it's time instead we had a general election and the people could be good who the government should be. now as he joins us live from westminster said or if there is uncertainty of wrecks it just goes on and on. yeah and you know given what's an historic night this was was supposed to be. the most extraordinarily flat atmosphere there on many m.p.'s outs it's certainly compared to when she lost the last meaningful vote by two hundred thirty and this is this is incredible sense of demoralization basically inside the conservative policy that they have just completely lost the plot and lost their way
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and ultimately the defeat for some reason makes a night means that she has darrag a seat and handed over power in the immediate next couple days to m.p.'s with the free vote tomorrow on on no deal and then another one on thursday about a delay and they're going to power again past that so the european union is seeming there's a delay because the european union then gets to decide how long the delay should be and so there is overwhelming sense that the government has lost control entirely now of its own agenda and there are very many more questions than there are. as i'm joined by tom brake who's the liberal democrats bracks it's been the only more if you want to view a second referendum of course any more confidence at the moment that given this tonight that you might get that yes because it's very clear that the prime minister's deal is going nowhere there's no point in her bring it back for a third time if she really wants to get a deal in front of the people given the parliament has rejected it one of the options and we've put this to her is for her to be willing to work with us and we
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would facilitate that we'd hold our noses but help her deal to get through on the basis that in return she would be willing to put it to a people's vote and give the people a choice of zero thirty or stay in the european union but that of that was a labor party idea than it was and we will backing but at the moment labor party holding back on that they don't that because it's still going on about a general election well yes i mean that they've had one attempt at having a general election that didn't work frankly i'm worried that in reality there are certain people around jeremy called and jeremy called. himself who frankly are going to do everything they can to avoid there being a people's vote yet that is what the people in the country are wanting and incidentally that is what labor party members want to just help what we through the corridors the next couple of days on the assumption that this time tomorrow parliament will have. to vote it down leaving without a deal then the that the logic would suggest that the vote on thursday for
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a delay would would automatically follow it is that you're thinking too yes and that's my thinking too of course what we will need tomorrow at the end of this vote where parliament will have voted totally to rule out no deal is for the leader of the house or bring forward a business motion that sets out what's going to happen on thursday and i'm waiting to see the color of that before i believe it's going to happen but assuming it does then we will vote to extend article fifty a question mark about whether the government would actually offer what generation of extension they would want to see because should presume m m p's count votes you know whether or not to have a delay and unless they know how long the delay might be so the government would have to say in advance of the vote wouldn't they well i mean the government could always put forward a proposal i think it would be astonished if the government put forward a proposal for an extension that was anything other than a couple of months but then of course it is a motion that can be amended and therefore there would always be scope for other m.p.'s if they wanted to to amend it to two requests
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a longer extension and then vote on the end of the year i mean your opinion is making it very plain tonight that they won't allow an extension because they have the power to do this unless it was for a really good reason and a couple of months of just drifting along aimlessly like this isn't isn't that their monthly dem allowed my they know and in the past what they've certainly said is for the purposes of a general election if the u.k. decided to have a general election or indeed for the purposes of people's vote they would allow an extension without clearly not a very understandable reasons keen on the u.k. simply saying we need another extension because as a state of chaos in the u.k. parliament and we don't what we doing that's why. i think the next stage has got to be some mechanism for providing some clarity to the european union about what he says we all are actually going to do to arrive at a position where there is a common view that can get through parliament mccain and that and that presumably implies that we were going to wrap it up but implies presumed a longer extension doesn't it because well because you know a new deal is never going to happen in a no match for months so it would look to
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a longer extension of sleeping on a time thank you very much in the fifty's on the savings i was saying power drifting away from governments into the hands of and m.p.'s from all sides of the free vote some more announcements of the european union who then have decided that summit next week what sort of extension they would allow but if he was alone then the prospects of any bracks it happening that sol would have paisa be increasingly remote whether or not there's anything like an election or a second referendum. thank you very much still to come on out here news. thousands of protesters have returned to the streets across town chariot demanding immediate political changes. but is right as chief prosecutor has asked the supreme court to investigate opposition leader. over alleged involvement in the ongoing power outage. and in sport the title holder has suffered a setback in the asian champion's league and is here with that story.
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the european union safety agency has followed several aviation organization is around the world in banning the boeing seven three seven max eight from its air space it follows sunday's crash in ethiopia that killed one hundred fifty seven people was forty percent of more than three hundred seventy jets in service globally have now been grounded several european governments have also banned the planes from as space in a with malaysia australia and singapore and operations across the world from europe to asia and south america and grounded the seven three seven max eight fleets as a precaution but in the u.s. aviation officials say they're still standing behind the safety of boeing's assenting at craft john hendren has more from boeing headquarters in chicago. as investigators begin the first full day of their probe into the cause of a second deadly crash more and more of boeing seven thirty seven max aircraft are being grounded u.s.
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aviation officials insist the aircraft is safe but a growing list of countries say that until they get the assurances they need over the safety of the seven thirty seven max it is banned from their airspace u.s. airline passengers in an american flight attendants union share their concern u.s. senators are joining growing calls for the plane to be grounded well i think out of an abundance of caution and frankly common sense it makes sense to ground aircraft has been involved in two very tragic accidents in only six months the seven thirty . and max. a should be grounded immediately. there is no reason for american flyers to be less evil than. china ethiopia argentina mexico and now apparently the united kingdom but boeing insists the plane remains safe saying it has full confidence in
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the safety of the seven thirty seven max the biggest users of the aircraft american airlines and southwest continue to fly the plane as do several foreign carriers and at the moment based on our safety assessment there is no requirement to take any action the aircraft is safe to fly speculation into the cause of the two separate crashes has centered on flight control software the u.s. federal aviation administration plans to require a software enhanced meant that boeing says will be deployed on the next fleet in the coming weeks boeing says the update to maneuvering flight control and pilot display software would make quote an already safe aircraft even safer passengers might be confused but investors have reacted decisively they have hammered boeing stock costing the company billions of dollars in market value boeing had hoped to use this plane to overtake airbus in market share but now the company is just struggling to survive there is precedent for a global ban in two thousand and thirteen boeing took its massive new dreamliner
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out of service to resolve a problem with battery fires now once again boeing is struggling to hold steady through the turbulence john hendren al-jazeera chicago. strikes carried out by the saudi emirate he led coalition in northern yemen this week have killed twenty two people according to the u.n. human humanitarian agency the u.n. is also warned thousands of yemeni civilians caught in the fierce clashes are trapped in the area which has become another flashpoint in the country's bitter civil war tens of thousands of people have died in yemen's four year battle between the iran aligned who see movement and yemen's saudi backed government. u.s. backed syrian democratic forces say between fifteen hundred and two thousand people have left arsenal's last enclave in the village of by gurus in eastern syria there surrendering included both are still fighters and their family members in the kurdish led force say they have also killed thirty eight members of the armed group the beggar's offensive which is lasted for
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a number of weeks resumed on sunday morning a brief pause turn our civilians to leave for dr hamid has more from the chair he syrian border. this is the third night running the above who is coming under intense shelling and airstrikes there had been a lull last week allowing fighters to surrender and civilians to be evacuated but earlier in the day spokesperson for the syrian democratic forces that's the kurdish forces on the ground leading this battle have said that the battle for bubbles is coming and then that's probably why we see this intensification of strikes and shelling now in the air strikes also stream important simply because on the ground a goodish forces have been advancing very slowly they're trying to minimize the loss which could be a cure because of the fire or indeed the land mines and booby traps left behind by the eyes of hers as they retreat further in side who's
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a number of fighters are still holed up there considered to be do die hard towards the world's who are willing to fight until the bitter and it's still unclear how many civilians are in there or how many relatives of these eyes of fighters inside but whose this is something that has taken the kurds by surprise over the past few weeks thousands and thousands of people have streamed out and up to sixty five thousand are now held in one camp alone in the hall where conditions are extremely difficult be. who's the one who was expecting such a large number is all there are also reports that about one hundred fifty fighters have also surrendered on tuesday during the day now that is the pattern that has been ongoing also bombing yet now intense shelling. somehow the light of
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fighting during the day and allowing those who want to surrender a safe passage the u.s. state department says meaningful progress has been made in talks between the u.s. and taliban negotiators in qatar is fifth round of discussions began sixteen days ago sources say another round of discussions could it get underway soon james bays has more from the house. the talks here in doha started sixteen days ago they've come to an end but no breakdown and yet no breakthrough both sides are saying there has been some progress in fact rather remarkably both the u.s. special envoy zalmay khalilzad and the taliban spokesman put out tweets almost civil taney asli making the same point that there are four issues they've been discussing on two of those issues they've reached a draft agreement one of those is the withdrawal of troops from afghanistan potentially most of the u.s. troops leaving the country in what has for the u.s.
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been its longest war in history also on another key point what the u.s. calls assurances on counterterrorism we understand that's the taliban making a commitment not to support al qaeda what will happen to those two draft agreements is the leadership will go back to their respective commanders the taliban to afghanistan and pakistan the u.s. special envoy zalmay khalilzad back to washington d.c. to brief the secretary of state might pompei oh and quite possibly the president the u.s. secretary of state just happens to be coming to this region in the next week. well taliban and us show no signs of slowing down the battle in afghanistan even as they conclude that round of peace talks in qatar the u.s. has conducted a series of airstrikes against taliban fighters in the last week but local
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officials say they killed thirty five civilians american forces deny have been civilian deaths and of called it taliban propaganda sharpless has more from kabul. from the villages thing into gaza he says he on tractors transporting bodies wrapped in cloth they say these people were killed only i was prior on tuesday morning and air strikes carried out by u.s. forces. they hit this car and killed everybody in it there was not a single taliban member in the car all of them were three new york i swear you will find the taliban. live in the u.s. forces are defiant that this is a trick staged by the taliban they say they conducted four air strikes in gaza and killing seven taliban fighters but no civilians were killed they accuse the taliban of causing in inventing the deaths of innocent afghans and call it dishonest propaganda. three hundred kilometers away in lockman province they also chant death
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to america u.s. forces confirms there were is strikes here two last week but did not receive any civilian casualty rates these people disagree. with here around ten pm and killed many civilians including my children my brothers and sisters in law. people here want the strikes to stop even if u.s. and afghan forces have a legitimate claim the taliban are hiding among them. sheltering taliban or you find them here take me to court but i cannot tolerate these airstrikes anymore a third incident in neighboring province is under investigation u.s. forces say afghan troops conducted a night raid on saturday when they came under fire and called in air strikes u.s. forces say thirteen taliban were killed tribal elders say thirteen civilians were killed. airstrikes are an increasing problem in afghanistan u.s.
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forces relaxed their rules of engagement here last year removing solution proximity requirements for air strikes the result according to the u.n. was the deaths of three hundred ninety three civilians more than double the year prior and more than twenty fourteen twenty fifteen and twenty sixteen combined two thirds of the date will women and children the general do you do if there is not proper coordination between the government and international forces or the war management is weak if there had been proper coordination i don't think the civilian casualties would be so high was difficult to verify individual incidents of civilian casualties even the perception is leading to backlash against international and afghan forces if he does know gauge on these issues and tell international forces to leave i will start a national uprising. with no announcement on any international military with tool the situation remains tense on the ground its military pressure increases from the
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air charla ballasts al jazeera a couple. thousands of protesters have returned to the streets across algeria demanding immediate political change this a day after ailing president. abandoned his bid for a fifth term in power but stopped short of stepping down and the hayward has more. they say there will be no letup and no backing down until what they see is real political change in algeria. the people demand the downfall of the regime protests the shouted as they return to the streets after president abdel aziz bush announced he wouldn't seek a fifth term but also announced he was postponing the election. we are against any extensions any decisions to delay the elections or extend presidential terms we want to transition the government rule not sustain this corrupt government. we haven't requested an extension yes we said no to the fifth term but we didn't ask
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the government to stay nor beautifully could stay. beautifully can who's been in power for twenty years has promised to go eventually but is delayed any new elections meaning he's likely to stay in power for some time it's expected talks to plan algeria speech or will take place at some point this year but no date has been set is reported they'll be chaired by lakhdar brahimi a former u.n. arab league envoy to syria would be shipping a has made some changes to his political team but the chief of the army is staying on more evident side demonstrators that little has changed former prime minister and a bentley says postponing the election is unconstitutional. well support will hermes or were different to our throttling the president's attempt to run for a fourth term is an achievement made by the algerian people not a favor all granted by anybody the people lived up to the expirations lived up to
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their responsibility especially that the constitution was violated where a president's term runs for five years only the current term has been extended without the people's approval or endorsement and the constitution. many demonstrating here have no no other leader than abdelaziz bouteflika high unemployment among young people and rising living costs a pew with these protests along with a strong desire for political reform and the hayward. venezuela's chief prosecutor has asked the supreme court to investigate opposition leader one guy doe over next involvement in the ongoing power outage the government is still struggling to restore power in many regions almost a week after much of the nation was plunged into darkness president maduro blames the outage on the united states whilst the opposition says the power grid has been poorly maintained in the economic crisis. sisters are always lifeless in the
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venezuelan capital caracas treasure how people their interpretation into the investigation into what oh. well just until a few minutes ago there were lots and lots of people you're protesting against the government another request by one might go either all for people to take to the streets to protest against the government he was also here and what he said is basically that this is just another excuse for the government not to do their job not to fold people's problems the problems that everyone almost everyone is facing today in venezuela with shortages of medicines of food of electricity water people here are telling us that they haven't had water for weeks and this is just one of the many problems people are facing today and this is also happening as a journalist a very well known journalist here in venezuela we got a little vs what the taint it by the government and even though there's a united nations human rights group here. during
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a ten day trip there have also been requesting the government to release this journalist who the government has been in a way accusing off having something to do with a blackout that had been affecting this country for the past at least four days that's not forget that venezuelans have is traveling with a massive power outage the government has been struggling to restore electricity mostly to city has been restored but in many parts of the country the blackout continues and the u.s. is talking about imposing very significant additional sanctions against venezuelan financial institutions but in fact listen. well that's correct the united states has announced that they will impose to more sanctions against the government of nikola motor let's not forget that thanks has began in late two thousand and seventeen and they were mostly thanks designed against binnacle and individuals mostly people from the governmental related to the government or in doing business with the government that real. can last year when the government
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imposed economic sanctions on the country and we we know that that's already having an enormous impact here in venezuela because it's basically preventing the government from accessing much immediate u s dollars let's not forget that because of drop in oil prices a drop also in old production in this country the government of struggling for cash so most definitely the sanctions will have an enormous impact on the current administration most of the analysts we have spoken to are questioning the sanctions because there are say that it would they will start hurting the venezuelan people and not the government if you look into countries like iran north korea cuba government have been in place for years and still people are those who are in a way being affected the most that's why many are questioning the conscience today the government. is saying that they will continue to challenge the united states they're blaming the united states for the current power outage that has affected this country and that's why in a way they are remaining defiant is
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a bite of the foundations that have already been announced those are both thank you very much indeed still to come announced their news out riding high why the political honeymoon isn't over for mexico's president. and the world wide web turns thirty but there's a word of warning from its inventor as a sport to n.b.a. players are facing up to a suspension after this on court encounter. hello the weather looks very unsettled across a good passive here now most of cloud down towards central and southeastern parts up towards the northwest is not a whole lot better here as well the rattling of shower clouds coming in that crossed see pretty sharp as we go through the next couple of days longer spells of
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right of that big mass of cloud here is about the massive cloud down towards the southeast and cold so in between that's the place to be fiona looks pretty good temperatures here getting out to around nine cells just want to see showers a possibility for whedon's day down towards the pine regions to the east of facts is fine and dry southeastern parts are just into the part of greece pushing over to his southern areas of the season longer spells of friends maybe downpours a possibility with some fund those showers will continue to rattle away him across the me northwest meanwhile ten or eleven is that the london and paris at such mater on thursday but we're looking at a very blustery couple of days of very strong winds possibility of some damaging winds as well so as not to feel particularly warm with that twelve or thirteen or regard a step closer southeast whether they're into the balkans but on the other side of the med but it looks like the fog in tri coastal french is the libya and egypt could see some wet weather there for the most part this settled and sunny.
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isn't the problem for your town that they really don't have a hell of a question mark over him but he does have a corruption question mark or really doesn't look good for the image that it appears that they are going to do it we will have known about this or decided he really do get why there's a lot of disillusionment with the us across the globe too far that is called for or the bridge doesn't build confidence or break spoke to join me in front of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories are big issues here and i'll just get. these everywhere and it's choking our planet very toxic and very dangerous and we could spend years painting this i alone but breakthroughs are being made showing that it is possible to change our relationship with nature substance issue running. mate that we pick up on the beach to. move on plastic waste. on al-jazeera how do you.
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mind the top stories. so the no no no no no no britain's parliament has resoundingly rejected prime minister to resign maize a new withdrawal deals politicians will not vote on whether the u.k. should leave the e.u. without a deal. a v.a. tional thirty's and operations around the world a band or suspended the boeing seven three seven eight model following sunday's crash which killed one hundred fifty seven people u.s. airline and manufacturer boeing says it has full confidence in the safety of its
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aircraft. and the u.s. backed syrian dead. forces say between fifteen hundred and two thousand people have left our souls lost enclave in the village of bad news in eastern syria those surrendering included fighters and their family members. fronts in southern malawi have left thirty people dead and almost a quarter million without shelter president often with arika has declared a state of disaster in the region welcome web reports from an evacuation center in southern malawi. it was the middle of the night when i guess susie says she woke to find flood water rising through her home she ran now she and her five children and it is her back you ation center in southern malawi. and there was another world the floods have destroyed our crops in the fields we don't have anything to harvest even all our clothes and belongings are gone we've had to come
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here with nothing have been destroyed. chiles and more tell similar stories hundreds have been injured dozens of died survivors have no choice but to come to centers like bliss and wait for help most of the people here are subsistence farmers they don't own much and they carried with them whatever they could use disused farm warehouse will be their shelter for tonight for a bed to sleep on not much more than this. this is what happened to their homes and their farms after four days of heavy rain the river share a personal bank hundreds of thousands of people live on the surrounding lowlands their fertile for farming but dangerous too it's not the first time this has happened broken bridges and washed away roads have made it hard for the government
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trucks to bring food and supplies. it will take long for people here to rebuild their lives. back at the center people gather to hear what the local chief has to say he told us the government's bringing food and tents and will build much needed toilets. not only the crops they lose their belongings they do lose. their. saw people become. and so the weight goes on some assistance here will make things a little easier floodwaters are still high and more heavy rains the forecast in the coming days people don't even know when they might be able to start to rebuild their lives malcolm web al-jazeera and sanjay district malarky.
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united nations says north korea is using increasingly sophisticated methods to violate international sanctions aimed at pressuring them to give up their nuclear program a new report says they're stepping up illegal ship to ship transfers of oil and coal using middlemen to sell arms to yemen libya and sudan and hacking global banking systems i can or spoke to the coordinator of the panel short report. north korea is focused on generating foreign currency revenue. and getting the oil and petroleum products that they need to keep their economy in both military and civilian functioning the panel's findings would appear to flesh out the findings of u.s. intelligence as explained in the senate hearing that happened last month the difference is the panel provides a lot of evidence photographs documents recordings e-mail
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correspondence left to us so we do it in a manner that can be used by courts and used by member states around the world and international organizations as the basis for legal action has president trumps diplomatic engagement created a breathing space for north korea to explore all loopholes within u.n. sanctions i was a bit surprised you're in the singapore summit and all the meetings to see chairman kim's luxury palm the mercedes limousines which the panel has been investigating for several years now appearing in the streets of singapore another member state national capitals these cars were illicitly obtained from the united states from a u.s. company they were shipped out of long beach by a chinese businessman called george small whose company c. jet was earlier involved in prohibited military shipments to. africa to the
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republic of congo so these things i find a bit surprising and i think that it's useful to pay attention to things that to ensure we don't condone illicit activity that violates the resolutions and showcase them through the patient true of summits what would you like to see from the security council in terms of plugging these high. all that north korea has exploited so successfully i think this latest report focuses more on recommendations to member states. to influence the private sector to companies and individuals to do a better job yes president donald trump has submitted his plans for next year's budget to congress but it's already been rejected by the opposition democrats trump is once again seeking billions of dollars for his promised border with mexico it's
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exactly the same issue that led to a budget deadlock and the government shutdown at the start of the year our white house correspondent kimberly hellcat has more. it's a budget president donald trump knows will never be approved by the u.s. congress still his white house unveiled its fiscal priorities for the camera. trumps twenty twenty budget calls for deep cuts in federal spending including big cuts to government programs that help low income americans boosting spending for the u.s. military. but the headline another push for billions to build a wall along the southern border of the united states and mexico he's doing his job he's doing what congress should be doing he took an oath of office and he has a constitutional duty to protect the people of this country if trump's request for border while funding sounds familiar it should be was a trump twenty sixteen presidential campaign promise we're going to build a wall and mexico is going to pay for the wall it's
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a promise that led to an historic government shutdown at the end of twenty eighteen trump asked congress for five point six billion for his wall it approved just one point three for border security that's when the u.s. president declared a national emergency to access more than eight billion already approved funding donald trump's emergency funding declaration has already been blocked in the house of representatives now the senate is poised to do the same trump is expected to veto those efforts to keep his funding intact in addition to the new money he's requesting trump knows his latest request sets up yet another fight with congress so why is he doing it this is not about spending this is not oh this is not about what's good for the u.s. government this is the president essentially handing out candy to potential voters in the lead up to election day two thousand and twenty that's what trump's counting
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on given this budget is mostly political not practical it's little more than a wish list of priorities the president intends to push on the campaign trail as trump makes a case for a second term in the white house kimberly helped get al jazeera the way. is raising fears the forces have clashed with worshipers that the al aqsa mosque foresee a temporary closure of the compound very force it has more from occupied east jerusalem. over here in the streets in occupied east jerusalem outside the old city a few hundred meters away from the iraq's a mosque compound and it is here in these streets an alley ways where the last prayers of the day have been taking place that's because access to the old city has been very severely restricted access to the alex a mosque compound known as the temple mount to jews has been entirely cut off after an incident earlier on tuesday afternoon israeli police say somebody threw a monocle amount of cocktail or a fire bomb at
12:39 am
a police post on the site that post caught fire one policeman suffered minor smoke inhalation there was scuffles that erupted several arrests a spokesman for the islamic walks the trust which operates the site under the aegis of the jordanian government says that senior clerics who were among those beaten by israeli security forces during that and as a result the entire place has been closed down by the israeli or forty's and as a result people being out here in the streets there have been calls for solidarity to defend. all of this coming on the heels of what's taken place in the last three weeks when the islamic world has decided to reopen an area that was been closed by the israeli authorities since two thousand and three an area around a place known as the mercy gate it is a place which israel thought you said was being used by a group linked to hamas at that time but now the work has decided to reopen it and a deadline for the closure of that imposed by israeli courts expired on monday
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still no resolution to that situation despite talks to be going on between israel and jordan the palestinian president mahmoud abbas has put out a statement about today's events saying that it is a dangerous escalation that has been mounted here by the israelis certainly is a much greater increase in tensions that have already been high in recent weeks. the nation prime minister mahathir mohamad is considering the future of malaysia airlines. and says shutting it down could be an option the airline has been trying to increase its performance and profitability after a series of air disasters suffered major losses after flight m h three seventy disappeared over the indian ocean in twenty fourteen and another plane was shot down over ukraine later that year i think the disability is made. to shut down danish. really really limited the lands studied this is an issue and
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has to do with the issue shouted down or we should sell it all forwards and we should. be fine i know these things are. in there for the government and we say. the first provisional results in guinea-bissau as parliamentary elections are expected in the next few hours it said the sunday's vote will bring to an end to years of political deadlock in the turbulent west african nation where president resume area of us has been unable to form a workable government nicholas hack reports from the capital base out. while the votes cast in sunday's parliamentary elections are counted. the future of the party really for the last forty five years hangs in the balance candidates of the african party for independence for guinea and kept byrd also known as the ph d. c. put on the show during the campaign with the slogan get out and the country is on its
12:42 am
way far from it say members of the opposition who accuse the ruling party of corruption and emptying state coffers saying his country was too poor to organize the polls president obama has delayed the parliamentary election intil international donors stepped in to put in the bill and they. had the honor of being close to the late president of the launch of democracy in guinea bissau in one thousand nine hundred four since that date no president has reached the end of his term of office and it's only now that it's happening without death without violence without a coup d'etat. sixteen coup attempts by the army and no peaceful transition of power since independence instability has become the norm in the south un sanctions have been in place against the military since two thousand and twelve and the un peacekeeping mission is protecting key sites in the capital the building right behind me is the national assembly of guinea bissau it's the center of decision making in this country except for the last two years no one has set foot in it no
12:43 am
laws have been voted in no budget approved no political dialogue locked in a tussle for power seven prime ministers and their governments have resigned in a show of no confidence towards president valves and the. among them is former prime minister general. he accuses the president of corruption but they have a lot of money for a lot of countries and then. nobody in all ways come from. it's money but one thing we know. that is free the united states drug enforcement agency believes guinea bissau is a transit point used by latin american drug traffickers funneling kochi to europe turning the country into a narco state president virus has called on the international community to help tackle drug traffickers seek his country lacks the resources to fight powerful cartels while the politicians are accused of profiting from this illicit trade most
12:44 am
people here continue to live on less than two dollars a day for them this election is an opportunity to change the political leadership of their country and they hope their own fortunes because hawke al-jazeera. now says he swept to power in a landslide victory in december mexico's president addressed manual lopez obrador has become even more popular his first one hundred days in power have been described as a long honeymoon with record approval ratings almost eight out of ten mexicans have confidence in their leader david mercer reports from the capital mexico city on what's behind his success and the challenges that lie ahead. when man well lopez obrador was sworn into office on december first. tens of thousands of cheering fans welcomed him and the mexican president's honeymoon isn't over yet. on monday lopez obrador celebrated his first hundred days in office and with the most recent survey putting his approval rating at seventy eight percent his first three
12:45 am
months in power have been the most popular since polling began in the one nine hundred eighty s. . the government belongs to all mexicans and its main function is to enforce justice and seek the welfare and happiness of the people. has broken with tradition by offering daily press conferences that start at seven am by repeatedly bringing up corruption a quality development and his own popularity the veteran politician has been able to set mexico's news agenda good. we will continue all of us together to build a beautiful utopia we will continue moving towards the great ideal of living in a new free fair democratic and fraternal homeland. was lopez obrador has already made good on many of his most popular campaign promises the folksy leader has cut back government salaries given up presidential luxuries
12:46 am
and launched a myriad of social programs while traversing the country most mexicans are now marred by lopez obrador his brand of populist politics but critics warn that he doesn't have concrete plans to bring about change at a critical time for the country. january marked mexico's most violent month on record with nearly three thousand murders and the country's economy could be in trouble with investment down by six percent to december the biggest drop in more than five years good intentions is not enough to change that reality of. both on the economy and the security front. needs to be a plan there needs to be more reforms on different fronts to increase productivity and economic growth potential that is not in at least at the beginning of the administration during his first one hundred days there doesn't seem to be a plan to do that. for now lopez obrador is able to blame previous administrations
12:47 am
for the country's problems but as he heads further into his presidency the mexican people will hold him to account for his political leadership and his efforts to tackle the challenges the country faces. david mercer al-jazeera mexico city. the world wide web has turned thirty and over the past three decades has transformed the way we live its inventor tim berners lee says he created it to everyone free access to information which he says is a human right but he says that's no longer the case with governments and companies increasingly controlling the online world thirty years ago i submitted a vague but exciting proposal for a free open permission of space for all of humanity to share knowledge and ideas today half the world's population is still unconnected and those of us who are online feel that our rights and freedoms
12:48 am
on not fully protected and respected were a child has more now from london where berners lee has been speaking. tim berners lee is on a bit of a tour he started tuesday at cern in switzerland he's now talking on the stage behind me in london and on wednesday morning he'll be in lagos nigeria he is the man thirty years ago he marched nine hundred eighty nine wrote a proposal for an information management system to submit to his boss while he was working as a computer scientist at cern in switzerland his boss thought this was a bit excited when he said he was excited because it was the template for the world wide web an idea that tim berners lee ran with he created the first web pages the first server the first internet browser and of course the world wide web now spreads into all corners of human activity we romance online we socialize we
12:49 am
shop we do business we watch t.v. or we download music this is just scratching the surface really but of course there are bad sides of this as well online bullying cyber hacking misinformation these are all the the darker flip sides of what tim berners lee created he thinks that as long as we keep the internet open that as long as we were told ward's the dream that he had thirty years ago we can make the internet a better place he says it won't be easy but if we dream a little and work a lot we can get the web that we want for scientists to broadcast the first television quality video from deep beneath the indian ocean exploration hopes to document changes taking place in one of the world's least explored areas scientists hope to find submerged mountain ranges and undiscovered marine life. sports news including
12:50 am
a new start for the. sport
12:51 am
thank you so much lauren all the. investigation into what i've described. exchange between one of the league's stall players and russell westbrook was. a supporter. what. kind he was provided by racially
12:52 am
charged comments by the funding question has now been banned from the arena. my friends to talk. to get executives to for me to compete this is for. things racial i think it's just inappropriate since. there's no protection for the players ross is just carrying on acting a fool down here and everybody's getting on him they had i guess he thought it was ice i just told him i'm like. this he's. going to need it and then it turned into. not safe for work i don't care you can threaten me all he wants i was the one talking to him. but don't fret the woman she's five feet tall one hundred ten pounds man. well tensions were also running
12:53 am
high in cleveland a brawl breaking out between the cavaliers marquees chris and sergio back of the swans are raptors both players rejected in that game and it will face further punishment from the n.b.a. the cavaliers going on to win on twenty six to one i won the sports lawyer examiner saying fans shouldn't be too harsh on the players involved in that brawl. out of the goodness of back affects the n.b.a.'s image and all n.h.l. itself has had over two hundred fifty fights during the season imma be bridge clearing brawls are celebrated in clips are shown in each other perth well they're sports like the n.f.l. the n.b.a. that predominately african-american but every now and then players decide to actually get into wouldn't right now what's a big deal i think is an unfair standard placed on these athletes and how their view and i think there's some sort of vision about fans feel a certain conduct is ok in a certain sport it is that in another double standard. titleholders the kachina
12:54 am
analysts have dropped points in the asian champions league the japanese team a lot a two goal lead to slip against shandong lang of china shima with su up inside fifteen minutes but two goals here from italian struck a great sound of pelor so shandong hit back as the game finished in a two two draw but they do stay top of group a on four points i told him at the reasons daegu course an upset against two time champions of a ground the south korean team winning three one semi of top of group f. brazilian strike at good scoring two of davies goals. and the saudi arabian league champions of beats and qatar as domestic title win is a three one win out hello i would do fail in this game french strike and then go is scoring the third there for how our state's top group safe. in the european champions league event says have pulled off an incredible comeback in south let's go madrid a hat trick from christian around they're making it three male so you very often aren't giving them a three two aggregate win and a place in the quarter finals the other side not quite so tight man city
12:55 am
a seven up that is a ten to aggregate lead. on wednesday liverpool take on a german champions by munich the first leg on field finished nil nil liverpool's manager getting more than a little frustrated when asked how his team's european efforts may impact on their bid so win the premier league title i really don't think that any of the coaches the world or marriage in the world has to answer this question of place champions league. i really think it's really unique that only happens if you have a liverpool manager the better part that's come for managers who knighthood and stop this things that's how it is football's governing body is still pushing to expand the twenty twenty two world cup in cats are a thief reports says one or more co-hosts could stage the extra games for president yani in france you know once forty eight countries to be involved in the event up from the thirty two cats or is preparing to host the study lists bahrain kuwait oman saudi arabia and the united arab emirates possibilities or sports
12:56 am
correspondent lee whirling says there's still a long way to go before a forty eight seam world cup becomes more than just a theoretical possibility. all is clear is faith as determination to make this forty eight same toman happen in twenty twenty two like it's happening in the united states in twenty twenty six that's the reason i would feel that this is even late out of the associated press because they don't want to be seen to be trying to make you happy to actually be talking to countries like a man and co i was diagnosed how difficult it will be pretty take place in any of the other nations that are mentioned but the blockade going on in the talk about bahrain and saudi arabia united arab emirates actually it's over a world war they have stadiums that could host these games actually making that happen politically is going to be so much more difficult than talking about how the stadiums would work if games were when for instance the stadiums would need to be changed time is running out the need to be ready twelve months before that almost
12:57 am
never mind the political reasons and i think generally in france saying no has actually wanted to make sure that this is all in place for a fee for politics going into the council meeting in miami on thursday and friday decisions won't be made until congress in france in june but actually can take it beyond this feasibility study into getting qatar to actually find a way to make this work that still remains an extremely difficult challenge and they would need to be huge movement that we're not seeing at the moment for it to happen on the bahraini born football or hockey in al-arabiya has become an australian citizen just a month after being freed from prison in holland australian prime minister scott morrison on hand for the ceremony the twenty five year old was detained in bangkok last year at bahrain's request. ok that is how you sport is looking for now let's get back to lauren in london andy thank you very much a quick run to catch up with all the sport and the news on our website address that
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al-jazeera dot com and what has parkhill live like on a set for me from this news hour are back in a minute with more news. a sinister only god who secretly controls moldova's parliament or merely a tycoon misjudged by his enemies is the most hated politician in the country i made my key allegations of blackmail hitman and the billion dollar for. people in power investigates moldova and the puppet master on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera is a very important force of information for many people around the world when all the cameras are gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront. trying to do. that adjured occupations shut chinese to do the instruments now. charging the diverse lives of the children of south africa the distances have to be more than a cup the same skin the tension i could see. through a complex history of dramatic social and political change the seven up south africa on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. where ever you are. so the no news i may have a problem oh another crushing defeat for the u.k. prime minister as politicians once again reject the e.u. withdrawal deal. on the untender nandan still on the program crisis for boeing the seven three seven x. eight is grounded in many countries after sunday's crash a theory that killed one hundred fifty seven people.


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