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and that's just. the version of. news. al-jazeera. you're watching that is our life from a headquarters in doha i'm dead a novel days are coming up in the next sixty minutes so she against leaving without a deal and for an extension to snort salt the problems we face a dire warning from the u.k. prime minister of tourism a after her revised zip line is voted down again boeing it faces a global back clos multiple airlines grounder a seven three seven x.
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eight fleets following the second cross in five months. bombs pounds i souls lost on klav in syria for a third successive day killing dozens of fighters and. out on the streets again algerians demand their president quit right away even after the drop his bid for a fifth term. hello britain's parliament has rejected prime minister to resign may's bracks at strategy for a second time it plunges the u.k. deeper into crisis with just seventeen days before it's due to leave the european union m.p.'s will now get a vote on whether the country should leave without a deal so here's how politicians voted a few hours ago two hundred forty two were for the zio and three hundred ninety one
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against that means the prime minister lost by a hundred and forty nine votes in january an earlier version of the deal was defeated by two hundred thirty votes and the begins our coverage. now is to the right. two hundred two to choose the news to the last three hundred ninety one so the no use having the news on the heavy defeat for the withdrawal agreement this was slightly better for prime minister to resume aid of the previous meeting vote but still resoundingly struggling with a sore throat she told parliament it now faced tough decisions does it wish to refocus fifty does it want to hold a second referendum. does it want does it want to leave with a deal but not this to her these are an enviable choices thanks to the decision
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that the house has made this evening they are choices that must now be faced. just hours after she'd arrived back from stress book with new legal assurances over the withdrawal deal base position had been undermined by her own top legal advisor attorney general geoffrey koch said the tweaks by the e.u. didn't alter his legal opinion over the possibility of the u.k. being locked into a customs union a spot of the so-called backstop the mechanism to prevent a hard border between islands and northern ireland as a result she was never going to win over. hardline euro skeptic members of her own party they'll be a commons vote on wednesday on whether to rule out leaving the e.u. without a deal then thursday could see a vote on whether to ask brussels for an extension to the article fifty period of negotiations the leader of the opposition is clinging on to the hope of a fresh general election the prime minister's run down the clock and the caucus rain run out on her maybe it's time instead we had
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a general election and the people get things to move their government should pay. but what now for to resume a the size of her defeat is too large to aim for a chance of getting a tweaked deal through with another vote in the very near future. after this week's votes in westminster attention will turn to an e.u. summit next week brussels has said it might give britain more time if a reasoned request for an extension to the timetable of leaving by march the twenty ninth is made meaningful concessions though from the e.u. appear most unlikely it seems the road may be running out for the british prime minister nadine barber al-jazeera laurence leamer was outside the british parliament as the crucial vote was mowed and he explains the potential scenarios ahead. the word meltdown is being used liberally to the scribe what's happened to trees and maze bricks it plan a second crushing defeat and apparently no way back now for this deal and
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ultimately what it means is the power of the bricks it process is being taken out of her hands out of the hands of governments and put as the hands of parliament and the european union the chronology now as a couple of days a vote on wednesday nights where parliament is being asked to rule out no deal leaving the your opinion crushing out that new deal in theory if not in practice no on thursday a separate vote on asking the european union for a delay in the entire brics a process which it is assumed would have to follow a green. against no deal but what all that means is that the delay goes into that hands of people like the twenty seven members of the european union and they have the right to refuse to u.k. an extension if there's not a really good reason for it and so theresa may says we just want a couple of months so i can try and get this deal over the line again they can just turn around and say no so it is unclear what sort of extension europe might demands
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whether they want a short one because they're so sick of brecht's it or they might say to the u.k. you can only have an extension if it was a year it brussels that the thinking is it's either now leaving the european union with no deal in twenty ninth of march or an extension in a meaningful sense or revoking article fifty entirely but not leaving the european union its will and so ultimately what it means is that the u.k. government has now lost control of its own brics its agenda and that is the biggest humiliation you can possibly imagine for the british government and to reason may let's talk about to resume and speak to jonathan this is the deputy director of british influence that's a pro you think tank is joining us from london so for tourism a add on of the less how this see dig herself out of this political hole. the first thing she has to do is to do something she hasn't done so far which is to
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reach out to people who aren't in her own party for the last two years she's only ever try to appease the hard right stuff party so national security the labor party and asked them what possibly kids deliver a majority in the house of commons and that means a softer brock's it or a people's vote a second referendum to decide if we're going to have it after all and there was talk of fate general election or a possible general election how likely is that scenario given what's going on. a general election has become much like you know because theresa may hate see idea of a second referendum jeremy coogan in the labor party hates as well jerry coogan wants a general election. for treason may she might think if parliament is that lot which is one way of resolving that is to have a general election in which she will put her deal as a conservative manifesto and force her m.p.'s to stand on that manifesto and it
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also you give her the opportunity to flush out some of her opponents who defected from the conservative party as we now see it as independents and what about the reaction from the european union we've heard from germany a minister there saying we're getting closer and closer to a no deal scenario so the e.u. seems to think that a no deal is the most viable option at this point. will they want some new deal so the vote tomorrow in parliament we very important because parliament will have the ability to affect the rule out or no deal scenario so what that means is that whatever happens we will never leave without a deal and that means that we either have to have a deal which means to resume a steel or we have no bricks or tool and the e.u. would much rather we had no bricks or tool than leaving without a deal and parliament will most likely agree but all eyes will be on brussels because brussels will be deciding how long the extension will be that's if they
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grounds one at all. well there are definitely granted extension and there's a key reason for that and will always want an extension of article fifty because no deal is such a calamity for irish peace and prosperity so the e.u. is not going to throw our island down to the boss that they slave stage so if the brits an oscar for an extension which it almost certainly will after this week then the e.u. will grant it the only question we have now is how long that extension should be because if it lasts until the twenty third of may that's not going to be enough time and if a loss off the twenty third of may that means that we're going to have to stand. for the european elections i'm sorry for neither conservative party nor the labor party except they will have to do that what we really need right now in britain is leadership and for grownups to start missing what has to be done so far there's been too much illusion too much just honesty ok donna the less we thank you very much for joining us on the news hour on al-jazeera plenty more heads coming up in
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just a moment then as well as opposition leader part of my dough is accused of sabotage we'll have a live update from the capital caracas my drama at one of the most controversial just sites in the middle east. in sport to n.b.a. players are facing up to listen suspension after this on court encounter. but first the wave of groundings across the globe european nations china and india have joined the growing list of countries suspending the flying of the seven three seven max eight aircraft it follows an ethiopian airlines crash on sunday it killed all a hundred and fifty seven people on board this was the second major accident involving the aircraft in five months but the u.s. aviation regulator insists the model is safe and sees no reason to ground the plane's john hendren as more. as investigators. began the first full day of their
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probe into the cause of a second deadly crash more and more of boeing seven thirty seven max aircraft are being grounded u.s. aviation officials insist the aircraft is safe but a growing list of countries say that until they get the assurances they need over the safety of the seven thirty seven max it is banned from their airspace u.s. airline passengers and an american flight attendants union share their concern u.s. senators are joining growing calls for the plane to be grounded well i think out of an abundance of caution and frankly common sense it makes sense to ground aircraft has been involved in a two very tragic accidents and six months the seven thirty seven max. a should be grounded immediately. there is no reason for american fliers to be less. than. china
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ethiopia argentina mexico and now apparently the united kingdom but boeing insists the plane remains safe saying it has full confidence in the safety of the seven thirty seven max the biggest users of the aircraft american airlines and southwest continue to fly the plane as do several foreign carriers and at the moment based on our safety assessment there is no requirement to take any action aircraft that safe to fly speculation into the cause of the two separate crashes is centered on flight control software the u.s. federal aviation administration plans to require a software enhanced meant that boeing says will be deployed on the next fleet in the coming weeks boeing says the update to maneuvering flight control and pilot display software would make quote an already safe aircraft even safer passengers might be confused but investors have reacted decisively they have hammered boeing stock costing the company billions of dollars in market value boeing had hoped to
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use this plane to overtake airbus. in market share but now the company is just struggling to survive there is precedent for a global ban in two thousand and thirteen boeing took its massive new dreamliner out of service to resolve a problem with battery fires now once again boeing is struggling to hold steady through the turbulence john hendren and chicago let's face it captain ross aimer he's a retired pilots and c.e.o. of aero consulting experts is joining us via skype from irvine that's in california thanks that's running us on the news hour so boeing seems to have gotten a vote of confidence from u.s. regulators yet we say that it's being better it's been bad and by flying from certain countries why the discrepancy obviously the airlines so far and the countries that have banned the seven three seven max are doing this as a precautionary move however i think the what the f.a.a.
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and the three airlines that are currently flying this aircraft in us are waiting for something to come out of the investigation to the latest crash i.e. the either the voice recording or data recorder to make sure that this particular one is connected to the last crash because we could all be completely wrong in assessing or jumping into conclusion that discourse the same problem. but i think like you said earlier if there's pressure from the public the passengers the customers i think the three airlines and in us that are find a surprise will reassess their. denial of anything wrong with the aircraft so do you agree then with boeing's strategy that seems to be a wait and see approach how do you think boeing has handled this whole crisis. you
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know boeing obviously they're in a very dark place. they don't want to come out and it met before know and more that there's something wrong with the circuit ground and gives a ultimate action against their aircraft a new aircraft that they have so much high hope that. so i tend to agree with the airlines that have stopped flying as a precautionary measure but obviously the f.a.a. and and the three airlines in us are doing a wait and see how all that you know how costly it has all of this been for boeing and will continue to be for boeing financially as well as reputation wise. it should be costly in both cases you know. boeing again they were really
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planning on selling thousands more of the seven three seven new seven three seven version. dismay bt a impediment to that however i know they can fix the problem if there is one we just have to make sure that this latest crash was the same as the last one and we don't know that yet they want the investigators to basically confirm this have to do something with the impasse system be infamous and caches from our rights are with thank you very much for speaking to us from california. thank you very much while a team from boeing has arrived. here the investigation into what went wrong is now into its third day two black boxes have been located but may be damaged mohamed the doe has more from ethiopia. doesn't so forensic
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investigators and ethiopian airlines employees assisting them home through the crash site. they're trying to find any evidence that so far goodman noticed. for the third day such interest q. workers continue with the difficult mission to find that a mainstay of the person is and group of ethiopian airlines flight three hundred two. trailing small can spot the boeing seven thirty seven mox eight plunged into this field minutes of the to cope on sunday from the capital addis ababa killing all one hundred fifty seven people on board. ted to hide off with missed the moment the plane went down. but i mean we had mr noise coming from the aircraft before it's got close to us then it suddenly nose dived and there was a big explosion we rushed to the scene and we saw nothing but destruction.
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of all those who perished helping flocking to the crash site. daughter on the line crewmember. he detests the sun finally got wind of what i'm now demanding that i get the body of my child whatever happened has happened i now need to lay her to rest i came here to see where my daughter lost her life and to make peace with. moshe be told came all the way from israel to find the remains of his brother shimon a security contractor has not been lucky either for us is the jewish israelis we have a very important point in this case we need to find some identified until the d.n.a. that we can bury some of the mind is that we can make this sort of money otherwise if we will not find the person missing for the rest of their life officials obviously open. relatives of the deceased to wait for a list five more days before they can receive some of the remains of their loved
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ones exports of the crash site have a say due to the impact and in suing fire after the crash it could take weeks maybe even months for some of the remains to be identified possibly through d.n.a. or been told records. the process might defy the complicated by the fact that the person just came from more than thirty countries and ethiopia has limited forensic abilities. and israeli forensic team currently in the contests ace it wants to help . other. i cite teams have joined if you have been division experts investigating the incident on tuesday teams from the us federal aviation administration f.a.a. and the national transportation safety board arrived the. blowing house also sent a team to the site of a cross in the confidence of the global livy ition industry mohamed atta well just
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zita. in a few of the kurdish led forces in syria say they've killed thirty eight eisel fighters and their final assault on the armed groups clave syrian democratic forces have been bombarding us for three days where a number of fighters remain the operation intensified after a brief pause to allow civilians to leave yes the s.s. three of its fighters were killed during the latest operation. has more from the turkey syria border. this is the third night running the bubbles is coming under intense shelling and air strikes day had been a lull last week allowing fighters to surrender and civilians to be evacuated but earlier in the day spokesperson for the syrian democratic forces that's the kurdish forces on the ground leading this battle have said that the battle for bubbles is coming and then that's probably why we see this
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intensification of strikes and shelling now in the air strikes also stream important simply because on the ground a goodish forces have been advancing very slowly they're trying to minimize their loss which could be a cure because of the fire or indeed the land mines and booby traps left behind by the eyes of fighters as they retreat further in side who's a number of fighters are still holed up there considered to be do die hard ones the ones who are willing to fight until the bitter end it's still unclear how many civilians are in there or how many relatives of these eyes of fighters inside this is something that has taken the kurds by surprise over the past few weeks thousands and thousands of people have streamed out and up to sixty five thousand are now held in one camp alone in the hall where conditions are extremely difficult because
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no one was expecting such a large number. there are also reports that about one hundred fifty fighters have also surrendered on tuesday during the day now that is the pattern that has been ongoing also. intense shelling that night. somehow lighter fighting during the day and allowing those who want to surrender as safe passage algeria has sworn in a new prime minister to try and end weeks of antigovernment protests former interior minister and iranian better we were places. that's always seen as a loyal us a president. who announced reforms on monday was a thinker also delayed a preselection and said he would not seek a fifth term and despite those announcements thousands of algerians returned to the streets to demand bigger changes many want to step down immediately i'm a hayward has more. they say there will be no letup and no backing down until what
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they see is real political change in algeria. the people demand the downfall of the regime protests the shouted as they return to the streets after president abdul aziz. announced he wouldn't seek a with term but also announced he was postponing the election. we are against any extensions any decisions to delay the elections or extend presidential terms we want to transition the government rule not sustain this corrupt government. we haven't requested an extension yes we said no to the fifth time but we didn't ask the government to stay nor beautifully could stay. who's been in power for twenty years has promised to go eventually but is delayed any new elections meaning he's likely to stay in power for some time it's expected talks to plan algeria speech or
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will take place at some point this year but no date has been set is reported will be chaired by lakhdar brahimi the u.n. arab league envoy to syria. bush if he can has made some changes to his political team but the chief of the army is staying on more evident say demonstrators that little has changed former prime minister and bentley says postponing the election is unconstitutional well sort of heard me say a word listen to our way to our throttling the president's attempt to run for a fourth term is an achievement made by the algerian people not a favor or grant by anybody the people lived up to the aspirations lived up to their responsibility especially that the constitution was violated where a president's term runs for five years only the current term has been extended without the people's approval or endorsement and the constitution. many demonstrating here have no no other leader than abdelaziz bouteflika high
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unemployment among young people and rising living costs a pew with these protests along with the strong desire for political reform and the hayward. is really security forces have placed their mosque on lockdown after scuffles with were superb a fire at a police station inside the compound led to the fighting very fast that has more from occupied east jerusalem. it was really felice say that this all started with a molotov cocktail being thrown at a security forces post inside the luxor mosque compound known to jews as the temple mount that it caught fire that one policeman was mildly injured by smoke inhalation after that they tried to find those responsible there were scuffles within the compound itself several arrests took place a spokesperson for the islamic walk the trust that runs the oxer mosque compound under the aegis of the jordanian government protests against that saying that
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senior clerics were beaten during the course of those scuffles the palestinian president mahmoud abbas has released a statement calling this a dangerous escalation by israeli authorities to what has already been a tense situation in recent days as well as closing off the entire compound police of also barred access to gates entering the old city only those it seems with id papers proving their residency within jerusalem's old city being allowed in we witnessed here at lion's gate a group of people trying to get in with a body a group of mourners and there were some scuffles and some chance against the police during the course of that eventually they were allowed in at least into the courtyard outside the luxor mosque compound not into the compound itself all of this comes after what's been an extremely tense few weeks three weeks ago was when the works decided to reopen an area around what's known as the mercy gate which had
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been closed since two thousand and three by the israeli authorities they said that was that closure was because a group linked to hamas had been using the area the walks now argues that that group has long been disbanded and that it is under their all thora t. should be under their authority to reopen this area a court deadline expired on monday for it to be closed off the work does not recognize the jurisdiction of the israeli courts over the compound there have been talks to. between the israeli authorities and the jordanians so far without any resolution there is the prospect that people are being worried about of some kind of escalation along the lines of what we saw in twenty seventeen when the israelis imposed metal detectors at the gates of the most compound after a deadly attack on israeli security forces so far no resolution and it remains a tense situation with the mosque compound entirely closed off that as well as government is investigating opposition leader for the massive power outage that's
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left millions without electricity president nicolas maduro has branded why the u.s. puppets and has accused the u.s. of mounting a cyber attack on the country's power grids why do is blaming years of corruption and incompetence for the blackouts there is a boat has more from caracas while the united states announced that it shut it down a year that they're asking and removing all personnel here in my computer statement is a constraint to u.s. policy in this country this was followed after by a statement by president. that he was giving seventy two hours for the united states government to take and remove all up each person in the country and we're told we've been talking to some of the bathurst from the european union countries in the region who say that they're not comfortable with the united states situation they saying that this means that many of them would have gone over masher and that they would generate and get this would mean leaving the opposition here in the country alone let's not forget what's been happening here in the country in the
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past few days that's how outage that has left most have been in the dark people struggling for food but mostly lately for water people are taking to the streets trying to find water wherever they can we know that there's been some noting in some parts of the country so there's not a pension these days here in venezuela right now and that's why of official you don't have that today that people take to the streets once again still had on the island as. a fall from grace for a senior member of the catholic church as he faces sentencing right now for child abuse we'll have a live update in just a moment from melbourne we'll tell you the lengths to which the chinese government is going to restrict the internet in sport the title holders suffer a setback in the asian champions league and you will be here with that story a little later.
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hello welcome to another look at the international forecast we've got a little bit of everything across north america really lots of cloud across the south there's rain around some severe storms possibility of the old tornado mixed in as well but a bit of snow in the northern flank plenty of snow up towards the pacific northwest and that's going to continue making its way further east was over the rockies there's a lot of snow coming through here just around arizona coming up across colorado pushing further eastward into the east of that really heavy downpours we could see some localized flooding at wild weather that wet weather that wintry weather will make its way further east was temperatures to pick up in chicago to around twenty two degrees north of the border lots of snow around here over the prairie is pushing back down across the northern plains into the mountain states for the west is fine and dry be getting up to fifteen celsius san francisco a high of
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a red eighteen for l.a. plenty of sunshine plenty of sunshine too across the caribbean except for this gorgeous weather twenty nine celsius in case then some attempted to force into and also for he wanted to show us over towards the last rantis but for much of the basin side of the islands is going to be fine and dry and looking fine i am try central america. a nation where corruption is endemic embroiled in a battle to hold the power to account. how does this radical transformation occur. i mean nobody i mean if you want to go shedding light on the romanians pressing for change and the unconventional methods to eliminate corruption the remaining people on al-jazeera.
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the ultra nationalist marx connected with one of the world's worst humanitarian crisis we doe as any gaily maigret joining with the military to impose a deadly political agenda we have to photo our nation what has happened to the engine that's one of the biggest stains on the country as a whole. is another religion this is the politic me and an unholy alliance on all jews here. hello again the top stories on the al-jazeera news hour britain's parliament has
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rejected the prime minister to resign may's brecht deal for a second time it plunges the u.k. deeper into a crisis with just seventeen days before it's due to leave the european union m.p.'s will now get a vote on whether the country should leave without a deal. european nations china and india are the latest countries to ground the boeing seven three seven max eight aircraft that follows an ethiopian airlines crash on sunday which killed all one hundred fifty seven people on board this was the second major accident involving the aircraft in five months but u.s. regulators and since the model the state. and thousands of filed syrians have returned to the streets despite concessions from the government on monday president of the mozzies with a fleet had decided not to seek a fifth term he delayed elections appointed a new prime minister and set a new constitution will be drafted. the most senior counsel like ever convicted of child abuse is due to learn shortly how long he will spend in jail in december
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cardinal george pell was convicted of sexually abusing two choir boys in the australian city of melbourne and andrew thomas is joining us from just outside the courtroom the sentencing going on right now andrew what kind of sentence is the cardillo cardinal expected to get. that he'll be formally sent to jail for how long is the question in theory each of the five crimes with which he's been convicted carries a sense of ten years it's very likely though that whatever sentence he gets will run concurrently and if you like the best guess is that he will get a custodial sentence a prison sentence of between two and five years that's what we're expecting now there's a big crowd of media outside the court i've just come from the court room itself where george howell is sitting at the back of the room not wearing his priestly don't call up for the first time in this whole legal procedure which is interesting and he's listening fairly impassively to the judge who is summarizing everything
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he's been convicted of now it was five days deliberation but the jury spent back in december just before deciding that cardinal pell was found guilty and the judge is taking all about the fact he's running through all the crimes and the impact of those crimes that the cardinal was convicted of so he's running through in some detail and some graphic detail of the crimes with which he. was convicted he's also been saying that this is a unique case because of the published the around it called the the most senior catholic official ever convicted of child sexual abuse and he the judge is saying that that means there is unprecedented interest in this case and the is taking that into consideration while at the same time he does not want that to influence his sentencing he says that he deplores what he calls the witch hunt against cardinal hell but he understands the attention on this case and he's given all this information before he formally down his sentence that could come any moment but in the way it's on let's have a look at the background to this case. cardinal george pal's was
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a graceful life this is what his fall from grace looked like health conviction guilty of having sexually assaulted two choir boys in a melbourne cathedral in one thousand nine hundred six sent shock waves through the catholic church on wednesday hell will learn how long he'll go to prison for his crimes. always denied the accusations against him i am innocent of those charges. they are favs. whole idea of sexual abuse is power of attorney but during his trial pelle chose to stay silent his defense lawyer thought the case against him was weak just one victim gave evidence there were no direct witnesses to support his story the first trial ended without a verdict the jury was split but a second jury twelve men and women found him guilty unanimously that was in
2:37 am
december but at the time the verdict was kept secret that was because pearl was due to face a second trial accused of abusing other children in the one nine hundred seventy s. australian law allows for suppression orders banning the reporting of trials to prevent jurors in future trials being influenced by what they hear that second trial vote was dropped so it was in february the news of pelts conviction was made public pell is appealing his conviction that appeal will be held in june. it will most certainly spend the time between now and then in jail and possibly a lot longer the judge is still talking right now he's talking about the gravity of the offense he says on the one hand the first offense is four of them that all took place inside a melbourne cathedral in one thousand nine hundred sixty seem to be spontaneously came across to thirteen year old boys in a back room and hear them hadn't room done the hadn't been a long process of building up to this he says in some ways that is mr gates and but
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to balance that out he says that the best the things that happened some months later happened a long time up the cardinal had time to reflect on what he'd done wrong and that makes the gravity of this that much worse he also says that there was a very clear imbalance in power on the one hand you have the archbishop of melbourne on the other two thirteen year old boys and he said that cardinal pell abused that position really really seriously and in that sense that makes these offenses that much more serious as i say we should get exactly how long how will spend in jail any moment now the judge seems to be summing. up at any moment we should hear these guns joe cole was already said for his noise that he'll be appealing his conviction that will happen in june but in the meantime it's very likely he will be spending certainly up to. possibly a lot longer beyond ok andrew thomas for the time being thank you well the taliban in the u.s. have ended their latest round of talks here in doha both sides say progress has been made they say a draft agreement has been reached on foreign troop withdrawal and assurances that
2:39 am
fighters will not be allowed to operate inside afghanistan our diplomatic editor james bays has more. the talks here in doha started sixteen days ago they've come to an end but no breakdown and yet no breakthrough both sides are saying there has been some progress in fact rather remarkably both the u.s. special envoy zalmay khalilzad and the taliban spokesman put out tweets almost civil taney asli making the same point that there are four issues they've been discussing on two of those issues they've reached a draft agreement one of those is the withdrawal of troops from afghanistan potentially most of the u.s. troops leaving the country in what has for the u.s. been its longest war in history also on another key point what the u.s. calls assurances on counterterrorism we understand that's the taliban making
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a commitment not to support al qaida what will happen to those two draft agreements is the leadership will go back to their respective commanders the taliban to afghanistan and pakistan the u.s. special envoy zalmay khalilzad back to washington d.c. to brief the secretary of state might pompei o and quite possibly the president the u.s. secretary of state just happens to be coming to this region in the next week meanwhile on the ground in afghanistan the violence continues the u.s. has conducted a series of airstrikes against taliban fighters but elders and local officials say they killed thirty five civilians american forces are refuting reports of civilian deaths and have called it taliban propaganda charlotte tell us reports from kabul. from the villages they entered gaza he says he untracked is transporting bodies wrapped in cloth and they say these people were killed only i was prior on tuesday
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morning and he strikes carried out by u.s. forces or to anyone with an argument they hit this car and key. everybody in it there was not a single member in the car all of them were three i swear you will find the taliban . live in the u.s. forces are defiant that this is a trick staged by the taliban they say they conducted four airstrikes in gaza knee killing seven taliban fighters but no civilians were killed they accuse the taliban of causing in inventing the deaths of innocent afghans and call it dishonest propaganda. three hundred kilometers away in lockman province they also chant death to america u.s. forces confirms they were is strikes here too last week but did not receive any civilian casualty rates these people disagree. with here around ten pm and killed many civilians including my children my brothers and sisters in
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law. people here want the airstrikes to stop even if u.s. and afghan forces have a legitimate claim the taliban are hiding among them. sheltering taliban or you find them here take me to court but i cannot tolerate these airstrikes anymore a third incident in neighboring province is under investigation u.s. forces say afghan troops conducted a night raid on saturday when they came under fire and called in air strikes u.s. forces say thirteen taliban were kills tribal elders say thirteen civilians were killed. if strikes are an increasing problem in afghanistan u.s. forces relax their rules of engagement here last year removing solution proximity requirements for is strikes the result according to the u.n. was the deaths of three hundred ninety three civilians more than double the year prior and more than twenty fourteen twenty fifteen and twenty sixteen combined two
2:43 am
thirds of the date will women and children the general did yet there is not proper coordination between the government and international forces for the war management is weak and if there had been proper coordination i don't think the civilian casualties would be so high that it was difficult to verify individual incidents of civilian casualties even the perception is leading to backlash against international and afghan forces if. you gauge on these issues and tell international forces to leave i will start a national uprising. with no announcement on any international military with tools the situation remains tense on the ground its military pressure increases from the . couple british police a group calling itself the irish republican army or ira is claiming responsibility for sending five parcel bombs last week media in northern ireland is reporting the group's sense expose of packages to addresses in london and scotland the devices
2:44 am
were found at heathrow airport london city airport waterloo station and go university causing major disruptions the ira has been observing a ceasefire since one nine hundred ninety eight but dissidents cells are still active and violence like this was common during the thirty year conflict when iris republicans wanted ireland to be reunited and fought against british forces who wanted the area to remain part of the u.k. and the violence ended in one thousand nine hundred eighty after an international u.s. brokered peace deal in northern ireland known as the good friday agreement there are fears that could threaten this pain. right now the border is completely open with no checkpoints the concern is a potential three hundred ten mile irish border separating the u.k.'s northern ireland from the republic of ireland which is an independent country and also a member of the e.u. a hard border with road blocks and infrastructure for customs checks would be the only land frontier between the u.k.
2:45 am
and the european union i've been mccann is a journalist writer and political activist he says a hard border could set back northern ireland and irelands many decades. what people here really fear is the possibility of a hard bargain between northern ireland and southern and if that happens there's a hard border there will have to be customs posts or some other installations along the border to control and keep check on what goods and people are passing back and forth if a customs post or a series of customs post is erected along the i respond or that it's just a fact not speculation i regarded as a fact that some people will shoot at them they won't be it doesn't take very many people our history tells us that you know it doesn't take very many people to spark off you know a white or a caps a champion of violence and half a dozen people half
2:46 am
a dozen people can fire at a constant post but if that is dumb then the british authorities and the irish and therapies and dublin are going to have to guard a customs post they're going to have to put soldiers armed police around them if that happens we are really back to square one we're back possibly possibly we are back to the situation before the good friday agreement before nineteen ninety eight that is what people here fear they european union has added ten countries to its tax blacklist including the united arab emirates and alma on the e.u. expanded its list of tax havens despite the objections of powerful member states such as italy the list now includes fifteen countries two former police officers in brazil have been arrested and charged with the murder of a popular politician almost a year ago they were arrested in rio de janeiro who lease a one of them and fired the shots that killed my yellow franco and her driver while the other drove the getaway car franco was
2:47 am
a prominent councillor who campaigned against police abuse and fought for women's rights. china has the world's largest number of internet users that's according to latest government figures an estimated eight hundred and twenty nine million people that's twice the population of the u.s. go online but basing is worried that free access to the web could lead to social unrest and it's implemented the world's most advanced system of internet control katrina you reports from beijing beijing based activist spent almost ten years growing the online presence of her organization feminist voices it was for many women a primary resource for news and information on gender issues as well as china's burgeoning need to movement that last march their articles and way book out china's twitter was suddenly taken offline if they don't tell you what the city rules. we don't know and we go to the courts if we want them to will or want to assume to
2:48 am
come things but they just don't take it in don't tell you why until now i don't know why i still sean says the group's growing influence made it a target of government senses china has more internet users than any other country more than eight hundred million each living under one of the most restrictive internet environments in the world china is a one party system and. to. preserve the legitimacy of that system. the authorities here seek always to manage the message that's getting sent out to the masses china's first internet cafe appeared in the late one nine hundred ninety s. and with it came the first of beijing's many internet laws the criminalizing of protests considered a threat to national security. today websites such as google facebook and many foreign news sites are blocked any content criticizing the government or deemed inappropriate or is routinely censored. i guess you're going to be good last year
2:49 am
a woman was jailed for five days after live streaming a comedic performance of china's national anthem internet users in china are able to overcome restrictions by using tools such as virtual private networks or. the jury politically sensitive periods such as this week's national people's congress bypassing china's great firewall becomes even more difficult. it's also a time for the communist party to intensify the use of online tools to spread its own message. but regulations haven't stopped chinese citizens from embracing the internet and his government controls grow increasingly sophisticated from what accounting i think the internet environment will stay the same common people cannot have access to everything all internet but the people have the tools camp so do savvy users in finding ways to get around it. you beijing had
2:50 am
on the. start for the back room born footballer who was released from a thai prison last.
2:51 am
hello again tom for the sports. thank you very much will the n.b.a. said they're investigating what's described does an unfortunate exchange between one of the league's star players and a fine russell westbrook was caught on camera threatening us supports a german game against the utah jazz. i.
2:52 am
i think he was provoked by racially charged comments you toss out a funding question house now being banned from the arena. poundstone. you know me losing my friends to this told me to get in on mondays like it was to for me to ash is completely disrespectful to be. seen as racial i think it's just inappropriate in a sense. there's no protection for the players ross is just carried on acting a fool down here and everybody's getting on him they had i guess he thought it was ice i just told them like to sit out allies are nice bro need turn the meanies like this he lets me know mike well you're going to need it and then it turned into. not safe for work i don't care you can threaten me all he wants i was one talking to
2:53 am
him. but don't throw in the woman she's five feet tall and a hundred ten pounds man. well tensions were also running high in cleveland a ball breaking out between the marquis's chris and sergio back at the surrounds are wrapped both players rejected that game and with well face punishment from the n.b.a. the cavaliers going on to win one twenty six to one i won sports. fans shouldn't be too harsh on the players involved in that for all. i don't think it necessarily of fact affects the n.b.a. image at all n.h.l. itself as had over two hundred fifty fights during the season imma be bridge clearing bras are celebrated in clips are shown in each other perth where there are sports like the n.f.l. the n.b.a. that predominately african-american the every now and then players decide to actually get into wouldn't right now what's a big deal i think is an unfair standard placed on these athletes and how their view and i think there's some sort of vision about fans feel a certain conduct is ok in
2:54 am
a certain sport it is that in another double standard in the european champions league events since have pulled off an incredible comeback against athletic are mature to hattrick from christiane around or making it three male so you've not given them a three two aggregate win and a place in the quarter finals the other side not quite so tight man city a seven up that is a ten to aggregate lead on wednesday liverpool take on a german champions by munich the first leg on field finished nil nil liverpool's manager getting more than a little frustrated when asked how his team's european efforts may impact on their bid so win the premier league title i really don't think that any other culture in the world or marriage in the world has to answer this question in a place champions league i really think it's really a need that only happens if you have the liverpool manager the better pundits come for vengeance united and stop this pigs that's how it is titleholders the kachina analysts have dropped points in the asian champions league the japanese team a lot a two goal lead to slip against shandong lang of china shima with su up inside
2:55 am
fifteen minutes but see goals here from italian struck a great sound of power so shandong hit back as the game finished in a suit to draw but they do stay top of group a on four points tournament the reasons debut cause an upset against two time champions of a ground the south korean team winning three one semi of top of group f. brazilian strike at good scoring two of davies goals. and the saudi arabia league champions of peace and qatar as domestic title win is a three one win our whole our overdue fail in this game french strike us from goma is. the third there for how as they talk groups eight. football's governing body favre is still pushing to expand the twenty twenty two world cup in cats or a fee for report says one or more co-hosts could stage the extra games for president giani in france you know once forty eight countries to be involved in the event up from the thirty two cats or is preparing to host the study lists bahrain
2:56 am
kuwait oman saudi arabia and the united arab emirates possibilities for sports correspondent lee whirling says there's still a long way to go before a forty eight same world cup becomes more than just a theoretical possibility. all is clear is faith as determination to make this forty eight same tallman happen in twenty twenty two like it's happening in the united states in twenty twenty six that's the reason i would feel that this is even leaked out to the associated press because they don't want to be seen to be trying to make you happy to actually be talking to countries like oh man i'm quite whilst i ignore how difficult it will be pretty to take place in any of the other nations that are mentioned with the blockade going on and the talk about bahrain and saudi arabia united arab emirates actually it's all very well saying well they have stadiums that could host these games actually making that happen politically is going to be so much more difficult than talking about how the stadiums would work if games were when for instance the stadiums would need to be changed time is one
2:57 am
the other day to be ready twelve months before that almost same time never mind the political reasons and i think generally in france saying no has actually wanted to make sure that this is all in place for a fee for politics going into the council meeting in miami on thursday and friday decisions won't be made until congress in france in june but actually can take it beyond this feasibility study into getting qatar to actually find a way to make this work that still remains an extremely difficult challenge and there would need to be huge movement that we're not seeing at the moment for it to happen and the bahraini born football hockey male araby has become an australian citizen just a month after being freed from prison in highland australian prime minister scott morrison was on hand for the ceremony its twenty five year old was detained in bangkok last year outpourings request al-arabiya claims he was persecuted in bahrain due to his criticism of the ruling family he's now playing semi pro football for a change in melbourne. ok but it's
2:58 am
a sport it's looking for now more later thanks for watching the news hour we're back in a moment we're going to sign on to zero. nothing until you. start listening.
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al jazeera is there one has to worry brakes but the school said that to see what happens next iteration of them on. wired where mobile barricaded seventh street that leads to here the movies now is big change people have gone to hear the area the mission of the national army is to search the entire complex and al-jazeera stories about telling it from the people's perspective what they think is happening in their culture. the government you support are believed to have detained maybe a million people in reeducation camps certainly not grabbing headlines in china on the inner workings of the people's republic just probably not best just to dismiss everything as propaganda to use propaganda because your abrasive aggressive way of addressing a man to your son challenges chinese finance yet charles you you wrote something critical of president xi i said this would not be regarded well by the western
3:00 am
press caught up head to head on al-jazeera. so she against leaving without and for an extension does not solve the problems we face a dire warning from u.k. prime minister to resign may after her revised plan is voted down and. will tell desire a lie from headquarters and. also a heads bowing faces a global backlash multiple airlines ground there are seventy seven fleet.


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